The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Christmas that Jesus Wanted

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 1974
Unofficial Notes: Mary Jane Despres

Just imagine. The one who is highest in the earth is my own Parents. One can't comprehend a more ambitious thought than this.

I'll show you how to become one with him [Jesus]. It's very simple. To become one, resemble, take after him. Love what he loves. Love family the way he does. Love consistently the way he would have liked to love each of them. He would have been loved by his own family, uncles, relatives, and everyone he could think of. Has Jesus received any of these loves?

Do you like me? Like nature in the spring, the bud comes, the sun shines and the bud grows. As you know the bud follows the sun always from morning to evening. Unless we follow, it won't work, no matter how confident you are as an individual. Master is beyond the border, we are across the border. We must hold tight to the string to be pulled across to his side.

Go to a museum. No one has ever been anything like Father before -- never before, nor will there ever be anyone like Father in the future.

Are you going to follow Master or yourself? [If you don't follow Master,] then I will kick you out and chase you and push you. If you can do this, then Master can come to you and live with you and bring you to God and directly introduce you to Him.

The chronologically younger people here will be on earth longer than Master will be living on earth, but think how nice it will be to be welcomed by all those in heaven: David S.C. Kim, etc. If you do well, the heavenly side will come and greet you. If you do evil, the evil side will greet you. Master could come to greet you -- how about that! How happy it would be if he took you hand in hand and showed you around there! In order to have this day, we are suffering now.

I'll show you a tip of the spirit world. Even if just for a short time you get the least bit of God's secret and if you look at it tens of thousands of years, you will not get tired. You would just pass out if you would see where Master lives in spirit world. That's where Master will take you. That's eternity.

[True Father wrote on the blackboard (filling up the board) a string of seven small letter e's in script, connected together like a coil or spiral.]

Do you think very dearly of that? Since we don't know such a [good, heavenly] world exists, that's why we're content with the world we live in now. It [our current world] is like a septic tank before its contents are fermented, [somehow] covered with flies. We are like flies that don't know how to fly.... We have to understand the significance of today and how God expected you to live so that you can do what Jesus could not do. 

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