The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Restoration Through Indemnity And America's Role

Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1975
Belvedere, Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

This morning I'm going to talk on the subject of "Restoration Through Indemnity." As you know, if man had not fallen, words like compensation, restitution, or indemnity would not have had to be used in the dispensation. We need to make restitution because of the fall. The Principle says that when we are going to the heavenly side from the side of Satan, we must pay something as a sort of toll.

Restitution is the fee or the toll we pay to cross the border from the satanic side to God's side. After the human fall, has there been any man who has completely crossed the border back to God's side? According to the Principle, we must excel Satan; we must do something more than Satan can to pay restitution and go closer to God.

On Satan's side there are individuals, families, nations, and the world already established. One man, Adam, fell in the beginning, and that means all his descendants have been born as fallen men. Ever since the human fall, fallen nature has been the inheritance of individuals, families, nations, and the world.

In the course of restoration, we cannot go from the world level to lower levels. Where does restoration through restitution start? It must begin from the individual. An individual must cross the individual boundary by having his mind and body united into one; and families must be united into one to cross over the family boundary, going to the next level of clan or nation; the same thing applies to every level, reaching to the world.

Since every single man is in the satanic world, we are destined to have to go back to God's bosom by crossing over those boundaries, or those levels, by paying the proper indemnity "fare." The scope grows bigger and bigger. It goes from the individual level to the level of family, and next to the nation, and then to the world.

Each level may be different from the preceding one in certain ways, but as it goes to the next level and still the next, it grows bigger in scope. So at the end of the process, the whole world will come into oneness. The broadened scope will include the whole world. If that principle did not apply, it might be very simple for us to be restored.

It has long been a puzzle to you that God has not been able to save all of mankind in an instant. Rather he has had to wait a long period of time, until man has done something. Seen from this viewpoint, the definition of the perfect man is that he has crossed over all the boundaries to perfect himself.

It is very difficult for individuals to go through all those stages, so, God's expectation is to have one man as a perfect model, and have others follow his example. Before establishing the world of perfection, God's idea was to have one person as the core and have him cross the levels of individual and family and nation and world, with each level or unit of people following his example, to finally restore the whole world.

In this light, when we closely examine the world of Christendom, we find that every Christian group belongs either to the first stage or second or third or fourth, but there has not been any group or any person who has crossed over all the boundaries to reach perfection. Do you understand? (Yes.) So, even in religions, people are still in the world of the fall, having to pay an indemnity toll to cross each boundary or level.

Even in the religious world, not to speak of the world in general, they have to go through all those things, and most religions have many of the levels yet to accomplish. How many Christians can there be who are confident enough to have already crossed over all those boundaries, reaching perfection?

Have you ever met such a person? Someone with confidence and self-awareness that he is already perfected? (No.) Among the Christian leaders, including Christian ministers, evangelists and laymen, have there ever been such men? (No.) Has God been struggling so hard only to get that negative answer from people?

At all costs, for at least once, God would want to have such a man in whom all the stages have been perfected or fulfilled. Only with the birth of that kind of man, can God have hope for the rest of mankind to be perfected or restored through him. So will the central figure who can be responsible for the restoration of humanity be a man, God, or Satan? (Man.) Who? (Man.) Yes, it must be a man.

Then, in what way can that man complete the process of restoration through indemnity? He must be a man who has fought Satan and won over him, thereby gaining the qualification to restore the whole world to God. He must be a man with such strong conviction that he can win the world-wide battle against Satan.

This cannot remain just an idea, but he must actualize it. To realize it in actuality is the important thing. Can any of you stand in the forefront of others, saying, "I can be responsible for the restoration of man, and I can pay any toll for this restoration myself." Can any of you pay the indemnity to restore all mankind?

So in what way can you become the person who is responsible for the restoration of other people through indemnity? How can you do that? Restoration through indemnity cannot take place if it starts with a man. It must start from God, or else it cannot be fulfilled. Then in what manner can that person be recognized by God?

Before God can recognize that man, his qualification must be that he has conquered any evil power coming from individuals, families and other levels. God must wait for this man to pay the price of restitution, going over the individual level, family level, national level, and world-wide level. By his doing that, he will be elevated to higher and still higher standards, expanding his scope and territory. Also, the first stage will be transferred to the next, and the next will be transferred to the third, until he brings into one totality all the things he has accomplished.

Without that strategy, God could not have this man pay the restitution fee for the complete restoration of the world. Centering around that man, on the individual level, he has to fight against an individual Satan or evil on the world-wide scope. When he's on the next level, he has to fight the same battle against evil coming from the family level on the world-wide scope. And he does the same on the national level and world-wide level. Finally, he connects all those levels he has fulfilled, so that every level of salvation or restoration will be accomplished through this man.

In the history of the providence of God, there must be one nation of God's choice that can be responsible for making restitution. Suppose the family level is already accomplished by someone. If it is not connected to the individual level below and to the national level above, then it doesn't have any life, and doesn't have any meaning in the providence of God.

A great man may have accomplished quite a lot in his lifetime on the world-wide level, but if what he has done has nothing to do with the restoration of God on the world-wide level and the other levels below that, it doesn't mean anything in God's mind. Do you understand?

To review, God wanted a nation of His choice -- that was the Israelite people. That is why we see that the main requirement of the Israelites is that they cling to their tradition. That is because they are chosen people, and they know that it is their mission to establish a foundation or tradition for the rest of the world to follow.

Do you understand, Japanese? God wanted this nation to win over Satanic power. This nation needs to have the notion that they cannot be defeated by satanic power, because their mission is to accomplish God's will. Centering around the nation, God wanted to have the rest of the world restored to God's side.

Therefore He would have one man go through the individual level, family level, national level, and the world-wide level. And He sometimes exposes that person or the whole nation to a satanic invasion to test them. In the face of difficulties and hardships, if the individual, family and nation win over satanic power, then God will recognize their qualifications. On every level there have been many sacrifices. Without gaining the qualification of having won over all those things on each level, they cannot bring the whole of mankind back to God.

In the Israelite history, let us take the example of Jacob. He went to Haran, and after long years of drudgery there, had to come back with a victory that he earned by himself. In the satanic world of Haran, the evil satanic power did everything and anything to defeat him. After entering into the land of Egypt, he had established a certain base for the nation to be saved; but then the whole Israelite nation was exposed to satanic forces, and many other nations fought against it.

In Egypt, he formed the base of the chosen nation, and then the whole nation of Egypt came against the Israeli people. In trying to enter the land of Canaan, God mobilized seven tribes to fight against the chosen nation of the Israelites. After going through the battle on many levels including the period of Judges and other trials, and remaining intact from satanic invasion, they became part of the Roman Empire.

Then the whole of Christianity had to go through difficulties in the Roman Empire, having to pay a great price, including much martyrdom, but then they moved to another level. In the face of persecution from Catholicism, Protestantism was born and the Protestants had to flee to America. Protestants from all the European nations came to the continent of America for religious freedom.

Then where is America -- representing the whole of Christendom -- headed for? America is facing a Communist threat. The Communists are taking the offensive, and if America cannot win over Communist power, it is doomed to perish. Both in Judaism and Christianity, God wanted His people to fight through, winning over the satanic power on every level.

America, however, even though she is the leading nation in the Christian and democratic world is now retreating from accomplishing God's will. Among the Christian population in America, is there any group of people left who have the confidence to win over satanic power to accomplish God's will? (No.)

Then what shall we do? What shall we do with America and the democratic world of God's preparation? Will we just let them alone if they perish, if they fall prey to Satan? (No!) What shall we do? Who will fight? (We will!) You? (Yes.) Just as this small group you can do it? (Yes!)

This is the question: who will fight against the Satanic power? In paying indemnity on the individual level, family level, national level and world-wide level, God would rather have America which has been prepared for this mission, do the job. But in case He doesn't find that taking place in this nation, He must use someone else, some other group for the mission.

Who can carry out that task? God has prepared individuals, families, and nations. In America, which is the melting pot of all the nationalities God has prepared the people to pay indemnity and save the whole world. But among the Christian population in this nation, God cannot find this being done. So someone or some group must do the job, and God is looking for this someone. God has failed to find such a group in the established churches. So, we are mobilizing ourselves in the Unification movement to do the job, and this is the chief significance of our group. Do you understand what I mean? (Yes.)

Then can we, as the Unification Church, just proclaim our mission to do that? (No.) In this movement, there must be battles, and the battles must be won by us. The battle involves going through all those levels to inherit what was accomplished by Judaism, Christianity and the democratic ideology. God prepared Judaism and Christianity; through democracy, God has prepared a base for the restoration of man.

But all of the persons who were responsible for this mission crumbled and shattered into pieces. Still, all they have done is totalized here, and God has not yet lost anything. If Christianity would transfer what it had done so far to our movement, to the Unification movement, we could start from there. But they are all opposed to our movement. Then what can we do? We have to set up conditions, paying indemnity, and then inherit what they have accomplished.

Christians as individuals must have such strong faith as Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, inherit their missions, and take the responsibility for the restoration of the whole world on their shoulders. There must be at least one person like that. We must be aware that we can accomplish the mission which Abraham failed to accomplish, Moses failed to accomplish, and even Jesus failed in part to accomplish.

In the Unification Church, we represent the whole of humanity, and go through all those gates by paying indemnity. We must minimize the amount of indemnity on each level, simultaneously broadening the scope. We will restore through indemnity in a period of 20 years what all Christian history has had to pay during the period of 2000 years. Our twenty-year period is between 1960 and 1980. Do you follow me? Then centering on whom do we have to do that? Centering on Master.

If Christianity cannot unite with our movement, we have to battle on the national level. The whole world will also come against us and we will face the threat of Communism. In the Christian world in the United States, all denominations are going to come against our movement, the Unification Church. That's what happened in Korea, and also in Japan.

Wait and see: the whole Christian world will unite to fight against our group, the Unification Church. If they fail in the battle, and are defeated by our movement, then the Communist world will do the same, with Red China and North Korea united into oneness. There's a real possibility of that. But in our background there's the whole Spirit World, and they are going to be mobilized to fight against the evil power, for our side.

What would God do? The evil power of the Spirit World will be mobilized to fight against us. Actually, then, God cannot mobilize all the Spirit World to fight against the evil power. Before that can happen, we must set up the right condition. On God's side, there's no nation established as yet. God cannot assemble good people from all over the world to fight against the evil world-wide power.

Is there any nation on God's side? (No.) Is America God's nation? (No.) Are we a nation as yet? (No.) We don't now have a nation. We are forming units of families and tribes and in the process of forming a nation. But before we can do that, there's a fierce battle to be fought. This fierce battle will be one in which we cannot either advance or retreat.

As it now stands, this personage of Reverend Moon is a controversial question; I'm arousing quite a bit of excitement in this nation, and I have also done that in the Asiatic part of the world. Wherever I go, I'm going to raise that kind of situation. This is because I'm a robber of young people. That is why people are against our movement and me. In the face of any kind of difficulties, we can never retreat. Instead of retreating, we must advance forward, march forward.

On the individual level, you must be determined to be a son of filial piety to God before you are a son to your own parents. You must be that way more than anyone else in the whole history of mankind. Are you like that! (Yes.) You answer me in the affirmative, but your "yes" must be recognized by the nations of the world and by the whole of humanity. Are you answering me with that kind of strong "yes"? (Yes.)

If someone kicks you or steps on you can you still answer me with an affirmative "yes"? (Yes.) Dying, would you still say "yes" instead of "no"? (Yes!) You must become such a person that even Satan will say "I cannot win over this person, I must surrender before him!"

God, too, must expose you to the evil power, and you must fight at the risk of your life; at the end of the battle, Satan will give up and then he cannot accuse you of any evil quality. Then, God can sign on your sheet. Who else has to sign? Without having Satan's autograph, approving your being God's son, you cannot go back to His bosom.

From the nature of Satan, do you think Satan would just freely sign your sheet without testing you and putting you in the utmost difficulty? (No!) Satan will come to you with more power gathered, and more strength collected; then you will fight back and win over him again and again, and finally he will abandon you.

That's the final victory only on the individual level. Even though you are a victor there, a stronger Satan is awaiting you in ambush, saying, "Well, wait and see, if you come up to this level, I will fight against you with more power!" Roughly divided, you have to go through four levels of fight: individual level, family level, national level, and world-wide level. Well, on what level are you situated? When can you reach that final level? That is the question.

When you are still on the individual level, if God would have satans attack you to defeat you, you must still be able to win over them. When beaten, if you shrink and are diminished, you cannot win over Satan. You must repulse the power and become stronger than him. Are you like that? (Yes!) If I send you out to the frontline to witness to the people, well, before three years time, you will vacillate and you will go back and forth between the world and the Unification Church; at times you will complain, saying, "Oh! why have I joined this movement! I cannot be left alone and I'm so much exposed to difficulties!"

You will waver back and forth all the way. And by doing that, you are more likely to retreat, than to march forward. Are you like that or not? (No!) Well, you say "no" only in answer. Is that so, is that so! Is it true? Truthfully, you must be like that in fact. Are you like that in reality?

In the Unification Church, the way we have to go is to just win the individual level; in becoming the sons and daughters of filial piety to your parents, you must excel all other men in the satanic world; and in being patriots of your nation, you must excel anyone else in the satanic world, excelling even Satan. You must topple even Abraham; and in being loyal to humanity, you must excel any other person in the world -- any other saint in the world.

You must even excel Jesus Christ. Are you like that? (Yes!) You must answer to yourself. You must answer honestly to yourselves. Have you been retreating, or been vacillating all the way through, or have you been brave enough to attack any power coming from any direction. To which of the two do you belong? You don't know yourselves? Where are you situated? That's the way you should be.

Then are you awakened to the fact and reawakened to the fact every morning when you get up from bed that you have such an important mission on your shoulders? Have you been thinking of that? (Yes!) Does it remain just a thought in you, or do you have self-confidence to carry out the job? (Yes!) In order for you to be able to carry out your mission, you must welcome paying indemnity. Are you ready for that? (Yes!)

Well, you cannot but say "yes"; you're forced to say "yes" because I asked this strong question. Isn't that true? (Yes!) Well, if your answer was "yes" to both questions, which can I believe? That kind of person can either advance or retreat. And then in face of a strong attack from the opposition, you are apt to collapse.

If you represent God's side, would you rather stand where all the satanic power is mobilized to fight against you, or in such a weak position that all the satanic powers are not concerned about your presence? Which of the two would you want? (First!) You must have that kind of attitude. "Come whatever from the satanic side, I will win."

If machine guns are aimed at you, what would you do? It may be wise to escape from them, but where are you escaping to, your own individual goal or to the divine goal? (Divine goal!) When escaping the bullets, if you are headed for God's goal and on the way, if you have to die, you are going to be on the side of God in Heaven. So, your attitude must be, "Any indemnity which man may have to pay, let it be paid by me."

The ideal tactic is for you to call to the enemy, letting him shower you with all his bullets for the individual level, family level, national level and world-wide level, at once. If you survive all those shots, and they run out of bullets, then you are going to be the winner. Would you want to be in that position? (Yes!)

If I give you a blow on your head, you will say, "Oh! That Unification Church minister, he just slapped me, I must escape from him!" You are apt to say that. Isn't that true? (No!) Why do you say "No"? Well, that's too simple a question, and you will not get any grade on that. Your answer must be, "Since there is such a strong attack coming from the satanic world, I must be trained by you." That must be your attitude. You must train.

However difficult and bitter the satanic attack may be, if you are well-trained, disciplined and toughened up, then you are qualified enough to fight back the satanic power; also you are likely to win over them. Otherwise, there's no hope for you to win over satanic power. You must be so determined as to become like a bullet yourself, and you must penetrate Satan and threaten God.

You must be determined to pierce the heart of Satan and return to God. Once the bullet is fired, would it come back to you, the original position, or pierce something else? (Piercing!) Are you determined to become a God bullet? (Yes!) Can bullets zigzag, making detours, choosing a safe way? (No!) Bullets are fired and they will pierce America, and continue on to the end of the world. At least, that must be your destination.

My topic this morning was, "Restoration Through Indemnity." Where does restoration through indemnity take place? It will take place through you and in no other way. It will not be done elsewhere, not around you or around our group or the whole country of the United States. No, it must take place right in the midst of us. Through you as individuals, restitution must be paid.

You must have more faith that you will be ready for the bullets amidst you; but you are not standing there for your sake alone but for your family, your nation and the whole world. Do you follow me? (Yes!) You must be determined to be the persons whom, wherever you go, your family will follow, your nation will follow, and the whole world will follow. Would your family, tribe, nation, and world reluctantly follow you? Would they laugh at you? Would you have them forced to follow you? Very reluctantly, or willingly? (Willingly!)

Can you say, early in the morning, "Oh, Father, you get up and do the job for me. I must rest a little longer!" Or, would you compete with other members, do the work in their van, and accomplish more than they do? "Oh, Master, what you are saying is very good, but I'm drowsy. I must take a nap, I am tired!" Can that be your attitude? (No!) Even though Master may be drowsy, your eyes must shine out like lightning.

This is what I think: whatever may come from Satan, let it come all at once! Since there is much indemnity to pay, and there are no other persons who can be responsible for that, we must be able to take the responsibility. If you go all-out in your efforts to fight against Satan, would God recognize you! (Yes) Not in an instant, no.

In my past experience, there have been many such occasions in which God put me to the test. So many times. Even though I was ready and determined to win the battle, God would allow Satan to attack me, and in face of the attack, if I would retreat, God could not help me out. Even though on the spiritual level, there was no condition of accusation coming from Satan, they would not let me alone and they would fight against me on the physical level. If you don't fulfill the order from God to fight against satanic power on the physical level, and win over it, you cannot be recognized by God. God himself must be confident of your having that qualification. Do you think I'm qualified for that? (Yes!)

With this sense of mission I have fought all my life. When individuals came against me, I had to fight against them and win over them. When a group of people came against me, I did the same. When whole churches and the nation or any unit of the community came against me, I did the same.

In the whole world I want to gather the people who are prepared for this mission, and form a tribe or nation to fight against the satanic nations of the world. What do you mean to do? Would you like to go your way, exercising your free will, or would you like to follow my will? (Your will!) Would you want to follow from behind, or would you want to come before me, in front of me? (Before you!)

In doing that, what would you become? Before your becoming the son of God, you must be able to be recognized by Master. Would you want to become God's child, God's family, God's tribe, and God's nation? If you want to do that, do you think you can do it all by yourself, on your own? (No!) Then you think you can become that, if you follow me? (Yes!) You see a possibility of that? (Yes!) With a lukewarm thought and attitude, you cannot accomplish that. You must be like me, brave and strong, in face of any difficulty.

In America, there's racial discrimination between whites and blacks. If I say there's neither white nor black in God's sight, what would you do? If I say so, do you believe it? (Yes!) If I tell a white member to marry a black member, what would you do? (Marry!)

We have had enough of white presidents. So, let's this time elect a president from the Negro race. What will you do if I say so? There's no question there. We must never forget that we are brothers and sisters in a huge human family. In any level of community, we must become like a family.

Even in the Israelite nation, there were Negro people. God has mixed whites, yellow, and blacks all over the world, but especially in the United States. If you go to Israel, you will see many black people there, and you would perhaps ask them, "Are you an Israelite, too?" And he would say "Yes." Maybe in his ancestry, one of the Israelites married an African Negro. I don't know, but they are Israelites by lineage. Most of the people in Israel have black hair, but I very often found blonde hair. Then I would ask them, "Are you an Israelite, too?" And he would say "Yes." I imagine that in his ancestral line, one Israelite woman married a white man. Still, he's an Israelite.

In America, too, where men have many different colors of hair, if you say only blonde hair, or only brown hair belongs to God, then you are wrong. You had better die than to say that. You are all God's creation, so if there's any discrimination between the colors, that must be God's responsibility, not ours.

In our Unification Church, there's no such thing as a national boundary. Also, we don't have the slightest notion of our being whites and yellows and blacks. If you entertain that kind of idea, you are not yet a Unification Church member. This time, with our share of human beings, we will form a nation of God's choice out of all the races -- whites, yellows and blacks.

Transcending national boundaries and racial boundaries, we'll form a nation and then God will recognize this nation as His. Without a doubt we conclude that this must be realized on the earth, and that it is God's will to mingle all races to form a nation and a world as the human family.

In the Spirit World, do you think that there are three different Heavens, a black people's Heaven, a white people's Heaven, and any other belonging to yellow people? (No!) In light of the Principle, if we don't realize the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, we won't have the Kingdom of Heaven on the spirit side. So, we must mingle everyone together, without national boundaries and without racial boundaries. Only by our being able to do that, can we enter the Kingdom of Heaven where there will be no discrimination between races.

If we can call ours a godly nation, or a godly group, we must take the responsibility to defeat Satan. We are going to do that for the whole of mankind. Even though we are a religion, our fight is not going to be on the scope of that religion, but on the scope of the world. We have the mission of having to save the whole of mankind, including its good and its evil members.

We can say that we have the mission of saving the American people and the established churches in America. What about the criminals in the prisons? Can we exclude the criminals in the prisons? (No!) I even trained such a wonderful way in my prison life. If I somehow send you to the prisons, to be confined in that kind of place, what would you do? (Do it!) If you are imprisoned, you must not remain criminals there, but you must be the savior for all the rest of the criminals. Would you do that! (Yes!)

Well, when I sent you out to witness to the people, and save the people of the United States, including the churches, you were reluctant to do that. So how can you go into prison, witnessing to criminals, and bringing them back to God? How can you do that? Can you say, I'm a theological seminary graduate, and I'm witnessing to established church members, not criminals." Can you say that'! (No!) You must be doing that as well.

Without your being able to liberate mankind on earth, can you liberate the population living in the spirit world? (No!) The established religions have never thought of this. They just prayed for their own good with folded hands, without thinking of saving the satanic world, liberating the people from the real prison of life, and liberating the whole population in the spirit world.

In many religions, people separated themselves from the mundane world, escaped from the worldly way of life, kept themselves intact from evil, maybe, but they didn't think of saving the rest of mankind. In Catholicism, for instance, they wear special black habits, and say lofty things that indicate they are saved people, different from ordinary people. In that way, we cannot save the world. Without their mingling together with the rest of the world, there's no way for them to save the world. We must abandon that way of thinking.

In light of this principle we know very well that between the years 1960 and 1980 there will be great turmoil and changes on the individual level, family level, national level and world-wide level. That's the period of turmoil and change. In the vortex of chaos and confusion, people are at a loss where to go. People don't know why we are entering the age of confusion and chaos as such.

In the Unification movement, however, we know the reason. It is because God wants to have men carry out their mission in accordance with His schedule. I regret to say that in the providence of God, I see individuals being destroyed on the satanic side when they come against either me or God's will. Also, families are doomed to perish when they go against God's will, and so will tribes and nations perish when they go against God's will.

In the democratic world, chaos will come about, and Communism will decline after 1977. Everything will be centered on what we do if we bring our mission to God to a certain level before that period. The Communists are doomed to perish. We have three more crucial years left. You don't really know what I mean.

In fact, I know that in the providence of God, after America's bicentennial, she must extend her hands for the salvation of the whole world. The Christian ideology must be realized not only in the nation of America, but in the whole world through the American people. That has been God's will.

Starting from the year 1960, America was supposed to begin to meet the standard of God's will, through the whole 20 years, to reach the rest of mankind. From the period of Mr. Kennedy's presidency, that should have been done. In the face of all the attacks coming from the evil powers, America should have defeated all those powers reaching to the end of the world, making the whole world a part of Christendom.

In 1965, when I met President Eisenhower, I talked with him and I told him that America had such a mission. I told him that he should not have settled for a truce in Korea, but he should have dashed forward to fight against the Communist power and defeat them in an instant at that time. At that time, America should have argued that all Asiatic people who denied the existence of God were the common enemy to religious people. America should have been able to unite the religious power of the whole world to fight against Communist power.

Internally, America's policy should have been to unite the religions and finance religious movements to fight against evil power. Instead of putting stress on the external policy, they should have done this. If that had taken place, what do you think would have happened? If America had done that, they wouldn't have had to support so many nations on the external level in wars; they could have made the world into the heavenly world. A nation like America should have tried to unite all religions, many isms and other philosophies.

If America financed and supported that kind of activity instead of putting stress on external policies, they could have absorbed the whole world into unity under God. If in that way America had been able to solidify the United Nations through the membership of Christian nations, then all other nations could not but come, join them, and become like them. Then by the year 1980, America would have been the central nation of the whole world, with the Heavenly Kingdom of God on Earth in the process of being established.

But what is happening now? Is America declining or rising? (Declining.) The President himself is saying that. The Senators and Congressmen are saying that. All the people of the United States are recognizing that. What is this nation headed for?

Starting from the year 1960, our movement, in the Unification Movement, started bare-handed, and we have dashed on our way, rising and rising to meet the point. Our target is to form such a dynamic and strong nation as to set a standard for all other nations by the year 1980. In this seven year period we have struggled for that.

We are still on the way. We must influence and stir up the whole nation, to make the people think that without the Unification Movement and its young people, they cannot save the nation and the world. We must do things in such a way as to influence people on that scope, thereby winning them to our side.

Our three years of activities in the United States resulted in all the established church denominations uniting with each other to fight against our group. In the coming three years I expect that not only the Christian denominations and the other religious sects, but also the whole population of the United States will come against our movement. They keep their eyes wide open to watch what we are doing. They will think, "Oh, they have stirred up the established churches, and now they are going to swallow up this nation of America!" That's what they fear.

Maybe God will allow us to swallow up the established churches; in that case we are not going to leave the members of the established churches just as they are, but we are going to remake them into the people of God. Leave American people in our hands, and we will remake them into bold people to fight against any evil power in the whole world. We will make the world a better place to live in -- the Kingdom of God on Earth.

That is why God blessed this nation. God wanted to have the Christian people to make this nation and world like that. God has prepared this nation with democracy to make the whole world a free world. But Christianity in this nation and democracy itself have led to the nation and the world being more and more under satanic dominion. God cannot leave this situation alone, so He is shifting the responsibility to some other group. It is now the responsibility and mission of the Unification Church. Do you have the confidence and ability to carry out this kind of mission? (Yes.)

You'll find the founding ideology of your nation was Christianity, and your forefathers came from the old world to the new continent of America for religious freedom. Now you are forgetting that, and the Christian ideology is fading away in this nation. So even though the whole nation fights against us, we must fight back, win over them, and establish a new nation of America.

We must become new Puritans establishing a new movement, to found a nation anew on this continent. We must make America rise again, instead of allowing her to decline. You must have that sense of mission and accomplish it. You were born in America, raised in America, and educated in America, but you are not the Americans you should be. I must make you into new Americans.

In the established churches, people are leaving the church. In democracy, people are forgetting God. In our movement, we must restore the churches so they are full of devout Christians, and we must restore the people back to God's bosom by carrying out our mission. Are you confident of that? (Yes.) Then you must mobilize every ounce of your energy to that end.

If we had a membership of several million here in America, we would not leave the policy of Vietnam as it is now. Mr. Kissinger tried hard to make the truce talks successful in Vietnam, but although truce sounds good, it is not ultimate peace. He's now being chased away in Cambodia. With the Cambodian army, America is being chased away. This giant nation of America is being chased by the Communist power everywhere.

God will not leave this alone; in His sight it's wretched and miserable. Would God praise you American people, or would He feel like kicking at you and say that you are failing? What do you think? In the providence of restoration through indemnity, God wanted to have America carry out her mission.

However, America has failed to do that and God is now a miserable God, He's sorrowful over America and its people. America is close to failing her mission; before it is too late some group must take up America's mission for her sake and for the sake of all mankind. This must be done right now. Is there any such group in the United States but ours? We all know that it is our mission, the mission of our church. Are you awakened to this fact? (Yes.)

There are many difficulties and hardships coming to this nation. With this in mind you must be ready to shoulder any responsibilities and any difficult problem. If you are ready for that, we will succeed. This means we will bear the most dreadful responsibility for this nation and world. We must gather the strength of the declining churches and revive them.

We must revitalize the declining spirit of Americanism. We must be responsible for victory over Communism. Christian churches in America are opposing us. The whole nation of America is opposing us. And Communists, for their part, are opposing us. We are solitary people, left all alone by ourselves. The disposal of these problems, and success in our mission is the question.

We cannot afford to lose a moment. We have no more than 10 years or 20 years at the best. From this year, 1975, to the end of 1980, we must accomplish so much. During these immediate three years, we must at least lay a solid foundation. In what we call our third seven year course, we must accomplish the mission that history has never written or witnessed anyone doing.

From the year 1970 up to the year 1980, I must concentrate my total efforts and inject my whole being, including what you can contribute, to our project. This must be done under God's schedule. There are three seven year periods. We will have each of the seven year periods indemnify 2,000 years. During those 20 to 21 years, we will indemnify on the horizontal level what was left unaccomplished on the vertical level in the 6,000 years of Biblical history. During this 20 years' time, we in the Unification movement must be able to form the strongest group in the whole world, transcendent of national boundaries.

As I said before, we have to go through the individual level, family level, national level, and world-wide level in the providence of God. I am there, right in the center, as the model person, assuming the whole responsibility; you have only to follow me. We have already attained quite a lot, quite a height.

I'm a Korean. Without your knowing it I was faced with bitter persecution in Korea but I survived it. Now all the people of Korea have come to recognize our movement and say that without our group, they cannot save the nation. And the same thing is happening in Japan. Especially, the people of the world know that we are the strongest group to fight against the power of Communism.

If only America will recognize the same thing. We are entering the most urgent period. Within both democracy and Communism there are tides, ebbing and flowing. We are in the middle of the way, and are going to utilize the tension of the world situation, the turmoil and confusion, for the good of God. There's a full tide coming, and we are here on the shore.

Will we be washed away with the ebbing tide, or stay there? (Stay!) Not only must we stay there, we must even make leaps and bounds. We must leap over the obstacles. How we can do that is the question. If we apply the measures and methods of the established church people, can we do that? (No.) Can democracy and Communism of the present day do the job? (No.) A strong spirituality and a strong ideology can do the job.

We will fear nothing in the whole world. Our confidence has strong roots. We are only a handful of people, but all of the established churches are fearful of us. Why do they fear? They fear because we are a different breed of people. All Christians and all people in the democratic and Communist worlds alike are fearful of us.

Of course, there's a reason for that. Small as you are, you will become grains of diamonds, instead of lumps of sand. Are you like that? (Yes.) If you are going to become metal, you must become steel. Hard steel! If some alien power is beating against you, then, you being stronger, they will be smashed, not you. Is that true? (Yes.) Then, when you are heavily laden, you must be able to rise up.

Look back into our past: I landed on this continent in 1972; actually I began my work the next year, and in barely 2 years' time, I've made this much progress and success in the nation. Could it be possible without me? I began my work barehanded, with no solid foundation laid. When I look at you, I'm proud of you: you are all bright young people, coming here and clinging to me.

Suppose we are like a rod beating on other people; if the stick remains whole and the other people are shattered into pieces, then what will happen? We are going to be a formidable power to smash the world. We are like bullets piercing through people. Hitting walls, the bullets will pierce through and not be repulsed. Are you all like that kind of bullet? (Yes.) Then go ahead and do your job. I will watch. If you are each a bullet, would you rather hit an individual, a community or a nation? (Nation!) Or world? (World!) Or cosmic world? (Cosmic world!) Or God?

If you are going to attack a larger enemy or something of larger scope, or a larger territory, would you expect to pay more indemnity? (Yes.) Is it true? (Yes.) Do you like indemnity? (Yes.) I cannot trust you. Would you want me to trust you? (Yes.) If I once trust you and if you end up a failure, what would you do? Then your indemnity and compensation must be ten times as much as it was. Would that be OK? (Yes.)

You know too well that the Divine Principle teaches that if you fail in something requiring a small amount of indemnity, then when you want to accomplish it the next time, you have to pay a greater amount of indemnity. Since I know too well that if you fail in your mission when I trust you, the indemnity will be greater for you, then I find it very difficult to trust you. This is a miserable situation for me! Even God has been reluctant to give orders to people.

We cannot afford to lose a moment now. So I must at all costs trust you even though I cannot in fact trust you. You must understand the miserable situation of the leader, to have to give you orders to do so. So if you are really determined to carry out your mission, you must also be determined to die rather than live if you end up a failure. You must become that serious.

We are in that kind of period now. If you are strong in determination and willpower, then you can dash forward on your way, and you will end up a success. And even though you may be a failure on the way, if you are resolved not to leave the responsibility to me, or leave the blame to me, then I can readily give you the order to do the job.

I'm going to organize you people anew, to send you out to every corner of the world. In choosing people, I must choose those who are really determined to take responsibility for this nation, and also for the whole world. We are going to be mobilized in an all-out battle against Satan. We are now in the final battle. War means losing lives, so we are prepared to lose our lives to gain the world.

In making this victory possible, we must support ourselves financially, so we must be able to raise money. This is the first requirement. With a sense of mission, if you realize that you are on the battlefield, you cannot relax in a dreamy way; awake or asleep, in eating or in doing anything, you must realize your mission, and in every moment of your life you must either prepare for the battle, or actually fight it.

We must mobilize the strength and energy of all members all over the world for one final battle. Do you really realize that we are in that kind of urgent period? (Yes.) We have a great distance to go from Madison Square Garden to Yankee Stadium, and then to the Washington campaign. What makes a bigger jump, a locust or a flea? Fleas, when they jump, reach to great heights compared to the size of their bodies.

When you make a leap, will you come down in the original position? (No.) Are you confident of that? (Yes.) Then shall we do that from now on? Or shall we relax and rest for a while? (No.) Would you want to retreat or advance forward? (Advance.) You are fearful of being defeated in battle, so you might as well stop there, without marching forward. Is that true? (No.)

Now that you have realized all these things, if you go ahead and fight through on your own, without my having to give the order, then you don't have to pay much indemnity. It is because you will have fought through and won the victory on your own, without an order from me that you don't have to pay any indemnity. Then you don't have to go through indemnity and neither do I.

But if once I give you an order and you cannot accomplish the mission, both you and I must go through indemnity. Your one failure must be indemnified by me perhaps ten times as much. On God's part, He would want people who will fight through without any order from Him. This is what I want, too. If you carry out your mission without my orders, then you can make leaps and bounds to reach the goal in the soonest possible date. Can you do that? (Yes.) Then I'll leave you on your own; but before doing that, I must at least train you in such a way that you will be strong enough to carry out the job.

Well, from my talk this morning, do you really realize that you have a certain amount of indemnity to go through? (Yes!) You vaguely know that there is such a word as indemnity, but you are not too serious about it; you don't imagine your going through indemnity at the cost of your life. You are not that serious.

Those who have that kind of experience, hold up your hand. When was it, and in what manner? Have you gone through that kind of indemnity? Is that indemnity in its truest sense -- climbing up the mountain? In that case, you had to go through the difficulty and you might have imagined that paying indemnity must be like this, but did that thing have any association with the will of God?

If not, it has nothing to do with indemnity. Without really knowing what it is to pay indemnity, you cannot pay it! Even I myself cannot do that if I don't know the real meaning of indemnity. With the knowledge of what indemnity is, you cannot imagine how serious I have been all through my life. I paid an indemnity toll at every level-on the individual, family, national, and world-wide levels. Restoration through indemnity is not a foreign concept to me. All through my life, I've paid the indemnity on many levels, in actuality.

In this crucial 20 year period, whatever you think, whatever you say, whatever you do must be associated with the will of God; and every difficulty you meet must be overcome by your paying the necessary indemnity. You don't understand the reasons for there being so much confusion and tension in the world situation during these 20 years.

By the end of 1980, the confusion will be over if we carry out our mission; there'll be no more things to be changed by that time. If the world doesn't believe in the Divine Principle by that time all other groups and isms and ideologies and philosophies will be doomed to fall. By that time, people will realize that without our group they cannot be saved; even though we may put up a high fence around us, they would just climb over it to belong to us.

There will come a time when your parents, instead of pulling you back, will push you ahead, and just scold you or even punish you if you don't come to our side, or if you leave our movement. Don't you see that by that time when your parents see the importance of your belonging to this group, that they will push you ahead. That is more than natural for them, because they are all greedy and ambitious. Well, by that time, it is going to be too late, so why don't you do that now, right at this moment?

The Japanese members, who are assigned to your mission in the States, hold up your hand. If you are stationed in your respective posts, are you going to come back a failure or a success? (Success!) You like success? It is not so simple as it may sound. You say "success" but it's not such an easy job. Well, it's not easy. It's very difficult. Very difficult.

Well, those who are going to be dispatched are all women. And if they were men, I might trust them; but to rely on women, it mars my dignity. [Father is joking.] What do you have to say? Can I trust you absolutely, or not? What is your answer? (Yes!) Fancy that your arms are made of steel. Your legs, every part of yourself is made of steel. If your whole body beats against something, that will be crushed.

The alien power comes against you, and even though you may not be able to shatter it, if you don't retreat then the alien power will have to do so. Isn't that true? Do you understand what I mean? (Yes!) The motto for this year was "Let us establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. Now I'm going to push the women out on the frontline for missions. By my having feeble, fragile women fight against evil power, stronger and taller men will be pleased with the idea. Can you do the job? (Yes!)

I'm leaving for Korea tomorrow. When I come back, I will receive the reports from you; if I'm discouraged by them, it's going to be a wretched thing. You must be determined as to pay back all indemnity caused by Eve at the time of the fall. Eve caused the fall, and you must now be determined to go through the indemnity. If you are determined to do that, I can believe that you are going to be successes instead of failures.

By the time I come back, I will find out. Day and night, you must be witness to the people; asleep or awake, you must meditate over how to witness to the people, you must be crazy over what you are doing. Then the male members, especially the American male members, will feel defeated. So, I'm going to be proud of you, and later on I'm going to push American male members out in the front.

Sooner or later, I'm going to call the state representatives, state commanders and the core members now active in the field to come back to Barrytown to go through training. I'm going to send the women this time to work in their place to create more members. Well, as soon as you arrive in your respective places, you must make two members at least in a week's time. Then send them back here to Neil [Neail Salonen USA church president] to be trained. If you cannot carry out that much, all I have assigned to you will be crushed and become a failure.

Mr. Kamiyama -- "Kam" means "God" in the Japanese language; Kamiyama is "God's mountain" -- Mr. Kamiyama must supervise those people very strictly, and have them reach the goal. Well, he's allowed to push you hard, but you should not complain against him. I have not taught you to complain. Is it permissible if you complain against his being too lukewarm or too easy in pushing you out; you can complain against him, saying, "Why don't you push me harder and harder?"

In leaving for your respective places, are you going to walk, are you going to take a bus, or are you going to take an airplane? Airplane? Are you going to pay more indemnity by taking an airplane? Is that right? If you walk the whole way, you will pay more indemnity. If you are not given money, you will be proud of yourself being able to walk. Also you can ride on train number 11 as we call it.

From this viewpoint we can say that the word "indemnity" in the Unification movement is the most wonderful thing. We cannot buy everything like that. When you are hungry and almost starved to death, think of the word indemnity. "I'm going through indemnity for the people who are starving to death."

You can pray before God, "Let this be the indemnity paid for the salvation of the people who experience starvation, God." Than you can get over hunger. When you are hungry, don't pretend you are dying, but fallen beings yourself. In your prayer, you can say, "Don't worry about me, God, I'm paying indemnity for the people who are starving. So, let this be the indemnity paid for those people, and let them not starve anymore." That's a wonderful way of payment.

When we have won the goal, you must be thankful to your ancestors who have been cooperating with you on the spiritual level, and you must be thankful to your brothers and sisters in the movement, because without their cooperation, you would not have won the goal. You must realize that behind the scene, many brothers and sisters in the movement are praying for you.

So again I want you to know that the meaning of the word "indemnity" is wonderful. You think so? (Yes!) Just think: When you successfully attain the goal by going through indemnity, your ancestors in the spirit world and the myriads of saints who have worked for the sake of mankind by going through indemnity will rejoice with you; and they participate in the joy and glory.

It means you open up the channel for the spirit world to reach the earth-plane; they will work on the earthly level by cooperating with people of the world. Then there will be many people who will receive revelations. With their cooperation, you'll be guided in the right direction. Even though you may want to escape from that goal without your being conscious, you will be turned about, headed for the goal.

That is because an unknown power is driving you in the right direction. When you feel like escaping from the goal, you will find yourself back at the goal. In proportion to what we do, after several years -- perhaps seven -- people will search and be guided by Heaven to us.

Up to now, you have not believed in what I have said, in the real sense. You wondered if it was true -- "Oh! That can't be true!" -- some may say. But wait and see. That kind of thing will take place. If you attain a certain level, God will be overjoyed with you, and He who has been waiting for 6,000 years for any group of people to attain that much, will expedite the coming period of complete success.

I have a clear notion of what I'm doing and where I'm headed. But you have only a vague idea where you are, and where you are headed. One thing you are sure of is that when you follow me, you can reach the goal. Is that right? (Yes!) That's enough. But in following me, you cannot follow directly behind me; you must go to the satanic world, and after doing something by yourself, you can follow me.

It is your 5 percent responsibility. From that condition, on that small condition, you have the qualification to follow me. On the foundation I have laid, by going through the difficulties and persecution, by following me, you will attain the goal; but you have to go through a bit of what I have gone through. Five percent. You have that course left for your own. After we all will have crossed the world-wide boundary, even that five percent share of responsibility doesn't have to be paid by you.

Is America sending ammunition to Israel now? Up to now, it was a question in the Senate and Congress. If and when Americans do not want to support Israel by sending ammunition and things like that, the Jewish people in America will be sending financial support to Israel. Do you know that? (Yes!) They will do just anything to support Israel.

Like the Jews -- scattered all over the world -- our Unification members must be able to do more than what the Jewish people are doing for their nation. Do you realize that? (Yes) If we have a membership of 100 million, if I'm going to mobilize 70 million, it will be easy. If we have that large number of members throughout the world, then, for instance, if Kim Il-sung of North Korea invaded South Korea, I would call those members and mobilize 70 million or so of them to fight the evil power of Communism on the battleground of Korea and they would do that.

In that case, if you are willing to be mobilized, raise your hand. If America is being invaded by Communism, and we have to fight against that power in America by weapons and things like that, wouldn't our members come to America from every corner of the earth? (Yes!) If we have that many members, the whole world will be scared by our movement. In mobilizing our members from all over the world, if I order them to bring their money to use for a three year period, they will do that.

If the Christian churches work with us, we can avoid that kind of battle and the whole world will become the Kingdom of God. If the established churches had become one with the Unification movement, would the world have become one unified world, or not? It would have already become one. So, in that sense, the power that has made it impossible for the world to be unified is the established churches. Then God has to abandon the established churches; they are being corrupted while we are rising like this.

In our seven year course we can rise. On and on and on! You must be proud of yourselves for having been born and endowed with life in this precious period in the providence of God. However hard the indemnity toll may be, you must go through it as though you are kicking a ball. You must be so confident as to do that.

From now on, we will be raising problems in the world. We will ignite the world to set it on fire. We are not going to use evil measures as the Communist world is using. We must ignite ourselves and become the bullets piercing through the Communist world and shattering the evil power; we must take responsibility on ourselves.

When I arrive in Korea, I'll be meeting with the IOWC members working in Korea; I will have them stir up the whole nation of Korea. Controversies will ensue. Korean history has never witnessed such a battle, with people from 73 nations mobilized. At the time of the Korean War, some 16 nations participated but not in this magnitude and not on this level.

This is the battle on the spiritual level; physically, too, Koreans will be occupied by them, and surrender to them. We'll be in competition with the established churches, but they are already a failure; they are shrinking back without being prepared. I'm going to Korea, that I may gain the victory on the national level there, and bring it back to connect it to the world-wide dispensation.

My three year battle in the United States corresponds to the 33 year mission of Jesus. Do you follow me? (Yes!) The same thirty-three year mission of Jesus Christ is condensed in my three year mission.

As members from the Eve nation of Japan, I want the Japanese sisters to go to the local centers, doing exemplary work there, and by the time I come back, I want to hear good news from them. The rest of the members, especially American members, must be so determined as not to be defeated by the Japanese sisters; in my absence and while they are working in the frontline, you must support them in every possible way, and work harder and harder yourself.

While I'm doing my job on the vertical level, you are doing yours on the horizontal level with cooperation between the members from the Eve nation of Japan and members from the Archangel nation of America. You are going to create an historical event. With three nations united into one-Korea, Japan, and America -- let us go through the tollgate of indemnity successfully. In doing that, let us do it willingly. If you are going to do that in all willingness, raise up your hands.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 02.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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