The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1974

The Hope Of Youth

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Barrytown, New York
July 26,1974
Master Speaks
Translated by Col. Sang Kil Han

Since we have so many countries represented, we have to pause for a moment to decide what language we have to use this morning. Since those that fasted for the last three days are Americans, English will suffice. But I also understand that since the majority of the seminar people here are Japanese, the Japanese language has been suggested also. When many countries are gathered together like this, then the language to be used actually matters, in a competitive sense. Since I am Korean, I am speaking in Korean now. But since the majority here speak English, I have to yield; and although my Japanese may not be altogether perfect, I shall use Japanese myself, and I shall have it translated into English.

The people that have come here for the first time must have long wondered who Mr. Moon is. Here he is, Mr. Moon. Many people have wondered just what Mr. Moon is like. And here I am. I am no different from any of you Japanese people. I have the same eyes and ears; all the features are the same. We breathe and act and do just about the same things. No matter how important a person is, he is still the same as any other.

I have heard that some believe I go upstairs by just flying. I am telling this for those who have thought that about me, because I am just an ordinary, plain person. You can depend on it; you can feel the same as I do. So don't think too seriously about this.

The topic on which I am going to speak this morning is "The hope of youth." Everybody assembled in this auditorium is young. There is no youth that does not have hope. And what is that hope or ambition? Some people might say, "It is my ambition to succeed in the subject in which I am majoring." But when we get really serious and ask, "Is that really your ambition? ", then not so many people are very confident. By the time someone has achieved that ambition, he must start all over again. This is most probable. By the time he has succeeded as a professor, and teaches every day on the blackboard, he will suddenly realize this is not the ambition that he has been seeking.

It is very safe to assume that no matter how a person has achieved his ambition, there are very few people who can feel, "I have achieved it, and I am really happy and contented." Once he has achieved in a certain area, he would like to go beyond that. In other words, people do not want to end with reality, but they would like to go beyond that reality. Then what really is youth's hope or ambition?

It is a fact that no matter how hard we try, at least in the past, we have never been able to say, or heard anybody say, after reaching the goal of his own ambition, "I am happy, for I have accomplished it." No matter how big a man a person becomes in the world, he still has to achieve something more, look for something farther.

Then what does youth really want? Is it not the ambition of youth to become invariable, eternally constant and the center of the world? No matter how accomplished a person may be, unless he is accomplished in a personal way, as a human being, he will be unhappy.

Then how can we be secure with our own sense of happiness, once we are established? This is one of the gravest goals that we have to consider. Regardless of his country, any youth you may pick out and speak to still has the ambition to go beyond his own national boundary. But even though he may stand on that level, no true ideal. The ideal begins to exist only starting from one's self. So the basic hope and ambition of youth must start from a certain central point within ourselves, from which we can then go toward the world. When we are invaded individually, then we become indignant toward others in an effort to protect ourselves. In other words, man is unconsciously working on the basis of perfecting himself. When someone attacks him, he tries to defend himself. In other words, he would like to perfect himself, and he will suddenly realize this.

Here are some men and some women. Centered around herself, a woman's sense of accomplishment is different from a man's sense of accomplishment. In different countries there are even different attitudes. Then the natural question is, "What is true perfection, and what is the center of our hope?"

If an ideal person existed, with his center well founded, he would have been happy in the past, happy now, and happy in the future. Everyone would consider such a person to be the most dependable and most beautiful person in the world. Everyone would want to devote himself to such a person. Such an ideal person would be accepted consistently throughout history.

Then how can such a person come into existence? The image of ideal youth to us and to everybody should be consistent with this person. The ideal youth should be the one who can represent the world, including every country, and the one who can represent the past., present, and future. If such a youth existed on earth, he would be the treasure of the world. As you all know, precious treasures are not transient, but inevitably have an eternal quality. Such a youth reflects the total. We must all covet such an image of youth; and there should not be very many exceptions.

When we think about his, then we must think about mankind itself. When we look at a man, we see both an external man and internal man. And we also see the man striving to do the ideal, and the man as a physical being. Then what is the ideal? The ideal represents everybody; it excludes nobody; it represents every individual. The ideal is not momentary, but lasts for eternity. Eternally the ideal person will deploy himself toward the world.

The "Ideal," in Chinese characters, is comprised of a left side ("king") and a right side ("village"); in other words, king's village. -- One side symbolizes the whole, and the other side represents the center. When the whole focuses on one center, then that is ideal. A single man will never achieve that; only with the entirety surrounding the original center will the ideal exist.

It may be hard for Western people to immediately visualize, but that's the way the Chinese characters are. Each has a deeper meaning, representing one thought. The elements of the ideal are again the tree on the left side, and eye on the right side -- the eye of the tree." So the eye of the tree also symbolizes the whole. When those two get together, they become one concept, the word "mind." Then it is not very difficult to understand that when people started using these characters, they unknowingly included all the elements of happiness and the ideal in the concept of the ideal. And on this basis alone, on this combination of outer environment and developing our own environment for this one purpose the ideal can come to exist.

So to make it short, the ideal can never be achieved by one person. Only when there is a perfect object, upon which we can work and be worked, can the ideal exist. There is no ideal with only one man, but when a reciprocal relationship is established, there the ideal begins to exist. The ideal youth can never be ideal in himself, but he has to be equipped with knowledge of both sides, so he can represent everything

Every individual is different from another. Some people have special points in outer things, and some in inner things. Some people are very weak, and some are very strong. Some people are noble, and some are lowly. The ideal person will be someone who can embrace both ends and stand at the center.

What is the ideal youth? The ideal youth is the one who encompasses everything and stands strong as the center. He is concerned not only about himself, but also his own village, family, or country. He is interested not only in the present, but also in the past, the future, and the world.

We speak not only about individuals and mankind, but when a person tries to achieve some relationship with God, then he will be an ideal youth. If God exists, what would God be like? You may have already had in your image that God is someone who is the center of the whole. Then in God we can represent the present, past, and future. And also, from no matter what direction -- East, West, South, and North -- we have to center around God. Then God must be an entity who is the center of the whole universe.

Then what kind of a relationship should exist between God and mankind? Man by nature takes after God. In other words, man likes to become God, or like God. But if he becomes an entity of God, then he no longer has the subject-object relationship. To be ideal, we must have the lateral relationship as well as the vertical relationship. So we have both characters within ourselves, to have a complete, perfect relationship outwardly and also inwardly. There are some persons who would like to live centered around their body, whereas some people would like to live centered around their mind and spirit. We know by experience that when we center around outer things, they pass away, and we are easily invaded because of the vulnerability of the inner things. So it is imperative that man have internal strength.

Only after we find some identity and harmony between our spirit and body can we begin to see such a thing as the ideal. And this very point is when we see God. Centered around God, we would like to live with our conscience and our body in a harmonious relationship. When this harmony is achieved within an individual, that individual in perfect harmony would like to achieve harmony with God. That is man's desire.

As you already know, when you have a strong conscience, you become a strong man. So when we become completely harmonious within ourselves, when our spirit is dominant and our flesh is subjugated in a reciprocal position, then we are likely to become as strong as God Himself. We can safely conclude, in an oversimplified manner, that man can only become ideal, or start seeing the ideal, when his mind and his body can achieve perfect harmony.

You cannot realize goodness without a reciprocal relationship. Goodness is something you like. Its Chinese character is simply man and woman, that's all. When subject and object become completely one, such as when man and woman become completely one, then that's good. This is not only an ideal that has been held by Oriental ideal, but also an ideal in the Western world.

The Bible says that God created man, and it wasn't good enough, so He made woman. We can never deny that it takes a reciprocal position to become ideal or good. In other words, the ideal comes only when true man and true woman unite. That's the ideal. And it is also logical reasoning to say that before goodness comes, an individual must have complete harmony between his mind and conscience. When they really become one, that will be the element of future happiness.

Then what is heaven like? Heaven is nothing but two separate things achieving unity. That's heaven. The standard Chinese character is written as "two men There is no other character for heaven except that one. That's very revealing, isn't it? Why did mankind start using that character a long time ago. Because man's ideal, by its own nature, is directly connected with the true ideal. The symbol of the ideal is expressed through the symbol of the unity two characters. Benevolence is characterized by the character that is also "two men." We can never deny, beyond any cultural sphere, that it takes two to achieve the ideal. Then what is the ideal of youth, the ambition of youth.) The ambition of each youth is to be a perfect person. After he has achieved his own perfection, then *the ideal follows when he or she meets a spouse.

By nature we think we are precious. What makes man consider himself so precious? We feel this simply because we have a long way to go to achieve that built-in desire or the mechanism for the ideal. We can say the objective of our ideal is to achieve this unity between our mind or conscience and our body. It is not the person whose conscience goes in one way and body another who is ideal, but the person in whom these two will eternally head in one direction -- such is the image of the ideal.

Our body, for example, always thinks centered around itself, and the conscience always thinks in terms of the whole. And when these become one, then such a perfect person will embrace both sides.

Let us examine ourselves. Have our body and our conscience become completely one? If we call our body the plane, then we can consider our spirit an added dimension. At their exact crossing point is where we can find our ideal. When a person becomes one within himself, he can represent all directions; and then we resemble God. Also, the body has a time element; our spirit is unlimited by time. So when the limited part and the limitless part become one, there the ideal exists.

Since mankind has not yet become like that, even though such a God exists, some people say that He does not. But if God exists, and if He is that way, then our mind and body must function in harmony like God's. Otherwise, God must have two opposite directions. Although it appears to us that God is like that, He is not; that's where we are wrong.

So that's where we must recognize the fall of mankind. There we find the need of educating ourselves and also mankind. We can't say, "God is wrong." So God must be right, and we must be wrong. In history, someone has to appear to prove this and put it into practice and actually become like that. Otherwise, God will never exist. To repair human history and make it perfect is the task of religion. Then what is the more valuable thing? The more precious and valuable thing is something that existed before "I" or "this" began to exist. Considering our conscience and our body, which came to exist first? We can never deny, looking at any aspect of the world, that man was not, in himself, a motive. Man was born by some other motive. We are not the result of the motive, but are the result of the existence of a cause. And when you ask, "Which is first: the cause or the effect?" we must say, "The cause is first." Then how can man communicate with the cause? The only avenue is the conscience, and nothing but the conscience.

We acknowledge that everybody cherishes more the person who loves him spiritually, whose love stems from the deeper sphere of his mind. When two people love you at the same time, you will almost always choose the one whose love stems from the mind, rather than the flesh.

Why do you consider the conscience more to be cherished than the flesh? Because it existed earlier. Then what is the earliest being that existed in the world? That is God. So God is of absolute value. We can recognize the importance of a person created by

God, but only in a secondary place. He can never be in the first place, because the first place is already occupied by God. Then how can the cause (God) and the effect (man) be connected? That connection must be of the utmost eternity, and represent the whole. That element within ourselves is the conscience, or mind. So what connects us to God is first the conscience. Therefore, the man of conscience is always cherished as more valuable than the man of flesh, because the conscience existed before the flesh.

People have been separated into these two different positions and religion has tried to bring them together. So the first proclamation of all religions is to become one with God, centered around conscience. So the first assertion that all religions make is to become completely one with God centered around conscience. And the second command of all religions is, once you become one with God, centered around your conscience, then subjugate your body. Do as your mind wills; don't do as your flesh wills. And that is the oversimplified content of all religion. Then why should we do that? Because our body always tries to go where the conscience is going.

So all religions have been trying very hard to soundly establish the spirit, and afterwards to gradually subjugate the body. Religion commands that you deny everything that has to do with the body. Why? Because man, who was originally created to become one centered around the spirit, denied it, and Satan has come to occupy our body. He would like to do everything through our bodies. Our body does not think about others.; it thinks about its own preservation. There is no ideal in this way of life. This kind of man works against the ideal, destroying the ideal, but he can never help any ideal. So we find the perfect religion in the perfect denial of the body. Therefore, God always commanded mankind, "Sacrifice your body. "

God has been teaching everything in the reverse way; for example, "Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." (Matt. 23:12) Only after we understand this can we understand the passage in the Bible: "Whoever seeks to gain his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will preserve it." (Luke 17:33)

Then the development of religion can be expected. only when there is a perfect denial of our body. Any religious sect which centers around itself and tries to interpret and develop its own way will never become the center of the religions of the world, simply because this goes against the will and nature of God. But any religion, no matter how small, that denies itself and wills what God wills, must inevitably flourish with God.

God tried to bring, to Himself every different person from all different parts of the world, so He had to fit the religion to each region. But in essence, they are so unique and so alike, that it is just one large principle. Such a religion will prosper and encompass the whole world. The basis and background of all culture has been religion. And God has been trying, through religion, to make persons perfect as individuals. Here we must accept the fact that God exists, seeing, all the things that God has been achieving for us.

What happens when we let ourselves be occupied by conscience? We will become a person who can praise the eternal value and our own value. We will feel such value when both the cause and effect become one harmonious whole. At that point, we will feel our body exhilarate. Just imagine, at that perfect stage, what keen happiness we will feel! A person at such a stage of perfection will feel exhilaration and happiness even beyond his five senses. It is something of the other dimension. It is safe to say that no one among this large crowd has previously experienced such exhilaration and happiness.

Most people don't even know whether or not God exists, much less what the source of their conscience is. When you find out there is such a thing as conscience, and that it is valuable and godly, then you will feel valuable. When you find out that you have elevated yourself to God's level of conscience, then what keen happiness you will feel! Imagine that there is some realm of happiness which you can only imagine and hope to get near. If God exists, there must be some level where God and man can feel happiness and exhilaration together. If man once finds out such a thing exists, then he will sacrifice everything for that purpose. Don't you want that? Once you experience that, you will never exchange it for anything in the world or everything in the world.

Then you will find God not as something external to you, but one who has always been with you; you have only magnified Him to His greatness. So in that position, God's everything will become your everything. And also God's life will be your life. And the almighty power of God will naturally become our almighty power. This is the position where we can really feel the entire love of God.

If in that position we could feel completely the love of God, how happy we would be! If it hadn't been for the fall, our flesh would have been in the reciprocal position to Him. Happiness, if it was once achieved as it was intended to be, would have been eternal lasting throughout eternity, not just our momentary life. Man should have been in such a position that when God is happy, he would be Just as happy. In such a reciprocal position to Him, with man God can feel that happiness through man.

God can never be happy alone. He cannot love all by Himself. When God has an ideal, He can never feel that ideal or achieve that ideal alone. The endless ideals, endless happiness, and endless everything which God has can never be achieved without mankind. When we suddenly realize that that's the high and eternal value with which God created man, how happy we can be! If a man can experience one such day of happiness, and become completely one with God, he will never trade this one day of life for a thousand years of life centered around the flesh. Don't you think so?

Throughout history, God has been looking for this perfect, ultimate ideal. We must learn that although God has longed for this for many, many thousands of years, up until now He has never found such a level of perfection within us. We should have been completely one, a harmonious one, in the very beginning. We didn't make that, so we have been separate, struggling, suffering, and tortured. This is the history of mankind. Can anyone deny that we are not in that position now Once each person finds out that this is the true meaning, then no one will say, "I won't go." Everybody will go forward. A person will then only worry about how he can get there.

Can he get there by using his own brain, mind, and ability, or something else at his command? No. There is no way except to train ourselves to become closer and closer to God's way of acting and God's way of thinking. It is absolutely impossible for a man to attain that goal without going through the path that religion teaches. Then can we conclude that religion is necessary among mankind. How necessary? It is all important. Even if we can sacrifice thousands and tens of thousands of physical beings, we still have to succeed in this one spiritual course.

When we set our course in this direction, if something comes out against it, deny it. If one's own parents oppose him, religion has taught him to oppose them. He must overcome, even if his entire family or entire country goes against him. Everything he cherishes as being most valuable, he has to deny it, go beyond it.

God has been doing this all throughout history. God can do that only because of His love. God is trying to give you something which is beyond all of these; regardless of all the sacrifices you make. With all the sacrifices that you make, God is trying to give you something greater than that. Therefore, He asks this of you.

When we find God's ideal, His endless giving to us, and His concern, then this shall be the starting point of our ideal. We can receive God's life, God's love, and God's ideal. This is the hope of youth.

Therefore, youth looks for and craves the ideal. Does it want the lower ideal or the higher ideal? Higher. How far up? To penetrate through God. We must love God, and go hl(,her, to the extent that we can go over anything that is valuable to us at this moment. Therefore, man has had a craving for high ideals ever since his realization of himself, and even now is trying desperately to reach them. And actually, you are caught in that net.

So the ideal must be high, so high that it will go through heaven. It must be the ideal that can liberate everything. It must be able to liberate not only mankind, but also God. If that is the ideal, isn't that high enough? If God cannot achieve this, if He does not see this achieved within mankind, He Himself cannot be liberated. This is why God is fettered now.

It is man's highest ideal. He is supposed to have that. He would like to live everything through the ideal, through life, and through love. This is what we are trying to achieve. If such an ideal exists, every body will head for it. Then does that way actually exist or not? It does. Once we become true men, all that becomes possible.

When we see somebody doing something wrong, against his conscience, then we go and demand of him, "Do you have a conscience?" At that moment he will realize that he is faced with the principle of eternal things, or something that has to do with God. Then can that be connected with God? In other words, can we become conscientious and stand in front of God? In this course right here one principle is necessary. So now we understand clearly that more than our flesh, our mind is closer to God.

Conscience itself is not the cause of mankind. Conscience has its own cause, and that cause is God. That entity must be the ideal entity of an eternal, limitless, and unchanging nature. Our conscience is heading for that very point.

When there is a perfect flower, then everybody wants to have the most perfect one and make it his. Every man has a sense of comparison. Then what would he like to compare himself to? Not to another man, because we don't want something that changes. We want something which is limitless, boundless, and eternal, something which never changes. The ideal is this high.

When a person stands at the highest point of the ideal I then when he calls for God, He will come right over. Just imagine, when our spirit is in that position, then our flesh is automatically controlled by it. When our conscience laughs, then our body also laughs with it. If our conscience can smile eternally, our body will smile eternally also. Have you ever met such a person.

So the Bible says, "God in me, and me in God." Jesus pointed out, "I am in the Father and the Father in me. (John 14: 10) When you think in terms of conscience, then every man in the world is equal. Can any hero in the world spring up and revolutionize this conscience? Your conscience has an ability to discern, to distinguish something which is more delicate than the written law. By nature we have every element that can be connected with God. Then if there is a way for that kind of body to live and a way for that kind of spirit to live, which one would you choose? Only by religion could you deny your body and go very confidently where your spirit commands you. The one who has not yet come near religion will never understand this.

We have witnessed in a 400 year period, people who became the prey of lions, and who have been crucified, and who have ,one through tortures, but were still happily holding this one ideal. They were more confident and happier than ever when they went through this path in Rome. That is possible. Once you have experienced this perpetually, then you will want nothing but this to take you strait to your objective In this position alone, man has limitless value. Like Confucius himself said when he had experienced this realm, we can say, "In heaven and on earth, I am the sole entity." That's what he said; that's what he felt.

Youth has the highest ideal and ambition. Many, many people act for their individual happiness. But imagine, no matter how hard you try, can you liberate yourself? No. That is a very miserable situation.

Some people live for the sake of their family. We might say, "That's slightly better than if he lives for himself." And some people will even live a little higher than that in order to liberate their own clan. Some people dedicate their lives for the sake of their country. The average youth can go as high up as to sacrifice for the sake of his country. If one has stepped beyond this, living for the sake of the liberation of the world,

then such a person has been called a sage and saint. So with that guideline, mankind has been following religion on. But, imagine, even after that, if the world is liberated but God is not liberated, then we cannot call such a world the ideal. When we think and feel in these terms, then we are really truthfully now at the end of the world. When a man plants something, he harvests what he planted.

There are two types of men. The man who feels the flesh, and the man who feels and lives according to the conscience. Some men live materially, and some men live according to their conscience. And we are now at sort of a balancing point. We can see clearly these two differing ideals, one materialism, and the other spiritualism. It is sad that in the democratic world, which is supposed to be a good world, we don't know what constitutes the conscience, or where it is heading. On the other hand, we can try to think of the way materialism or Communism will go. But since it is the material, and material will never liberate the spirit, no matter how far it goes, it will not go beyond the point of being material. Communism, once it flourished to a certain degree, will now never be able to go beyond that. That's where everything is held back, and why the world is now more or less in chaos.

Then in this viewpoint, what is more valuable, Communism or a God-centered theory? Conscience must have existed, before material did. So we come to the rational conclusion that even the Communists one day must recognize God. Otherwise, they will never be able to pursue the higher and the farther thing.

Even though we have this mind, and now we have a body, the body is stronger than the mind most of the time. But we can never deny the presence and strength of the mind. In your very presence here, your mind commanded your body to come; your conscience said, "Reverend Moon is here; we are going to go and listen to him." Your flesh never said, "Conscience, let's attend the lecture." Oneness must come somewhere; where can we find this unity?

Communism, and the free world will absolutely never become one as they are, because they are in the world of result. This result can never have come about without a certain cause. That cause is fallen man.

Just as our conscience is perpetually fighting against our body, so also will the Communists and free world struggle until the end. As Ion,, as they keep on fighting, there is no ideal. Even though man tries to find some solution within the world, he is not going to find it; but there is a more basic reason. Man is sick. When you heal that sick man, the cure will not be a permanent one, unless you locate the cause of the ailment; then you can eliminate the pain.

The solution to the world problem is an individual solution. When an individual himself finds what made him wrong, and what can repair him, then he can repair the world. We must emphasize this point, it is not the world that we are concerned with; we must be concerned first with ours selves -- that's the beginning of the entire thing. No matter how peaceful and happy the world may become in the future, unless man can become happy, that world has nothing to do with him. It is not a feasible idea that an imperfect man can make something perfect. It's never possible; you might as well not try it.

First, we must become ideal men before we can hope that somebody else becomes ideal. An ideal man should speak on behalf of the past and the present; the same person will have achieved something for the future. If there is some man who is able to do all this, he can first be called an ideal man. Unless this one man approves something, there is no such thing as the ideal. There is simply no such thing. We Must have some movement, some current culture which will look very seriously for this direction.

No matter how dear and precious and valuable past human culture may have been, it cannot be compared with what is to come. Throw it away, discard it, and you will find new things; at this point we will be on the eternal course God set for us. If any youth desire that, God will immediately know; He will guide them on the path by which they may attain the goal. That is the first ideal; that's the highest ideal youth can have.

The highest ideal is beginning to be achieved when a youth tries to and gradually begins to find the higher self within himself. And this is none other than the path of the Unification Church. So among the Unification Church, there is no one who can deny or not understand that God exists. Almost everyone will have or has had a direct experience with God. They are becoming completely new persons, centered around God. This world is coveting such youth as its only hope, and God is also hoping for such youth.

So far, no one in history has had a more complete thought than the Unification Thought. Let me ask you if you have confidence to win over democracy. (Yes.) You can say that only because you have escaped out of the world of democracy. Then can we make the Communist members our own members? We can fortify Communism and make it stronger, but we will never bring Communism to unify the world. If someone has such an idea and has confidence, then he will be the one who has gone over and beyond the world of democracy and also the world of Communism.

In the future, when we bring from one world to the other, from the present world to the God-centered world, the start of mass ideals will begin. And we know that we are closer to this than any other religion that has existed on earth. Imagine, once one studies in the Unification Church, can any strong religion influence him? No religion, no matter how strong, will be able to take any of the weakest of the Unification Church members and convert him.

On the other hand, the Unification Church can embrace all religions and bring them up to a little higher standard. We can do that. Is it true? (Yes.) The "Yes" was said by you; Reverend Moon didn't say Yes. "

That's another way of telling you, "You have said the right answer." He is going to give credit to you. So there is no other religion or thought that out grows or out reaches the Unification Church. When we see from this viewpoint, the Unification Church is something really magnificent. That being not only talk, but fact, we are able to do something that no man of politics has been able to achieve; we are able to achieve something that no other religion has even dared to do. We and only we can do this great task. Therefore, we have raised our flag high up in the air, the Unification Church.

I have already previously mentioned that youth have a high ideal, or must establish some high ideal. The high ideal must be very high, and the reality must be very prevalent; it must occupy every corner of the world. Youth want the highest ideal with the widest reality. Is it true" This is the spirit of youth. Not only is the ideal high and the reality wide, but each person must have his own individuality. What is subjectivity? It is when he will be able to become the real center of the world; through him the world can be influenced; and through him the world can survive and learn. Wouldn't you like to become that kind of youth? The biggest ambition, again. is such a person who has his own sense of ideal and subjectivity. and on his own volition and initiative can initiate this movement himself. Do you understand?

This is the one group where we even sacrifice our individual selves, because we would like to work for the family. We even sacrifice our own family, because we would like to work for the clan. We even sacrifice our country so we can work at the higher level, which is the world, and even liberate God. This is what we are after.

If there is a youth of this nature and determination, who lives for that kind of life, then he will be the treasure of the past history, and he will be the treasure of the present time, and he shall be the treasure of the eternity to come. We are seeking such a person, and are trying to make ourselves that way.

What answer would you give when you are asked if you like old men, young people, or children? The answer has got to be youth. The people who are assembled here are almost all youth. They have all different colors of hair, and all different colors of eyes, but almost always they are youth. There is no question about that. We shall become such splendid, magnificent youth, male and female. So you have been trying to become something better than yourself all the time.

What would be the second wish or desire of youth? Once you have become an ideal self, then what would be your second desire or ambition? Of course, our second desire or ambition would be to find a good mate. Mankind is man and woman, together we call them mankind. We don't call all men nor all women "womankind". These two, we call mankind. The second desire or ambition of ours, as true men and women, will to become one. If in listening to this, someone says, "No, I am the exception. I don't like men," or if a man says, "No, I don't like girls," then such a person would stop right there. He would never become a historic man or woman, because he would never be able to represent the entirety. Therefore, it is not ideal. No matter how many diplomas he has or how much success he has in university life, a man who doesn't like girls must be changed. More precious than yourself is someone who can be your mate, your better half. No matter how perfect one man, be himself, he can't be perfect alone, only when he finds his opposite, someone with whom he can find his perfection, will he become perfect.

No matter how shabby a girl may be, there is no girl who will not want her better half to be someone far better than herself. The same thing can be said of the man. He wants to become perfect, but he would like his spouse to be a little more perfect; then he would like to be happy and feel happiness with her.

Once such a marriage is consummated, then will he be content within the boundary of his family, within his own backyard, or will he go out to the world and try to show it to the world! So the ideal is to live in love, be intoxicated with love, and go around with all our higher ideals. You are rejoicing so much only at the talk. When you really feel this, you can imagine what it will be like.

Then the question arises, "Is there such a man and woman?" (Yes.) Where? (Here!) When we look all over the world and cannot find such people even sporadically, then how will we feel? So God also will be immensely sad, and so will all mankind -- past and future. Therefore, God has prepared a group of people whom He can train to be candidates; we, the Unification Church, are they. Some people may say, "Reverend Moon brags about himself." But he is devoted, and he has bet his life, and he has worked ten times better than anybody else in the world, and he has achieved it. So far, he has gone through nameless persecutions about his course. One individual opposed him so fiercely that no one in history will match his record. His family went against him so badly that no other family could compare. His own clan and family persecuted him greatly, and some religious groups have persecuted him and gone against him. A nation went against him really harshly. And it remains, he says, for the world to go against him. But for the record I fought and achieved, going all through this persecution and survived; and I intend to win victory.

I have attained success in this respect, and I am happy for it. When you have won the victory would you prefer to be silent or show it all around? When he shows his enthusiasm in all his body, that's good. Even America one time went against Reverend Moon. America actually prevented Master from coming to this country in the beginning. No matter how big America may be, it is smaller than the net of Reverend Moon. So no one, even the Koreans, will ever understand why the people of the world so enthusiastically follow Master Moon here. They will never know. But you know. How well do you know? You know better than all America combined together.

No matter what perfection he may achieve as an individual, this is not the end of the ideal; rather, it is the beginning of the ideal where he and his spouse will become one; then the ideal will begin. We can never deny that this is the desire of all mankind, and this is the desire of everyone. Do you think so? You answered me, "Yes."

This is a proclamation that we have made upon heaven and earth. We proclaimed this representing, all history. This proclamation has been made to prepare the tradition for the future. We must ever enhance our confidence; no matter how high a wave may come in the future, we must be able to go through and over it. This is what all mankind wants, and this is even what God wants of us.

So far, God has had one objective, which is to make one perfect man and one perfect woman and one perfect youth. Since this cannot be achieved among fallen man, some man must be sent directly from God; this is the concept of the Messiah in all religions. That Messiah is one youth.

In Revelation, at the end of the Bible, it shows us clearly that the end of God's ideal is this perfect man and perfect woman; when they rejoice, embracing, in holy matrimony, this is inexchangeable for the entire universe. Once God has achieved this high ideal as a standard, then there will be more such individuals and families coming into existence; this is what God has been working for. So this is the highest ideal of God and the highest ideal of mankind. This is the deepest desire of God and also the deepest desire of mankind. Only around this one center can mankind and God eternally be happy and one.

Do we want anyone who is inferior to ourselves? We want someone opposite to us to be worthy of our eternal and unchanging love. Why? Because true love is of an eternal nature. I presume that you want only one perfect spouse, because such love will be absolute, and there will be only one. And then he or she will want his or her spouse to have absolute authority, because love is almighty. So therefore, since this is God, and we are born from God, we have come to have this very high ideal resembling God.

So what would you like to be" Would you like to be a child that is loved by God? And beyond that, would we like to mature ourselves so we can make God happy in turn? This should be not only Our desire and ambition, but this must be God's desire.

The perfect family can only exist centered around perfect individuals. Then immediately you may think that if the most beautiful girl in the world can be your spouse, then you can be happy. But here it is different. This is the way all mankind has been thinking Then who is the most beautiful man or the most beautiful woman in the world? The most beautiful man or the most beautiful woman in the world is the one who would like, with his good eyes, to see the good world. The most beautiful man or woman will be the one who wants more than anything else by far to hear with his ears something good, and nothing but good. And the most beautiful man or woman will be the one who with his nose not only smells cosmetics or other things, but who would also like to smell the goodness of the world. Who is the man who has the most beautiful mouth? It will be such a man who will not speak with his mouth about himself, but about the world. The man that is willing and ready to stand against the world and speak on behalf of God for the entire human history and mankind, such is the man who has the most beautiful mouth, therefore he is the most beautiful man.

No matter how well proportioned one may be, still if he is disliked by, many, he will not be a good man. Everyone will like him or like her because of his character or her character, he will be a good man, or she will be a beautiful woman. Do you understand that" He can be of small stature. Don't you think Master is handsome.' If Master was single yet, then every girl in the world would fight her way to marry him. Is it true? "Why" He is not tall, and he is not Caucasian. Sometimes he scares you, or scares the spirit out of you. Then what enchants you. The way he feels, smells, hears, listens, and sees, everything is different. Therefore, you like him. Actually even more I is a man who is one hundred years old and about to go to spirit world with a very little baby, when they become happy and play, then such a world ",,III be the Ideal world. We can for the first time use the word "ideal."

That leads us to say, that when the most beautiful man or woman and the most ugly man or woman become one, and when they will never for anything in the world leave each other, then that will be the most ideal combination. And such people arc the most ideal people.

If a beautiful girl, who is elected as Miss Universe, will marry happily with some ugly man, and become even happier, then God will have all kinds of blessing to that couple. I will do that in the future, you know. I've been going to the Atlantic Ocean for some fishing. About a week ago there was a storm, but I ventured into it. The waves were to sing very high, and then I thought, the wind blows from one direction, but why doesn't it make one great wave? Because it obeys the principle of the universe, every thing is in contrast: high and low, high and low, fast and slow .... From all these variations comes the ideal.

For a high mountain there should be a deep abyss. And in the deepest valley is stored everything that comes from high above. In the highest place there is nothing beyond, but there one can look down on the lower place, and make something, of it. That's the ideal. Therefore, the action of give and take is in the whole universe. The highest will balance with the lowest, and that's the way the symmetry is. When this is all achieved without consciousness, when everything is achieved automatically, there is automatically the ideal.

If someone has much money and someone else doesn't have much money, and if the one who has a lot of money keeps it all to himself, he will be unhappy, himself as well as others. When he learns to give this all to the ones who don't have much, then he will be worthy of being the center of that money.

If you go deeper and deeper into the earth, it becomes warmer and warmer. Then appears the phenomenon of deterioration or corrosion. Because things become too hot, they evaporate. So here, the high will reward the low. As we all know, water flows to the lowest point from above. But it again goes in the air as vapor. So we easily find out that the lowest thing has some means of dominating the highest, for instance, becoming a cloud and dominating the high mountain.

In this world, if here is an advanced country, there is a backward country. If there is a rich country, there is a country which is not so rich. Where there is the Occident, there is the Orient. And when these establish a perfect harmony, as opposites or a pair, then the ideal will exist. And the Unification Church is responsible for teaching this to the entire world.

Rhythm comprises music, and that's also the way the wind blows. The wind doesn't blow in just one gust. So when the wind is analyzed in this way, we discover a wave. When the wind blows steadily from one direction still the branches of a tree toss their heads to and fro. So also when we breathe we inhale and we exhale. Sometimes we bat our eyelashes, and that's variety. Where is harmonious variety". That is the problem.

There is no man who can claim, "Since I have a mathematical nature, I don't approve of that." No matter how philosophical or mathematical he may be, everything goes by this rhythm; he can't deny that. The American people, Western people sleep with their stomachs down. Many people sleep in this way. They symbolize, without knowing it, looking down at the earth. Almost all Orientals sleep with their backs down. That means looking up to heaven, and it symbolizes the spiritual civilization. Especially at the termination of the day, people act with symbolic meanings. At this moment, Western people may feel diminished a little bit, but I can't help it, that's a fact. How can you alter the fact? Western civilization will serve the world by material things. But that's not all.

The Orient will be in the leading position of the world with its spiritual nature. God has one highest ideal. Since two elements form happiness, He has provided man with a spiritual nature and a material nature. By harmoniously balancing these, He expected happiness. It's very interesting that when an American summons people, he motions with his palm up. Actually, he is symbolizing, ",Heaven, come this way, come my way. And then Oriental people summon people, they motion with their palms down. That means they, being in heaven's position, call "Earth, come." That is very symbolic.

In the West, the flute, for instance, is played to the left. In the East it is played to the right. It symbolizes the external or horizontal development. Material profit is made by Western enterprising nature. Western civilization analyzes everything to its least part. But the Oriental way of thinking aims at the crux of heart of the problem, to grasp it as a whole.

When Western people are happy, they express it all throughout their members. They show it completely, they have nothing to hide. But there is such a thing as Oriental ambiguity. When an Oriental is happy, sometimes he looks happy and sometimes unhappy. He rarely shows the root and the top.

All throughout history, it has been an Oriental virtue to discard everything material, so that men become whole in a spiritual manner.

Orientals are poor. They are not poor because they are bad, but because they are destined to be poor by God. That is well admitted by God all throughout the teachings of religions. But God has prepared the Western civilization reciprocally for the Oriental civilization. We must be very sure of one thing that at the end of a merely material civilization, nothing but misery will remain. Whereas at the end of a spiritual civilization, hope pops up. Hope is what we get after being poor all this time.

When we ask, "Where are you going Westerners," Westerners must answer, "We are heading to the East to learn," which is as it is supposed to be. And when Orientals are asked, "Where would you like to go?" they would like to come to the West, where they may experience some of the things that they had never experienced until now.

We can safely predict, and everybody can easily understand, that we are just about at the brink, at the end, of material civilization. From here we can expect something very drastic.

The only way for the survival of the Western people is to try to find some path through which they can learn to value the Oriental way of thinking. Some advanced Americans see very clearly the need for Oriental thought, and are dedicated to It. In other words, we must subjugate ourselves to Oriental thought and go into it and learn from it, because one learns only after lie humbles himself.

You may say, "But look at Japan, for instance. Japan is not such a religious country. That is a country where religions of miscellaneous gods flourish. Here the Japanese members may protest, "So far, you have been raising Japan up high, but now you are sort of dropping it off." But again, it can't be helped, because that is a fact. Japan cherishes, respects, and believes in some eight gods. And we must believe in one God. There is but one God. Japan is capable of moving into another country very easily, so it is the country that it takes after everything and copies it. It is not a country of a masculine nature. It is a country of a feminine nature. The island always looks ardently toward the continent, so they are female.

Now some Western people think that there may be something spiritual in Japan. But God would like to prevent this, because Japan doesn't have it. So now. as you know, everybody is beginning to under stand that it is not in Japan that we find something spiritual. Then where? Maybe India then. Now India is becoming one with the Soviets. It is a communistic country now. They aren't ready for spiritual independence when they work closely with materialism.

If there is one country that is worth while, then both Satan and God, or we might say two gods, may fight for it. So under this classification, Vietnam and Korea become good candidates. There is a historical indemnity in the spiritual sense, that the two divided countries must go through for a certain period. Then under this category, which country counts. Korea is the only country.

Its historical background even outdates mainland China's history. It has 5,000 years of history. That small country, for so many years, has been able to remain. This is not an act of chance.

Geographically, if one country can occupy Korea, then it can easily occupy, another area. This peninsula is where the islands and the sea and the continents connect. Whoever occupies Korea determines who occupies the world. Like the Russo-Chinese War and the Russo-Japanese War, and also the Second World War, Korea was the main cause. Because of one small country, large countries with large populations have fought each other. Korea is the only example. If America forsakes Korea, it would mean discarding all the Orient. They cannot discard it or forsake it no matter what the price, they cannot throw it away.

The Russians and the Chinese especially are fighting and working against us with doctrine against God. China is trying to absorb Japan and Korea. So Master has been working seriously and trying hard to find how to unite the three Oriental countries -- Japan, Korea, and Formosa -- to tackle this Communist country. And he has been successful in uniting these three countries, that has never before been accomplished.

Master warned against Formosa, or Nationalist China being kicked out of the UN, so three times he sent his special emissary to Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek and told him, "You must act this way in order to prevent this from happening in the United Nations." Generalissimo Chiang didn't listen to these humble words of Master Moon. Now with the chance passed, no one is going to sympathize with him.

Unless Japan, Korea, and Formosa become one there is no future for Asia. Asia will never be saved. So since he knew this, he spoke of this about fifteen years ago and sent someone in a smuggling boat to witness to Japan. As Koreans Japan is certainly our enemy. Master himself was tortured by Japanese organizations during the war, but he couldn't treat Japan as an enemy because of the future of our country, the future of the Orient and our entire world. He had to love Japan and send his emissary there. Even after that, Japan has still regarded us as an enemy. They used different tactics and ideas to deter our movement there.

The Japanese believe in a female god, Amatera. Suohmikami, and that's some proof that Japan has a feminine nature. In order for us to be able to connect Japan which is an island, to the continent China, we can use Korea. Japan was the first in the Orient to absorb the present Western civilization. Japan received the benefits of many civilizations world wide. but they shouldn't have centered it all on themselves. During World War II Japan tried to unite all Asia centered on itself, proclaiming, "The greater unity of the greater Asia." They had to perish in the Second World War because they were responsible. In representing the Oriental civilization, they had received all of Western civilization, but they never achieved a harmonious oneness; so they had to perish.

But God didn't want Japan to be completely wiped away, because He still had a mission to give to her. Therefore, since Master Moon knew, this, he had to send a man to Japan twice before she perished. So far, he has been trying very hard to unite internally these three countries -- Korea, Nationalist China, and Japan, so that they will eventually save the Orient.

The highest civilization in the Orient will, of course, be centered on Unification Thought. In other words, Unification Thought is the one thought which can embrace every part of the religion of the Orient, as well as all the thought -- deep or superficial, old or new of the Western world.

It is really a puzzling matter. Everybody thinks the United States is founded on the Christian spirit, and yet it is very individualistic. According to the spirit of Christianity and all that the Bible teaches, this simply should not happen. So we can say that America is now on a route that God doesn't want. We can of course salvage this ideal, and since this is an individualistic country, we as the Unification Church, can do the work freely.

When he went to Japan, he made some political impact. He actually exerted an influence over the top political field in Japan. There will be no Japanese youth that can be really proud to be from Japan. Japan would never survive and never find a way to survive on its own. The reason that Japan has prospered materially in the last twenty years after World War II is that since this is a female country, it must get married to some man, therefore it had to get ready economically. So I n the very beginning, Japan and the United States were very close, but now they are drifting far apart. Japan is not strong enough to go beyond the waves of international turbulence, but she is going to get married to some country. So it has a choice now, either they get married to Russia, or they welcome the United States as a husband, or maybe even get married to Nationalist China. Or better yet, she may look forward to getting married to Master Moon in Korea. Whichever it chooses will largely determine Japanese history and destiny in the future.

God is trying to connect the Western and Eastern civilizations; Japan is to act an efficient medium between the two. God actually approves of this and has actually nurtured this and prepared for it. Japan is becoming very close to the materialistic country, the United States; yet on that basis, it is equally capable of absorbing all the spiritual essence from the East. So, once Japan acts according to the will of God, it can be the strongest country in the world. There is no question about that.

We must emphasize that the destiny of Japan, when it is dragged along by Communists, is just nil. So Master Moon has been teaching all the Japanese members of the Unification Church, "Don't ever let go of the United States." He has been working on this, and the Japanese members have been acting on this for many, many years. We have to get rid of the Communists as soon as possible. The Koreans who are puppets of Kim Il-Sung are working in Japan, so there is much turmoil.

Any country which occupies Japan will also occupy the entire Orient. Therefore, China has tried to occupy Japan, and now even the Unification Thought is aiming at Japan. When Japan, having no ideology as other countries do, adopts the Unification Thought and implants it within its own country, its future will be very promising. Even the liberal Democratic party, which is supposed to be the strongest party in Japan, really has nothing with which to fight Communism. But Master has Unification Thought and the Unification Church, and because of this, and the theory of Victory over Communism, the Communists in Japan are bound to retreat.

Now in Japan, Unification Thought has been recognized to such a degree that with this strong weapon the enemy can be fought. Every intelligent soul in Japan now realizes that Unification Thought is the only weapon that can cope with Communism. If Japan is incapable of digesting this heavenly doctrine, then its future may be dark. On the contrary, if it accepts and digests this and stands strong against the aggressive countries, then its future will be bright.

Actually, the connection between Western civilization and Japan at the turn of the century wasn't made through the United States. It was done through England. Why? England is an island country. So it is a natural, historical trend, once we know deeply about the Principle, that from the island of the West, civilization must flow into the island of the East. On he other hand, the country which imports civilization directly from America is Korea. And America was born from England. It was imperative in God's dispensation that Japan exercise its influence over Korea for forty years.

Korea has been under the influence of the Japanese civilization. So you might say that it was by going through this feminine civilization to the masculine type of civilization, that the closeness between the United States and Korea after the Second World War was achieved.

The worst Communism that you can ever imagine on the earth is that of the Communists in North Korea, Kim Il-Sung's Communists. Do you know they call Kim Il-Sung their father? No other historical thought has ever started calling, a leader "Father" besides Kim Il-Sung's. When a Communist country or satanic country starts in the North, then according to God's dispensation, there must be an equal opponent on the God's side. That is South Korea.

In South Korea, the corresponding opponent was Dr. Syng-man Rhee. You might say that Syng-man Rhee's government was a male government, whereas the next government to take over Syng-man Rhee was a woman, which was represented by Mrs. Pak, Sun-chon. Now President Park is in the symbolic position of archangel. So these three governments have come in and exchanged their patterns. Now what is to come next?

Through the principle, we know that everything must go through the course of indemnity in the reverse way as the failure. So without this set course God's dispensation is not going to be achieved. According to God's plan, if the Christian Church in Korea had accepted Unification Thought in the very beginning then Korea would be the Adam country and England the Eve country, and America the archangel country. The archangel country is higher, because since the fall, the restoration process is in the reverse order. This relationship has been manifested in recent history. These three countries were all that were needed to restore the entire world. Then there wouldn't have been any Communists a long, time ago. No one even dreamed that the Unification Church In Korea had this Unification Thought which overrules every principle and phenomenon of history. The Unification Church and the established Christian Church could have become one. Every condition was set up. And who is the object in the relationship? The Subject, of course, is the Unification Church, and the established Church, Christian Church, is in the reciprocal position.

The Unification Church is the subject because of its main trend of thought. Especially right after World War II, Korea was for a brief time under the American military government. The U.S. is a Christian country and has a Christian army. Then at that time, if the churches had listened to Master, they would have become one, and there was a very good chance that Western civilization would have been absorbed by Christians on the foundation of Unification Thought. If they had become one, then the dispensation would have been very simple.

It became just like in Jesus' time, when if the Romans had accepted Jesus, this would have been the world-wide foundation. But this didn't happen, so they lost the world-wide foundation. This is the exact replica.

From this point of rejection, Western civilization has been on the verge of its decline. That started in 1960. In fourteen years could you have ever imagined that the United States would change in this drastic a manner? Then why has the world situation become turbulent and complicated like this? It became complicated because of the Unification Church.

Since this providence did not materialize, Western civilization has had to come down. But God had to find some way. Master Moon had to find some substitute countries to play these various roles required by the principle. Therefore, God has chosen, for the second time, Japan to replace England as an Eve country, and Nationalist China to replace the United States as an archangel country. In order for God to be accepted in the context of Unification Thought, He has to establish some other country whose people can accept it.

Even now, in Korea, when they think of Reverend Moon, they are afraid. When Master Moon organizes a political party, no one will ever match it, or be able to compete with it. As for religion, the strongest and only workable religion in the world is the Unification Church. They know it. No other religion will ever match it in its quality and in its power. They know it. The only organization with the ability and all the high ideals, as well as practicability, is the Unification Church, and it extends not only beyond national boundaries, but also beyond the world level, and they realize this.

In Korea, this entire foundation has already been established. In Japan it is almost accomplished now. And as for Nationalist China, they will follow. So when these three countries are replaced and established anew, then the United States of America will contribute the benefits of its civilization to Korea. This is to be done during the period between 1972 and 1974. Furthermore, this American civilization must go through Japan and Korea even to Mainland China. Unless China is secured in this way, Asia will be a constant menace because of Communism.

So far, Master has never done this so outwardly or substantially as last year when he brought every brilliant student from Japanese universities here and educated them, placing Unification Thought at their disposal. Then they could study it, and when they digested it, upon the foundation of the American civilization they have observed, they could act on it. People may ask, "What's wrong with Korean students? Why can't Korean students come and study here?" He had a reason for his.

It is the dispensation for the civilization of America, which is an archangel country, to flow into the Eve country, which is prepared to receive and accept this civilization upon its own foundation. From there it can flow into the rest of the Orient. There is no record in history of so many hundreds of Japanese coming to America to do so much work for this country. The Japanese students attending here might as well realize at this moment that all that the Japanese Unification Church family has been doing in America has been to establish a tradition. Then all the other nations of that part of the world will follow the pattern, and Japan will be the intermediate avenue for the flow of civilization between East and West.

Master has been using the Japanese girls to work in New York and also with congressmen in Washington. What he had in mind was to establish this pattern or tradition so that the other countries and people in the archangel position can go to their original position only through Eve. So Eve has been working really hard in places like this, and in the future everybody will follow this pattern.

So upon this foundation it has been feasible to invite male Japanese students over here to conduct training. The Japanese who came here did not want to learn to be like Western people. In other words, they didn't take after what Western people are becoming. Japanese students coming to the United States did not expect to see something higher than them spiritually. But they certainly have here, because although this is the U.S., our philosophy originated Master's own country. Also, there are some Koreans attending this seminar as well as students from various countries in Europe. He was hoping that these three different civilizations would not come and make some sort of trouble. Now he is happy to see all kinds of signs that they can peacefully coexist.

Seventy-four Koreans have attended. Where else would he be able to conduct such a training where Japanese and Korean students could get together? In Korea, it is not possible. Then the first step is for the Japanese living in Japan and Koreans living in Japan to become closer for the first time. What is the purpose of becoming close? It is solely to save Asia and mankind. Then how is this going to be possible? It is going to be possible by deterring Communists from our area. It's Master's idea that when the Japanese cannot handle the Communists, then the Koreans in Japan should handle Communists. Japan in itself has no power. It knows it must get help from Master Moon. Master knows that the only way for this to become feasible is to unite the intelligent people, the students of Japan, and start from there.

It happens that when the 74 Korean students make up their minds to follow and even initiate by their own volition such a strong movement, they have to be prepared to face some fierce opposition in the future. Those 74 Korean students from Japan are historically responsible, because they are the first group. This is where they have to fight against Communism for the first time.

Master has just completed organizing a "Save the country of Japan" group in Japan, mobilizing all the important personnel in all fields in that country. And Japan, now recognizes the existence of the Unification Church. Those who oppose us, do so because they don't know. Give them five years, or maybe ten years to see for themselves.

Those honored ones here who have the first privilege will be miserable in the future if they do not fit God's expectations. But those who fit God's description will be the happiest. Master Moon didn't call Japanese students because he needed their help.

They must never forget that he invited them because they represent Japan, and Japan must be represented. God knows well that the Japanese can act as cement between two solid things, and they can become very tightly knit. This is not my idea; this is God's idea. If this falls, then God will again mobilize England. That was his reason last year for calling 120 students from the universities of Japan, as well as from Oxford and Cambridge in England. And then he compared them. Heaven has felt for this purpose Japan was much closer to God than England. So it almost appears this year as though England was left out. On the other hand, all the European members got together.

Now everybody knows that we are witnessing a world emergency. Nixon, because of the impeachment proceedings, is now the central problem. No one openly speaks up for Nixon. If Nixon is removed from office, then trouble is really brewing. There are all kinds of manipulations by the Communists that are directly tied to it. Master knows this very, very clearly and confidently: it is not a question of Nixon as an individual, but it is as though the government is split into two and going different ways. Who is going to be the mediator between the White House and all the nation? This was a very difficult task, but the Watergate Declaration was the beginning.

So up until that time, Master has mobilized many youth in many countries, and has stirred up many issues and problems. Now he has had to come very close to a goal, so to wrap it up and make everything workable, he recently had 600 persons fasting and praying.

When all the people assembled here -- Americans, Koreans, Japanese, and all the various Europeans -- become a melting pot and one entity here, then there is hope for future unity. A path will be paved through here, and there will be an endless flow from East to West and West to East. We must never forget for a moment that this is why we are here and this is what we have to accomplish.

In the very near future there will be a monument erected in each of these countries as a symbol of gratitude and a symbol of hope that Master stepped in to save this world. I am not just saying this; it is going to be this way. If it doesn't become this way, he will make it so.

Everything he has done so far, and every foundation he has laid, he has done all by himself, and he will do it again and still more. Nothing is done by chance; everything has very complicated yet very solid reasoning behind it. Although you cannot see it, it is there. It is not only talk, but it is all reality, that he has achieved. If you happen to witness the work of some individual or group which excels this, then you can go ahead and oppose him; but not until. Can you understand?

Man must be honest; he must be able to discern the meaning of these events. We have concluded that what came first was more valuable. Someone who thought about this first, and worked on it, and achieved it before any other individual or organization, is Master Moon. We have to acknowledge this because it is a fact. The conscientious and intellectuals will perceive this.

For him, there is no teacher. God is the sole teacher. He doesn't consult about everything with other individuals. He doesn't consult with other men, because he is not working with mankind. He only consults with God directly. That's a fact. God is alive; God is there. You can talk to God, and get the solution. You can confer with Him, so do so; you don't have to consult with individuals.

I have given quite a lengthy talk. But the conclusion is rather simple. Some country has to act as a mediator between East and West, and it so happens that Japan is the one. Japan exists for this sole purpose, as far as God's dispensation is concerned. Now the Japanese are losing their pride and sort of getting shaky; this is what he is going to watch out for. Japan must stand fast against this. Master Moon is inviting the Japanese families and all the Japanese people here in order to open up the future of the world for them. When he goes to Korea, they say, "You mobilized Japanese in mass; you mobilized these other countries in mass; why haven't you brought the Koreans in quantity?" The explanation is rather simple; it is God's strategy to sacrifice the ones closest to Him and bring the farthest ones closer. Therefore the Japanese students here must be grateful for God's benevolence.

The Japanese members of the Unification Church already know this; so no matter how hard the work they go through and the hardships they experience, they never complain. There is not one single word of complaint. They obey. That's the only difference between the godly people and ungodly people.

When Korean students are invited here, they will get the least kind treatment. When they eat, they will have to eat less. When they sleep, they will have to sleep next to the bathroom. In every way they will complain; it will be made like that. And sure enough, when the 74 Korean students came, they had no place to sleep, so they had to look around for beds. He later got the report, that the Korean family couldn't find beds, and they were wondering why the European and Japanese students were getting all these good beds, and they didn't even have a mattress.

Father knows how it really is the misery of Korean residents living in Japan. And he has had a lot of communication from the Japanese. But we should never be the ones to act upon our own emotions and try to revenge such a small thing. The bad feeling is only temporary. We are tackling eternal things.

Those people who had a fierce hatred against the Japanese because what they did must now change their attitude and become loving. In history, they must act as a big brother. To serve as a mediator between Japan and the continent, is Korea's role alone; only Koreans can do this. And when those Koreans go back to Japan, what will they do? If you don't listen to me, I will make the one you hate most make you listen. If I fall with you, then I will start all over again through the Japanese. We should not diminish what we have established so far. We should increase it.

It is my fervent wish that you go back to your own country with a new ideal, a new hope, a new determination, and all new knowledge so you can open up the new world. When others don't keep up the standard, then you have to despise them.

I am Korean, as you know. I am here solely to convey to you what God has prepared for you, so that He may work through you. The Korean nation has had to go through thousands of years of suffering for this one moment. To make one day shine radiantly, God has persevered through all the sufferings of the past. I feel this must be a solemn moment, and we have to solemnly swear to God that we will do whatever He has prepared us to do. As an individual I have nothing to do with you. All the Korean race has gone against me, so I came, and am entrusting hope to the Korean residents in Japan. If the persons who have heard this do not comply with God's plan, the Korean nation will again become a very miserable nation.

My hope is that we can deter the invading Communists, so that we can preserve the country in unity. Master Moon has more experience and more knowledge, both spiritual and material. His are never empty words. He warned many years ago, "If you don't act now, then in the future you must come and beg me." This is what's happening now. They should have listened in the past. Now is the time, another good chance to listen. Now he needs a limb. And who is going to be the limb? It's nothing but youth.

He commanded Mr. Choi here, "For three years, don't consider your life as your life. Do this work, gambling your life." And he did all that Master commanded him t o do. He has worked for two years and it has born much fruit. It is only possible because heaven has been upon him, and he has much perseverance; he has worked solely for God's purpose. This is possible, and is now available to you.

Now all the advanced nations are here in one place. Seventy percent of our members here are college graduates. They excel in cultural backgrounds. They have grown up in good Christian families. Imagine, they just forgot everything; they just gave up everything and joined the Unification Church. Now we can conclude that there must be something stronger and more valuable and more precious in the Unification Church. Otherwise, they wouldn't have forsaken all and come here.

So the culture of the East and West must become one. Through whom? He is not saying, "Through me those two civilizations become one." Master Moon will go to the spiritual world earlier than the younger people. Then through whom? Through God. We must

never forget, behind all of these events there have been mass labors and sufferings. You must never forget that today the fruit of all the sacrifice -- significant and small -- in the history, is all combined. Those ones who do not recognize this immediately will be the ones who will deny every sacrifice and everything that was good in the past. For the purpose of goodness, we mobilize all of our conscience.

It is my fervent wish that you open wide your conscience and observe his heaven-given knowledge. I hope that when you depart from here, you can leave in tears, arm in arm, Eastern people and Western people together, and again make your determination for the work of the future. Let us construct the eternal world, where the world can be one, in the Unification circle.

Then what is the ideal of youth, after perfecting himself and after meeting the perfect mate" Such a man and wife and such a family will want to have everybody in the world as their friend. The world will be a happy multitude which will be happy just looking at all their brothers and sisters in the entire world. When they become friends, it will be such a beautiful sight. Those are the multitudes who will make their credo to love God more than their own nation. It will be those people who can love their God-centered brothers and sisters more than anything else they have in the world. Wouldn't that be the highest ideal for which youth can aim".

The person who extends his love through and beyond his own mate, to the brothers and sisters of the entire world, will be the successful person, the only successful person. He must be centered around God, because without God we don't exist.

If you concentrate man to a seed, what is the seed? Before the child were the parents, so the parents are your origin or seed, you might say. So let us say it is origin, because the seed is an origin, and from the origin you are born. Then what is the origin of your own parent? Parent, parent, parent, parent, parent ... Then it goes back to the ultimate cause, and that is God.

The only hope and purpose of every living being's life is to resemble its own source. Let us examine a seed. A seed is always split into two and is surrounded by one pouch. And if you take a smaller portion, then it is in a different sac, but it is still divided into two. No matter how small a seed you may take as an example, everything is split in that way. It resembles the ultimate cause. What is the ultimate cause? God. So God has a dual capacity, or dual essentiality as one necessary character. Everything else does also, because it takes after the principle.

To take another example, even an individual has two elements: the body or flesh and the conscience. That's the plus entity and minus entity. When they go against each other they perish. When you take the example of the seed, do the two elements within the seed fight each other? They never fight. If they did there would be no plant. What about the king of all the animals, mankind? As an individual, are you one? Are you perfected? If not, you have no life. In other words, you haven't become a seed yet. A perfected man or woman must become one. When man and woman become one, then they are happy. Why are a man and woman happy together.) Because in that way, they resemble, and come closer to God; that's why they are happy.

Each individual has to have a root, and he has to have a trunk, and then he must have leaves. So the three will comprise a tree. Who is your root? Your parents. You have to make a perfect trunk out of yourself. Are you a perfect trunk" That's your problem.

All seeds contain all the elements of a plant. So when you plant a seed, a root comes. It comes from something, because there is something in it. The trunk comes because a trunk was already there, and it has leaves. The leaves come because there already have been leaves.

When you look at a tree, it resembles a closed circle. Why? Because God is like that. God is round, so it becomes round. The base is round, the trunk is round, the branches are round. Round things rotate. They run easier anywhere. It is like a ball, which, if ,you kick it, will go very easily everywhere. So that's why you need something round and complete in your character. That's why everybody resembles this round shape. The one who is very athletically inclined can make himself very round. Everybody is working and living these patterns.

Everything is in three steps. Even the finger has three steps or joints. And the arm has a hand and upper and lower arms, all three. Also the head and body and trunk ... because that's the principle of God. So we see these three steps: root, trunk, and leaves. When you live in conformity with these three elements, the world can be yours, and God will not protest.

Then let us ask these American people, "Are you precious individually or in a collective sense? Collective. Is your value temporary or eternal? Eternal. Is it absolute value or something that can be diminished? Absolute. Everybody is very ambitious, as if he was a thief trying to rob everything from God. But God doesn't mind. As long as you are living within principle, He doesn't mind.

"What is that principle?" you might ask. "What makes it workable?" Those three things there are the principle: seeds, root, trunk, leaves. When you are in conformity with these three elements, then the world can be yours, and God does not protest.

One of the extreme forms of individuality in which we live now is, "I don't need anybody. I am self-sufficient. I don't need any parent." Shall we leave him alone". Individualism is wrong; it does not fit the principle of existence. In other words, it doesn't resemble the seed. So we must correct it. If we say the family is one unit, then the root of that family is the parents. Do you like parents? I do. Americans feel, "I don't need anybody. I need myself." Further, some people say, "I don't need a wife." Or if they need a wife, they can go anywhere and money will take care of it. Will that work for God or not? It cannot.

The trunk has two functions. One is to bring the water up, and the other to bring the water down. From the date of birth to the date of death, we have one trunk. That has duality, too. It is like man and wife. Would you like to become that trunk? Can you change a new trunk every day? You might as well go to spirit world or die early if you are going to be variable, changing every day. When the trunk is changing minute by minute or hour by hour, or day by day, how can branches and leaves come out from it? They will automatically die. We must bear historical fruit, the fruit which resembles the original entity.

Even the root is formed in a round shape. That's the period of youth. In that period youth prosper and grow. In order for a trunk to become a perfect trunk, it must have a perfect root, from which it must get nutrients. We must make sure that we exist now for the past, and that we shall exist for the future. And that's the sole purpose of our existing now. So the one who changes every so often and the one who disappoints others will never bear fruit.

The period of youth, of course, is the most brilliant period of man's life. He has the highest ambition, expects the best in the world, and then works hardest. When a perfect man and perfect woman become complete, then a flower will bloom one day. When there is a flower, there are all good scents and fragrances and honey. That's the beginning of love, and that's the period of youth.

When man and woman come together, they will have that fruit, and from that, something that resembles them will appear. That's what we call a child. These are the same three steps: parents, ourselves, and children. All throughout the world leaves and branches of one trunk will prosper. Then don't you need leaves? Doesn't a tree need leaves? Yes. So for you a child is an absolute necessity. You don't need your spouse? Well, you have to have a spouse, and you have to have children. Don't you need a root? Yes, you do need a root.

When you have all three elements with you, then you can say that you are a man. So any man must have these three. Some are selfish, keeping all of these for themselves. When you confess, "I am doing all of this to please my parents," then God will be happy and you will be happy, everybody will be happy to see such a one. Everybody will be grateful for him. No one will do anything for himself, but would rather do it for his spouse. Western or Eastern, black or white, yellow or black, everyone is saying in unison, "Yes."

When the parent does everything that he can and works so hard simply for the sake of his children, then everybody will look up to him and say, "Beautiful." We must remember that this is the path or procedure that we have to take in order for us to bear good fruit. The root exists for the trunk and for the leaves. The trunk exists for the root and the leaves. The leaves exist solely for the trunk and the roots. There the ideal exists. Have you ever done something very good for your own parents? Have you ever stopped to think that since your parents existed earlier than you did, that they are more precious than you? Which is earlier, the root or the trunk or the leaves? (Root.) Those people should be called good who value the roots more than themselves. We call such a man who loves his children more than himself a good man. We must realize that this is the long-existing and deepest principle of the truth of goodness.

Once you become the one complete self with all these, then would you like to become someone who changes easily, or who does not change eternally? Among these three, the root changes least. In other words, the leaves change more easily than the trunk and the trunk changes more easily than the root, but the root changes the least.

When you grow as a tree, would you like to grow straight up, or would you want to grow curved? (Straight.) Do you want to go high, or low? (High.) In other words, you are looking for the ideal, ambition and hope. Would you like to become large or small? (Large.) Would you like the reality to be an individual one, or a worldwide one? (Worldwide.) You are not different from any tree. A tree would be the same. These brilliant and full-grown trees will be the center of all plants and animals and creation. When the time comes, there is a fragrance and flowers and fruits come. The butterflies will make all this fruit possible. Wouldn't that be the sight you would like to see in yourself? Do you want it that way".

Do you get married because of your spouse's sake, or for your children's sake? (Children's.) But from now on, all the ideal of American marriage should be changed. Who do Americans get married for? For themselves; everybody gets married for himself or herself. That kind of family should perish. If they don't perish, God will make them perish. Now, that he suggested it, do you believe what he said is true, or what people have been thinking about themselves is true?

The only reason why you have to give everything to your child is so that he will be fruitful in that way. The reality of the ideal is accomplished when these joys become real and all these principles are in one accord.

So far we have not realized that the reason we are living is for the future, so that we will see a better future than our present life. Throughout history we have wanted to get married, but we didn't know why. We wanted to get married and have children, but we don't know why we wanted children. Now we know. It has always been because of God, in order to resemble God. He wishes to see the world a perfect world where mankind can live, as in our example of a tree. Man wants life exactly the same as in the tree. What flows all throughout the center is something very precious.

Have you ever heard that such an individual existed, or that such a family or nation existed? We are going to have it now. All the branches are from East, West, North, and South. The directions of civilization in the East and West are completely different. Although the directions are different, they are all absolutely necessary for the center. Even the very tip of the tree is in a way like a branch. It all depends on which angle you look at it, but it's the same thing. So everything, according to its angle, is different. Some grow in a horizontal way and some vertically; according to the angle a branch has, its value is different.

What is the most valuable thing? The most valuable thing, is the one that resembles its center. So this is why we wish to become similar to the center one. The branch that extends to the East and the branch that extends to the West have two different or opposing directions. But since there is one trunk and one center line, these are all harmonious, although their direction is different.

We have things of every direction and every shape, so what God now needs is one center, on which everything can direct its own way. God is working solely for this. Then God will have something to judge values by. He is going to make that criterion. In the family it is the same way, and in the larger group it is the same way God needs some criteria by which He can compare and judge the value of others.

The reason why He is urging you to become the most perfect individual in the world, the most perfect family and nation in the world, is so that you can serve as a trunk, as one center line. Once that value or criterion is established, then God can judge values in comparison to that. So with these we have come to have a new ideal for the family today. Then how far does the ideal of a family extend? To the world. We have to be the center of the nation which represents the world. Then centered around that, we have to establish a criterion by which different things can go in different directions. We should not forget that heaven is trying to nurture us to become a member of the country which is to serve this purpose. So such will be the ideal; things will start from the small and become ever higher and ever larger. Still, they resemble one principal entity.

Let us repeat our conclusion once more. We must achieve our perfection, which will be greater than any historical achievement. We will become the men and women who never appeared before in history. We shall bear and raise children which all the world and mankind would like to have. This is the purpose of creating and obtaining the ideal society and the ideal world under God.

God works twenty-four hours a day for the world, so we must resemble God. We must take after God and His effort. So we must think all the time, twenty-four hours a day, about the world. When we establish ourselves on this ideal of God, then it will be ours. And that's the most beautiful ideal that one youth can have.

Now we know that our path and purpose in life is to raise good children and resemble God, as has been explained, in three stages. We shall never err in our direction. We shall go unchanging towards this one direction. So our members love their brothers and sisters more than anything else, and they will love their parents better than anything else. Such will be our attitude. So we must live for others.

When you consider this, then you can see that the reason that you have come to love Master so much is because he has practiced these ideas. The Unification Church has worked for the world and will continue to work for the world. Therefore, it will flourish. So when we work in this way, all the world will take after our pattern. This is the one pattern that we must establish for our followers to copy. In return the world will be ours, and the world will love us. There are many, many seemingly big things, but nothing is bigger than this, believe me. This is most fundamental.

I hope that you resemble God, do everything for God, and understand God. Keep up with this three days fast's standard of love towards your own countrymen, and our own countrymen, and also all the followers to come. Now, enhance that; don't decrease it. I hope that in the following four days' training, you will strengthen yourselves and try to get everything you can get from here, because this is a precious opportunity. I wish you all happiness, and all security, and all closeness to God in the future.

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