The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Children's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Tarrytown, New York
November 14, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Col. Bo Hi Pak

As you know, today is November 14, 1974; by the Lunar calendar, today is October 1. Today we are celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of Children's Day. So I'd like to bring to you the message concerning the meaning of Children's Day.

If the human ancestors Adam and Eve had not fallen, it was God's intention to bring the first man and woman-soon after their perfection-together into a heavenly matrimony, to create one first family of heaven. From then, sinless children of God would have been the reality, multiplied from one generation to another. God alone would be the ruler. If that could have happened, then God's position and way of life would have been transmitted to the first family, and thereafter to all generations, all of Adam's race. And that is the fulfillment of the ideal of God, bringing His Kingdom upon the face of the earth.

The love of God would have been transmitted to Adam and Eve, and then the sung sang feeling of the realization of the love of God would have been transmitted to all generations of Adam's descendants. However, we have not seen the world of God's love. Only by the fulfillment of the ideal will we all belong to the love of God and be dominated by the love of God.

The word "domination" is the wrong word; we're seeking to belong to the source of love, which is God. In our fallen world, people dominate from the wrong position. They dominate in this world in order to fulfill their own selfishness. So it becomes a self centered domination.

But that is not the case with God. When you are dominated by the love of God, you surely belong to His love, and you have still more happiness and riches of joy. This is the true way of feeling joy and happiness. Because of the fall of man, the beautiful world God designed has been lost. Truly, without the fall, all of us were supposed to dwell in the heart of the Father, in the heart of God's love.

Because of the fall of man, the opposite happened. The fall of man brought subjugation by Satan. Satan emerged as master, controlling everything. Separated from God, we became persons of evil who had nothing to do with the pure dwelling place of God's love. God knows this sad reality. He also knows that no one is capable of getting rid of his own sin. God knows that only He can help.

So, since the fall of man, God has initiated His will of restoration. In His work of restoration, God can't do things arbitrarily or at random. God, too, must follow the Principle of Creation, His law, because the work of restoration is none other than recreation. In history, God must re-create Adam, because he was God's first creation. From him the Kingdom of God was supposed to blossom. Therefore, in world history, God is working to recreate that original Adam in the form of a perfected Adam.

Ever since the fall of man, we have been subjugated by our worst enemy, Satan, who has had complete control over man. Actually what was the position of Satan? You know Satan is a fallen angel. The position of an angel is that of a servant to God. The children of God were subjugated by the servant of God. So we became the servant of the servant! So we are really degraded, fallen all the way down from the position of children of God to the position of servant of the servant to God.

God cannot pick us back up arbitrarily. But God must guide man's every step, leading him from his position of servant of the servant, restoring all our dignity as children of God. The work of restoration started from the merciful heart of God. He sorrowed deeply for His children who were suffering as at the bottom of a dungeon in the position of a servant to the enemy Satan. So, God is now leading man, restoring him step by step, into the ultimate position of children of God.

God had lost His dignity; He lost His ideal; finally God lost His love. Furthermore, God knew His children were murdered. He lost everything when man betrayed Him. It is not easy, even for God, to take compassion on man. God knew that Satan brought on all these evil things, and that man united with Satan. Men cannot restore the position of true children unless they unite together and win the battle against the enemy Satan. Then we must set the condition that we will become victorious over Satan.

Man's first victory came through Jacob. Jacob was the first man in the sight of God who could win the war against Satan, and set the condition of victorious results. Therefore, God gave Jacob the blessing by saying, "No longer shall your name be called Jacob, but Israel shall be your name." (Gen. 3 5: 1 0) "Israel" means victorious.

The history of the Old Testament is the story of man's battle against Satan. From Jacob to Jesus Christ, man was called upon by God, and was victorious over Satan, step by step. The tribe and nation of Israel, from which sprang the victorious Jacob, was really, in the dispensational view, the restored Cain. Cain, when he killed his brother Abel, became the Cain of Satan. But suppose Cain never killed Abel. Then he would be in the position of the angel who did not fall, who is still God's servant. So the nation of Israel was restored to the position of Cain who did not slay his younger brother. In other words, restored Cain, the position of Israel, was in a position to serve Abel instead of killing him. So they were continually in the position of restored Cain to serve the Abel when he would appear.

On the heavenly side, the Cain and the Abel were supposed to unite. The main part of the dispensation always involves Cains and Abels. So within Israel, there is always a Cain and an Abel. The Levites, for example, were in the position of Abel, and the other tribes were in the position of Cain. They were supposed to be in the position to serve the tribe of Levi, and they were united together into one people of Israel.

Therefore, the history of Israel was nothing but a program-training the chosen people for one great day when Abel would come. That Abel was the Messiah. The Messiah came among these prepared people as Abel, and the chosen nation of Israel was in the position of Cain. They were not in a position to kill Abel, but to serve him, welcome him, unite with him, and fulfill the will of God. The Messiah comes in the position of the heavenly parent. Before the Messiah can come, this unity must be ready.

For example, on a national level, the leaders and the Jewish faithful must be united into one. Also, on a national level, Levites must unite with other tribes. We must set the condition that brothers-Cain and Abel-are united. When brothers meet, the parents can come. And that position was the position of Jesus Christ.

In the Garden of Eden, as you know, Cain slew Abel. And so the history of Cain and Abel started. By having Jesus Christ as the Messiah among the chosen nation of Israel and by the people accepting him and welcoming him, uniting with him, this will restore what was lost by Cain's and Abel's struggle in the Garden of Eden. So what is history? History is a witness to the Cain position of the chosen people of Israel. They failed to meet and welcome the Messiah, and following the pattern of the crime in the Garden of Eden, they killed the Son of God, Jesus.

Therefore, the two brothers Cain and Abel, were separated again. And the True Parents-Jesus in the parent position-could not be manifested upon these conditions. Think! At the time of Jesus, the consequences were the same as in the Garden of Eden. The entire 4,000 years of preparation for the victory of Israel were taken by Satan, so that there were no grounds and no foundation upon which God could manifest the Parents. There was absolutely no foundation upon which Jesus Christ could stand. Jesus was all by himself. His body represented the Chosen People, the nation of Israel, and his spirit represented the Heavenly Kingdom. Satan could claim the body of Jesus, because Satan was already holding the nation of Israel on his side. So, Jesus' body represented the physical nation and people of Israel. Satan could say, "Jesus, your body belongs to me. Your body is mine!" Then he could tear him apart.

Therefore, Jesus was in a position where he could give up his body as a sacrifice, and in return, could regain the lost people of Israel. Without paying indemnity for the failure and rebellion and faithlessness of all the chosen people of Israel, Jesus Christ could not prepare for the return of His mission. God knew very well, more than anybody else, the law of restitution. Therefore, with a broken heart, Father had to allow the body of Jesus to be given away. So what happened? The crucifixion. Satan was able to claim the body of Jesus. That is the maximum display of the power of Satan. Satan claimed the maximum.

So upon those conditions, God could claim maximum as well, and God raised Jesus' spirit up. God then set the condition of spiritual salvation through the resurrection of Jesus. Today Christianity thinks the cross brought salvation. But I want you to know that the cross is a symbol of loss, symbol of the failure of man. Upon it God lost everything. There were no disciples, no chosen people, no chosen nation. Even the one thief who defended Jesus at the final moment-the thief on the right-hand side-was killed on the cross.

In the Garden of Eden, the parents, father and mother, Adam and Eve, were both lost. Therefore, Jesus alone, in the role of only one, could not fulfill the work of salvation. There must be parents. On the cross, were there parents? No.

The Christian's salvation came upon the victory of the resurrection. In the resurrection there was a circuit of give-and-take between the spiritual father and the spiritual mother: the resurrected Jesus Christ in spirit was in the right-hand position, as the True Father, and God brought down to earth a spirit in the position of True Mother. Only on the give-and-take between the spiritual Father and Mother was man's spiritual salvation made possible.

The Christian world believes that without Mother in the spirit they cannot be saved. Jesus' love is in the position of the love of the Father. Through the Holy Spirit, the love of Mother, the rebirth process in spirit is made possible. Christians believe that the history of salvation began only after the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost. But remember, this salvation is only spiritual salvation.

God is expanding the spiritual salvation of Christianity from one nation to a world-wide base, culminating in the day of the coming of the Lord of the Second Advent. But as you know, that was not the primary will of God. The will of God, by sending Jesus as the Messiah, was to bring the physical and spiritual kingdom. Jesus was to bring down the physical Kingdom liquidating the physical satanic world. But, as you know, that did not happen at the time of Jesus. Therefore, God knew that the Lord would return and bring total salvation.

The body of Christ was given away to Satan. He claimed the body of Jesus, and as a result, the physical redemption of the body was lost. Therefore, what God needs is a physical body which has nothing to do with Satan, the perfected body of the Messiah. This is very clear. Because Jesus did not achieve everything 2,000 years ago, the Second Coming of Christ must be a man in the flesh. I want you to know clearly the pattern of the Bible, since we are now culminating the second seven-year course.

You are going to externally manifest that history from tomorrow on, just to show you can go through it. You are most blessed people. You are sitting in a fulfilled place. You must feel that you are most privileged to belong to this congregation.

Then, what is the real difference between Christianity and the Unification Church? The difference between them is that no matter how hard they try, the Christian churches can get only spiritual salvation at best. You of the Unification Church are headed toward perfection or total salvation, which is better than spiritual salvation-it is the redemption of the body as well. In Christianity, the best one can become is an adopted son of God.

You know that Jesus was baptized at the Jordan River by John the Baptist. And Jesus said that John the Baptist was to culminate the Old Testament. Jesus came to initiate the restoration of the position of adopted son. But prior to the coming of Jesus Christ, the Old Testament era was a period of the servant. So in order to begin his work, Jesus had to inherit all the consequences of the past and lay his own foundation. What happened? If John the Baptist and Jesus were completely united into one, do you think that would have happened? Jesus would not have had to die. The body and spirit would have been united into one, because John the Baptist was in the position of Cain, representing the Old Testament. According to history, if Cain had united with Abel Jesus would not have been crucified. However, even John betrayed Jesus. So no foundation remained.

So, the Lord of the Second Advent will return again; but before he launches his ministry he must receive all the heritage of the kingdom of heaven, in spirit, from Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Actually receiving the inheritance is simple, but to reach that level is not easy. In other words, the Messiah must be the first to gain the position as victor over the entire spirit world, before he can inherit the spiritual kingdom.

We know how Jesus 'struggled before he began his ministry. The Bible even recorded it as 40 days of fasting, defeating Satan three times. This was the preparation for the Messiah. By the same token, when the Messiah returns the worst kind of battle he will encounter is spiritual.

All the prophets and great instruments God used in the past are in the spirit world. In the spirit world there is a spiritual society. In one realm are evil spirits and Satan. But in God's realm, in a different category, are all the great saints. But since they could not fulfill their ultimate missions upon the face of the earth, something is lacking. There is no harmony. Each group is separated. In other words, even in the spirit world all are isolated. Those who served as servants are there. Those who served as adopted sons are there. There is no intermingling or harmony, because the victorious claim or condition must be set upon the earth first.

The most logical conclusion is that the Messiah is coming in the position of perfected Adam, restoring the thing that Adam in the Garden of Eden failed. Therefore, his ministry and struggle, before beginning on the face of the earth, must begin in the spiritual world first.

The new Messiah must begin his ministry from the very bottom, in a servant's position, and he will work his way up, step by step, all the way to the position of the first Adam. Spiritually, the new Messiah must work his way up to the position of Jesus Christ himself. In other words, he must fulfill spiritually the same mission that Jesus could not do 2,000 years ago. Upon that condition alone can the new Messiah erect the spiritual heaven.

The new Messiah alone can unite spirit world. Upon this victorious pattern alone can spirit world intermingle and find unity and harmony. He is not only uniting the religions of Christianity and Judaism that lie on the central mission of restoration, but also religions outside the central mission, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, and many others. Those will have to be brought together into one harmonious pattern.

The new Messiah must claim the total victory; that is bringing the entire spirit world into one harmonious pattern. After bringing that world into one unified world, he can descend to the face of the earth. And then upon that victory, he not only erects the pattern for successors and fulfills the mission of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but with the blessing and authority of God, he can descend to earth to complete his physical ministry. Now what kind of blessing did God give to him? God would have given the blessing that completed the total victory in the spirit world.

Upon that foundation, I came to the physical world and began my ministry. Since the Messiah must be born as a man in the flesh, he cannot fulfill his mission in the mother's womb. He must begin at the same age Adam was when he fell-around 15 years old. He must carry out the spiritual battle for ten years and win the victory. He must bring down complete spiritual victory upon the face of the earth. Do you think that there are many in all of this world who could do this? (No!) You're right, there is only one.

All religions say that the master of their religion will return; Buddha will return and Confucius will return; the Jews await the Messiah and Christianity awaits the return of the Messiah. They're talking about only one universal lord, one cosmic lord. So as far as all the religions and spiritual phenomena here on the earth are concerned, each religion has a different mission, and in the spiritual world each of their master claims, "I'm the lord. " But he is not the cosmic lord. They're saying, "I'm the lord of my own responsibility."

The Messiah must come and be born by the aid of the Allied nations of America, Great Britain and France. Together they must help serve as a midwife, bringing the birth of the greatest son of all, the Messiah, to the small nation of Korea. So, in other words, the Messiah has a backing of the heavenly Adam nation, heavenly Eve nation, and heavenly archangel nation. Those nations already destroyed the Satanic Adam nation, Eve nation, and archangel nation. So the Messiah must come with the backing of these nations.

For the first time in history, all the free world banded together for one cause, and marched forward, making a great sacrifice for the benefit of one nation. Have you ever seen such a history in the past? Only on one occasion: The United Nations forces in Korea tried to preserve the freedom of Korea from the Communist aggression of 1950. Actually it all looked like a civil war, because the war in Korea in 1950 was a war between the North and South. Suppose Korea prior to the Korean War accepted the Unification Church? Do you think there would have been a Korean War, an outbreak of war?

Let me explain why that war could not have been possible. Korean Christianity was sponsored primarily by America, or missionaries from U.S. churches. The American Christian influence to South Korea was very great, and Korean Christianity and the American Christian churches had very direct communication. Suppose the Korean Christian churches accepted the Unification Church at that time, uniting into complete oneness. This would have meant that the acceptance of the Unification Church would not only have taken place in Korea, but in America as well. Then Madison Square Garden would not have been postponed until 1974, but would have taken place before 1950.

The Messiah came on a worldwide scale; therefore he needs a worldwide dispensational base, which is America. So if the ground had been ready, then the Messiah would have come to America, not in 1972, but before 1950. And I would have unified Korea nationally in three years. Then during the first seven-year course, I would have spent the first three years in Korea and the next four years I would have spent on a worldwide basis, here in America. This all had dispensational meaning. Korean liberation came in 1945, but independence came in 1948, three years later. These three years were the most critical ones, the time to accept the Messiah and unite around him on a national basis. So actually the Korean War came in 1950, which was during the four-year period of the first seven-year course.

Then why did the Korean War come in 1950? Because during the first three years, from 1945 to 1948, Korean Christian churches failed to accept the Messiah, the Unification Church. Therefore, upon that failure, the succeeding four years was another failure and war broke out in that period.

But actually, the Korean War did not concern only Korea. It was a worldwide incident, and it began the destruction of the free world. From the point of view of the dispensation, President Eisenhower made a mistake: he should not have made the mediocre armistice of 1953. When I met General Eisenhower in Gettysburg, I told him so. So you know that each individual plays a very critical part in the entire dispensation of God.

Actually, if Korea had accepted the Messiah when he came in 1945, and if I had had the national unity in the first three years, then when I came to America, winning over America would have been quite easy, because of the acceptance of the Messiah by Korean Christianity. It would have been a lot easier. The Messiah has come to Korea as the universal Abel, and the Korean Christian churches are in the position of Cain toward him. And as Cain, if instead of oppressing him, enslaving him, slaying him again, and repeating the failure, Korean Christians had accepted him, the rest of the Christian world would have been in the Cain position, and Korean Christianity in the Abel position. So the Christian churches were Cain in Korea, and the Cain for this important dispensation was taken away by Satan.

Then two enemies emerged. One of them is Communism, and the Communist world is enemy territory. The other is Christianity, which was not supposed to be opposing us as the enemy. If Communism had failed in Korea, Communism would not have the kind of power it does today. I know I would have stopped Communism in the early 1950's.

Suppose I had been given the chance to speak out on the national scale in 1952. I would have supported General MacArthur, and at that time, since the Communists were in an absolutely miserable shape in Korea, they could have been absolutely crushed. In the meantime, the Unification ideology would have been learned by all Koreans in those days. So from a strong victorious position over Communism we could have turned the tide of history in Asia.

General MacArthur was in a position to be used as a great instrument by God and he was given the opportunity. It is a great credit to President Truman that he committed UN forces to Korea in 1950, but firing General McArthur was a blunder. If I had been given a welcoming acceptance by the Christians in Korea on the national scale, then I would have had a voice to speak on international politics or international power play. Then I would have swayed America's position toward a strong positive position as a world leader, and the Communists would have been pushed all the way to the wall. But the opportunity was not given.

So what happened to the Unification Church? Well, there was no base of acceptance, just as at the time of Jesus Christ. So, if Jesus sacrificed himself as a ransom for the rebellion of his own people, by the same token, the Unification Church and our Master has to be in the position to make the sacrifice or pay the ransom. In order to restore the body of Jesus Christ, which was taken away by Satan, he must go the same path to restore the body.

That is why, under those circumstances, I gave myself over to the power of Communism; I went into their own country, North Korea, and suffered for a period of three years. The worst kind of Communism you can think of is that of North Korea's Premier Kim. In North Korea everyone calls Premier Kim "father." You know, according to the Principle, the Cain or Satan always tries to adopt the heavenly pattern first. Ultimately all mankind will call the Messiah, " Abogee " or " father, " so Satan started to do the same thing in advance, using that pattern first; therefore, they call him "father. "

I went to North Korea, and during a period of almost three years, I spent the exact equivalent time of Jesus' public ministry, two years and eight months, in a Communist prison. But I did not give up my body to them. Instead, I fought and endured and survived and set the pattern.

As you know, the Communists have a very beautiful prison system. The prison system is a sort of slow killing process for their prisoners. When one is sent to a labor camp, h ' e is actually given the death penalty. It is incredible, the suffering in the camp. For three years, from the very bottom, from the worst part of all the hardship I survived, even emerging triumphant. The Communists were amazed. They shook their heads, and finally they gave me a diploma for fulfilling such a fine work quota, according to their own standard. The head of the prison camp shook his head, "I have never seen a man like you. It's impossible for any man to endure that kind of suffering. "

That was my own crucifixion, yet I survived. And upon this victorious restoration condition, at the end of three years UN forces marched toward the Hungnam prison camp and liberated it. Do you know why the entire UN forces came up North? Actually, God sent them. God did it to bring me out of camp and into South Korea as a free man.

There are many, many curious situations and many, many unbelievable things that happened at the outbreak of the Korean War. In North Korea, as soon as the Korean War broke out, all the prisoners were mobilized. Over a thousand prisoners in the Hungnam labor camp were assembled, and a great march was begun to the front line. A commander who was in charge of bringing the prisoners to the front line was with us there, so we knew at that time that we were all going to the front line, to be used as sandbags. We would all eventually die; we knew that. Then all of a sudden (this is a miracle), they got a message from headquarters that this particular plan was canceled. So we all returned to the prison camp. Three days at the prison camp another instruction came. They said, "Assemble once again all one thousand prisoners." And amazingly they took all the thousand prisoners, but left one person behind. And that one person was me. So actually I feel so realistically that God's history is centered upon one man, one man to come.

You cannot bypass the law of restoration, the law of indemnity. This has to be covered. Each step has been laid, and you cannot bypass any of them. And I want you to know what would be our standard to inherit the Kingdom of God in the Unification Church. It should remain as a tradition of the Unification Church that my experiences at Hungnam prison camp with my twelve followers in the prison camp must set the pace for the Unification Church tradition.

I was in one particular cell of the prison camp cells. All twelve (actually over 300) followers somehow recognized me. They were all over, each in a different part of the cell block. Every morning they were given fifteen minutes to assemble to go to the work area. That was the only chance the prisoners had to mingle, because everybody would assemble in the same area. They could go to the toilet or cross the way and touch each other-that was their only chance.

But each cell had a watcher, so prisoners were always watched. Even for a one-second delay or for any suspicious actions, certain persons were always picked up and given a hard time. Under those circumstances, for all those followers in other cells-or in other buildings in many cases --their joy was to catch one glance of our Master, our Father. So they even risked their lives trying, in the short time of fifteen minutes, to escape the guards' eyes, trying to get near me just to see me. In many cases they were discovered. "Where are you going?" the guard would ask. Then they were hit really hard with a rifle and thrown into a separate jail, which was even worse, for two or three weeks as a punishment.

If they violated these things, they could not go beyond a certain area; if they went beyond that area three times and were discovered, their imprisonment would be increased. They risked that. It would be a joy to them no matter what the risk, to come near my cell and look at me. Then they felt every risk was rewarding. In many cases they had a little extra food or special food that they did not want to eat. They wanted to somehow bring it to me and to share even a little. They could not carry the food openly, so they would hide it somewhere on their person. That was the only way they could hide the food outside the cell. They did that only because they wanted to share a piece of food with me. That tradition was set under the condition of the prison camp at Hungnam. That is a tradition we are trying to set up.

In South Korea, there was one period when this tradition prevailed in my earlier churches. It was a tradition set in Korea. The Unification Church members met during the day, and all would want to meet the Father. Unless they got one glimpse, even though they couldn't talk to him, they would feel miserable like hell. But once our members saw Father or saw each other, heaven was there. That's the kind of tradition we want to have.

Have you been living in that tradition? We have to go beyond that level of mutual longing. When you have some delicious food in your hands, have you thought about Father first, or have you cried out because you're not in the position to share that particular food with Father? When you have beautiful things to wear, even before putting them on do you say, "I wish I could share these beautiful things with Master?" And have you cried in tears over certain rooms, "I wish I could have welcomed our Father into this room, even for one minute?" The misery in the Garden of Eden resulted in tears and sadness. Therefore, the reunion between Father and children, must begin in a beautiful longing process-beautiful longing, missing. Can you understand? Are you living that tradition?

Because of the failure of the Korean Christian churches to accept the new Messiah, there was no choice but to begin with adverse conditions in North Korea. I walked into North Korea, and during this time, all the impossible rumors and the vicious criticisms and persecutions began. Even now in America, many people are saying unkind things about us. All these things started in those days.

Father was married before the liberation in 1945. 1 was obeying the instructions from God, and that marriage was serving some dispensational purpose. She gave birth to one child, who is with us here; his name is Song-Jin, as you know. She came from a most beautiful, most devout Christian family. She had a very strong will, and was a determined person.

She was actually given the mission by God to serve as John the Baptist in a female position. In other words, even though she was a woman, her mission was to serve as John the Baptist. The Christianity of Korea was in a position to produce the bride for the Messiah, and she was in the best tradition of the Korean Christian churches. During the Japanese occupation, all the Korean citizens were forced to worship at the Shinto shrine; yet she opposed, risking her life. She would rather have accepted death; so she was imprisoned.

She was not well-educated; only completing eight years of school; yet her spirit was pure and dynamic. And that was precisely the position and qualification that God had been looking for. But the first duty of a woman is to follow the position of her husband, whether she understands it or not. When we became engaged, I made her swear one condition. I said to her, "Before or even after marriage, we may be separated for six, seven, or eight years-even longer-but you must understand and endure this period and still be most faithful and devoted, as you are now."

If we had had the foundation of the churches and acceptance by the church, then nothing could have withstood us. In that period, if the Korean churches accepted the truth and the new Messiah, then upon that foundation, the new family of God, the first family of God, would have been established. God really planned to have this woman with her strong influence in the Christian churches, in the first family of God. So she was well qualified to bring the whole church and family together. A great deal of direct revelation came to her, and she was absolutely astonished. However, there were always Satanic influences. Her elder brother and her mother were absolutely Satanic in leading her a separate way, chipping away at her belief and acceptance of that revelation.

At that time in Korea there were two lines of churches. One line of church was to compromise with the Japanese government, so they worshipped God, but they also went to the Shinto shrine and worshipped at the Shinto shrine. They compromised. Her elder brother belonged to that compromising church. But she and her mother absolutely opposed the Shinto shrine. They would rather choose death. They were prepared to become martyrs. So therefore there were two absolute lines, in the Korean churches and her family. She belonged to me, so therefore she was in a perfected position; her mother, as a strong Christian opposing the Shinto shine, was in a growth position; and her brother who was compromising with the enemy was in a formation position.

But until then, even those who were devout Christians were concerned about the second coming of the Messiah. They firmly believed that the Messiah would come with the clouds of heaven. If I had given the Divine Principle lectures to Song-Jin's mother, she would have accepted it I 00 percent. But that was not the way God worked. In other words, I was not permitted to preach the Divine Principle to my own wife. The Christian churches were in the position of the bride, and she was standing on the foundation of the Christian churches. I can preach and I can give all the knowledge of the Divine Principle now, but that was not the case then. Therefore, even before my wife, the church comes first. I could not reveal the heavenly secret to her until I first revealed everything to the churches. So I was absolutely silent. I could not even reveal one word concerning the Divine Principle that you already know.

Therefore, she knew that I was going in an absolutely foreign direction and she was worried. She was always discussing it with her mother. What she needed at this time was absolute, blind loyalty to her husband, because in the Garden of Eden, the husband, Adam, was dominated by his wife. He listened to her. This time she should listen whether she knows the details or not. However, she did not take that particular position, but constantly consulted with her mother. Her mother was a devout Christian, but really fundamental. She believed the Bible literally, and she begin to accuse me of being the anti-Christ, because she knew I believed that the Lord must come as a man in the flesh.

God gave all the necessary information to John the Baptist. So John the Baptist knew precisely who Jesus Christ was, but do you know what happened? Doubt came into his heart, and suspicion came, and eventually he revolted against Jesus. By the same token, God revealed to her absolutely all the information she needed; however she doubted the revelation, she was blinded by the circumstances, and her mission became precisely the same failure as John the Baptist's. Each moment of every day, she opposed me instead of unconditionally accepting me and following me.

So I began preaching the Principle outside, as I said. The Christians had to come first because God prepared Christianity as a base. So I had to give the Divine Principle first to them. When I preached to them, many devout Christians in North Korea followed me. The existing churches already felt a threat in me, and my own family, instead of siding with me, sided with the enemy, the Christian churches. So I could not find complete harmony even in my own household. Therefore the enemy and Satan could exploit this situation and even in the North Korean ministry I was up against a stone wall. Then we were separated for six years, and when we moved down to South Korea, the moment for reunion came.

Coming from North Korea was like an exodus. I began the foundation of my own foundation on a family level, tribal level, society level, and national level. However, since Christianity stood absolutely against me, I had to begin everything brand new, from the very beginning, even without finding support within my own family. Since Christianity was taking the enemy position, in order to fulfill my position I had to create my own brand of Christianity. If I failed to create my own foundation, then I knew just like Jesus Christ I would end up crucified or in a similar disaster.

So until 1960, for fourteen years, Christianity set up an opposite camp. I'm creating from scratch the very base of my brand of Christianity which can serve as the foundation of faith for the Messiah. For fourteen years I've been struggling to create this foundation, so you know how tough the battle and how adverse the conditions were at that time. All circumstances were hostile. Under those circumstances I had to struggle step by step to create the Unification Church and expand the church foundation into the level upon which the Messiah can truly land and manifest himself.

I must tell you the personal side of the story. My first wife believed I 00 percent that she could not find any better man under the sun than Reverend Moon. And she just pleaded and begged me, "You are the best man I know, the finest person I can meet. Don't worry about the Unification Church business, forget it. Let's you and me go someplace very nice. I don't want you to do anything; I will work. I will earn money, I'll bring it home, I'll clothe you, I'll do everything conceivable you can think of under the sun that will make you happy. So let us go."

This was absolutely impossible. She was taking the route of the fallen Eve instead of the perfected Eve. She just wanted to get rid of the will of God, of the dispensation; she just wanted to control me completely in her way. She loved me more than any other woman-I know that. She really wanted to possess me for herself. But that wasn't God's way. I must be with all people and all people must love me and all people be united with me, so that truly we can work as a base of God. There were many women around me, and she hated that situation. I was not that loyal a husband in that manner, because my concern was the fulfillment of the will of God. The family man comes second.

So the early followers of the Unification Church had awful treatment from her simply because she loved me. She wanted to isolate me so that nobody could come to me. She tried to draw the line so nobody would want to get near me, because she wanted to have me all to herself. She was sometimes cruel, hitting the members, throwing things, and cursing. She did everything conceivable to stop the people. Well, by that time, she was not the agent of God, but the agent of Satan.

So I am really the worst victim of the woman. We know that Socrates had a very vicious and evil wife. I think I have tasted even worse conditions than Socrates. But I called my wife's elder brother and her mother and asked them to be patient for three years. "Give me three years' and you will know everything you need to know. Then you will accept me." But they said, "No, we have already had enough. Give her a divorce, give her a divorce, give her a divorce. " This was their request. They were absolutely the worst kind of enemy. I really experienced all kinds of things. It's impossible to even describe them. But I never rebuked her family. I never protested in a loud voice. I received all kinds of the worst abuse, but my virtue was patience. I was really patient, day after day, but I knew that the fulfillment of the dispensation comes fist. I received the commandment and instruction from God in my prayer that I must liquidate this situation once and for all, so I obliged their requests and gave her a divorce.

The reason I'm giving you this inside story is this: because of the failure of the Christian churches

to accept me in my early ministry, because of such an internal struggle, they created all kinds of rumors during that period. If there had been acceptance by the churches to begin with, we would not have had those difficulties.

I then gave my entire heart and soul to create a national foundation in Korea: at least 120 churches were founded in the seven years before 1960. Under the worst kind of conditions, our members went out to win each new member. Tested by all kinds of trials and difficulties, we truly constructed the national foundation by 1960. And upon the victorious faith of the national foundation the holy wedding could take place.

By 1960, 1 had laid the national foundation. Upon this victory, I could now launch an even greater international foundation and dispensation. At that point of human history in 1960 the greatest event of history took place: the Marriage of the Lamb. And our Mother today was chosen by God in His own will. She was His own choice as a heavenly bride in 1960. The holy wedding took place in 1960.

For the first seven years she was truly an innocent lamb, an innocent bride. She gave this seven year course as her period to lay the foundation to be worthy of that blessing. And during that period she was tested under impossible conditions; but she served unconditionally and faithfully, to the ultimate degree, and she won this battle most successfully. She was a teenager, because that was the age of Eve when she fell, so Mother was chosen by God before the age of twenty, truly a young and innocent age.

The first seven years, she had to demonstrate absolute blind faith in me and my cause of action. God expected her to set the highest possible standard of obedience and sacrificial spirit, as well as a devout way of life. And she truly met these expectations most courageously during this first seven years. Upon that faith came God's Day, which was the sign of God's ultimate victory.

As you know through the Divine Principle, from the formation stage up to the growth period the fall came. The Holy Wedding is equivalent to restoration through the growth period. The first seven-year course and the second seven-year course ended in 1960. The remaining seven years' perfection course came after 1960. So, the Holy Wedding of the True Mother came after fourteen years on this foundation. That was the second seven-year course, and 1960 was the fourteenth year.

I had already started the perfection period, going way beyond perfection; but I came down from the perfection level, to the growth level and picked up the Holy Bride. She had to go through a seven-year period together with me to the level of perfection. Upon reaching that level of perfection God can really set up for the first time, God's Day, Parent's Day, and Children's Day. During the fallen history of man, there have been so many diversions, particularly among women; Mother is the one who unites, who sets the new standard, uniting all the missions of the women of the world.

So actually Adam is responsible for Eve. Therefore, in the position of Adam, I was truly taking close care and setting many, many conditions on her behalf in order to give her a boost towards perfection. In the meantime, I wanted her to take the opportunity to set the maximum, the highest possible standard of loyalty. She triumphantly achieved that goal. And that was truly the happiest thing that had ever happened in the universe; upon that victory and loyalty, God could establish God's Day.

So upon the victorious union between Father and Mother, the position of True Parents was completely sealed. This can never be shaken, because the conditions have all been met. So that was the first seven year accomplishment with Father and Mother, and they have done it.

Upon this victorious base, the second seven year course was the disciple's course or the children's course. Blessed families walked the second seven-year courses. Taking after the pattern of the True Parents, the blessed couples walked the second seven years.

The most important principle is eternal, unchanging, steadfast loyalty. That is the key. Children must be in a position to be completely and absolutely united with the parents. So there must be a living example or model for that, the-4rue Parents and the true children. In order to set the highest possible standard of loyalty, absolute obedience, and oneness, I instructed all the blessed members' families to send out their wives and children to the worst kind of conditions in evangelism, all over the country. And they obeyed me. They separated from their husbands and children and went out their respective ways. They gave up looking after their own children. Sometimes they gave the children to an orphanage, or to their own parents or relatives. So those children were given the worst kind of treatment. Those children were almost deserted, being left behind, while the mother is walking in the front line and participating in day-to-day evangelism. What do you think the children would say? But the children would not be in a position to oppose their mother. An amazing thing happened. Even though they were young and at a very innocent age, when those blessed children were asked, "Where is your mother, where is your father?," they answered, "They are working for God. I have no complaint; God called them, so they are out in the front line. I'm here and happy. I don't worry about them, I don't want them to worry about me.

This was really remarkable-instead of disobeying or rebelling against their parents, they accepted it. Why do I have to do this cruel thing? Why do I have to separate families, disorganize them, and push them out? Because that was the one important indemnity we have to pay as the Unification Church for the failure of the Christian Church in general. Unless we pay this indemnity, we cannot move forward in this dispensation. Even though we paid the indemnity and really sacrificed, still the Christian Church rebelled against us. Then I want you to know that God will take care of it. In that case, God can send heavenly soldiers to Pyungyang and inherit the old legacy of the Christian church. So the Christian churches are doomed to decline in that case, and their power and authority will move up to the Unification Church. We have inherited everything.

From 1960 to 1974-almost fifteen years-this glorious Christian civilization has really declined rapidly. It is crumbling so fast you can't even chase after it. Why? Because the Unification Church brought a new Lord, a new Master, and we paid the indemnity for it. The blessing God gave to the Christian churches has been moved from them to us. So we are the ones who can revive Christian churches. We are the hope of the Christian world. Whether people will accept it or not, we are the only hope before it really crumbles. In the years from 1970 to 1972 the blessed families of Korea paid untold indemnity as a sacrifice for the failure of the people of Korea or the church of Korea. Because of this victorious indemnity and because we paid this indemnity to such levels, Father could launch the greater dispensation on a worldwide scale. That's how my new dispensation for the world in 1972 could be possible.

But the free world, particularly the Allied nations, have one thing good to their credit: they worked for the independence of Korea, which is important in the sight of God. Also they worked for liberation of Korea from Japan, saving Father's life from the Communist prison camp. These are the credits on America's side. So, Korea as a nation and Father as an individual, have been deeply indebted to this country. Because of this foundation, this nation should revive by accepting him. In other words its future prosperity could be realized by accepting him. So he knows we paid the debt.

There is another important reason why I came to America: to initiate world evangelism here. This is a form of blessing to this nation, helping to pay up the debt. The three-year period from 1972 to 1974 is the most important period of all. It is an extraordinary time to really establish a worldwide foundation spiritually. However, the most important, critical period comes in the year 1974. That mission is still not completed. All through the period of 1972 to 1974, we are foregoing a physical link between Korea and America. This broken link has to be reunited, and spiritually the link between Unification Church and the existing churches has to be re-established.

I want you to know that from September, the four months up to December are an extraordinary four months. In these four months we will indemnify or make restitution for the entire 6,000 years of God's history. Korea's situation has been very terrible since September 18. The image of Korea is very poor, and the relationship between Korea and Japan, and Japan and America has also been very hectic and terrible, because now the Communists are getting more active in all fronts. Look at the international situation since after August 18: there was the assassination attempt on the President of Korea, and the first lady of Korea was victimized. Since then, the rift between Korea and Japan has been wide open. There was an economic crisis in Japan and America.

The heavenly dispensation is in full swing, and all these phenomena are happening in our world because the real thing is happening spiritually. Furthermore, during these four months, Father must be in a position to take the leading role, or captain's role. The international situation is moving in such a way that the Korean government has to come to our Father and ask for his help. Korea and Japan have no hope of preventing a takeover by Communists, unless Reverend Moon comes to intervene. This situation has been fast developing in the last four months.

The physical or economic area also has to be linked together with this spiritual victory. Now that Father's influence in the international situation is so vital, developing into the UN campaign last month, Communists are plotting to have UN forces withdraw from Korea, so Korea will be without defense. This is not only a national problem of Korea. This is a free-world problem, because sixteen nations banded together. A Communist takeover would become the defeat of America and the free world. We will not let this thing happen, and nobody can intervene in this situation except the Father. And Father therefore developed the U.N - campaign with strategy. Whether or not the UN forces will ultimately stay in Korea or not, will be decided during the month of December. During the next three years, we are going to further develop a much greater strategy or campaign against the UN.

During this three-year period we have already been spiritually victorious, and on this victorious spiritual base we are going to develop the physical victory. We are going to influence tremendously the international situation or politics as our next three year goal here in America.

During the next three years, we are the ones who will determine or decide the destiny of the spiritual and the physical well-being of our world. During the three years since 1972, which is primarily the Day of Hope period, I'm laying the spiritual foundation for our spiritual victory. In the next two years we are going to lay the foundation for physical victory. If we win successfully the next physical victory in the next three years, Unification Church members won't have to go out to proclaim the truth. You won't have to work hard to bring the people in. We will have an avalanche, like Niagara Falls.

Now today is Children's Day. We are celebrating the final Children's Day of the second seven-year course. This is the final one. So those blessed children who are born after this time will be born on the victorious foundation of the growth period, and grow upward toward perfection. They are already given the victorious path in the foundation. In other words, they won't have to pay the indemnity that has been paid before. They are truly blessed children. And another heavenly blessed child will arrive in March of 1975.

During the last fifteen years the entire world has become deadlocked, in a chaotic condition. It is so chaotic that no one has even posed any solution. There are no leaders. Even the Communist world has no leaders; the free world has no leaders; the religious world has no leaders; everybody is in a spiritual deadlock, under ideological deadlock. The truth is deadlocked and falsehood is absolutely rampant.

There is only one ideology that has a clear-cut pattern all the way through eternity: that of the Unification Church. We not only have the spiritual path, the clear-cut goal, but we also have our physical goal all the way up to the Kingdom of God on earth. Everybody is blinded now. Everybody is confused and has lost confidence. But no one can compete with you on the knowledge of the spiritual world you have. We know what the world is. Secondly, no one knows more than you do how the world is going to be. You are the leader. In one word, this world can be described as confused-everybody is in confusion. No one knows what is going to happen to America, what is going to happen to the family system, what is going to happen to human morality, what is going to happen to the economic system, political system, or what is going to happen to the Communist world. This is the confused world.

But there is one clear pattern that the Divine Principle ideology alone can give. This confusing world is like a ship drifting away, without a captain, without any direction. Now, therefore, we shall pose as a captain, truly giving it direction, and the whole world will follow our path. They are so thirsty, they are almost ready to die, like those without water in the desert. They are so thirsty that with a drop of water they feel absolutely revived. You see, the outside world is truly living death. There are millions of people outside walking every day in the city crowds. They are like living dead. In the sight of God they are all skeletons. So, as soon as they see a sign of life, they are all interested and rush into that position. You see, I am talking about the principle of restoration. This is not just theory or ideology. This is a living ideology, led by our Father, supported by the world situation, and supported by the history of Christian churches. From all aspects, the whole Divine Principle of restoration is a living truth.

Apply the formula to the individual level, the tribal level, the national level, the world-wide level. That formula alone can provide the answer. So how can you deny the true way of life? This is your knowledge now. You have that precious knowledge.

We must be proud of the victory of the Divine Principle ideology, our way of life. It means resurrection of all the dead in the past, resurrection of all the confusion of this world. The moral standard, the economic standard, and all aspects of man's way of life will be resurrected by the victory of your ideology, which we gain in the Divine Principle. How could we be in a position to be so proud! We must be proud, so proud that our hearts would even burst out. Are you feeling that kind of pride?

Now let me draw the conclusion. Through this message you know how God works, the meaning of the history of restoration, how our Father came into this world, what kind of path he walked, and what is our vision, what is our future. All these things have come alive to you.

God has been seeking the perfection of one Adam for six thousand years. This is fulfilled because of the emergence of the Master, our Father, the True Parents. God does 98 percent, but not unless man discovers the important and vital responsibility of his remaining two percent. With God's power alone can that goal be fulfilled. In history, no one has accomplished it except our Father. In other words, God has been seeking it for six thousand years, but still could not do it. Our True Parents have done it in seven years. They really met the schedule.

Also, our Master, in the position of perfected Adam, or third Adam, or the Messiah, has done the unique and creative role of restoring the bride, for which God could not give even the slightest instructions. In other words, there was not even a hint. In the seven-year period-in the shortest possible seven years-through the sweat and blood of the seven years of work-now this universe has seen one perfected Eve, for the first time in human history.

Furthermore, during this second seven-year period, the True Parents pioneered the way so that this sinful world, this sinful generation, these sinful people can become sinless children of God. God could not do that, but in this second seven-year course, the door is wide open for all mankind to have a sinless family by uniting with the True Parents. And the third seven-year course shall be the period of fruit for all mankind. For this fruit we must wage the divine battle over the next three years. We must bring back a truly victorious foundation.

Now from this time on, we are carrying on our movement with hope. So far, we had been doing a great deal of work, but the result of the work went into indemnity. But we paid up the debt. Whatever you do from this time on will remain and shall become our victory. Heaven will stay with you. The question is how much we can produce over the next three years on a worldwide scale, how much we can really accomplish in the next three years-that is the key question from God and from the True Parents.

In these three years would you like to only create the power that influences the small United States of America, or the entire world? So from 1975 on, the entire world is our goal. So we are going to establish Unification Church missions in over 120 countries. And we would like to really lay a complete foundation on a world-wide scale.

So all you have to do is to have simple, absolute obedience to the Father. That one thing will bring victory at the end of three years. Just obey him in the way I described. Even if I ask you to dig a hole with your nose, do it. Do not even say, "A nose is not supposed to dig a hole." Don't question it, do it. It will still dig the hole. And Americans will be the winner because they have the bigger noses!

So far, the main role has been played by our Father himself. He was the front-line soldier. In the last three years I set the record that no human being in history could repeat. That was my goal, and I have set the record. Do you think everybody knows about Reverend Moon here?

Actually, everything began on the day of celebration of victory, July 1, 1973. You know we celebrated in this room. Father announced the celebration of victory day on July 1, 1973. Then after four months of separation, we launched the first major campaign, Carnegie Hall, October 1, 1973. Today, one year and one month later, (thirteen months time), the name of Reverend Sun Myung Moon has become a household name here in America. This is truly a miracle. No human being has ever done such a thing in history.

So the people here in America, whether they like it or not, must recognize the ability and power of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. People must recognize by now that whatever Reverend Moon wants to do, he will do it. People must think, "I don't know where he got that kind of money. " People think he has almost limitless money, limitless energy, limitless young people, limitless territory, and limitless ideas. They know nobody can compete with him.

So, are you excited about following me? I would like for you to be most proud. I am determined to make each one of you fulfill any position I place you in. For example, if I pick one of you to become the best possible college president, you will do so. If I determine it, I know you will make it. There are many proud college presidents in this world. So I want to be more proud of you than a college president. You used to respect and admire your college president as a great man, but some day I know you will be even more proud and more important than that particular college president whom you respect and admired.

I know I can use all the philosophers and professors as your servants. I know I am going to bring all the great religious leaders to come and listen to me. They will work under my auspices. Here are so many people who say that they have a great deal of money. I will bring them over here. Those who think that they are great statesmen, great politicians, I would like to bring over here.

So if you trust my ability to do so, don't you think you are proud to belong to me? Well, you are greedy, aren't you? Very greedy! I am sure about 800 people are gathered here. Eight hundred people is practically too many to change America, to bring a new America into being. It's too many, if you are really united together, and really obey to the absolute degree what I am asking you to do. Each of you are like Molotov cocktails. All I have to do is ignite you. As a Molotov cocktail, you will burst into a big atom bomb and change the land. This 800-lb. bomb is too much for America. You see, I shake America all by myself. So you should at last be good enough to shake one township, one city, shouldn't you? Well, I don't think that kind of answer has the power to even move one small village. Yes is easy. Now answer again, please, can you do it? (Yes.)

You know the meaning of the Children's Day already. All we have to do is know the vision, and know what moment of history we are standing on. You must bring over the whole house, go over the world, and subjugate the world for God. Can you do that then? (Yes.) So since we have determination to march on, no one should remain behind. In all four directions, the march must begin. So then I will be all by myself in Belvedere!

Those who determine from tomorrow on that you will really be the champion of God, and really march forward to the end of the world, bringing the world back to God, raise both hands. Monsei, Monsei, Monsei.

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