The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Why We Should Love Nature

Sun Myung Moon
February 7, 1974
Prayer and Environmental Stimulation

I never sleep in the night if it is snowing outside. What wonderful stimulation it is! You must try this. You walk in nature all night in the snow. You will never experience anything more exciting. When I do this, I feel as a man who is seeking for God all alone under Heaven and Earth. No one notices you, but you feel pride and excitement in walking the path with a clear purpose in mind. What a wonderful feeling that is. You feel like you are a hero. Why is it snowing?

It is to prepare for a banquet in your honor tonight. This is how you should think. You must experience your life in such a manner. You walk in nature all night. You explore a mountain looking at the natural world. Then you go into a pine forest where trees are overgrown. After you are walking through the pitch dark forest under tree branches for a while, all of sudden, you look up at a bright quarter moon in the sky in a clearing. That is an unforgettable and exciting experience, being embraced by the shining moonlight. This is the reason why I love nature so much.

It takes about 4 hours to go back to Chung Pyung. Despite the distance, I go back to Chung Pyung every day. What -- I go back there almost every day? I came here at nine o'clock last night. I will return there in the early morning. I may only stay there for 3 or 4 hours. Then why do I want to go there again?

There is a very mysterious reason. What you experience and feel in nature is different from the morning to the night. Why do I love nature so much? The natural world is your symbolic object partner. You must love it. Human beings are your substantial object partners. God is your subject partner. When I can have all these three partners, I am a most happy person. 

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