The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

God Set the Pattern for the Universe

Sun Myung Moon
October 20, 1973
God's Will and the World
God's Hope for Man

The Bible in the book of Genesis makes creation sound simple and easy. Genesis gives us the impression that God's creation is accomplished through the magic of His words. God simply says, "Let there be a world" and presto! -- the world comes into being. Then He says, "Let there be man" and poof! -- Adam and Eve come into being.

But now it has been revealed that it was not this easy at all. God invested all of Himself in His creation. He did not reserve even one ounce of energy. Creation was His total labor, His total effort of giving all of Himself. When God put His entire heart and soul into the creation of His object, He was investing 100 percent of Himself. Only in this way could He create His second self, the visible God.

Therefore, after His creation, God was no longer existing just for Himself. God began existing for His son and daughter, Adam and Eve. He exists to love, He exists to give. God is the totally unselfish existence. God cannot exist alone. "Love" and "ideal" only take on meaning when partners are in complementary relationship. God initiated creation and made an investment He cannot lose. When God poured all of His love, life, and ideal into His second self, He had to, in a sense, realize a profit. God knew that when He invested all He had -- 100 percent -- His object would mature and return to Him many, many times over the fruits of love, life, and His ideal. His object, man, is everything to God. The life of the object attracts God. God wants to go and dwell with His object, man.

Let us look at an illustration. Suppose there is a great artist. If he works at random without feeling, he cannot create anything worthwhile. To create the masterpiece of his lifetime, the artist must put all of his heart and soul into his creation. That is the only way for him to come up with a great work of art. If an artist works in this way, his art becomes his life.

God is the greatest of all artists. When He created His masterpiece, man, He poured His heart into the process. He poured His soul into it. He poured all of His wisdom and all of His energy into it. God wished only to exist for Adam and Eve and all mankind. He saved not a single ounce of energy when He created them. Thus, man has become the life of God.

God set the pattern for the universe. In the ideal existence we live for others. The subject exists for the object and the object exists for the subject. God's definition of goodness is total giving, total service, and absolute unselfishness. We are to live our lives for others. You live for others and others live for you. God lives for man and man lives for God. The husband lives for his wife and the wife lives for her husband. This is goodness. And here unity, harmony, and prosperity abound. 

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