The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Speech On True Parents' Birthday

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
February 16,1975
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

I can see many newcomers. So, those who see me for the first time, please hold up your hand. You have certainly seen my picture, and imagined in many ways how I am, what I look like, and things like that. But here I am, and you can see me and appreciate me.

Those of you who have just joined our movement may think that it is easy to be in the movement, but this is far from the truth, and you are going to go through a rough, difficult way.

As you know, I made a brief visit back to Korea, returning via Japan, and I arrived just the day before yesterday. Those of you staying in the United States may have waited and waited for me, but you cannot imagine how busy I was and how many difficult things there were for me to straighten up both in Japan and Korea.

The Japanese members here don't seem to understand, so I'm going to speak in Japanese. Back in Korea and Japan I was so busy, I had no time to even think about you waiting for me. But now that I'm here and look at your faces, so glad to see me, I feel very sorry I did not miss you!

As most of you know, my life is not a personal life, so I cannot take the easy way as most others do. My life is bumpy, and what makes it more difficult is that you must follow me. If my way zigzags or is bumpy, it means there will be many sacrifices, and many people will fall away. So my job is to make the road straight and smooth, so that my followers can easily follow me. In the course of restoration, the mission of our predecessors, namely the prophets, saints and founders of religions, has been to make the way straight so that their followers can easily follow. So, their missions were great as well as difficult.

As you know, in the Old Testament Age centering on Jacob, the people of the chosen nation had to follow his way, be it zigzag, straight, or whatever. Jacob was the leader of God's chosen family, while Moses was the leader of the chosen tribe.

Entering the New Testament Age, Jesus and John the Baptist were supposed to form a nation of God's choice. Then the toll-gate to reach out to the ends of the world could have been opened. Had Jesus been successful in his mission, the Jewish people would not have had to be scattered around the world and persecuted. He would have formed his family, tribe, and nation, and then the Kingdom of God would have been realized. Jesus was the fruit or totalization of God's providence, and he could have inherited what his predecessors all through the Old Testament Age had done on the individual, family and tribal levels. Then he could have paved the highway for his followers and erected the Kingdom in his age. Had that happened, Jesus would not have had to come again.

Because he died on the cross, the physical side of his mission of salvation was not realized, but only the spiritual side. From this viewpoint, we can say that Christianity is only on the spiritual level, not the physical one. The problem is finding someone to lay the foundation for the physical side of salvation. That is the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent. When he comes, he must inherit what Jesus very successfully accomplished on the spiritual level, and upon that he must add his side of the mission, the physical level, to make it whole. Toward the end of the Old Testament Age, upon the accomplishments of 2,000 years, there was being formed from Israel the nation of God's will, both on the spiritual and physical levels.

This nation was formed amidst a great expectation of the Coming Messiah. But in the New Testament Age, after Jesus, the Christian population was scattered all over world, without a physical foothold on Earth, and formed a nation on the spiritual level alone. In the Old Testament Age, there was a physical and spiritual foundation on the individual, family, tribal and national levels. The Christians in the New Testament Age accomplished at the level of the individual, family, tribe, and nation, but on the spiritual level alone. So the Christian world has not known where the Lord of the Second Advent would return. The physical level was not accomplished, so the mission of the Lord of the Second Advent is to accomplish and connect those things, both on the physical and spiritual levels.

In the ideal world we are going to build, we will live liberated from sin both on the physical and spiritual levels, under the actual guidance of God as our parent. The Lord must come again in the flesh to accomplish his mission of saving the physical world. If he comes on the clouds of Heaven, spiritually, he cannot accomplish his mission of restoring the whole world both on the spiritual and physical levels. It is more than clear. The problem is the sin and corruption of this world, and not of Heaven. That's why, when he left the Earth, Jesus left the key to the Kingdom with Peter, and said to him, "whatever you bind on Earth shall be bound in Heaven, and whatever you loose on Earth shall be loosed in Heaven. (Matt. 16:19)

I'm going to say something for the newcomers. God is unique, eternal, unchanging, and absolute. Therefore, God's will cannot vacillate, cannot change from morning to night. Once He has made a decision, it will never change. It will go through eternity. So the question is, what can we do to realize the will of God? God created man and created the whole world for men. So, He would have realized His world with only the aid and cooperation of Adam and Eve. In the same way, in the course of restoration, God can only carry out His mission to restore His world with the aid and cooperation of men.

But for the human fall, what would have happened? Without the human fall, do you think that God's will would have been realized, or not? No doubt but that it would have. Everything began with Adam and Eve, and would be realized with them. Then would any third person be able to interfere'? If Adam and Eve had become perfect without falling into sin, then their descendants would have just had to follow their example-that's all. Who caused the human fall? Adam did. Then whose job is it to restore it and accomplish the mission? It is God's plan to send a central figure in the place of Adam, to lead mankind in his mission of restoring a world without sin.

It is our conclusion that this central figure coming in place of Adam, must be able to restore the world representing Adam as a perfected person, and lay a tradition after having realized God's will. What God has done all through human history, since the fall of man, is to raise a series of progressively more perfect Adams. First, He sent a central figure on the kindergarten level, then one on the level of primary school, then junior high school, high school, university, and, finally, one on the level of the president of a university, maybe, and that person was the Messiah.

Well, the Messiah must have a license or patent or diploma or doctorate degree from both Heaven and Earth. This is recognition by God that he's a person completely united with God, in his life and his teaching. That is the Messiah, who comes in place of Adam. Jesus Christ came as the perfected Adam, without sin, and by realizing God's will he could have restored all mankind.

When Adam and Eve fell, they were barely in the last stage of the growth period. But the Messiah should begin his mission from that point, and go on through the stages of perfection. Can God change His will after the fall of Adam? It is God's dignity to have to realize His first intention, and after sending the person of His choice in the place of Adam, He would help him to perfect himself.

When Jesus was crucified on the cross, was God's will realized through him? No, that's why God's providence was prolonged upon the death of Jesus Christ. In First Corinthians 15:45 it is pointed out that the Messiah would come as the last Adam, which meant Jesus Christ. Since Jesus failed to carry out his whole mission, there must come the Lord of the Second Advent, as the third Adam. God's will once intended, does not change. So His will to have Adam and Eve realize the world of God's Kingdom must be realized by the second Adam or the third Adam, at the latest. If not, it would harm the dignity of God. God is absolute, unchanging and eternal. So even though Satan caused the fall of Adam, God can not change His will, and had the men of His choice come again and again to accomplish His mission.

At the time of the Second Advent, can the Messiah come on the clouds of Heaven? Strange enough, Christians have believed that Jesus Christ would come the second time on the clouds like ghost, a spiritual entity. If it were God's intention t send the Messiah on the clouds as a spiritual entity. He could have realized His will 2,000 years ago (even earlier. God would not have had to prolong His providence by preparing people again. So, you must make it clear that the Lord of the Second Advent is coming in the place of Jesus and Adam. What Go could not accomplish in one generation should be accomplished in two generations, or at the latest, in the third generation. In line with this principle, the Unification Church members all believe that the Lord of the Second Advent should come in person, in the flesh.

In light of the truth, which is greater, the established Christian faith, or the Unification faith? The Unification faith. And furthermore, which is more heretical? Yes, the established churches. In this world of confusion and chaos, false people seem to be entitled to call true people false. What God is looking for is those who are ultimately and absolutely true.

The Christian population are only Adams on the spiritual level, but was it God's intention to have the world be like that? God's intention was to realize His world both on the spiritual and physical levels. Bu the Christian world has so far realized the spiritual level alone.

Christians are looking for God just in their thoughts, very vaguely, on the spiritual level alone. They cherish the hope of going to live in the Spirit World, and glorify it alone, without minding the physical world. Of course, the true kingdom of God on Earth will be both the spiritual and physical levels. When Jesus prayed at Gesthemane, he begged and begged God to let that cup pass from him, because he knew only too well that if he died on the cross, the will of God both on the spiritual and physical levels would be left unaccomplished. In the Old Testament Age, when the Israelites chosen by God were preparing to receive the Messiah they formed a nation bot on the spiritual and physical levels. But when Jesus came, he could accomplish his mission only on the spiritual level, so the physical level is left for the Lord of Second Advent to accomplish, in order to realize the Kingdom of God on Earth both on the spiritual and physical levels.

The question is, who is going to accomplish God's will on the physical level? It is natural that the Lord of Second Advent who will come in place of Jesus should accomplish that mission, just as Jesus came as the Messiah in place of Adam. Jesus was the second Adam, and the Lord of the Second Advent will be the third Adam. This Messiah must complete the mission of Jesus Christ, so he's going to do on the physical level what Jesus did on the spiritual level.

For two thousand years Christians have been taught to welcome the Lord of the Second Advent. In this way, God has been educating His people, the Christians. But the problem is, they have also been taught that the Lord of the Second Coming is coming on the clouds, as a spiritual entity. In the Old Testament Age, people thought that Jesus was coming on the clouds, and now Christians are persisting in this belief. They are ignorant of how Jesus is coming the second time, but we know that clearly in our movement.

If the Jewish faith had become one with Jesus Christ, he could have accomplished his mission on the individual, family, tribal and national levels in his day. In Korea, if the Christian population had become one with me, God's will could have been realized in seven years' time. But they failed to do so.

Unlike the time of Jesus, if Korean Christians had cooperated with me, we could have influenced the whole world, because Korea was under a military regime which was greatly influenced by the American government, so whatever the Korean government recognized could have been recognized by America and the rest of the world. Then Korea would not have been cut in two, and I wouldn't have had to come to the United States to carry out my mission. Because of my rejection by the Christians in Korea, I along with the Korean people had to go through misery, and our movement had to endure persecution and many difficulties and hardships.

Only after having inherited what Jesus accomplished on the spiritual level could I start my mission. But because of the bitter persecution in Korea, I had to go through difficulties even to inherit what was accomplished by Jesus, and I had to undo that and begin all over again, starting from myself as the successor of Jesus. Because of his rejection by the Jewish faith, Jesus had to gather a handful of followers and raise them. When I was rejected by the Korean Christians, I gathered a handful of followers around me and began the Unification movement. I want you to clearly understand the Unification Movement's history, because in order for you to know where you stand, you must know where you are in the history of our movement.

Jesus failed his mission by dying on the cross at the age of 33. So our Master started his ordained mission at the age of 34, and during this seven year course until the age of 40, he could have laid a certain foundation. In fact, he should have begun his family at the age of 34, but because of his rejection by the people, it was delayed until he was 40, when he was blessed in the marriage in 1960. This began a 20-year conditional period in the history of God's providence, to restore 2,000 years through indemnity. Dividing 20 or 21 years into three, we get three periods of seven years: the first, second, and third seven year courses. These three seven year courses correspond to the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, and the Completed Testament Age.

God's will in the Old Testament Age was to erect His family. But this was done only on the spiritual level, so during our first seven years I had to restore the individual level and family level both on the physical and spiritual levels. The second seven year course corresponds to the period where Jesus had to unite 12 disciples, 70 apostles and 120 elders. So in the second seven year course I blessed in Holy Matrimony 36 couples, then 72, 124, 430 and 777 couples. The 36 couples represent 12 disciples, or three times twelve. This seven year course corresponds to the New Testament Age, where the spiritual and physical levels were separated. So, I came to the United States for three years to accomplish the world-wide mission on the spiritual level, from 1972 to 1975. Because I took the offensive and was victorious, I could bring back this spiritual victory to Korea and link it to the physical level and national level. Only then could I come back to the United States in the third seven year course to finish restoring through indemnity, from 1975 to 1978, the physical level of the world-wide scope. If we do this, then my mission will be accomplished. You should know this.

People may wonder why I came to America, and some Koreans have complained about my making public appearances in America, but none in Korea. The normal course for the Messiah is to start from the national level, then go toward the worldwide level. But because I had to go to the United States, I began on the worldwide spiritual level, since it was possible there. Returning to Korea to link my worldwide spiritual victory to the physical and national levels, last January 16, 1 made my first public appearance in Korea, and spoke at a banquet. I invited national leaders, many VIP's from many different fields, and spoke dynamically to them on the physical level. The banquet was a great success. I changed the minds of the people overnight, and this was no coincidence, but by God's plan that the history-making event occurred.

After hearing me, public opinion about Reverend Moon changed. They could see he is the hero of the world, and can change the whole world. People began saying that history has never seen such a great man in Korea, and that history will never again witness such a great man. On the 16th of January for the first time in the history of Korea the top-level people from all walks of life came to realize that Reverend Moon is the greatest leader in the world, and they were proud of my having been born in Korea. At the banquet I gave a testimony, and by the international mass wedding I showed that our ideal is to form ideal families, and people were just shocked and overwhelmed at what we are doing.

Koreans were stunned to know that if Reverend Moon wanted, many youths from some 20 nations would just come in a jumbo jet, land in Seoul, and stir up the whole city. They could feel my power.

I broke the record by wedding so many couples, and another record by matching 891 couples in eight and a half hours. During the space of 43 years I've done many great works. In Korea, because of the banquet, people were surprised and shocked. Then, because of the mass wedding, they were flabbergasted. And in the third stage, the International One World Crusade will land in Korea, overwhelming them. I am testifying to our movement by these three stages. First, by the banquet on the individual level, and then by the mass wedding on the family level, and then by the IOWC working in Korea. The youth of the whole world will be there, turning the country upside down, so the Korean people will know that without our movement they cannot save their nation, nor can the whole world be saved. This is what they are going to be awakened to.

After leaving the Adam nation of Korea, I spoke in the Eve nation of Japan at the Budokan, the largest assembly hall, where almost 20 thousand were assembled, some standing in the aisles and in the rear. There I gave an explosive, dynamic speech. So, the "Heavenly bomb" exploded both in Korea and in Japan, and after these two victories, I have now landed on the continent of America.

Now what are we going to do'? We must stop and rock America, starting with Yankee Stadium next year. In America, the formation stage was Madison Square Garden, the growth stage is going to be Yankee Stadium, and the final stage of perfection will be at the Washington Monument.

If in three more years we have succeeded in Yankee Stadium and at the Washington Conference, then the whole population of America, starting with Senators and Congressmen and including people from all walks of life, will be astounded. Do you feel like doing the job'? If you do, I will feel like doing it. Well, let's be united into one and march toward the Yankee Stadium goal.

This being my birthday, I'm really awakened to the fact that I'm going to start my third seven-year course very soon. I expedited my coming back to America because on the physical level my mission on the worldwide scope has to start here, so I wanted to celebrate my birthday as the starting point here in America. I struggled hard and was barely able to connect the physical levels of what I accomplished in Korea and in Japan, and I brought them back to America to start the worldwide mission on the physical level here. And from now on, the next three years are most important, if our worldwide mission is going to be realized.

After our success in three years' time, the Christian world will be inherited by us, and they will come to us asking to be rescued. The elder generations of Christians, with their faith fading away, are like the Israelites who perished in the wilderness, and their youth are like the second generation of Israelites who will all belong to us, and re-animate the Christian world. And from now on, we will assimilate the Christian world by winning their youth, and then even the Papacy will be ours. It is in keeping with the Principle that we are gathering the youth as the second generation of the Israelites here, and this is what makes us a dynamic group.

I feel so good to see all your young faces full of zeal and energy. All the members of established churches are flabbergasted by you, and envious, and they think it's strange that we have such bright young people, and not too many older people. All the top level people-for instance, the professors-will think, "Well, I've accomplished so much and I have been educating so many young people, but there are not too many who follow me. But this man Reverend Moon is from the East, he's a yellow man, and cannot talk without using his interpreter, yet still ... still, there are so many young people gathering around him. How does he do it? What is his secret?" Reverend Moon is the object of much scrutiny. In three years time he just mobilized and stirred up the whole society of the United States. "What makes him so dynamic?" people are asking. If we've been able to do this much in the past three years, then using this youth power, what we are going to do in the next three years will be greater.

In 1972, when I started my mission in the United States, I had around 72 active dedicated members. If you are united in strong oneness, in the next three years we will recreate the society of the United States. Your confidence is what counts, so if you have confidence enough for that, the whole United States will be stirred up for sure. Politically and spiritually, this nation with a 200-year Christian history will either perish or be re-animated, depending on the attitude toward our movement. The next three years are the most critical years. We'll be faced with many difficulties, of course, but if we are so strong as to become one bullet to explode among the people, their hearts will be ours, and we will make our projects a success. In the providence of God, these coming three years are most critical, and they will be unprecedented. Had the disciples around Jesus succeeded in their mission, they could have changed the world. Now, what you are doing is so important that you are either going to change the world into a better world, or if you fail, into the worst place.

You don't know your ancestry, but very possibly you are of a good one to have joined our movement. You are the totalization and fruit of your ancestors, and what you do in the next three years will enable your ancestors to be elevated to a higher standard. If you are asked which part of the history of your lineage will be the most important, your answer should be these coming three years, because they offer the greatest opportunity for your ancestors and your descendants to be influenced in a better way. Your descendants will all be proud of you, their ancestors, for having laid a foundation for them to work upon.

I was born in a remote village in the northern part of Korea, and at my birth nobody knew I would have such a great mission. And what I'm doing here is great and praised by the people. But I thank God, because through God's aid alone have I been able to do this much. When I was under persecution and many difficulties and hardships, I always had to thank God, because by only putting me under hardship could He cultivate and train me to be the leader of the world. Every time a blessing comes, I have to thank God, our Father. As I have repeatedly said, the coming three years are the most crucial in the providence of God, so I want you to be resolved to dedicate and sacrifice yourself and invest your whole being into our work, so that it will be a success and return glory to God, that you might be blessed by Him in return.

If three nations are strongly united as one-the Adam nation of Korea centering on the Master, the Eve nation of Japan centering on our members, and the archangelic nation of the United States-then God will cooperate with us and watch over us. He will be anxious to have us obtain the victory. So you will realize that God will always work with you and for you, and that you are not alone. I want you to bear in mind that as we have worked these last three years on the worldwide scope on the spiritual level, the Japanese members have done the central mission. But from now on, on the physical level, I want the American members to play the major role.

If you are going to really celebrate the true significance of my birthday, I want you to sacrifice and invest yourselves both spiritually and physically for the great job ahead. And in that way alone you will in the true sense celebrate my birthday today. Are you confident of that? (Yes!) I'm going to believe you. Starting from New York, you will spread out to Washington and elsewhere throughout the country and work hard for that purpose.

We are the elite of the Heavenly soldiers, and you must be determined to win the victory in every battle in succession, with you as a bullet: whatever you pierce through will be either killed or remade. We must shatter into pieces the satanic world which has long dominated godly people, and when we win the battle, we will see God's children frolic. That's our resolution, and that's what I want you to accomplish.

This time our target is not Madison Square Garden, but Yankee Stadium, and you must attack it with explosive power. If you make Yankee Stadium project a success, there'll be no problem making the Washington Conference a success. There are going to be many difficult financial problems, and lack of manpower will be a problem. But despite all those things, because we believe in the living God, we are sure that He will help us out. We are empty handed, but with these hands we are going to make money and, as needed, we are going to bring members. In the next three years we are going to establish a foundation of victory which no other religion has ever made, and no revolutionary army has ever won, and we are going to lift high a lighthouse in the dark sea of life. I want every one of you to use your physical body as a bullet, and shoot at the hearts of the people. That's the only way we are going to succeed. Then even if I have to die at the end of these three years, I will be a victor, not a failure. We can make God a victor, and make the whole mankind triumphant, only by dedicating ourselves like bullets toward the hearts of the people.

In 1981, I'm going to be 61, which corresponds to the 6,000 years of sinful history and restoring the world through indemnity into a sinless world. You have witnessed that in the last 21 years there has been confusion, chaos and tension in the world. You have seen the collapse of individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the religious world and political world, both democracy and Communism. Why has it been so? God is making our work easier. With the rest of the world collapsing, we will soar up and be conspicuous in the human scene. While in the outside world everything is collapsing on every level, we are erecting under God's will on the individual family, national, and world-wide levels. We must realize the blessedness of having been endowed with life in this age.

When we look at the world, we see that there are two major "isms" or philosophies left, democracy and Communism. But they are both destined to perish, and it is more than clear that we are going to be victorious over them. Our mission is a great one, because God has entrusted it to us. We are at the threshold of success, and if you retire or retreat, you are fools. You are all young people, your average age being between 20 and 25. I'm 55 today, and even though I'm victorious at this point, I feel a little sad to think that I'm already 55. 1 wish I had been victorious like this at your age. How happy you must be. If you had such a strong sense of mission as I have you would just dash forward on your mission without sleeping, without relaxing. With your youth, with your strong will-power, energy and zeal, you must excel me in many ways, leaving me to follow far behind you. Are you going to drag me along, or will I have to drag all of you? If the first is true, America will be victorious under our movement. If my single mission has done such great things in three years, if every one of you takes my place, how much greater will our work be in the next few years!

Americans know that I have brought many young people from all over the world. I have read that the immigration officials say I'm violating immigration laws. Americans don't realize that God has declared war against the satanic power, and that it is not I who have called the youth from all over the world to the United States to fight, but God. I am the commander and you are the volunteer army summoned by God. If the American people don't realize this and persecute and obstruct you, they will be faced with perdition. If they go on persecuting us, I will call to them and shout out at the top of my voice: "I have not come here for money, for glory, for knowledge. Not for any such thing, but to save this nation. " I'm here to maintain God's dignity in this nation. I'm not here to be helped by the United States, but to help her. I have youth power, knowledge, position, I have everything in abundance. But why am I here? Because I want to stand in the van of youth to command the soldiers to fight for the cause of God. And some day, when the immigration people know is, they will either be judged by God or have to repent.

If our youth are going to be driven out of this country without being allowed to stay longer, then back in their own countries they will decry this nation of freedom, and it will be faced with more difficulties. Upon arriving in this country this time in Seattle, I had a difficulty. I was not coming to this country to earn money, or to cause any trouble. I cannot reveal what they said to me, but it offended me. We must remember that we must have the efficiency, strength and deeds to show to the people, to clear away our resentment towards those people who persecuted us.

Spiritually the American members present here must decide on one thing: are you going to join me to save this nation, or join the people who are coming against our movement? If you are resolved to join me, you have no moment to lose. You cannot be relaxed. After having won the victory, then alone can you have the Sabbath. And we must dash forward until we attain the victory. There are still many things I cannot tell you. Consequently, I'm just desperate in struggling to win the victory in this nation. So, in cooperation with me, and in strong oneness with me, you must follow my instructions and commands to win the victory in the final battle in this nation. If I extend my arm here, this means you must cover the whole nation of America. Relay this to others, and just make bigger and bigger waves, to stir up the whole nation.

If America goes on like this any longer, then the youth will be ruined, and this nation will perish, Already, "America has no future," is the view of the people. If this nation is going to be saved at all, it is the youth who will do the job. But you look at the facts; the young people in this country are being corrupted, moral decay prevails here and there is family disintegration. You have no notion of what your country means to you.

If this giant nation collapses, Heaven will be sad, and it cannot but collapse if you don't do anything about it. If you really want to save this nation, you must rise and mobilize your whole being to attack the enemy who corrupts this nation, and recover this nation for the providence of God. The Communists are anxious to have this nation collapse at their feet. With this knowledge, you must be like a surgeon who has decided to remove a malignant tumor, even though the patient may sue him for malpractice. You have been living in the old way of life, so you know only too well what it is like, and where it will get you. And if you know that so vast a number of young people die spiritually in that way, can you wait and let them die? If you remember your Puritan forefathers who erected this nation, and realize that all their work is being destroyed, then won't you mobilize yourself now to fight against the negative power and rebuild this nation?

After arriving in this nation, I have met many Senators and Congressmen, many businessmen, and many high-ranked officials in the Army. Why did I do that? I have been looking for a man among them who is really anxious to save this nation, who is a real patriot, mindful of this nation. I've never found any patriots among them-they have all been thinking only about their position, dignity, authority, and all those things. They think only of current national problems, and none has been thinking of the far-away future of this nation, with a worldwide scope.

Looking at them, I considered the fact that God is thinking of the future and of all mankind, and then I had to give up on these people and have nothing to do with them, because I haven't found any of them to be my comrade in this fight. I resolved that I alone would do the job, without their help. I decided I'm going to single-handedly train and cultivate these youth into untiring and formidable soldiers, to fight against the evil power and bring about God's Kingdom. I want to create a group of young people who will come to the battlefield at the divine cry, and fight even at the sacrifice of their lives. The Senators and Congressmen I have met so far have all been skeptical about my being able to serve the whole nation, and save the world. They just doubt it. If you are really awakened to the fact that we are going to carry out the mission to save the world, and are really determined and confident to do the job, hold up both hands in pledge before God. Thank you.

When you consider the national problems of the United States and think they are perplexing, how much more difficult it must be when I think of the world problems, and of restoring all mankind, down to the last blessed child of God. When our mission is going to be the cosmic restoration, of even the Spirit World, have we any moment to lose or to relax., Although I'm crying out to you here at Belvedere, I'm not imploring you alone, but the United States, the Western nations, the Eastern nations, and to every comer of the world. I want my voice to reach God. It is our mission to spread out the message to the ends of the world, so that even the remotest village in an underdeveloped land will hear the message.

We have no time to waste in spreading the message from America to other parts of the world. Why are we in such a hurry? Our calculation that one out of a hundred dies in one year means that every year 36 million people are dying away. Without being enlightened by our message, they are destined to Hell. If we can witness to all these people before they die, then it means we are saving 36 million spiritual lives each year. In ten years, we would save 360 million lives, or one and a half times the American population. With that in mind, we can realize how anxious we must be, to save mankind. Whether they listen to you or not, it is our mission, and we must be anxious to reach and at least do something for those people who are dying away without knowing the message.

In Japan, before returning to America this time, I assigned three members each to 130 nations -including the 50 where we already have missions. By the end of April, one Japanese brother, one German brother, and one American brother will leave for each of these 130 nations.

In the next three years, if we are not able to lay the foundation in this nation, this nation will be doomed. Why is it so? God blessed America because through America He wanted to save the rest of the world. He did not bless Americans for their own sake, but Americans have forgotten this. Someone, very possibly a religious personage, must proclaim to the world God's plan for saving mankind. But while the Christian world has no such leader, this is precisely the mission of our Unification Church, and we are going to save the world in accordance with God's will.

When each of our groups of three brothers reaches the 130 nations, they will struggle hard with all their might to save their assigned nation, and then America will support them financially and with prayers. By doing that alone, America will accomplish the mission of saving the world, through those people if not directly. The ultimate and absolute mission of young Americans, because you are blessed by God with material abundance, is to use the money for the salvation of all mankind. If you don't, you will be cursed, and you will perish. So, as we send out people to the unknown lands, if you pray hard for them, and use your own money to support them, you will carry out your mission, even indirectly. That's what I want you to do.

If our people go out to so many nations, then return to America with new members, these new people will turn the tables and begin assimilating and influencing the American people. America is- the melting-pot of all the nationalities. If our missionaries go out and bring back the elite of so many nations, these new members will play the role of Abel to their compatriots already living in the United States. When those new immigrants come to build the Kingdom of God here, they will be like your forefathers, landing on this continent to create a new nation under God, and all Americans will be influenced by that. After World War 11, even though Japan and Germany were defeated, they were blessed by God and could reconstruct their nations. They came to enjoy prosperity again, but they must realize their mission under God. This time, in sending out missionaries, there is significance in my having chosen one brother out of Japan, one out of Germany, and another out of America. I want you to realize the significance of this.

On both the spiritual and physical levels in the next three years, we are going to call forth our desperate effort in winning the hearts of the people in this nation, while our missionaries to the 130 nations will do the same, establishing and expanding our territory throughout the world.

We have many vast projects to be carried out this year. This year we have to expand our UN campaign, work among all the Senators and Congressmen with our PR brothers and sisters, and we are going to establish a university. Another thing we are going to do is to start a newspaper plant. Another important thing is that we are going to establish an international bank. During my 40-day visit back to Korea and Japan, I spent more than seven million dollars.

We must be able to guide the academic world including professors, the communications world, and then the economic world. The missionaries being sent to 130 nations will first play the role of the reporter, they must assimilate the people of the academic world, and they will open avenues to commerce in those nations. Well, from the first of January this year, in Japan, we began the newspaper called World Daily. All the missionaries will play the role of correspondent- reporter, and after some experience, several will be summoned to Japan, retrained, and brought to America to start another newspaper. This will be an international paper, the same in every nation. While doing missionary work, each of our members in those nations will collect materials for the newspaper articles. Our newspaper will have no equal, and will excel any other paper in the whole world because of the wealth of material from so many nations. It will be more than UPI and AP, for the currentness of the news, and its abundance and depth. We haven't had a board of directors of universities throughout the world. Under the name of the Unified Science Conference, we are gathering many noted professors in every field of science.

On the economic front, we are going to earn money through our trade agencies in many nations, gather the money and make an international bank, so that the currency will be freely coming back and forth. This is our vision, and we have already put some of it into practice. Just envision our future ten years later!

With all these visions in mind, you can see that you will be more successful in the Unification movement than elsewhere, whereas you might have struggled hard to be successful in a worldly career, you would not have become more successful than by struggling hard here. If you are exhausted and frustrated, and fall away from spiritual success here, then in ten years you will look back at our movement in repentance and say, "Oh, oh! Mr. Such and Such, who was just nothing then, is such a success, is now the president of such and such and such, a leading professor in the University, and things like that. And it will be too late for you to come back.

The problem is how strongly you are united into one: black hands, white hands, and yellow hands joined together. If you clasp your hands in strong oneness, you can win over just anything. History has never witnessed such strength in unity. There has been unity among whites alone, perhaps. You can envision the world to come: not only are your hands clasped together-black, yellow and white-but you are interwoven by international and interracial marriage. How wonderful it is. When we come to outnumber the American population, what will happen to the world? From the needs of the world, at a single call from me, all these young people will come to the United States-at once. That is possible. So you can never idle away your time. Only after having saved the whole world, will we have our Sabbath. If you are so resolved as to struggle hard to save the whole world without relaxation and without rest until you win the final victory then the world will be changed into a different place.

Well, with that in mind, are you happy you have joined the movement or not? All your happiness lies ahead of you in the future, not now. You are only on the starting point towards the happiness. We are without doubt going to dash forward on the straight road to the promised happiness. May God bless you!

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