The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Life In The Kingdom Of God

January 28, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

What is left for us to do now is to organize the mobile teams out of you. You came from different nationalities, but we are going to mix you up. One never knows whose team he or she will belong to. We have the same goal and will fight in the same frontline! We have something new ahead of us -- quite different from what we had before. So, you can expect many difficulties. When you advance into the battlefield, you cannot be afraid of hardships and trials. If you are determined to fight for the cause, the difficulties will be no problem at all. But if you are not quite so resolved to face the trials and difficulties ahead, you may have to retreat, frustrated. There are several ways open to you. You can go straight forward, you go to the left, you can go to the right, or you can retreat to the rear. If you are to go forward, you must go ahead, with the other three far away from you.

My subject this morning is going to be "Our Life in the Kingdom of God." We are leading this kind of life in order to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. When you hear the words "the Kingdom of God" there is something vague here. Whose is the Kingdom of God? At the first thought you may think that the Kingdom of God belongs to God. You may think the Kingdom of Heaven is in one of the nations on earth, maybe. Some family may think that the Kingdom of Heaven will belong to them. Jesus, when he was asked where the Kingdom of Heaven was, answered: "the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind." Is it possible for the Kingdom of God to be in our minds? Perhaps we think that there seems to be no such thing as the Kingdom of God in our minds. If the Kingdom is already in our minds, why try to find it? Of course the Kingdom we seek is in the objective position -- not waiting for us -- but for us to go ahead and build.

The Kingdom of Heaven is either in our minds or somewhere in an objective place. If you don't find it in your minds, you can guess that it will be in an objective position which must be higher than yours. How much better and higher is it than what you have? If I reach that place, will I have the Kingdom of Heaven? After all, we must set out in search of the Kingdom of God, either in our minds or in some objective place. Whether you will find it in your own minds or somewhere else, you yourself are the question: how are you going to reach it, and what attitude must you have in order to reach it? It must be connected with our life. In what way could it be so?

Your life will be determined after one day, after one month or after years. Your life itself will matter. Your daily life goes up and down and sometimes in a zigzag way. When you do that, vacillating, stumbling, can you reach the Kingdom of Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is not anything swaying, wavering. If it were, you might have to sway or waver on your way to locating that place. But it is not that way. The Kingdom of Heaven is nothing that will retreat with you or stop for a certain time. If the Kingdom of Heaven is a righteous place at all, it will never vacillate; it will not be sometimes good and sometimes bad. You must not stop and begin and stop again on your way. From the beginning to the end, it must be equal. Once you start, you have got to reach the goal. If the goal is not clear to you, you may as well not start at all.

I must say again that the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing that can vacillate or change, nor a place where we can complain. The Kingdom of Heaven is a place where there is happiness, peace and the ideal. That's not a place where people fight with one another. It's a place where there is no jealousy, no arrogance; it is filled with righteousness, goodness and justice. That must be a place filled with God's grace and ideal. You must know that you are destined to go there and it's a serious matter. Can you ever vacillate on the way, wavering? Who at all can say that he or she can manipulate the Kingdom of Heaven? If there be a God at all, God must govern the world. There God will reign over the people, in a world of His ideal.

If we are to be citizens of that Kingdom, what qualifications must we have? First we must have a searching attitude to locate that place since we don't have it in our possession as yet. It must be somewhere entirely different from where we are now. We are now living in hell, due to the Human Fall. How different a world must it be? We won't observe the difference at one glance. What I've been up to now will have nothing to do with the Kingdom of Heaven, you must know that. You must do something different from what we have been doing. In what way different? Our five senses will note that what they feel is different from what we now feel in this world.

If you believe that by going a certain way, you can reach the Kingdom, you may do that. But you must know the way and who is able to guide you on the way. God knows it. If there be a person whom God loves dearly, he may know where the Kingdom is, for God must have confided in him. You have two ways ahead of you. Of course there is God, but you cannot see Him. The other possibility is that you can meet a person whom God loves. He may know what and where the Kingdom of Heaven is. This person will not come and go as he pleases. He is guided by God and does what God wants him to do. he can endure difficulties and hardships, knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven can be reached only through a difficult path. You must follow him wherever he goes, even if he does not want you to do that. You must serve him, minister to him and should he fall, support and help him. You cannot claim any right to have the Kingdom of Heaven, saying: "You already have the Kingdom; why don't you share it with me?" If you say that you will be kicked away. You will be compelled to minister to him, to serve him and to follow him in order to reach the place. You may sense that this central person seems to like another person more than you, leading and guiding that person -- and you may dislike that and complain, but you have no right to complain. In that case, instead of complaining, you would want to serve that person he seems to favor in order to please him. If you complain, it will be the end of that. Instead, be ready to love that person. Never say to a late comer: "I arrived earlier than you, so I have the right to go ahead of you." If, instead of complaining, you are ready to help and minister to that person, he will be pleased with you and will introduce you to the central figure, wishing you to get closer to him. Something unexpected could happen on your way like this.

Perhaps you will think that God's love is unfair, but the situation demands certain things sometimes. When you have triangular relationships, either one could be loved more by the central figure. Is it not true that among yourselves, too, you have and of likes and dislikes of different persons? Some you like better than others. Some persons you like even though they are willing to take away your position; others, even though they are ready to give you what they have, you don't like them. You have no right to complain, because people have their reasons, and if that's true with man, then how much more is it true with God! God does everything with a reason. But when you find other persons being loved by God more than you are, will you complain and be jealous? It is safe for you to place yourself in a position where you are always ready to receive less love, to minister to another person, and to go to the central figure through that person. That way you can reach your destination. The same applies in your daily life. Suppose there is someone who is trying to help you. You are pleased with him, you want to love him and give him something, but he is very humble and will not readily receive that because he thinks he is not qualified. You would feel like giving to him more and more.

We all know that we have to lead our lives in accordance with the Divine Principle. On the course of restoration we must go the reverse way of the Human Fall. Originally, in the Kingdom of Heaven, Adam and Eve should have become one with God, in harmony. Only after serving God and being loved by God, by becoming one with Him, could they claim anything. Eve should have served Adam as the subject, only him. Only after having served Adam to the full extent could she be loved by him and have any claim over things. The archangel was there for the sake of God, Adam and Eve. Only by serving God, Adam and Eve would he receive their love and have a claim over anything. In a word, you cannot have any authority or assume any value unless you receive love. That's the elementary factor in the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the intrinsic value of the Kingdom of Heaven. The formula is to serve the central figure, to be loved by him, and only after that, to have your own claim. (To someone in the audience. . .) Suppose Dennis [Orme] is premier of Great Britain. Doris, his wife, is not qualified to claim anything from him unless she has served him and is loved by him. After that, if she wanted to share his rights and everything he has, he would be willing to give her everything, wouldn't he? Without serving, you cannot receive love; without receiving love, you can't make any claims. If you do, you'll be rejected. Now you know the intrinsic value of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Where did the Human Fall start? Was it because man was seeking to serve or to be served? Man fell because he wanted to be served rather than serving others. You must know that. While you or anyone can have a claim over anything, only after being loved by a person, can you have the first claim over the love from that person. In the Satanic world you want to be loved by another person, but you do not have any claim to his or her heart. Then you can imagine what the differences are between life in the Kingdom of Heaven and life in the world under Satan.

What is the situation after man's Fall? It is a place far below the position of the archangel. Then, how many do we have to serve before being able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? You have to serve the person in the archangel's position, having nothing to do with the Fall; you must go through the person in the position of your mother, who will give rebirth to you; you must go through your father; finally, you must serve God in order to reach the Kingdom of Heaven. You must serve: God, Adam and Eve (unfallen Father and Mother), and the unfallen archangel. You must be able to serve those four before reaching the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to go through those persons, because you are far below them due to the Human Fall.

In Christianity they have the word "Trinity": Holy Father, Holy Son and Holy Spirit. But there it one thing omitted there. You must remember that there must be someone in the position of the archangel. In the course of restoration there must be the archangel, leading us back to the original position. That is because, at the time of the Fall, the archangel was the very being. that caused man to fall; so now, in going the reverse way in the course of restoration, he must lead us back. He must connect us with the Holy Spirit first. The Holy Spirit will introduce us to the Son. The Son will introduce us to God, the Father. Without our going through all those four stages we cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven. From that viewpoint people had to locate Jesus Christ as the central figure. So he was the only person who could reach God ahead of others. If he had his own family and happened to be away, leaving his son and servants, those who wanted to reach the Kingdom of Heaven would want to follow or serve the son, or the servants at least. We want to have the Son there to guide us. That's why the Biblical verse says, "I am the way, the truth and the life, and without going through me you cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven." Up to the present moment, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been working together, and those in the archangel's position have been guiding men on earth to the central figure. After the archangel accomplished his mission to serve and guide the people back to the central figure, will he be entitled to the Kingdom of Heaven? Yes, he will. Every religion has been in search of the Son of God, so all of them have been teaching how to serve others. You, too, must reach the Kingdom of Heaven by going through these stages by serving others, serving those four. Can you reach the Kingdom of Heaven by doing that? [Yes!]

Some of you may think: "We have our True Parents among us. If we follow them, we are sure to reach the Kingdom of Heaven; nothing else will count." Are you sure you can go to the Kingdom of Heaven that way? If you were in the position of the archangel before the Fall you could. But we are all out of fallen lineage and you must put yourself in the position of the fallen archangel. Then, what do you have to do in order to place yourself in the position of the archangel without the Fall? In order to do that, you must excel in doing things over those in the position of the fallen archangels.

If there be the True Parent, can you just come to him to be saved on the spot? Is that possible? No. Absolutely not. You must, first of all, win over something, and bringing what you have gained, you will be able to come to him. You may have thought that if you had your True Parents you would be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven right away, but actually things are different. You must do certain things first. Perhaps. you would like to follow the True Parent wherever he goes, and he would like you to do that. However, he must send you back to accomplish certain things first, before you can come to him. Therefore, would you really want to come to him even if he calls you without having done anything? Perhaps you have been longing to meet your True Parent, but just as soon as you have met him. you are destined to be separated from him again.

When you left your countries you anticipated something great. You expected to be loved by your True Parents, because you knew they would be waiting for you. Now, after ten days of training, he is ready to kick you out to the frontline. You will be faced with things more difficult than those you had back in your own country. In your own nations you had your family, parents, relatives and friends, whom you could consult whenever you were in difficulty, but here you don't have them. You are all alone. Is that good or bad? After all, you are all alone, you have to fight all by yourself in the frontline. There is no one to help you, you must know that. If you are in a race, could anyone help you to gain several paces more? If there were such a person to help you on the course, you would not be a victor. You would be accused of having been helped and the victory would not be yours. You would be deprived of that victory. Only victors in the battle can enter the Kingdom of God. The victory is victory over Satan.

You must surpass the fallen archangel in many ways. Where is the fallen archangel? Either you are in the position of the fallen archangel or there must be someone or many around you in the position of the fallen archangel. How many fallen archangels can you defeat? There are three archangels, and all of them fell at the time of the Human Fall. You must be able to restore at least three archangels. Jesus, being the Second Adam, had to have three or more disciples, who were in the position of the archangels and should have ministered to him. Without those disciples he, himself, could not enter the Kingdom of God. After the creation of Adam and Eve, the archangel was in a position to praise God, saying: "The son of your creation is a masterpiece. I sing in praise of him and minister to him." His mission was to help raise Adam and Eve up to their marriage in Holy Blessing.

At the time of Jesus, in order for that mission to be realized, God sent three wise men, representing three archangels on the worldwide level. They were led to that place by God and should have ministered to Jesus, raising him until the day of his marriage. What would have happened if the wise men, when told to go back to their country through different ways than they expected to go, had taken Mother Mary and the Holy Child with them back to their country? If Jesus had been raised there in concealment, the wise men who did that would have become world famous historical figures. I don't know if they were from one nationality or three different nationalities. If they were from three different nationalities, it would have been even better. If, after bringing Jesus to one of the three nations, he was still being persecuted, they could remove him to other nations. If they could help Jesus to grow up wholesomely, completely safe from Satanic invasion, how famous they would have become. Then who could have been Jesus' disciples? The wise men. What about John the Baptist? He would have been the fourth one. Things would have been much better. Since nothing like that took place, Jesus had to look for his own disciples, as you know.

What is lacking, then, between Jesus and the three disciples? Who or what should have been in been in between? He needed his bride. That's the completion, the perfection of the Principle. Before the Fall of Man there was God, the omnipotent; and there should have been Adam in perfection, Eve in perfection and the unfallen archangel. Those four should have been there. Those three disciples of Jesus had to have Jesus' bride before reaching Jesus. They didn't realize that. Do you realize that? Are you still ignorant of the fact? Do you know that we need the bride, or mother, to reach Jesus? Do the Christians know that they need the bride to Jesus? [No!] The disciples of Jesus did not know, but since you all know this, you are greater than they are. If you know that would you be low and humble; or proud and arrogant? If Master were still single, who would be expected to find a bride for him? According to the Principle of Restoration, the one in the position of the archangel must do that, because in the beginning, at the time of the Fall, the archangel caused the Fall. When you want to marry, suppose there only one man and one woman, then what are you going to do? That's another story. But the person in the position of the archangel was a thief in the beginning -- he robbed God of Eve; therefore, the person in the position of the archangel, if he has his wife, he must be willing to let her go back to God's bosom. In that case, the archangel is the only male and his wife is the only female, so what should he do? At the time of Solomon, King David, his father, took Uriah's wife and begot a son, Solomon. But Solomon was the king of wisdom, king of glory. Between King David, Uriah and his wife, there was a triangular situation with divine significance. The central figures in the Providence of Restoration must carry out their missions in that light, and the person in the position of the archangel must think that everything belonging to him should belong to God. If the person in the archangel's position is willing to return even his wife to God, to be used for a divine purpose, then he can reach that position through his wife. Fallen people in general must find a person in the position of the archangel and go through the archangel first, then the mother and father, and then they can reach God. Adam fell this way. If you are going to put yourself in the position of Adam, you must first of all bring in three spiritual children. Going beyond that level you will become Adam, with three archangels restored -- or you may be in the restored archangel's position, with three spiritual children. Going on to the next level, you meet your True Parents, and by engrafting yourselves to them you can become one with God. Now you are going out to do that.

At the time of Jesus he was not able to restore those three because the three chief disciples failed in following him until the end. What even Jesus failed to do, you are going to make into a reality. By having done this, you can be a restored archangel, or you can place yourself in Adam's position -- even in the position of Jesus. You must then engraft yourself to the True Parents, or you can even place yourself in the position of the True Parents to your spiritual children and become one with God. Jesus was severed from his three disciples. So, could Jesus go to the Kingdom of Heaven? No. If the three main disciples of Jesus were ready to die on the Cross together with him, God would resurrect them too. Then there would have been no persecution of the Christians. The same is true for you also -- as male in the position of Adam and as female in the position of Eve -- you, too, need someone in the position of the archangel. Not only Adam but those in the position of Eve must restore the same things. You will be in the position of parents, and under you, three children with their spouses -- like in Noah's family or Adam's family. Due to the Human Fall eight members were lost. So you have to restore them, going the reverse way.

Since you are of the Satanic blood lineage, you have to go through a complicated formality in order to become true children of True Parents. The fundamental thing is for you to bring in three spiritual children in the position of the archangels -- three archangels. In that case, you are either in the position of Adam or in the position of the archangel, who caused the Fall and has to restore mankind. You have to go through a certain formality in order to reach God or the True Parents. At that point you must become entirely one with the True Parents without looking back to the old world of your past. Without your doing that, you can never reach the Kingdom of Heaven. Now you know how you can reach the Kingdom of Heaven.

I must go back to say that you must find Adam and Eve, minister to them, serve them, be loved by them and be recognized by God. That way you can be called the children of the True Parents. Now that you know the Principle of Creation and the will of God -- the will of the True Parents -- you know how to go through the formalities -- how to reach the goal. In everything you do you must have the True Parents with you. You must be recognized by them. When you represent your family, you must be recognized by God -- by the True Parents. You must make it a rule in your life. Your first three spiritual children are restored by you on the individual level. You must multiply them by restoring spiritual children on the family, tribe, national and worldwide levels. From his side, Master must restore at least three nations. He is now developing a strategy. When he restores one nation, he can apply the formula of restoration and restore other nations in an instant. Through the constitution of that nation he can apply political methods to do that.

What are the three factors needed in order for you to enter the Kingdom of God? You have to restore the archangels first. Females must be able to restore males in that position and males must be able to restore females. Only after doing that can you have your own spouse, because you don't have anyone ready. Then you must look for and find God, and you must locate the True Parents. You must get them. Now that you have God, the True Parents in the place of Adam and Eve, and the archangels helping you -- if you say you cannot fight your way through, there is no hope for you to reach the Kingdom. In doing that you must go the reverse way of what you would like to do -- you must always be ready to serve others. You cannot stand still and call the people to your side -- they won't come to you. You must go and bring them to your side, or else you are not entitled to enter the Kingdom of God.

When you go out you will find many Americans, as well as people of different nationalities. What will you be looking for in the frontline, first of all? The three archangels. What else? The candidate for your spouse. However, you must not decide by yourself on whom to choose -- that can never be possible -- that must never be done. Your spouse must be decided by your parents. When you bring three or more people, you must be able to connect them with the True Parents, and with their consent, permission or recognition you can have them registered in the Kingdom of Heaven. What comes after that? You must multiply the number of your spiritual children from three to twelve, 70, 120. When you have gained 120 or more, those people can represent your tribe. That was what Jesus was going to realize in his three years of public ministry. Without your being greater than Jesus you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Was Jesus married? [No!] Was he able to restore three archangels to the point where they would stay with him to the end and even die with him? [No!] The same principle applied to Jesus: he should have located three archangels (three disciples), had them blessed, and then have located his own wife. As I said before, when you are, headed for a certain goal or direction, you have three directions: left, right and rear. With you it makes four -- a very basic number. Three times four makes twelve. You have four seasons and twelve months. Every season has three months. Jesus had to go through spring, and should have found at least three disciples. That should have been done within the three years of his public career. During that time, contrary to the fact that his three disciples had to serve him, he served them and the people. That's why he said in the Bible: "I came not to be served but to serve." That's the fundamental condition to be fulfilled in order to gain the Kingdom.

The Kingdom of Heaven is either in your own mind, in your own self or somewhere in the objective position. In the latter case, you must go and get it. It will not come to you by itself. If you really recognize and understand the value of the Kingdom of God, and long to have it, you will find God abiding there already. The formality you have to go through is to find the people. How can you do it? You must give the people a great amount of love -- similar to what your mother would have for you. You want to love them, serve them as you would your spouse, your brothers and sisters -- or more. After finding many people, you will see that some of them are like your brothers and sisters, like your parents, like your children, or like your spouse.

The standard of restoring the archangel is to restore Cain and Abel. When you, as Abel, have restored Cain to the point where he can be blessed under the same Holy Matrimony as you, you will have succeeded in your mission. Therefore, after you have brought in three people, you must guide them, raise them up, so that they too can be blessed. You must bring them to a position where they must serve the person in Adam's position more than you do. Only then will you be a success. Then centering around you, your base, your foundation, will be broadened. Your foothold will become wider and wider, the more such people you bring in. For each person you bring into the movement your foothold will be doubly increased, because you can claim even the spouse to that person. Your foothold means the range of your love in the Kingdom of Heaven, which will be widened and broadened. You will be able to claim their love, and those who are united in love will not be jealous of one another. The person who brought in the spouse to your spiritual son or daughter can claim their love too, and you won't be jealous of them and they won't be jealous of you.

In the Satanic world, when you are in love with someone, there could be one or many people who are jealous of you, but it is different in God's Kingdom. When you bring in your spiritual children, you want to have them be more loved by God than you, yourself, are. You would praise and glorify that love, instead of being jealous. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where Godly love abides. God's love will reach Adam, Eve, the archangel -- and through them, the very last man on earth. What kind of man was Abel? He was a man who was loved by God more than anyone else. Because he was loved by God, he became the central figure for other people. His responsibility was great. Even the national leaders, if they are not really loved by God more than the members under them, they cannot keep the position of Abel. If the leader is wise, he will choose at least three out of his members and serve them, minister to them by putting them in the position of Abel. He will not have failed in carrying out his mission. That man will be saved, elevated to the higher dimension of faith when he does that. The more energy you put toward that person, the more you love, him, the more you will be loved by God.

My subject this morning has been: "Our Life in the Kingdom of God." Our life should be such that it will lead us to the Kingdom of Heaven. In leading that kind of life we must be loving others and serving others. If you try to plant God's love in the heart of others and try to multiply that love, you will be a victor. You must love those whom God loves. You must serve and love the person whom God loves and you must be loved by him. When you visit a certain village, you must know that you are going to distribute Heavenly love to the people living there. You are going to make them become similar to you. If you find people who are already loved by God, doing things that are good in God's sight, you must serve and love them. If after doing that you do not get any crops, don't be discouraged; your hard work will be fruitful somewhere else. You can build the Kingdom of God by serving and loving other people. Another important thing is that you must do it while on earth. If you die and go to the spirit world, it will be harder for you to do that. You will have merit if you work with your own hands when the Kingdom of God is being built. After it is established, even if you live there, you'll have no merit, if it was built by other people. This is a great chance for you to do that. You must be grateful to be able to work for this cause.

Remember that you have to go through those four stages. You must be loved by God, by the person in the position of Adam and Eve, and by the archangel. Only after winning those four positions will you be qualified to live in the Kingdom of God. You'll have the world in your left hand, and you must plant God's love in the hearts of the people there. With your right hand you must get hold of God, follow Him, be united with Him. Then you must work on both sides serving God, serving the people, loving God, loving the people; and connect both together as the mediator. That is the shortcut for reaching the Kingdom of God. You must know that. Do not forget what I have said this morning. You must not complain as you go. You must glorify and praise God when you do those things. There are no such things as jealousy, complaint and other ugly feelings in the Kingdom of God.

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