The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Providential Time Limits

Sun Myung Moon
April 17, 1975
Barrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

Good morning! You are expecting a lot from me, I think, but I have a hoarse voice as you can tell, and I don't know exactly what I'm going to say. Would you still want me to talk (Yes!) You do not understand me at all. The Oriental way is that young men, when asked such a question, would respond "As you like, please!"

You are using Western way. Would you still want me to talk? (As you like, please!) As you like please. I feel like going out to take a walk. In fact, on such a bright spring day, everyone would feel like going out to take a walk. It is boring and tedious to sit in a hall like this, where the air is not too fresh.

But here is the problem: I have been fighting a fierce spiritual battle in Korea, and I have brought back victory here and I'm here because of you and for you. I knew you wanted me to speak to you here before you leave for your assigned countries. Since I'm here for you, I must talk to you and instruct you on what to do in your countries and related matters.

If I leave without talking to you about those things, you will be angry at me. That's the problem! Then what is the consensus, to take a walk or for me to talk? (Talk!) You said "As you please," or "Take a walk," but initially you said you wanted me to talk. I've always been telling you to live for others, so I must put my own advice into practice.

"Providential time limits" is my topic this morning. God's providence is not coming at random is the meaning of what I wish to convey. The question is why God has had to prolong His providence throughout 6,000 years without being able to end it any time he chose. It is because even He had set time for a certain amount of providence to be developed.

If the people who carry out the mission would not adhere to the time schedule, then the time would be prolonged. Without cooperation on the part of the men carrying out the mission, God's providence can be prolonged, but without exception, those who have had the mission could not understand so much, even though it's important for carrying out the providence.

Those who are from Christian background, hold up your hands. Almost all. Out of all the Christians, even though we have so many from Christian background, have you ever stopped to think that there's a time limit in God's providence? No. While all the Christians have not known of the time limit in God's providence, then what about God?

God has never forgotten that in a certain period of time, a certain providence should have been carried out by people. And God is still quite aware of that. The time element is very important in our everyday lives, too. For instance, a day has morning, noon, evening and night. Morning cannot remain eternally. A few hours will be morning, a few more hours are noon, a few more hours are the evening, and a certain number of hours make up the night; Then another day dawns.

The same reasoning can be applied to the seasons of a year. There is spring, summer, autumn, and winter, and all four consist of 3 months, not one more or less. One day has 24 hours, and one season has 3 months. You may say, "I wear spring clothes all through the fall season." But you've got to change the style of your clothes, you'll find. Can you keep wearing summer clothes during the wintertime? (No!)

By using common sense, we know that we must change to adapt to the seasons and changes of time. By changing we ever advance forward. We normally stand up straight like this. But if we are stooped down, looking downward always, would that be interesting? Flexibility and change is wonderful. You can look up, look sideways, and down. That's flexibility and yet, it adds variety and wonder to life.

You sometimes sit down, sometimes stand up, sometimes walk and at times you run. That's variety, and by doing that, you advance. Which type of people would you like; flexible men of variety in their interests in spiritual matters and things like that, or just straightforward people, who wouldn't look sideways, but always in one direction? When you are changeable, you are adaptable and flexible, too. From this fact, we can gather that Heavenly Father is also changeable in the sense of being flexible.

The most wonderful discovery in our movement is that in the process of growth there is the formation stage, growth stage, and perfection stage. After having learned those things you take them for granted and then you fail. We have to go through formation, growth, and perfection stages, but it is not so simple as it may sound.

It is a wonderful discovery of ours that we grow and reach perfection by going through all those three stages. In Oriental philosophy, we deem it very important to have three stages. The important things are Heaven and Earth, and in between, human beings -- Heaven, Man and Earth. The eyes symbolize God, the nose symbolizes man, and the mouth is symbolizing creation. This entire part symbolizes the universe. Your head symbolizes the whole universe.

In that sense it is the greatest discovery that we have found everything symbolized in the number three. In your eyes you find three parts. With your eyes open, you have three: upper lid, and eyeballs, and lower eyelid. You have two nostrils, but it is channeled through one hole, making a number three. Your mouth, too, has three stages: the upper lip, the inside, and the lower lip.

There are three primary colors -- red, yellow and blue. Matter is divided into three states: solid, liquid, and gas. There is a mineral kingdom, an animal kingdom and the vegetable kingdom. Therefore it is a universal discovery that we have found: three stages in every field of life, in every thing. Have you ever stopped to think of that?

In the providence of God, one has to go through three stages because it is a principle of creation. In order for Him to unite the whole world, God has to go through three stages of restoration. In our movement, we divide the period of God's providence into three: the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age.

This is a wonderful discovery, too. Do you believe in that! (Yes!) And do you know that? (Yes!) Do you just believe in that, or do you know that? (Know!) You are all bright people to know that, instead of just trusting or believing in that. In the Unification movement, which would you prefer to be in: formation stage, growth stage, or perfection period? (Perfection!) In the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, or Completed Testament Age? (Completed!)

In the Completed Testament Age, are we all finished with perfection, or are we still on the way to do that? (On the way!) When will the completion or perfection come? We have got to complete the third stage first; by our doing that, we will complete the providence of salvation. Are you still in need of the providence of restoration, or salvation? (Yes!) If you are still in need of the providence of restoration, are you entitled to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? (No!) You have the knowledge.

Why do you believe in the Divine Principle, and in the Unification theory? When would you want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? (Right now!) After your death? (No!) When? (Now!) Now, on Earth? Then are we now in the Kingdom of Heaven? (No!) Then where is the Kingdom of Heaven at all? (Here!)

It is said in the Principle that only perfected people can enter the Kingdom of God and be with Him. Have you been perfected? (No!) Then when can you say "Yes"? When can you say "Yes" at all? (When we no longer need restoration.) When will that be? (When Lucifer has been restored.) I'm not sure that's right.

Do you think you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven all by yourself, or by following someone? (Following!) Who? (You!) That's not the proper answer, either. It should be the True Parents. In following the True Parents, you must earn the right to be children to them.

Who can give you this certification? (True Parents!) Can you write it out on the certificate, yourself? (No!) No. Never. You must get it from the True Parents. Every moment Satan will accuse you of your not being their children. Then what would you do? What can you do? What will you do, then?

Show him the license. Satan would not trust you, but he would say that this is a forged license. What would you do? You must prove that you are the genuine ones. You must be able to tell him, "Look at my eyes! My eyes resemble my parents. And look at my nose -- my nose resembles theirs, my mouth resembles theirs, my every part resemble theirs, my heart, too, resembles theirs."

In such a way you can prove yourself to be their children. Satan will look at you, stare at you, and then he will finally say, "Your countenance doesn't resemble them at all!" You can never say you resemble their faces, because you are white men, black men, but he's an Oriental. Then what makes you say that you resemble him? (Heart.)

Then you can tell Satan, "Our faces and bodies are made of matter which will decay after physical death. But we resemble their heart, their mind, their soul and everything. As a spiritual being, you can recognize that. We resemble their heart, and the True Parents resemble God, so we resemble God through them." And if Satan asks you what God's heart is like, what would your answer be?

What is your answer to that? (Absolute love, heart of parents.) Too simple. That's no way to answer. You can say to Satan, "Just the opposite of yours." That's what makes me to resemble God and not you." And when you are asked the question, "What is your mind like then?" Then you can point out the fact that Satan has a selfish mind, and always exploits others for his own sake, but you are the opposite. You live for others, and you sacrifice yourself for the benefit of others. Which is the attribute of God? Can you confidently say that? Do you still resemble Satan, or God?

Now we know more clearly in which way we either belong to Satan or to God. Then where is the Kingdom of Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where those who resemble God are entitled to enter. What do we call the place where those who resemble God live? (Heaven! Barrytown!) If a man resembling God is here, this place is what? (Heaven!)

That is the definition of the Kingdom of Heaven. Would you prefer to die in the Kingdom of Heaven, or live in the Kingdom of Hell, the Kingdom of Satan? (Die in the Kingdom of Heaven!) Would you want to live in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as soon as possible and go to the Heavenly Kingdom in the earliest possible future, or the other way around? (Yes!)

By answering the second question, it means you want to die as early as possible. By death we mean another thing, that's the gospel we hear from Jesus -- when you are ready to die, you will live; and when you want to gain your life, you will lose your life. If you really mean what you answered, you will be happy to die on the earliest possible date.

You will be pleased, won't you? (Yes!) If I take you out so that you can go to the place of death, then am I a good person, or not (Yes!) But before you die, you must be blessed in marriage! If you die without getting blessed in marriage, it will be awful. So, wait until that time to die. Your physical parents too would like to have you get married before you die, at least.

It's going to be endless if I talk on like this. So, let's go back to the mainstream of my thought. You know too well that God has to develop His providence within certain time limits. Do you have a clear idea of that? (Yes!) Have you ever believed that in the Divine Principle movement you have to carry out your mission in a certain time period? (Yes!) When was it that you thought of that?

You have heard so many times about that, and you knew that, but you have not been so anxious and so much concerned about time when you want to carry out your mission. You have not been so anxious to carry out your mission in time limited periods. As in the case of a time-bomb, a difference of a minute will make you either succeed or fail.

Have you ever felt that upon one act or one word of yours, the world will either be saved or perish? Have you felt that? Have you ever put yourself in the position where God will cheer you on to carry out your mission, and Satan will want you to fail because both of them are desperate? Have you been in that position? (Yes!)

When have you even been that serious? Out on the frontline, when you were witnessing to people, have you ever thought that if you don't witness to a person, that person may die? (Yes.) And Heaven and Earth will collapse and will perish. Have you ever been that serious? If your answer is "Yes," I admire you.

May I ask you a question? Have you set yourself a time limit and said to God, "I have set the time, and I'm going to carry out my mission, and every act of mine will determine whether the world will perish or rise"? Have you ever done that? If you are not able to set a time by yourself, then however hard you may struggle to set a schedule and carry out your mission yourself it will not be acceptable to God.

The question is, "How in our movement can we work within the time limit established by God?" What is your answer? The answer is simple. I must take the responsibility. Father must take the responsibility. After my having carried out the mission, you can follow the same path. That's the safest way.

In the course of restoration, Father himself has followed the three stages, beginning from the stage where you are the servant of a servant. In athletic competition when you want to go to the top level of a tournament, you must win at the county level and state level and national level. Wouldn't that be true? (Yes!)

Then if there is a champion who won the game on the nation-wide level, it means that he has gone through the lower levels and won on the county level and state level. Wherever he goes, he's entitled to be called the national champion. Isn't that true? (Yes!) The same thing applies in the Unification Church.

If I am a national football champion, you can believe that there was a period of time when I struggled hard to train myself. Isn't that true? (Yes!) But have you seen me in training? (No!) Have you ever seen me going through stages in my training? You have only seen me fighting in the United States.

What you have observed me doing in the United States is your impression of me. Isn't that true? (Yes!) So you know me by the way I have done things in three years' time. Nothing more. I've gone through thirty years of public ministry, but you know me only by my deeds in a three years' period. You must clearly understand at what stage our movement is now.

Have you ever thought of that? (Yes.) What period are we in now? What stage? We are in the perfection stage, on world-wide level, in the third seven-year course. When do we reach the point where we will have perfected ourselves, and begin to work on the horizontal level? If we reach that far and fall down again, what will happen?

Nothing will be left. If we fall back from the second stage, the last period of the second stage, what will happen? What if we fall after reaching perfection? Can we fall after the perfection? (No!) If you fall from both points, everything will be nullified. That being the providence on the world-wide level, God has been working with various men as the central figure, stage by stage. Do you understand that much?

A man of perfection should do nothing which will violate the law according to the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age. Isn't that the way it should be? (Yes!) In other words, those personages in the Old Testament Age, such as Noah, Abraham, and Moses, John the Baptist, all those people could not quite carry out their missions, because they violated God's law.

This means that perfected people must excel those predecessors. Have you ever been able to say that you excel and that you are better than Noah, Moses, Abraham, John the Baptist and Jesus himself, including his disciples? (No!) If you want to become better than those people, you must do something that will show yourself more worthy to God.

On your own, you must fight the battle between Satan and those people. They were defeated by Satan and ended up not being able to carry out their missions. So you must restore that, and carry out your mission without being defeated by Satan. Can you do that? (Yes!) But up to the present, you have never thought of that.

You know that Noah persevered all through 120 years to keep up with his mission. Have you ever thought that you can do that, even though your time period is 1,200 years? (Yes.) Your answer is weak. If you are really determined that you can go through 1,200 years to carry out your mission, you will be given at least 120 years of life.

If you have a mission that will last 1,200 years, and you are never defeated or frustrated, and you can go ahead with energy, then God will admire you. God has to admire you. For instance you can say, "I'm more determined than Noah, and even though I may be given 1,200 years for the mission, I will carry it out. I have the knowledge and power to carry it out in 12 years of time."

What will happen? In that case you must be prepared to receive a mission ten times longer than Noah's mission. That is the way the condition of time indemnity applies. In order for you to shorten the time to two years instead of 12 years, it means you must be ready to pay ten times as much indemnity.

Would you want to have the period of indemnity prolonged or shortened? (Shortened!) Then would you want to go through the indemnity condition in one year or 1,200 years? (One year!) I may beat you on the head, from the side and from the bottom, and do everything to you, you must be prepared to receive it and get through it.

In difficult situations, I was never frustrated, I will never be frustrated, I will never change my direction. Which period of time would you prefer to have as your indemnity? 120 years? Or one year and two months? Or what? One hour and two minutes! Then the same amount of indemnity must be compressed into smaller grains, but still you must go through that heavy indemnity course. Would you prefer to do that? (Yes!) I said you must go through the mission under a time limit and you must set your own time. I will approve those limits.

In biblical history, we have gone through 6,000 years. Those years are divided into 2,000 year periods. How can we restore ourselves by going through the indemnity of 6,000 years? The 2,000 years can be shortened into seven years. Three seven-year periods will make 21 years. The diagram here corresponds to that on the left side.

By doing that even a single person, whoever that may be, must go through indemnity to narrow down biblical history into shorter periods of time. We must pass through the Old Testament Age by doing that and without Satan being able to invade us. We must be successful in the first seven-year course. We must also do that in our second and third seven-year course. Our predecessors have not been able to go through all those indemnities in seven-year periods. But in our movement, we must be able to carry the necessary conditions. We must know clearly the proper time schedule. What is our time limit?

Another seven-year course is needed, and "Who will carry out the job?" is the question. (We will!) Before you being able to do this, someone else must show you how! The human fall was caused by our first human ancestors, the parents of mankind. So, the parents must take the responsibility first.

The first human parents allowed Satan to control us, so it is the parents' responsibility to chase Satan out of the world. Those who come in the capacity of the True Parents alone are qualified to do the job. Can you understand? (Yes.) When the children are taught by the True Parents the secret of how to chase Satan out of this world, then they are entitled to be children to the True Parents. Then even the chosen one will be tempted by Satan. At the dawn of history, your first parents were drawn to Satan's side, were tempted, and fell prey to him. But are you going to do that? Absolutely not? (No! -- Absolutely not!!)

Let us imagine that there's a handsome son of a Mr. Rockefeller who is the foremost and richest man in your nation, who would propose to you. Would you women be drawn to him? (No.) Let us say further that you have a chance to compare, and the ugliest man in our movement was proposed to you. Which would you prefer? (Ugliest!) What is going to be your choice? Can you kick the Rockefeller boy away, without reservations? (Yes!)

The cause of the human fall was a mistaken attitude toward the mate. In taking a mate, they had the mistaken idea and mistaken attitude. So, reversely, in the course of restoration, we must have the right idea of whom to choose for matrimony. At the time of the fall, Adam and Eve took a mate of their own choice. So reversely, in the course of restoration, must we take a mate of our own choice? (No.) Can you take a worldly man as your mate? (No.) The men in the movement? (Yes.) You say "yes," but can you choose your mate even in our movement? (No!) So, the go-between in matrimony here is God, or a man representing Him.

In the second place comes the problem of material. If materially you don't make mistakes, then you are entitled to enter Heaven. In choosing a mate, you must commit no mistake. The expectation and hope of all mankind is that the time will come when the True Parents will have paid all the price of indemnity. That's the hope of all mankind.

When did the period of indemnity begin? 1960? (1920? 1960!) Yes, you are right; it began in the year 1960. From then on, what we were doing was to carry out the mission left unaccomplished by Jesus. All Christianity in Korea as a whole should have cooperated with our movement in paying the indemnity. But did that happen? (No!)

Prior to 1960, there was a certain period of time for him to pay the indemnity. If this person was rejected by the established churches, he was in the position of Jesus Christ when he was persecuted by the chief priests. When he was persecuted by the nation as a whole, he was in the position of Jesus being rejected by the whole nation of Israel.

That was the period from 1954 up to the year 1960. The year 1954 was the year in which our movement was founded. In the year 1954 Father was 34. Right after age 33 when Jesus died, and from his age of 34, he started a new mission. Beginning from the year 1954 up to the year 1960 was another seven-year period in which he had to pay the indemnity all by himself. Korea as a nation went against him. At that time, the government was in an all-out effort to destroy our group. When you go to the countries of your assignment, you'll be asked that question -- I think -- so I'll explain about all those things.

In the year 1954, when we were under the regime of President Rhee, many of the cabinet members were established church Christians. They were all opposed to our movement, and they began to persecute us, mobilizing the department of justice, the ministry of justice, ministry of culture, ministry of information, ministry of education, and the home affairs ministry.

In 1955, he was charged with a lawsuit and was imprisoned. That was the culmination of the persecution. On July 4, 1955, he was imprisoned. That is the Independence Day for the United States. After 90 days of imprisonment, on October 4th he was released. There were many spiritual groups by that time, and in the north there was a group which received revelations and which began to dance in the nude. They did that in a spiritual atmosphere according to their revelations but all those things were attributed to him, and he was falsely accused. The law ministry and all those people in the justice department made their investigation. Finally they found no fault in him, so he was released.

Those people used Father's first wife, the mother of Sung-jin, his first son. Internally she had complained that he didn't take care for his home, and that their private life was not too happy. She falsely testified against Father to the government people, and at that time many serious things happened to him, so actually the government caused a rupture in his home life.

In one of the newspapers you will read that Father beat Sung-jin's mother on her cheek with rubber slippers, but exactly the opposite happened.

[Mrs. Choi: I saw the scene in actuality. She beat Father on his cheek with her rubber shoe. That's what happened. Finally, his first wife wanted to get divorced, but he wouldn't permit that to happen, and again she beat him.]

With the Christian people opposing our movement and the whole country opposing our movement, my first wife was influenced and being weak and in the disposition she was in, that caused the rupture in my family, and I got divorced. I loved my wife, I loved the foundation of the established churches, and I loved my nation. If the whole nation had cooperated with me, I could have started at that time on the national level. Then I would not have had to go through all those things all over again, at the point where Jesus Christ had to stop.

Having lost the family, the Christian church background, and the nation, I had to go through those things all over again in my first seven-year course after the year 1960, when I married. In face of the opposition, Jesus Christ failed in his overall mission, only accomplishing on the spiritual level. But in my case, when I went through all those difficulties in 6 years time, I had to get over all those things on my own, even though I had to lose my family, Christian background, and everything there, and win the victory there.

On that foundation alone, I could be married in the year 1960, with my disciples approving it, and with God approving it. However severe the persecution came at us on the individual level, family level and national level, in those 6 years we had to go through all those things victoriously.

That corresponds to what happened in Jesus' time, with all the Jewish people opposing him, and the whole country opposing him. He could have won the victory and set a foundation to get married, but he failed to do that. I carried out my mission to lay the foundation for me to be blessed by God in the holy matrimony in the year 1960.

Together with me in the early days of our movement, the early followers had to sometimes leave their homes when opposition and persecution came. In cooperation with Father we built the foundation to enter the first seven-year course. During those six years prior to 1960, I had to establish at least 120 churches in Korea.

Centering on the personage of Jesus Christ, 120 apostles represented the world were found, so during that period, I had to establish not 120 persons, but 120 churches. After laying that foundation, in the year 1960 I had the holy marriage to build my family. Centering on my family, all of the members I had at that time laid the solid foundation.

That is something like a tribe playing the role of the core of the nation. In Jesus' day, if the Jewish people cooperated with Jesus and his family -- if he succeeded in his mission of building his family, he could have started his mission on the nationwide level, but because of his failure, he did not get that far. In my case, I accomplished that much.

You must have a clear realization of what the seven-year indemnity course signified. Those seven years prior to 1960 were a time when he restored through indemnity what Jesus left unaccomplished in his seven-year course. Jesus was driven away by his relatives and friends. No matter how severely the nation and Christianity persecuted him, Father won over all those things, and laid the foundation on his own. Thus he got rid of satanic accusation. Do you understand? (Yes.)

If the established churches and the government did not persecute me, I could have established my own family in the first marriage, and things could have been easier. With all those things nullified and taken away by Satan, I had to go through greater difficulties. My wife, who was in the position of Eve, was taken away by Satan.

But Adam was intact, and he has the subjectivity and means to restore another Eve with whom he can build his own family. If in the Garden of Eden, Eve fell and Adam was intact, then through him Eve could have been restored. But both fell, and there was no way at that time for God to restore either.

Now, another Adam was sent, and he failed, but he was intact from satanic invasion, so through his subjectivity, another Eve could be restored. Without knowing the facts you could have questions in your mind, "Well, how in the world could the person with the greatest mission be divorced and remarry?"

It could happen because the nation did not believe in him, and even Christianity was opposed and persecuted him. That's why he was maligned, corresponding to the crucifixion of Jesus. But he remained intact, and he could build his own family again. Do you understand that much? (Yes!)

Now that we have completed our second seven-year course and are entering upon the third and last indemnity course, I thought I would let you know all those things. You are going to do things centering on my family, so you must know the tradition and the history of my family. What has happened in my family is not what I wanted, but the situation dictated certain events, so you must understand that part clearly.

Sung-jin's mother, my first wife, opposed our movement and persecuted us through the government officials, but Sung-jin never once called me names. She knows that she can find no such man as Father, and she still loves him. She regrets what she has done, and she has never remarried.

She knows, now, deep in her heart, that she has committed a great mistake. Father has never once hit her, or called her names. He kept telling her to wait a few more years for him to be vindicated in the sight of man, Christians and God. In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice she in a way imprisoned me, but then, after I was liberated from prison, she together with her relatives came to me, threatened me, and asked me for a divorce.

Her parents and relatives said, "If you don't grant a divorce, I will bring it to court. How can a young woman live without marrying?" If she would continue, she knew that she had to go through many years of abstinence. Rumor spread that he didn't love her, that he would leave her without having sex, and then that's why the rumor spread that he was loving other women and discarded his wife.

By their standards, the worldly people couldn't believe in his honorable conduct. Sung-jin's mother's idea was that by doing that the members wouldn't be able to survive the persecutions, they would fall away and Father would be left alone. Then he would come back to her. She did everything possible. For instance, she would grab one of the women members and say, "You, you are living with my husband, aren't you? You are living with him physically!"

She would accuse her of that, and would beat her. She would throw excrement in the face of the girl she hated -- something like that. She was beside herself when she did that. She knew the Principle, but she didn't know she had to go through a seven-year course. Without knowing the Principle, she had somehow had the idea that she had to go through that.

She didn't like that idea. Father would continue the abstinence. Wouldn't that be more than natural for her to oppose our movement and to persecute it? I was not in the position to be able to teach her the Principle at that time. According to the Principle, when Adam and Eve fell, they did not fall from knowledge and wisdom.

In the course of restoration, women are in the position to blindly follow their mate. Not in your case. In the course of restoration, men must follow their wives, but in his case the woman had to follow her husband -- without conditions, just blindly. So a second wife was necessary. My family is now standing on the foundation of the Unification Church. This is something like Jesus forming his family on the foundation of Judaism, if they did not fail.

During the seven years prior to 1960 I had to fight against Satan and win. What should I have done during the next seven years? Seven years, which was our first seven-year course. You must know that we had to go through indemnity on the family level in order to win the world. I had to go through the first seven-year course with my family as the center.

This was the period of indemnity for Mother. I myself had already set the foundation of indemnity during the seven years prior to 1960, but for Mother, it was her turn to pay the indemnity for her own restoration. During that seven-year course, Mother was opposed by the people around her. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes.)

You can well imagine, before the year 1960, the early followers of mine being mostly women, had daughters in their twenties. If they themselves were in their twenties, they would have hoped to marry Father. When Mother was decided upon, there was a little bit of spiritual conflict. Can you understand? (Yes.)

Prior to that, all the women members just loved Father, and would be so concerned with every act of his. Wherever he went they wanted to follow him. If American females were around, I think I would have had a bad time. I had the experience of being kissed by one of the earliest woman followers in America. That kind of thing could have happened.

You can understand my difficult position at that time. In those seven years I had really a very troublesome and bad time. The husbands of the earliest members said that their wives fell in love with Father, and that's why they left their families. More than anything else, they had to go through abstinence.

They were not told so by Father, but it happened very naturally because at that time everybody received revelations. That's why the rumors spread at that time, rumors of that kind. You can well imagine how easily that could happen. Some of the female members, when they fell away said, "I was almost living with this man," something like that.

In choosing Mother, I chose one who didn't know about those matters. She didn't even know the Divine Principle. If knowing all those things she wouldn't obey me, then she would repeat the fall again. At that time I was 40, and Mother was 18. Why on Earth would a man of 40 choose a girl of 18? It is because in choosing my wife, as in the case of my first wife, I had to choose one below age 20 because Eve fell when she was in her teens.

I had to do everything in accordance with the Principle. That's why I chose Mother without so much education. At that time, Mrs. Choi was there, too -- very intelligent and all prepared in heart, in the Principle, in everything! There were many other people there, but I could not choose one of them as my wife, because of age.

Mother was in the senior year in high school in Seoul, and she was ignorant of the Divine Principle. It was natural that she would be in a difficult position. Many people were jealous of her. In choosing Mother, it could not be just any girl of 18, but there were many qualifications to consider. She was one with all the necessary qualifications.

She was born of a woman who had devout faith and who had ministered to a founder of a certain religion where they were preparing for the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. [Ho Ho Bin's Inside the belly church] At that time, for Mother it was only too natural for her to obey me because she was young, and Father was like a real father to her.

All around him were many educated, brilliant young women, but he chose her and she was so grateful, and awed before him. She was without knowledge of the Divine Principle, so she had to be educated by him. All those things made it possible for her to utterly obey him. During those seven years, all the women were trying to tear her down, because while Father was considering candidates to be his wife, many received the revelation that they were the one.

After I chose Mother, they continued to receive false revelations saying that Mother is the "Mother for the formation stage, so the Mother for the growth stage, and perfection stage will be you." During that period of seven years, this inward sort of opposition or persecution came to Mother, and in utter obedience to Father, she had to get over all those things.

During the seven-year period, I had to set up Parents' Day, Day of All Things, and Children's Day, and then finally in the year 1968, God's Day. By my doing that, I prepared myself and my family to go ahead for the course towards the worldwide level. In the year 1965, the third year from the completion of the first seven-year course, I traveled all over the world, setting up 120 holy grounds in 40 countries.

So, on the family level, both Father and Mother got past the positions where they could be invaded by Satan. Adam and Eve fell from the last stage of the growth period. So, Father's and Mother's mission started from there, and after the completion of the first seven-year course, they were in the perfection stage.

Until then, they had to go through the seven years on the family level. In I960, both Father and Mother got rid of the fear of satanic invasion. That's why they could set up God's Day in 1968. After ridding themselves of satanic invasion, they could enter upon the age of the world level providence.

In the second seven-year course, which is the growth stage, they have to restore the nation, after the family. Including the seven-year course which was gone through by Father all by himself, he had already completed three seven-year courses by the year 1974. So, Father is one seven-year course ahead. You are following him without having to go through one more seven-year course.

Father had gone through the seven-year course on the family level, so during the second seven-year course, the blessed families had to go through the indemnity course on their family level. With what he did as the example, the blessed couples had to be separated from each other, and work for the nation by witnessing to the people in the frontling.

By doing that, they followed the tradition of Father having been separated from his wife and having gone through difficulties and persecution. Right in the middle of the second seven-year course, in 1970, all the blessed couples were separated from each other and went out witnessing in the local provinces. Like orphans, their children were scattered and dispersed, and were taken care of by relatives and friends.

But those people were willing to do the job, they were sympathetic with the children, and they praised the parents to the children for working for the nation and for God. By their doing that, the indemnity toll having to be paid for the persecution coming from the nation could be restored. By sacrificing, the blessed couples had set up the condition to save the nation. The Unification members were in the position of the Unification tribe.

On the tribal level they were dispersed to every corner of Korea to witness to the people to restore the nation. That corresponded to what Jesus should have done on the family level to bring the Jewish people into his movement in three years' time. We restored it through indemnity during a three-year period. With that condition of indemnity paid, Father could go through the toll gate, reaching out to a wider scope of things.

With that condition set up, I could come to the United States to restore this nation on the basis of Christianity on the spiritual level. With the death of Jesus Christ it was prolonged, and I had to do it in the wider scope to restore Christianity. In my three years' public appearance in this nation, if severe persecution didn't come from the Christian population, my mission could be a success.

I can now bring it back to Korea and connect it, both on the physical and spiritual levels. During those three years, beginning from 1972, I stirred up the whole nation of America and there was a little bit of stir in the Christian world here but no concrete evidence of opposition came from them, so I was victorious on the spiritual level here.

I brought it back in the year 1974 to Korea, and I connected it. It is something like Jesus having won over the people of Judaism. Now Christianity is in the position of Judaism in Jesus' day. Without opposition coming from the Christian world, it means the Second Lord is treading upon the Christian population and he is not killed by Judaism or by the Christian world, so he's victorious. And with that triumphant victory, he could go back to Korea. Without the victory on the spiritual level won in this nation being inherited by Korea, he cannot start his mission both on the physical and spiritual levels.

During the second seven-year course, in Korea he and his movement must be one with the government, on the physical level. In Jesus' day, Judaism hand in hand with the government of that time opposed him and persecuted him. But now, the government was on the side of Father, so Christianity even though they may oppose, will be helpless.

What happened in Jesus' day was that Jewish people opposed to Jesus influenced the government to persecute him. But now, the government is on our side, they are backing us up, even though Christian people are opposing our movement. Actually, the third seven-year course starts in April, so early this year, when I made a brief visit back to Korea, I had a banquet inviting higher-level government officials, professors, army officials, and prominent people in all walks of life, including Christian ministers. Then, we had the 1800-couple mass wedding. Now we are having to campaign with Father appearing on the public scene.

It is my first historical public appearance in Korea; this one man is being compared to other leaders, and the whole mass of the Korean population is admiring him. Before Father's speech, we showed the audience our film made at the time of Madison Square Garden and they were astonished at seeing it. So actually I brought back my victory in the United States and demonstrated it to the mass public in Korea, and they knew all of a sudden what success he had obtained in America, and they admired Father.

Now the public opinion is that there's no one else but Reverend Moon who can do the great job in the Western world. From now on, the rumor among the people is that Korea gave birth to the foremost hero of the world. Father as an individual is being conspicuous in the scene in Korea. He has to demonstrate the same thing on the family level, and people will know by the mass wedding how wonderful family life in this movement is, and how the couples are all loyal to Master and his family.

Surrounding his family, a whole tribe is being formed on our ideology, and that is the proof that we are the tribe which history has never before witnessed. This is the proof that Reverend Moon can restore families, and through them, the whole history of mankind.

As you know, 1800 couples are from 24 nations and wherever they are, at least 24 nations will know of us. Then, 120 missionaries will know how wonderful the family lives are here. Those missionaries are married couples mostly, and newspapers in 120 or more nations carried articles about our mass wedding.

We are now on the way to show the whole of our movement by the present campaign, by mobilizing the IOWC members from all over the world. We are attacking the whole nation of Korea, just bulldozing it from the bottom up. In Pusan, the capacity of the hall was 3,500, but more than 100,000 came.

What made them come is that they wanted to have a look at me, they questioned, "Oh, what kind of man is he?" In Taegu, the capacity of the gymnasium was 23,000, but there too, we had 100,000 or more people swarming outside the gymnasium. The capacity of Chang-Chung Gymnasium, where the mass wedding took place, had a capacity of 20,000.

All the rest of the people were outside never wanting to leave, just waiting until they heard Father through the loudspeaker. We have filmed all those things. In the middle of the campaign, I came here only to see you before you leave for your mission. I had to skip one city, Inchon; from the next city on, I promise to speak. So I have to go back home.

After thirty years of mission, it is the first time that I have made my public appearance there and when the Christians opposed our campaign this time, I made a statement in seven major newspapers. By my taking the offensive tactic this time, back in Korea, from now on we can develop into the worldwide level of providence, both on the spiritual and physical levels back in the United States, during three more years. Madison Square Garden was my first project, Yankee Stadium is the second, and Washington Monument the third. After that, we will have swept all over the nation of America. Whether or not we make the rest of the projects a success will depend solely on you, how you do things.

With those things completed successfully, by the year 1981 we will sweep the whole world with the Communists utterly powerless before us. During our last seven-year course, many political changes will occur; especially in the Asiatic part of the world many difficult problems will arise. In some parts in Asia, centering on Communism, America and other democratic nations will be involved, and there will be a fierce battle between Communism and democracy.

If the policy-makers of America had listened to my advice, it would have been no problem for them to win over Communism and just nullify them. President Ford is helpless in doing that. If he fails to carry out his mission, both he and this nation will decline. We are the only group who will demonstrate when a weak nation becomes helpless like Vietnam. From now on, the Communists will know that their final enemy and their greatest enemy is Reverend Moon. Broadcasts coming from North Korea are the proof. They call our group names and they said they have to destroy our movement or else they can not survive.

We are at the point of time where we will enter the third seven-year course. Many difficult problems will occur on the world scene, and many nations will rise or and fall, but in the midst of chaos and confusion, our movement will soar up like this. Now that our movement has been successful in the United States in the past three years on the spiritual level, for the coming three years we must be successful on the physical level, at all costs.

Do you remember the story of Jacob having fought and wrestled with the angel at the ford of Jabbok? After defeating the archangel alone, Esau was defeated, and became reconciled with Jacob, and Jacob was blessed with the name of "The Victor." That's exactly what we are going to do.

We find a great mathematical time element in the providence of God that in the year 1976 America will have the bicentennial. Whether or not we succeed in our mission during the next three years will decide the fate of this nation. Are you prepared to fight the battle and win the victory for America during these three years? (Yes!)

You must clearly know the reason why the United States declining in recent years. America cannot rely on the youth of America as it now stands, so we must mobilize ourselves to save this nation at all costs, in the coming three years. With that in mind, we cannot fight against each other with racial problems and things like that in our movement.

There must be strong unity between white people and black people. In the movies you have seen how your forefathers killed the first settlers of this country, the American Indians. The Communists are going to utilize that, "The white people killed yellow people." But in our movement we must demonstrate unity between white people, yellow people and black people. We must be well-equipped and armed with a new philosophy, new ideology, and faith. That's why I have assembled you in Barrytown, to have you go through training.

You can never imagine what I went through during all those periods when there was a time limit, like a time bomb I had to explode at every stage at the right time. I could not sleep or eat at the proper times, because I realized that without my success, the whole world would have no way to be saved. Without the knowledge of the time elements and all those formulas in the providence of God, I could not have carried them out successfully.

Beginning from the year 1960, there has been chaos and turmoil in the world. Because of me and because of the Unification Church all those things happened. In the ultimate sense because of me, all those things had to take place. Since I'm going to work three more years in the United States, on the level of world providence, you must understand that our success or failure in these three years will decide the success or failure of our movement and of God.

You are like fish-nets, and I'm going to throw you out all over the United States. Each one will be posted in each of the 50 states. By the time we draw in the nets, we will have to get a winch to do it. You must come back to me with a great catch. It means you have to restore every corner of the United States. If the whole state clings to you, pulling you back, what will you do? Would you still be strong enough? (Yes!)

If you fail to do the job in these three important years, the fate of America is more than clear: at the Mexican border and your border to Canada, Vietnam and Cambodia will be there. Red China is entering Canada already. Even in the United States, there are many active Communists. There's no other choice for Americans than to go to God. If they are absorbed by Communism, they will perish.

If in these three years we cannot liberate America from the bondage of Satan, then the whole world will fall prey before Communism. And they will kill the Christian population for sure. There will be great martyrdom. So we cannot sit still without doing the job. We must do it, at all costs. We are all by ourselves, standing on the side of God. Even the American government is going to be drawn to Communism, even Christians are for Communism. It is because they did not believe in the Unification Principle and they persecuted Father.

In the election for the governor of Tokyo, we mobilized 5,000 of our members to back up Mr. Ishihara because Mr. Minobe was a Communist. Our efforts were more than apparent, because the margin of difference of 900,000 votes came to the closer margin of 300,000 by our efforts. At the time, Mr. Minobe pretended to retreat. I predicted that it was his gesture but the Japanese government didn't believe what I said.

That's why Mr. Ishihara was beaten. We are involved in the Vietnamese problem, in Japan, in the political problems in America, the demonstrations in front of the UN building and all the rest of the demonstrations because all those things are condemnations. What's happening in Korea, Japan, and America are related to each other in the providence of God.

Without your knowing it, I have been manipulating all those policy-makers by mobilizing our members; I have done that for the providence of God. If President Nixon had kept his position until some miracle happened -- because God was preparing for that -- this nation could not have been like this. This nation needs strong and dynamic leadership but after Nixon it is failing.

So out of you must come strong national leaders for the future of America. We are now preparing for that, too. If out of you I choose people for that purpose, and if I back you up, you can be just anything. You excel the outside people in many ways. And I'm going to make the female members to be most capable wives to those future politicians.

You must do a certain amount of deeds for this nation; I'm going to make a tremendous amount of money to back you up. We have to be prepared for that, because God cannot rely on any politician now existing. Without our endeavors, this nation cannot be saved. I'm preparing you in many ways -- some for the political world, some for leadership in every field of life. More than anything else, during the coming three years we must lay the foundation for that kind of thing on the church level.

Now, what we need is numbers. I was called by God for this mission under the will of God in the providence. So, I want all of you to be miniature Sun Myung Moons, carrying out your mission allocated and assigned by me. After the third seven-year course, the whole world will be influenced by our will.

God will be doing that through us. From that point on, it will be much easier for us to cover the whole world. Are you resolved and determined to make the battle a success and to bring victory in the coming seven years? If you are determined to do that, hold up your hand. ("All right.")

After we complete all three seven-year courses, new members following us will only have to go through one seven-year course, to reach the same standard. It means they are placed in the position of Adam before the fall and starting from that point on, they only have to go through the last seven-year course to reach perfection.

We are entering the stage where God can directly deal with people. The whole spiritual side will be mobilized to help out people on Earth. They will open up the way for them to come to us. And if they follow Father they will be blessed. If they fall away, they will be punished. All those miraculous things will take place.

The failure of the angels to minister to Adam and Eve will be reversely accomplished this time, by their mobilizing the whole spiritual population. Good spirits now living in the spirit world correspond to the angels.

One-third of Americans are more or less suffering from neurosis and things like that -- but this number may grow to cover the whole population, if we leave them as they are. So we want to make it so happen that good spirits instead of evil spirits come down to the people. From 1980 on, this kind of thing will gradually happen. From that time on, every county or village will have at least one prophet who will predict what is going to come. Even in Soviet Russia, that kind of thing is beginning to happen.

In the Middle Ages, the theocratic stage began, and then came Humanism after the Renaissance, and then Materialism prevailed. Pietism and Democracy followed, but all those philosophies were not the truth. If we clearly understand the entity of God, and explain Him on a logical basis, all the previous uncertainty will be avoided. God, man and material cannot be separated from each other.

God is in the center as the core, and next comes man, and after them comes material, all in one. Your body is also material. Your mind is the spirit or personality. In your mind abides God, as the spirit. So in yourself as individuals, and in everything, the unity between God, man and material should exist.

In human history, there were wars to occupy land or material, and then wars to snap away personality from man. Now, an ideological battle is being fought. That will not be all: People will fight to obtain or occupy God. Who will reach to God and be one with Him will be the question in that battle.

We are already doing that in our Unification Church. We can sacrifice material things and we can sacrifice even ourselves as human beings, in search of God. Without God, all those situations cannot be solved. That is what we are doing in the Unification Church. That is why in the Unification Movement alone is the world has hope of being saved.

With that vast universal mission ahead of us, if you don't realize the time-limit in the providence of God, you cannot call yourselves the children of God. In these three coming years, you've got to make our project a success, with the realization of the time-limit; we have to explode like a time-bomb, at the right time, in order to accomplish our mission assigned by God.

You are Americans. I'm only an Oriental man. Why do I have to fight here and to struggle so hard for the salvation of this nation? If you realize how much hardship I have gone through for the salvation of this nation, you must be more resolved to carry out the job on your own, for yourselves and for this nation.

All through my life, I have been conscious of the time limit in the time-table of God, and I have accomplished the mission at the right time, completing those things step by step. Now your mission is to go through the same contracted form during the three coming years; you can never say it's impossible.

You just can't realize how serious God is, how serious I am, and how serious are those people in Vietnam, and in the war-torn areas are. Having been assigned this mission by God, if we sit idle without doing the job, then we'll be punished by God, before those people without the knowledge of the Divine Principle.

With this in mind, in the coming three years you will have to carry out your mission with seriousness of heart, with the realization of the importance of your mission. I will stop my talk today by urging you to accomplish your mission within the time limit of three years. Can you do that? (Yes!)

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 03.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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