The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Day Of Victory Over Resentment (May 1, 1974)

Sun Myung Moon
May 19, 1974
Tarrytown, New York
Translated by Won Pok Choi

Those who are seeing me for the first time, will you please hold up your hands? Sixty-five.

As you all know, I started my speaking tour on the 15th of February, and I visited practically all the states of America, including Hawaii. I stopped in Japan and made a short visit back to Korea. Beginning in 1972, throughout 1973, and until 1974, I have continually said that these are our most crucial years; in the spiritual sense, these are the years of restoration of the world.

Restoration always comes through indemnity. In the beginning, due to the human fall, the satanic world came about. If the men had been obedient to God, the kingdom of God would have been established, centering on individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the world. But due to the fall of man, those levels were established centering on Satan, against the will of God.

We have seen the establishment of this and are now inhabitants of the satanic world. If God left this world alone, there would be no way for man to rid himself of satanic sovereignty, and God knows that Satan wouldn't let us go. Therefore, God has begun the project of restoration of man to His side. My topic is "The Day of Victory Over Resentment."

As you know, human life began centering on Satan, beginning from the individual level to the family level, tribal level, national level, worldwide level, and cosmic level. The original world of God's intention was a world centering on God on every level. Centering on all levels of things, God should have been up there, while Satan should be down here. But due to the human fall, the reverse happened, and now Satan is situated above God.

In another analogy, we can say that the spiritual world is up there, and the physical world is down here, separated from each other, out of harmony with each other. In an individual, too, there are always two powers at war with each other -- our spiritual side and our physical side. The same thing applies centering on the family level, tribal level, national level, and worldwide level. There is disharmony between the spiritual side and the physical side.

Thus, there are always two powers at war with each other in an individual. But we have to erect the world without war in an individual. A man who is perfected is a man without those two powers warring against each other. Has there ever been such an individual in the world? Without such an individual in the world, no ideal family can come about; and no restoration of the tribal level, national level, and worldwide level can begin.

So the fall of one man, Adam, caused the fall and corruption of the whole world. From one man's disobedience to God, came fallen men, the fallen family, the fallen tribe, the fallen nation, and the whole fallen world. So this whole world is under the dominion of Satan. In John 12:31 we read that the sovereign or king of the world is Satan. It goes on to say that Satan has gained the sovereignty of the air, too.

In order for God to restore this kind of world, He has had to work in the reverse order. He has to locate or send a person who can represent the harmonious world uniting the spiritual side and the physical side -- unified cosmos, world, nation, tribe, family, and individual. This man of perfection is the core of all levels of things; and if you get grasp of this one person, you can perfect your individual level, the family level; then the tribal level, national level, and worldwide level. All will all be realized under God's will. This central figure is the Messiah.

Then who is the Messiah? What is he?

Our first human ancestor fell, causing a world under satanic sovereignty. Therefore, from a man of God's will (a perfected man with harmony between the spiritual side and physical side) will come the world of unity on every level between the spiritual side and physical side. This man must come as the new human ancestor.

In the course of restoration, God must have this man of perfection, and restore individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the whole world according to the model of this man. This course is the act of religion. The chosen nation of the Israelites was the representative of this project of God.

In Christianity God wanted to restore one man in a proper relationship and harmony with God, and then centered on him, one family, one tribe, one nation, and the whole world.

To give you an analogy, this world is the world of wild olives under the dominion of God, and the world of wild olives under the dominion of Satan. The entire human race is in the position of wild olives, but the wild olives in the world of religion or Christianity, are in the position to be grafted to God. These people are willing to be cut off and engrafted to God, and they are at the disposal of God's act of restoration.

God first prepared the chosen nation of Israel, an orchard of wild olives, and then sent to them the central figure, the Messiah, to be engrafted to him. The Messiah is the individual of perfection as the true olive tree, and every individual must be engrafted to him in order to perfect themselves. All scopes and levels will be broadened like that. God has to realize this world on at least the level of the nation.

In utter obedience to this one man of perfection, all the rest of the world will be engrafted to him and be perfected as he is. To be in complete unity with him means to be in unity between your thought and his, between your words, and his, and between your actions and his. That means you must think the way he thinks, say things the way he would, and act out things the way he would. In this way the whole world will be restored, level by level.

But in human history has there ever been a man who was really in unity with this Messiah? Surrounding Jesus there was no single disciple who was completely united with him. Even including Jesus, there has never been a man who was in unity with God, centering on his family. There must be a family with the husband and wife being in complete unity with each other, centering on God. But this has never been fulfilled surrounding Jesus either. Without this kind of family fulfilled on this earth, we cannot expect that kind of thing on the tribal level, national level, and worldwide level.

A man of perfection, Jesus, came as the Messiah, but he could not form his family with a perfect unity between husband and wife. In that way, he failed to engraft all the rest of the world to him on each level. By the crucifixion, Jesus lost the prepared nation of the Israelites. He fulfilled his mission only on the spiritual level. But God's original intention was to have him fulfill the world of unity, both on the spiritual and physical levels, so he has to come back to establish what was left unaccomplished in his day -- the physical level.

He has to come back to establish the world of unity both on the spiritual and physical levels, even while both levels of the world are under the dominion of Satan. So he gets hold of people on both sides.

Today's Christianity believes in the crucifixion of Jesus. But that's not the way it should be. Nothing like salvation can come from the cross, only by the resurrection. By the crucifixion, everything was denied and lost. The nation, the church, John the Baptist, the disciples were all lost. He lost everything. Even the thief on Jesus' right hand, who was crucified with Him, he was not left alive. He died too. So the beginning of Christianity cannot come from the cross.

Christianity started when Jesus gathered the remnant of his disciples after his resurrection within the course of 40 days. So you must clearly realize that Christianity did not start with the crucifixion, but started from the resurrected Jesus. But this restoration is also not perfect restoration. When we say we are restored in Jesus, it means we are restored or saved on the spiritual level alone.

Centering on Christianity, everything starts from the beginning, to restore a man of perfection on the spiritual level, family of perfection, a tribe of perfection, a nation of perfection, and the whole world of perfection -- but only on the spiritual level. That's why in order to believe in Christianity, people have had to shed their blood, and many people have gone through martyrdom. So just as Jesus did, anyone who wants to be saved must go through the course of denying himself, bearing the cross, and pass through suffering and difficulties and martyrdom.

This is how divine mathematics has been: by sacrificing one man, God's side restores three men in his place. In order for a man -- the Messiah, for instance -- to be perfect, he must go through three stages -- formation, growth, and perfection. So, at the sacrifice of this one person, God could restore at least three persons. One person fought a fierce battle against Satan and defeated him; then, centering on him, a victorious family, tribe, nation, and world should have been realized. This world has been realized on the spiritual level, but not on both the spiritual and physical levels.

In this ideal world, the kingdom of God, any individual, family, tribe, or nation, and the world, can only be fulfilled after winning the victory both on the spiritual and physical levels. But in this world only the spiritual battle against Satan was fought and won. That's why the Lord has to come again.

Then why does he come again? Doe he come to dominate the spiritual world alone, or both the spiritual and physical worlds? (BOTH!) So the Second Advent of Christ must be realized not on the spiritual level, but both on the spiritual and physical levels. He must come as a man in the flesh.

The whole of Christianity is expecting to see him come and restore the world of perfection just like that: the nation, tribe, family, and every individual. So the whole world, on all levels, is expecting the Lord of the Second Advent to come and save them, because they know that they cannot be saved unless he comes to the world. Surrounding him individuals can be saved, families, tribes, nations, and the whole world. But, very ironically, the Christian world believes in the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent on the clouds, in a spiritual manner.

Christianity has spread all over the world, but this has been done only on the spiritual level. So in the real sense, the foundation is less than in the time of Jesus. Then a nation was restored or prepared both on the spiritual and physical levels.

As you know, before the time of Jesus the prophecy of the coming of Elijah was given. But Elijah did not show up in the way they expected, for, as Jesus pointed out, he came in the person of John the Baptist. So Elijah, too, came as a person in the flesh. However, at that time the prepared people, the Israelites, could not believe in Jesus Christ; they simply could not believe in him because they knew that Elijah had not come in the spiritual manner they expected -- on the clouds. The Divine Principle has taught you all these things, so I will omit most of this part.

So with the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent, the whole restoration must be redone, both on the spiritual and physical levels. Complete restoration must be accomplished. The Christian population of the world, like the chosen nation of the Israelites in Jesus' days, must be in complete unity with this Lord of the Second Advent.

In that case, individuals can be restored in unity with him, and families, tribes, nations, and the whole world can be restored surrounding this person. This Lord of the Second Advent must fight and win the basis of restoration on the spiritual level, beginning from the world and nation, in a reverse order. He must be able to fight against myriads of satans and win sovereignty over the whole world on the spiritual level, letting God dominate the whole world, encompassing all levels. Do you understand what I mean?

In order for him to stand here, he must first go through all these stages and overcome the whole satanic world. He must also restore the rest of the world on the physical level. He must develop the work of restoration on the physical level, stage by stage, reaching out even to the end of the world. He must liquidate the battle between God and Satan. God alone has not been able to do that. This time the Lord of the Second Advent in flesh will establish all those things in place of God.

This man must be equipped with the qualification of having won the battle against Satan on all those levels on the spiritual side. When the spiritual victory is won by this man, then anyone engrafted to him, anyone in unity with him can be perfected both on the spiritual and physical levels. Every other level will be established or realized in like manner.

The man of perfection has the unity of the spiritual side and physical side. In him spiritual restoration corresponds to the restoration of the angelic world, and the physical restoration corresponds to the restoration of the physical world, Adam's world. This is because according to the Principle, God created man's physical body first... the angelic world was created first, the spiritual world was first -- the angelic world first, and Adam's world next.

The Lord of the Second Adventů when we say that he will have restored the whole world on the spiritual level, this means for him to have restored the angelic world. Then after having realized the restoration of the angelic world, or the spiritual world alone, he can locate a man both on the spiritual and physical levels. Then this man is without the accusation from Satan; because the satanic world is in the position of the fallen angelic world... Is everything clear to you? (YES.) You must know this at least.

The Lord of the Second Advent must accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus, and from that point on he has to restore every level of things on the physical level. Do you understand? (YES.) If the Christian world unites with the Lord of the Second Advent, the whole world can be restored in seven years' time. I am talking about things never written in the Divine Principle book, so you must be attentive to what I am saying. You don't know the timetable of God in our age. You must know that.

But the whole Christian world cannot unite with him right away because they have been believing in the Lord of the Second Advent coming in the clouds of heaven. That's the problem. So why did God tell His people that there was the possibility of Jesus' returning on the clouds? Because the whole world was not under God's dominion, rather it was under Satan's; this being the satanic world, if God is too frank with His utterance, the people would not leave the Lord alone, but would deny him and kill him. Even before Jesus, God had sent many righteous men to the world; all of them without exception played the role of a secret agent of God, in the satanic world.

So when God communicated with these righteous men, He could not straightforwardly tell them what to do and what would happen; He told them only in coded messages, because they were in the enemy world. Important things, without exception, were written in parables and symbols in the Bible, so only God's people can interpret them. Through revelation, the people of God's choice could understand and interpret them.

For instance, if America is going to send spies or secret agents into Soviet Russia, or any nation that is potential enemy to the United States, would she send the message in plain language or in code? (Coded message) Only the top CIA personnel and the one to receive the message know the code and can interpret it. Nobody else can. Today's Christians don't understand this secret of God, and they try to interpret the Bible verses literally.

We see many examples. For instance, the book of Malachi predicted that Elijah should come before the Lord. Elijah was expected to come on the clouds of heaven in a mysterious, supernatural manner. God's intention was for John the Baptist to explain all those things, because he was a man of God and should be able to interpret them. The same thing could happen in these days, in our age.

Most of the things written in symbols and parables in the Bible must be interpreted by a man of God. Just one person is capable of doing this -- not the theologian, not the church ministers. No such persons can. In the Divine Principle we bring everything to light.

As I said before, if the whole Christian world unites with this man, the restoration of the whole world will be easy, and in the shortest possible future the whole world will be restored into the kingdom of God. But if Christendom is against this Lord of the Second Advent, what would happen? All these things will be lost again.

The Lord of the Second Advent, before his appearance on the human stage, should have already won the battle against Satan on the spiritual level. So he cannot fail this time. With himself as the core, he can restore the whole world on the physical level too. This is because he has already won the battle with Satan on the spiritual level.

Do you understand? So surrounding the Lord of the Second Advent the physical restoration will be accomplished, because he has inherited what was accomplished by Jesus on the spiritual level. And what he has left to do is to restore the world on the physical level. Do you know this clearly?

The Unification Church is standing exactly in that position. We have lost the bases accomplished by Jesus Christ because practically the whole Christian world has been against our movement. So starting right from the beginning, we have to establish the individuals, families, tribes, nations, and the whole world, both on the spiritual and physical levels.

We are in place of the whole Christian world, having restored the things on the spiritual level, and we are now going to restore the whole world on the physical level. So we will go on restoring the world, both on the spiritual and physical levels. The full scope of the restoration will take place surrounding us.

Before Father was erected as the central personage, he won the battle against Satan. So he has been standing on the basis of having won over the spiritual world. This means he has inherited what the whole of Christianity has been able to accomplish on the spiritual level. After restoring the angelic or spiritual world, he is now going to restore the world on the physical level.

And he is always one step ahead of the rest of the world, and the rest of the world is destined to follow him. Do you understand what I mean? He has to re-create individuals into his likeness, and the families into the likeness of his family; tribes, nations, and the whole world will be restored in this manner.

The problem is that Jesus was crucified, sacrificed on the level of the nation. The nation was restored, but he was sacrificed on that level. All the churches were against him. The whole nation, including Judaism and all religions, were against him, which drove him to death. When we say "restoration through indemnity," it means for our central figure to restore what Jesus had gone through, by going through the same stages.

Centering on him, Korea is in the position of the chosen nation of the Israelites at Jesus' time. Korean Christians were in the position of Judaism in Jesus' day. If the Korean Christians, the Korean government, and the nation as a whole had been one with him, then the world restoration could have been but a matter of time.

But they both went against our movement, and I had to start all over again. So my work has had to be that of restoration of individuals, families, nations, and the world, both on the spiritual and physical levels -- spiritual things first. I have gone through untold battles and difficulties and hardships, going through all those bitter persecutions. And now we are at the stage of having restored the nation of Korea, because the government is in favor of us; they began to recognize our movement.

We have now gone beyond the level of what Jesus accomplished, because he was rejected by the nation, and I won the favor of the nation. Do you understand? That's why I could come to the United States, which is the leading nation of the free world or the Christian world. If the nation is on my side, sooner or later, then I can forgive the Christian world who killed Jesus and denied me. In that sense, too, this is the project of the Second Coming. It is the Second Coming into the world of Christianity.

What I am doing during these three crucial years in the United States corresponds to what I have already said. Is everything clear to you? Even though Korea has not quite received him as the Lord, if the United States is receptive to our movement and then recognizes him for who he is, then the whole world can be forgiven and saved under the Divine Will. Without your being conscious of the fact, the White House, the whole government, and the whole religious world are disputing about our movement. This is exactly what happened in Korea a few years ago.

In these three years, I must become at least the controversial figure in the United States, and even the kindergarten children should know my name by the end of three years. I have become famous. During seven concentrated months I have become a noted figure in this world. If this nation receives the message through me, this nation will be saved. But if this nation goes against our movement, this nation is doomed to fall.

It is interesting for me to notice that during my speaking tour, even though Christians have been more or less against our movement and speaking tour, the government, starting from the White House through the local government officials, governors and mayors, gave me bundles of proclamations, thanking me for what I am doing. So the United States has set up the condition of not being corrupt, or being doomed to fall, even though the Christian sphere in this nation will fail. Do you understand?

Even though the Christians of the United States are against our movement, we must go beyond the level and go hand in hand with the government. If that can be done, we can restore this nation by 1977, or at the latest, 1978. The two or three years prior to that will be crucial years on the worldwide level, with Communism rampant.

The three-year course on the worldwide level will be 1976, 1977, and 1978. In these three crucial years, if the United States has failed to remain in the position of the leading nation of the world, she is doomed to perish. This is not a man-made calculation; this is the formula coming from the divine will. God's will is always working behind human scenes. Nothing can just come casually, without the will of God. There has always been a battle between God and Satan. Do you understand?

You must know the significance of why I had to go through all those 50 states in my speaking tour this year. You must know why I didn't concentrate my work in a big city like New York, and why I didn't bring all the members here to this great city. If I concentrate only on the project in New York, all the spiritual men who lived in the various states and passed away will complain against me: "Why do you leave my children alone without leaving a footprint of yours directly in my state?"

Even Satan will accuse me of being not fair, if I concentrate on the city of New York, putting more stress in one place. Salvation or restoration is not for New York alone, but for every state and the whole nation, and the whole world. That's why I have visited every state this time, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Several years ago in Korea the whole Christian world came against me. Now we are in the position of attacking them. Individuals, even including the laymen of the churches, are more convinced by our theory than by the theories they have been taught by the established churches. Do you understand? We have theories appealing to human reason, so however hard they may struggle, the Christian world cannot win over us. Isn't it true?

I visited every one of the 50 states. The spiritual bases created by the Christian world could not do anything against me. So I am just sweeping the whole nation.

The United States, as you well know, is the central nation of the Christian world. God has prepared this nation to be receptive to the Lord of the Second Advent. This nation is in the position of the prepared wild olive trees, on the side of God. You have been enjoying in this nation freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Those are the assets which would enable you to receive the Lord of the Second Advent. That's the way God prepared you people, the people of the United States. Now I am reaping the fortune and accomplishments of the Christian world. The Christian world has been coming against our movement, so the fall of the Christian world started from the year 1960, and it is declining up to the present moment. Conversely, our Unification movement is going up.

What I have accomplished on the spiritual and physical levels in Korea is now brought here. All that was won on the spiritual level in the Christian world and now in the United States will be engrafted to us and inherited by us. By being successful in the United States, we will go beyond the level of the nation to that of the world, both on the spiritual and physical levels. We will reach out to the last man of the whole population of the world. Do you know what I mean? Unless we inherit what was accomplished in the Christian world on the spiritual level, the whole world has no hope to be saved.

We inherit what was accomplished by Jesus on the spiritual level during the second seven-year course. We start from there towards the end of the world, both on the spiritual and physical levels. When our movement was on the national level, even though the Christian world came against our movement, we went beyond them and they had to decline.

We won the favor of the nation through the government, and thus established the foundation of having won both on the physical and the spiritual levels. So we are now doing the same thing on the worldwide scale in the United States, both on the spiritual and physical levels.

If this nation of the United States opposes our movement to the last and the divine plan of God is shifted to another nation, what we have reaped here will not be lost. If the United States should fail to receive us, we will go to England; if England will not accept our movement, we will shift to Germany. It is much easier for us to restore the nation of England, because the Christian world there is declining so fast, and therefore everything is well prepared in that sense for them to receive us.

If you want to make our project in the United States a success, you must dash forward on the road of restoration during these three to four crucial years -- 1975, 1976, 1977, and at the latest, 1978. By that time, if the nation rejects us, our plan will be shifted to another nation. I have gone through my course of three years already, and from now on it is going to be your course of three more years to restore the nation. I urge the American members to do your dead best, your deadly best in these three years. If you are united with each other and if you can unite the people of the United States with our movement, both on the physical and spiritual levels, our battle will be victorious.

What I have gone through in these three years is the internal base, and what you are going to do will be the external base. You must restore this nation within those three to four years. I have done what I could on the spiritual level; I have restored the angelic world in this nation. Your job is to restore the physical world. That's your job to do, your mission. Don't forget those three crucial coming years. Do you really understand?

Up until 1977 and 1978, we must restore this nation. We must defend this nation from satanic invasion. But we see corruption coming about in individuals, in families, and in the whole nation. Families have been broken down. The whole nation is being shattered. The nation has broken down, and the families broken down, and the individuals broken down.

You are on the verge of life or death. Just as Adam and Eve fell by illicit love, in the Garden of Eden, the same thing occurs in this nation. People are not taking seriously the chastity of individuals; the view of the family and view of the nation is declining, and becoming corrupted. He means that you apply free sex and such things in this nation, and abandon virtuous things.

Are there any individuals or any families in this nation who are ready to sacrifice themselves for this nation? Everyone is individualistic in this nation. They are not ready to sacrifice themselves for the cause of the whole nation. They are extremely individualistic. So you are at the dead end.

The nation cannot be defended unless there is an individual in this nation ready to sacrifice himself for his family, for the whole nation. Are you determined to do the job? If you are really determined to carry out the mission, hold up your hands in pledge before God.

Let me tell you some serious things. Up to the present moment, those who are in Abel's position have been sacrificed by those in Cain's position. Abel is on the side of God, while Cain is on the side of Satan. In order to save the people in the satanic world, righteous men on God's side have hitherto been sacrificed.

Now it must the other way around. In the Garden of Eden when man fell, Adam was dominated by the archangel; the reverse should have happened. In the family the same thing came about, also in the tribe, nation, and the whole world. Those in the position of Abel have been sacrificed or shattered by those in the position of Cain. The evil side won the sovereignty over the righteous side. But this must be turned the other way around. I myself have said so.

Those who are in Abel's position have sacrificed both on the individual level, family, tribal, national, and worldwide level until the present moment. Satan has been fighting against God's people on all those levels. He attacked first, and those who are in Abel's position have been in the defensive posture, not attacking Satan.

Before being able to restore the world, and in order to protect ourselves, we must fight against the satanic power. Under Satan's persecution, we have had to defend ourselves up to the present moment. But now we must attack them. (Mrs. Choi: He thinks I have said what he was going to say.)

Even though an individual has perfected himself, if he cannot establish his family, it is as if he is without defense. He is the core on the internal base, so it is as if he does not have external protection. In every religion, this is the core principle. When you are really protected and safe, you must establish external things as a fence to protect you.

In any religion, if the core figure is to win, he has had to overcome Satan to set up himself as the center, by denying himself. Through prayers he must restore himself on the physical level. That corresponds to God's creating the angelic world first, and later the physical world. In prayers, he must fight against the fallen archangel. When you pray intense prayers, the spirit side will come and attack you, and you must fight against them and overcome them.

I must again say that God created the angelic world first, so we must restore our perfection on the spiritual level first, and then we must deny our fleshly side. That means Abel is in the position of being attacked by the archangels, being sacrificed. That's the course of restoration in us as individuals.

When we are struggling hard to perfect ourselves on the spiritual level, we must deny our physical side. We will find ourselves being attacked by myriads on the spirit side. But after winning that battle, the spirit side will cooperate with us. They will be obedient to us, helping us to restore ourselves on the physical level too. So harmony can come about between our physical side and our spirit side.

This is the reason why, in Christianity, we have been denying our fleshly side, living an ascetic life. In our movement, too, the same thing must be applied. I am driving you hard, making you go through difficulties first on the physical level. That's exactly what I have gone through myself. Without going through these stages, we cannot restore ourselves.

It's from this principle that we are doing that. The same principle must be applied on the individual level, family, tribal, national, and worldwide levels. The same kind of battle must be fought and won, but the scope becomes larger and larger. You must be ready and willing to sacrifice yourself for the cause of the family, tribe, and nation. If you are not willing to do that, there is no hope for the whole nation and the world to be saved. Do you clearly understand the formula?

If you or any individuals are going to restore yourself in perfection and harmony, you must first of all deny your physical side and have your physical side go through difficulties and hardships by restoring yourself on the spiritual level. And then your spiritual side will come into harmony and cooperate with what you are going to restore, which is your the physical side.

The spiritual world is the angelic world. The whole physical world must be restored after the angelic world which is the spiritual world, is restored. The physical world is Adam's world. The angelic world is the spiritual world. This is the original situation.

Who is going to do this? All by yourself you cannot carry it out. On the national, tribal and family levels, the same thing must be accomplished centering on your central person. So without someone one step ahead of you, whose example you can follow, you cannot dream of realizing this restored world. Our Father is in the position of being one step ahead of you.

Adam and Eve were the first human ancestors, but due to their fall, they became false ancestors of mankind. True Parents and true ancestors must come in their place. What we are doing now, centering on the True Parents, is the restoration of the world, centered on this nation of America. We are now in the stage of restoring the United States as a nation, representing the whole world, within these three years.

Up to the present moment, Satan's side has been attacking us, the men of the Godly side. In other words, those in the position of Abel have been attacked by those in the position of Cain. But from now on the reverse will come true, and those who are in Abel's position can attack those who are in Cain's position. And if any sacrifice is going to be paid at all, those in the Cain position will do that. Do you understand?

From now on, what you do you yourself will reap. You can claim what you have done on the individual level, family level and national level, and the whole world will be restored in this manner. This is the time when things reverse; this is going to happen, and is now happening. Those who are in Abel's position will attack the other side.

Without the human fall, God would have been in the dominant position, while Satan would have been trodden upon below. The reverse happened, due to the human fall. So mankind has to climb up the hill in the course of restoration, while Satan will decline. The transitional period can come about. The crossroads is here.

Up to this point, Godly people have gone through the course of indemnity; but from now on, the satanic side has to pay the toll of indemnity. Our own portion of indemnity will be lessened and lessened. Our portion of indemnity will be lessened into nothing as the scope of this change grows bigger and bigger; and the indemnity on the Satanic side will grow bigger and bigger. Midnight is over, and our new day will dawn. May the first, 1974 is the crossing point. I called that day "The Day of Victory Over Resentment."

After finishing my speaking tour in Hawaii, I made a brief visit back to Korea, and I declared that day on May 1, 1974. Our movement was officially established in 1954. We are now entering our 21st year. Somehow the urge came into my mind, and I set up the day on May the first, but I just didn't realize it was the day of the founding of our church. I just forgot the fact. Then I found that the urge came from heaven on the very day of the official founding of the church. I thought, God is a God of science, a God of mathematics.

So you must realize that we are beyond the crossing point now. From now on, I want you to be full of confidence to do any work. As an individual, if you attack others, they will be shattered. You must have that confidence. As a family, if you attack other families, they will be shattered, they will be sacrificed, not yours. From now on our movement will be prosperous, winning many members and sympathizers. As time goes by, we are going to increase, not decrease; go up, not down.

Due to the human fall, Adam lost both what is spiritual and physical, but we are now going to regain or restore the spiritual and physical realms lost at the time of Adam. You need faith in God and confidence in yourself. You must attack the satanic side. And you can mobilize the angelic world to aid you. The spiritual world is like the angelic world. Our place is the unfallen Adam's world. We are in the position to command the satanic world. The spirit world is in the restored archangel's position, so they've got to come and help us.

Spirit men, including your ancestors, can be mobilized and used by us, and they have to help us. Those who are against our movement and persecute us will be punished by the spirit side, because the whole spirit world will be mobilized to aid us. Many such things will happen. When we have won the nationwide level of things, then you will find that the leaders in the Communist world will be demolished and die away.

If President Nixon comes in full cooperation with our movement, then however hard the Senate and the House of Representatives wants to impeach him, he cannot be impeached. It can never work out. We must set up in this nation the base for the individuals and the nation as a whole. Are you confident to do the job? But as I said before, all by yourselves, you cannot carry it out. You need me. You must have absolute faith in me, myself and in what I am telling you.

You cannot go by leaps and bounds; you must go through all those things step by step. When you solve mathematical problems, you have step by step goals. Even great mathematicians, even your ancestors, when they had to solve problems, they had to go step by step. Until we have won the national level of things, you must go step by step, and everyone must go through the same stages.

There is no freedom in this whatever. If you want to enjoy freedom and go about the other way around, you will never get anywhere. God has provided Americans freedom to choose their own religion in this nation; it must be applied only one time, for one purpose. Even though there is no freedom, and you have to go step by step, are you ready to go that way?

You must be in utter obedience to what I am saying, because in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve fell because they disobeyed God's commandment. Due to their disbelief in God, they lost freedom. So in the course of our restoring true freedom, we must be obedient to God. God is calling you to obedience through me. We must have utter faith, absolute faith in God.

Adam and Eve fell because they did not believe in. obey, and love God. So in the course of restoration, we must obey and believe in God's commandment, and we must love God. If we really love God, then we can keep His commandments. We must believe in God, and we must restore the love of God.

Then we can become free men and live as the inhabitants in the kingdom of God, after erecting it ourselves. For freedom in the last days we must first of all believe in God and love Him, restoring love and faith. That's the restoration through indemnity. Even though you may not be able to enjoy freedom here, you must go through these stages in order to gain freedom.

You are the fruit of the disbelief of our ancestors, and you have lost Godly love, so in restoring Godly love and faith, you must go through all these difficulties. Without your doing this, you cannot dream of being restored. If you only want freedom in this world, you will go on and on being the children of Satan. If you are given freedom, you will be dragged away by the fleshly side. So I must drive you to go the other way, even though you are not going to enjoy freedom now. You must deny the fleshly side and respond to the call from heaven. Isn't that true?

If I let America go on like this, she is doomed to perish. The people are going the way of animals. A true, internal view of life, individuals, and everything must be established. You cannot enjoy both the freedom on the external base (or fleshly side) and the spiritual side. Either one of these must be denied. You must take the spirit side.

Now that I have paved the way for you, you must have confidence in God, and in His love, and then you must represent all the individuals, the whole young population of the world. In confidence you must fight on until you win all things on the individual level, family level, national level and worldwide level.

We have to create life, family, and parents. We must create the tribe; the tribe has to pave the way of the nation. With the individual level established, we have to create the next level of the family, and then the tribal level, and national level, and worldwide level. We have to create the next level centering on the previous one, because in the creation, Adam was created first, and then from Adam came Eve and their family, and they multiplied to become the whole world.

You must have that absolute faith that you can overcome Satan. You have nothing to do with Satan. Being God's children, you can defeat Satan on the individual level, family level, tribal level, and national level, and then on the worldwide level too. You must have confidence. You must know that you have inherited what I have established, and you are engrafted to what I have done, engrafted to me, myself.

For instance, there is a big tree, and there are many branches. What kind of branches would you want to become; the big boughs or smaller branches? Centering on you as an individual, you will be multiplied into more branches, your family, tribe, and nation. You must be able to influence your family, tribe, nation, and the whole world. Can you do that? I cannot trust you. I need confidence from you and in you.

If you pour out your whole effort, whole being within these three years, the world will change. "Have your belt on tight." That's a Korean way of expression. And strive hard. Now we have crossed over the junction. Our fate is set. So if I am going to die right at this moment, our will -- God's will through us -- will be prosperous and successful.

We are ascending, non on the way of decline. With this knowledge, and with the confidence coming from this knowledge, you must fight on until we annihilate the satan, who has been accusing God and accusing mankind. That's why I set up The Day of Victory Over Resentment, and from this day on, we are destined to rise up, as I said before. We are destined to rise, while Satan is doomed to decline.

Scanned by Hans-Juergen Hutzfeld, 08.01.2008-Duesseldorf.

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