The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

Address To Prayer And Fast Participants, Part 2

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
July 31, 1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Mr. David S.C. Kim

Father expressed his thanks to you especially in these inconvenient circumstances and very crowded space. You have completed safely the several-day special training session. This is a history-making scene you have set up in America.

You pure American citizens received training by the tiny Japanese lecturer, Mr. Sudo. He also understands that Mr. Sudo's Japanese-style English sometimes gives you great difficulty in understanding, so your ears have to be very busy in order to understand him. But Father feels that you have a spiritual attraction for Mr. Sudo.

Also, Father is very proud to know that the distinguished president of our Unification Church of America, Neil Salonen, attended this training. At the same time Father's distinguished, honorable right arm general commanders of the International One World Crusade in the field are attending here. He is very proud to have all these people attending.

This is an historic, epoch-making event, beginning a new history of America. We are united in oneness with all these different nationalities. Americans and their leaders got together to direct themselves towards one goal for God. When we analyze the situation, all these nations used to be the enemies -- Germany, Japan, France, and Italy. Now they have become one at this moment, or forever. How is it possible'? It is possible because we are centering on God's will through Father. If Father continues this pattern of success in certain projects he set up, there is a crystal-clear view that this country, centering on us, can influence the whole world

Middle Eastern and European countries, Far Eastern countries, for example. We can influence and control many other areas. We can even influence the tremendous Congress of the United States. Centering on Father we are able to do this. This is a tremendous impact on the whole world, not only this nation.

This is the spiritual significance of Father's inviting these IOWC commanders to participate in this great event in Barrytown. Even though the relationship between Japan and America may deteriorate in the future, we have proven that we can make a smooth and good relationship, because we have proven our ability to work together and influence other work. Because we have accomplished the influence of Congress-the Senators and House of Representatives-all the Japanese Unification Church brothers and sisters are working very hard. The core movement in the United States greatly interests Japanese government as well as social leaders. They are greatly concerned how such a thing is possible. One of the reasons why Father plans to put all the energy of the Japanese brothers and sisters into the Madison Square Garden crusade is to make a great international impact. So Father is even planning to call all the Japanese brothers and sisters working in the field to New York state and New York City.

You are curious to know about Father's strategy in all these detailed plans. But if he reveals them, there will be side effects, so he cannot tell you everything. But you should have faith in him, seeing what has been accomplished in the past few years. Just follow blindly and believe him and wait for two or three years. Just follow him, will you? Why? Because everywhere we go, when Father does something, Satan and his devils, all of our enemies, come along. So we cannot say everything.

Because of your fast, you have already become internationally known. Your faces are in color or black and white in Time magazine and Newsweek. Seven million copies are sold throughout the world. You are famous right now. This significance is not on the national level; it is on the international and worldwide level; it is a cosmic event.

So by now you don't feel any hungry feelings do you? By now do you know how precious bread and rice and daily food is to you? You know the value of it. If you experience a piece of bread or a loaf of bread being so valuable for you, because of your fasting experience and prayer, you can experience the real sense of taste. Then if you apply this in your daily life you will be spiritually lifted up. You will do wonderful work, even more than you expect.

So far, our Unification Church has had two international -- level projects: one is the Watergate proclamation by Father for which we fasted one day. This is a three-day fast, on the second time. Formation, growth, perfection-what kind of stage are we on? We have finished two-the formation stage is one day, and now one more. Would you be willing to participate? Father is changing plans, so that you Americans will not participate. Do you protest? Principally speaking, you have to make separate conditions. But Americans do their own conditions -- Old Testament, New Testament, Completed Testament.

Would you like to participate? Principally speaking, if you never change but are steadfast and steadily leaping forward with the same faith, you can be included in the third stage. Do you still want to participate in that one? You may. But some of you might complain, "We are not here solely for fasting and prayer. " Then if we enforce this plan, the third stage of fasting and prayer for this nation or for the whole world, how many days shall it be? Seven days is just a common occurrence in our Unification Church. But some of you will be crawling because there is no way to survive.

This is a contrast with the Communists who are trying to conquer the whole world through violent protests; as heavenly soldiers centering on our Father, we will do it through the prayer and fasting. It will be of great significance, dispensationally. Then to close 1974 successfully, Father's second seven-year course, it will be significant to initiate a special fast and prayer to consummate something.

Now Nixon is in trouble. He is cornered; there is no way to survive now. So Father is planning a final strategy before the impeachment proceedings in the Senate. We will have to enforce this fasting and prayer with 1200 members at least. You should know that already. We prepared a long time ago through the PR team, making a friendly relationship with Senators, beginning already a few years ago. Why'? This has been done to prevent a two-thirds vote against Nixon, to save Nixon and this nation. So Father has been preparing for this already.

Everybody in this country and the whole world knows that Nixon has no other way. Now, there is a deadlock; he is almost going to resign. But Father steps in and makes the way for him. Everyone knows that through this kind of project and such heavenly strategy Reverend Moon has saved Nixon and America.

From now on, you have to pray to save Nixon and this nation, because God is on our side, and our Father is working with us. Even though 220 million people may oppose you, you have to stand up for them to save this nation.

If something happened-it may not happen, of course -- but if at the last minute Father switches the course and Nixon is saved, then the world will know that he is the savior.

The international families throughout the world will participate in this, so even if he does not bring this kind of success we will have set up this one direction centering on God. We did our best to save this nation. This will be the good chance for you to explain from your heart why you did it and what you experienced during the fasting and prayer. You can appeal to this nation and the whole world. The public will be persuaded when you explain, "Without Reverend Moon, our Master, what would have happened to this nation or to the whole world?" You will have lots of stories about him to tell the whole world. Even if the result may not come immediately, it will have future spiritual impact: there is a tremendous blessing to come.

Your seven-day fast will have great significance and be a great sensation among the people. For instance, any father will want his daughter to have a husband like you, who did this kind of seven-day fast, because of your conviction for the nation and for the world. And vice versa, a father of a son will want to have a daughter-in-law just like you, with conviction and deep faith, even sacrificing a seven-day fast for the nation and for the whole world. They would like to have you. You will suddenly become famous. Then fathers-in-law of you people will make a big issue and stir up public interest and propaganda: "My daughter-in-law or my son-in-law, did a wonderful job for this nation and for the whole world." They will be so proud of you. So a new tradition will be set up based on your activity, your behavior, and your accomplishments. This will be a great influence upon the public of the United States. This is a great event to come.

We've got to have hope. We are creating with hope for the new age. You are the real person to make new tradition. Be proud of yourself, will you? From now on, you have to be proud of yourself, and you have to make publicity for yourself, and feel good about yourself. You are something.

Lots of you used to be hippies. He saw the statistics. Now instead of garbage, you are really precious jewels to God. Keep in mind that you should have confidence and heavenly pride. Up to now, most young people have thought of themselves as nothing. Now you are precious. Even on your shoulders, God's hope is on your shoulders, as an individual, family, nation, and world. You are so precious. If you fail, you as an individual and your family and nation, as well as God's plan and ideal pattern will be destroyed. So you are a precious, special, and important person. You are so valuable to God.

The President of this nation should be thinking along this line. He has to decide something. He has to be serious, as the head of the nation. The head of the nation should think seriously along this line. If he does go away in a zigzag manner, the whole nation and the whole world will zigzag. So he has to understand his mission. God's whole providence will then be thwarted. So you are something, when you think along this line.

Your thinking, your posture, and your eyes should go straight forward. When Jesus or God or Father leads you, you are not supposed to give the burden to them. You have to do it by yourself. That is your individual and family position night there. Why are you so valuable? What is the purpose of all the past saints? We are looking for the real individual, real families and real world. When we study Divine Principle, we know this is fact; we are looking for the real thing.

Heavenly Father's dispensation for 6,000 years has been to find His real son, one real Adam, not the fallen Adam. He has been sacrificing everything, even the first Adam, the first Messiah, and the second Messiah. Up to the present, he did not find it. Principally speaking, the Messiah, God's true son, should not encounter any objections or obstacles. Even Jesus as the Messiah worked upon principle. But even the one nation of Israel was unable to accept Jesus as the Messiah. Not one person accepted Jesus at that time.

For 2,000 years God has waited and sacrificed, setting up the Christianity as the second Israel. He has promised to send the second Messiah. Since Jesus' crucifixion, our Heavenly Father has set up the providence through Christianity, to set up in advance one nation which will be ready to receive the Lord of the Second Coming, on the world-wide foundation of Christianity. By so doing, the Heavenly Father will be fulfilling His will and the unfulfilled part of Jesus' mission will be completed.

Christianity has the responsibility to get the nation to stick to the Lord of the Second Coming. This is God's project. Until the present, behind the scenes, many, many of God's people have been martyred in order to bring this glorious day of the Second Coming. Many, many young people like you have died in the past. Many, many people were sacrificed: they represent your parents and relatives, before you.

To set up this ideal goal, centering on the Lord of the Second Coming, so many sacrifices have been paid as an indemnity condition. Why? They have been paid to bring the consummation of this glorious day, centering on the Lord of the Second Coming, spreading throughout the whole world, centering on him. Principally speaking, the Lord of the Second Coming is more than an individual, more than a nation, even more than the whole world. All systems existing at his coming have to be united: they are not supposed to object to him, but be completely and absolutely united with him. That's his will.

When Father initiated all this dispensation centering on the Unification Church, if the established churches had accepted him, and all the family had accepted him, and all the democratic nations had accepted him, his dispensation would have been speeded up, in order to bring a quicker realization of God's will on earth. If his acceptance had come right after the Second World War, then the Communist bloc would not have appeared. Naturally, the leaders of the free nations, such as America, would not have had this kind of turmoil if they had accepted the Lord of the Second Advent, our Father. You have to know that because established Christianity did not follow him, unexpected obstacles have been appearing in front of him and God.

Our Heavenly Father or heaven does not expect our Father to be persecuted on earth -- never. Father knows all the details of God's plan. He knows well that, even though they opposed him, because of God and Jesus and his past mission, in order not to nullify His original ideal he cannot reject his enemies, because of our Heavenly Father. Also, he has to think of all the saints and ancestors in the past who had succeeded in accumulating the conditions to bring this time, so he cannot, even though they oppose him, completely ignore or reject them.

Our Master is the one to bear this kind of burden, accumulated in the past. He must bear it, instead of rejecting it, in order to fulfill the unfinished task of our ancestors. So our Father even comforted the Heavenly Father, "I am not defeated yet. I am your son, so I will bear your burden. I will not discourage you or disappoint you. " So, when opposition comes, he is willing to show our Heavenly Father's will and love, to even show them which is better. He even shows the enemy and Satan the things Jesus did not accomplish, and proves he is accomplishing far more than Jesus did.

All God's people-the saints and the prophets-shed their blood. They died. But this time, Father says that without bloodshed, "I will accomplish the things the sages and saints left undone in the past. " This is the answer. With this kind of determination, our Father has been fulfilling God's dispensation up to the present. He has already been thinking that he should be above the past saints, the first Messiah, and anyone else in the past in the course of the dispensation. He should go even beyond God's dispensation. He felt, "If I am tired, the whole universe will be tired and all the passed away in spirit world." So he is thinking seriously of his behavior and action. "If I am despairing and disappointed, who will be responsible for the 6,000 years turmoil and all the past saints and sages?" Even though he was exhausted in a physical sense, he pretended not to be exhausted. Even in the dungeon of the death, on the verge of death, he was not going to die; he felt life.

Sometimes Father is proud of himself, because in his lifetime he can see Satan on the individual level, family level, world level, just as God sees His enemy on the different levels. So he is proud of himself and this chance to see every level of this world and spirit world, and even the Devil's existence. Master manages it, sees it, and observes it. He has believed that. He saw all this operation on every level, within his lifetime. "I can conquer them. I can crush them," he says. Even though Father has been taking 6,000 years, He has seen nothing. But Master says. "In my lifetime, I will do something about it. He is proud of himself.

Then in one sense, Father, Heavenly Father will say, "Reverend Moon is far better than me, the Heavenly Father. " In a short period of time, he will synthesize, he will crush the enemy and let them surrender. Our Master senses this kind of feeling of the Heavenly Father. Also, he is proud of himself, and appreciates that Jesus Christ's unfinished job of 6,000 years has been completed by him in his lifetime. Also, he knows that the people of Israel did not accept Jesus. A substitute operation through the Unification Church International has to be done, so that all the saints of Jesus' day, 2,000 years ago, can be there and have their wishes fulfilled through them.

Also, even though Christianity did not cooperate with him, he has set up the foundation on which the unfinished job on the individual, family, tribe, and nation, and worldwide level will be accomplished in another way. We will give this great benefit to the spirit world and the martyred Christians. We will be very glad that this will be fulfilled by him in his lifetime.

Everything God expected of him, dispensationally, has been finished. So he is free to do whatever he wants to do. In our lifetime, we have one more higher stage to finish through which we can liberate all the past saints and all mankind, even the generations to be born. We have to be proud of ourselves. Each of us has this kind of heavenly responsibility on our shoulders.

If you do wrong, our Father will be blamed. If you do a good job, all credit goes to you. I don't care about personal persecution received from others, but if we fail, we must assume the blame of the generations before us. Who is going to explain this? Who is going to assume this responsibility? Even a small segment of the people throughout the world should take his side, absolutely blindly. And still, we have our enemies, our opponents. As long as opponents and enemies exist, God's absolute ideal and plan cannot be fulfilled. The problem is how can we hasten His dispensation, or by all means shorten the time period? How much can we narrow down the time period-on the spot, right now, instantly? We don't know what could happen any time, any place. Our situation is very imminent, spiritually and physically. So Father feels very, very urgent. The time is very imminent and very urgent. He has a problem, how to tune all this dispensationally, to make it all fit together and go smoothly.

So Father cannot run his own life. He cannot think of himself. Father cannot influence the whole world through his one mouth and his two hands. It is impossible to influence the whole world. His two eyes cannot cover everything. How can he, even though he is the son of God, heal all sick persons throughout the world, spiritually, with his two hands? You have to be his substitute ears, eyes, arms, and feet; so you should assume the responsibility of saving the whole world.

You should be proud of yourselves. You are representatives of our Father and God, and all your ancestors, all the sages and all the saints. You are the spokesmen. The person totally responsible is the Messiah. In one sense you have to assume a messianic role individually on behalf of him. Do you understand? Can you assume the messiahship all on behalf of our Father? Even though you pledge, raising your hands, to say yes will be easy, but hard to practice. There are many, many members of the Unification Church, but very few, almost none, know our Father's heart.

If you are really attuned to his heart, you should suddenly cry whenever he tunes in to you. You should be that sensitive. You should know that Father has long patience in finding somebody who will know his heart. This is the heart of our Father and also the heart of our Heavenly Father. Nobody knows his real heart. So please keep in mind these things. Please accept yourself as such a precious being on behalf of him and the Heavenly Father.

Eventually, you have to go back to your battlefield. You come here by your own will, and also chosen by somebody. But when you go back, from now on, you are no longer you; you are centering on our True Parents; you are centering on the Heavenly Father. Your total physical body-your eyes, your ears, your feet, your arms-will be God's and our True Parent's, and Jesus' and all your ancestors', sages' and saints'. You are no longer you. All historical components are on you. You are the champion who will represent the whole heavenly heart accumulated for 6,000 years; many, many things are represented in your individual body.

Can you be that way, from now on? Then if you are that way, you are equipped with all these things. When you go back, you will be the Messiah in your city, in your state, in your region. The place you are going will be later called Canaan-a lucky, happy land-by your next generation. Please, you have to think you are real, restored children of God, and you should be proud of it.

Even Jesus Christ, as the son of God, had to bear the cross in order to be the son of God. Our True Parent even did the same thing in order to be the son of God. He has been bearing a serious cross in himself. Heavenly Father, behind all these things, is more serious, and more greatly concerned about us. All the past course of God's dispensation is culminated in you, because you are an individual to be restored. God, our Heavenly Father, wants you to be real children of God-that's His purpose. God purchased you by the price of the blood. Ransom money is paid for you. To buy an individual-you -- God suffered, Jesus suffered, all Christianity suffered, and our True Parents suffered because of you-to bring you to God, to return you to God.

So, because you are purchased by all the indemnity prices, throughout the past history, you should be far better than anyone else. You can be less than no one. Right? That's why the motto says we should be superior to Jesus Christ 2,000 years ago. He did not have a nation for God; we shall have our nation as God's nation. Jesus Christ was unable to be the chief of the heavenly tribe. You will be the chief of the tribe. We've got to have a real family. We've got to be real parents to the next generation. Jesus Christ did not have it. We should be the children of the heavenly family and take responsibility for the whole world to make it one family under God. That's your responsibility.

So in order to be the children of God and reach this stage, we have to pay the indemnity price. It does not come without effort. You have to restore the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level, and world level, which are completely dead. You have to return it; that's not easy.

When you look at the history of the dispensation, you see that God has been working to find one Adam, then one Messiah. Jesus Christ was to establish the family, and so forth. Now in this age, we are going to comprehensively synthesize everything, restore everything at one time, centering on him. So we have to pay lots of indemnity as a sacrifice. We have to reach this stage by any cost, sacrificing even many, many things. We have to obtain his. What kind of price do we have to pay? Instead of establishing a fragmentary dispensational period, we have to synthesize. We are going to pay something to consummate all the undone things accumulated in the past.

With what are you going to purchase all this? Two things-life and love. With two elements, with life and divine love, we can buy that. With your life and your divine love totally dedicated to God, then you will be investing a tremendous price. What can you offer as a sacrifice? "I will give my life. I will dedicate my love to you." Love should have a relative position. But relative to whom? To God? You say, "Because I love God, I give my life. Because I love God, the Heavenly Father, I give my life to Him." The wife or the husband is not the problem with being this kind of person with total dedication. The problem is within you. Without devoting these two elements, you cannot pass this kind of indemnity and pay the indemnity price. You cannot pass that test.

Do you have love in your body, in your mind? Do you have love in you, not in your body? To whom are you going to give your love? Because you are in the satanic, fallen world, you give your love to others, it becomes not love, but dirt. So you have to offer your love to God. Can the Heavenly Father accept your love? In what place can you offer your love? When you realize you are the center of love, you can give love to Him from that position, on behalf of the whole of mankind. When you stand at that point, your love will be acceptable to Him. Also, love should be given to God from the position of the Messiah. The Messiah is the person who sacrificed his life for mankind.

In this critical juncture, as an individual, what can you offer to God? God needs your total love. The first commandment is, "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. " But that's not the love you are thinking of. At the moment, your position is a fallen position. When you realize your value on behalf of the total dispensational course of all the saints and sages, then your love can be accepted by God. Then, at the same time, your love and life will be given to Him.

So we, in this time, can do nothing hat think of God's will. God is an absolute being, and an absolute being needs absolute love, not partial love. Even in the fallen world, when people experience secular love, they want to have total love. "Love me completely and totally!" That's their feeling there, isn't it? So if your sweetheart loved another person, you got mad; you just couldn't accept it. So our Heavenly Father is more jealous, and He wants more absolute love. Do you understand what he means?

Even after God is looking for love from you, you still find yourself like fallen garbage, trash can, clay and dirt. So the Heavenly Father is miserable, looking for love from you, a garbage can. If you feel the real sense of this statement, you don't have to pray. God will instantly be with you right there. So have you ever thought, "I must not be filthy. I must not defile this temple of God." You have to think of it.

The Heavenly Father, an absolute being, because I am nothing. I am the weakest one. I dedicate myself to you absolutely, totally. " Then at that time, God will say, "I need you, I absolutely need you. " He will tell you that. Then He will forgive your sins.

When you are forgiven, when your sins are forgiven, if you realize it, you will feel the greatness of the Heavenly Father. At the same time, you will immediately feel divine love from Him. Then you will sense the depth and breadth of divine love. You will know how great His love is. This is the greatest, the happiest moment-when you meet Father with love. Have you experienced this kind of state? Have you experienced that?

There can be no false pride; there can be no arrogance. When time goes by, as children of God, you become more humble, more meek. Then you will feel more wholesome, when God picks you to be used to save the nation and the world.

Then you will feel that Father is looking for children. He is a sad and sorrowful God. You have to experience the real depth of heart of God and the True Parents. So wherever you go today, back to your territory, the new bright blessing and light of God will be bestowed on you. If you have this kind of heart, you will be really resentful of the time passing. You will have no time to think of something other than His will.

Father wants you to make a new start in your life of faith, with all this instruction on your relationship to the heart of God and how to become one with Him. You are so precious when you carry this kind of a motto, "I work on behalf of the messianic role." Then you cannot be traded in for anything else in this world. Good or bad, you must be responsible for that. Good or bad-whatever you do-you have to be responsible. So you have to face the worst things and the best things. You have to confront both sides. It is not easy to be a small messiah, because it is related to God's life and God's love.

Though you used to pray always demanding something, if God was blessing you, what would happen to your garbage? It still becomes garbage. When you realize your real value, when you are restored from the dungeon, you know its value. From then on, you will spring out of this dungeon to reach the higher level. When you really feel you are nothing -- in the garbage can -- in the view of the absolute God, the distance will decrease. You will become one with the Heavenly Father. You can pray this kind of prayer, "I am spoiled, like clay; but are you going to use me as you I wish? Do you really need me with this kind of junk? Do you really need me?"

You cannot think that you will be accepted without any condition. When you realize that you are a most wicked person, weak, fallen, descendant of Adam and Eve, you know you are nothing. You know you are the weakest one. You say, "I am the most evil one. Because I fell I am the most wicked person, therefore, the weakest person. Therefore, I believe in …

Then when you practice this way, divine love and new life will begin and expand wherever you go. When you have given your life and your love to God, you will have it in practice. Father believes that if you carry this kind of heart, you will become a real leader, a real individual, a real worker, wherever you go and whatever you do. When you go back, a new tradition and a new history will begin. All 66 books of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, will be condensed on you, to be fulfilled for the kingdom and for the work in this nation. You will be the victorious one when you fulfill all 66 books; then in your locality, the kingdom of heaven on earth will be realized.

All of you, as restored children of God, have to think of the Old Testament as a foundation, the New Testament your working place, and the Completed Testament as the area for you to build the actual realization of the kingdom. So wherever you go, you are a representative on His behalf. All things, even including animals, will welcome you in what you are doing and planning in your locality when you go back. Because individuals go back, interwoven horizontally and vertically, expanding on this nation and to the whole world, the realization of God's kingdom on earth will be progressing. You have to know that you are the cornerstone of a new tradition, a new history for mankind and for the whole world.

You have to realize that if you fail, all the indignation from God, from heaven, from Jesus' days, and from all the generations to come will fall on you. If you fail, you are a greater failure than the first fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Also, you will leave great indignation for the generation to come. if we fall, it is a dreadful thing. Since the fall of man, how many thousands of years have we suffered? If we, as a new brood of ancestors, fail, how many curses and indignations will we receive in the future? This is a dreadful fact. So you have to realize that you are the greatest center, and such a precious being in the universe. Do you understand me?

You have to go back with this kind of heavenly heart. So those who think they can be that way, please raise your hands - We can say that for you individuals, these few days are a revolutionary period. Isn't that right? With this yardstick of Father's talk on the feeling of heart, we can evaluate the individual. If you fit this standard, you will remain. If it does not fit, heavenly punishment will come upon you. Your present position is the result of a historical struggle to find you. God is related to you. Can one individual be exchanged for the nation of America? Can our Unification Church family be exchanged for the nation of America? You cannot exchange it. Your value is more than that of the nation of America.

As restored individuals and God's children, you cannot be exchanged for the fallen world. You are qualified persons. If you see Jesus, Confucius, or Buddha, question them, "Do you know what Father said to us today?" They will say, "We don't know anything about it. " You can say, "I know it from our True Parents long before you know it. I can teach you, Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus. " You know far more than the saints including Jesus Christ. So you've got to have heavenly pride-not false pride, but heavenly pride. You are so valuable to God. Do you understand? Do you believe it?

This body should be purified; it should be very innocent and pure, the very temple of God. It cannot be dirtied and soiled and destroyed by something filthy. You have to feel resentment: "I am defiled by Satan's influence in my body." From now on you have to resent that. You have to be a temple of God, purified and innocent, from now on. Resolve: "I have to purify my body." You've got to have that kind of pride. With your innocent, pure, and unspoiled mind and body, look at the sunshine of His creation. Look at the moon and the stars in the skies. Then you will hear them spiritually praising you, because you are restored. You will see all things in the universe praising you, bowing down to you, worshiping you. All things in the universe since the fall have been waiting for you, for the appearance of restored children of God like you. Think of all that when you walk around. Then all the grass and the trees will bow to you and welcome you.

We are the luckiest, happiest persons in the world; isn't that true? This is a heavenly privilege. If Adam and Eve had been perfected without falling, they would have had this kind of spiritual experience in relationship to all things in the universe. You, as individuals, restored, perfected men and women, will go everywhere. You will receive universal praise and love from all things God created. You are such a precious person as that. How precious-how tremendous! There is no other person of your invaluable, incredible value.

This is the core of God's direction and plan, for the past 6,000 years. Through Jesus, after 4,000 years, and now through the Lord of the Second Coming, God wants to set up this kind of condition through the Messiah. Because of this time, this glorious day of restoration, this day of hope. God has sacrificed all His past saints, including Jesus. Because of his crucifixion, Jesus did not have a counterpart, someone in Eve's position. Now, 2,000 years later, the time has, come to even fulfill that kind of bride and bridegroom relationship.

If Adam and Eve had not fallen, God would have controlled them and also the whole world would automatically have come under their cow-tow. Then after you get the blessing, as perfect man and perfect woman replacing Adam and Eve before the fall, then God will control and supervise you directly. This is the basis of oneness of you couples with the Heavenly Father. This is the kingdom of heaven.

So the ideal of the Second Coming is the bride and bridegroom, the marriage of the Lamb. That can come to you as the individually restored children of God. This is the ideal God wanted to see happen on earth. After the blessing when you look at your wife to be or husband to be, you must not say, "This is my wife." You must not say that. You have to look at your wife as the ambassador and authority from God. She is the ambassador plenipotentiary. She is a special envoy from God with love and life, not your wife. She is a special ambassador, an ambassador plenipotentiary, who brought divine love and life to you. She is not your wife. So this is the ideal thinking, instead of "my wife," you have to think, "Special ambassador. "

Love does not belong to me. Love belongs to heaven. Ideal couple means you think, "I don't have to love her [love him], but I have to return the love, because it comes from heaven. " To be in the scope of love, you have to return divine love; then you are in the scope of divine love.

The Unification Church is so precious to the whole world and the universe, because of this new concept of love, this relationship between perfected husband and wife. To reach this level of spirituality or this ideal pattern, you have no other place to go. Just come to the Unification Church International. Then in that situation, ideal husband and wife are special ambassadors from heaven.

Later, you find out that these ambassadors happened to be the true children of God, His sons and daughters. That's a glorious thing. So the Heavenly Father is king of kings and Lord of the whole universe. Then you will become Heavenly Father's daughter-in-law and son-in-law. Then if this situation happens, God will say, "Okay, everything is finished; everything is fulfilled. " God's answer will be, "All right. Everything looks good, Go back to Genesis. "

By now you know how precious you are individually, and how grateful you are to know the value of the real husband and wife, the real family. Jesus Christ never had this. You are more valuable than he. Even Jesus Christ, the Messiah, did not have it. You will have it. Are you happy? This is the road we call the heavenly blessing by our True Parents.

Would you like to be blessed? In order to be qualified to be blessed, you've got to be that kind of a person, okay? You should be better than Jesus Christ. He never had a family; he never had a tribe; he had no nation. But contrary to that, we should have a restored individual, a restored family, a restored tribe, and God's nation-a victorious family, victorious tribe, victorious nation. Also, more than that, we've got to have more than the nation; we've got to have God's world, one world under God. Also, we will bring the spirit world under our control. We've got to have our Heavenly Father come down from heaven, to live within us, within our family. We've got to inherit the kingdom of heaven and earth; we have to win it on our shoulders.

There will be no national boundary; there will be no problems of visas, and passports. Only the heavenly family counts. Everywhere people would like to go, they will go. Only our Heavenly Father, the heavenly kingdom and the earthly kingdom, only the heavenly family exists-nothing else on earth. This is our road to go, our direction and destiny. So also all the saints, sages, and religious founders, even Jesus Christ long for it. By now you know what he is talking about.

He has one question for you. Shall our True Parents believe in you or not? Do you really mean it? Father's real feeling is this: he doesn't want to believe in the nation of America. He doesn't want to believe or trust the whole world. He wants to trust you and believe in you. I would like to trust you, believe in you. He says, "I will believe in you; I will trust in you. I will be concerned about your direction, your destiny, and your achievement. " Do you have confidence in that? Will you raise hands, those who have confidence in this direction? You must be serious, more serious than Jesus Christ was before the crucifixion; at the Gethsemane prayer, he was so serious. You should be more than that. Because of this, he wants to trust you.

You should perform our responsibility with the same feeling as Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. You have to take this kind of feeling as your response. You have to practice it. He believes that when you go by this formula, you will bring the victory. You will bring the accomplishments and achievements in your locality. Before complaining in your heart, you have to think first how we are going to have God's nation. Before your physical exhaustion, you have to think more of how by your work you are going to inherit the kingdom of heaven on earth. You have to apply your effort not to burden your next generation to be born, but you have to take responsibility on your shoulders. You will finish your job in your lifetime. You have to finish it in your own lifetime, leaving nothing to burden the generation to come.

To bring this stage of victory, we need members. We need Unification family members. We need one another. Those blessed couples have to place more emphasis on the church than on the individual family. In the past, through the sacrifices in the Old Testament, Jesus Christ was set up as a living sacrifice. In the Completed Testament, to consummate the role of the church, you have to go up. By doing so, we have a connection with the whole world and with all nations. In different families, in our church, lots of tribes and nationalities are assembled. The perfection of church-the Unification Church, of course-is the mission of the Completed Testament age. The church should consist of perfected individual men and women, and perfected families. By doing so, the equalization of the peoples of the nations will come about. That means, when we are over the world, God can even come down and live with us on earth. Towards this point, God directed the Christian churches for 2,000 years.

When you look at the established church buildings, gigantic buildings, you should think, "The heavenly family and the individual restored children of God should be running those places; they should be filled. " The church should be the place where prominent, renowned celebrities, or big, wonderful leaders of the nation should get together to meet one another. The ideal church should be the place which influences everywhere, even to the point of leading the nation. There, core people will be gathering to influence the nation and the whole wold.

Then by that time, the ritual and ceremony of the church will be revised. That kind of church will no longer keep anything about repentance prayer, but cultural aspects centered on living the Principle in man's daily life with God. So fantastic programs will be going on all the time. Then instead of enjoying yourself in your family, you will be more inclined to want to come to the church activity, and meet many families. Plus, if you like to sing, you would rather think of singing songs in the church than in your home. This kind of age will come. Also, the time will come when all will bring potluck dinners or lunches from your homes, to eat together in the churches. This must be far better than eating as your family.

Also, you people feel more desire to be in the church even now at this stage, and you come more often to the church than your home. This is the preparation for the time to come. The church will have lots of activity, more than church ritual. Whenever there is a church activity going on, you will suddenly give up everything to come to the church - The nation should be composed of this kind of church people; God will want to have this kind of thing happen. God's people will be produced from this church. There will be no opposition if you are dancing in the church for 24 hours, with trumpet or orchestra or band. Nobody will even dare to say anything. Everybody in the neighborhood will be assembled there; nobody will be left to even oppose this ideal.

We have experienced in Korea, and in every other country, criticisms coming, "Oh, the Unification Church members never sleep, never eat, and are all the time in the church doing something there." That's the reason one of the persecutions started. So this is a preparation for this ideal church to appear. Your role is to be perfect, not only a perfect individual and family, but you are completing the church, which means you have gone farther than our Heavenly Father, farther than Jesus Christ. Amazing value -- you have it!

You have to think, "I've got to have a heavenly family. Also think, "We've got to have a heavenly church. Without that, there can be no foundation for tribal restoration. Without a tribal foundation, Jesus had no way to go other than the cross. That's the reason why the individual quota of winning souls is 120 people within three years. That is the formula. If you cannot finish it within the three years, it is extended to the seven years. Because Jesus should have consideration for his partner to appear, the three years are doubled, to seven years. Three plus three, plus one for the Sabbath day, makes it the number seven.

Then do you know your purpose of returning to your locality? Jesus' crucifixion on the cross, derived from the lack of unity among his 12 disciples; there was no oneness among 72 souls. So there are 84 in all: 12 plus 72 . Eighty-four people should be united into Jesus' tribe. Then if he had 84 disciples united around him, he would have accomplished the tribal foundation. He would not have to go to the cross. One of the missions or goals of Jesus was to find a perfect Eve. Then, his second goal was to make a perfect church. So, as you know, Jesus' Holy Spirit stimulates the Christian churches.

The Lord of the Second Coming should seek his bride within the Unification Church. By doing so, within the tribe, some kind of ceremony and feast can be fulfilled. Only two, a man and woman or a bride and bridegroom, is not enough. You've got to save relatives together. The heavenly feast of the Lamb means lots of people being together, centering on the bride and bridegroom.

One of the missions of the Unification Church is to restore and make indemnity for this area. You have to have the completion of the Unification Church. Within the 12 disciples a trinity was selected. Then centering on the three disciples, 12 disciples should come, and then 72. Eighty-four is the tribal level consummation. Then after that, each of the tribes should have developed 120 members, united around them. That is a worldwide foundation. So he has to do that. Spiritually that's the reason why when even 120 people gathered in the upper room, the Holy Spirit could descend, and Christianity started right there.

Twelve tribes also had 72 members. That was the predecessor of the formation of the nation of Israel. Because of the failure of Jesus, we have to restore this number. This means that one church should have 120 members, at least. One church unit should have 120. Even to bring an individual base, within a seven-year period we have to bring the 84 members. This means the formula must reach the one-one-one level: every member should bring one person during one month-the one-one-one formula. That's based on this mathematics. This number is not necessarily to have you win souls; we have to finish individually. We have to finish. This is not solely for winning; you have to fulfill this. Individually, each individual should fulfill seven years of public ministry.

Father is on the 21 year course. For whom? He is on this course for you people. So you have to tune to his course by seven years of public ministry. So already Father has given you all this formula, all these instructions, how to fulfill your seven-year public ministry. This is the reason why one of the qualifications to be blessed by him is to bring at least more than three people as permanent members. That means out of the number 12, you can easily bring three permanent members. The 12 people will come from the 72. Twelve to 72 means a ratio of one to six. This is the reason why the numbers six-six thousand, six hundred, or twelve hundred-should be indemnified and restored.

Now, your destiny is clear. The purpose of your destiny is clear now. If you don't fulfill this formula, you have to fulfill it in the spirit world, where it will be much harder. You'd better finish it here while you are on earth. So you've got to have set up a church of at least 120 people. Then a new tradition and tribe will appear right there.

You will be the victor when you accomplish this. You will be standing above the line that Jesus Christ did not finish. That's why you have to fulfill this number. That's up to you. Somebody who is able and a genius may fulfill this quota in seven months.

Father has attained this present victory with hardship and persecution. You are doing it without any trouble, because you have all the answers. You just have to finish your part. You Americans just have to do your part, that's all. It's very easy.

Father blessed three families, Oust like Noah's family), 36 families, 72 families, 430 families, and 777 families. There is more to come. This is the heavenly formula he has been doing. He himself fulfilled all this -- you just do your part. Sometimes he picks up the children of the enemy -- it is very hard to bring them up. So Father had no chance to even preach this kind of a message to his relatives. There was no time. But even though he had access to it, he did not do it. If he did it, the Moon family will be restored very easily. This is a victorious foundation upon which you can convert even your parents, your mother and father, uncles and aunts, whatever. The door is open, because of his merit and accomplishment. You can even approach your parents and relatives with tears, and in three years you will have them come to this church. Don't you think it is possible? So you have to be proud that this heavenly time has come for you, and you have to enforce it. He wants you to be the victor over this.

Then you can dedicate yourself to God, to your tribe, church, and family. This is the Unification members' duty and responsibility. Then God's Will will be fulfilled. This is our road to go, our destiny. The kingdom of heaven in spirit world cannot be accommodated without this kind of consummated individual and family and church. Only those three categories of people can go into heaven.

This is the formula: I exist for the other party, and the family exists for the tribal restoration. The reason I follow the Unification Church is to be the family which will support the church. That's the formula. Then automatically, if everybody goes this way, God's nation will be restored. Our road, our destination, is the restoration of the individual, family, tribe, and church. That's our destiny. If Jesus could have had that kind of a church, he would have accomplished something. That means that every family that lives this way, the Messiah will visit. All the time, the Messiah will visit you and your family and your church-automatically everywhere. When you are there the Messiah will come. Then when the Messiah comes, God will naturally follow him; so together they will come to the church and to your family, and to the individual. So God will become the individual Lord, the family Lord, and the church Lord. There the master of the individual, tribe, family, and church, is the Lord of the church. Then automatically the nation will appear.

The family is not for the nation, but for the church. The church is for the nation. This means that only the church is able to save or form the nation. The Unification Church has a movement to form God's nation. Do you understand? His legitimate reason for the Unification Church-to form God's nation-has a legal right. So to reach this goal, all the Unification Church members will devote themselves for this purpose. Even more than 100 percent if possible we would like to mobilize 120 percent. There is no such thing as 120 percent in the world of mathematics. That means we have to bring people other than our members, in order to fill it to the 120 percent level.

So the movement for the nation should be enforced, because God expects us to do that kind of a job. When the time comes, we have to challenge and fight against Communism. We should do more work than ordinary religious organizations do. When we engage in some kind of a support for a political campaign, we have to show a greater ability than any other political organizations have. Then if we exceed the others, everybody will follow us. Then if we fulfill that, automatically the kingdom of heart will come. So you have to realize our individual value, our incredible value.

Also, secondly, you have to know as blessed couples to be, or blessed couples, that the blessing centering on him is so valuable. Those churches backed by blessed couples have enormous value right there. So after you receive the blessing, you have to set up a new church before you leave for spirit world. If you do not finish that mission, you will get into trouble in spirit world, because you left everything for the next generation. This kind of heavenly fortune or opportunity is not given to other religious organizations; but it is given to the Unification Church from heaven. No other nation has this kind of heavenly privilege. This privilege is one of the best privileges on earth.

The time shall come when only the Unification Church will be able to do this kind of thing. The whole world and all mankind will bow to us, because if they associate with us and support us, they will lose nothing, because they know we have better things than they have.

Our family has an international flavor. Whenever somebody wants to go somewhere, go to Europe or overseas, one telegram is sent, and as soon as you descend from the aircraft, all the international family welcomes you right there. Also, that church is our church, the same Unification Church. You don't have to go to a hotel somewhere. So all the Unification Church members throughout the world should be proud to entertain or welcome all the overseas family, to have them come to visit their church and stay in their country. That should be the heavenly pride.

We are creating this situation by ourselves. If there is a God in heaven, He will be glad to see everything that's going on here. The Germans and Americans used to be enemies. Now, they got together. And Germans and British used to be enemies all the time. Now, it's gone. Only through unification centering on our True Parents is this possible, because instead of thinking of yourselves as Germans or British, whenever you meet there is a stronger feeling: "We are Unification Church family members centering on our True Parents. " That strong feeling comes first.

We have to abolish national boundaries in the world. All disturbed, scattered language should be united into one language-not necessarily by force but automatically. Naturally, this will come. But now, there is lots of inconvenience when you have multiple languages. We also have to eliminate and abolish discrimination of races. How wonderful it would be to see very soon a proclamation along these three lines announced, in the United States very soon! How wonderful it will be!

We have to know the heavenly mission, that the next, third seven-year course, centering on him, will be accomplishing in this area. So we have to make up our minds not to be behind in this dispensation. Together we have to fulfill by all means. Can you do it? If you have a faith in this, if you have confidence, he will do it with you. He will create some miracles. Then we, you and the True Parents will become one. This is an accomplishment of another dimension -- a spiritual dimension-for pure American citizens to complete the three-day prayer and fast.

The IOWC commanders from overseas are just spectators at this time. If they don't like this statement, they can do the same thing in their own country. Then automatically the True Parents will be attracted to go to their country too, when America does not fulfill its job. Father is concentrating in case of no success in this nation centering on his will, a secondary nation. He is already meditating on this. In the worst case-if all America is doomed to be destroyed, although I don't believe it will be -- Father will pick you all up and go together somewhere. Then in that case, you Americans will become citizens of one of the European countries. You wouldn't like that to happen, would you?

There are so many obstacles in front of him. You have to take responsibility to get rid of all bad things, and to clear the way for him. You are responsible for it.

Father did not come to this country by invitation from you people-he came by himself, because God the Father sent him. That's why he came, because God's will remains in this country. If His will is finished, maybe Father may go back to his own country, but because of God the Father's will, he had to come. This is a historical tragedy facing America. No one else except our True Parents can save this condition. Through your hands and your bodies it is possible. Can you save all Americans? Do you have confidence? Really? I can never trust you. Do you want me to trust you? Would you like to pledge to this? I trust you.

With all this determination, new direction, and new instructions, you will march forward through the beautiful land of America, enjoy all the sunshine and atmosphere. You have a new field to work in, so you think: "I am the sun of the new hope, child of the new hope." You have to be proud of yourself to be the hopeful sun. You are the hopeful sunshine in the sky. With that hope, you have to set your mind. You have to clear all dark clouds or storms in the air, and spend all the time looking at the sunshine, coming from the sun. You will be stable; you will be marching forward. Can you do it? Will you do it? Raise your hands please, and stand up.

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