The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

A New Breed Of People

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
September 15,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Col. Bo Hi Pak

Since I met with you last, there are newcomers among you from all parts of the world and from all parts of America. Those who have not seen me before would you please raise your hands? Thank you. From early in the morning you have been sitting on a cold stone floor for which I'm sorry. This is a strange type of sitting position in the Western world. We are in America, in the Western world, but the way of life we are following is not exactly the Western way of life. I'm sure you have already gotten rid of the concept that one should not sit on a floor. About five or six years ago, one American family member visited Korea. Of course, he did not know much about Korean customs. He was trying to do exactly the same as he did here in America. He gave me a very cordial greeting, and paid his respects, and then he wanted to sit down. He looked around the room but there was no chair to sit on. He could not sit up in the air without some support, so then he didn't know what to do. So, he just sat on the floor in a very awkward and clumsy way. He tried to be comfortable, but after a few moments, he could not sit in that position, and in a few moments he stretched out two legs in front of him. In a few moments, even in that stretched-out leg position, which is supposed to be very comfortable, he still felt uncomfortable. Then he began to lie down. In a few moments he was fully lying down facing toward me. According to our custom we usually sit down on the floor with the knees down and normally we never stretch our legs to the front; normally we never, never under any circumstances lie down on the floor. When I saw all this, I was surprised even though that person was not aware of the different custom in Korea. But I did feel that there was a great distance and a gap between the way of life of Heaven and Earth. That does not mean that I came here to spread only the Oriental way of life. What I'm interested in is the Heavenly way of life. Even though I didn't say precisely what to do, you learn quickly to show respect in the proper manner. You all come from the Western cultural background, but we are here together not only as the Western culture and the Western people, but we are here together as a new brand, a new breed of people that is following, the one brand-new way of life. We have come from all different parts of the world, but you do not belong to one particular part of the world. We are creating a new brand of culture which is blending the Western and Oriental culture together. Furthermore, we are creating a new culture of the Heavenly way of life.

I'm very grateful to see that all the Unification Church members here are young people. Young people have new and different ideas, and they can more easily adjust to a new way of life much more quickly. But I do know, sitting on a floor like this is not necessarily the very best way of sitting. I know you are determined to stay in that position for the entire length of my talk. But after ten minutes, after twenty minutes, you become numb in your legs, and you get tired in your back, and you think, "Well, I hope Father's message is quickly over, because my legs can't stand it! " Later you might have some complaint and in your heart start "booing." So this morning, let's vote: would you like me to talk very briefly, or medium or long. (Long!) While you were saying "long," at the same time your long legs began to stretch out!

We have created a unique way of life-in other words, a super way of life. You Oriental people who are here, you must go beyond your Oriental concept of a way of life. Western people here you must learn how to go beyond the Western way of life. Thus we meet in one pioneering super way of life. I can see what is happening, some are anxious and desires are brewing among our members. A curious thing too, some Western young people are thinking, "Well, eventually I'd like to have an Oriental mate as my wife or husband." And Oriental people might think that, "Well, it might be a good idea to have my mate from the Western culture." Young people seek excitement, something new. Let's say all the women have yellow shirts. You don't wear that yellow shirt all the time! Women have a desire to look fresh and different-you want to change your dress. All of you here must have gotten accustomed to listening to Western ministers and missionaries and evangelists in the past. And also many teachers. They didn't impress you much. Well, can you tell me? Am I from the Orient or the Western world? I'm sure I'm generating a great deal of curiosity in your hearts. We see that Western culture and civilization has come to a dead end. We need a break-through, a new threshold. The Western mind and Western eye is focused upon the Orient-to see something new in that mysterious world. It is true, externally. But is it more true in internal culture, or the spiritual culture? The mind of the Western world is focusing on the Orient, something new seeking something mysterious, something really breathtaking. I do believe that the Unification Church and the Unification Movement are surely the forerunners and the pioneers providing direction for Western culture. We are here providing direction for the Western culture. You are here discovering the Oriental culture. On the other hand, in the view of Oriental people, there has been no culture from the Orient that can really unite with the Western culture, except the Unification Church. This ideology, this way of life, can make sense to everyone on the face of the Earth. In other words, we are now creating a universal way of life. So East and West met. We not only met, but we are blending into one homogeneous, harmonious culture. Eastern culture and Western culture are meeting. We're not only meeting and blending, but we are joining forces. In other words, what we're creating is a totally new culture. We are not just meeting. There must be some binding force or pushing power. (Father: "Is it true?") (Yes!) So, how do you like to be pushed? Slowly, or do you like to be pushed very intensively? (Intensively!) That is a good answer. That's because a new brand of people are assembled here in New York.

I heard so many reports that many American brothers and sisters came and are saying that they have been criticized. People are saying, "Why? Why do you follow that Reverend Moon? There are so many other leaders! Why choose him?" So, the many parents and the many critics are saying to you, probably, "There are thousands of churches in New York! Thousands of ministers, and many evangelists! Why are you like that ... you know, why to that very person? Coming from Korea and the Orient?" And some of the critics, particularly mass media, don't like me simply because I'm not American. So, there are many Americans, very narrow-minded ones, who think that a Korean man and an Oriental person is here to create a commotion and they do not like us to be too successful. So, they are trying to adversely affect our movement in such a way that we could not grow. Therefore, I anticipate these rejections and some adverse situations.

There is great pressure from the side of the left. But on the other hand, there's another formidable power, pushing us from the right. This is the power of God. He is pushing us up toward a definite goal. So, do you think the Heavenly forces will be defeated, or be victorious? (Victorious!) There's one positive force, one negative force-one Heavenly force, one satanic force. The man standing right here, Reverend Moon, is in the middle of the battle. I am the focal point of the action. I'm in the middle as an individual, my family as a family, my tribe and nation-are all occupying that position in the middle. So, in order to have a solution, what we are seeking is not confrontation. What we are seeking is blending. That will make us one. Who will make this confrontation into one harmonious unity? Satanic forces and Heavenly forces are making a confrontation, a showdown. Who will make the showdown in harmonious unity? That's your job and our job. The stronger the confronting forces, the easier, better, and quicker it'll be to make them gladdening and harmonious forces. All you have to do is push them in such a way that both forces will blend together. In other words, use momentum. Then we are not only making one blending force, we are making one half circle of harmony. Since formidable forces are in action, the little force will play a most important and vital role; to make the entire balance of power move in a positive direction. So that at a dramatic moment a showdown will determine the victorious moment. Is that good or bad? (Good!) Yes, that's good! We must take up the opportunity! We must not let it go! However, it is not easy. It is difficult.

We must commit ourselves totally. Single minded devotion and dedication alone will make the show-down successful for our side. That ultimate, critical moment is determined by one man. We are in that serious moment. If there is such a man who can make the showdown happen, that man has a grave responsibility. Because that man will determine the outcome of the entire battle. Therefore, that person will put heart and soul and life into it. Do you want us to go that direction for the ultimate victory? (Yes.) Then, let us go. Really go forward! And go forcefully! Commit ourselves forcefully! Let us commit ourselves in single-minded devotion and dedication!

The positive and negative forces are making a confrontation. If any side relaxes too quickly, that side will begin to crumble. Are we relaxed? (No!) But, this may be the place-the very place you are sitting! Maybe if I give you a certain piece of paper, for example: maybe that's the moment you will determine the showdown in your life. You never know. But, I know. Some of you think, "Why should I wake up so early? Why should I come here? Why should I sit in such an uncomfortable way? At the very moment that you begin to reason that way you will find all kinds of reasons to justify why you shouldn't be here. But that may be the very moment that you are making our own showdown in your life. Maybe we set the schedule for ten o'clock, or nine o'clock. You try to be patient until that moment-then one second before the hour you crumble. That one second may be your vital second, your vital moment. You never know. To come to the point: we set a certain goal. There's one kind of person who will crumble before we reach the goal. There's another kind of person who is never relaxed in his mind, even after meeting that goal. We never know: this may be the place.

God intends us to bring both cultures-one from the Orient, one from the East and West to meet together to create a new step of His Kingdom. There should be no predominant culture. We should go toward a new culture. Not the West, not the East. Christianity is not yet the ultimate way of life. Reverend Moon brought you a new formula. If Reverend Moon failed to blend these two cultural forces, one from the Orient, one from the West, and to lead the Western civilization into a threshold of new hope, there would be no future ahead of us in Western culture. When I came to America, God ordered me to blend the world into one new way of life. You are summoned as a first pioneer in that movement. Then, what a historical and a dramatic place the movement must be.

We are meeting together for that one goal. We are in the campaign, we are in the battle, Madison Square Garden is the target. You'll see in the final part of our battle, that all of New York is divided into two parts. Do you feel that? (Yes!) You'll see. Whether there are more people who welcome you, or more people who laugh at you, that will be the problem. Would you like to have more on the negative side or more on the positive side? (Positive!) If there are many people participating in our cause, and we win the victory, then the reward of that victory should be divided equally among those participants. On the other hand, if everybody is nasty, and we are the only group, and still make the victory, then, that entire reward should go to the victor. So actually, there are many people who are running the same course. We do not call them champions. The champion is unexcelled by others. He is a singled-out person who gives his total effort to that one victorious task and wins. That's the champion. The greater the champion is, the more the champion is wishing that there would only be a single showdown, to determine the entire course of the battle. So, would you all like to be very lukewarm people, or would you like to be a champion? (Champion!) Are you already a champion, or on the way to become a champion? (Already!) (Father: "On the way. . . ") Now, we are waging the war, against New York. And a portion of New York is our opponent. Are you still confident to become a champion in that battle? (Yes!) And if all of New York is coming against us, then you as a champion must march toward New York, knocking down the port of New York every day, all the way to the goal. Do you want to become a champion? Then you must have that conviction, that even though all of New York comes against you as a rock, you would not move one step behind.

Any battle or war has two dimensions. You, the Unification Church members, are fighting the external battle. Then who is fighting the internal battle? That's Reverend Moon, that's Father, Heavenly Father. They're fighting the internal battle. There is a fierce battle being waged, invisible, yet a most fierce battle. Now we, as an expression of that inner battle, are the external forces, and we are marching toward that one glorious victorious day and glorious target, Madison Square Garden. Then, when you see the thousands and thousands coming, and pouring into the Madison Square Garden, and when you have a full house, then you will feel a certain deep satisfaction. Of course, after that, we have another battle to go. Then I shall bring the entire people to the side of God. When, you come to Madison Square Garden, knowing your external battle is well done, with a full house and many thousands of people overflowing, I'm sure your eyes will be shining and glowing. Would you like to have all the people who come to Madison Square Garden be moved by Reverend Moon's message or be hostile to Reverend Moon? (Moved!) From the beginning to the end? (Yes!) But actually, I do not want that. I'm praying for a different kind of victory. I want to have some of the audience initially be very hostile. Let them stand up and try to say, "Move off! Get out, Reverend Moon!" Then, I will begin to talk. I will move their hearts. At the very end of the meeting, everyone will have tears of joy and repentance running out of their eyes. That is the kind of victory I want. Do you think, that if the audience is hostile I will retreat? (No!) I already had such experiences a year ago. I spoke in Berkeley, California. There was an organized hostile audience. They planned what to do to "boo" me out. Yet, I knew that, and what I did was really the history of that day. Those hostile young people were booing here and there, but after ten minutes they were calmed down like sheep and they listened to every word I said. Do you believe I have the agility and a capability to do that? (Yes!) So, would you like to see that happen? (Yes!) That means, you want to have some anti-forces? (Yes!) I do not pray every day just to ask God to bring many people to Madison Square Garden and that they would just quietly listen. My topic of prayer has been to ask Father for His guidance and power to give me clear cut wisdom and courage and power. Then I can turn even a hostile audience into the Lamb of God. The battle that you are fighting is the external battle to bring many people. I am going to fight the internal battle and I want to win that battle dramatically for the glory of Heavenly Father.

When I see that very dramatic moment approaching, I can't see anything else. Even though I walk, even though I do something, I really do not see anything else. I only have my eyes focused upon that one moment of victory for God. The day and hour are getting closer to me now. My eyes are really sparkling and focusing upon that one target. Many of you know karate. There is a karate demonstration they do sometimes of breaking the board or sometimes a brick. The champion approaches that brick and is ready to strike down. Even though my brick is an invisible brick, my feeling is the same. Do you know how that champion can strike the brick and break it? If that person is aware of the brick he could never break the brick. He just strikes down as if through air, he does not see the brick! Just strikes down like air! Then the brick will break. By the same token, when the champion approaches that demonstration, he usually gives a very enthusiastic cry or shout. I'm asked how I could do this spiritually. I'm fully aware America is not an easy place to do anything. No, in order to become a champion, our strategy, our tactic must be very unusual and different from others.

As I already said, we have one hit record, putting up the posters in New York. This has never been duplicated in the history of New York, probably never in any other place in the world. One new tactic that other people would not do. Our members, are standing on every comer of Manhattan. At every road junction, every traffic light there are members. The people in New York cannot get by without passing one of you. But I know, in some cases, other people are very negative and unfriendly. They spit at you, they kick you, they push you down, and they slap you. I'm sure in some cases that happens. But you keep smiling. Are you confident you can still keep smiling? (Yes!) You began the battle with smiles. You must finish the battle with a smile. That's the champion. You begin your battle with some person and smile. Then that person becomes very nasty, very negative, and you also get negative, very nasty, and there is a fierce battle, both with ugly looking faces, and when that person turns around, you curse him and you boo him. No. That is not the champion. He was already defeated in his battle. He couldn't finish the battle well. That's the moment that your real ability and real faith must come forward. That's the moment you will prove how good you are, how strong you are, how confident you are. If you treated New Yorkers that way in the last several weeks, even though you got many many nasty or negative responses do you know what? You are the winner already. You have won New York. Because there's no other way New Yorkers can come against and defeat you who have such a confident and beautiful personality and smile. Suppose there's a minister who hates me, Reverend Moon, hates Unification Church doctrine, hates the Divine Principle and he happened to meet one young girl who is our member. And he tried to convince that young lady, saying, "How bad your movement is, how awful Reverend Moon is" and so forth. But that woman treated him in such a loving and smiling way, and overpowered him with love. That person may be frantic and mad, but when he turns around, his heart is shattered by your loving force. You are the winner. After the confrontation with our constant and loving, serving members, when he turned around on his way, he could not raise his head. You know what he was doing? He was self-educating. He was making a sermon to himself saying, "When did I serve God like that young lady I met on the comer of New York? How can I be unselfish like that? How can I be confident like that in God and Christ? Oh, I'm truly miserable!" And she knows he was truly the shameful person. And that coming Sunday that particular minister goes to his own congregation, and without preparation he might say, "Well, I don't know about Reverend Moon. I still have a big question mark. But I sure love his followers, young men and women. Oh, I envy them! They're truly angels of God!" He will say, to tens of thousands of his own congregation, "We mustn't be narrow minded . . . those people, who may not necessarily agree with us, or may not live our doctrine. But we must not be persecuting those people. "

If some other important or influential person from New York had seen the confrontation between one very beautiful young lady, with this minister, I'm sure the third person must be moved even more, and he will instantly be on your side. Therefore, your fine, unselfish deed, your beautiful action of love, not only puts your enemy in a miserable state, but also the witnesses come to be on our side. Your one deed is that important: your beautiful deed, your beautiful mind, which shows in your face, in your actions, in your daily life. And sooner or later the entire New York will give you great and heart-warming applause. (Father: Is it true?) (Yes!) Indeed, yes.

We are now approaching that ultimate and final moment of show-down, and the great victory. Shall we have full confidence, and be fully justified in the sight of God? Or shall we meet that day with some shameful, hidden agony in our heart? I know you want to be first. You want to be very confident and have no shame in the sight of God. You want to show yourself in front of Him with honor and great glory. So God is looking at you. What is your motive? What is your heart? Where are you? At the same time, what are you actually bringing for this great day? I know, you know yourself better than anybody else. I want you to be very righteous, and very open and shameless in the sight of God. In the meantime, I do not want you to curse anybody. I do not hate anyone. I don't want you to hate anyone because hatred will never win. Ask yourself if you feel "I'm not that type of righteous champion, my heart has not been right, my deed has not been right." Then today, with the few days of the battle ahead of us, we must clean up our hearts and make a new beginning. Actually, there are three more days to go. You have done the job well, and worked hard. But, do you know, the remaining three days will make up the final total record: whether you have been a plus to God's campaign or whether you have become a burden or minus. I hope, this particular moment shall be a new beginning to make the final three days truly a momentous victory for Father.

Before I came here, I held my pledge service, and I talked to my own children. I told them, I'm Korean, I love Korea. Those who cannot love their own country could not love God, I told them. I also told them that the situation in Korea is very critical, and that we are passing through the most dramatic and dangerous moment in history. What is done in the next few days among the policy makers of Korea, Japan, and U.S. will determine the outcome. Korea is in the position of the Adam country, and Japan is in the position of Eve, and America has been in the position of Archangel. I already knew and received this inspiration concerning the forthcoming summit conference between Japan and U.S. Prime Minister Tanaka is coming to America to meet with President Ford. The Korean problem will be discussed. Yesterday, therefore, knowing all these forthcoming events, I ordered my organization to do certain things. I told the leaders that, because of this particular action maybe the Unification Church movement will suffer a setback. But, even though we suffer a setback, we must mobilize our forces to unite behind Korea in the critical moment. We must support the position of Korea. Without your knowledge, important actions have been taken that will influence the Korea-Japan situation and Japan-U.S. situation. We are exerting pressure and influence to make this thing go in the line of God. Do you know something? Today Korea is watching what Reverend Moon is doing because what Reverend Moon does will tremendously affect the cause of that nation. Not only Korea, but Japan, also is watching my actions. The U.S., also, has been watching what Reverend Moon is doing. I don't have to reveal all that has been happening and will happen, but I want you to know and trust me. In an invisible, but very notable way, important influence has been given. In this critical moment of the international situation we are marching forward to Madison Square Garden September 18, doing our full responsibility for America. God worries most about America, because America is in a vital role in the modem-day Heavenly dispensation. What America does will affect God's plan. The solution must come to America. That solution will solve the problem of Asia, for even though the problem is flaming up in Asia, that problem cannot be solved in Asia. It has to be solved here in America. Therefore, I am pushing America as hard as I can and Madison Square Garden is very important to that entire dispensation. Therefore, this morning, I told my children, even though they're little, that the next few days will be most critical. Not only for the American dispensation, but the destiny of our country Korea, and the Asian situation. In the early morning, driving down to meet you, I deeply and constantly prayed in my heart, "My Father, I am doing my very best, to win your victory here in Madison Square Garden in New York. Father, you take care of Asia." Each moment is breathtaking, we are moving toward a serious, monumental moment.

In Japan, our Unification Church members are holding a very important demonstration. The world is crumbling down in all different areas-not only Asia, but all different areas of the world. And this minority group, tired out, overworked, without sleep, without proper food, is the group God has His hand upon. In Japan, this minority group is trying to turn the entire, overwhelming forces upside down, by demonstrations. Externally, the world is in flames, and the world is on fire. Internally, that important critical moment of God's dispensation is being waged. That battle is being waged in New York. In this serious moment, we must awaken once again. We are climbing up the hill that will determine the outcome of the serious battle. Even if America, the long-time ally of Korea, deserts Korea, and if Japan, the nearest neighbor of Korea, deserts Korea, and if Korea becomes very mad and unfriendly to Japan and the U. S., still we would be the only force that can truly bring these nations together to avoid a disastrous outcome. The more hostile and unfriendly the outside world becomes to each other, we become even further united in love and harmony. There are Japanese and Americans and Koreans here. We have to transcend national prejudices. I'm sure that the Japanese members are humiliated when Japan makes a mistake. Also, Americans are ashamed if America somehow hurts Korea. But I'm going beyond that. I'll make one total unity to create an even greater victory for everyone. In Unification Church, there's no national boundary. We have to go beyond and supercede the nationality. This is the time we can truly show that because of the unifying love within our movement, where Japan, the U.S., and Korea are united together into oneness with God, even though governments of Korea and Japan and U.S. make a terrible mistake, because of our cohesive forces, God will forgive them, and God will restore the situation. If no other solution exists in this world, God still has one hope in us. Through this movement, God will have hope, not only to unite the U.S., not only to unite Japan, the U.S. and Korea, but to unite the entire world. We are the internal force and we have already set the example of unity in an internal way. The external world is only a reflection of the inner results. Therefore, since we have already that victorious stand, the rest of the world will fall into the right place.

So, this group, this important and critical group is now gathered together to make our final preparations for Madison Square Garden, only three days away. And, by our victory, we can truly show to Asia, the rest of the world, and particularly show America what we stand for and what we can produce. When the New York Times reporter came to Mr. Pak and interviewed Mr. Pak, the reporter's attitude was very cold. She said, "I predict that Madison Square Garden will be a failure. I don't think you'll have 25,000 people. I don't think even 20,000. 1 don't think even half full. " That was the prediction of the New York Times. Do you want to have that prediction be correct, or wrong? (Wrong!) Probably today or tomorrow the New York Times will have a special article on us. Do you know what they're thinking inside? "The New York Times is a formidable paper. When they print negative articles on the Unification Church, and Reverend Moon, New Yorkers will not come. They will all back down and Madison Square Garden will be empty." They think they can stop our movement! Now, we must prove how wrong the New York Times is and was!! I made a pledge to God over and over. Now I feel at this moment, like the entire world has come against me and is pushing me toward the execution stand. My conclusion is that this is the time I must prove myself. I believe in God more than any individual in human history. I trust in God more than any man has ever done in history. I will demonstrate His power more than any other individual has demonstrated it in history. During this battle, even if I falter and I die, God will not be a failure. God will keep that victory, that stand, that heart, that commitment, that tradition I set, and move forward to the ultimate, universal victory for mankind! It is indeed a serious moment for me. Jesus died on the cross. That looked like a defeat. But that particular scene and dramatic moment was remembered in the heart of God. God pledged to Jesus that He would make his deed a glorious victory for eternity, and God has done it. This seriousness must prevail for the next three days.

In the Divine Principle, there's a teaching concerning a 3-day period. The number three is a critical number. Today, as you know, is September 15, but on a Lunar Calendar today is the final day of July. Tomorrow will be August I on the Lunar Calendar, and, as you know according to Divine Principle, number seven is completion and perfection. Also, the first seven day period was when certain things were done wrong, such as the fall of man. Number eight is a new beginning. Tomorrow will be August I on the Lunar Calendar, and number 8, is a new beginning, and number one is truly a new beginning. We would like to have the three days be the three days after the victory, not before the victory. So actually, the remaining three days are not the problem. The problem is you. Where are you? That is the problem. I want you to become a representative of the heart of God. So let us love New York. Even though New York mistreated you, it is our duty, in the heart of the Father to love New York. The clothes that you wear this morning shall become historical items, because that particular dress and suit participated in an historical moment. Your shoes, how humble they are. They are the first shoes God saw, in a welcoming way, because your shoes are going for God. And if your clothes happen to be ragged, and very humble and very austere, that is even more precious. If your shoes happen to be all ripped and in terrible shape, that shall be even more glorious in the sight of God, because, you have that mission. The person who wears that suit, who wears those particular shoes, is the embodiment of the heart of God. Maybe your face is very pale. Maybe you are undernourished. Maybe you lost weight. That's the faith God has been looking for 6,000 years, this universe and this Earth has been waiting to see you, because that faith represents the son of God, and that faith truly shows God's own heart. Under the worst situations, the worst health, the worst shape, instead of complaining, you humbly give your heart to God in gratitude, just praying that "Thy will be done." Then Heavenly Father's heart will go out to you totally. God wants to show someone as an example of the loyalty to God. What kind of person will God pick? Not the person in a mansion, not the person in a limousine, but the person who is so humble, so naked and so undernourished, but is still giving his utmost loyalty and faith to God. That's truly the example God is seeking as His champion. God picks His champions under the worst conditions. God seeks His champions in those areas, not in glorious areas. And God will let that person represent the entire glory of God.

There is only one Unification Church in the entire world. Is that true? (Yes!) In what way is that true? A bad way? (No!) If that is the truth, it is my hope too. If that is not true, then I have no reason to be here. I'd pack up my things, and go back to Korea. There are so many churches in America. There are thousands of churches and millions of Christians. But the churches and Christianity and the nation of America, itself, will find a solution from Reverend Moon. You'll see! We are here in some people's fine church. There are many cathedrals much greater than this, all over in America. But those Christian churches do not have a solution for America, for young people, for moral decay, for the American family. No. They are just wondering and do not have any solution! They have to look for a solution somewhere else. And they must look for that in Reverend Moon.

I do not want to build a great church. I'm looking all over the country and world for one person who under the worst kinds of conditions, can still truly hold the heart of God, and truly give his entire self. That is the real church, not the building. Here in America, the only place we can worship God in this fashion is in the Unification Church. This is where God can come and dwell. The cause in which we are participating is the kind of cause to which we can give our lives and our entire selves, and still have no regrets, and still feel we are not doing enough. This is the kind of attitude the Unification Church must follow. Under any circumstances, we must give the heart of gratitude. We always offer thanksgiving to God, asking Father to be comforted, instead of asking of Him and giving Him all kinds of complaints. We are here creating a universal event that God has never seen before, humanity has never seen before. We are creating a universal event here in America. And, we are climbing up the most critical few steps before the final victory. Have you had this feeling? I do! God has been suffering so much. God has been giving up His own people for one day, on D-Day, one ultimate day of victory. Do you know that this ultimate day is just a few steps ahead of us? Jesus Christ who came as the Messiah two thousand years ago was so mistreated, so rejected by the people, that he went to the ultimate day, the Cross, with a grieving and agonizing heart. And who is going to liberate this heart, the stricken heart of God.

This is the morning. We are going toward that hill. We are to liberate the sorrowing and heartbroken heart of God and Jesus. Not only that, throughout history so many good people were sacrificed! They gave their blood and they suffered and were sacrificed simply because they were in the satanic world. They've been looking forward to one day of vindication. Do you know, this is the place that all those good spirits shall be vindicated in our deed? I'm sure you know, I'm giving my entire life, and heart and soul, to create that moment of vindication in which God's grieving heart can be liberated, Jesus' suffering heart can be liberated, and all the good people in history can be vindicated. Therefore, the Unification Church members did not come for comfort, did not come for the relaxation, did not come here for games. We are here to give ourselves, to be summoned for this cause of sacrifice, so that we shall be used on the altar of God, so that God might save this world. This is the place. God wants to have that one dramatic victory! Don't you think God wants to have one day in which his heart is really vindicated? Don't you think Jesus Christ was really looking forward to one day, that his heart was really comforted?

And good people, who innocently died and became a victim of evil, are looking forward to the one great day of vindication. Isn't that true? I gave my entire heart and soul, not for my own purpose, but for some important purpose. You know that purpose, the purpose of God. Don't you think I must have some dramatic day where my heart is truly comforted? Furthermore, all the Unification Church members all over the world, who truly have become that sacrificial force, totally giving yourselves up, and following the Master, don't you think you deserve one day of victory and vindication? If we can create that one day, in which all these things are comforted and satisfied, then that day indeed shall be a universal historical day. Therefore, God and Jesus, and all the saints, and all the members of the Unification Church and myself have been waiting for that one day. And that day is in the making, only a few days ahead of us, September 18. Madison Square Garden is that day. All historical suffering shall be satisfied, vindicated, and shall be comforted and liberated. Who is making that day? You. You are summoned to make that day victorious. The day of vindication is ahead of us, you have been making it, and you will finish it.

If you are victorious and truly create a successful event, then truly you are creating a new chapter of history. The most glorious chapter of the history of God will be written by you, your deed shall be recorded. When we express happiness or joy, we all raise our hand with our palms open. The Korean phonetic word "Madison" implies the fist, not an open palm. So it is not a sign of happiness. The open palm is a sign of joy. So a tight fist is a sign of grievances and sins and the fallen world. Furthermore, when you have some decision to make, you don't make a decision with an open palm. You make it with a fist. Because it's a sign of strength and power. Even God and Christ, and everyone -makes a determination with a closed fist. So, when we truly make a victorious one, in the future, history will see that we are the force that changed the name of Madison Square Garden. I believe in thinking that far. Everything is hinged upon that one day of Madison Square Garden, the entire weight of history, the heart of God, and the grieving heart of the people. My entire life, and your entire commitment are all hinged upon that one battle. Throughout history all the important people in the dispensation of God failed to cross over the hill. Adam and Eve failed to go over the hill. When they disobeyed God, they failed. Cain and Abel also failed to cross over the hill, when the elder killed the younger. Abraham also failed. So did Moses, and so did John the Baptist. All those people, called upon in one dramatic moment, failed that dramatic moment.

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