The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1975

Let Us Establish The Kingdom Of Heaven!

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Chungpa-Dong, Seoul, Korea
January 1, 1975
Master Speaks
Day Message

As you know, since we set up the slogan 'Let Us Safeguard the Unified Front' in 1972, we have fought desperately against Satan to bring victory to God. I have returned to Korea to connect the victory that we won during the past three years in America, the country representing democracy, and the national indemnity course of the Korean Blessed Wives. In this way we can connect the spiritual standard of victory on a world-wide scale. Now we should connect the substantial standard of victory on a world-wide scale. So before I returned to Korea, I blessed one couple in England, who came from Germany, and one couple in the United States, a Jewish man and a Korean woman. Also I blessed one couple in Japan. Germany is an Archangel-type European country while England is an Eve-type country. The United States is in the position of Archangel, and Japan in the position of Eve. Centering on Korea, the Adam country, a very significant condition was made that through the blessings of these 3 couples, a husband and wife could be restored to the Adam country representing Heaven, from all comers of the earth. On this foundation, I am going to bless many international couples in Korea this year.

Now we must establish the Kingdom of Heaven. How can we actualize the Kingdom of Heaven? The standard to establish the Kingdom of Heaven is not decided by the human mind; it is decided through God's principle of creation. The world before the fall was the Kingdom of Heaven. The fallen world is hell. God is absolute and His Will can not be changed. Even though man fell, God's Will is unique, and unchanging and absolute. The absolute, almighty God has been restoring fallen man through the stages of: servant of servant, servant, adopted son, children, and parents according to the reverse course of restoration. The purpose of creation must be realized. When it is, the Kingdom of Heaven can be established. What is the standard to establish the Kingdom of Heaven? After the creation of all things, man was created to grow as brother and sister until they reached the position of wife and husband centered on God's love. Children born through these sinless parents would become sinless sons and daughters.

What is sin? Sin is anything which makes a condition through which Satan can accuse man. Through the family Satan has had the condition to accuse man, but when all the evil conditions are eliminated on the family foundation, the Kingdom of Heaven can begin. Through the multiplication of this basic family of goodness, a tribe, society, nation and world of goodness can come about. We must not only talk about the Kingdom of Heaven; we must establish it.

When we examine the course of restoration, we find that there have always been problems and difficulties in the growth stage, or the second process in a providential period: in Adam's family the second generation, Cain and Abel, conflicted; in Abraham's family, Isaac, who was in the growth stage, had to be offered to God as an living sacrifice. In the 6000-year history of God's providence of restoration, the New Testament Age has been the middle period or growth stage on a world-wide scale. At the end of the New Testament Age the two world blocs of Communism and democracy emerged. The former denies the existence of God, while the latter is based upon God as its basic core. Passing through the providential formula these two worlds must be united into one.

In the history of the Unification Church we have passed through the first and second 7-year course as the formation stage and growth stage, respectively. The second 7-year course corresponds to the time of Jesus. Jesus should have gone beyond the national standard of restoration. He should have established the national standard of the growth stage with the Israelites of his time. Due to his crucifixion, Jesus lost the national standard. Christianity has developed from the individual, family, tribe, society and nation towards the world-wide level. Christianity should have begun above the national level. Why? Jesus came as the Messiah on the national level of the growth stage. He was to begin the perfection stage, restoring the world, and establishing dominion over all things. There should have been no place for Satan under the dominion of Jesus. There should have been no property under the ownership of Satan.

If Jesus had not been crucified, he would have begun world-wide restoration on the national level not only spiritually but substantially. Even though Jesus lost the basis to begin world-wide restoration physically, he had to begin it spiritually. So in Christianity world-wide evangelism was necessary. The people of Israel did not receive Jesus as Messiah in Israel. However, the disciples and later Christians scattered all over the world to preach the Gospels. This is the spiritual manifestation of Jesus' ideal and mission.

Even though Christianity began its world-wide mission, it lost the national central figure or national central point. Christianity has developed on the world-wide scale without a central point. In the world there are many Christian countries but there is no single Christian nation which serves as its central point and substantial basis on earth physically and spiritually. Some people might say there is the Vatican. But the Vatican is merely a religious form. It has no substantial basis or land. Without any central point on the earthly plane, Christianity has developed spiritually and expanded from a spiritual family, to a spiritual tribe, society, nation and world. But because there has not been any central axis, Christianity has been divided into many different denominations and sects.

Today the democratic world has entered the stage of external perfection but it does not have any substantial base. Even the United States of America, a Christian country, does not make any annual national budget for Christianity to lead the whole world. In that sense the United States is not a true and perfect Christian nation. If Jesus had led a country like America in both spirit and body without the crucifixion, the president of that nation would have been different from any president in today's democratic world.

When the purpose of religion is fulfilled, God can exercise great political influence on this world. However, today God is trying to influence the leaders of the democratic world through good and conscientious people. He is not interfering with the political world directly. The democratic world exists to prepare a free nation so that when good and conscientious people meet the greatest central figure, the Lord of Second Advent, they can easily influence the rulers of the fallen world. The United States is a good example of this. Having many different races and nationalities, this country can move forward to a great goal for the heavenly side.

The present democracy is not perfect. The mission of democracy is to engraft the present system into the heavenly way of politics. It is not the root of the tree. If there had been no fall of man, the world would not have been like present democracies. Even the democracy of America is not perfect. It has many defects. Many Americans are influenced only by material power and advantage. The leaders who are controlled and influenced by money easily become corrupted. They must transcend the power of money and try to find the direction which can lead to the original world intended by God. If they do not find new direction, realizing the purpose of a new world, they will soon be facing the last days of democracy.

I was concerned about the Watergate Crisis and issued a statement. I was very concerned about the issue of Korean affairs in the last General Assembly of the UN Why? I had to stop the decline of the democratic world. The idea of recalling the U.S. Forces from Korea signifies the internal fall of the democratic world. The Watergate scandal signifies the external fall of the democratic world. These events are the symbols of the last days of the democratic world. None of the leaders and rulers of this age, no matter how wise and great they may be, can resolve these problems. It is no wonder that no one dares to cope with the difficulties of a corrupted Christian society and a declining democratic world.

No one has a new idea through which the recent chaotic society can become strong and stable. It is the destiny of the world to become more chaotic and confusing. A new answer must come from Heaven. The Communist world will decline within 3 years, from 1974 to 1977. If Korea is really united with the Unification Church, Kim 11 Sung, Mao Tse-tung and other trouble-making leaders of the Communist world will be requested to go to the spirit world. At present all the Communist countries: North Korea, Red China, Russia, etc., are planning to attack the United States. They are becoming more offensive to a U.S. that does not want to fight. In the history of conflict of good and evil, the evil attacks good first. The good never attacked evil first. One who attacks the good first will perish.

Those who are attacking the democratic world ideologically and substantially are Kim 11 Sung, Mao Tse-tung and Russia. In the democratic world the religious people must unite as one to defend against the Communist aggression. In Korea the Christians and religious people must unite to protect Korea from the threat of North Korean Communists. The government and its people must cooperate and unite as one. The church is in the position of Abel, and the government, Cain. When Cain and Abel become one, they develop together towards a greater goal. That is the formula. Towards a greater goal and higher dimension the government and the church must work as one.

The world is becoming more confused. God is striking the evil world to cause more confusion, but He is also dealing with the good in the world to prepare for a new age. When do many good patriots appear? In the time of peace and prosperity? No. They appear in the time of chaos and confusion. Externally the world is declining, but internally there must be another dimension encouraging people and bringing new hope and direction. The individual or the group that can really lead people out of confusion must go the way of a reverse course, not a usual course. Today in America, many things have become corrupted. The Unification Church is denying all of the corrupting trends. Far stronger than the satanic boom of the present world, we of the Unification Church should make a new boom denying the trends of fallen men, overcoming those things to show strong counterproposals. That is the mission of the Unification Church. When we give sermons, the sermons must be different from any others. When we have revival campaigns we must make our propaganda larger and more sensational than any other campaign. We must make it even more outstanding than any political campaign. In these confused times we must make our propaganda reflect a new standard to lead the majority of people into a completely new world.

When an individual is in depression, he must deny that feeling of difficulty and make a breakthrough in order to develop new strength in himself. Religion, society and the world must follow that same pattern. In spite of all confusion and chaos, God is working though new people who are transcendent of their evil surroundings. And He is making a new world through these people.

In establishing the Kingdom of Heaven, first of all, we must be with God. We must be like the position or state prior to the fall. If Adam and Eve had been with God even just before they were tempted, they would not have fallen. Leaving God alone, they went their own way, that was the fall. Therefore, when we have difficulties we must bring them to God and try to solve them centering on God. Also we must bring joy and happiness to God before we enjoy these things. God is a unique God, eternal, unchanging, and absolute.

In order to be with Him, our faith in God must be unchanging and absolute. Adam and Eve did not believe in God's absolute word. Man took the absolute word of God as a relative one. Our life of faith should be ever pure. If you believe in God, your belief must not be changeable. If you believe that God is with the Unification Church, that belief must not be shaken in any situation or at any time.

Do you know why every religion asserts that people can be saved only through that religion? Though their belief is not based upon perfect knowledge about God, they know their faith must be absolute. Then how much more unchangeable should our faith be? We must be absolutely unchanging in our faith.

What else did man do wrong at the time of the fall? They sinned through their bodies, committing wrong actions. Therefore our behavior and actions must be standardized from the beginning to the last. Our conduct and activates must all be centered on public and official principles. Also the mind and the body must be one.

What is man's ideal? Man feels happy when he has ideal love. Then to whom does love belong? Love is common property. Both the subject and the object own love. Then who is the original owner of love? It is God. But even God Himself can not have or feel real love when He is alone. By having unchangeable faith, a united mind and body, and being with God, we can establish the Kingdom of Heaven. If these standards are changed, then Satan comes in. Satan has changeable, unstable elements. When our faith waivers, he tempts us with his changeable nature.

In the Old Testament Age man brought to God material offerings. In the New Testament Age man offered his own body. In the Completed Testament Age man must offer his mind to God. According to the principle of the creation of heaven and earth, after the creation of all things God created man's body and then man's mind. Man became the microcosm of the whole world. In the process of restoration, or recreation, the Word was given to man. The Old Testament Age was the period of God's Word; The New Testament was the period of practice based on the Word; and the next age is the period of life fully realizing the Word.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have been able to gain material things, the body and the mind at once. Originally man was to have dominion over all things after he reached perfection. However, after the fall he began to take dominion over all things without perfection. Because of his fall he was not qualified to have dominion. Therefore the things that man rules do not belong to man himself. They are, in fact, the property of Satan.

What is an offering? The offering is a small condition to restore all things. In order for the offering to be accepted by God, man must put all of his love and heart into this offering-more love and loyalty that the degree of Satan's attachment to it.

Satan can not claim the offering which is united completely with man. When Satan or a being on the evil side claims this kind of offering they must lose it by more than fifty percent. The more a religion is persecuted, the more developed it becomes. Heavenly strategy is being struck and persecuted, then gaining and restoring for God. Satan likes to strike and persecute, but he loses in the end. Even under the severest persecution the Unification Church has expanded constantly to the world-wide scale.

I feel no envy of anyone or anything now. Wherever I go, I have a house to stay in. Many people gather around and welcome me with much love and respect. I feel that no presidents of nations have more convenience and comfort on a world tour than I do. Why do so many people welcome me? It is because I have laid a good Abel-type foundation on a worldwide scale. So many good, conscientious people have a great deal of respect and love for me. Every member of the Unification Church longs to see and meet Master, not only Oriental members but Western members as well. Recently I brought several Western missionaries with me to Korea. They might see something good there. But most of all, they would like to be with me always. When they are with me they become happy even unconsciously. The true religion is recognized and approved after being persecuted and oppressed. None of the prophets, saints or sages were welcomed by the people from the beginning.

When something is "chosen" like the chosen people of Israel, it is an offering. The offering represents all things. The man who is in the position of a true offering must be totally accepted by God. Even if he dies he must die on God's side. The offering of Jesus himself was completely accepted by God. He died on God's side. An offering does not resist at all. It always obeys its lord. If Isaac had resisted the will of his father, Abraham, he would not have been a true offering to God. But he totally obeyed.

Unless we subjugate Satan we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of Heaven starts in the place where Satan surrenders completely. Satan is arrogant and selfish. He is a self-centered being. When you see something from a self-centered view point, you are not on the heavenly side. If you hear something for your own profit or desire, that is Satan's way.

Through the successful relationship between Cain and Abel we become champions of service. Without serving people in the Cain-position successfully, you cannot become a true Abel. Cain and Abel must become one centering on God.

I do not want to bring money from America to you in Korea. I would rather save America even by making Korean Family members go through more suffering, bringing many good things to America from you. I am spending a lot of money for the salvation of America. It is really amazing that every nation in our Unification Movement is willing to bring its own wealth to save one country when the need arises. All things and materials that you have belong to God before they belong to you. Before they are yours, they must be God's. All things must be returned to God through the relationships of servant of servant, servant, adopted children, children, and parents. Finally the True Parents of mankind will return all things to God. Because Adam and Eve lost all things belonging to God, they must be returned to God by the hands of True Parents. This is principle of "unification of material things." All things will be returned to God, and from Him they will be distributed again to all men according to the standard of give and take action between God and men. Also, the mind, body and heart of mankind will be returned to God through True Parents.

When I want to eat something delicious in a good restaurant I do not eat alone. I cannot eat alone. I invite those who have been hungry and have missed good food for a long time, and we eat together. Then I can be satisfied. (Laugh) I go sight-seeing with other people, not alone. This is the principle formula of the original human mind. Original mind tells us to be humble and to enjoy all things together. When you have food, you must think first of the one for whom you eat.

The Kingdom of Heaven begins from you. The purpose of the history of restoration is to seek for one man, the true Adam. He is the Messiah. The perfected Adam exists for the perfection of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world. This one perfected man is a model for all things. Therefore, the very beginning point of the Kingdom of Heaven is you. The perfection of yourself is most important.

You must witness to people without self-centered desire. You must witness to people just because you like them. Above all, you must love people with a genuine heart-all kinds of people: children, young people, old people, etc. Those who do not like people are not qualified to become good religious leaders. I like people very much. Do you know how much God really loves people? If he did not love man, even fallen man, how could He carry out his providence of salvation? Your eyes must love to see people. Your eyes should not try to see bad things about them. Your eyes must see goodness even in bad people. Then you yourself can become a good person automatically. When you like to serve the whole, knowing the heavenly truth, and you try to be positive at all times in all situations, then you will automatically become a happy person.

Our mind knows where we are situated: Satan's side or God's side. We must not make any small condition which makes a base for Satan to have give and take action with us. For the actualization of the Kingdom of Heaven, we need an individual of goodness, a family of goodness, a society, nation and world of goodness. We need Unification Church members in every comer of the world. If we gather together from all over the world we might make a nation. We are one centering on Master.

We are in the Abel-position to the established churches. But we need Cain. Have you really loved the established churches as your Cain? Many established church members opposed and persecuted me all through my life. But I have never prayed for their misfortune or harsh judgement even in my dreams. I have never tried to revenge myself. I only prayed for their salivation with unchanging love. We must give them our genuine love. Unless we restore them completely we will never become successful as true Abels.

You might think you are working for Master, the Unification Church and God. But I want you to know that Master is not indebted to you. The Unification Church is not indebted to you. God owes no debt to you at all. It is you that are in debt to Master, the Unification Church and God. The Unification Church International is waiting for you to begin your worldwide course of service. The Unification Church in every country is waiting for your coming in order for you to pay indemnity in the national course of restoration. For you-one individual-the Unification Church, Master and God, and a good environment have been prepared. You are indebted to all. But you are now going to pay back all that you owe. So you must be willing to risk your lives for that purpose.

During the third 7-year course we must go straight ahead with absolute faith, loyalty and heart. If you want to pay back your debt, in what position will you work? Yes, you will work in the position of servant of servant, first. You must be determined to become a servant to a family, nation and world. You must serve with this spirit. Wherever you go with this spirit, you will be able to lay a foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. You will actualize the Kingdom of Heaven.

Now in 1975, you must think the whole world is being mobilized for you. You should be a good Abel. A good Abel is faithful, dutiful and loyal to the utmost degree. You must become a central figure in the environment where you are situated, feeling that you yourself are responsible to restore those surroundings to the heavenly side. In the three 7-year courses, the third 7-year course is the perfection stage. So you must bring good results to God. There are very good conditions established in this period. You can witness to your own physical relatives and tribe much more easily than before. If you work for them even a little bit more, their response will be much greater. The way of restoration of your own tribe will be broadened in this period. You will be central figures of your own tribes in establishing the Kingdom of Heaven.

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