The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Portland Directors' Conference

Sun Myung Moon
April 14, 1974
Portland, Oregon
Translated by Bo Hi Pak

We are in a hurry. We cannot allow any time for discussion of strategy. We cannot have this luxury. We must go on. I feel the urgency of the heavenly time schedule, and we must meet every phase of this schedule, without failing. Indeed we must declare an hour of emergency.

Since October first of last year, when we launched the Day of Hope tour in New York, seven months have passed. During this seven-month period how much work have we done? How much impact have we created, nationally and internationally? You are the witnesses. If we go on at this pace for three years, what will happen?

The problem is not persecution or external attack. The problem is internal. How strong is our dedication? How strong is our unity? Even though our conviction is strong and we are truly united, if we have no power or strength to fight, we cannot move onto victory. It is my problem and my task to elevate the standard of leadership in each state, so that they will have the strength to generate power and influence throughout their state.

During this tour, I have seen the working conditions, and the accomplishments of the seven IOWC teams. I can recognize those leaders who demonstrate conviction, dedication, and ability to lead the troops successfully.

In July, last year, I assigned leadership to every state, with a certain number of OWC members. But even though we assigned an OWC commander and some members to each state, our original goal has not been accomplished. It has been difficult for you to organize in the way I originally envisioned.

Because of the 21-city Day of Hope tour of 1973, and the 32-city tour of 1974, I know you have many reasons why you could not keep up with your pledges. However, I also see, as I travel to each state, that the commander and the members have not yet reached the point of ultimate, crystal-clear dedication to the goal one bringing of one member per month. That standard has not been a clear goal. You have not even believed that it is a feasible goal.

We need an increased commitment, a realistic vision and a positive attitude in working toward this goal. First of all, your mental attitude is most important. A negative attitude leads you to make up your mind that the goal is impossible before you try. That attitude must be changed. We must think that we are a powerful force who can make the impossible possible.

Then, if we do our best, God will understand and help us. God cannot help us unconditionally, because man disobeyed Him at the very beginning, causing the fall. If God could help unconditionally, that same God would have helped Adam and Eve out of the mud by interfering with their lives.

From the very beginning, the principle of creation was clear. Man has a portion of responsibility, and God cannot interfere with that right. God wants us to emerge as victors by fulfilling our responsibility and freeing ourselves from Satan's accusation.

Many times I perceive a discouraged attitude: "The Principle is the will of God. It is a universal fundamental truth. Why are things so difficult? Why can't people understand, and why doesn't the membership grow faster?" All leaders feel this way at times. Why? Because we have not fulfilled our responsibility as human beings; we have not left the realm of Satan to come to the realm where God can assist us unconditionally. We must secure that standard. Then things will start happening.

God's plan is to bring us into the original ideal of creation, beyond the realm of the fall. We are pioneering a new realm which humanity has never experienced. We are still in the realm of the fall of man. Therefore, the archangel and Adam are still in the same realm or category. The old relationship still exists.

The bondage of sin still exists. So in this realm, unless we rid ourselves of sin and our relationship with the archangel -- unless we leave this realm -- God cannot come to us unconditionally. The archangel subjugated Adam, so through the process of restitution, God is using angels to help Adam (to help us) before He comes to us directly.

We are going to be assisted by the spiritual world first, because it is parallel to the angelic world. However, in order to get this assistance, we must be in a position to separate ourselves from the accusation of Satan. The key lies in how quickly and how absolutely we can separate ourselves from our bond with the satanic world. In order to separate yourself from the bondage of sin, you have to make a condition of indemnity to fulfill your responsibility.

You are not an isolated individual. You are the fruit of the ancestral tree of your thousand-year-old tradition. You are the champion, the fruit of your lineage. You are not only representing yourself, but all of your ancestors. You are the balance sheet of good and evil in you ancestral tree, and unless evil has been extinguished, good cannot come in, even though you, yourself, are very good. We have to get rid of evil by making an indemnity condition. We must separate ourselves from the bondage of our ties to the archangel and the sinful world. There is no other way. Good words are not enough. We must be in a position to sacrifice ourselves. That is the quickest way.

And for what object, what subject, what purpose are you sacrificing? That purpose will determine the magnitude of your indemnity. Even though you do the same actions, the results of these same actions can be magnified, depending on the purpose.

There is a condition of indemnity -- on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level, and worldwide level. Then on which level are you paying the indemnity? For which level are you sacrificing? That is most important. The very best sacrifice you can pay is for the purpose of the universe, on the worldwide level, on the highest possible level. At that level, you are united with God; then you are truly pursuing the best and quickest way. You are coming out of the age of darkness.

From this principle, Christianity emphasizes being one with Jesus Christ, saying: "Love Jesus Christ more than anybody else. By doing so, you can get rid of all the indemnity at once, because Jesus already set the condition for the universe, for heaven and earth, and for spiritual salvation. Therefore, by uniting with him, you can quickly reach the goal."

In the past, Christianity was emphasizing how you can become one in heart with Jesus Christ. That was the central faith and belief. Your life should be completely parallel with that of Jesus; that would be the secret, to even share the sorrow of Jesus Christ. When he is joyful, you can be joyful; when he is sorrowful, you can share that sorrow. When he is working hard, and when tribulation and suffering come to him, you bear that suffering with him. This type of oneness is the Christian ideal.

Our era is not the New Testament era. This is the Completed Testament era. We must realize what Father's position is. Father has already set the condition for paying the price on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level, and worldwide level. This particular period is an extraordinary period in the dispensational history. I have now come to America, and am operating on a worldwide level, speaking to the American public.

Our Divine Principle shows clearly the heart of the Father throughout the dispensational history of restoration. Starting from the fall of man, from Adam, we are the only ones who know the dispensational history of God, God's timetable. My job is to comfort the Father's heart, which has been sorrowful throughout history.

I am the one to remedy God's broken heart. And I am the one who proclaims to the world the heart of the Father, which has not been a joyful one, but a suffering one. In order to comfort the Father I must set a better standard than any human being in history, starting from Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, and all the prophets, and including Jesus Christ.

I have paid the price for the past. I have paid the debt of history, in order to bring history up to par with the present. This is what I did first. I have paid the price for the sorrow and heartbreak of the Father. By doing so, I set the condition for the victory of the entire spiritual heaven, so that already victory on that level has been proclaimed. Now, I am dealing with the present time, because the past is all paid. Now I have to deal with the present.

And I see the danger. If this movement falters against the stone wall opposition of the Christian churches of today, if we cannot make headway, then we are very likely to duplicate the same sacrifice that Jesus Christ had paid 2,000 years ago. Throughout my life, the present Christianity has done everything, every cruel thing, against me. Just liquidating the sin, or paying the price through one dramatic act, like being crucified, would be easy; but step by step, bearing the crucifixion every day of one's life -- by surviving and doing it -- is not easy.

So God has to allow the Christian churches and the present world to come with power against us, because 2,000 years ago the condition of physical redemption was not set. So, the physical realm is the satanic realm. They have the power; God cannot take this power away without setting a condition.

It has been my agony, it has been my strategy, and it has been my foremost attention to understand how I must deal with this present world. If the Christian churches only are united and turning against us, then it is a simple problem. But, the problem is not that simple. The deeper problem is that Satan can mobilize the Christian churches, and they can mobilize the government.

Holding the national sovereignty, they can turn the government against us. In Korea, the Christian churches, since their power by themselves is not strong enough, have used cunning to win the hearts of the government and turn the government against us. That has been their tactic. Therefore, I have been very wise in dealing with the Christian churches and the government separately, apart from each other.

On the other side, the Christian churches are in the position of Abel; the government is in a position of Cain. If Cain and Abel are united in a satanic way together, and become one, then they become a formidable alliance and there is no way to break that alliance. So my effort has been to separate the two, and prevent the unity between the satanic Abel and the satanic Cain, that is the Christian churches and the government.

However, in Korea, the battle was an uphill battle all the way. Our church's past history in Korea, step by step, was really bloodshed, hard battle, and continuous persecution. However, in a way, we have been successful in isolating the two. Instead of making them into one combined enemy, we have separated them.

First of all, through our own power we draw the young, conscientious people to our own side. Then, by mobilizing them, we serve the purpose of the government. For example, in Korea we have not only the Christian churches as a threat, but even more formidable is the Communist threat to the nation.

We are playing the major role in resisting this threat by educating the Korean people against Communism, more than any other movement in history. Our movement is sort of like a caretaker of the government. The government was in positions that without us they would become helpless, having no alternatives but to deal with the Communist threat themselves.

We, however, do have a positive solution and the government needed that solution. However, the Christian churches have banded together and protested to the government, saying: "Why are you government people siding so closely with the Unification Church? Why only help them?" The government answer was, "We didn't help them, they helped us and we need them." That was the answer. The government officials knew how hard working and dedicated we are and they saw how cunning and rather unrighteous the Christian churches' protests were.

Even though we received so much persecution and difficulties in Korea and each step was such an uphill battle against a stone wall, we pioneered courageously. In time we laid a spiritual foundation so that we could move out of Korea into the worldwide dispensation.

So Korea was the restoration history for Jesus overcoming opposition. You know, Jesus somewhat failed 2,000 years ago because of the faithlessness of the chosen people of Israel. That particular price, that particular re-enactment or indemnity had to be paid in Korea, and we have done it.

Yes, Jesus Christ went to the cross, and bore the cross on a national level. His own people persecuted him. His own people crucified him and in return, in the Second Coming, the whole nation of Korea was trying to persecute me and trying to nail me down on the cross. In a way they were physically trying to destroy me.

However, I survived that battle -- successfully paying the indemnity; and that particular foundation -- laid in Korea -- laid the foundation for the rest of the world. This is not only for the sake of Korea, but the worldwide dispensation. No matter what American churches are doing against us, I tell you this -- the American churches can never duplicate the persecution that the Korean churches have hurled against me.

I do not have any uncomfortable feelings with the surge of opposition from American churches because I went through every city and already I have won. And I almost feel that in this country I am triumphant in having some opposition finally come. I welcome it in a way, because it will expedite our step forward.

God and the Unification Church, centered upon the True Parents, will become one because of this opposition. In other words, God is in more of a position to help us. In Korea the only ally I had were my ancestors in the spiritual world -- all the physical world was up against us, in those days.

The satanic power is mobilizing the Christian churches to come against us; however, the more we set a condition, the more the spiritual world will come down and help us. The entire spiritual world is on our side. During this 32-city tour I realistically felt so many good spiritual conditions and so much spiritual help coming down.

For example, many people come to Day of Hope lectures only because they see me in visions; they see me in some fantastic vision and spiritually they are guided. We always comforted the Father's heart by winning the victory in Korea, setting the condition, paying the price for the failure of the first Israel. That price was paid. We now go beyond that level, expanding our level of foundation to the worldwide scale.

So, overall in God's dispensation, God is allowing us to move into the second most vital state -- to come out of Korea upon the victorious foundation of paying indemnity for the first Israel's failure -- now we are coming to the second Israel. The battle is now being waged in America. America, American churches, and the American people are in the position of the second Israel, even though it is spiritual.

By fighting this battle and winning we are uniting the separation between the spirit and flesh. In other words, the physical world and spiritual world will be united by setting the victory here in America. In other words, in America, the first Israel which was the physical Israel and the second Israel which was only the spiritual Israel will be united by our victory here in America.

Upon that unity, the victory of unity, God will set the foundation for the new beginning of the glorious third Israel, perfected Israel. So, we are in a new state of comforting the Father's heart. In other words, we are moving into a new era of our movement, by which we are relieving another burden from the heart of the Father.

We have to fight this second most important battle ruthlessly. Upon the victorious foundation of this battle, God can initiate a third Israel which is truly the heaven -- spiritual and physical -- where we can really enjoy our life in true God-initiated happiness, having a true home, true family, true tribe and true nation.

No matter what happens, no matter how difficult this might be, we must win this second most important phase and move up to the third phase. Also, this is the third year. This is the second leg of the most important Day of Hope tour and I knew from the beginning that when I went through this 32-state tour, some opposition would be mounting, even on a national level.

Having started at Portland, Maine, today is the 30th city in two months. I am feeling every moment of the day that this is my cross, my own cross that I am bearing physically. This is the road of the cross. Yes, I witness so much opposition outside and in each city it is intensifying. Actually, I want this, I do want that opposition, and among those ranks of opposition I want to have every nationality represented; the Germans, French, Japanese and all the Italians.

All the nationalities must be represented -- I want it to be that way. By doing so, I am making this opposition a worldwide opposition so that we can make worldwide unity. Then we can win by overcoming this oppositional unity. This oppositional unity is of the world, while we have a dispensational unity of heaven and so we must be superior. If they ruthlessly attack us, we can even further commit ourselves to further victory -- we commit ourselves even double and triple and quadruple. Our battle is not the knife battle or the gun battle or the fist battle. Our battle is that of love. Love is our weapon.

So, when I pass by those people who are up against me, picketing against me and cursing and yelling at me, I smile and I wave to them as though they were a welcoming party, as though their sign was a welcoming sign; not because I like them, but because I am standing on the principle of the battle of love. Now we come to Portland, and this city will consummate the continental United States part of that battle.

On this tour, I felt a danger around me all the time. There are many fanatics, there are many crazy people out there, as you know very well. They could harm me any time they wanted to; I know the possibility but I never fear it and I march through. The more opposition I see the more my heart is truly concentrated upon the will of the Father -- I am so busy comforting him.

I pray to Father, "Father, give me a little more time, give me more time, give me more protection, not because I want to live but because I have a little more of my job to do, for You." Yes, this is a serious road I have walked during the 32-city tour. Outwardly I was so peaceful, to people I appeared to be a very happy man, but inwardly you know how serious I was.

Twenty-four hours, there was no moment without thinking of the will of the Father; even in sleep I have been thinking about Him, thinking about His will, thinking about His work. I saw many visions of things that would happen in the days ahead of us. Many nights in prayer I saw the faces of many people coming to listen to lectures and when I went up to the podium, I saw the same faces coming toward me. I concentrated my heart, pouring out my heart upon them, and that night indeed always turned out to be a great victory; even though there were many rude people who stood up in the audience.

Yes, this is the time I truly experienced the heart of the Father, more deeply than ever. I am truly thankful for this opportunity, to serve and fight His battle in this fashion. But actually, Christianity is not our final enemy. Our ultimate enemy is going to be the ungodly ideology of Communism. I am already over 50 years of age, but I am not worried about the outcome.

I do have a serious problem, though. I spent all 50 years of my life in Korea, dealing with the worst problems in my life; but even a greater magnitude of problems are ahead of me, on the international level. These are the worldwide situations of persecution and the threats of Communism. Coming to America, I do know what the attitude of the Christian churches will be; they will be threatened, they are not sure, they will be insecure.

So, indeed they are going to band together to come up against me. I knew, therefore, that as in Korea, I must isolate in America the satanic Abel from the satanic Cain. So, I am separately establishing good relationships with people on the government level. That is my effort and that is why I do it.

Even though the Christian churches of America have come against us, I have been successful in establishing rapport with people on the governmental level in the United States. As you know, we have been successfully dealing with many Senators and Congressmen and throughout the tour we have received literally hundreds of proclamations from the local leaders. This is very meaningful because this shows we have been successful in keeping the negative churches from influencing the government.

Also, we held Day of Hope banquets everywhere. The reason was to invite the influential people, the civic leaders -- all the influential leaders of the city and states -- so that they will see me in person, so that they will get the impression that Reverend Moon is really leading a dedicated movement. I want to leave that impression.

So, we need time, we must gain time. In the meantime we have to divide the opposition of the negative churches. We must be solidly developing our own power, a power that is good enough to woo any politician in the land. Why did I support President Nixon? This is the reason; we need him for three years. Have faith, because God has a grand strategy. There is a reason that there is so much talk about impeachment and so forth. We want him to win, we want him to remain.

We must gain time. The three years will be good enough for us. In three years we will be an invincible power, so that we can deal with any type of President, any type of Congressman, any type of governor. We need three years. In the meantime we must prepare our ranks. I already declared in the 1972 tour that America's most extraordinary crises would come in 1977 and 1978, because the Communist strategy and Communist infiltration will be rampant then. At that time, they will go all the way, to sweep the land. Before that time, we must prepare our side.

In 1969, when I visited Europe, I made a statement that within three years the European situation would be very, very pessimistic and Communist infiltration would be rampant. Therefore, even our members had to be considering some kind of plan for evacuation, so that we could evacuate a country and still continue to fight. And, at that time, many leaders didn't believe me.

But, you know what happened. In three years, the European situation has become really pessimistic; it is really a dying continent. They are being subjugated day to day by Communism. I have seen many young people, the Jesus freaks, who are coming up against me all the time. Their way of doing things, their methods, their operation is just absolutely similar to the way of Communism. I think we have to know their real essence; there must be some underlying essence we must look into and get into deeper. In other words, we are not fighting for opposition's sake. We are doing our job, proclaiming the truth. Let them oppose us; we must go on our way.

You know, in Japan, many, many seminaries closed their doors. Furthermore, 80 percent of the churches -- Japanese churches -- are controlled in one way or another by the influence of the Communists.

So, for the next three years, unless we develop strong, substantial ranks and strength of our own, America will truly suffer, and the world, as a consequence, will suffer. No matter what, the Communist strategy is ultimately centered upon America, to get America, to bury America. They know that if America is buried, if this one nation is subjugated, then the whole world is theirs. The more I think about it, more than anybody else I think the Communists studied me. Even my own article appeared in Pravda, in Moscow.

In Japan, at the 52nd annual convention of the Communist Party in Japan, their headache was the Federation for Victory over Communism which is our organization. That was their headache, their first headache. So they invited theorists, and Communist scholars from 12 different nations, and organized a committee to deal with or counter our anti-Communist ideology. They came to the conclusion that they could not do it.

And the Communists know that Reverend Moon has already successfully laid the foundation in Korea, and in Japan; now he has moved into America. It is going to be a greater threat to the Communist ranks. So they are thinking of all kinds of strategies of their own to stop Reverend Moon here in America.

American Communists are now not so conspicuous in the front, in public, or anything like that. But they are a moving undercurrent; they are underground. However, our strategy is open strategy. We go all the way in the forefront, openly. And no matter how far advanced the Communists, and their organization, and their strength is, we must be in a position to surpass them.

The life or death battle here in America is how we can bring in more members, so that we can become a substantial organization. This is going to be our life or death struggle. Also, we must realize, since the Communists think of us as their worst enemy, whenever they subjugate a nation they think of the Unification Church as their first target. So it is our determination, our purpose here today, to decide how we can start these three years, in which we can truly demonstrate extraordinary commitment and extraordinary strategy and extraordinary results truly creating our winning ranks and winning formation.

Also, we must strengthen this Federation for Victory Over Communism. The battle against Communist strategy has to be strengthened all over the nation. We must have a dual organization; one is the church organization and the other is the Victory Over Communism organization. In the future, the American leadership has to look up to us for advice. They need us. Sooner or later, they will need our service in this country. So if we truly prepare ourselves to assist the government and help the nation, then we are going to have a tailwind; they will push us all the way.

You can well imagine how much importance I have placed on America, and how much thought I have put into developing our strategy here. One proof: I called all the international leaders to America. They were busy with their own countries, but I asked them to abandon their nations and come to America. In other words, I am sacrificing all other nations for the purpose of victory in America.

American members, when you know my deep, serious feelings, you must doubly move forward to become the forefront of the entire movement. But now there is shame in our movement: in the last several months we have been having difficulty in Upper Marlboro, with dissension and a lack of unity in the American membership. We do not fear this dissension but this is one disgraceful spot in the American movement. I am not going to be influenced by those actions. You know me better. However, it is a shame for the American movement.

Nobody truly knows me in depth. Nobody truly knows my background, my depth. This little surface you can see with your eyes and with your ears, you can hear; but this doesn't even scratch the surface of me, my true self. I will predict what will happen. Those people who were the victims of Upper Marlboro will later protest to their own leader, saying, "Because of you, my heaven was stopped. Because of you, my life was ruined. You evildoers!" The time will come when they will fight among themselves, even killing each other.

So I want you to know, we are in a sacred mission that will liberate the heart of the Father, the grief of the Father. We are the liberation army. Liberating whom? We are liberating God, His heart, His burdened sorrowful heart-the historical God, and the God of the present.

This next three years will be D-Day, like the Normandy landing operation. God has been preparing for 6,000 years, waiting for this one showdown, and we are making this one showdown, so D-Day is at hand. One hour is the equivalent of a thousand years of history. We must land that frontline soldier in this most divine battle of all.

While we are succeeding, the Communist Party, even though it has grown into a mammoth figure, subjugating even one third of the world population, is internally divided. They will have their own troubles, inside. Isn't it ironic that the two most formidable Communist nations are declaring war on each other?

Soviet Russia fears Red China most and Red China fears Soviet Russia most; they are mobilizing their divisions and armies on the Asian front and not on the European side. The American policy of detente with the Communist nations -- Soviet Russia and Red China -- is okay. However, it is only okay as long as we have something solid inside. If we don't have a solid inside then just going out and waving a white flag, calling it detente, is really just waving the white flag in surrender.

The Communists, as I said, have their own trouble. Whenever this division between China and Soviet Russia gets more severe, then they will have more and more trouble within themselves. By the same token, here in the free world, Cain and Abel must be united. If we fail to unite, we also will be divided.

Once before, the entire good land of America was subjected to waves of violence, and burnings and killings; those ages were lawless times. Before we come again to that time, we must be ready. I do know public opinion and people are moving away from the President of the United States and the people don't respect the President any more.

But if the President of the United States gets real tough, then there might well be some very grave problem in this country. It is ironic; America is not fighting against her evils, but Reverend Moon comes from outside the country, and mobilizes many young people from other parts of the world in order to help this country. Isn't it ironic? Therefore, we are so strong, so powerful; in other words, every politician in America has to think twice about Reverend Moon.

Right now our foremost problem is the difficulty with the Immigration Department. Unless we can successfully obtain legitimate residency for our foreign members, our movement will suffer a setback. We cannot fail to do this. If we do fail, my entire strategy will be totally altered, because all the foreign members here will have to leave.

In the meantime, the enemy ranks, the existing negative churches, will take that opportunity to counter-attack us. Therefore, by all means, at any cost, we must win the immigration battle. Indeed, we can make this a great battle for us. We can say, "We came to love America, to help the American people. Americans themselves are fighting, in trouble. It is beyond the hands of American solution. Now, America isn't even giving us room to stay." Yes, by all means, we must win this battle.

So you know the urgency; I am sure you know. For the next three years, I want each of you to become a great leader-great, dedicated, loyal, capable leader--so that we shall be ready for the great battle that is coming. That is the showdown against the ungodly ideology, Communism. Upon the successful victory here in America we will branch our divine battle, carrying it over to Europe.

I am even planning to receive some governmental officials when we send thousands of our people overseas. This will make it feasible to truly restore the world. I would like to have three major international mobile teams -- one for the continent of Asia, one for the continent of America, one for Europe. If they can move from one country to another, each team moving twelve times during the year, they can visit literally 36 nations in one year. When the mobile team visits one nation, we will completely set the foundation for that particular country.

Each member must find one new member every month - one new member per member per month. Do not think that this is an impossible task. Let's have a mental revolution: think it is possible -- think it is scientifically possible. I will move this movement forward until we realize that goal. In seven years, each member must make 84 new members. In other words, you must set the foundation for Jesus' disciples, winning 12 people each year for seven years.

I am going to strengthen our training program in Belvedere. The training program in Belvedere will be strengthened, more scientifically organized, and truly then I will make a place where leaders can be created. There is a witnessing period in the New York church which is part of the training program. Each trainee must make three new members. There was an initial reaction that it is too difficult or even impossible. "Make it possible," I said.

So, all of you are the leaders who move America. Each one of you must elevate yourself beyond any satanic elements, so that you can be in a free position, upon which God can truly pour out His miracles. Make yourself a receiving base. In this one battle, you are making a victory for the past, present, and future. In one battle, you are winning all this with eternal consequences.

No matter how good you are, no matter how hard you try, with your own power it is impossible. Your setting the condition by yourself is never good enough to be victorious. You must draw God's power. With your power alone you can never make it. You must draw power by being grafted into the source of power, the source of life, so that you utilize that limitless power.

I want you to accomplish your mission. Don't rely on your own power. Unless you become one with the True Parents, divine power will not flow into you. So this is the one basic and fundamental condition: you must become one with me; in other words, you are a wild olive tree, and True Parents are the true olive tree. So you must be grafted into them, and then day in and day out you think together -- of sorrow, of joy, whatever.

Think together-- always one in heart, one in mind, and one in action. That is the only way you can be grafted into the True Parents. I will let you know when you are ready to go beyond the boundary of your satanic elements. When you are ready, then you can stay with me, day and night. You must almost become a crazy man, crazy woman, just wanting to see the True Parents.

Between the True Parents and each one of us, there is a barrier. So, unless you truly work hard to unite yourselves into the tree of the True Parents, you will never make it. Unless you pay the very minimum that I ask you to do, you cannot close this gap, you cannot go over this gap, and you cannot truly come with me.

In your dwelling, in your work, you have two additional members always with you; these are the True Parents. You must live with me spiritually all the time -- while you are eating, while you are sleeping, while you are in the bathroom, while you are taking a bath, taking a rest, even in dreams you can be sitting with me and discussing with me. The grafting process is such that your branches have to be taken off and connected to the root of the truth, the true root. That's the only way. This is the secret of our movement. Whoever has that basic, fundamental attitude and that spiritual power will perform miracles.

And when you are proclaiming the truth of the Divine Principle, you must proclaim the person of the True Parent as the historical warrior of God. The Divine Principle is that way. When you teach the Divine Principle, that is the hour of declaration. This is the final declaration under the sun, the declaration of the Kingdom of God, the coming of the True Parents.

You must become one, united in one knowledge, united in one energy, and ultimately united in one heart. Then you must become a totally selfless person, making yourself a living sacrifice. Then power, limitless power, will flow into you. You are no longer sagging without the power, sagging without the energy. You must truly feel that, "I am a living sacrifice; I am just totally nothing," and "There is no me, no myself."

When you have that frame of mind, then whatever you do, wherever you go, you will draw God's power. Having this, when you go up to the podium to preach the Principle, you will know what kind of spiritual condition you are going to get in that particular meeting. Are you experiencing that level? We are the priests. If we cannot fulfill the role of the priest, then the price and punishment is even greater. In ancient times, in Biblical history, when the consecrated priest unlawfully stepped into the temple, he was struck right there.

Wherever you go, you yourself are not going; rather, the ambassador of the True Parents, the representative of the True Parents, is going; so you are your body, but your mind is my mind. You must go everywhere representing me.

Each meeting I reiterated that you must be successful in gaining one member every month. I said this over and over. How many of you truly felt that this was a nail in your heart, and your heart was truly broken when you could not fulfill that goal? How much suffering can you feel in your heart? This entire world and universe is depending upon us. When you see that, this suffering you feel  is the very bare minimum that we can do.

Now today you learned the right mental attitude; the attitude is the most important thing; you know what frame of mind you should have and you must have in order to be successful in your mission. Do you understand? (Yes!) In three years we must have 30,000 young soldiers, 30,000 members who can literally defend this country of America.

We cannot be universally victorious unless we are successful in these three years, getting 30,000 members. If at the end of the three years, we can not fulfill this goal, we must be determined that, "I will literally sacrifice myself. I will just plunge into the Atlantic Ocean and end it." That is the kind of desperate attitude and commitment we need.

However, it is possible. Indeed, you can truly create the miracle and have the impossible miracle come to you as a reality. This Day of Hope tour of 1974 is a miracle. You know, we didn't start with a bunch of money in the bank. When outside people look at our Day of Hope tour, they must consider that at least $200,000 is needed in each city. They think,' 'Reverend Moon comes to each city. He is spending $200,000.''

In their terms, their calculations make sense. They figure, "These people cannot do this thing without having comfortable sleeping quarters and allowance money for their cocktails in the evening, and some tobacco, and some special expenses." They figure this way: "Those people must be paid at least $700 a month. Therefore, it takes about $50,000 just to pay 70 people.''' 'The living expenses, and meals, and lodging, and incidentals together with some drinking and beer, and so forth, must require $100,000 just for the manpower."

By our commander's estimate, it costs us $ 1.50 per person per day for housing. But outside people figure $35.00 per night for housing. But they said that even for $200,000 they cannot get people who can work like us. They just simply cannot get the manpower. When the press, the business, the social leaders and the civic leaders see the magnitude of our movement, the first thing they ask is,' 'Where is Reverend Moon's gold mine?"

This is extraordinary. Never in the history of America, probably never in the history of any nation, has any person or group moved in a whirlwind like this for seven months without ceasing. And, I am sure that I am absolutely setting a new record here in America. So this is one miracle you have created.

I talked to the international commanders, and said, "When you visit the state, you must not leave the burden behind." That was my absolute policy. If you set that tradition, then the American movement will be absolutely bless-able. And, this has been primarily organized by the outside foreign members, coming from all different nations, facing a strange land, without knowing the language, with a different cultural background, but they created such a tradition.

Then in the future when the American movement grows, each state will have a mobile team; and later we will go around to each county, doing the same thing, leaving no burden behind. In the meantime, that county is being blessed. When you bring this down to each cell of America, America will be restored in no time.

Before our enemy organizes their ranks, they take a little time. But we won't take any time. So this is the new beginning; we are marking a new beginning for the new campaign. Do you understand? (Yes!)

If I continue after even three years' time, when this time is over, then really something will happen. Now, all the opposition is coming, because Reverend Sun Myung Moon is in the forefront. Therefore, after three years, I will stay behind; I will let you be in the forefront. So if I don't show up, the picketers won't have too much interest in come picketing again.

So this is what I have done: I merely set the pattern. I am not going to finish the job; you are. I want you to do just like me, and even more. Those who can really constantly do that job like me, raise your hands.

You know, I analyzed many people; and the psychologists, the specialists, analyzed and reasoned why the existing churches are opposing us. It is a simple reason: they are threatened by us. They feel fear. And after the 32-city tour is over, then we have the greatest thing, the finale of 1974; the mammoth 8-city tour will be coming in September.

I would like to have this be a really fantastic, spectacular victory here in America, so that all the existing churches who are opposing us will be absolutely flabbergasted. Then, their bones will no longer have enough strength to sustain their body, and so they will collapse.

I heard that Billy Graham's association is spending about $20,000,000 a year. But during the year, how many crusades are they organizing? We must far exceed their record and the pattern set by those existing organizations.

I believe in the power of God. I believe in the formidable power of mass communication. Our strategy must be based on a solid, scientific, and very sound base. We will never fail that way. I don't worry about any other cities for this finale, the 8-city tour, but I will concentrate my effort in New York, on Madison Square Garden. So this is our time now to discuss how we can make this New York crusade a spectacular success.

Those who think that we must make that Madison Square Garden an absolute success, raise your hands. Those who are confident that we can do it, raise your hands. I wished that things were that easy -- just raising your hands. How many people should be mobilized for the New York campaign? I mobilized 380 to 400 members last year, October 1, for the Carnegie Hall crusade.

In three days, we got an average of 1,200 people per night. So, one member actually brought in about three persons every night. We must bring 25,000 to Madison Square Garden. Then how many people shall be mobilized? How many members could do that job? Going by the same ratio as last year, we will need 8,000 members in New York. Do we have that 8,000? Since we don't have 8,000 working members, shall we make up dummy members and let them sit on the chairs? We cannot do that. I will tell you why.

In my 50 years of battle for heaven, the Day of Hope tour from 1972 to 1974 is my first public appearance. The eight cities are my culmination. In the sight of heaven, we cannot allow this eight-city tour to have empty seats, because then we simply could not face God.

After the victory of this eight-city tour and the culmination of 1974, we are going to have one important monument. That monument will become a priceless monument. Even with the entire wealth of the United States, you could not buy that monument in the future.

When I went to Jerusalem, I went into a museum. The museum director told me that if we had one chopstick, or a fork -- whatever Jesus himself used -- one chopstick, one little bit of any thing, then if those items were available, even the entire wealth of the United States could not buy Jesus chopstick. Can you understand such a mentality? Just one chopstick, which Jesus Christ used, now has the priceless spiritual value and truly nothing can buy it.

So we are going to have a monument, but we will not have a monument unless we make this a great success. Are you still iron-faced enough to say, "Let's have a monument," even with empty seats all over? This time, therefore, it is a life or death struggle. We will truly put our entire selves into it, and we can do it.

Our monument will carry the history of how the campaign was consummated; and each one's record and each one's role shall be recorded in the monument. Later on, when your descendants, your sons and grandchildren from all over the world, come to America, they will visit the monument, and the first thing they will look for will be their grandfather's name or grandmother's name.

When they find it, they will say, "This is my grandfather; this is my grandmother." Then they will turn around and take a picture. Each mobile unit commander's contribution will be recorded. You don't want to be the very worst, do you? You want to be the top, don't you? Actually, in a way, we have too many people to make this thing a success.

We don't need this many people, if the persons who come to that work truly tighten their belts and are truly dedicated, 100 percent, to that goal. Then, I know it can be done. But, we need a large group, 8,000 people to do the job. Since we don't have 8,000 people, at a minimum we must mobilize 4,000 people.

The 4,000 can work doubly hard, so that 8,000 people's roles can be accomplished. We shall really become crazy people in order to make this job a success. As our slogan, let's really be crazy, crazy about this job. Let's really push ourselves to the utmost.

If we apply ourselves that far and still don't meet the goal, then still shouldn't be ashamed. In that case, do not be ashamed in the sight of God. You can still have your chin up in the sight of God: "Father, you know we have done the best." Then God will provide another opportunity. Truly He Himself will bring down the miracle, to show us He is in the position to comfort you then. Total concentration is required, including everything -- your ears and your organs, eyes, and your 24-hour thinking. Let us develop this total concentration. I want you to know why we must make this an absolute success.

I want you to know how privileged you are. In this particular time you were born, you were chosen so that you can sweat together with the True Parents, and so you can work and battle together. You are to become a core soldier of the True Parents. This particular position cannot be bought with money, in the past or in the future.

There is only one time in history that you can do this, and this is your time. Your whole body, every cell of your body, every movement, every facial motion, even every piece of hair, every ounce of energy, must be directed to this one point. Those who have developed that attitude, to live or die, must make it a victory. Let us once again raise hands. Thank you.

The current members in the states and the current IOWC members are not enough to meet that goal. We need a new posture, a new mobilization plan and a new scheme to meet that goal. We must take a hard look to determine which way we can move. New organization is necessary. Therefore, I am going to divide the United States, 50 states, into ten different regions.

I am going to get up the regional command. Do you understand? (Yes!) The commanders who are assigned to one particular region will be the representatives of the True Parents, and they are going to have total authority over the five or six states. Also, they are the sole responsible parties to the True Parents.

The channel of command must be absolutely strengthened and demonstrated; this is an inward posture. Then outwardly, we can truly show our physical accomplishment; in that way we shall prosper in the next few months, making our organization the most prosperous one.

At the end of the 8-city tour of 1974, outside people will evaluate: "I am sure Reverend Moon's people spent many millions of dollars in these eight cities. They poured the money like water." I am sure; let them say that. That is the measure of success. When we come up with the combined success of the eight cities, people will say, "Well, you just cannot touch that organization any more. Only a Billy Graham-type of association could have organized such a thing. But these people -- a year ago they were nothing. Now they are so strong, it is invincible. You simply just don't touch those people.''

Then we will find a very typical unrighteous person. We will mobilize our entire attack toward one goal, toward one particular vicious person -- either a religious leader, or a political leader, or whatever. And, we knock him out, expose what he stands for, and show the entire nation that we are for righteousness, and we could do it. I don't want anybody to take us lightly; let them take us seriously.

Yes, we can make ourselves really invincible people. But our people are for righteousness, and I want to have that righteous image spread. In order to do that, we must make this finale; the Day of Hope tour must be successful. Also, we are going to have a lot of spectators for our eight-city tour. We are active; they will watch. The White House will watch. Senators will watch. Congressmen will watch. All the clergymen, and Billy Graham, and all the evangelists will watch.

This eight-city tour is one Olympics which comes every 6,000 years. I seriously look at it that way. This is one battle God has been waiting for 6,000 years. Look at that. That victory is not only America's victory. That victory will bring power to Japan, power to Korea -- all over the world -- Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

In a little over one year, actually one year and one month's time, Reverend Moon, starting from scratch, has emerged as a formidable entity worldwide. But it is not for my sake. That's how we can bring the power of God down to this earth. Let them feel that they cannot take us lightly. So all leaders, when you go back to your centers, make a big sign, put it on all the four walls in your rooms, saying: "Father, let me be crazy, become a crazy man for Father's mission -- crazy." And it should also say "One new person for one month." "Crazy man for Father's mission" and "One person for one month." That is our slogan. It is possible.

This time, we are going to make our International One World Crusade teams into ten, increasing them to ten different teams with 700 members. We have only four months before September begins. One team with 70 members can bring in, if you go by this criterion, 280 members by September; that is, 70 members each month for four months, which is 280.

If the IOWCs can do this much, and we certainly can, the state leaders can do equally well. This is like a chain reaction, so that new people coming in are left to be trained in the states. Let us earnestly look at that possibility, and let us tackle it.

Each member will be assigned at least 120 homes, which he is to visit. Those who are fulfilling those particular instructions, please raise your hands. All other states, everybody now, when you go back, let's assign areas of responsibility to each member. Whatever I say, do it. Now, I have been saying that for a long, long time. So this tradition has to be strengthened. We must comply with instructions. Let us set the tradition, the really absolute tradition.

In Madison Square Garden the seating areas will be allocated to each 10WC and to each state. Each 10WC is responsible for 2,500 seats. Can you understand? Can you follow me? (Yes!) The first thing we will begin with is prayer; prayer is the beginning of our campaign. I want you to be in a position of welcoming being pushed.

Leaders are the pushers. State leaders are pushed by the 10WC, and you are willing to be pushed. Those who truly are pushing champions will be good leaders. For the sake of the goal, you have to do it. Do you welcome that? (Yes.) Those who welcome being pushed, raise your hands. I trust you.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 07.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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