The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Let Us Set The Record

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
New York, New York
September 11, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. Bo Hi Pak

Those who just have arrived from the different parts of the country, who have not seen me before, would you kindly raise your hands? Thank you.

Before you came to New York, I'm sure you had been looking forward to seeing me in New York, and that very person you have been looking forward to seeing, that's me, right here. I'm sure you have had various kinds of thoughts in coming to New York. When I first visited Japan, a great many members of our family were certainly looking forward to seeing me, and they thought our Father was superhuman; therefore, he did not need breakfast, and he didn't need stairs to go up to the second floor.

But God created man according to His natural law, and there is truly no superhuman in His creation; all have to obey the natural process of law. However, this body, these five senses, these limbs, these arms and legs, these particular shapes are indeed masterpieces of God's creation. God created man as the fulfillment of His ideal. It is for that ideal that God created man, to be a subject of His joy and to return glory, so that we shall become the fulfillment of God's creation. Therefore, in His work of restoration of the universe and man, God does not use a supernatural law. He works through the natural process, step by step. Through man God is going to ultimately fulfill His perfection.

There are good people as well as evil people in this world. The good man belongs to God, and the evil man belongs to Satan. What is a good man? A good man, in the sight of God, follows His law and His heart; that's a good man. Let's say you have the most wonderful parents in this world. What's the definition of wonderful parents? Those parents are so close to your heart, and relate to you so closely, so that you are in the very core of the parents' heart, and

the parents also remain in your heart. It is a heart to heart relation and a good teacher and pupil relationship is the same. Also good friends, good society, good nation, and good world-all these are related in heart; that's the good relationship.

Goodness is oneness. So goodness between God and man is determined by the closeness between God and man, goodness between the parents and children, and nations and people, the government and people. All relationships are determined by the closeness of the two. So good and good tradition has one central rallying point, whether it's on a small scale or large scale. That central principle which we rally around for goodness, from the family level to the higher level of the universe, would always be the same. Goodness never changes. Goodness never quits. Goodness is always the same; it is the beginning and the end of a perfect heart to heart relationship.

When a good couple, man and woman get married, that same principle should be existing from the start. At the end of life and all throughout life, that principle must remain, in order that they remain a good couple. This is also true for the relationship between good brothers, and for the existence of a good society and a good nation; in each case the principle is the same.

Then why are we here? Why do we assemble in this auditorium today? You did not come for me. You came for God. The subject of goodness is God, who is unchanging, eternal, and unique. He is the cause of goodness, and He remains with the result. Yes, I am leading the Unification Church movement. However, I myself am not the cause, but the cause is up there -- God. I am the result of that cause. Also, God has a clear goal to which we are moving today. That objective must be achieved by the individual, by the family, by the tribe, by the nation, by the world, by the universe, and even by the spiritual world. But here on earth, so many people have no idea about this universe, about that objective. They have no purpose for living. They do not have the answer to why they are here. Their goal of life is hazy. They do not have a clear-cut goal as to the objective of their lives.

Many Christians or religious people might say, "Well, I'm living for Christ. " Buddhists might say, "I am living for Buddha. " But those who are assembled in this congregation must answer, "We are living for God, for the over-all purpose of God's objective. " And more specifically, what? God has a central goal, and surrounding an external goal, too. What is the core of that central goal? Not the nation, not the family, not the tribe, not the society, not the world, but the central point of God's goal is the individual, one perfect individual. And you, as an individual, are the ultimate goal God wants to reach.

If God started in a certain point then where do we meet, where do I have to start? Shall we start in the middle, or somewhere in between the goal and you? You must start at the same point where God has started, the same point, from the same position. You must meet God at this starting point. On the route to your ultimate goal you are not alone, you are moving and going together with God. In your every move, from your starting point to your ultimate goal, no matter how many times you go back and forth, you are not alone. You always make your move with God.

Have you ever thought such a person is living upon the face of this earth? Do you have that confidence that you are with God? Let us seriously think about it. Yes, the human mind does vary, and is changing so many times, even during one day. That's the typical human mind. Therefore, on this earth, there are so many people who are just living a wandering life, without a clear objective, without any companion, without God. Where are they wandering about? They started with a hazy purpose, without a clear-cut goal. Therefore, the process is very hazy. Their ultimate goal is very hazy. So they just have a wandering life.

Christianity predicted there will be an end of the world, not only the Christian religion, but all other religions of the world are predicting a certain end of the world. However, even though they say it, they do not know the clear definition of the end of the world. Everyone makes his various definition of the end of the world according to the founder of his religion. They are moving toward the end of the world according to their own definition. But who really represents the position of the entire mankind, and is his definition equal to God's definition? Is there such a religion which represents God's central way.

There are not many religions which could constantly answer, "Yes, I represent God's definition. " There are not many religions and not many individuals truly living in accordance with God's definition of His will and the end of the world.

Then what is the real and ultimate definition of the end of the world in which we as individuals, society, nation, and world can consummate our purpose? The goal of the individual and the goal of the family cannot be different ones. Because God's way is one way unchanging and unique and eternal. Then where God can take joy, is where the individual can take joy, the family can take joy, and the tribe and the nation can take joy.

Who represents God's joy? Who represents God's way? Who could say confidently that, "I, my family, my tribe, my nation, and my world are truly moving towards God's ultimate goal"? Is there such a man, such a champion in this world who could say, "God, in order to achieve His ultimate purpose and goal and joy, needs me; He needs my family, He needs my tribe, He needs my nation"? Do you think there is such a representative? You said, "Yes," but you may not be thinking the same thing I am thinking.

The end of the world is truly where God wants to consummate His ultimate purpose, There is so much confusion and chaos in this world that God wants to reorganize it. That one juncture of human history is the end of the world. Yes, if there were a group, or an individual who could truly say that they or he were the representative of God, then this would have been a great fortune for humanity and for human history. But that was not found.

This morning you met me here. Was it decided that you and I should meet? When did we receive this mandate and this appointment? We are all destined to meet one man. That man is the guide, who can really bring us to that new point from which we can begin our journey with God to the ultimate goal. The one who can lead us and shed this light upon us, is the man we need to meet. If we find such a man, such guide, such light, such a life companion, then that man is worth more than the value of our family, and our society, and the nation and the world. He is the most precious one under the sun. For that precious man, there is nothing we cannot give up, nothing we cannot sacrifice. We can go beyond ourselves, our family and the nation and the world.

Because that particular man, who can really guide from the beginning to the end, is a companion of God, he is the answer to my life, the answer to my family, the answer to society, the answer to the world. Therefore, first of all, what I need is that particular man, not the rest of society. That man is the eternal way, not one who just exists temporarily and then disappears, but the way to lead to eternity with God. That is the goal, and that is the man whom God is relying upon. God sent such a man as a mediator or guide to humanity, to shed light so that all men through him can see the light.

Through that man we meet God. Through that man we see God's joy. Through that man we unite with God, and through that man God remains eternally with us. Yes, we have one ambition. We want to become true sons and daughters of God. And once you are given that title, a son of God or a daughter of God, then you don't want to be restricted. As much as God and our Father have freedom, you want to enjoy the same freedom. You want to go everywhere where Father is. And when God is absolutely good, I know we all want to be of the same absolute goodness.

So the conclusion is, therefore, that humanity, and this world needs such a man. How wonderful that in this world we can find such a man. Just as a thought, just as a glimpse of thought, it always makes us excited. But in reality, if you ever find such a man in your life, then you really pinch yourself in order to realize your true joy. In other words, that impossible joy becomes reality. Do you agree? If such a person exists, do you want to see him? From what position -- the last or the first? Yes, we all want to be the first to meet that man. There are all kinds of competitions in our world, but nobody wants to win any other game more seriously. If you know such a person, you really want to be the first champion to meet him.

Then what is he bringing to us? If he is bringing a gift, that should be the most precious gift to the sons and daughters. That person is also bringing the most precious to our family and our home. That man is bringing that something that God would really like to see in our tribe, in our home, in our individual lives, and in our nation.

Then let's ask ourselves, what would we like to have? Money? Knowledge? Power? Well, these are good. I wouldn't mind having all those. But they are secondary. The most important thing is your own pride and joy that you have a certain value within yourself. You want to have a certain pride that no matter how almighty and great God is, you move in one direction, then even God must follow you and come with you. That almighty God needs me, I am indispensable in His sight-you can have this kind of confidence and value and pride. If you achieve that value, that confidence in yourself, no joy can surpass it. Think of it. God will come and hold you and say, "Don't go away. I need you. " How wonderful if God comes to you and says, "I need you. Don't go away!" In other words, think of yourself in the position of a lover of God. God loves you and says, "Just stay with me. Please love me, and then I will give you everything I have. The rest of the world is yours." Doesn't it feel good? Yes, indeed, we are very greedy, aren't we?

Then if there is a way to become such a lover in the sight of God, and if you become such a person achieving that position, what comes next? What would you do after that? What do men really desire and what do women dream of? First, we want to possess God. Once you have God, then as a man you want to have a woman. The women wants to have a man. What else? That is really all; nothing else. Have you ever thought, "I want to have such a woman, I want to have such a man?" Nothing can exceed the value of such a valued woman and valued man. It is most logical, of course. If somebody asked me that question, I would answer that way. How about you? The same?

Then suppose you find such a wonderful, ideal, and most precious mate. Then would you want to be united without God, or with God? Then would you consult with God, or would you make your own decision by yourself". When you go out to the shops, to buy some suit, or whatever, would you like to make up your mind all by yourself, or do you want to have some companion to discuss with and share the joy of shopping together? If you find something very precious, a very lovely item, then you want to have somebody whom you trust and love to ask, "How do you like this? I like it very much. " The greatest shopping project you have is, for man to shop for one woman, and a woman for one man. You cannot make up your mind by yourself. Why don't you all go to God, and ask, "God, how do you like her? Do you want me to have her?" Or, "How do like that man? Is it all right with you?"

If God said to you, "Well, yes, that woman is very ideal for you, " and God said to the woman, "Oh, that man is really handsome and really a hero. Go after him," then you feel that's good. Knowing that God approves of him or her, you will not unite in a very miserable way. You will really express your joy and confidence and happiness when you meet under those circumstances. Will your eyes be like a rabbit's eyes, frightened? You wouldn't have that kind of expression, do you? You will really smile, and broaden your expression of joy and happiness; your whole body will be really dancing for joy-you will feel that kind of mood.

Even in this world we see the happiness and joy of lovers meeting. When soldiers who went to Vietnam came back to their home country, on their arrival at the pier, the men and women united into one and they just held each other. They had no way to contain their Joy. They just didn't know what to do with their joy. But suppose you know that those lovers are approved in the sight of God, and God is really smiling at them and blessing them, how much more joy can you enjoy? Whatever you do, what ever type of expression you make to express your joy, God will be with you. God's smile is with you.

In creating man and during human history, God wanted to see such a moment; He wanted to have such a joyful moment in the sight of God; but we know that the fall of man destroyed all this opportunity. So man lost the true joy. This is the tragedy of all tragedies.

This is the misery of all miseries. Yes, the more you think of it, the more you realize in what tragedy, in what darkness man has been living. So we come to the natural conclusion: the work of God has been the work of restoration. Therefore, the ultimate destination of the restoration of God is such a place of joy.

All the religions are tools to get there. Religious people are those who are striving towards that goal. And all human history is facing toward that one ultimate moment of achievement and fulfillment, that place of joy.

So this is the most obvious proof that Judeo-Christianity has been playing the central role to achieve that ultimate goal of joy. Christianity set the goal to have a bride and bridegroom. This is Christianity. So Christianity is one religion God must be centered upon. This one God loves. Since God is setting His goal in that particular place of joy, all men have to reach it and meet it. And this consummation of joy will be expressed in what the Bible describes "Marriage supper of the Lamb." So all these basic truths of how God moves through Christianity are one undeniable proof that the living God exists.

It is our goal to meet such a person, to go to such a place. Then our lives are fulfilled. Now then, such a man found God, found a mate-man for woman, and woman for man-what comes next? (Children.) I see here in the Western world that people do not want to have children. This is one of the saddest most ridiculous situations.

When you really come to the moment when you have your own children, would you truly love them? If you really have such parents who truly love from the bottom of their hearts, then whatever you are whether a hippie, yippee, or whatever-you are a happy person. What is the most feared thing to those children? Actually, separation from the loving parents is the most fearful thing.

So truly, what we need before we all become parents, are loving parents above us. We need parents to whom we can return our love beyond our life, because the source of our life is there. It is the ultimate and principled way of life for children to live up to the loving parents' expectations, to be pious. Even in the fallen world all the parents want children that way; even in the fallen world such a relationship is a beautiful one. How much more so in the perfected world! Even in this fallen world a trace of the original truth, a trace of the original kingdom still remains. Therefore, the same virtue is beautified and given value in our fallen society. So once you reach the perfected society, that is the ultimate beauty.

Then where does the love of God come from? The love of God starts from perfected man and perfected woman. And this comes through husband and wife. Then where will that love that comes through husband and wife go? Does it go away and disappear? Where will the love of God go? It goes through your children. Then where will that love go? Will its blossoms waste? Where will that love go after reaching the children? Do you want to have only one son and one daughter, or more than one? (More.) We are a traitor to the trend of world society; they are crying, "Population explosion. " They just don't want to have children. You don't mind going against that rule, do you?

And where will that parents' love go? It goes to the children and then it will spread. The love of God comes down through the parents love to the children. Then when there is more than one brother and more

than one sister, it will turn into love among the brothers and sisters. That's the way God's love works. Then will the love of God stop right there or sill go on? Where will it go? That love will go on from the brothers and sisters to the tribe, from the tribe to the nation and the nation to the world. That love will not stop even at the world. It will come back to God. In other words, that love initiated by God will go all the way and make a grand circle, a world tour, a tour of the universe and then come back to God with the result of beauty. That will bring back beauty and joy to God.

So what will make God most pleased? What will make God joyful? Money? (No.) Power? (No.) Yes, no matter how almighty God is, he is thirsty for one thing, thirsty for one thing-love. Love is what God needs. So what God really needs is love. What man really needs is also what? (Love.) So we resemble whom? (God.) So actually, God and man are the same. Then all folks are seeking love, and those two entities will have give and take with each other and fulfill their love. While we are fulfilling the ultimate love, all the other human needs are met.

Now then, at this point, I can ask you, what is God's desired starting point, His desired way of life, His desired ultimate goal. Now all of you can answer that question. (Love.)

Now then, for what purpose were we born? For what purpose do we live? All can be solved through love. Love is the fulfillment of life. That's the purpose for which we were born, the purpose for which we live. So since that is the goal of God and the goal of man, God must send someone who can guide mankind toward that goal. So whoever claims this goal, this ultimate purpose in the life of God and the life of man, must be the greatest of all saints. And if God sends the Messiah, the Messiah must bring that goal, nothing else. So there can be no deviation. We know clearly that there must be a starting point with God, a clear way, and a clear goal. We know what God likes most. And also, we know what the most precious gift to God is.

Then we come to the conclusion: we must find such a goal. If we have not been able to find it, then we must not stop searching for such a goal, even once we are mobilized in such a most dramatic movement? Well, you say, "Wait a minute, I have to go to college, and finish my four years." Or, "Wait a minute, I first want to become a Ph.D." Is that your answer? (No.)

Yes, this is the goal, no matter how great a sacrifice and cost it may be, this is where we are going. If somebody pulls your arm or even cuts your arm, you will still go-this is that kind of goal. Even if the whole nation goes against you, then you will kick the nation and still go on. This kind of preciousness, this kind of goal, this kind of purpose, and this kind of value is a competition you have never seen in all human history.

Your two eyes cannot be divided in seeing. You have no time to look around to the left or right. You know it has to be straight all the way. But, you have been wandering around, taking a rest here and there, just wandering all over the place. You are going but surely you will know what I mean by saying that this is such a goal. Single-mindedly you must go by your whole heart, mind, and soul; we must go the shortest possible cut, no beating around the bush. A jumbo jet would be no problem; you could even hire a rocket. That is the kind of goal -- don't you agree? And do you really feel like it? You say yes, but do you really feel like it? Does that come out of your mouth, or come out of your heart? (Heart.) Then that's all; that's all we need.

Let's say we are really going wholeheartedly in that direction, but unfortunately, I die on the way. I couldn't get to the goal. But your life will not falter. Your life was not ended. You shall become the champion and really the flag bearer for that cause. You shall make history. Such a family dedicated toward that goal shall set the tradition of the heavenly kingdom. Those tribes, those nations, and those peoples shall remain the flag-bearers of the nation of love and become the tradition of love. Don't you think this is the kind of cause we should follow, even unto death? As a man, you could not find any better cause to give your life to or invest your life in.

There are all kinds of philosophies and theories. This philosophy ends and this theory will end. But this is not a philosophy; this is a way of life, and the one way of life God approves. If somebody asked me, "Reverend Moon, what are you heading for?" then I will undoubtedly say clearly, "This is my goal, for which I give my life and my death." It is a very dramatic, romantic life.

Now, once again, why are we here? (For love.) Fine, but the word is easier than the deed. That love can be made very cheap, or it can be made so precious as you can. There is a depth of understanding in this one word: "l-o-v-e. " God, in order to achieve that goal, has spared nothing. He already gave such a great sacrifice in order to achieve that goal. Even today God is giving up the entire achievement of Christianity as a sacrifice, just to reach that goal. Jesus Christ was given as a sacrifice for no other purpose than to achieve that one goal.

So ultimately, we come to this task under a great responsibility. We shall become that man of perfection or that woman of perfection, to be able to receive that love of God, because God's love begins from you. And how, without being fulfilled, without being perfected, can you become that channel of God? We live in so many adverse situations. We must ward them off and create our own environment in which we can really succeed in this goal. Therefore, this is not just a mediocre job; this is not an easy job. Yes, you have to risk your life.

Let's create heavenly forces, so that no ungodly power can infiltrate, and so we can truly enjoy and love God, as God loves us. Let's create this kind of society, starting from the very beginning point from one man and one woman, one family, one tribe, and one nation. We can expand our kingdom from the very beginning point gradually and slowly, but surely into the whole world.

For that purpose, God created the chosen people of Israel. The people of Israel were such a people and such a nation that God would ward off all ungodly power of the outside, creating a protective wall and barrier for them. Thus, this one nation and one people that God had chosen, really prepared themselves to fulfill His ultimate goal. Today, Christianity is in the same position.

The Messiah is coming as the model, formula, and pattern, from the very beginning point of the individual, to the family, the tribe, and the nation. He is slowly but surely expanding this model into the world. That is the purpose of the Messiah. So we, the Unification Church, have that central goal and purpose, which is so precious that the rest of the religious society and regular world would not even dream of it. We have something unique; we have something very new, very special.

So to make a long story short, we are looking for true parents. This is a new word, a new terminology. You couldn't find such a terminology in any other church or religious group. This is our terminology alone, because we are based on a new, very special purpose and mission here. "True Parents" means God-centered parents. We have this startling thing.

Then what comes next after True Parents? True sons and daughters, children of God. Then what else? True brotherhood among sisters and brothers. This word family takes on a new meaning in the Unification Church. When we say "family", it represents something else in our church. The family is the cornerstone of the kingdom. The assemblage of the family created a heavenly society; the cornerstone of the one family is so important. Then, as I said, God's love is expanded, after the family, to the tribe; and after the tribe to the people. Then eventually God is seeking one nation - There could not be a multitude of nations in the sight of God. He can think of only one nation under Him. Inheriting God's kingdom can be only done by those in God's nation. This is so logical; God cannot think of any other nation to give His inheritance to. Only God's nation can inherit the love of God.

We have so many different nationalities in this room. The nation of America is very symbolic of the heavenly kingdom (I am talking about it only in the external way.) God prepared this one nation of America to be known as "melting pot." All the different nationalities from all over the world came and are becoming one homogeneous, unifying nation. God blessed that nation. It is very significant.

Then what is our purpose? To become true men We will create the true husband and wife, and become true parents to give birth to children who experience love among themselves and form a loving brotherhood. And those children and parents together create one heavenly family. That family will expand into a true society; that true society will expand into a true nation. So I'm sure now your thinking is all well organized and lined up.

Where, then, does the love of God start? As I said, the love of God starts from an individual, from one person, and then one man and woman. But again, though God begins His work from the individual level, yet His ultimate goal is the entire world. If the world of Christianity today united with the coming Messiah, then the process of forming the kingdom of heaven will be quick, because the Messiah will show that pattern of individual perfection, family perfection, tribal perfection, and national perfection so quickly, so that the rest of the world can be reached and restored very quickly.

After all, the Christians of the world are the prepared tool, the instrument of God to be used by the Messiah. That was God's purpose. So we participate in the cause of God, giving ourselves as an investment of the ultimate kingdom of heaven on a worldwide scale. So God is now erecting that kingdom. The more you invest of yourself for His work, the more you shall be remembered, because it is most natural. You participated; your deeds are greater than any body else in that kingdom.

So God is looking down; He has launched His crusade and is looking for the champion, the one who is giving more, participating more, the one who has the larger stock, not only as an individual, but also demonstrating he can give his family, his entire resources. This is what God can remember. God is looking for such an individual, such a family, such a tribe, and such a nation, to wholeheartedly give itself for the ultimate fulfillment of God's world restoration; then God cannot forget that person.

I am sure many people come from different nations of the world. If I asked you, "What kind of country would you like to have your country become?", you will say, "I want to have my country to be that champion nation in the sight of God, to be remembered as having most stock in the kingdom of heaven." Then that means you have to sacrifice. There is no other way to purchase stock in the kingdom of heaven. You have to give yourself; your nation and your people shall have to give more sacrifices to achieve that ultimate goal.

You are all most brilliant youth. In your pride, what kind of country would you like to make? What kind of nation would you like to make your nation? I know you would like to have your own country be unexcelled by others. Now, therefore, this is the time when even on the national level, all the nations are in competition -- a heavenly race. This is the time when you can really be closer to the bosom of God.

America is that battle ground, that testing ground. This is the race track right here in America. America is a United States; literally, it is a "united states. " All the fifty states are united into one federal state; without the backbone of the Christian spirit, this goal would have never been possible, because the Christian ideology alone can go beyond the color of nations, the color of skin, and the different ideologies.

So America, was truly founded on a sort of universal scale. It's not particularly directed toward one race or one people but for all races and all people. They truly set the motto, "One nation under God." So America is the harbinger or forerunner of that ultimate shape of the kingdom of heaven. This is why God put so much energy into this country. This is why God blessed America. All the property, assets, riches, and resources of this nation are for the purpose of the building of the ultimate kingdom of God.

The American people, consciously or unconsciously, knew such a mission. They even put the words, "In God We Trust," on every dollar bill. By this they said, "This money does not belong to ourselves. However, today's America is not in a position to inherit that ultimate kingdom. America is running away from God's dispensation, from God's will. And I hear that American youth love adventure. Is that true? What kind of adventure? Do they love a righteous adventure, the bold courage for righteousness, for the cause of God. Then that is respected not only by the American nation, but by the rest of the world.

If there are any adventurous young people who can truly rally around the righteousness of God, even God will praise them. Let's suppose that in America there is one house. In light of the overall analogy, it is like a house in flames. So we need a fire fighter. Among the old people and young people, who shall become the fire fighter? Of course, the young people. But are there such young people in this country? Most young people negate responsibility. They don't want to get involved in anything-they want more degradation and more ungodly movements. America is watching the emergence of such people and such movements, while the world is looking desperately for such champions. Without them, this fire will bum too fast. This one house of the nation shall be burned down to the ground. This is the time when American youth, who have been traditionally known to love the adventure, must prove themselves. This is the critical time in which we live, when these young champions must be born and assembled. Where can I find such young people? Shall I go to existing churches? To the colleges? American colleges don't have such people. I saw the practice of streaking. They are just laughing and enjoying their way of life that way. Do you think that's the end of it? Will those involved in movements such as free sex find ultimate satisfaction for their goal of life? No, this is farther from the truth. You are the fire fighters. You are the youth that can turn this world upside down and right side up.

So we must have a specific course and plan of action. If you start, pushing, you move quickly. For how long?-until the end. There is no stop before the end. Even if you falter; even if you die in between, you are not really dying. You are really living for eternity. At any cost, we must win. This is the kind of cause you have gotten involved in.

I, as you know, am not an American citizen. So why does the Reverend Moon have to come to America, to speak to you this way? Why do I have to leave my country of Korea behind? I am not treated so kindly, there are many unkind remarks. In Korea there are so many people and so many resources within men's hearts and souls. Really, there is a burning zeal, and a sacrificial spirit living there.

But I received a mandate from God that we must save America in order to save Korea, and the rest of the world. This is the one universal religion. Christianity is not talking about one people or nation, but about the world; and the hub of the world is here in America. That's why I am here. So, even though you have come from all the different countries and love them as much as I love my own country of Korea, you must love this country of America. This is where the heart of God lies today.

I went through great difficulty and many tribulations in Korea, and now I'm going through more difficulty here in America. You must be my comrades in arms. If you are truly adventurous men and women, then this is the time to prove it. We hive gotten together for one cause that is greater than ourselves. We can truly give ourselves and invest our entire being into this movement. We will become invincible forces. Nothing shall stop us. I know all of you came here, looking forward to seeing me. But in an ultimate sense, you did not come to meet me. You came to inherit God's kingdom. God's salvation is for the world. Therefore, God said, "Go. " You are now given the mandate to reach out for that goal; reach out for it for God.

Now then, where shall we turn? Let's turn to America. This is where God's heart, concern, and love lie. So let's become God's representatives here in this country. Let's go out, go forward to restore this nation back to God. And September 18,1974, shall be the culmination point in the showdown, the heavenly battle here in New York. This is the plan of action; we have this precise plan; and this is where the adventuresome young people, men and women, shall prove themselves worthy of the title: adventurous men and women for the righteousness of God.

American young men and women, raise your hands, please. So we met here-in a way, a coincidence. We met here, but this is not our destination. On the way to the Madison Square Garden and on the way to America we met here. So shall we come here and meet for a celebration'? Is this the place where we must sit down and relax? Already it is nearly nine o'clock, but you must not think the precious hours this morning were sort of wasted. I don't think you think that way.

I am sure before you came here this morning to hear me you thought, "Well, I know what he will say -He will say, 'Go out to the streets and work harder.' I know what he is going to say. " Do you like to hear me, or don't you want to hear me 9. We are going beyond America and all the way to God. This is really a fantastic, golden opportunity. You will never see such a great, exciting life anywhere else in the world. This is really a wonderful place. Since you are summoned to be the pioneers for the kingdom of God, let's say you are the ultimate fulfillment of the perfection of the individual, family, tribe, nation, and everything. Do not worry. Your reward, your glory in heaven shall. be greater than anybody else, because you are the pioneers.

I know you have your personal difficulties. Your immediate family, your brothers and your parents, may not approve of your doing this. But think of it; look at the future. Some day history will record what you have done today. Your action today is the page of history of tomorrow. Future posterity will know you -If you die, your tomb shall be the monument of God. Then let God make that tomb shine throughout history. And 1, myself, am Just precisely moving and directing this movement with that particular determination. I really gave up my life for that purpose. I may die; I my falter; but I want to live with an undying spirit, an undying determination, for the undying cause of posterity. I want to be remembered in your hearts; nothing can extinguish this fire of love. I want to bring this movement regardless of whether I am here or not, toward the ultimate day of fulfillment, the victorious day of God.

Go out; fear nothing; be more controversial; make more problems; make more things happen. Then with each of those happenings, God will bring more victory, more reward to you. We are moving toward the stage of America. Who is holding the handle? Who is turning the steering wheel? America's steering wheel must not be in the hand of Satan, because Satan will lead it to hell. But America's handle or steering wheel must be in the hand of God. And that handle or steering wheel of America is right here in New York. Right now, this handle is in the hands of Satan. We are the ones to chop off Satan's hands and bring the steering wheel back to God. So this is why we set our spiritual revolution, or fire revolution, right here in the city of New York. Would you like to turn the steering wheel to the fight? Yes, that's the job to do.

America was victorious in World War I and World War 11, and America has to do so much good for the rest of the world. But right now that very America is aflame. America did not recognize the most fierce battle, more fierce than World War 1, World War 11, now being waged right in the heart of America. We are summoned from all over the world to win that battle right here in America, the severest battle that history can think of. This is where we are summoned. So shall we bring victory or failure at Madison Square Garden? (Victory.) Let's do it!

America has enjoyed 200 years of history. You are now approaching the bicentennial in 1976. This is the crisis of America. This shall be the line and the moment of history in which we can determine whether or not America remains for God or for Satan. But who can make the showdown a victorious one? We must become one, become united, as the prime force which will turn the handle of America to God. The greater the battle you are engaged in, the severest battle to which you are summoned, the greater the chapter of history you are writing. So do not ask for an easy job. Ask for the severest battle.

Those who are determined to give yourselves for the victory of God and victory of New York-no matter what happens to you, whether the entire world comes against you-and still have that determination to go, raise your hands. Then let's set the record. Let's really set the record-not just the world record, but the heavenly record.

Once you have participated in this race, do not do a mediocre job. We will truly conquer New York in the name of God. Your eyes and your senses, your arms and your whole self, every tissue of your whole body-shall be directed toward one single-minded purpose. This is the one cause. Once you give your total self nothing can stop you, literally, nothing can stop those who are determined to go unto our life and death.

I have instructed all the national level movements not to come to New York, because in New York this battle of Madison Square Garden is a test case. I want to have all the American youth participate in this test battle. Would you like to exceed my expectations? (Yes.) I trust you.

I want you to be a courageous champion, not a courageous soldier, but a courageous general, who can inherit the tradition of America, who can really harvest the true fruit of America and truly set the new tradition for the future. Your history shall be written along with my own history. Whoever writes my history will treat the handling of America's campaign as the greatest chapter. This is the focal point of the emphasis of my life, because even in Korea I never appeared in public to speak to the public; I have never done it. Therefore, what I have done here in America shall be the major portion of my history, and New York shall be the prime chapter of that particular chapter.

If somebody becomes a sacrifice during this campaign, he shall be the first and most glorious martyr for our movement and for heaven. In the history of the Unification Church, the history of God's restoration, that person shall remain as the true champion and hero. So set your own record. Set your record straight. This now is something like Jesus Christ, who would have gone to Rome and declared his kingdom as the Roman Empire. This in the 20th century is very similar. And the center of the Roman Empire today is New York. You are in the very position of the apostles and disciples of Jesus, who marched towards Rome bare-handed. They looked miserable, yet they carried on with a strong determination, an undeviating spirit and an undying spirit.

So do not think you are just doing this for the New York campaign. This is not the New York campaign. What you are doing is a universal campaign, because New York is where we are making a showdown on the universal level. You are chosen as a flag-bearer of this particular movement. What you do here in New York will determine not only your own life, but will determine the blessing of your posterity, your children, your great-great-grandchildren, and your own people and nation. Set the record. Lead the world record.

So my title, or my message today is "Let's set the record. " Those who truly want to set the heavenly record, let's once again raise both hands in determination.

New York, as you know, is the beginning point of our 1974 eight-city tour. After New York, we go on to Philadelphia and the remaining seven cities. Since we are concentrating in New York, Philadelphia did not have much chance to prepare. So I have assigned them a special task force.

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