The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Am I Really Needed?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Everyone living on the earth thinks of himself first. Especially when one is born in an underprivileged country, thinking of himself as ugly, under-educated, without power, position, knowledge or wealth, he is apt to think of himself first. Young people as a whole, however, are in agony because they don't know where they are bound or the purpose of their life. When you are asked the question, are we really needed? Then your answer must be either yes or no. Your answer is usually determined by the environment. So, do the people around me need me or not? In our way of thinking centered on God, if people around you really need you, your answer is " Yes".

Why are gold or diamonds necessary? It is because they are very precious and they represent other things. You think of gold and diamonds as most important and most valuable things. People in the past thought highly of gold and diamonds, and people in the present and future will like those things. Another thing that makes gold and diamonds valuable is that they don't change. When we say a certain thing is important or valuable it means that when we compare it to other things, its value is conspicuously higher than the rest. The environment may change, but the value of some things may never change. Then it is only too natural for other people to like them, love them and want to have them.

Let's apply this theory to men. Suppose there are important people who are very precious to everyone. What is the standard making him or her valuable? If a person changes every day, every moment, he would not be important or valuable. We said that gold and diamonds are valuable because they never change. Gold glitters and diamonds are solid and hard. When you think of men, the same thing applies. First, though, we have to define God as the standard of value. He never changes, and that makes him valuable. God has many attributes and they will never change. Father has many valuable and good attributes and those things never change. Therefore he is in the center pulling the whole world around an axis. We can safely say that this is the quality that makes him valuable. What kind of people do we want to be ? We must never change. Our will power must be as solid and hard as diamonds and our personality must glitter like gold.

In this light, when we think of the saints and sages of the past the same thing applies. Suppose our person had never-changing qualities and ideas, and he lived up to that standard in his lifetime. He had a never-changing goal. If this man had an idea, a way of acting and a goal set before him which never changed, in later days, when he passed away, future generations would admire him as a never-changing person. That's the quality that makes him important and valuable. If a man, in his lifetime, in every endeavor has made his standard of life higher than the past saints and sages, that's what makes him greater than they. If his way of thinking and talking, the way he does things, and the goal he had before him never change; and if he does everything on a higher level than others, that's the difference between him and everyone else. That's what makes him higher than other people.

When we compare ourselves to such a great person, we feel like grains of sand in size and in value. It is our inborn nature not to like people who vacillate all the time. We don't want to be that kind of person either. We all want other people to follow us with ourselves in the center. We want to have all things under our possession. This quality exists among men of the past, present and future. What makes man like that? In the ultimate sense it's not self-centeredness because it's an attitude that you want to live with people around you. We think of ourselves first, but we do it because there are many people around us, and in the ultimate sense we are doing it for them.

We long to live among people who are innocent, natural and pure. Our life begins from our parents. Your life began in the womb of your mother. When you grow in the womb, you draw nutrition through your mother. If the infant in the mother's womb had a mouth to speak he would want his mother to be always gay and happy and singing. In the Orient we have the phrase, "education in the womb." So, we teach pregnant women to think of beautiful things and see and hear beautiful music. It will affect the baby in a good way. Can you comprehend it? In the beginning God created man, but the act of creation was like giving birth to His children. If we fancy that Adam and Eve were in the womb of God, what would have happened there? God, with His child conceived in Himself, must have thought about beautiful things, have seen beautiful things and have done beautiful things, in the anticipation of giving birth to beautiful children. He could not have complained about His baby being in His womb. In the womb, He somehow felt the happiness and joy of a parent, and in that way, when His child was given birth, he would be born beautiful. As men, we always want our Father to be happy. Therefore, the child conceived in God's heart would have wanted Him to be happy. We can imagine that after creating Adam and Eve, God was overjoyed. He spent dream-like and beautiful days with His children. We resemble God, so we can think of God in terms of how we would react in that situation. All of you, without exception began life in the womb I of your mothers. Then after birth, your earthly life began. Our earthly life is not different from our lives in the womb. The whole universe is like the womb and we are embraced by the universe. In that way, we are in the womb of the universe. When you are in your mother's womb, you live in a watery atmosphere. Air replaces the water, and it is of higher dimension. Without air we cannot live. If there is a vacuum all around no life is possible. We are living by extracting things out of nature. We are sustained by the environment every day. In these ways, our life on the earth is no different from the life in the womb. f It is human nature that everyone likes to have good things, eat good things, be sheltered in beautiful places, listen to good music and dance about-to have all the joys you can possibly imagine. Do you want the people around you to smile, frown or cry? Do you want to see them hopeful or in despair? We don't want to have our happiness or hope changed. If we are in despair, without hope, we want to change the environment as soon as possible. However, we want to be happy always, and when we are happy we don't want to change the environment.

Suppose we are utterly happy, in ecstasy. Then when we boil it down, what is the pivotal point of this happiness? It comes down to male and female. Any male or female person has his parents first of all. Do you want to have your parents changing all the time? Why do you say no, when you are accustomed to the American way in which the families are ruptured and divorce cases happen so frequently? It must be natural to you, but still you don't like it. With those things prevailing in your nation, you want to change the attitude of living. You want to change the changeability into unchangeability. You want to have the same parents-never changing. When we talk about parents, we do not mean just one person. Is there any one of you who wants only father or mother? Or would you like both ? (Both.) That ' s an absolute rule; it never changes. The most precious thing is love, and parental love must never change. Would parental love change after 10 years? From your birth all through your life until their death, your parents keep loving you. Is it true that parents' love towards us is important because it never changes? If this is true, then their love is what we want.

Can parental love change? Do you know that parental love never changes? If you are loved by parents whose love never changes, then are you a person who is needed or not? If your parents love you dearly, then you are in the position of object to them as subject. So you are needed by your parents. You are born out of the love between your father and mother. They need you because you are in the object position to them. Now we know that however great parental love may be, without you it could not function, not having an object to pour out love upon. So, then we are as important as the parents. If there is anyone or anything that would break the tie of love between you and your parents, that would be the most hideous enemy. And if you betray your parents' love, what would happen? Then you would be in the position of enemy to your parents. Even though you became an enemy to your parents, they would have to continue to love you. In that case your parents are in the most miserable situation. If they have other enemies, your parents can cut him or her off and have nothing to do with them. But as for their children, they just keep loving them and cannot help but think of their welfare. That's what makes them more miserable and in agony. However unforgivable the things you have done, your parents would forgive you and would want to correct your mistakes and have you return to their bosom. If you think of your parents who keep loving you so much even though you have betrayed them, you are in the position of being needed. You are the happiest person. You know that even though you may change, your parents can never change. If your love towards your parents has changed while theirs toward you has never changed, then which is more valuable? Your parents' love is more valuable.

You must realize the blessedness of having your parents' love which never changes. Have you ever stopped to think of that? If you think parental love is so precious as that, you cannot help but love and respect your parents. Parental love cannot be exchanged for gold or diamonds. Do you think you can replace their love with anything else? We can understand that we are in such a precious position that our parents would never take anything in exchange for us. Now you know the value of parental love. Then when we ask the question if we are needed by the parents, our answer must be that we are absolutely needed by them. Next, you must think of yourself as not being able to change because of the absolute love coming from your parents.

Then, we are needed by our parents. Where else are we needed? Some of you are born male, while others are females. Then what will happen in the future? You are in search of something's mate. Your parents are already one with you. Would they want you to have your mate or not? Is there any parent who would not want his children to marry? There are no such parents. So, our conclusion is that any male and female have to marry. Is there anyone here who wouldn't like the idea of marrying? By your expression, I can tell that you all want to marry someday. Men are born for women and women are born for men. In the future days they want to marry their spouse.

The motivation of love between father and mother is to give birth to children and we are indebted for that. Your parents, both your father and mother, want you to marry. They want you to be like them, becoming parents too. Then you will know the unchanging love of parents, experiencing it in yourself. When a male and female are united in a marriage, they begin to experience conjugal love and then parental love. When you marry you are separated from your parents, but they are not going to lose you. By your being parents yourself you will experience and feel the love of your parents all the more.

How long is human history? We are the fruit of the human history. There have been thousands of generations coming down and down to reach us. Our immediate parents are just above us in the ancestral line. We are the fruit of our parents, but our parents are the fruit of our grandparents and they of their parents, etc., going back to the very origin of man. We can say that all our ancestors gave birth to give birth to us, the fruit of their lineage. When you realize that your immediate parents are the totalization of all your ancestral love, you will find more value in them.

On the horizontal level there are many parents living in the world, but your parents alone have the lineal relationship with you. They are the only ones who love you most. You cannot replace them with anything in the world. You cannot even replace them with God. You would not do that and God would not want you to do that. Then your parents being the only ones who pour down such love to you, play the role of the central figures in your ancestral lineage. Their love is absolute and everlasting. That quality is something like that of God. In them is unchanging love.

If you have a diamond you wrap it up and hide it in some remote place, never to be found by anyone else. What is more valuable, the wrapper or the diamond? Still when the wrapper is around the diamond, it is as precious as the diamond. We are like diamonds wrapped up with the love of our parents. As the wrapper, the parents are as valuable as ourselves. Our parents are unique, unchanging and eternal. Those three qualities, unique, unchanging and eternal are the attributes of parental love. That's true. Does the love of your parents change? Is it temporal? Throughout human history there has never been a revolution to overturn parental love. We can never change parental love. That means it must continue through eternity. Parents with these qualities need us. They need us uniquely, unchangingly, and throughout eternity. When you have your mate, would your parents want him or her to be always changing? To your parents you are the unique one, the unchanging, eternal one. They would expect the same thing of your spouse.

The people of the West as well as the people of the East would say this is true. If any one of you wants to marry twice or more, hold up your hand. Why do you laugh? You laugh because it is against the law of nature. You have the concept of your mate as being the unique, unchanging and eternal one. Man is born for woman and woman is born for man. So, you are born for your spouse and your spouse for you. All your ancestors would desire to have your spouse never change. Ultimately, we will find that God is saying the same thing.

However ugly your spouse may be, and even though your spouse is not to your eyes an ideal mate, you must know that he or she is the totalization of the past history imposed on you. The Principle of Creation is to have a male and female be united into oneness. You are the fruit of your ancestral lineage and your spouse is the fruit of his ancestral lineage. Those two lines are going to meet in your family when you marry each other. Since the ideal of creation is matrimony between male and female, it is realized in you when you marry. Male and female represent all mankind. When you form a family by uniting with each other, that's the condensed form of mankind or the whole universe. There is a vast lineal plight that has brought you together. If you think about that, even though you are disharmonious or quarrel with each other, can you separate? Can divorce be easy? You must know that an unknown plight brought the two of you into oneness so you can never be put asunder. Just as you are born not out of your own will but out of the unknown, divine will, you and your spouse are married. When you are together in matrimonial unity, you must not be separated from each other. You are the fruit of God's creation, of your ancestral lineage, and the fruit of the past, present and future history. The future will depend on what you are now.

Can you think lightly of yourself and dispose of yourself at your own will? When we think of matrimony it is almost fearful. But in proportion to the fearfulness, your marriage is going to be the most precious thing. God's way of thinking about marriage makes it most precious and valuable. A man and wife cannot be united without love. Would you want to be united with your spouse with eternal love between you or changeable love? I understand that in America young girls experience love relationships with many boys before marriage. Is this right? It is the same with American men. Is it a good thing or not? (No.) Then we must be resolved into turning the changeability into unchangeability from now on. There will be no change in your wanting your spouse to be unique, unchanging and eternal. Isn't that true? That kind of love is a thing of beauty and wanted both by God and your parents. All your friends and relatives around you would want you to have that kind of love. If you have that kind of love you will be the happiest person.

Sometimes you think, "I am not needed anywhere. I am just human trash and nobody needs me. " But ultimately you are going to marry. So, there is one person who is in need of you. You must be sure of that. Then we now understand that we are very much needed somewhere. In that sense we have ultimate value and cannot dispose of ourselves on our own accord. Then who can handle us? You would ask me, "What do you mean? What can I do with myself?" If you have parents having nothing to do with the fall (True Parents), then you must be willing to be disposed of by them. You must be willing to obey them. Then if you are married to a person of their choice you are needed and you must obey him or her. The first article in the family code must be that the man must obey his parents and his wife and the woman must obey her parents and, her husband. You cannot do things at your own will. If you have your parents and your husband or wife, can you do anything without their agreeing? Now you have learned that your parents are the first level of persons important to you and next is your spouse.

Of your parents and your spouse whom must you think more important? The Western members said 6 1 spouse" and the Oriental members said "parents". If there are only Western members in our movement it would be awful. In the oriental countries we think more highly of our parents and that's the way that human beings should behave. Which is the better way of thinking, to think more highly of the parents or the spouse? Why? If we place more value in parental love, our love towards our spouse will be created naturally. You are single but the parents are two. In the democratic way of thinking two are more important than one. When a couple love each other there is one-to-one love but when you love your parents, then the love is one-to-two. You have your own parents and your wife or husband has his or her parents.

Your parents are like the roots of the tree, while you and your spouse are in the position of the trunk of the tree. Your children are in the position of the flowers or fruit. If a tree is diseased, would you cut off the trunk or the root? Even though a tree is diseased and you cut off the trunk, still the root may grow again. So, we must realize the importance of the root of the tree. If the root is sound and intact from any disease, the tree will grow again. So the root is the most important thing. God is the root. As the root, God is intact from the fall. When man fell diseased, He could cut man off. When you think of the process of engraving, we want to have the root of the tree safe and sound. So, we put our parents in the position of the root. Then the Western way of thinking is wrong to put a spouse in position more important than the parents. Both you and your spouse must be loving your parents. The love between husband and wife must come from the parental love. The love between husband and wife is a copy of the love between the parents whose love comes from grandparents, etc. Then we finally reach-God. God is the root of love. So, we must think of God as the most important existence.

If you really love your parents you cannot be divorced from your spouse. Even if you had to be divorced from each other, you must not be separated from the love of your parents. The same thing applies to men as individuals. Even if we had to cut ourselves off from our family, friends and neighbors, we must go back to God, our parents. If we could bring our parents, relatives and friends back to God-so much the better. But if they are opposed to us, we must cut them off and go to God. In the Western countries I often see parents advising their children to divorce when they are not dearly in love with each other. But the oriental way is entirely different. The parents teach their children not to be divorced. Women must obey their husbands until the end of their lives. The oriental parents teach their daughter to go to their in-laws home and die there, never being separated. Is that the right attitude? You must put yourselves in good order and think of things in those terms. Now I have given you the standard. In the world of the fall you have been thinking the other way around, but if I say this way of thinking is right and my way is in accordance with God's, then you must follow this way.

When we take seriously this ideology in our movement, can I teach you not to be obedient to your parents? Can I tell you that you can divorce? So, after holy matrimony blessed by me, if you want to divorce each other, then I will have nothing to do with you. I will drive you out of the garden of unification, as God chased Adam and Eve out of the garden of Eden. Isn't that logical? The answer to the question, "Where are we needed?" is that your spouse needs you. Are you not absolutely in need of your spouse? You must realize that you are absolutely needed by your spouse. You may think of your present situation as miserable, but you have a bright future because there is someone waiting for you. You are in need of him or her and he or she is in need of you. So, however low your spirit may be now, you must not be discouraged. If you are going to be discouraged do it after you are married. Then you will never do that. So, boys and girls who are single must take the right course. Never be discouraged.

The spirit world is still a mystery and everybody is eager to know more about the spirit world. That's what makes the spirit world more valuable. When things are wrapped in mystery, it attracts you more. You have not experienced married life, you think of it as mysterious and beautiful and march towards the goal. Would you just take it for granted thinking that "sooner or later I will marry, that's only natural. " Can you think of marriage so lightly? You must entertain the idea of your marriage being something mysterious and beautiful. There is a vast difference between the way of thinking of the Western people and that of Eastern people concerning love. Oriental people think of love as so mysterious and precious that they wouldn't want other people to look at them in making love. But here you do that openly, even in the park. Which would seem more mysterious and more beautiful? If love is something so precious, would you just throw it in the street where everybody can kick it? When you have a diamond and you think it so precious you wouldn't want to be robbed of it. You would wrap it up and hide it where people wouldn't find it. In the same way, mysterious love is exclusively for yourselves without other people looking at you. What type of love would you want then? I am not telling you that the oriental way is the best way because I am oriental, but because the oriental way is God's way. We must come back to God's way because your spouse is in need of you. Your parents, your spouse, your brothers and sisters are in need of you.

Can we exchange our brothers and sisters with anyone else? This is another level of love which is unique, unchanging and eternal. You are needed by your brothers and sisters. How much are you needed by them? You are absolutely needed, because this is the plight of love coming from the principle of creation. If you have a brother or sister who lies in bed in sickness, would you want to have him or her to be cured, or to die? The more miserable situation he or she is in, the more love is poured down upon the person. That is true. Your love, in that case, resembles the love of your parents. When you are really in love with your parents, then you know they love your brother or sister so much that you must love him or her equally. Before marriage your love towards your brothers and sisters is practice for love towards your future spouse. Having brothers in your family you know what men are like and you learn how to love men. When boys have sisters they come to learn how females react to things and they learn their way of thinking and life. They come to love them. You are being trained by loving your brothers and sisters, trained to love your spouse, your parents and your future descendants. Only through fraternal love will your horizontal love reach the people of the world. So, brothers and sisters must be loving each other. You must learn the love of brothers and sisters from parental love. You must not quarrel with each other.

In your childhood I presume you have quarreled much. Haven't you? But even though you have quarreled, between brothers and sisters it doesn't last long. You forget about resentments. A quarrel between husband and wife, what is it like? It lasts longer and the resentment is not easily erased. When I look at my children quarrelling with each other I sometimes leave them alone, because in that way they learn how not to quarrel. Sometimes I would scold them and punish them, but the next moment they have forgotten about it. They are in the process of growing and their notion of how to love their parents and their brothers and sisters is not quite fixed. But as they grow their way of thinking will mature. According to my own experience it was stimulating to quarrel with my siblings. We learned a lot from quarrelling. So, before the age of 16 1 think quarrelling is all right because you learn so much. 1, myself, have quarreled a great deal with one of my sisters. Now, I miss her more than anyone else. However much you may quarrel with each other, if the tie of love is strong then quarreling is sometimes good. If you are sure your love will not be cut then you can go ahead and quarrel. Quarrels centered on love, the growth of the family and the well-being of the family are all right. When I say a quarrel between brothers and sisters is all right, it is because however fiercely they may have quarreled, brotherly love can not be cut. In Adam's family, Cain even killed Abel, but the way of restoration was opened by the love and obedience of Abel towards Cain. After brothers and sisters become one in love, then they have matured and they will be in search of their own spouse. Parental love and brotherly love are love in the lineal plight, but the love between husband and wife is on a different level because they are from different blood lineages. If those two, when they marry, become disharmonious and rupture comes in the family, they can be separated.

It is very interesting to know that even in the Western world, the woman comes to the man's family, not the man to the woman's family. It is the same in the oriental custom. Why is it so? You women change your name to your husbands' and that indicates that your husband is in the subject position while you are in the position of object. Your husband is like the seed and you are like the field for the seed to be planted. Man is in the center and when he whirls around he is stable on the solid axis while other members of the family will be whirling around with him. When the axis is moved to another place it means the whole world will lose its center. Then it is natural for the woman to come and form a family obeying the husband. The Western girls should learn the oriental way. If your husband goes to the west, you must be westbound, when he turns to go to the north, you must go to his side. You must follow him wherever he goes. You must move around wherever he goes and in that way alone there will be a circular motion to make the family prosperous.

If the husband follows the wife, what will happen? That is not the way you should behave. You should be prepared to follow and obey your husband. The center point must be one, not two. If the center point can move about from place to place, changing every day, there will come to be disharmony. The family will collapse. This is why in America many families are collapsing. At the start of your family life there could be a difference between the parents of your husband and yours. But you must try hard to become one. Then both will meet at one point. Men must go ahead and wives must follow. Like a drill which makes a hole, the pointed edge must be one and the other will support the central one. This is not the oriental way, but the Divine Way. When God joined the first man and woman he meant them to be united into oneness. The way they become one is for the woman to follow the husband. I ask the women, do you know what I mean? This is the Principle.

Now you are taught that you are needed by your parents, your brothers and sisters, your spouse and your children. Then alone can you extend your love to other people, so you can say that you are needed by your nation. However, big and powerful a nation may be, without people it cannot be called a nation. Then the nation is in need of you. The world is constituted by the people, so the world will need you. Sooner or later the spirit world will need you. And God needs you; He needs you every moment. So, you are the most important person. Your parents, your brothers and sisters, your children, your family as a whole, your nation, the spirit world and God are in need of you. You are needed on 8 levels, and if you think little of yourself and that you are not needed anywhere, you are betraying the law of God-the Principle of creation. Then you are sinners against the law of love, initiated by God. Then those who commit suicide, can they do that? You can never dream of killing yourself. In human history there are ups and down, rises and falls. When you are situated in the very darkness you can lift yourself up and attain the height at any moment.

As you all know, the black race has been oppressed so much-being so low while white people are at a higher level. But they have fought until they are almost on the same level. I am surprised that there is a vast difference between the time I visited in 1965 and now. America has changed in a way for the better and in a way for the worse. But it has changed quite fast. European people are afraid of yellow power. The white race must not think that they can eternally possess the highest realm of human life. England is now in the third level of the nations of the world -having been the first in the olden days. Great Britain herself did not want that to happen, but just as there are day and night, they are now situated in the night. Like an individual, if a nation has done wrong in ruling the people-as England has, then it is doomed to fall. In stormy weather the angered waves will rise up and go down. Can you still float on the surface of the water? In that case you must not try to fight against the waves, but let yourselves move with the motion of the waves, going down with them and up again. First of all you must detect the direction of the wind. If you are keen about the direction it is the most important thing. In the Unification Church we are keen and clear about where we are headed. On the waves of time, we are going up and down with human history, but we know the direction and we are going to attain the goal. We adjust ourselves not to the present but to the future. Even though the American people as a whole may decline, our people will prosper and our goal will be attained.

Now, we understand how much we are needed and on how many levels. You must realize your importance and you must strive hard to attain the goal set before you. On every level, things are not what they should be because of the human fall. So, we want to adjust ourselves to the new tide of the providence of God. Since we have the clear way we must steer our way to the goal. This is God's will and our True Parents will and it is our goal. In the Unification Church, we use the terminology the True Parents. Do you understand what that means and do you welcome the idea? What do you want to be before the True Parents? Good Children! Everyone wants to be good children. If you want to be good or true children to the True Parents, you must try to resemble them, following their example. Isn't it true? (Yes.) Are you confident of that? You must resemble your True Parents, copying their way of life.

Up to the present you have been thinking, "I am an American, Japanese, Korean. " But you are a new breed of people, not American, Japanese or Korean. You are our breed of people. We are going to create a new way of life, a new culture. You Western members must try to copy the oriental way of life, while the oriental members must try to copy the Western way of life. In that way alone we can be mingled together to create one culture. All of us mingled together must resemble God. God's way of life is what we are going to live. What I am teaching is not an oriental or Occidental idea, but God's way of life. If I teach you God's way of life, then there will be no East or West and no gap between the two. Then we must have a clear notion of how to change. We must be able to digest all the things in our environment and make it our nutrition. We must be able to adjust ourselves to the environment.

You Western members are used to sitting on chairs, but if you are brought to the orient where others are sitting on the floor you must do that. Therefore, you are already practicing the oriental way of sitting. In America you go in cars even to nearby places, but in the orient you must walk. You don't need to make a golf green to walk and run following the balls. Instead you are compelled to walk and run in the oriental countries; so you don't need to go golfing. You must have the confidence that wherever you go visiting in any comer of the world, you can adjust yourself to their custom. Next comes the difference in languages. As you see, when I don't speak your language I must use an interpreter. If I don't use the interpreter you would have a hard time understanding me. Would you want me to learn your language or you to learn Korean? If you learn my native tongue you can absorb my words more fully. To be recreated by my words is most important, so you must be able to read the text and hear my words in my native language. You know that students of scriptures learn the Hebrew language because they want to read the words from the text-it is because Jesus' own words are important.

From the medieval ages Greek has become the classic language. This is because a few philosophers who directed the way of thinking of the people of the world were in Greece. That is what made the language important. The text of Unification Thought is going to be in the Korean language. To learn from the text is very important. In the future there will come an age in which we will have conferences where we speak the Korean language alone. Don't you feel it necessary to learn the Korean language? If you realize the importance of learning the Korean language you must start right away, because in the spirit world they will all use Korean. If you are true children to the true parents, it is natural for you to use your parents' language or else you will be dumb. The world is already being changed but I am going to change it for the better. As you see I have stirred up the whole nation of America within a short time. My name will become more famous and influential in this nation and all over this world. The ideology I am teaching will be important to all the people of the world. Then they have to learn the Korean language to learn the truth in the texts. There are many Divine Principle books translated into many languages, but compared to the original texts, they are remote. The original can never be changed. What never changes is more important and valuable. So, you must start learning the Korean language. Next you must study about me. To study about me is to resemble me and to become one with me. Do you think it's possible or not? If you are confident to follow my example then it means you are going to be like me, changing the world wherever you go. Your way will be easier than mine because up to the present I have been steering against the storm coming to bar my way. I have been all alone fighting against persecution. Can you do that? Then you don't need me. Can I then relax and travel around the world and enjoy my life, which I have not been able to do in the past? (Yes). Can you be responsible for all things? Right at this moment are you in need of me or not? (Yes.) You are still in the children's position. How can I leave you alone and just go traveling?

If I think that you are still in childhood, then I must educate you. In educating you I must be strict. Would you want to be cats or tigers? The tiger's way of life is entirely different from the cat's. You must be fierce toward evil and you must be dignified representing God. When you roar you must feel that the whole world is shaking. When you step on the earth, you must feel that the whole earth is shaken and the axis turned. Many people opposed me in Korea because they were afraid of me-in Japan, too. I think it is because they are afraid of me. The same thing is happening in America, and it is because they are afraid of me. If in their eyes I appear like a cat, then I would be no problem to them. We are tigers to shake the whole world. We are great personages to change the whole world. Our stage is the whole world. The leading nation of the whole world is America and we want to shake America first. We tried to shake the UN -the General Assembly and it moved. Isn't that true? We want to tackle the Communist world and stir it up and it will move. We want to move the religious world, especially the Christian world, and it is being shaken. We want to get hold of God and shake Him and He will move with our zeal. I don't just believe that is happening, I know it is. Wherever I go great issues will arise. Wherever you go you must represent me, so you must act like me. Then, are you needed by me? How much are you needed by me? Absolutely. God being on our side, we cannot hesitate to go on. However hard a challenge may come to you, you cannot be discouraged. You must take every rebuff as a challenge to overcome. The harder the situation you are in, the more you must be sure that God is always with you, fighting with you. And your True Parents are there, fighting with you. Then our attitude is "Come what may, the more hardships we are faced with the more we feel the challenge." There is no force in the world equal to us, and people will be afraid of us.

I am in need of the white people because through you I will win the white people of the world. I am in need of black members because through you I am going to gather all black people of the world. I am in need of yellow members because through you I am going to gather all yellow people of the world. I am in need of white, yellow and black, because through you I am going to harmonize all. We start doing that in the Unified Family. So, here you must be united, white, yellow and black. I am thinking of living with members from twelve nations, at least in one compound. Those twelve people will be four black, four white, four yellow representing the whole world. If people at that time scorn me because I am living with black people, I will curse them. If white people are scornful of that, then I will assemble black, yellow and white and smite them. There is no racial boundary in our movement. If all are equally the children of God, would God say I love white children on an equal basis, but He will love the underprivileged children more. That's the way parental love is. That is the principle of love. Since I know it's God's way of thinking, I am going to teach my people how to win the wealth from the white people and use it for black and yellow who have been underprivileged and in poverty.

In America there are many stout, fat or plump people. They are anxious to lose weight and they go on diets. In the future I will gather the money they save going on diets and give it to the poor. Our way of dieting is going to be one day of fasting in the week. That means 52 days in a year we will go without food; so that much will be saved for other persons. So you must pay about $52 a year, each one of you. That will be quite a sum for the poor. Every Sunday morning the purpose of training, we don't eat. You have been through a 7-day fast. If we have in America, one million members, a dollar per person will be one million dollars. $52 per person will be 52 million dollars. That's an amazing sum of money. We are going to do that for the underprivileged of the world. If 200 million people of America will do this without exception, what would happen? If 200 million dollars could be raised each day, then 10,400,000,000 dollars can be used for the poor. We can easily make the world a better place to live in. That is the heavenly kingdom on earth. America's foreign aid has amounted to 2 billion dollars each year. In that way America could have saved the world and re-created the world as the heavenly kingdom. She has been helping some 20 nations but has actually made enemies. The revolution of consciousness is the problem and if America were equipped with the Divine Principle she could have easily re-created the world.

May I ask you a question? Before joining the movement have you thought of America so ardently? America must realize that by having young people who think of America as so important, she profits. Then before long people would want to be dominated by the young people who love the people of this country so much. The future of America will be in our hands. We will lead this nation. Wait and see, this will happen! When we establish a school, we are going to make it better than any other school. We are going to make a daily newspaper better than any other, and we are going to build a church better than any other. In every field we will excel. Are you confident of that? (Yes.) I know that you are all brilliant and that in your calculation it is possible. And I am glad that you admit that we can do it. We are only a handful of people and it seems like a dream that a handful can move America. But history has been moved by only one great man in any era. I know that America is turning now because you, on the axis, are turning. If there is any greater power than the power of our movement you should go and belong to that group. Do you see any other organization stronger than ours? If you really recognize our strength and if you know that our group is the strongest in the whole world, then you must be proud of being members of the Unification Church and you must be grateful to God. Then you must change the world into a better one.

Being such persons America and the world are in need of us. Out of the vast number of people living on the earth, those who are in the subject position have more strength to affect others. We love America more than any other people and we can evaluate and analyze this country more clearly than any other people. We have the right view of the world. We love the world more than other people. No other group can evaluate, analyze and know the particulars of the spirit world more than we do. We know God and His heart more than anyone else. So, we can come to the conclusion that all humanity needs us. Without us the world cannot become a better world. Do you realize that? If you are in a position to lead the whole world you cannot be silly. You cannot afford to lose a moment. When you know that you are so needed you must dash forward. If the American people don't like our ideology, then we must shift our position to the southern tip of Africa and work there. Our stage is open-the whole world.

If the white race and the yellow race are all against me, at least I know the black race will welcome me. At least one channel is open before me with bright hope. If all mankind is against me, at least the spirit world will be on my side. It is the world of higher dimension. If I am not welcomed in this world, I am not discouraged. Even though the spirit world might rise against me I still have one person of ultimate importance in need of me. God is in need of me, so I can never be discouraged. Unless God does not need or want me, I will never be discouraged. Since God is in need of me, He will open the way for me and the world can never object against me in the end. When I think of that I can never become dark or low. I want you to be the same. If you are opposed by your city, you will go to another city. If the whole state is against you, you will go to another state. If the whole country is against you, you will go to another country; and if the spirit world is against you then you will go to God. Then you will fight along with God.

In my thinking there is no such word as discouraged. Following me you will find yourself being asked to do things of higher and higher dimension and you will think there is no end. But there is an end. If you return to God with all things restored then you can rest. You want to shorten the period and realize the goal in the soonest possible future; then more pressure, more hard work, and more rebuff should be expected. Would you want to go at a slow pace lasting so many years or be a lifetime, or shorten the days as much as possible? Any people would answer the same way. If possible you want to shorten the period of hardship. Then you must expect hardship to be doubled and tripled over the hardship you would have if you went slowly. In the pioneer days when your forefathers were bound for the west coast in covered wagons, the driver could not just sit still and drive when the Indians attacked them. They had to fight and drive all the way. As in the frontier days, we have enemies all around, we have to double our efforts. The women must sometimes fight more than men. All the men members must play the role of generals, not just privates. You will immediately ask yourselves "What is Father going to tell us to do next? He never praises us if we do a good job, but just drives us to do harder things. " Why? Because if the time is prolonged I know there is going to be a tremendous amount of sacrifice.

If one out of 100 people are dying every day, then 36 million people are dying per year. Without being restored they are bound for hell. You must know that. Wouldn't it be better to sacrifice a handful of people to save the whole world? The whole population of the world will die, destined to hell in a century. When we know the situation we have to feel the urgency of having to accomplish our mission. Centered around you, your ancestors rely on you to save the world and your friends and relatives. Are you anxious to save the world in the nearest possible future?

Spiritually the whole world is relying on you. People are anxious to be saved. If they are reached by you, they can be saved. So, in the future when you are sent to a certain part of the world and you don't save the people there, in due time people of the following generations there will accuse you. Would you want to have God say to me, "You could have driven your people harder and saved them in a certain amount of time, but you have not done your share. " I could not lift my face to God. Would you want that to happen? If you accomplish your mission, shortening the period, when I am in the spirit world I will prepare the place for you.

Am I asking you to do the same amount of work that God would have me do? Is your burden heavier than mine? I would choose to bear a heavier burden than you. I would choose to pave your way and make it easier. However hard things you may have to go through you must not be discouraged when you think how much you are needed in your place. The harder you work the more you are needed there. You want to finish the assigned work sooner than expected and then shift to a broader scope. Then finish it still sooner and go to another area bigger than that. You must have the confidence that the city of New York is badly in need of you. The city of New York needs you more than it needs the mayor. You will love the city of New York more than the mayor would and therefore the whole city of New York will belong to you. In our movement it is natural to think that you want to make New York the place of our vision. Then you must go ahead and make the whole country of America the way it should be, according to our vision. Therefore, you must be responsible for this nation more than President Ford is. If each and every one of you thinks of America in that way, the nation of America will be the happiest one. If you make America such a nation, then America can certainly lead the rest of the nations. In that way we can restore the world into oneness under God and connect it to the spirit world. With the spirit world and the physical world restored we will go back to God.

We have still a long way to go. We have not yet restored the nation of America. Can we afford to lose time? Even though we have finished restoring the whole world, we must connect it to the spirit world. Both of these worlds must be restored by our hands. Before coming to America I envisioned the protesters coming against me. I said to myself that if all the nations come against me I can still steer my way through. Then my hope was that even though this generation will oppose me, the next generation will be on my side. Even though I may die, I will leave the foundation or tradition for the future generations of America to work on. On the platform there were many protestors shouting at me and hurling scorn at me. But I never wavered a moment. I was in the position to scoff at them, because I knew too well that in future generations their sons and daughters will fight on our side. Before starting I always determined to break my way through. I experienced prison life. In a way I am anxious to experience prison life here in America. I will not dodge rebuffs here. If I am on the side of righteousness and the side of God, there is nothing to be afraid of. I have the same attitude before Communists.

We cannot be discouraged. We cannot complain because we know we are badly needed. When you feel that you are so badly needed that you cannot mind the rebuffs and the persecution, you can fight through. That's God's way, and you can be sure that God will be on your side, working with you, if your spiritual attitude is like that. When I push you, I do that because it is necessary. So, you must not complain. You are needed everywhere, badly needed, so you can never complain in any situation. If you are badly needed by the people around you, your parents would not want to have you be discouraged and complaining. Your mates would not want you to be that way nor your brothers and sisters, relatives, sons and daughters, or your nation. Are you confident to. be one who is really needed like that? (Yes!)

I wed 777 couples last time, so the next wedding ceremony will include 2, 100 couples. So, many newspapers and news media-ABC, NBC, etc.-will swarm to our place to write articles about us. Then the parents who have opposed our movement will come to our side, smiling and overjoyed that their sons and daughters are married to good spouses. The world will say, "Rev. Moon is doing a very dynamic thing again." The mass wedding will be so popular that a wedding for only one couple will be peculiar. Even people who are not in the movement will join to be married in this manner. If we have that kind of huge mass wedding in Korea, the whole world will send us telegrams and letters of congratulations, and in their own nation they will celebrate the day. There is no adjective which can really describe our feelings about this. We are grateful to be born in this wonderful age, to have the wonderful true parents, to have wonderful brothers and sisters and to be in such a wonderful church; to be in the restored wonderful nation, to be in the wonderful world, to pass away into a wonderful spirit world and to become wonderful children of God. Just imagine, if all of you should come to Korea to be blessed in marriage. In later days more and more couples will be blessed. Then your future descendants may want to get married in the country where their forefathers got married. Then Korea will be the place of blessing. Since Korea is so small they can do nothing else there but bless people. No one else but Master can do this. No one else in the whole world can make this possible. So, in that sense I am the foremost one in the whole world. Do you believe me? (Yes.) Since I am sure you are determined to carry out the job realizing that you are so badly needed everywhere, I bless you and I thank God. May He bless you and project you on your way until you gain and attain the goal. Let us pray.

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