The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Concluding Remarks at the Fourth Directors' Conference

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 5, 1973
Master Speaks
Translator: Mr. David S. C. Kim
Probable Location: Belvedere, Tarrytown, NY

Now, as you heard, you have come for a three day conference -- you are participating in conference training -- and you have heard what scores you made on the exam. Maybe this chance or opportunity will become an historical event for you -- maybe you came in last or first. Either way, it might be very meaningful to you. The "last" does not necessarily mean you have to stop it -- you have to continue, of course. From now on, he is not going to initiate any more for a period of time -- training sessions. He thinks better of it. Those of you who failed -- below 70 points -- will be given another chance to improve your score. But he will no longer enforce this kind of regular testing system. By now, through the constant emphasis or enforcement of this testing system, you have been shown what our True Parents, our Master, our church expect of you -- in which direction you should go. By now, you must know that. He has decided that, from now on you Mobile Unit Commanders, State Representatives and Center Directors should enforce the same system you have learned here, administer the tests to your members, and report to Belvedere -- describing, just as I have announced to you, the scores of your students and members. Seventy points or above will be the passing score. He wants many, many people to pass this test, with 70 or above -- his expectation is such. He will no longer. enforce a general test like this, but he will give special training to those who have passed with 70 or above, so that Belvedere will receive the best members -- best qualified, students, from now on. As of now, he has decided.

You do this -- enforce this -- all examinations, styles and ways of doing all this -- you have to report to Kim, Director of the International Training Program at Belvedere. You have to report to Belvedere three times the results of the test. There is no doubt -- if you have many students and members who have passed, with 70 or above, you are in good shape -- he will regard you as a good leader -- you are above average. We will keep statistics on a national level: which Commanders, which State Representatives have how many members with a passing grade of 70; it will count when you evaluate your people. This way we can manufacture or produce what he spoke of yesterday to the conference -- the nucleus -- our church leaders will be counted. So, by doing so, a uniform standard for this program will be enforced throughout the world. Through this means, we will evaluate the quality of our members; we will also horizontally influence society. You will become like a school principal to your members, to your family -- and the commander of your mobile units, of your churches.

If we enforce in every state things similar to what we are doing here in Belvedere -- this is what we are driving at: some kind of an educational institution -- elementary school, high school, even on a college level. Do you agree with him? [Yes!] So, with this kind of background, he will set up a worldwide level educational system in which even young people outside of our church can benefit. So, he has already located somebody to create a worldwide training/educational system; he has already given instructions about the administrative area. Naturally, we will influence the family system, the church system, the social system -- even on a national level. This is one of his strategies. So, by the time that happens, you will be more than any senator in your state. You don't have to be envious of any individual, no matter how high his social status. So, we are looking for very highly educated intellectuals -- we are going to achieve this -- we are going to educate.

This is a wonderful movement. Even though it looks like only a small stream of work here right now -- it will become a stream added to a river, a river added to an ocean, an ocean added to the whole five oceans and six continents. So, this is a great thing. Also, we know, we believe, it will happen. Do you? [Yes!] Shall we join together? [Yes!] So, you will learn how you scored, how you placed in the examination; also, how to score them, how to guide them, how to teach them. You have to learn it. Everybody should be above 70 points. So, everybody who participates will think, "We will have to pass -- 70 points or above." So, in all countries, even leaders on the suburban or county level -- Unification Church centers we don't have yet -- will study the Divine Principle textbook in order to pass. Everyone will want to eventually pass the Belvedere exam. So, suddenly the rumor spreads: the Unification Church young people are really studying hard, not only the Divine Principle -- but all means of survival. So, we shall have a hopeful desire. So, he wants you to study hard, to reach this stage; this, more than anything else, will make him happy. Can you do that? [Yes!] Chapter 1, Scene 1, the revelation is God's.

The next scene: He said, no more of this three day training -- and all the difficult questions, and then what you are going to do the next time you come up here? Now, we will enforce something for those who have obtained a very high grade -- we will be engaging in a Principle lecture contest for two days. More than lectures will be given. Standardized, uniform lectures -- the best lecturer will be picked up through this kind of training. Then these selected, best lecturers will be recognized by him as the official lecturers on the international level. So, you are teaching every day; your profession is teaching the Divine Principle anyway, morning and night, morning, afternoon and evening. So, whenever those who have obtained a score -- our Master will designate (you don't have to worry about it, he doesn't have to worry about how to lecture) -- whenever you are designated to come, come out here -- and you have to lecture. So, given any topic, any chapter, you have to know how to lecture it in front of us. Is this feeling good or bad? [Good!] Scared? [No!] You will be shaken out. So, we want you to be brave men, brave generals, to save this nation and all mankind. This must be the purpose behind, you. By doing so, those who pass this -- the man, or woman who pass that test, that contest -- will be regarded as having passed the grade, one of the three judgments of truth. In other words, he or she passed judgment of the Divine Principle. You will be labeled -- wherever you go, in heaven, and earth, you will be regarded as having passed the judgment.

This means you have to give a lecture just like what we are teaching here, up to the same standard. A united, standardized form of the lecture will be realized by doing so. So you have to study hard -- learn how to lecture on the international level. So, this means you have to study hard. Even if 50 commanders lecture -- the style of 50 commanders varies -- so you have to collect it, you have to learn it, you have to learn the benefits of their approaches -- their styles or their contents. This is a very blessed , chance for you, too, to. be trained in this way. What, a blessing you will receive by participating in this epoch making, historical event. So, this means you have to teach or lecture as many times as possible in your state, in your city, in your territory. That is why he said we have to teach so many times -- morning, noon, afternoon and evening. This category of people who have passed -- those are standardized from the next conference. So, when you listen to what he says, then you have another worry, another thing, coming out; you thought everything was finished, but after passing, you have another worry coming out. You should know that the spirit world goes beyond time and geographical barriers, beyond the boundary. But you have only so much limited territory; you cannot even hear or in any way observe what's going on in the state of Florida -- the Commander lectures, you don't know what they are doing; however, in spirit world there is no need to worry about it. At any time they can see -- just like you see between you and us. Even if you don't know who is the best one, well, the spirit world knows who is the best one, second best, third best -- the best lecturers. So, you will become very well known. So, some confusion might happen -- the spirit world knows everything, while you know nothing about it. So, some confusion between the two worlds might happen, because you are so ignorant of it.

The reason why he does this, he has a relative position -- subject-object -- even the spirit world knows -- you have to physically pick up these kinds of best ones, have to announce it. So, they coincide, the spirit world and here; so he wants to officially recognize the best lecturers, those who are passing this standard. So, this is why they are working for you people to be passing that contest -- because he has given you an equal opportunity, everybody. Anybody can pass it -- even if a girl is not so beautiful, or a boy so handsome, an ugly face doesn't matter -- you have an equal opportunity to be the best lecturer. Whether you succeed or not, that is your 5%. So, there will be no room for complaint in this system. Do you understand so far? [Yes!]

Because of this, many young people will practice in the forest, facing the trees -- lecture practice. They will go to the seaside and lecture to the moving waves of the ocean, and sometimes everywhere else. This shall happen, this wonderful scene shall appear. Nationally, this will happen. It will also happen internationally. Then, public opinion will be: "All Unification Church leaders are becoming wonderful, eloquent speakers, orators." Then, when election time comes, they will be looking for you people, because you speak so beautifully and dynamically. Do you understand, so far, why we have to do these kinds of things? You have to do that so that those who have spirituality will listen. So, you have to prepare yourselves -- for the time will come when you will be needed, needed very badly, needed very, very urgently; that is why he is giving you a preparation period. Do you understand him? [Yes!] So, second scene of revelation is passed.

Those who have passed this kind of Belvedere lecture training test will be the leaders. Also, he will be teaching -- day and night -- Victory Over Communism lectures. Now, the same thing applies, as on the Divine Principle level, to the Victory Over Communism ideology. The same thing will happen: you will be trained in the three day conference; you will have to pass an examination on the Victory Over Communism ideology, just as you did on the Principle. So, when that is completed, the same pattern -- a VOC lecture contest -- will be enforced. So, through a parallel revelation, the will is expressed. So, what will the fourth scene be?

Then, the same thing applies to the Unification Thought system -- to save the whole intellectual community -- the same thing applies. The time will come when those who have graduated from the Unification Thought course will get a chance to give a public speech to thousands and thousands of people. Then their names will be known not only on the national and international levels, but throughout all political fields in this country. So, as time goes by, they will eventually send a limousine to you: "Please help me, my election, my country -- so you will be invited by national and international celebrities. Would you like to be in that kind of a state and to be a person like that? [Yes!] This is more than a worldly university -- a top shelf, topnotch, super university, in a heavenly way. From then on, new libraries, new university facilities will appear; also new research projects. All sorts of new things will appear -- You have to be appreciative when you, think of this as a reality coming to you as an individual, as a good chance for, you, to distinguish yourself.

So, you know where you are heading now. Then, after that, what are we going to do? We are going to control or supervise a worldwide intellectual community, intellectual academics. In order to fulfill this, his wonderful project to bring up here Cambridge and Oxford intellectuals -- graduate students -- to hear lectures from world renowned university professors from the top universities in this country. This is not just talk, only in the initial stage -- he is in the process of accomplishing this program right now. Do you want to participate in this part of it? [Yes!] Anyone would participate if they knew the real meaning of what it is. Would you like to be a part of it? [Yes!] When you have to get our Master, our True Parents -- very interesting guy, isn't he? [Yes!]

So, he is still working on the expectation of the twenty years seed; he is preparing, he is doing something extraordinary which ordinary people don't know. He is preparing for the twenty years ahead of his plan. Then, by building -- we call it prefabricated building -- he is making all these partial plans -- prefabricated building, kingdom of heaven he is making, he is making part of it right now. Put it together system -- then suddenly, overnight, ideal houses appearing -- suddenly come up -- instead of groundwork done -- no need for that. Nobody knows or understands, except for the real designer -- the drawing designer or secret engineer only knows the business plan, nobody else. So, sometimes the main thing for you to do is to follow him blindly. There may be no reason for you to understand it. You think you want to go one way -- but he is going the other way -- so you just cannot understand him. That is why you have a problem with him. So, if we are ignorant, we should just leave everything to him. Just don't complain, don't even try to touch his area -- don't overstep him.

You have been with our Master -- the True Parents -- it must be about one year, or twelve months. Now, early in this movement, lots of Korean families -- intellectuals or super-intellectual men and women -- hung around him and complained about all kinds of things, measuring his own or her own complaint. But now, after twenty years, they are all completely surrendered, right now. So, he does not want you to repeat this same kind of mistake. You had better follow him blindly -- that is the best way. Ironically, he is saying -- you can't take it literally, very hard to translate -- he believes that American brains are far better than Oriental ones, so he thinks you will not make such a mistake. Why does he do this? Because there is a possibility that you will repeat the same junk. Are you pretty sure now where our Master, the True Parent, is driving you -- the destination of your life, your future? Then, the time will come when it will not be necessary for you to become the secretaries of senators -- they, the senators, will later become your secretaries.

So, without this kind of positive confidence, the idea that we are going to save this nation would be a fantasy -- but it is a reality. So, wait and see what happens. Do you believe it is possible? [Yes!] Well, in that sense, you are crazy people! [Laughter] If we go on in our talk like this -- for 30 days he could talk continuously. But he has no time, so he will quit here. So far as the Belvedere International Training Program is concerned, you know what it is and why he is doing it -- your participation and your situation.

Now, he has to decide who will be the actual members of the two special mobile units to be led by Commanders Joseph Sheftick and Perry Cordill. Those who are here from England -- ten people -- come out here. Ten people from England, recently arrived.

[Then Father selected the members for the International Mobile Units (1 and 2), to be headed by Joseph Sheftick and Perry Cordill.]

One more important thing he has to decide. In the past, Jesus and the disciples of Christianity received persecution, and their destiny was against God's will. Now, in this age of the Unification Church, we have to recover that relationship; so we are quickly going to win the Jewish people over to our movement. Those who are Jewish, carrying Jewish blood -- raise your hands, please. All come up, come forward. He said the dispensation is to have more Jewish families coming to our movement. Amen? [Amen!] Count off: [one, two, three .. seventeen]. Seventeen -- there are no more Jewish people? You should, all of you, understand this. We have to land on this side, we have to restore them to God. I will pick out one of the best members -- best quality, elite -- from here, to serve for an honorable purpose. Now, he is going to assign you people to the land of Israel -- centered on three leaders, twelve people are going to Israel. [Applause] By January, 1974, he is going to enforce this announcement. This means that these people, twelve people, will go to the land of Israel, to save their nation through the number twelve -- by the month of January, 1974. If you want to be selected for this mission, you have got to prove your ability while you are in this campaign. Whatever your responsibilities are, distinguish yourself -- then the privilege will go to the twelve best people. He will pick three leaders of our movement to restore the land of Israel; then some of them, some of the family, will be joining that troop. He is thinking of this general [Daniel Fefferman], one of the top leaders, Israelite general: you have to be the premier of the land of Israel, the chosen land.

So, those Jewish people within our movement should convert many, many people in the United States -- increase the troops and help in many ways -- try hard to convert your own people. So, he plans to have those who are now coming to this movement -- he will send them, on a continual basis, to the land of Israel. So, this is the end of his administrative, spiritual business with you.

He hopes you fulfill your promise, your pledge, before he comes back from the land of Korea. Forty-five days from now, we will see you again. He wants the Heavenly Father to bless you, and His grace be upon you, wherever you go, whatever you do.

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