The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Present And The Future

Sun Myung Moon
December 15, 1974
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

My topic this morning is, "The Present and the Future."

Seen from the viewpoint of God, we are situated at a most critical point. You have heard many times of our second seven-year course. By the end of this year it will be over, and we will be starting our mission in the third seven-year course. In the providence of God, we must go through the tollgate of indemnity in order to restore ourselves. But why is the third seven-year course necessary? You don't know too much about the history of the Unification movement.

The important history of the movement started in 1946, when I went to North Korea on a special mission for a year, then returned to South Korea. Although our first seven-year course began in 1960, when I was blessed in Holy Matrimony, before this we had to pass through two seven-year periods of difficulties and persecutions. Centered on myself on the individual level, I had to pass the most critical, most difficult time in my life. In providential history, this period of personal indemnity corresponds to the period which determined whether or not Jesus would have to be crucified. My mission was to overcome such difficulty and hardship. Whatever came, I had to win over it and be victorious.

After winning over all these things, the persecutions were almost over, and in 1960 I began to lay the foundation on the family level. During this course, my problem was how to raise Mother, and center her in the Providence. She had to go through many difficulties, and we could have failed had she disobeyed me, gone against our movement, or been unable to endure her suffering. She had to go through many difficulties for a woman. She had to overcome many things to be able to stand in the position of object to me, and she accomplished that.

During that course she did not go quite on her own, I helped her, and she started her mission on the foundation I had already laid. By being one with me, and utterly obedient to me alone, she passed the test. In other words, that was the period in which she had to bear the cross from the woman's viewpoint and be the object to me as the central figure.

Centering on Adam, or the Messiah who is in Adam's position, Adam has to restore himself by going through the indemnity course. Eve too, has to restore herself by restoring the position of perfect object to the subject because in the time of the Fall this was reversed, and Eve subjugated Adam. It was a period in which Mother had to recover the position of Eve, and to recreate Eve in herself, or restore the position of Eve before the Fall. Just as Eve was created from the rib taken out of Adam, she had to be recreated by me, that is becoming a part of me. She had to bring herself into a position where there could be no accusation from Satan.

During my second seven-year course I had many difficult problems, especially headaches because of women. That was a period in which I had to go through many heartbreaks because of women. As you well know, the Human Fall came about at the last stage of the growth period. Both Adam and Eve fell from that point without going through the perfection stage, by Eve's dominating Adam. But this time in the course of restoration, they must go up and through the last period of the growth stage, and then through the last and final stage of perfection, this time by Adam's being subject to Eve. At the time of the Fall, Adam and Eve fell by centering on Satan. But this time, in the course of restoration, they have to go up to the level of the love of God.

At the time of the Fall, all creation fell into a state of groaning and travail. So, both Father and Mother had to restore the world of creation. The children and all of the descendants also entered a fallen world because of the Fall of Adam and Eve. Thus, we had to restore a certain number of children to God's bosom. Only by having done that, could they come back to God. There's no one but me who knows the course of restoration in this detailed way. My mission is threefold: firstly, I am to be the central figure of the whole world; secondly, as Adam the son of God; and thirdly, as the husband and bridegroom. Due to the Fall, Adam could not carry out his responsibility as the husband, as the son, and as the lord over creation. In the course of restoration, on the internal level, I had to keep all those things in mind, and as each portion of the mission was accomplished, I set up World Day (Day of All Things), Children's Day, and then Parents' Day. After the first seven-year course, I was then qualified to set up God's Day.

When I speak of Adam and Eve I don't mean the two alone, but with them the whole of mankind. All mankind must be brought into restoration centered upon the father's family. In the course of time, children had to be given birth, and by their becoming one with the mother, they can be included in the course of restoration. During that period, much indemnity in my family had to be paid. I never had an easy heart at any moment, in raising the children. Almost unavoidably, during that period of time, there had been many sad things happening in my family.

By crossing over that period, I began to enter the second seven years. My mission of restoration started from this point, the point where Adam and Eve fell. This was the completion of the first seven-year course, and so I could set up God's Day. The Parents crossed over that period, placing themselves on the completed base of the first seven-year course, but not the children, as during this period of time I blessed many couples in holy matrimony, indicating a certain number out of the satanic world, but they have their toll of indemnity to pay as yet, and they've not quite reached my level. The blessed couples are in the position where they must pay the indemnity for all mankind. Upon entering the second seven-year course, I have to elevate those blessed couples to my standard.

In the year 1970, when I blessed 777 couples, indicating the family on the worldwide base, then I had to have them go through the period of indemnity on the family level. Just as my own family suffered persecution and things like that, it was their turn to suffer satanic persecution and they had to overcome it. Their wives had to separate from their husbands to go out to the field and they had to leave their children in the rear lines. Their mission was to save Korea as a nation by going through the indemnity for the nation.

By their doing that, they became one with the nation. They were in the position of Abel serving the satanic world in the position of Cain. It was natural for them to be persecuted, and they had to endure all those things to win over the satanic world. History has never written such a thing. After their service to the world, the people in the satanic world began to say that these are not like ordinary people, and without the help of the Unification movement we cannot save the nation or save the world. This kind of rumor was spreading in Korea as a result of their hard work. People admire the fact that the women even left their homes to work for the sake of the nation.

In that course of time I could not help the families financially, because it was the period in which they had to go through the indemnity course. So, you know what happened? The wives had to leave their homes and they had to leave their children, some in orphanages, some in the care of relatives, some of whom opposed our movement. Many miserable things happened during that time. Ordinarily the children would be inclined to go against their parents in such a miserable situation.

In the Western homes, for instance in America, when your parents are divorced you feel resentment in your heart and you become bitter toward your family and the whole society. But even though something similar happened in Korea by the will of God. these children were obedient to their parents and were proud of their mothers going out to work for the sake of God and mankind. They never objected to their parents' actions. In Western homes, the mother more or less dominates the father, but in our homes by going through more difficulties than their husband, just the reverse thing is happening. All the wives are obedient, absolutely obedient to their husbands. The course of restoration that we are undertaking and what is happening in our movement is to restore things to the original state before the Fall by our paying the toll of indemnity.

In a sense it is fortunate that all the children in the blessed families were under ten. They were so innocent and proud of their mothers working for the great cause, and they never complained, though they missed them, and longed to see their mothers. These innocent children born from the righteous families had to go through suffering for the sake of the children as yet under the bondage of the satanic world. This signified the restoration of the family through suffering for the families still in the satanic world.

During this period, we must know that some people are in the position of Cain, others in the position of Abel. Centering on Mother, there were difficulties based on a Cain and Abel problem centering on Sung-jin. He had to go through difficulties based on the Cain-Abel relationship. Son-jin was situated in the critical point where he was apt to deny this movement and leave it, because of his difficult situation. I have repeatedly said that I have to bear the cross on the individual level and the family level. That is, I had to carry the women's cross and the children's cross by myself. I'm the example to the husbands of the blessed families, so all the husbands in their own families must go through all those three stages: the stage of paying indemnity for himself, for his wife and for his children. Then wives must be obedient to their husbands, and the children must be obedient to their fathers. Can you follow me? (Yes!)

In other words, the course of restoration through indemnity is not smooth. It's a bumpy road with many difficulties obstructing the way. Those three most difficult years were ones where we had to go through many difficulties on the family base. Upon entering 1972, a new era of history was begun. So, after overcoming the persecution from their own families in the outside world, from there the mission of the Unification Church was to win the whole nation of Korea, and to win the favor of the government. The whole nation of Korea had to be divided into two camps: one in the position of Abel, and one in the position of Cain. Those in the position of Cain must be absorbed by those who are in the position of Abel. Then alone can Korea properly play the role of the nation of God's choice.

In the hierarchy of the Unification movement, the first circle is the True Parents becoming one with their children. With those two united, they play the role of Abel to the outside world. All the families in the outside world, including their parents and children are in the position of Cain. And our mission is to win over or absorb those people on the family level. Not only on the family level, but on the national level with Korea as the central nation. By doing that, the external substantial base of our movement has developed at the worldwide level by our winning the favor of Korea as a nation and by winning the government to our side. Now the whole nation has to follow the Unification movement.

However, it was not yet the end of September, winning the favor of the government and the nation, that we had to go over the boundary to the next stage of the worldwide movement. It is something like opening the gate to reach out to the world. Towards the end of 1972, I landed on this continent of America. America being the melting pot of all the nations of the world, my mission here for three years is the public mission to influence the whole world. This is something entirely new to you, and even Korean members have not heard this yet. After I make my visit to Korea, I'm going to tell my people about all these things, and then about the new dispensation which is fast approaching.

By the year 1972, while we were in the middle of the second seven-year course on the spiritual level, our influence was so great as to win the favor of the government. All the people of Korea were more or less aware of the fact that without our movement, they could not save Korea. The feeling was that if we are going to have any religion at all, the Unification movement was the one, and Unification Thought is a good philosophy to have. Up to that moment we had done many things to influence the Korean society and government. Through the Victory over Communism movement we have educated some 17 million people. Half the population of South Korea has gone through the seminar. It is public opinion that without the activity of Mr. Moon, there is no other group that can defeat Communism and win over the Communists. The same thing is happening in Japan and in Free China. In most of the Asian countries we are very influential. Without your knowing it, I have been influencing the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan. By doing that, I have influenced the whole politics of Japan. I've done this much in seven years' time, to open up the gates to reach out to the end of the world.

During my three-year mission in the United States I had to take the offense instead of being on the defense, as I had been in Korea, when there was so much persecution from the outside world. In Korea, Christianity represented the most severe persecution coming from the outside world. We had been attacked so many times and so severely by the satanic world, including Christianity in Korea; they did everything that they could. However, by crossing over that period, when I landed in America I knew I could take the offense , because Satan had done everything he could in Korea already.

So, as I arrived in America, towards the end of 1972, I initiated my seven-city speaking tour. I stirred up the whole nation, and the people were surprised that an unknown man from an Oriental country came to cry out to the people. Everybody must have thought, "This won't last long. This strange man coming to this nation without knowing what a wonderful nation this is... he is going to stir up the nation. But it is not going to last for long!" -- this was the feeling of the people. Everybody must have thought that I was going to decline from that point on. They had never dreamed that I was coming up and up like this, to stir up the whole nation. But deep in my heart I had the confidence to stir up the whole nation. Even our American Unification Church members did not dream of that. They thought, "Oh, Master! He doesn't know the language. How can he turn the nation upside down, even though he has so much confidence? We have tried our best, and it was a slow process. How can he do that in such a short period of time without knowing the language?"

Well, you have been skeptical. So, even when I left Korea with the president of the Korean movement, I had that plan in my mind, but I never revealed it even to him, the president. Then right after my arrival I planned to have my seven-city tour and then 21-city tour. After Lincoln Center, at the time of the Carnegie Hall campaign, all our members were skeptical, and cocked their heads like this: "How can it work? Carnegie Hall!" was their reaction. Then, our members were surprised, not to mention outsiders, at the result of our Carnegie Hall campaign. They were all surprised to know that we filled up Carnegie Hall.

Then my 32-city tour began. Visiting every state, people were surprised to know that we have so many young people, and we seemingly had so much money to fund this thing. At that time, of course, we had no money, nothing but our hands to work with. With our bare hands we had to create something great.

From the very bottom we worked diligently and constantly, and people noticed what we had done, and they began to be surprised. I know from the time when we initiated our speaking tour, when they saw that we were entering the 21-city tour, they were flabbergasted. And then, at Madison Square Garden, they reached the peak of being frightened and amazed. In the latter half of the 21-city tour, chief ministers and laymen began to be surprised and frightened to think that if indeed our movement goes on as it is, they could be swallowed up. They began to persecute us and oppose us. But that was nothing to us, and we just advanced forward.

So, we dashed on our road to the goal of Madison Square Garden. Nobody ever thought that it would be a success, that our movement would fill up the Madison Square Garden, but as you know, their expectation was shattered by our effort. Following Madison Square Garden, we went on to Philadelphia, Washington, Atlanta, Chicago, etc. Something interesting happened in San Francisco. We filled up the hall with a capacity of 3,500, but more people kept coming. So we guided them into another hall five blocks away. People were listening there through a loudspeaker. Some thousand more people were there. Through the speaker, they would hear the thunderous applause coming from the main hall, and they would join the applause. Well, I think in that sense, I have made a record in American history. Have you ever heard of such a thing happening? (No!) People have witnessed that I have done this much in one year and two months, and they began to wonder what will happen with our movement in three years' or seven years' time.

It's a funny thing, but very interesting and very stimulating and encouraging to us. There was a quiz show with a prize of up to $6,500. Whenever you give the right answer to the question, the prize goes up. Then the announcer said, "Who is the Korean evangelist who stirred up the whole world? Then, the girl said, "Reverend Sun Myung Moon." She won the prize of $6,500 by having the right answer.

So, by now, everyone knows the name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, and they hear that he is a great youth leader, financial leader and he has great organizational power. The public opinion is that no one can excel Reverend Moon.

We kept on the offensive. During that period of time, we had to let the people of America know, not excluding anyone. I'm stirring up the White House, Senate and House of Representatives, the United Nations, and all the business leaders. If I have stirred up all those people, there might have been those who would want to attack me, and I would have fought them. But no one has appeared brave enough to fight me.

I visited London for the third International Conference on the Unity of Sciences. There I stirred up the noted scholars, professors and scientists from all over the world. They were so anxious to meet Reverend Moon face to face. Well, what do you think? I entered the stage at which I have become known throughout the world. Or, at least, throughout America, and people in very field, every walk of life know about me. Now, they are sure that this person will topple all other leaders of the world.

In San Francisco, when our people had an interview, they asked us, "What is the difference between Billy Graham and your leader Reverend Moon?" And our answer was, "Billy Graham is a famous evangelist, but the difference between Reverend Moon and him is the fact that Reverend Moon is a prophet, not an ordinary reverend, but a prophet." The job of the evangelist is to evangelize people based on what they already know. However, they cannot pioneer a new phase of life, nor can they revolutionize the Christian world. But in the Unification movement we are pioneers. We are going to reform and revolutionize the world. So, we are driving the whole world into turmoil. Some will come against us, some will be in favor of us and there's going to be great confusion in the world.

Have I not done a great work in America? (Yes!) But one thing you should know is that it is not I myself who did that. Without God's cooperation, I could not do this. The leaders in the Christian world, for instance the top man in the Presbyterian Church, or other such people, have all wanted to change the world, but they have not been able to do that. Why? First, they don't have the confidence that they can carry out the job. They are not confident that they can win the goal at all costs. But you must know that in light of the Divine Principle, we have the formula, the mathematical calculation of the time and elements of the providential history of mankind. We have the very core secret of the will of God.

I have not only worked on the continents, on land, but on the ocean too. Last summer, I fought a great deal on the ocean, in a boat out on the sea. Everywhere, even on the boat, I had to fight to reach the goal.

You aroused quite a violent reaction in this society and the world by selling flowers and peanuts. You have presented a great riddle to the people, who can't imagine that we do such great work by selling peanuts and flowers on the street. They can never imagine, they can never believe it. After we buy another building in the city of New York which we are going to buy, then we will have bought ten million dollars worth of land, buildings and property in a years' time. In buying those things we cut down the price to half of the asking price. Once I set my eyes on a building, or land, they can never sell it to other people. They will have more serious problems so that they have to sell it at the cheapest price. Back in Korea, the same thing happened. When I wanted to buy a certain piece of land and we didn't have enough money, then the owner of the land would die or get seriously ill so that they had to sell the land as soon as possible, and we could buy it at the cheapest possible price. In one year, I made contracts for lands almost once every three days. I have made a fortune in less than three years' time; one year and three months in America.

Do we need money? Yes! No! We are not in need of money, but this world is badly in need of God.

I have set up a historical record of receiving so many proclamations from so many VIPs. Nearly 250 last year alone. So, now it is almost 500. It is a surprising fact that we have done that much work. With that much work done, do you admire me, or don't you? (Yes!) Do you know the blessedness of having met me, even though so far you have gone through many difficulties. From now on, I have to drive you more harshly. Would you accept that? (Yes!) Why do I have to do that to you? Because we have the world problem left ahead of us; our one year must be used to restore thousands of years, in order to accelerate our project and not let it be prolonged.

Towards the years 1977 and 1978, which are the most critical years in world history, we have to mobilize for an all-out effort. We have already laid the foundation of victory on the spiritual level, but not yet on the physical level. So, we have to do it, at all costs, by the soonest possible date.

My topic this morning was "The Present and the Future.'' With only seven more days left until the last speech engagement in Los Angeles, we are crossing over to the worldwide level of our movement on the spiritual level. In the democratic world, the cultural sphere is Christendom, and Christianity having been opposed to our movement, we are in the stage where we have to restore it, through indemnity. We are at the most critical point to do that. In the Christian world, they have done whatever they could in opposing us, but now they are in the stage where they must begin to think that they should reconsider our ideology.

It is very timely that in Korea more than 100 university professors signed the declaration in favor of our movement. We are going to print it, and publicize it in almost all the main newspapers in America. You think highly of the opinion of even one professor. The professors in Korea who signed up to support our movement were from 37 universities. They included deans of colleges and presidents of universities. So far it is a world record to have some 48 professors signing up in support of the Park regime. Compared to that, for 100 professors to have signed this supporting statement for our movement is a great thing.

The basis of Christian civilization is on the spiritual level. Jesus' mission, actually, was to establish that foundation both on the spiritual and physical level, but having been crucified, only the spiritual level has been accomplished on the worldwide level, and that is Christianity today. What the Christian people have done so far must be reaped by me, and what they have established on the spiritual level will be connected to what we are going to do on the physical level, so what I will have done will be both on the spiritual and physical levels. It will correspond to Jesus' full mission, as if Jesus had marched toward the Roman Empire, won the hearts of the people there, and accomplished his mission both on the spiritual and physical levels.

The relationship between Korea and America corresponds to that between Israel and the Roman Empire in Jesus' day. America is the nation that can reach out to the rest of the world. The channel is open to reach out to all the nations of the world from the United States. It's something like the Roman Empire in Jesus' day; the Roman Empire was the hub of the world from which they could reach out to the whole world. That's what makes those two correspond to each other. New York is something like the capital city of Rome in the Roman Empire. So, you must work hard to win the people's hearts here in the city of New York. My having stirred up the whole nation of America in less than three years' time is something like Jesus having influenced the whole Roman Empire in his days. If he had done that, Jesus would have returned to Israel with a triumphant victory. Now having triumphed in my projects, I am returning to Korea with all the victory and glory. You must realize that it is a great event in the spirit world.

Having done all these great works, if I return to Korea at this point, would the American people think that, "Oh, he's a failure, going back to his country." Or would they think that I'm a victor, going back to his country after having gained all the spoils?" What would the rest of the people in America think? (Victor.) No one can deny the fact that as an Oriental man I've been a victor in this nation. Is there skepticism about that, or is it more than certain in everybody? (Sure!) Well, would you expect the same answers from other people in the outside world? (Yes!). Not only you, but the New York Times said that we had won a great victory and success in the Madison Square Garden campaign with an overflowing audience. What do you think? What would our members all over the world think? Would they be proud of me? (Yes!) And what do you think of the spirit world -- the myriads of saints and great men who have passed away from the physical world? (Yes!)

Any people in any nation, even in the spirit world, would naturally think that I was a success. Even those who have been opposed to our movement would think, "Oh! He's a great success! He has succeeded in his mission!"' Even the Communists are jealous of me. At this point, we can already say that we are victors.

In the biblical history when Jacob wrestled against the angel and defeated him, at the Ford of Jabbok, he was given the name of victor, Israel. But that is on the spiritual level. With what I have done in America as the hub of the world, and the gate having been opened to reach out to the rest of the world, including the spiritual world, God can give me the name of Israel too, both on the spiritual and physical levels, on the worldwide base. That is the point of time where we are situated. The present and future is like that.

In my life, this is the first time I have made a public appearance anywhere. But it was initiated in America. When I began my mission I was originally going to start on the worldwide base at the place just before which Jesus was crucified. My plan was to make my public appearance on the stage of America as the hub of the world. On the cross, Jesus left everything, even what he earned on the spiritual level. But in the course of restoration, I had to go through all those things, by experiencing a bit of everything on the individual level. I have won on the individual level, and national level, spiritually and physically at this point. Judaism was the first Israel, Christianity the second Israel. On the spiritual level I have already connected those two. We are well on the way to establish it solidly on the worldwide level from here. On the physical level, we are going to connect the Christian world to the democratic world: Judaism, Christianity, the democratic world, and the whole world. The central nation to carry out the task of linking all those groups will be Korea.

Jesus in his time could not quite cross over to the national base on the physical level, to win and accomplish his task. But in my case I had to make one nation of God's choice, Korea, stand out on the world scene on the physical base. From September until now in the U.N., Korea has been faced with a critical phase. Not only in Asia, but in the whole world, Korea has to be solid in its position. Our Madison Square Garden project came on the 18th of September, 1974. Around the 18th of September, for a period of 21 days' time, there was great strife in the U.N. At that time we were surrounded by the serious problem of Red China, Japan, and North Korea uniting into one to annihilate South Korea. With all those serious problems ahead, Premier Tanaka of Japan was visiting America. At that time we were planning to have a protest against him.

I was behind the scenes working for the whole thing. Without your knowledge, the Korean embassy wanted us to plan the demonstration against Mr. Tanaka, but the State Department begged us not to do that. At that time, we were very controversial. At the same time, the Korean government came to its knees before me, begging me to do certain things. The top men in the Korean embassy came to visit me, and paid tribute to me. The Korean government sent a secret envoy to meet me, to consult over a critical, serious matter. At Madison Square Garden we established the foundation of victory on the spiritual level, and at that point our victory on the physical level was connected to the nation of Korea. The secret envoy sent to me by the Korean Government attended the Madison Square Garden speech at that time.

That was our internal or spiritual battle, and we won our victory at least over the Asiatic part of the world, and now, around the campaign at the U.N., we will have established the victory on the worldwide level. In all the Communist world, the North Korean regime of Kim Il Sung is the most vicious. You don't know how malignant and vicious it is. They, the North Koreans, suggested the dismissal of the United Nations army stationed in Korea. Thirty-four nations were for that, with 21 nations for having the United Nations army in Korea. At that critical point, we worked to win more people on the side of South Korea, and we made it.

We started our campaign by raising the problem of freedom of travel for the Japanese wives of North Korean repatriates, and won some 50 supporting nations for that project. It was a historical event when 750 young people from all over the world gathered in front of the U.N. building, to fast for seven days. Our doing that was an attack on the North Korean regime. Our scheme made it impossible for them to make any breakthroughs. They had two votes in the U.N. on the issue. The proposal of South Korea won by a vote of 61 to 42. When they voted on the proposal from North Korea, the vote was 48 to 48. So, the South Korean proposal won the battle. Automatically, the victory won here helped bring about total victory.

The ambassadors from so many nations to the U.N. knew, and the North Koreans, of course, knew that the victory of South Korea was brought about by our effort. By doing this, we laid the foundation of indemnity both on the spiritual and physical levels, both on the national and worldwide levels. Do you understand? (Yes!)

We are barely in the process of linking what we have done on the spiritual level to the worldwide base, both on the physical and spiritual levels. After the completion of my speech tour in Los Angeles, when I will go back to Korea I'm going to declare the worldwide linkage of the providence of God, both on the spiritual and physical levels, when I start my third seven-year course. This will establish the condition of my having already achieved the nationwide foundation, both on the spiritual and physical levels. We have so far established the foundation on the spiritual level by linking the whole Christian world, but we have three more years left to link it on the physical level. Do you follow me? (Yes!)

Up to the year 1977 or -- at the latest until 1978 -- I will have laid the foundation on the worldwide level, on the physical and spiritual levels, centering on the nation of America. That means, in three more years' time, I must establish or pave the way for the whole world. I have to redo the providence on the physical level. So you can imagine how difficult a job it must be. After our completing this, we are going to push harder on the road reaching to the world.

On the spiritual level we already started from last year to dash on the way to the world, because I organized the International One World Crusade last year. But I'm going to shift the whole team to other countries. By the year 1977, after my speech in Washington D.C., my whole mission on the worldwide level will be completed. After that, in the democratic world, at least, there will be no persecution before us. We are now at a very critical and serious point: to go over the boundary and enter the worldwide mission. If we cannot accomplish our mission on the physical level in three more years, we will have to face more hardship. So let's be serious for that reason. By that time, the threat of Communism will overwhelm the world and even the United States. But the American government and its people do not know the facts and do not feel the threat, so we will take the responsibility to awaken the people and clear away the Communist ideology from the face of the earth by working here in the United States.

By April 1978. we will have to complete the mission. If we cannot accomplish it by April, it can be prolonged to August, but no later than that.

In the course of doing all those things, I have been very time-conscious. If we had not initiated the project centered on the Japanese wives, how at all could we have solved the U.N, problem? With all those anticipations. I initiated that campaign. So, by the same token. I am anticipating a rough time before the completion of our mission on the level I have already told you. so you must know that it's very serious. You are not alone on the battlefield. I'm always in the vanguard. Here we have white members, black members, yellow members. In the course of time, you can never complain -- that's the heart the thing, that's the core.

Now I have made unity in my own family. There's unity between me and Mother, between me and Mother and the children, and then between my family and the Unification Family. There must be unity created there. You come from all nationalities, all races. You must never complain, you must follow the tradition in Korea, when our movement was faced with many difficulties and persecution in the early days of our movement. At that time, even though there was only a handful of members, there was complete oneness. Now, on the worldwide base, so many members from so many nations must be united into one, without any disharmony. Then alone can we fight against the whole world, annihilating the evil power of Communism. We are situated at this critical point, and I warn you, you must never complain.

You American women, I want you to become one with the men, centered on them. Throw away the old concept. Your self-centeredness will be eradicated, you must become one centered on the men as the subject. You must follow the example of Mother becoming one with me, centered on me, being obedient to me. On the part of men, you must bear the cross, you must be responsible for all the persecutions, bearing the cross on your shoulders. When you are faced with death and difficulties, you must be in the vanguard of others, protecting the women in the rear.

When the men folk are ready to die for the sake of the women, that's what makes them the center, the subject. The women in their turn must be obedient to them, and be one with them. You must establish your new order in this corrupted nation of America. Our Unification members know this only too well, because that is in accordance with the Principle of Creation: men being the subject, women being the object. Do you follow me, you women? (Yes!) That's what the Divine Principle teaches you. So, we are a new breed of people. You are American boys, but different from ordinary American boys. You are American girls, but different from ordinary American girls.

When you are blessed in holy matrimony, both husbands and wives must have the notion that you can die for the sake of your children. In American homes, all things are centered on the parents, and their children are just ignored. But the contrary will be true in our families. We put more stress on the children, because they are our future-selves. Our life is prolonged through them. In American society, they think more of their families than the country. But the reverse will be true in our world. We must stress saving the whole nation, which will include our family.

In the true sense, which of the two would American people want -- the Unification way, or the old way they are applying now? (Unification way!) Even though they themselves cannot carry it out, they would want our way, and they would think that our way is the true way. They would see their only hope in our movement.

The other day, I instructed my American staff members. I let them know that I would separate the families from now on, for the serious work we have ahead of us. Since back in Korea, the wives separated from their families to work in the front lines for the salvation of the whole nation, the same thing must be done in this nation. The blessed couples in this nation are going to follow that example. Those who have gone through the three-year course of separation can now enjoy their family life while doing their work in the movement. But now it is your turn, the American couples, the couples in the Western world and in nations other than Korea, to do the same. In Japan they have done that. Isn't that true? (Yes!) In Japan, too, after the blessing in 1970, all the husbands and wives were separated from each other to work for their own mission. Centered upon the ideology of family life we have participated in that tradition, and you must feel the blessedness of our knowing the fact and putting it into practice. Do you follow me?(Yes!)

Then, now, let me tell you, what is the purpose of our being blessed in marriage? What is your answer? Well, in brief, we are going to be blessed in marriage to be qualified to enter Heaven. We cannot enter Heaven singly. Only after having established the four-position foundation, can we enter Heaven. When I say four-position base, I mean the base without accusation from Satan. When you live with accusation from Satan the four-position base has no value.

Due to the Human Fall, Adam and Eve not only were separated from God, but in that family, there was rupture, separation from each other, and disharmony. But in the course of restoration, we must bring about harmony in the family first, before being able to establish the Kingdom. Where can it be done? What is the first unit where we do the job? In the family. So, in our family, after the blessing, there must be harmony and oneness, although in form, they are separated from each other for the mission. On the physical level, they are separated from each other: The woman leaving the husband, and children leaving the parents, and the parents almost discarding the children. But, on the spiritual level, there is strong oneness. In this world there is complaint, rupture, dissatisfaction, and discontent. But in that separation, there was the sense of gratitude, the sense of pride, the sense of obligation and responsibility. By our going through all those things, in separation we will be grateful, and then alone we can repel Satan's accusation and be elevated to the standard where we can be accepted to the Heavenly Kingdom of God. Can you follow me? (Yes!) The reason I'm telling you this, is so that you may be ready to have three years of separation, even after the blessing.

You have already worked singly for three or four years, and after the blessing three more years or a little longer than that, and those seven years will be your public mission in our movement. Those seven years is the coefficient to the seven thousand years of biblical history, after which God will install the true family on the face of the earth. Then after your seven-year mission on the public level, you will establish your own family, bringing your family together. Before coming over that level, you cannot give birth to sinless children. You cannot elevate yourself to the position of sinless parent. You cannot put yourself in the position of the true husband or true wife.

During seven years' time, you must work on your own, without being helped by the Church, both on the physical level and on the spiritual level, financially, too. Up to the second seven-year period, I've not even helped the staff members of Korea financially, who had gone through so much financial difficulty. I began to help them only after I came to the United States, because they had already completed their mission of three years on their own. It is in the light of the Principle that when you join our movement and become conscious of your mission, then you have to go out to the satanic world to win people and with your spiritual children come back to God's bosom. Jesus had to do the same. After saving mankind alone could he have been a success. My mission was the same, and yours will be the same. You are given the qualifications to inherit what I have accomplished.

In proportion to what you have done in the outside world, you will be blessed. The more you win there, the more blessing you will be given in the spirit world and in the physical world. Well, lately I've heard that you are floating like this after hearing there's going to be a blessing. Thinking of the seriousness of our mission at this critical moment I have made it a rule to wed women above the age of 25 and men above the age of 27. After you give birth to children, you will have to go through more indemnity with the children. When we are in the battlefield, there's a great difference between having one, two, three, or four children.

Go out to the world, win the people, and come back with them as your spiritual children. And then alone are you accepted. The same thing applies to you. When you truly realize your mission in the movement, would you stay in the movement and just live your life here? Or would you go out to the evil world and win the people's heart and come back with your spiritual children to be accepted by God, by the True Parents? (Go out!) You are going to inherit what had been accomplished by the True Parents. But. before doing that, we must go out and experience a bit of what they have gone through, and win the people in the satanic world by yourself. Then you will realize that we are in the battlefield.

Even after the marriage, you have to accomplish your mission, and you have to pay more indemnity with the children. What I have gone through must be experienced by you, and what the Korean staff members have gone through will be an example to you. This is the formula. You cannot avoid it. Then what is your mission? Why do you have to witness to the people, and bring in your spiritual children? Are you doing that for God? No. Are you doing that for me? No. Not for mankind, but ultimately for yourself. Not for the Unification Church. God is mobilized for you people as individuals. The True Parents are mobilized, the Church itself, and all members in the early days of our movement have done their best and paved the way for you. Up to the present moment you have been saying that, "I have worked for God, I have worked for the True Parents, I have worked for the Unification Church." But I want you to reverse this idea. You have worked for yourself, ultimately, and you are going to work for yourself from now on. Don't you understand? (Yes!)

You must know it for sure. You must realize how hard God has been working for you, as individuals, how hard the True Parents have been working, what the whole Unification Church went through for you. You must be grateful, and you must set up the tradition for your descendants, too. In gratefulness and blessedness, and pride and respect, you must work for your mission to lay the foundation for yourself. Don't ever say that you have gone through difficulties for the Unification Church, for the True Parents. The reverse is true. You have worked for yourself. You must make it very clear.

So, if you realize that God has been mobilized for you, the True Parents have been working for you, and the Church has been going through difficulties for you, then you must be grateful, and try your best to accomplish your own mission, without complaining, without bitterness or any resentment. Are you sure of that? (Yes!) Is everything clear to you? (Yes!)

I must repeat that God has been working for you, and the True Parents have sacrificed themselves for your sake. So, you must be deeply grateful to them. Then alone can you work for the rest of mankind, in their place, following their example. And you must be grateful to your brothers and sisters in our movement all over the world. You must realize that they are paving the way for you to work. So, everything being done, everything taking place is being done for your sake.

From the year 1975, you must change your concept, you must set up the tradition on that base, and then try to accomplish your mission without complaint. Or else, we cannot accomplish our mission to gain the goal. So far, I have gone through indemnity for you, but from now on, you must go on your own, paying your own toll of indemnity.

We are entering a new era of our history. We are going beyond the boundary of the national level of our mission. You will lay the foundation for yourselves only by serving all mankind on the worldwide level. We are presently situated on the nationwide level, but from now on, we are going to accomplish the worldwide mission, and our past notion that we have been working for the Church, for the True Parents, for the family, must be reversed to thinking that God, the True Parents, the Church and everybody has been working for us, and that we in gratitude must work for the rest of mankind.

That's our present, and that is going to be our future. You are going to be your own Messiah, having saved yourself on the individual level: the Messiah of your family, to save the family, and the Messiah of your tribe, your nation, and the whole world. We are entering the worldwide level of things. That is the way you have walked up until the present moment. That's your mission at present, and that's going to be your mission for the future.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 10.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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