The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Advice To Foreign Missionaries

Sun Myung Moon
March 20, 1975
Barrytown, New York
Translated by David S. C. Kim

As you probably know, Father plans to leave for Korea next Monday. Before his departure he has some important matters to present to you. There are lots of problems involved in your going out as overseas missionaries. Unfortunately, today is the only opportunity he will have to answer your questions because he has a very heavy schedule. Therefore he wants to use this time to take questions from the audience here. Does that suit you? (Yes!)

Put aside questions about individual problems: a psychiatrist or counselor can take care of that. Ask the fundamental questions concerning missionary work, either domestic or foreign. That is the kind of question he wants you to raise. He especially welcomes questions from the 95 foreign missionaries.

For domestic missionaries, your teachers, Mr. Sudo, David Kim, or regional commander can answer questions, but Father would like especially to answer the questions of the overseas missionaries. Is that all right? Some of them are scared, some of them are fascinated. I know some of them are saying, "I am not qualified." If so, you bring out that kind of feeling. He would like to respond. Is it clear now? (Yes!)

Question: Can you say something about the effects of the present and future political situation in Southeast Asia upon our work there?

Answer: To what country are you going? (Laos.) Even though the situation is tense, you can definitely go there. If some of the nations are in trouble, militarily or politically then, Father will reserve that nation for later projects. You should know that our work has already reached the satellite nations of the Soviet world.

Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia are temporarily suffering. In the overall point of view don't be disappointed. If you can't go to that country now, Father will switch you to a safer area. Don't worry. Just pray hard for that nation.

Question: I'd like to know how to reach the heart of the Moslems.

Answer: Father feels this is a very important question we will have to face sooner or later. But we cannot approach this problem on the surface. We have to go a different way. You should realize that the spiritual world is working hard among the Moslems.

The short-cut to successful missionary work is not to approach them directly, but listen to them, find their strong and weak points. Then after associating with the people and establishing friendships, look for spiritually gifted persons. That is Father's wisest advice, for your work in a Moslem country. Father feels that those spiritually gifted people have access to higher levels in the Moslem spiritual world.

You must not approach a Moslem country as a missionary, but as a businessman, or sometimes as a tourist. Then gradually through stages you will look for the right person and territory. They may have a rigid religious hierarchy there, making it very hard to enter.

You can set up sort of a regional headquarters in that area, to link up with neighboring nations. Sometimes spend one month there, then go out, and be a tourist, businessman, or a visitor. You better use that kind of a strategy instead of a directly proclaiming "This is it!"

There is a plan under consideration to get in touch with royal families in the Arab world, which will give us some degree of access. At the moment, one of our family members is working along those lines. A great hope of contacting this monarchy exists. Under the monarchical system, we can reach the highest level of Moslem society.

Through that kind of approach, we can benefit politically, economically, and later, spiritually. Go there at first for sight-seeing, or doing business. Then quickly look for the person who is spiritually advanced and open-minded, or a spiritually receptive person, and work from there.

You also have to learn the Arabic language and study the Moslem religion. You must study the Koran thoroughly. If you show an interest in them, then you will sooner or later approach somebody God has prepared for you. So don't hurry, don't be upset; time is on your side.

We have already established nearly 35 or 40 overseas missions. We have had persecution and lots of conflicts with the authorities, and we have encountered many hindrances. Do not cause any kind of unnecessary, untimely disturbances because when the time comes, you will reach the higher levels of that country.

If you go to some tribe, and say, "I'm from the Unification Church founded by Reverend Moon," and you start to teach, you will have a riot right away! So you have to be careful. Spirit world can help you but you have to use your heavenly wisdom. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Question: Could Father tell us something about the Arab-Israeli war?

Answer: The answer is the same as to the previous question. You don't have to worry about that particular problem. You don't have to involve yourself with it because we have no history of connection to it. You don't have to be concerned over it. You will be trained in some business area, especially selling ginseng products. You'll be trained in that area so that you have multiple roles: economic, spiritual, and political, too.

Question: If possible, I would like to contact the United Nations or embassies in Washington before we go.

Answer: The Washington headquarters will be responsible for that. Very soon, that area will be the main function of the National Headquarters, after they move to New York. Soon Father will set up a department of overseas missions here. Some responsible person will be put in charge of each area, such as the Asian, African, Latin-American, and European areas. So, those officials will be appointed.

My first command to you is to get three people in your nation, then quickly prepare to receive 30 IOWC members. That means you have to contact the ministry of foreign affairs, department of justice or whatever, to obtain visas and all other necessary things to enable 30 people to come into the country. The secondary goal is for 30 IOWC members to go to your country. In three months, their mission is to bring 50 new members in your country. This is quite possible.

A very systematic analysis came from Japan this morning. The IOWC mobile unit is capable of bringing in 50 people within three months. When they arrive they will conduct Day of Hope-style revival meetings. The next stage will be, to gain the capability for handling a 300-member mobile unit team.

The next time the IOWC comes, your troops, in your country should have the ability to host at least 300 people. With 300 people working, then within three months, 500 new members should be produced. When we reach 500 members in your country, then we are qualified to function as a normal church and become a legal organization.

Therefore that shall be our target. This is the minimum. In a very important nation we may have the capacity to receive even a 3,000-member mobile unit team. If we have a 3,000-member mobile unit team in that country, within three months, a 5,000, even 10,000 membership team will be no problem.

This is a fantastic job you have to do. This is the direction you have to take to prepare the basic foundation. That's why three missionaries are sent; to consult with one another and help one another from different nationalities.

The three missionaries are from America, Europe, and Asia because the mobile units are also international in makeup. You will be sent out as an international team. So, in order to interpret for the IOWC troops coming into your country you have to learn the language.

Father does not worry about your three heads; stubborn Asians and Americans and Europeans coming together. He expects something will happen, but he doesn't worry too much because he's seen it before. But, temporarily, you will be strangers in the first initial stages.

You will work together, pray together, consult together. In three or six months, you separate! So, you'll have no time to argue or fight. Sometimes one city can be divided into three regions, or sometimes one big nation will be divided into three provinces! That's up to you.

The main thing is to bring souls to God. Then after you have divided the territory, constructive competition will be in force. Then the one who is superior in his work becomes the boss over the other two. So, whether it's a woman or a man, doesn't matter.

Father will decide. The superior person, man or woman, will be the leader. Similar instructions were given to the European missionaries, and Japanese brothers and sisters. So you have to work together, cooperate with one another, and form a united front to fight Satan.

You are lucky to hear Father's talks and receive Master Speaks from Washington, D.C. You are fully responsible to share this information you receive while you are training. You have to share this information with your European and Asian missionary brothers. So Father has already given money to duplicate all the necessary tapes within a short period of time.

It will be a wonderful thing if you expound upon what Father said. It will make a dynamic sermon when you expound it, rephrase it, or expand it in your country. It will be a tremendous sermon! You can use portions of this material, revise it as sermons and go to the established Christian churches. You will have a revival right there.

Wherever you go throughout the whole world you will find established Christian churches. There are overseas missions from every denomination. Do not try to fight or argue with that mission. Find a way to work together. Don't argue, don't make enemies. It takes too much time and energy. Tell them you are "my big brother, I am a younger brother"; or "You are the elder sister, I'm a younger sister." Tell them, "Please pray for me!"

If you say, "The Principle is this, the Creation is like this, the Fall of Man is like this...Reverend Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent from Korea, etc." they will get upset! You don't have to tell them all at once. Use your wisdom. Give them the precious jewel gradually. You must never say, "Reverend Moon is the Lord of the Second Advent."

You can say he's a prophet -- that's fine. We have a problem about that with the Council of Churches in New York right now. Look at the Heavenly Father. He really wants to restore the world in one second. But He has waited 6,000 years. There are some things He had to keep secret until this time. He couldn't reveal all things.

You can tell the secret about him, about God's providence, when the churches are ready! But at a premature time if you give them too much, you will have rebellion. Look at Jesus 2,000 years ago. He did not teach that "I am the Christ." You must do the same thing. You don't have to feel guilty about it. You have to use heavenly strategy.

There are three stages of growth. Spiritual growth in the Principle is the same way. When you get to the formation stage you are not supposed to reveal the complete perfection stage level. The growth stage level has to come in due time! So things have to wait for the proper time to be revealed.

If you teach them the contents of the truth, then any intelligent person can figure out that Christ is not coming on the clouds. Let them figure it out by themselves. You don't necessarily have to use Father's name. He or she will figure it out. It's an individual problem. Father's teaching is the main thing, not the person of Reverend Moon.

Question: Father, I'd like to know, if we are sent to a country with a strong dictatorship, is there any special strategy to follow?

Answer: Which country is that? (Paraguay.) In that case you have to work through the established Christian churches. We even have to work through dictatorial fascist regimes. There are many ways to get around them.

Question: What would be your suggestion, for dealing with Christian churches that are undergoing persecution, or which are under the threat of persecution from the government of their country?

Answer: Which nation is that? (Uganda.) Are people being martyred there? (The evangelical-type churches have been closed down.) Yes, every African country is under Red China's influence now. That or any other form of Communism is a great threat to the democratic free nations at the moment. This is because of the failure of America's mission to the whole world, leaving this kind of a result.

If persecution begins we have to reconsider going there. You can get all the correct information in the country next to your country. With the correct information you can gradually work on it. Collect the information from the neighboring state about that situation. If persecution has really started you cannot go.

Question: Father, I was wondering if there are any special spiritual conditions which we can set in our country.

Answer: Fasting, or some kind of a concentrated special prayer, in conjunction with deep concentration of your thought, will be good. There's no necessarily uniform condition, but whatever individually feels good to you; there's no right pattern.

Question: Father, can you say something about the best strategy for black Africa?

Answer: This dispensation is for everybody -- three races and five colors. Since this is the time for the black people to receive the truth you have to give them equal treatment. White people are descended from Japheth, yellow people from Shem, and black people from Ham, the three sons of Noah. The problem is for the three blood lineages to be united into one, to have unity among the three races.

We have to train ourselves to live together with three races, even in the family, under one roof. So we cannot under any circumstances abandon Africa. God's will is to save all mankind. When the time comes, black people will be quicker to come to the Unification Church than white and yellow people. Maybe, if white people don't fulfill their mission, they will be the last. White people received the blessing from God but if they do not accept the Unification Church, they will become the last.

Father came to work in the United States because Heavenly Father blessed this nation. The second reason Father had to come to America to work is that America is a melting pot of all different races and 120 different nationalities. The third reason is that if we have success in America, we will influence the whole world immediately.

There are only three years left for him to work in this country, no more. If during that period of time America accepts him, then, by 1981 things will be on God's schedule. The third seven-year course will be fulfilled right there in America through one condition: if he is accepted. Then we can very easily expand this foundation to influence the whole world.

That's why you have to go on overseas missions. We are in the object position to America in the subject position. Thus, you are preparing that foundation, without which we cannot have a world-wide give-and-take. America should do more than any other nation, to support the expenses of the overseas missionaries for the world. So we have to expand heavenly businesses to the international level. This year is going to be the year of Father's adventure in business.

So you have to think you have three roles. You are a missionary, an evangelist, but also you are a businesswoman or businessman, and a diplomat. The Vatican sends ambassadors to foreign countries. In the same way Father sends diplomats out to 130 nations just like a spiritual and physical Vatican to the whole world. America has sent more ambassadors abroad than any other country, so the Unification Church should create more American missions than the American State Department has.

A strange thing will occur. From now on American ambassadors and ministers of American embassies will decrease and more embassies will be closed down, while our Unification Church mission will be increasing. Very soon, even the ambassador to Vietnam will be kicked out, and the Cambodian ambassador will have to withdraw.

From its beginning, Kissinger's policy was wrong. Even five years ago, Father said, "Within five years, if America does not help Asia, America is doomed to be destroyed." Already Chinese undercover agents are coming as immigrants through Canada and Latin America, pouring into the continent of America.

You have to know, they are preparing their war! Those agents coming through immigration in Canada or Africa or Mexico -- they are well-trained Communists. There's no way to escape. When Communist agents come down from Canada and attack from the north, while the others attack from the south from Mexico, America will have no place to go.

Red China is confident that the Asians in America can be easily united under the leadership of Red China. So, Red China feels their position is far superior when they grab these Asian people in America, even superior to Soviet Russia's in their influence over the whole world.

When the Asian people are united, automatically black people will be psychologically united with yellow people. Then Red China will say, "We got yellow and black together, let's challenge Russian Communism!" So they have confidence that through this strategy, the Red Chinese Communists will conquer the United States.

There are lots of Asian people in the United States especially Chinese and Japanese. At the moment, the European people have no reason to challenge them. So they go their own way based on freedom and democracy, but they are not united to confront this outside enemy. That's why, to prevent this from happening, Father is planning to organize an Asian association before they start.

This is one reason the Korean Cultural and Freedom Foundation of Colonel Pak is broadcasting to North Korea and North China through the Asian broadcasting station Radio Free Asia. Ordinary people in America don't know all this Communist strategy toward America.

So you have to think that we are the ones who have to save the whole world and mankind. We have to be superior to Communism. That's why you have to receive intensive training. Wherever you go, you will find Communism, our enemy, right there. You will confront them in the frontline.

You have to persuade them theoretically. You have to surpass their theory with the Victory over Communism ideology. That's why Unification Church missionaries should know how to teach and lecture Divine Principle, Victory over Communism, and Unification Thought. That will be enough armament for you.

The entire Communist world regards Reverend Moon as its worst enemy. Even the paper Pravda in Moscow has been talking about him. In Red China they are talking about him, not to mention Kim Il Sung in North Korea. They have an agent in New York right now challenging us. Wherever you appear, you are a small Reverend Moon, so they are going to try to get rid of you, so you have to fight.

We are working, risking our lives with total dedication to God, and we can not retreat. Look at Father how he did his work up to this present, how vulnerable he is in the United States without much security. But he is risking his life. Even 150 or 300 dollars is enough to hire some professional murderer. So you have to think of this seriously. We are doing God's work, even risking our lives. This is the attitude of our mission.

Why did Father have to suffer all this? If this country has no connection with Heavenly Father's will, why did he come here, suffering all by himself? It is because of God's will towards this nation that he's suffering. He doesn't need the money. If he wants to have political power, he can get it in Korea. All Americans should realize the situation.

Question: How do we establish the Holy Ground in our country?

Answer: The people who go to a country where Father already established a Holy Ground can consult with Mrs. Choi, and she might give you an idea of where it is. For those countries which have no Holy Ground, you are not supposed to bless the land, but pick a good place to go regularly to pray and meditate. Later Father or an international itinerary missionary will bless the Holy Ground.

Question: Father, there seem to be some countries where there are already Unification Church members. What should our relationship be with them?

Answer: In that case, you should not interfere with one another. Let them do their work and you develop a different locality, and work in harmony. You should not have the "I am above you," or "You are below me" attitude. I know that several missions have one or two people there, but Father still is sending three people. This is not a time for conflict -- you have little time.

Question: I'm going to Surinam, Dutch Guiana, South America. I wanted to ask some advice on contacting leaders of the country.

Answer: You can do that the same way as you have done PR work here. When you went to the governor through the secretary, you would say "I am a Unification Church missionary." You can do the same thing. Or sometimes you can be a ginseng tea product manager or something like that. If you could persuade the president of the country, that'd be great.

If you go to the top level, the quicker the restoration of that nation. So don't go to small fish; plan big! Just as in a guerrilla war, when a bomb goes off at the presidential residence it means something. Of course I'm not going to let you bomb anyone's house. Father's strategy is to go to the big shot.

You see how Father worked; he went to the top Senators, House of Representatives, even to the White House. You can copy that kind of strategy with no difficulty. It is more urgent to learn discipline, and to be educated. The Senators and Congressmen are getting old but you are fresher, young, and dynamic, God's loving children.

Do you think you will be inferior to those men? (No!) Correct, and in many ways you are even superior! Do you accept that? (Yes!) You are the moving force to run the whole United States of America. You have to have pride. Intensive training is necessary to make you an important person. You have to train yourself how to suffer, how to overcome every problem.

Question: I'd like to know if there are special roles for Germans, Japanese, and Americans, for example, Cain-Abel, Adam and Eve, etc.?

Answer: Father does not think that way. The application of the Cain-Abel relationship is often misused or misinterpreted. There is no Cain and Abel. You are three brothers and sisters. Natural leaders periodically emerge, of course. Then you pray centering on Father, and everything is going to be OK. You are worrying unnecessarily and too soon.

Question: I was wondering if Father could tell us how to reach the heart of Buddhists and Hindus.

Answer: As I said before you look for the spiritually gifted people that God prepared beforehand. This is a world-wide phenomenon. You have to have confidence. In Korea, lots of Buddhists are spiritually gifted people. Many of them receive something about the Unification Church and about our Father, and they come and help. So look for these people!

Whenever you feel disgusted, or disappointed in the strange land, pray to God to find a spiritually gifted person! Then wherever you go, you have great authority. All spiritually gifted persons have to accept you as a teacher, and bow to you and witness to you. Because Father gained that authority in the spirit world, all spiritually gifted people close to Heaven, have to accept you -- just like a state guest!

Those psychic people in that country usually have disciples, and practice fortunetelling. So they have a network of their disciples. If you connect them to us you will have lots of people! When you reach this kind of spiritually gifted open person then you have 20-30 members immediately or within a week!

Now, when Miss Kim came to America in January, 1959, Father gave the same secret to her. Number one: look for the spiritually gifted person first. Second: teach the Divine Principle. Let him or her pray about it, for three days. Give them time to pray about it. Then on the fourth day when you go there, something will happen as a testimony. So, that's how Miss Kim started her missionary work in America. That's laying a foundation upon the superior gifted person. Even though persecution followed, it started that way.

Question: Father, I'm going to Vietnam. I have to know two questions. If, by some unforeseeable circumstance in the future, we have to give up our citizenship to stay in the country, should we be prepared to give up our U.S. citizenship?

Answer: Yes. You don't actually become the citizen of the country, but that kind of determination is very helpful. If necessary, you think about it.

Second Question: Vietnam is a war zone. Is it OK if I acquire a weapon?

Answer: You are an ex-army man in Korea, or in Vietnam? (Vietnam.) For self-protection, that's fine, but why do you have that concern? People are in the safe zone -- why do you go to the frontline? (In case the frontline comes in to me.)

You worry too much about it. That's in your imagination. Very soon, we'll have a united front of our young people to send to Vietnam to save that nation. Maybe if it gets worse, then possibly in the future. We don't know.

Question: Father, I'm going to Ethiopia, and I was wondering about working with the Christian churches there. Should I do more work on the level of VOC than on Divine Principle?

Answer: That depends upon the situation. Father encourages you to look for the established churches where spiritually gifted people are. Then you don't necessarily have to say you are a Unification Church missionary. Sometimes if you stay there, and when the time comes, the whole church accepts Unification Church doctrine, just like we did in the New York churches in some experimental cases. A minister who accepts can teach the Divine Principle in the church. That can be positive and that's preferable. Because Christians are the second Israel, they should be the first priority.

Question: I'm not assigned a country yet, but I was wondering when approaching the president of a nation, or some big shot, we have to be able to offer them something which is interesting and valuable to them. If they're not particularly spiritually gifted, what sort of approach do we use?

Answer: Depends on the circumstances. You don't always need to buy something for him. A spiritually gifted person has no need for that, and others have more money than you have. When you approach someone politically, do so according to the circumstances or custom of the country. The best approach is through a native of your country that you have contacted, especially a spiritually gifted person who has a connection with higher levels as well as lower levels of society.

Question: I'm working in Sudan which is in North Africa, and it's like two countries: the north is like the Middle East, and the south is part of black Africa. Is there a preference to which part we would begin working in?

Answer: Whatever you feel is more beneficial. You can pick it out, one of the two. The three of you meet in the capital and decide.

So much for questions. He will now talk about how to approach people and witnessing techniques.

[Father begins his speech.]

Because you are people of the Principle, you have to apply the Principle in witnessing. Before God created all things, He created the invisible angelic world. God and the angels were there first. After consultation with the angels, He made man and woman, with the cooperation of the archangel. Salvation is restoration, the providential course of recreation.

You receive heavenly love directly through the Principle, through True Parents and from Heavenly Father. When you go to this satanic world, men and women long for you because you possess another dimension of love which is entirely different. All the men and women in this world, when confronted by you, act in a similar situation as did Adam, Eve, and the Archangel.

Then when a woman goes over there, because you are carrying the restorative power of love, many of the opposite sex, men, hang around you! For men, vice versa. When you go there with the power of love, what will happen? All the girls will hang around you for the same reason. He believes you have experienced something like this. You can't escape it, this is the Principle.

The Unification Church is different from the established churches or any other religion because the Unification Church advances according to the law and application of the Principle. You have to know clearly, what is the purpose of the salvation of man. The one purpose, is to return to God, our Heavenly Father, to return to the Parents!

Then what kind of a position should you take? You women should take a position of mother to the whole world. The man should take a father's role to the people. The Fall took place between brother and sister. So when you preach to the man -- as a woman -- you are not supposed to think "I am the subject" or "I am the object." You are a mother, not the opposite sex. Instead of horizontal love as between man and woman, or husband and wife you should love the same as Heavenly Father loved Adam and Eve.

In the first stage of taking care of your new member, first use parental love. Then, as time goes by, if a feeling of man and woman's love develops, you have to be careful and control it. Then what happens if that stage comes? Say a newly converted man says, "I will die for you, because I love you." You are not supposed to enjoy it! You have to overcome that situation.

That is the test! Just like Adam and Eve before the fall, with the Archangel. So you say "This thing can never happen," and you go away. This situation has happened in the United States. When you have new children, sometimes your motherly role becomes an opposite sex role. Sometimes you may spiritually receive something which is wrong. That is a dangerous situation that you have to overcome, otherwise you will fall away.

So you will be more trustworthy and secure, when you overcome that situation and pass that test. Sometimes the man, very excited, he will just come into the woman's room! Or sometimes she's coming to the man's room! Or your girl disciple will come to see you overnight, even when you are sleeping, and want to come into your bed, and she won't know what she's doing! This pattern will definitely happen. Using the Principle you have to overcome it.

You are the parents. You have to assert "You are my spiritual children, my sons and daughters." So you have to ask the girl or man, "Did God tell you this? No, you have to cut this off." Otherwise you and your spiritual children will be doomed to die just as when Adam and Eve committed adultery in front of God.

Do you clearly understand man and woman's relationship? (Yes!) This is a weapon Satan uses all the time! After victory over this kind of situation, you are assured by God, "OK, you don't have to worry about anything." You have to be very strict and cautious about man and woman relationships!

You are the mother, or the father to the person. You have to love them from the point of view of a parent, with sweat, tears, and blood. Then your spiritual daughter or spiritual son will bow to you and say, "Whatever you say, I will do." Then both of you completely overcome the test. In this way, a heavenly relationship of heart will be set up between you and your spiritual children.

This sort of problem surrounded Father. That's why unfounded rumors still exist -- 15 or 20 years after. Once a woman came to his door crying, just wanting to look at him.... Sometimes they climbed on the fence to see him, at three o'clock at night. You have to know first of all this spiritual phenomena, so you can restore the lost condition. Then you can love God fully.

You can love your spiritual children fully. All man's actions are very much similar to the archangel's. Whenever a beautiful girl came to you when you were young, you thought "Maybe she is my partner! My sexual object." That is the inherited archangel nature which has infected all man's thinking. So you have to love that woman as your daughter and you have to raise that daughter! Then, at the most, you feel as a sister.

This is to restore Adam's and Eve's condition. Adam had no time to fully love his sister. Heavenly Father never had a time to fully love Adam and Eve. So you are in the position of God. God never allowed sex or marital relations in the Garden of Eden so you have to restore the Garden of Eden. Adam was not able to receive God's love fully. So you have to love them with parental love, no other kind. Other than that, God only can command but you must not even think of that.

That's why the Bible says to never eat, or even never to touch the precious fruit. Adam and Eve were not supposed to touch it or even think of it, until the proper time. But they did! So this is inherited today. A similar situation may happen to you if you do not control the situation. The heavenly law is strict. If you violate it, you will be "cast out of the Garden of Eden" in the same way.

There are lots of sexually disturbed people, homosexuals and lesbians. Let's look at this abnormal situation. There was nothing homosexual in the Garden of Eden, nothing happened between Adam and Lucifer. Why is this thing happening today? We have to stand up and solve this unnatural lust and unlawful sexual behavior.

Man should be more virtuous and chaste. This is God's law and Principle. If you violate this, you will go to the satanic world. The idea of free sex and all its practices belong totally to Satan's side. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah, there individual souls will be punished.

We are responsible to clear up all this misuse of love and misconception of sex. Some fathers and mothers divorce three times. Why, because nobody told them how to apply the love relationship in the family. You should be careful of this matter all the time. Your responsibility is to give the law, which even God could not give because of the Fall.

Your role is a motherly and fatherly role. By doing so, you are guaranteed to cleanse the blood lineage. This is the secret of how to take God's side. If you practice this way, as you are on God's side, then you receive God's love. Because you are loving this person which God was unable to love because of the fall of Adam and Eve, you are acting on God's behalf, annulling the fall. That's why you are on God's side, as His son and daughter. If you apply the Principle this way, the spirit world and God will take your side, and begin to cooperate with you.

Then who is the archangel? The entire spirit world, the saints in heaven, will come down and cooperate with you. They are in the real position of archangel. You're in the Adam and Eve position, and with the cooperation of the spirit world your missionary work will flourish. Then even the converts' children will come to you.

This is the Principle. That's why spiritual miracles happen. This means, unless you take God's position, you cannot utilize the power of the spirit world. Unless you get some help from the spirit world, your missionary work will not be successful. Then how you are going to mobilize spirit world to help you? He just explained it clearly: through giving love, parental love toward your spiritual children. What is the mother and father's role, then?

A real father and mother are willing to risk their lives for their children. Are you ready to die for your children? If you reach that stage, you'll love these people even risking your life. Then you are standing on God's side. What is the parent's heart? Even if three children are there, the parents are ready to die for the three children.

You have to feel this kind of role, day and night, all the time ready to die for these three children. What is a parent? Before she or he goes to bed, they let the children go to bed. Parents cook for children, and feed them. When the children are sick, even though you are sick, you serve, and love them before you take care of yourself. That's a parent!

If you practice this, your missionary work will be successful. Once this kind of a format is set up on Earth, the spirit world must come down and help you. If not, there's no Heaven. Wherever this formula is set up, Heaven comes down. If you don't believe this, try it, practice it! You will see.

The problem is you are not ready to reach that stage. If you maintain the heavenly attitude, the spirit world will mobilize people, and show them to you in dreams. They will even come to you, saying "I saw you last night in my dream," "I saw you in a vision." Without the preparatory foundation, this will not happen.

Sometimes when you go walking on the street, or countryside, someone will bow to you because they saw you last night in their dreams, because that place where you apply all this is the place that God controls. He has a place to come down and move into you.

Then, another secret is this: you are just beginning, and you have no spiritual children, you have to prepare your heart. You have to feel how much Heavenly Father is looking for His lost children. You have to start from within yourself. You have to really feel the aching feeling of God, who lost His children, whom He is looking for! You have to have that kind of heart all the time when you are looking for people.

Then let's look at the parental heart. When a parent loses three children that is a serious feeling, looking for lost children. You have to feel and practice that. You have to start with that mind-condition, or real feeling of heart in the beginning. When a lost child comes back, crying "Momma! Dad!" then you embrace them with a feeling more than wanting to dance and shout. You have to carry that kind of a feeling, eh?

This is the mind of the missionary, the heart of the Heavenly Father who lost His children, "Where's my child, where's my child?" It is a serious feeling. That's the starting point, when you feel the Heavenly Father's aching heart. This means, you must preach with heart, crying. If you teach the Principle with the aching heart of God, who lost His child, you would feel as if the child doesn't know you. Even though you're his mother or father, you have to plunge yourself into that feeling. Then you will get them.

The Principle should be taught with this kind of a heavenly heart, a feeling of looking for a lost child. But the child doesn't know you as a parent. With that kind of a feeling, of Heavenly Father's aching, sorrowful, searching heart, you have to teach and preach. Do not feel "I have to preach because I am obligated to teach three hours."

When you do preach and lecture with this heart, you are gaining Heaven and Earth in your hands. So, after more than 21 hours of preaching and lecturing, with this heart, you won't even feel tired or exhausted. That is the attitude of the lecturer of the Divine Principle. Then when you teach and lecture with this attitude, and with this heart, 100 percent of the listeners will be converted.

The reason why, at this moment you did not make so many converts is that you did not tune yourself to this Principle, of how to face the people and how to teach the Principle. Even without you, Father, no matter where he goes, doesn't worry because he has this formula where even under the Communist regime he can find God's children everywhere. So, God will cooperate. He believes God is right there! This is the Principled way of thinking. Isn't it Principled? (Yes!)

So the individual is the problem. You are not yet at the stage where you can perform this kind of a miracle. Then you have to repent. You must not say there's no way, this is a bad area, nobody is interested -- no! You must go beyond the territory. If you have this plan yourself people will be there! So this is Heavenly Father and our Father's secret of how to succeed.

Now all you people, going out to domestic missions or overseas missions -- you have to practice it and learn it, and train yourself on this formula! Do you think if you follow this instruction and practice it, do you think we can multiply, triple or increase our membership ten times? (Yes!) So you learn the truth. Because of the truth you are liberated from darkness.

Then you know how to move Heavenly Father from His throne, to come down to dwell within you. Then you know how to mobilize the angelic and spirit world, right? (Yes!) Then, wherever you go, people are waiting for you. This is how our Father, using the same formula even under persecution and rejection, still survived and multiplied. There is no other secret than what he has told you this afternoon.

Every place we go the same thing applies. Africa, Asia, Latin America; it doesn't matter. Beyond races, beyond the nationalities, this applies. That's why he's ready. There is nobody who does not like this kind of Paradise -- everybody loves it. So, this means you will multiply your spiritual children. The Unification Church's secret is this formula. Nothing else.

Parental love -- but with the heart of the servant, serving, shedding tears for man, and sweat for the earth, and blood for Heaven -- even risking your life. This is the formula of the Unification Church. Only with this is unification possible in the world. Do you understand? (Yes!)

If you understand, raise your hands. Conscientious people, once they know the truth, must put it into practice, isn't that true? (Yes!) When you reach this stage you will feel God is with you, He is surrounding you, and accompanying you. You find, for the first time, that our Heavenly Father is alive, "He is living with me, speaking to me, and I sense Him with me."

In the satanic world everything is opposite -- false relationships, false brothers, false sisters, false parents, and false truth. But we are creating a new way: true love, true brothers, true sisters, true parents, and true missions. We are taking the entirely opposite direction. At that point Heaven and Hell are separated and the Kingdom of Heaven begins.

Where is the demarcation line between heaven and earth? It is within you, right here. If you go to Satan's side, you go to Hell -- Satan's sister, Satan's husband, Satan's parent. When you go to God's side you receive the Heavenly Father, True Parents, true sisters, true brothers, true husband and wife. Centering on this love, the left is Satan's side and the right side is God's. You always have to get rid of the evil side.

Suppose I am an older member and I say "Why don't you serve me?" Without your spiritual children, how can you dare to say you want to be treated very nicely? That's the wrong idea! You have to serve and raise the people first! So this is worse than Satan's accusation. You have to serve first, and get the people first.

Many people in the Unification Church want to be served without giving any sacrifice, without loving others. That's being a robber and a thief! So since this kind of people look like thieves, do you think many people will surround them? No, it doesn't work that way. God will punish this kind of a person.

If you take the right side, then you will have the people. If a family member appears less well dressed than you, you have to feel ashamed to have better clothes than she. You have to feel ashamed if you are eating more than another family member eats. If you are living in a more luxurious house than your other brother or sister, you have to feel sorry!

That heart is important, instead of wanting to be treated very nicely. You are in the parental position. A parent must dress and eat for the children. If your children are not well dressed, how can you even dare to buy a luxurious dress? That is Satan's work! You are in the parental role.

So, the parental heart is to give more to the children even though you have nothing. You do everything more than the children. You go to bed later and you get up earlier than the children. Understand so far? (Yes!) If you practice this way, and it doesn't work out, you'd better leave the Unification Church; you better pack up everything and go to another place.

God is not working if it does not work out, and the Unification Church is wrong. With this formula Father has been working up to this point. Father, when he came to start this work in 1972, had this conviction: "I should be more suffering than anyone in the American family. I have to be rejected more than anyone else."

Thus he prepared to face this reality of the challenge in America. And Father also started with this thought, "I should be more concerned about the President of the United States who is most concerned about the national problems. If anyone is hungry, I should be hungrier." Father has such a heart, though American family may not understand him. But the twinkling stars, and trees, and all nature knows him. So they all understand him while human beings don't understand.

Within a short period of time, with this heavenly heart, he multiplied the number of members. Now, he is going to expand this work to the whole of the world. How are we going to deal with this America, which is sinking? This is his concern. Father has become intensely serious about this. What can he do about it? This is his real heart.

I have nothing to give you, but this heart of God, and the Principle. If you have this, you don't need dollars, you don't need property, you don't need a fortune. I have only this to give you. When the weather is bad and the wind is so strong, Father feels sad for the fundraisers. Even in his heart he cries that they are working so hard. Father feels that "If I don't understand that they are doing this for me I must be punished." That kind of a feeling fills him.

Throughout the world there is no night. Throughout the world Unification Church members are praying for him. How can he even dare to sleep? So as a leader, whenever you open your door, you have to feel, "I have to see my family, I long for my family!" If you have this kind of heart you will have the power of love. Then people will come to you.

When you reach that stage, as a leader you know what's going on in individuals. You may even receive revelations. If you reach that stage you know what is on people's minds. That's the kind of Unification leader Heavenly Father wants to have in our movement. Do you think you have reached that stage? If not you are not qualified to be a Unification Church leader.

God expects each of us to be that kind of a person of Heavenly heart even as an ordinary member. Therefore we hold this kind of session, to receive special training to understand and emulate God's heart. You may think Father is not praying so hard. But he prays very, very hard for a very long time. He has his own course.

When Father is absent you feel that America is empty, lonely -- don't you? When you come home, if your parents are not there, you say, "There's nobody here!" you have that kind of a feeling. That's the reason why you give up your parents, your home to come to the Unification Church to see him! Some even leave their homelands to come here! That's the attracting power he has.

Man is looking for God, where abundant, real love is. When you find it, you do not go back. That's why you hang around the source of Heavenly Father's love. So you should learn many, many things of the world of heart. At your immature stage of growth, you want to be treated like an important person. You want to be living luxuriously. It is not right.

From God's point of view you are wrong and stupid if you think that way. You must know by now that you have to do the missionary work with this heart of God. You have to share this heart of God with all of mankind, in every nation where you go. Father cannot go to every nation with one body. You are the branches, so you have to go there, you have to share on behalf of Father. That's why you are going to go overseas.

These people are the overseas missionaries. Don't worry about having nothing. Money, shelter, shoes, clothing -- don't worry about these material things. You have the Heavenly Father. With Him you can mobilize the angelic world. They are here for you! To help you, to cooperate with you.

Father said during the question and answer session that you should find the spiritually gifted people because they know spirit world, the angelic world, which should cooperate with you! That's why he said you have to find these people. You try this. You will get results.

Cry for mankind. Pray for it, shed tears for it, and even bleed for Heaven. Practice this method in the shoes of a servant. Serve others. You will be good mothers and good fathers to them. There will be no defeat, there will be no setback. Only advancement, only success. This is the only weapon I can give you, this spiritual weapon. Children, good children, want to have such qualified mothers and fathers like you. Let us pray now.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 03.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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