The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Forgive, Love and Unite

Sun Myung Moon
January 1974
"Forgive, Love and Unite," 40 Day National Prayer and Fasting Condition to Save America
Unofficial Translation

Reflecting on 1973, the things that I cannot forget are the Watergate scandal, which forced President Nixon to resign, and the proclamation, "Forgive, Love, and Unite" that we issued as a response to that incident in November.

During the critical time period of the Watergate scandal, I issued this statement stressing that Americans must unite together around the Christian spirit. The Christian spirit can be said in these three words. Namely, they are forgive, love and unite. Were there anyone, among reporters of the Washington Post and leaders of the anti-Nixon movement, who could throw the first stone because they were without sins as described in the Bible? Were there any pure and sinless people in the sight of God?

American people often say the fundamental law of the land is the Constitution. However, America committed many evil acts in the name of national interest supposedly rooted in the Constitution. For example, many evil actions that were conducted by the CIA were exposed, such as a recent revelation of the assassination attempt of a head of state by poisoning. Can these acts be forgiven because these were done to protect America's national interest? The answer is no. These cannot be allowed from God's standpoint.

The reason why I met President Nixon was for the sake of the world. I did so for the sake of God. I neither supported President Nixon for his personal benefit nor for the gain of the Unification Church. It was done for the sake of the Free World and all mankind. Therefore, we appealed to the public by proclaiming, "Forgive, love and unite." Unfortunately, America could not do what I asked. Consequently, the authority of the presidency was lost. Even if I criticize America, I'm not doing so because of my personal feelings. I am just reflecting how God feels about this nation. You are working for God and humanity. This attitude reflects Abel's church and Abel's family.

"In God We Trust." In these four words lie America's key to survival and prosperity. America must live the will of God, and God's command at this crossroads in American history, which is to Forgive, Love, and Unite!

"We keep on criticizing and the nation sinks; we criticize some more and the nation falls even further, deep into greater peril. Now is the time for America to renew the faith expressed in her motto 'In God We Trust.' This is the founding spirit that makes America great and unique. America must unite in her Christian tradition of love and forgiveness in the face of the grave crisis created by the Watergate. America must live the will of God, 'Forgive, Love, and Unite!'"

My last visit to North Korea was a historical opportunity -- I returned to my home town the very first time after over 40 years. There is no one who is more justified to hold animosity towards North Korea than I. I was severely persecuted because I was a religious leader and strong anti-communist. I was tortured. I was put in the forced labor camp, death camp, for nearly three years. I witnessed so many innocent prisoners perish with my own eyes there. It is a miracle of miracles that I am alive today. I am here only because of God's special grace and protection.

The essence of true love is to love people who are unlovable. I went back to North Korea, not as to the enemy's home, but I went there as if I was visiting my beloved brother's home in my homeland. Carrying the principle that sustained me throughout my life, "Forgive, Love and Unite," in my heart, I traveled to North Korea.

When I entered into the city of Pyongyang, my heart was like a clear blue sky in the autumn. I was not visiting the home of my enemy but my brothers' homes in my home town. I stepped into the land of North Korea with my life motto, "Forgive, Love and Unite."

People now label me as a "great", "extraordinary" or "horrible" person. Moreover, the media conducts full forced attacks against me. During the Watergate scandal, we proclaimed that our motto was "Forgive, Love and Unite." Then, the persecution and opposition against Rev. Moon reached its peak. The media distorted the facts in order to attack me. If you read my proclamation for the Watergate scandal, you will find it is a sermon filled with a spirit like the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5)."Forgive, Love and Unite", these three words truly reflect the essence of the teaching of Christianity, and are free from any political ambitions. 

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