The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Significance Of The Training Session

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Third Directors' Conference
Master Speaks
May 17, 1973
Translated by: Mrs. Won Pok Choi

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Good morning! Sit down!

I am going to speak about the significance of a training session like this. Master's intention is to have the State Representatives, Commanders, and the Itinerary Workers pass the examination, getting at least 70 points. I will continue this until the last one of the responsible members has passed the examination.

For fallen men it is their duty to pass through three stages of judgment! Judgment of words, judgment of personality, and judgment of love or heart. All through history, mankind has been in search of the truth, true words. The, truth is the standard by which all the problems of mankind can be solved. We know man somehow fell in the beginning, and to fall means to fall into the bondage of Satan. So, in order for us to return to the original position, we have to get rid of the bondage of Satan. For fallen people, there is no other message which is more hopeful and desirable than the message of restoration to the original position, To be restored is, in another sense, to be liberated from Satanic bondage -- and this is the gospel of gospels for fallen men.

Then what is judgment? Judgment is the measurement of the standard on which all our acts are judged. If our acts cannot come in accordance with the original rule or measurement, we must be judged or punished. In the government, there is the ruling party and the opposition party -- in order to have the balance of power -- and if one of the laws is to be set up to be amended, then both parties must agree. There is God and Satan. Between the two there are men -- some are more on God's side, and others are more on the Satanic side. But in judging the people they must have the measurement for judging. People more on the right side can be claimed by God, and on the other side by Satan. In worldly matters, too, we have a certain standard, a ruler. If we compare it to the rule or measurement, and if it is above the standard, then it is called successful, but if it is below the standard, then we call it a failure. If it is a total failure -- so that it can never be compared by measurement -- there can be no judgment possible. Neither God nor Satan can claim this total failure.

In the course of restoration there must be the standard rule. If you are going to find one in the Bible, which must it be? For instance, when there is a mountain there are peaks and valleys. Centered on one peak, there are two sides, God is on the right side, while Satan is on the other side. There is a difference between the high peaks and the low peaks. All through history, when we examine the courses our ancestors passed through, it is something like going up a peak, then down -- and then again, they will attain a certain height. In that way, they were coming up. There are many peaks of various heights. Those who belonged to the Old Testament Age began to climb up -- and on the peak, they decided whether they were on God's or the Satanic side. Then they made another hike to reach another peak of greater height. The Messiah is the person who would be waiting on the highest peak, and those who have attained the peak will be welcomed there. The climber begins right at the foot of the first peak, and by passing on what he has done to the next and next one -- when he has attained the highest peak, the Messiah is there to welcome and praise him. But the Messiah himself has to know what way the man has to go through.

Jesus is the fruit of the truth -- of God's Logos. He has attained the highest peak in the spiritual sense. Jesus said: "The Old Testament came about for me -- everything and every word from God is for me." He said on another occasion: "I am the way, the truth and the life." The way is the truth and the truth is the way and life, too. The truth is something God exalts, while Satan is jealous of it. The truth belongs to God. God must love the law He has set up and He is going to love it through eternity. Then what must be the mission of the truth? The mission of the truth is to guide the people through the way. The Principle of Restoration is to connect all the ways trodden by the Old Testament Age saints, with the New Testament Age saints, through the present. We are going to make the zigzag road a straight one, so that we can show to the people the standard of how to reach the highest peak. The shortest cut is the straight line and the mainstream and the final one. That's what the word "Principle" really means. Is this the principle of physics or any other science? What kind of principle is this? What is the Divine Principle?

The Divine Principle is the measure or the way -- the guide -- that will take us through the way to reach God, and to the original position. Without going through this way, fallen man cannot reach the original position. This is the measurement, ruler and fundamental guide. If a rope or string is entangled with knots, we have to undo the tangles first. If you just put your energy and pull it hard, would the knots be undone? No. If you pour out your time, would that be solved? Time and energy poured into it in blind, random efforts would not do anything. In praying before God, also, if you just pray blindly to Him to give you something or to help you to do something, He can never help you. There must be a rule or standard for that. Suppose there is a very good man -- but he is just a blind man. Without your knowing how to wield the sword, would God give it to you? There is the danger of your grasping the blade instead of the handle. God would not give it to you. If He does, then He is a blind God. Everything must suit its standard. The Divine Principle is the measurement according to which God can liberate us fallen men. You are not liberated into true words. You are not liberated from the darkness into the light, where you can see God and yourself in precision -- so that you know the relationship between God and you. In light of the Principle, we know the relationship between God and ourselves, and ourselves and the universe. Up to the present, no one has ever known this fact. Through the way of the Divine Principle we can reach out to every direction and we circle around, covering all there is to it.

In America you ride in cars every day. When you are in a hurry, you want to speed up. When you dash at full speed, there is danger accompanying it. If you want to dash at full speed, and yet without danger, it means you have to have good practice beforehand. In handling the wheel, do you have freedom -- can you do it as you please? Not an inch of excuse is there. The wheels must be round; if they are angles, it may endanger you. If the four wheels have a will of their own, and some wouldn't turn as they should, what would happen? The air pumped into all those four wheels must be the same amount, or they will be crippled. When you want to go at full speed, it means the wheels have to make many revolutions, circling around. I know that Americans hate to repeat things, the same old things. When you want to keep a diamond or jewels glittering, you have to polish them. If you want to keep this room clean, wouldn't you clean it once, twice and more each day? The same applies to the Principle.

Have you ever stopped to think how many times in your whole life you are going to give lectures to people? When you eat bread or other food, the more you chew, the more delicious it becomes. If you chew once or twice, and just swallow it, do you know the real taste of it? With a thing of value, you must repeatedly practice with it and try to know the taste of it, and it will give you more and more taste. So, with things of value, repetition does not fatigue you. For instance, your eyes are blinking all the time. If they stop blinking, then what? Respiration -- you inhale and exhale all throughout your life. If you stop exhaling and inhaling, then what? Every meal, you have to repeatedly eat something all through your life. When your eyes blink, the nose inhales and exhales, is it helpful? Is it necessary or not? You give yourself exercise. The more you repeat, the more strength you get and the more healthy you become. In light of this, is repetition helpful, good or not? [Yes!] After the first conference, when you came for the second, some of you may have thought, "What's the use of having conferences so often?" But I have something else in mind. What would you recommend if it were up to you? How many times would you have a conference? Once, twice, three times, four? How many times? The more you repeat, the better outcome you get. It is very important.

When a poem is very good, wouldn't you read it repeatedly? If you just grasped the meaning and nothing more, then it wouldn't give you any taste. If you read it more than once -- hundreds and thousands of times -- if it really is a good one, it will give you more taste. Those who can appreciate other people's poems can write better ones. Isn't it true? It's the same with lectures. As you go along, hearing the Divine Principle repeatedly, then you can understand the depth, height and breadth of it. I never get tired of hearing the lectures. But I have no time to do that. Even if the lecture is from a beginner, I am so interested in listening to this lecture. However inexperienced you may be when you stand on the platform to speak to a group, you want to give a fluent speech; do not expect to give a poor speech. After the speech, if you find your speech a failure, you are so ashamed of yourself, you want to escape from the listeners. The listeners must be sympathetic toward you. After the failure, you must feel you want to tear apart your lips. In repentance, you beat against your head and say, "This dull brain of mine -- what shall I do?" In that case, you must study hard and repeat and repeat -- then you will be successful. The world's foremost champions in athletic games are those who have practiced more than anyone else. Isn't that true? In proportion to how many times you have repeatedly practiced the lectures will your lectures be a success. If you have practiced many times the same thing -- the lectures on the Divine Principle -- you can give them by heart. If you are good at walking on the same road, you can walk on the road without light -- in the darkness. If you owned the best car in America, would you want the chauffeur to be a beginner? Or would you want your chauffeur to be a very experienced person who could drive the car in the dark, on a bumpy road, anywhere? You would want to get an experienced one. It is a question of common sense, but it is difficult to follow the rule.

Our church is a vehicle, in a sense. Is it any less than the best car in the US? What position are you in? You are the driver. The whole church is under your charge -- you are going to handle this church. If you are at a loss as to what to do, without direction, how can I rely on you? You look so dangerous, people will never ride in your car. When you look back at yourselves, how dangerous a driver each one of you is. People say, "It's a gorgeous looking car, but look at the driver! I can't bear to ride in that car." If you find yourself a poor driver, wouldn't you practice? Would you still say you don't like repetition? Nevermore should you think that repetition is a tiresome job. When you have gotten seventy points [on the test] , you are barely at the point where you will never cause an accident. That is my viewpoint. You have to pass this standard or else I cannot give you a license. This is a standard ruler given from God. If you don't go over that, you are liable to judgment. That is the judgment of words. Isn't it necessary? If there is anyone who doesn't think it necessary, just tell me. Everyone needs to have training, to repeat the lectures. The first standard is judgment of words. You must go through that stage -- the judgment of words. In judgment there is no tolerance. If you do not pass the standard, you cannot be released from bondage. You cannot be relieved. Master is the judge.

The second is the judgment of personality. However hard you may struggle to walk fast on a certain road, if you are going the wrong way, you have to come back. Where doe's Satan lie in ambush? He is always guarding the main road, the true way. Because he wants to snap you up and stop you from going along the right road, he comes to attack you without warning. So, you must prevent him from stopping you from going on the way. However well practiced, however well equipped you may be, if you are attacked by Satan on the way, that is the end of it. You must have a technique to prevent Satan from stopping you. You must have the personality to win over Satanic temptation. Isn't that true? [Yes!] You must be more able, stronger than Satan in every way. You must be alert to see where Satan lies in ambush. Have you ever stopped to think of that? Satan is everywhere -- and you are vulnerable to his attack. You must know how to locate him and find him out. When you are strong enough not to be tempted or fall into the hands of Satan, you can win over him; but you must know Satan waits for the time when you are about to fall into the pit, when you are in a most difficult situation. That's the moment Satan comes to press on your neck.

When you fight on the battlefield, the enemy lies in ambush. Most likely, he comes to attack you during the night -- when you don't expect him. Spies will come, but if you are with wide open eyes, they will run away. When you are in slumber or relaxation, or when you are in distress or despair, that's the time of Satanic attack. For instance, you are frustrated and say to yourself, "Oh, I have worked one year on the mobile team, how can I go on like this? " That's the very moment Satan will attack you. Satan would say, "You are my prey at this very time." All you have accomplished will be gone with it. It would not take one of the strong Satans [evil spirits] to attack -- but the smallest and weakest one can press on your throat and you will be killed. Isn't that true? When you are in distress, frustrated, you must remind yourself of the fact that this is the very moment when the weakest of Satans can attack and kill you. When you are not witnessing, not doing church work -- when you miss good food, good clothing -- when you are in that kind of mood, that's the very moment you are liable to Satanic invasion. When you miss your sweetheart, that's the very moment you are liable to Satanic invasion, that's the very moment Satan attacks you. Those are the hooks on which Satan can drag you back.

When you doze off, that means you are in a lax mood. That's the very moment Satan will come and grab you away. Satan is here, watching over you -- and Master is, at the moment, saying a very important thing. Satan would have you slumber and doze off at that very moment. You will fall prey into his hands. At these words of mine your eyes are all blinking. We have many enemies, you must remember. When you cannot help being tired and frustrated, try to hide yourself and go into the closet or somewhere where you will be away from others' sight. You can relax there -- but not in the sight of others. Because through those persons, Satan can come and attack you. You will be grabbed away. It would be better for you, in such cases, to retire to a corner where no one else can see you, and stay there until you solve your problem. Meditate, pray, and for three days, if you are doing that, you will look at brothers and sisters working so hard and think, "What am I?" In distress you will think, "Can I be loved by God? I must work." Your conscience will tell you. You will be aroused to new vitality. You pray in repentance, and feel again like going out to work. That's better. In that way, in deep meditation, you tell yourself you have not been working as hard as others; and if you end up like this, then what is left? Then you are ashamed of yourself and you will say, "The newcomers are so energetic and enthusiastic in carrying out their mission. I am an old timer and am tired and in distress. I have to rouse myself again to new vitality and go out and work."

You must remember that, among our members, there are some working in the satellite nations -- or Russia. Can you say you are tired of working? Then you would imagine God during those three days: God is looking down at you, and how miserable you look to Him. Your ancestry is looking down at you, and how agonized they must be to see you like this. They will accuse you, and all those thoughts will agonize you, and you will not be able to stand it, but will have to come out to work. So, when you are in that mood, the best thing to do is to retire to a corner where others cannot see you, and in deep meditation, solve your problems and get recharged with new energy -- and come out again. Temptations come in many ways. For instance, your old university friend visits you and looks at your shabby appearance and says, "What happened to you? You are a university graduate and had many things before. Why are you so shabby looking, wearing neckties and suits like that? You should follow me." That's the very moment you will fall prey. You must tell him you would not take the whole world for this. "Wait five years longer and I will show you." You are a university graduate with a B. A. and other degrees -- you are on the street with bundles of flowers, and people may deride you, laugh at you; but you must think of this act of yours as drawing lots to occupy something great. A fortune greater than anyone else's will be waiting for you. You can say to yourself, "Those old friends of mine cannot sell flowers on the street like this. If they were given this they could not do this. But I can do this. I am doing more valuable things than they."

Many times when I was in prison and in handcuffs, I would appear before the judge; and on my way from prison to the court I would meet members from my church, and I would wave my hands in hilarious joy. And when I waved my hand like this, the handcuff jangled -- and it still resounds in my ears. In the very court I would say to myself, "Those who judge me will be judged by me in the future. They will fall into misery." And now this has happened! I swore I would never die before realizing my mission. I would show them that what I was going to do was this. I would never die in their hands until that day. That I would be strong enough to go through the difficulties. When I was released I would work again with more strength. Even in prison, I would think this was my training course. After this I would be a stronger worker. When you picture the prison life, don't even imagine the life in prison in this country. It's far below this level -- untold misery -- almost like animal life. Even if I were to describe it, you wouldn't understand. A handful of rice, almost rotten, per day. We missed the rice and food -- and we worked on and on, carrying all those heavy things -- and after we were exhausted and were to have a handful of rice, on the way to eat, some of us would die. Others were anxious to get the rice to feed themselves. At that very moment, I would say to myself, "Even though hardship will be doubled and tripled, I will never fail.", Even in the communist prisons, I worked so hard that they had to give me an award -- I got the first prize for laboring.

In anything and everything I would never be less than the Satanic people, so I would get the first prize. In giving me the prize, the arrogant prison boss who gave me the certificate (citation) bowed before me, and I held up my head and received it. That's what I wanted. Even in prison, I wanted to subjugate Satan. I am with this quality. That's why God chose me -- with all my patience, all my hard struggle to win over any difficulty, any Satan. That's the quality I have -- for which God chose me for this mission. All the prisoners lost weight, got pale -- but I looked just like I do now, in prison. It is because I did not surrender to them in spirit. I am here in the US, however hard our struggle may be here -- even if I am imprisoned and tortured, I will fight it through and win the victory. Once I said I would carry it out -- you must know that. Once I start doing things, I will pass -- I know no retreat. I fight at the risk of life. In that sense you have met the wrong leader. [No!]

I am sympathetic with you. You are in the prime of your life. You want to dance with your lovers, your sweethearts; you want to enjoy your life in the worldly sense. There are many good things teeming in this world. [No!] You helplessly say no. But you have been awakened to the fact that someone must do this job if it is not I. The heavy lump of the whole world is failing down. Some power must stop it from falling. The failing lump is the earth. The whole earth is tumbling down, and you are on that earth plane. With it you are going to come down into the dungeon. Those merry-makers -- those without the knowledge of what is going to happen -- may look happy. But those who know the fact that the lump is falling down into a dungeon cannot help but want to stop it from failing. Some are bystanders -- would you just watch it fall? Wouldn't you want to stop it from failing? You may have to die or be killed. Would that be all right? There may be causalities by tens of hundreds and thousands, but if you are not ready to die for the cause, you cannot live and save the world.

If you are ready to die ahead of others, all of you; if you have that attitude, you cannot die and you can save the world. But if you are like the disciples of Jesus who denied him upon his death, you will fall away and the whole world will be left unsaved. Would you become like Jesus' disciples? Jesus' disciples were in fear of Satan and they were overwhelmed by Satanic power. Satan took them away -- all twelve disciples, who in Jesus' lifetime had served him. Then, what happened to Jesus? Satanic hands were on him, but he died a physical death, not a spiritual death. If your spirit is not dead, if you are with the same zeal and ardor upon your death, there is a way to be saved and resurrected again.

The same is true for you. If you may have to die, if you die a courageous death -- without leaving shame to your descendants -- then you have the chance to be resurrected and work through your descendants. Jesus was attacked by Satanic hands, but was he defeated by Satan? [No!] God, who is more fearful than Satan, was on his side, fighting for him. You must know that. God is on the side of righteousness. Have you ever stopped to think, "How long can I work? Will there be a time when I will be utterly frustrated?" To be shot to death is a simple thing, but to be tortured, to have Satan cut off every limb -- arms and legs -- would you bear that torture?

If you are resolved to live for the cause and die for the cause, you are already being resurrected. You are transcending life and death. God is on our side. In that case you are on God's side and God is on your side, because God is also the being transcendent of life and death. God is our friend and our co-worker. Those who have God as their co-worker must be courageous. Would you want to be friends with Satan? [No!] You must be a friend of either God or Satan. Which would you choose? [Yours!] God is not only your friend, but your Father. You are going to be the incarnation of God. God corresponds to the whole universe, to all humanity. He sent many saints and prophets to work for the great cause and they were killed and martyred. That means God's hands and arms and all limbs were cut off. He has been enduring pain all the way. But He is still intact from Satanic invasion; He is sane and whole and all powerful and almighty. He is living in me and I am the incarnation of Him. Would you not be proud and stand as firmly as He is standing? Then, with that quality, will you say you are tired after a year, after five years, ten years, 20 years? Will you be tired of doing this job? When will you be exhausted? Never? [Never!] Is it true? I cannot believe you. On the smallest pretext, you say you are tired. In a word, you must think you are born for this and this is your destiny. You have got to tread on the way and you cannot but go on the way. Then, your attitude must be different. You must be accustomed to eating humble food, being clad in rags, being sheltered in tents and outdoors -- you must know the taste of enjoying your life in this way. I began my work while you were not yet born. At your age I had accomplished much. But I thought there was a tremendous amount of work that I must accomplish during my lifetime. I knew that. I was never proud of my having done so much. I was always anxious to carry out more and more. I was in haste every moment. Do I look frustrated? Do I look tired? I am not tired. The farther I advance forward, the more strength is added up.

People say, if I live this way and that, I am happy. Man is happy because he is living this kind of life. Then, who set up the standard? The definition of happiness -- can it be right? You must say, "I did not set up the standard of happiness like that, so it has nothing to do with me." I have to create a new standard or definition of happiness. If you define happiness to be eating humble food, being clad in rags, being sheltered in a humble place, that is your standard of happiness for the time being. The people whose definition of happiness is like this will never fail in life -- and in the end they can enjoy the utmost happiness. In extreme terms, to kill yourself -- or to lose yourself at the soonest possible date -- will make you the happiest one. It is because we have the spirit world there. The spirit world is vast and endless and eternal. But suppose we limit the spirit world. We say that we can enjoy 100 years of life on earth, and then a longer and more glorious life in the spirit world. Which would you prefer to have? The longer and more glorious life. Those who die earlier will enjoy more life in the glorious world. At this moment, the early comers would say, "I am senior to you; I have enjoyed more life here." Wouldn't you say the same in the spirit world?

So, longer life on earth does not promise you happiness. Even though your life may be a brief one, if you have worked a lot and have been recognized by God, upon entering the other world, you will be welcomed and you will enjoy the flourishing and glorious life there. So, in this life, the question is how hard you work and how much wholesome fruit you produce. So, you must work at the risk of your life and at the cost of your life. If you go on like that you are sure to achieve victory. If you die without succeeding in your mission, God will be sorry, because He knows that you have been doing that at the risk of your life. Wouldn't God, in the position of Father, if He knows His son is going to die soon, want to give him something to help in any way possible? If you have that attitude, God is anxious and ready to help you. If you are confident enough to carry out 100 things, but you are qualified to carry out only 30, God is anxious to fill in the other 70. If you are doing this for your Father, wouldn't Father be ready to help you? Father, with love, is, in a way, weak before His children. With love, He is ready to do anything you ask. As for Master, once he starts doing things, he becomes intoxicated with the job. He forgets to eat, sleep, rest, and clothe himself. When I come to myself, I find God has been working with me. He is scared to think that I might die in doing this work. Neither Jesus, Buddha, nor Confucius had disciples so dedicated as to die in their place. But this Master of yours has disciples who are ready to sacrifice their lives for this great cause, and this is being done in my lifetime. Our work is on the worldwide level. Did Jesus succeed that much?

Out of all the saints sent by God, I think I am the most successful one already, as it now stands. Don't you think so? [Yes!] Even seeing that, you can trust me as your leader. You must know that this work of ours is a thing of tremendous value. If and when we have a nation of our own restored to God's side, how fast will our mission be realized? By that time we can stir up the whole world. Won't that be true? [Yes!] I am a thinker, I am your brain. Don't you think I have been thinking over and over again, and choosing this way? Even though I may be rejected by God, I choose this way. If I were in your position I would have achieved more. This is a wonderful way, and you must not regret that you have chosen this way. For any male or female being, this is the worthwhile way that you have chosen.

What is the judgment of personality? If you are well equipped, and you are the incarnation of God's words, then you will be intact from Satanic invasion. Satan would attack you on the individual, family, national and worldwide levels. If you are attacked on the individual, family or national levels, you will not fall. Then they can beat you by utilizing that power; you can advance more rapidly. If he beats upon your forehead, you are always on your toes, going all the time. So, if he beats upon your forehead, when his hand is gone, you can dash to the next step with more speed. Can you work automatically? So, Satan will have to give up. Then, he has to retreat and leave you. He will give up, saying, "However hard I may try I cannot attack him." Are you like that? Would you want to be like that at least? [Yes!] If you want to be like that, can you accomplish it standing still like this? You must try hard in training. Satan will use on you the same cunning method he has been using on our forefathers, past saints and martyrs. Now he is attacking you with that same power -- but you are more powerful and wiser -- and he will give up and leave you. After going through difficulties, when you attain the goal, God will find you there and will tell you, "Now I found one who resembles Me. I have gone through all difficulties and I am here intact from Satan. As the victor, you are the only one who resembles Me and you are the only son of mine." In that way you will pass the judgment of personality. That's the standard.

God made everything a success -- from the very beginning up to the present moment. If you resemble God, you will continue success, and by continued success you must attain the goal and render glory to God. God will cry out to Satan, "Come on, I can tackle you, I can win over you." God will not be a coward and beg Satan not to come. Would he beg Satan not to come or tell him to come? If you resemble your Father, you must be like that. You must call to the nation, "Come on, US and the whole world -- I will attack and win over you." "Come on, State of Wyoming, State of Texas!" Are you that way or not? [Yes!] Are you confident? [Yes!] When you should be like that, for instance, you will shrink back and say, "How can I meet the mayor?" If you shrink back, then how can you meet him, if there is any dignity in being the son of God? If you are the leader and say, "I am not good at raising money -- you go out," or "I am not good at witnessing -- you go out," are you capable and just don't have the time to go with the others -- or are you just saying that? Are you advancing, have you stopped, or are you retreating? Which category do you belong to? [Advancing.] You can say, "Yes!" But are you really like that? Is it true?

Those who have not been doing that, please advance forward from now on. You must fight through your way to win the people of position, knowledge and wealth. You must always be ready and on your toes all the time -- asleep, awake, in the bathroom or anywhere. When you are called, you must dash out and do your work. When you are resting, or eating, if there is a call to you, then would you abandon your meal, and talk to him? You don't know what a great thing can happen to that man. You don't know if you are going to fall prey by mishandling that man.

In my experience, if I didn't have anyone to give the lecture to, I would go to the top of the mountain and cry out to the whole world, or in an empty lot and wield my hands in giving the lecture. In cheering up the athletes on the athletic field, I will do the same -- with all my zeal. Before giving the lecture, I am always resolved to sweat more than anyone else, shed tears and blood more than anyone else. If I have no one to come, I will set out in search of the people. Even though I may have to walk all day, I will do that, spending many days until I find one at last. The person of the world, when I find him, may have wealth, position and knowledge -- more than I maybe -- but he lacks one thing. What I have more than he has is the thing of utmost value; I will attack him with this and he cannot resist. He cannot fast; he is not better at shouting on the street. He is not better at going through difficulties than I am. I excel him in many different and difficult ways. If he is without money, I can give him money out of the money I get from flower selling -- this is the most fascinating thing. To my eyes, the wealth, knowledge and the rest are just nothing. I have much better things than they have. When I buy a new pair of shoes, I will compete with them and say, "At the soonest possible date, I will wear you out." You are better than other people when you can do better things than other people, and when you can do things which other people cannot do. Arrogance is what Satan has in position, so we have to pick at it until it is annihilated -- the arrogance.

I am a cruel person in a way. When I was imprisoned, my mother would come to see me. If she said things in the worldly manner, I would cut her off and send her away. I would say, "Woman, don't weep for me, weep for the whole world. If you are sympathetic with me, I hate to see you -- go away from me." That's what I was and that's what I want you to be. You must have such a personality -- with which you can never fall prey before Satanic temptation. Before death, in the face of death, Jesus extended his arms and said, "Kill me," and at that instant he was not killed, and spiritually he had to resurrect. If you are determined to lose your life, no Satan can dare kill you. You have eternal life there. Are you like that? If you are not like that, God cannot bless you. If He does, the blessing will be grabbed away by Satan. But if you are so determined to face death without fear, then God will bless you and it cannot be taken by Satan. That is how to win in the judgment of personality. Win over all the temptation coming from Satan, and go to the standard where God can bless you. That's the point where you can win in the judgment of personality and that's how it was with Jesus.

Are you better than Jesus? You must be better than him. Yes, you must be confident that you can do better things and you can be better than Jesus, because Jesus died and could save the world only on the spiritual level. But you are going to save the world both on the spiritual level and physical level. You must be confident that you are better than Jesus. The whole world is in my hand, and I will conquer and subjugate the world. I will go beyond the boundary of the US, opening up the toll gate, reaching out to the end of the world. I will go forward, piercing through everything. Are you with that attitude? With that zeal and courage? Are you not scared? You must be with strength here. Unless you are like that, you cannot go over or win in the judgment of personality. May I continue? This is not the subject I originally intended to talk on. This is only the by-product. I started to talk about the value of the training course and I came to this point. But even though I may go astray, I never forget the mainstream of the path.

The third judgment is heart or love. Do you want me to speak in concrete terms? I have limited time. Have you ever loved a person in the truest sense? Do you have the pride of having been able to love with that kind of love? Then, you cannot safely say that you have loved a person. Without that kind of love, you cannot be proud of yourself before God, before the past, present, or future. You yourself must have loved to that extent. Is that real love? The term "to love" means to love someone else in the objective position. Love starts only when you have a person in the objective position. What is the standard of love in the truest sense? There are many kinds of love in the world: love between friends, between husband and wife, between a couple -- which can sometimes be endangered, in that they can fight because they love each other. If one of the two does things three times or more, then the quarrel starts. The one who started the quarrel does so on the pretext that he has done those things because he loves his spouse. At one misused word or action, horror can come between the couple. Have you ever quarreled between blessed couples? The question of love always brings a quarrel in the family. The woman may think her husband is loving her less than he used to, and that's the seed of her quarrel. From the man's part, too, his wife seems to be reserved in devotedness, and he is so greedy as to want utter devotedness from her. Why is it so? It is because love should be unreserved -- and if you are self-centered, if a little bit or a tiny fragment of ego is there, we cannot call it total love in the true sense. You must deny your whole being in loving your spouse. If a particle of you is left there, your love is not a wholesome one. Love, in the true sense, must be like that. Do you understand? So, if you find yourself self-centered, you must shake off the particle of yourself playing the role there.

How wonderful love must be if it is as pure as that. So, true love must accompany true sacrifice. That sacrifice will be willing sacrifice. With this love, you can subjugate any individual, family, nation and the whole world. I must ask you again, have you ever loved a person with that kind of love? If not, you are not qualified to receive God's love -- you cannot dream of receiving His love. Before wanting to receive God's love, you must practice loving people to that standard. You must miss not only your sweetheart, your lover, but you must miss every child of God with love of that kind. Until you are exhausted in tears, until your legs are fatigued, until your whole energy is exhausted in search of that person, you must miss that person. You must be ready to give out your life for that person. You must pour out the whole of your being into that person. You must invest your life in that person; your life will be multiplied in that person. You must plant your soul in that person in order for your soul to be multiplied. Jesus must be loving people with that kind of love. Have you ever loved God with that kind of love? Without that kind of experience you cannot call yourself a wholesome human being. In that case, you must be so humble as to say to God, "Don't come near me; I am not qualified. If there is anyone as true as God, don't come near me -- I am not pure." Have, you ever dreamed of loving like that? As you now exist -- as dirty as clay -- as disfigured as a disabled man -- you just want to come near God -- you want to be associated with any man. In that case, you are going to be the robber of love. In order to love the people in the true sense, you must purify your love. Don't you think so? If your eyes would sin, if your nose, mouth, ears and limbs are used for insane love, disfigured love, you must feel like plucking them out. You must know that you are not qualified even to love the ugliest woman or the ugliest man. It is a serious question.

May I stop here? [No!] I will become more and more serious -- and you will have to cry. When I think of God, I am truly sympathetic with Him -- for wholesome, perfect, absolute God, who always has to look at a world full of disfigured, disabled, crippled persons. He is ready with beautiful, pure love to be poured down on us, but we are not ready to receive that kind of love. We are not ready vessels for the love to come. But He is ready to give us more and more love. Thus, He is a pitiful being. Because He has that kind of love for men, He is ready to save mankind despite all the hardships and disillusionment. For God to meet one man -- the Messiah -- to locate such a person as His true son, was His desire all throughout history. There have been multitudes of people in the world who have been willing to receive God's love, but there has not been a single person ready to love God -- except the Messiah. Because he knows that, Master never gets tired. "Oh, Father, you have been betrayed by the many saints you have been sending to the world, and by individuals, families and nations -- by the whole of humankind, the whole world. Your heart is aching and torn into pieces. I have to restore you to happiness, and I am going to render you happiness. I will never cease to work until I return to you with joy and happiness." I would tell him not to worry about anything. I am in His place to work for Him until I turn the last one of all humanity back to Him. In that place, I am serious enough to excel Jesus when he prayed his last prayer. Compared to that, my agony is greater. I feel that I have the totalization of all the betrayals committed by the past saints. Thus, I have to return glory to God, to clear away His resentment and remorse and disillusionment. Only a small number of people are here as members in this movement, to work for the great cause. But I am not worried about the small number. If you are dedicated enough to work at the cost of your lives, we are going to be of tremendous strength, and we are going to be victors at the last. All through human history, God has been planting His love in human hearts, on the individual, family, national and world levels.

God has never been able to reap all those loves; but we are here to reap -- and by reaping them we can return the crops to God. You must be awakened to the fact that you are the totalization of the fruit. When you are reaped in God's hands, with all the rest of humanity, God gains your fruit. Now that I have reaped all that was planted in humanity, then I have to replant it into the soil of mankind, the soil of the world. With myself planted in the soil of humanity as the seed, then I will multiply your love all through human history from now on and forever. If I am going to plant Godly love into the hearts of the people, it will be multiplied to cover the whole world -- and I know that they will come. This is the mission of everyone here. When I send you out, you are in place of me -- every one of you. I want you to witness to the people; bring many more people into the movement. But that is not the ultimate goal. In doing so, you must plant the heart of God into many people, and have them multiply it into the whole world. That's the fundamental thing I want you to carry out.

How many people have you been loving with the truest love? Have you ever loved the people with the heart of the Father, in the shoes of a servant, shedding tears for the people, sweat for the earth, and blood for heaven? Do you really understand what I mean? Do you? So, you must ask yourself always, "Have you ever loved a person with that kind of love?" With the love you have been receiving from God, you must go on loving all the rest of mankind. That's the heart of love. Unless you reach that standard, you are liable to the judgment of heart or love. Have you ever held a person, and in a tearful way spoken to him and wept to him -- and he sobbed in sorrow in repentance? When you meet one person, you must think of the person like this, "I am here for this person." You must feel that what you have gone through, all difficulties and hardships, will be fruitful in this person, and you will never let him go without having him in the Family. If you are in the position of absolute plus, then absolute minuses can be created there. So, the question is you, yourself. It is because I have this kind of love, people around me miss me; and even though they may not have food to eat, clothes to wear and a place to shelter themselves, they miss me and are crazy over me and want to come close to me. This is only because I am like that with God. Have you ever woken up during the night, opened the window and looked out in meditation -- thinking of your members, missing them and feeling compassion for them?

Have you ever climbed up a high peak in the early morn, at dawn, prayed and looked down at the whole world and in tearful prayers asked God to save the whole world -- feeling that you were responsible for all mankind? Have you ever missed persons so that they cannot but come to you? Have you ever experienced that? I have set up the tradition, I have paved the way for you to go. You on whom I rely and send out to the battlefield -- if you are not in my place, and if you don't resemble me, how can I work through you? You have failed me disillusioned me many times. Still, I have to trust you, I have to rely on you, because I have no one else better than you. To think of how many times do I have to endure disillusionment and betrayal from you -- and I feel dark. But again, when I think of God, who has been faced with disillusionment and betrayal all through human history, I think my disillusion and betrayal is nothing compared with what God has gone through. I am revitalized, and feel like relying on you again. I am ready to lose. It's all right.

But if I would let go as you will, then I will go astray. So, I have to drive you on the right road. It's my heart. If I advise you again and again, and you would go astray, for the rest of the multitude, I must go on, letting you go. In the course of the history of the Unification Church, there have been many people failing away, but the number of reversing members would be multiplied -- and those who fell away are in misery. A self-centered person with ego is always the one who falls away. However old one may be in the movement, if he or she is self-centered, sooner or later, that person will have nothing to do with our movement. But, unlike such persons, even though others may betray you and fall away, if you go on the road with a steady pace you will reach the goal. You must be ready to help the people, save the people, and die for the people. You must be ready with your will upon your death. You must locate the one who will accomplish that which you leave. Who is going to be my heir? I am always looking for one like that. I sometimes think of a certain member to be my heir in this movement in the future, then I am disillusioned. Again I find another and another -- and there are not many on whom I can really rely. Between the couples your standard of love must be this: when you look at your husband, you must think how close is he to God, to our Master, to the standard set up in the movement? If your wife is fading away from that standard, she is failing away. There must be that standard of your love.

Are you qualified heirs to God? Can God rely on you, to leave everything in your hands? That's the measure of love coming from God. It's a grave question. There is a set standard of love from God and you must reach that point -- or go beyond that. Otherwise, you cannot come to God and hug Him and call him Father, and you cannot be received by Him. Unless you reach that standard, you are liable to judgment in the heart or love of God. Are you so qualified as to be received by God? He will wipe away your tears, your agony and the rest, and will take you to the most sanctified place to change your clothes and to give you all the glory He has. There is no change in my original intention to bring you to that place -- transcendent of national boundaries, transcendent of the barriers between East and West. Since I am like that it is natural for all the people to want to come to me -- and before long there will be no national boundaries -- no boundaries of any kind between individuals. In the end, there will be a day in which the whole human family will be restored under God as the Parents.

Do you really love me? [Yes!] But you must know that you are not quite qualified for love from me. You cannot love me either. In the course of restoration, you must go back and find your spiritual children and then you can come to me. Unless you are true parents to those spiritual children of yours, you cannot come to me and become one with me. That is what the Principle teaches us. For this I have struggled all through my life. I want you to love your brothers and sisters more than you would me. Love between brothers and sisters is what I want in loving them, love them more than you would me, I must say again.

In that case I will be drawn to you and I will be helping you, working through you. Then, in that way, you will have loved me and I will love you. So, before loving me, why don't you love your brothers and sisters and your spiritual children? We are training you to practice love until we reach out to the whole world and cover the whole world -- this is what we are going to do here. Can you complain here, can you be frustrated? Can you be tired while I am not? You must never dream of being a failure. On the way, even though the road may be bumpy and hard to tread on, you must think of what Master has gone through and what God has gone through; then your difficulty will be melted away. Even though I may die here at this very moment, my place is in heaven; but I worry about you and I cannot leave you alone. So, I am with you -- I am ready to work with you. If you complain against me, if you are unwilling to go this way already paved by me, what am I to do?

In love, you must connect: you must connect God, Adam, Eve and then children, so that we have three generations. We must be able to connect three generations in love. That means, when we learn to love, we learn from our parents -- from God, and then Adam and Eve -- the children, of parents give the love they have learned from their parents to their children. When the children are grown up, they then know how to give love to their children. In the world of love, there is no discrimination. What you have received from your parents in the form of love will be transmitted to your children, and the children in turn will do the same with their descendants. Is there any difference between the love you received from your parents, and the love you give your children? Is there any revolution here in the parental love? You must love your spiritual children as you would your own children, and as our True Parents would love you. In that way; love will be multiplied, and the family will be prosperous. That is how we restore our heart and, love. You cannot go to heaven all by yourself. You are in Adam's place. You must have a spouse; you must have at least three spiritual children, raise them to be wholesome and reach their, maturity to be blessed by God in holy marriage; and only with those eight members can you go. to heaven. It's like the eight members of Adam's family and Noah's family. That's exactly what Jesus was going to do with his three disciples or more. Before winning his bride he had to die. We have to accomplish in our own lifetimes what Jesus left unaccomplished. Heaven is the place where the couples having multiplied those members come and enter with all those. After having experienced that kind of love on earth, they can enter the kingdom. Only after you are already loved by me, can you know how to love each other and your spiritual children. I want you to bestow my love to you and to your spiritual children. Unless you do that, you cannot raise your spiritual children'. That is the formula for entering the kingdom of heaven.

I am here to restore love to the original love. Now that I have planted divine love in your hearts, you must practice it, multiply and plant it in many hearts. Have you done that? In loving you, do you think that I was so selfish as to want to get something out of you? Would I calculate some reward when I give love to you? Then you must exercise the same love toward other people. In the worldly sense, you are going to love your nation, your own people. You must love your own people more than I love them. But I am loving this nation more than you do. I am not conscience stricken, even though I drive you hard to do this. I feel it is only natural and logical to do this. I want to make you persons who can receive love from me and who can love others. Would your, love be of a higher dimension than the love between Eve and the Archangel? That's what makes the world heaven. You must have a clear conception of what the heavenly kingdom is. If you don't, if you are not able to place yourself in the position where you can love people with a love of a higher dimension than Adam's or Eve's or the Archangel's, then you are not qualified for that.

When you go beyond that level, where you win in the judgment of heart, then the place where those people live is the heavenly kingdom on earth. Do you understand? Do you see the possibility of our realizing this on earth? Then, there is the possibility of the erection of the kingdom of heaven on earth. We'll do it with our own hands. That is how the world of heart and love goes. If we have that kind of love, God will come abide in us and live among us. Go ahead and do that, and you will find out if my words are a lie or the truth. If every moment, after practicing love, you feel that your love has not been enough -- and in repentance you want to have more love to be distributed to others, then the heavenly kingdom cannot but come through you. If you feel that your love is not enough, and you are tearful and you struggle harder, then in that kind of world of heart, the kingdom of God can come. In that case, you will win in the judgment of love or heart. Is it clear to you?

I want you to be determined to get at least 70 points on the examination after the lecture, or above. By that you will win in the judgment of words. Then, out in the battlefield, I want you to win in the judgment of personality, and finally, in the judgment of love. In subjugating Satan or Satanic people, you must subjugate them with the weapon I of love, with the weapon of personality and the weapon of words -- and then they will either leave you or be absorbed by you. If you have a love of higher dimension than that which is exercised in the Satanic world, it is something like building a stronghold to surround us. No Satanic power can invade that society. If the Satanic power tries to invade, God will fight against that power and repel it. If we, in this manner, can reach out to the end of the world, the Satanic world will come to an end and our world will begin. But until we reach the goal, you must realize that there are many boundaries. Even if we have won on the level of the individual, there is the family level, then there is the next level, and still the next to come and attack us. But after we have won the last level of things to reach the whole world, then we can have the whole world under God and under us.

When we are in our battle against the whole nation of the US -- if you are truly in love with this nation, and if you love this nation more than anyone else, this nation will come into God's possession, and Satan will have nothing to do with it. That is what the Principle is. If we go on like this, wouldn't the US come to us? That's only too natural, and we can see it. We know the tactics, the strategy: our strategy is to be united into one with ourselves, and with that as the bullet, we can smash the whole world. Does it sound possible?

So, I want you to have confidence. Whatever village, whatever town, you may visit, you must have confidence; and with that zeal you can have the love of God and can be resolved to smash the whole world. Rain or snow, even in storm, if you visit the community with love, in due course of time, in three years -- or at the longest seven years -- they will recognize you, love you and come to their knees before you.

In anything and everything there must be a standard. So after the training course, if you get 70 points or more, we will send you out to the front line; then those weaker soldiers will be brought back to be trained here. All things will be done like this in circular motion. Well trained, more qualified persons will go out to do their work on the front line; and so many people will be brought back to Belvedere to be trained, and this will continue. Those working on the front line will be made stronger and stronger. From the next time on, those who got already over 70% will go out, while the rest of the people will have to go through training. They will leave from the conference earlier than others. The rest will have to stay until they get 70% or more. You cannot escape from it.

This I am not doing for my sake, but for your sake. As I said before, even though I may have to die at this very moment, I have no regrets. I left my people in Korea and came here to fight for your nation. I always say to myself that I have done my part for Korea. Since I came beyond the national boundary, having done my part for the nation of Korea, I am qualified for heaven and I don't feel death. Would you become so qualified a person as to have won in the judgment of words, in the judgment of personality and in the last judgment of heart and love? [Yes!] You promised me -- so the day I find you not quite that, if I have to beat you, drive you, harder than ever, you wouldn't complain, would you? If your parents send you to school and you flunk, then it's natural for you to be scolded by your parents. If, even in failure, you protest and complain against your parents, can they love you? They may have to kick at you. You are destined to have to go through training and pass the examination, so you cannot but push yourself hard to study. You must listen to the lecture, study hard on your own, take the examination, pass it, and practice it on the front line. Even on the front line, before giving the lecture, you must pray hard, read again and stand before the people, giving the lecture. A little later, the examination will be harder, because you will have to have an examination on my speech, too. There are going to be many subjects in this Divine Principle university. It will become harder and harder. So, unless you are well armed with the Divine Principle, you cannot go through the rest easily.

Based on the Divine Principle alone, you can understand Master's speech, Victory Over Communism and Unification Thought. In the future, when we have more members, a vast number of members, and I am pressed with so many other things, I have no time for this kind of thing. In case I cannot give you a detailed speech, then I will have to give an examination with questions like: "Do you know what heart is, what love is in the truest sense?" and have to ask you for the answer. In the future, only those who study everything Master says can pass everything. Every political and economic situation in every field can be solved based on the Divine Principle. Can you solve other problems without knowledge of the Divine Principle? So, without even eating, you are going to study the Divine Principle hard. Would you want me to be harsh and to drive you to study?

You will be a failure without hard study. Even though it may not be absolute, your grade will show whether you are a failure or a success. You are going to go through three trainings; if you are found to be a failure after three examinations, I cannot set hope on you. In the 100 Day Training Course, after several cycles of the lectures, you will go out to learn how to raise funds, and then you will go out to practice teaching the Divine Principle. There will be many personnel shifts made at our conference this time. But don't be discouraged if you are deprived of the right of being State Representative, Commander, Itinerary Workers; you will, in that case, have the privilege of being trained here. After awhile you will be trained so that you can take a position, being more qualified than before. Through 40 days you will have six cycles of Divine Principle lectures. If you study hard, after the sixth cycle of lectures -- or in the course of them -- you can imagine what will come next when the lecturer gives you a certain chapter. You can even analyze or criticize President Kim's lecture. You may think, "The last time I came he gave a dynamic lecture, but he is tired this time; when I give the lecture I will never be tired," etc. In your own way, you can organize your lecture. In order for you to be a dynamic lecturer, you must know the knack of holding and possessing the listeners' hearts. If there appears a crack in the man's personality, you wedge in a chisel, and split the person apart. For the first few lectures, you will just memorize. But after that, you will study the character of your audience, and adapt your lecture. If he is a scientist, you will approach him differently than a commercial man, artist, etc. The audience as a whole will have a nature, and you must be flexible.

At least two weeks -- you must experience flower selling -- two weeks to 30 days. Whether in two weeks or in one full month, until you raise 80 dollars a day; then you go to rallies, witnessing, and then if you cannot bring in three persons in one month's time, you cannot go. That's the formula you have to go through. Twenty people are now going through flower selling. They were supposed to go to New York Center to help in witnessing to the people; but since time is limited, they will have to go out in place of those who will come for training. Commanders on the mobile teams, the rest of the people who are here for the conference, will have to go through those stages -- even though the time will be shorter. If you attain that standard in passing the examination on the Divine Principle, and if you make that amount of money per day, then witnessing and bringing people in so many days, then you can go out. If you accomplish it in more days, your time will be prolonged. People will be circulated like that. If you fail in doing that, you will have no foothold.

In this way, I am going to elevate you to the same standard. Then, I will assemble future leaders from all over the world and do the same to them and with them. Do you understand? Be ready to go through that. Each and every one of you. Either toward the end of June, or very possibly the first part of July, I may have to go back to Korea via Europe before coming back this fall. I cannot leave unless I have made 400 mobile team members. There are many things to be straightened up by me in Japan and Korea, so I have to go back, but then I will return.

So, be determined to go through those things, and make it in such a way that you don't have to go through three cycles. Just by having one training session, you can become qualified for all those things. In the future, without your going through the training session, we will not send you out as leaders in responsible positions. We will bring in more people from the mobile teams than from the members in the states. So, the members in the states will have to go to the mobile teams -- and from there will come here. Each and every mobile team should be able to bring ten members at least; and at least three should be sent here for training. One out of three is the formula, so three out of ten will come for training. Those who are trained will be sent back to the mobile team, and more members will come for training. The mobile teams will be increased in number to cover all the states, and each mobile team will have to grow until it has 40 members. Then the teams will be multiplied and the number will be multiplied. If teams of 40 members each are stationed in each of the 50 states, that means 2,000 people. In the future, in each state, four mobile units will be the ideal number -- that means 160 in each state, and in 60 states, 8,000. If that number of members are working in 50 states, we can do anything with senators and congressmen; we can influence them. Even senators representing that state will have to beg the help of our State Representatives.

If that number of people are well armed with the Divine Principle, Unification Thought and Victory Over Communism ideology, their speech will influence the whole population. Then the Republican Party will want to have you on their side, while the opposition party will want to have you on their side. You must say, "Come to me." Unless we are that powerful, we cannot save this nation. The State Representative is only 23 years old now; but after three years or more, perhaps senators will come to take him to their place in a luxurious car, and they will put themselves at his disposal. That's what is happening in Korea. If the US continues its corruption, and we find among the senators and congressmen no one really usable for our purposes, we can make senators and congressmen out of our members. Would you want to be wives to senators and congressmen? The male members -- wouldn't you like to be senators? If you have confidence, you will make it possible and I will make you that. I have met many famous -- so-called "famous" -- senators and congressmen, but to my eyes they are just nothing; they are weak and helpless before God. They are scared to think it might be possible that they will not be reelected. I didn't see any confidence in them. But if our foundation has been laid, are we going to be confident persons or not? [Yes!] Then we will win the battle. This is our dream, our project -- but shut your mouth tight, have hope and go on to realize it. As it now stands, forget about those things, and try hard to lay the foundation for those things. I will be with you and I will guide you.

My dream is to organize a Christian political party including the Protestant denominations, Catholics and all the religious sects. Then, the communist power will be helpless before ours. We are going to do this because the communists are coming to the political scene. Before the pulpit, all the ministers of the established churches must give their sermon on how to smash or absorb communism -- but they are not doing that. We are going to do this. Unless we lay the foundation for this, we cannot carry it out. In the Medieval Ages, they had to separate from the cities -- statesmanship from the religious field -- because people were corrupted at that time. But when it comes to our age, we must have an automatic theocracy[*] to rule the world. So, we cannot separate the political field from the religious. Democracy was born because people ruled the world, like the Pope does. Then, we come to the conclusion that God has to rule the world, and God loving people have to rule the world -- and that is logical. We have to purge the corrupted politicians, and the sons of God must rule the world. The separation between religion and politics is what Satan likes most.

But I am not going to send you into the political field right away -- but later on when we are prepared. If we multiply the people by planting God's love in their hearts, they are naturally going to come to us. We can rule them with love. If we have 50,000 members all over the, country, under one command from Master, if they are told to come and live in New York, what would happen? Upon my command to the Europeans and others throughout the world to come live in the US, wouldn't they obey me? Then, what would happen? We can embrace the religious world in one arm and the political world in the other. With this great ideology, if you are not confident to do this, you had better die. Are you resolved for that, and confident for that? [Yes!] Are you resolved? I don't see the possibility. Still, would you want to do that? [Yes!] Then, I come to surrender before you.

I am versatile, I am many sided. Back in Korea, last year, we staged an athletic gathering which we called the International Religious Peoples' Olympics. If it's going to grow, the Olympics we now have will be superseded. Last year in Germany, the shooting tragedy came about after the athletic race. At that time, I said, "Since I began my project of International Religious Peoples' Olympics, it is natural that Satan would do that." They are on the slope of declining. I am going to choose a football team from this nation and send them to Korea. Are there many who are good at football? The number of athletic games will be increased. There is significance to my organizing that. The present UN must be annihilated by our power. That is the stage for the communists. We must make a new UN Then, I must be able to make out of you world renowned personages. Wouldn't you want to be trained for that? You will have to go through training of such a type that history has never seen.

Are you anxious for that or are you scared? [Anxious!] You resemble me. I must stop here. Now you have a clear idea of what training means and what our training is going to be like. You try to put yourself in a place to suit that standard, and by going over that you will pass the judgment. By bringing in people, you raise the people to your standard; and by bringing in people here, we will raise the people to that standard, too. After awhile, if you go through training in a shorter time, then I will take them boating on the Hudson River. People will be anxious to come to Belvedere.

With a brilliant hope like this we will strive on.

[*] This speech is the source of an infamous quote in which True Father apparently calls for an "automatic theocracy to rule the world." A more careful translation showed that he did not actually say this, but described God's will being realized through the democratic process by the election of godly leaders. See The Need for a Critical Edition of Reverend Moon's Words by Andrew Wilson published in the Journal of Unification Studies Vol. 9, 2008
(Note added on October 4, 2015 by Dan Fefferman]
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