The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

The Unification Philosophy of Personality

Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 1973

Sun Myung Moon, 1976

In philosophy, one topic that is always explored concerns the nature of the ideal and material worlds. One always poses questions concerning the ideal first; only then does one pose questions concerning the material. However, the material and ideal are true only in relationship to each other. That is, by the difference in the application of the two -- the ideal and the material -- in our daily lives, various philosophies of this world can come into existence.

In philosophy, logic is used to explain the existence of cause.

The theory of cognition provides the formula for how these things can be perceived and words like "goodness" or "truth" or "love" are often used. What are they? We often think these words come from a concept or idea, an invisible thing. From where does this idea come? There must be a being who had the idea. Thus, the being and his idea cannot be the same. But that means that God, Himself cannot be merely an idea or concept.

We know that truth, goodness and love are abstract concepts and they cannot exist by themselves. Truth cannot exist by itself. Goodness cannot exist by itself. Love cannot exist by itself. Truth, goodness and love are mediators which can link other things together. When we think of "goodness," then there must be someone who has a personality or character of goodness. Thus, if there were no God, then love or goodness as ideas could have no meaning. With the existence of God comes meaning.

Therefore, in our Unification Philosophy we have a new concept which established philosophies do not have: We call it personality. Man has man's capacity or personality, also woman has woman's capacity or character. Man is not the same as woman. Then, how can these different characters come together? For these two different characters to be united, they need love, truth and beauty. Love, truth and beauty are necessary linking elements to the concept that something is good or beautiful. To make these two one, we have to think of the concept of subject and object. We call the highest subject God.

Thought, idea or ideology are all your thinking, but your "thinking" is not you. Many abstract words are not actually the self. Love is not the self. These are all linking elements to make two beings one. In this understanding, when you desire to be a good singer, that desire to be good is a linking mechanism to make yourself and your object one. Therefore, to resolve the idea of making the self and the object one, I made a new concept of character, which is dependent on two beings.

We say that material is made of energy. This energy cannot be a vague energy. If the above is true, then by these themselves, everything can be solved. Then there should be two beings: subject and object. To make both of them good, there must be this condition. In the relationship between God and man, if God is above and man is below then this relationship cannot be a mutual relationship -- that is just a one-sided relationship. Therefore, to avoid this situation, God must also have a horizontal subject and object relationship. From this standpoint, we have to think of the dual characteristics of God.

When we say God is above, man is below, that is a vertical relationship; that cannot be a horizontal relationship. Thus, God also needs subject (Hyung-Sang) and object (Sung-Sang); and from this the dual characteristics of God come in. This means that within God Himself there must be Sung-Sang and Hyung-Sang. Within Himself, there must be truth, beauty and love. Also, God created man to have a vertical relationship; therefore, to have a perfect relationship with God, man must also have a subject-object relationship within himself. From this, give and take action comes into being. Therefore, dual characteristics and give and take action are necessary in the Divine Principle, or Unification philosophy.

In give and take action, the purpose is to become one. To become one you must go through three stages of growth. To become one, not only these two, but all beings, must be happy. From this view of life, the individual, family, clan, and nation comes. Unity between God and man is not the final goal. After establishing this, then we have to expand this relationship. This is the view of life; this is the most important element. We have to always think that beauty, truth and love are attributes of an abstract nature, and there must be one personality which has these natures. This ultimate being is God. God has such a nature; therefore, God thinks and God has an idea. God has the idea of truth. Also, He has the idea of beauty, the idea of goodness, the idea of love.

A personality perceives the existence of abstract ideas. Then, what is the purpose of love, truth and beauty? They are to become one. When the purpose is realized, then the being that realized it can become an eternal being. To become an eternal being, humankind must be united. All philosophies have the purpose of making subject and object one. Without subject and object, nothing can exist. To make these two one there is only one way. There can be many similar ways, but if they deviate from the straight line then that is not perfect unity. Therefore, there can be only one way for perfect unity.

If the relationship deviates from the straight line, then it cannot be true -- or absolute -- love, truth and beauty. We can say that love, truth and beauty are the elements that are necessary in the process to make subject and object one. Because of these natures, we can have stimulation. By having these natures, we can become one and continue to seek unity with a higher being -- then we become one with God. When we become one with God, then we can finish our purpose. Without subject and object, man cannot know truth. For ideal existence, we need subject and object. Also, power or force cannot come about alone. For force to exist, there must be action. To make action we also need two beings. Thus action and force also come through the relationship between subject and object.

In summary, first think that there is subject and object, and also the personality of subject and object. The personality of humankind is God and the personality of God is humankind. The reason why God created humankind and the universe was to have an object of stimulation. Also, for God to work, He must work in perfect oneness between subject and object. If this relationship deviates even a little bit, then God cannot work.

The base of Unification Thought is subject and object, for example, the union between God and man, husband and wife, parents and children, family and tribe, tribe and nation, and nation and world. When we come to have this concept of subject and object, the idea of ideal and purpose automatically comes about. Without subject and object there cannot be any existence. That is not just a vague concept, but that is personality. The perfect personality of man and perfect personality of woman must be united. By having these ideas we have to always think of subject and object relationships -- and also personality.

To take the position of an eternal, objective personality to an eternal, subjective personality -- this is our life's purpose. The most important thing is the concept of subject and object. Man's purpose is to seek his object. The reason why we explain the dual characteristics of God is to explain God's personality or character, which is subject and object. Personality cannot come in vertical relationships; there must always be horizontal relationships. A man of character means a man whose mind and body are united. By having this relationship, man can stand in the same position as God. All elements are made of subject and object, following the pattern of God. Therefore, they can be eternal beings. From God to the smallest elements of the universe, they are made of the same pattern.

Now you understand the capacity or personality of character. This is the reason why everything is made in a relative relationship. We can apply this idea to anything, to any being. Because of this, we can say that this is Unification Thought.

You have to ask why there are dual characteristics, give and take action, and three stages of growth. These are to explain this relationship. So, is it clear? This is God's idea. If everything is not met through this -- human's eyes and ears, etc. -- horizontal positions cannot be carried out. By the unification of these things, then humankind can become a humankind of character. Also, when man and woman unite, they can become the ideal couple. To make these two one, then we need ideology, beauty, love and goodness. Also, movement comes from this relationship. Why? Because of this relationship, one side wants to give out, and the other wants to receive. From this relationship there can be action.

Thus the basic idea of Unification Thought is very simple. Do you understand this? Yourself and your mind must be united, you and your work, you and your nation must be united -- everything must be united. Why is this? That is to make the eternal personality. This is logical. God is the same. 

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