The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

The Path Of Abel

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 4, 1973
First Directors' Conference
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good morning. My subject this morning is "The Path of Abel." We have been taught that Abel is the central figure in the providence of God. Abel is in the place of Adam, but Abel cannot tread on his road or path without the cooperation of others. And he must be equipped with certain conditions. The first thing is faith. The next thing he would want to have is an offering. On the foundation of faith he will make the offering and the offering represents his own life and his whole being. In the course of restoration, we always reach God through an offering. We can never make light of the offering, because it represents our faith, our life and our own being. The path for Abel is to reach God through the offering or beyond the offering.

In order to make offerings before God, we must become one with the offering so that it will signify that our own selves are the offering; but unless our mind and body become one, we cannot be a wholesome offering to God. Without our mind and body becoming one and being put together with the offering, we cannot reach God -- and the offering will not be acceptable to God. The offering not only represents oneself, but the whole world, because one's self represents the whole world. Well, the offering [to] the right is God and to the left is Satan. With you as the offering, the same thing is true: to your right is God and to your left is Satan. But you must remember, what we need is God, not Satan -- and we want to have our offering accepted by God, not by Satan.

Then what is an offering at all? An offering is a creation, is something created, created things. Then why do we have to put the things of Creation between God and ourselves? That means to place ourselves on the vertical line. Originally, without the human Fall, man was to dominate all things; but due to the human Fall, man is to reach God through the offering. That is, we have to bow down before the offering in order to reach God. In falling, the heavier thing would f all first or would be at the bottom. So, since the human Fall came about, due to sinful men heavy with evil and sin, then man's dominatorship was taken away and man is to bow down before all other things. If I were to go into details, it would take hours -- but I am going to make it simple, as simple as possible, so that it will take a short time. But you must know this thing to a certain extent because you are going to be leaders of other groups, and when you have questions from them, you must be able to answer them.

In other words, man is worse than all other things, as the Bible says. Our making the offering is to bring us back to the position from which we originally fell. In other words, we have to restore ourselves to the original station or status. So, I repeat: only through the offering can we reach God. We must remember that on both sides of ourselves and on both sides of the offering, there are God and Satan. With Satan added to me or clinging to me, can we make a good offering to God? [NO!] Therefore, we must be desperate to unite our mind and body into one to offer to God, because if those two are separated our flesh side is vulnerable to Satan; so in our desperate effort to make those into one, we will put it with the offering and go to God. Otherwise, there is no way for us to reach God, and our mind is in the position of Adam, while our flesh side is in the position of the archangel, and we have to have our fleshly side obey Adam, just as we have to make the archangel obey Adam. In that case, our fleshly side is in the position of the archangel restored to the original position without having anything to do with sin. So, Satan will be separated. Do you understand?

So, when you make offerings, if you are greedy and harsh and selfish, and if your think of the reward coming from the offering, that is nullified and the offering will not be accepted by God.

Self -centeredness and selfishness is prohibited there and if you have those elements, more Satanic power will take hold of you. With your mind and your body -- one in the position of Adam and the other in the position of the archangel -- put together, you can separate Satan, and you can become one with God, and Satan has nothing to do with you at that moment. Then, with yourself put together with the Creation, you restore your dominatorship over the Creation.

You must make this clear. When your mind and body become one that means that Adam and the archangel become one, and your wholeness will become one with the offering -- and then, that is a condition having nothing to do with sin or Satan; so in that case you have restored your dominatorship over the Creation, without the Satanic invasion there. In that situation you have restored yourself and you have restored the Creation and you have restored the dominatorship of Adam without the Fall, so you can be one with God.

To put it in order, by Adam and the archangel being separated from each other, man lost the dominatorship over the Creation. So, by Adam and the archangel, by the man in Adam's position and the other in the position of the archangel, becoming one -- mind in Adam's position and fleshly side in the archangel's position -- they become one and restore the dominatorship over all things. Do you understand that much? So, you must be very serious in making offerings. If you do it at random or make light of it, you will be punished. That is a grave question.

In any religion we see that they make offerings. In a cult religion or any low-level religions, in any of that type of religion, we find that they make offerings of some kind. When you make donations, contributions, alms to the church, it is a type of offering. In human society, we exchange gifts with other people; if you calculate something, some reward coming from them, that is not the way it should be. If the gift is going to add up to the common interest of the two, it will be all right; but if in giving the gifts, you have a self-centered idea, it is not the way it should be.

If you are giving the gift to that person as a reward for something you have already been given from him, that is very good. In utterance, too, when we say things for a selfish purpose, in order to make that person sacrifice himself f or the sake of yourself, that is no way for your tongue to be used. And, as I have told you on this, some time later I will give you an examination on that -- right after this speech. So you must remember.

I am not just saying ordinary things, but this is the measure by which to judge you. Without following Abel, you cannot go into the Kingdom of Heaven. This is absolutely necessary for you to know. Everything we see, everything we hear, everything we utter -- all those things must be in accordance with that law. For us fallen men, we must go to God by going through the offering-and by doing, ourselves being the offering.

So you must think of things, say things and act out things for the sake of others, at the sacrifice of your own self. In the path of faith, would you think we are in need of offering or not? In the Divine Principle, which you are learning now, you have learned about the Foundation of Faith. Then, what can decide on the Foundation of Faith? What? [To sacrifice ourselves!] The condition of sacrifice, yes. Without the Foundation of Faith there, we cannot have or enjoy the Foundation of Substance. But, it is not that after the Foundation of Faith is laid, then the Foundation of Substance will be on the top of that. But those two must come together -- must be created or produced together. With the Foundation of Faith, you will give the offering, and by giving the offering you, yourself, play the role of the offering and those two go together. Only by your mind and body becoming one as the wholesome sacrifice, then can you have another as such in Cain's position, with you in the position of Abel.

So, the person with his mind and body separated, without becoming one with each other, cannot be placed in Abel's position at all. So, by doing this, if and when you form the Foundation of Substance -- only then can you march forward to God. What does the offering decide on? [The Foundation of Faith] And what does the Foundation of Substance decide on? [The Foundation of Faith] The Foundation of Substance, or if you have restored the substantial foundation in yourself, you must be able to subjugate Cain, because you are in Abel's position. If you are to really restore yourself as the Foundation of Substance, you cannot do that all by yourself. Without Cain there you cannot restore the Foundation of Substance in yourself. That means, without being able to subjugate Cain, you have not really restored yourself.

At the time of the Fall, Adam lost faith in God and then lost the Foundation of Substance in himself, because he was not so created as to be simple. So, in the restoration course he must restore himself; and, at the same time, after having restored himself on the Foundation of Faith, he must be able to restore one in Cain's position. After having done all these, he can restore the love from God. At the time of the Fall, Adam lost his faith, lost his substantial being; that is, lost his original status. And then he lost love. All those three things he lost at the time of the Fall, and they must be restored. But, when do we locate or restore the love? Only when the Messiah comes! The Messiah being the source of love, you would want to receive that love; but without your having restored the substance in yourself, and without your having restored the faith, you cannot be entitled to that, to the love from him. With the Messiah as the mediator, or with your becoming one, you can enjoy the love from God and God himself will be yours. Is it clear to you? You must bear this in mind.

In the course of restoration, you must be able to restore your faith, your being as the substance, and the love; those three things must be restored. In order for you to be able to restore your faith, you must be able to unite your mind and body into one. Without this done, you cannot separate Satan from yourself. After restoring yourself by putting your mind and body into one, resembling God, you can really become one with the created things, as the offering which is intact from the sin from Satan, and then by putting yourself into oneness with the offering, you can be one with God. Your restored self is in the position of mind or Abel, and the created things are in the position of Cain or the external you; only when those two are put together can you really subjugate those in the position of Cain.

In restoring Cain, you cannot just subjugate him, but you must be able to pour out your energy, your love and everything to him and win his mind; then he will reach you through the offering. Well, in return, he would like to give you gifts -- or through some condition, he would like to join you and be put together with you -- you can be the whole offering to God and you are the qualified being. I n that case, Cain will inherit what you, as Abel, have already restored. I n that case, you and the person in Cain's position are something like Adam and the archangel restored. So, love from God will be the next thing, and with you in the position of Abel and that person in the position of Cain, put together -- only then are you entitled to minister to or to have the Messiah.

Due to the human Fall, we are born of the lineage of Satan, so we have to shift the lineage into that of the Messiah -- and in doing that, we have to be able to separate Satan first of all, and then become one with Cain; then we can go to the Messiah. Then, why do we need the Messiah as the mediator? We want to separate from the lineage of Satan and belong to the lineage of our True Parents. The Messiah is the one who is in the position of the True Parents; after having restored ourselves by subjugating Cain, we want to restore our life by being shifted to another lineage of purity, and we need the Messiah in that position as the True Parents, and we must be reborn out of him, in the bondage of love, Divine Love from him. It is sort of the reverse way to restore ourselves to the original position. Then, do we really need the Messiah? [YES!] You must know this clearly. You cannot need or have the Messiah all by yourself. You must be able to subjugate Cain and become one with him, and only after having done that can you reach him.

Due to the human Fall, we are divided into two. We are twos, each of us are twos. Due to the Fall, man is divided into two, and so by putting those two into one, only by our mind and body becoming one, can we be wholesome individuals. Without the human Fall, was there any Cain-type and Abel-type in ourselves? [NO!] Adam was whole as Adam and Eve was a wholesome woman, as an individual. But division came about in our own selves, so without putting those two into one we cannot be wholesome as individuals. But, even though you are one like that, between your mind and body, can you go to Heaven all by yourself? [NO!] Then, who can send you to Heaven -- Cain? Abel? Then, we can well say that Cain is the one who can send you to Heaven, because without subjugating Cain, without uniting yourself with Cain, you cannot go to Heaven. Well, in other words, we can even use an extreme expression, saying that Satan is the one who will send us to Heaven, because he must let us go; unless he is separated from us, unless he lets us go, we cannot go to Heaven. Isn't that true? [YES!]

Well, when you know this clearly, you may as well say, "Well, God is the greatest, but the second greatest is Cain." Without the cooperation of Cain, or the Cain-type element or the Cain-type group, you are not entitled to Heaven. So, this has been the obstacle, this has been the key to the Kingdom of God. Because of this, Jesus had to die. Because of this not having been done, our Master, our Father, has had to go through difficulties. He, in the position of Abel, knows all these theories; but the Cains are blind to the fact, and he has been so agonized for them.

This has been the formula and this still is the formula -- having to be a pride to the Providence -- and this Abel is anxious to get your cooperation and get you to become one with him, but you are so black and you are blind to the fact, and you are reluctant to become with him, always in slumber. You don't know the time, whether it is morning or evening. That is what makes him agonized all the way. Without applying the formula, no problem in human society will be solved -- but in the degree of your being attached to him, there is a vast difference from each other, there is a variety of degrees. You have your own Cain. Do you or don't you? Restored Cain? You are in absolute need of Cain, restored by your own hands. Don't you? [YES!] Then, the one in the position of Cain to you is worth more than your life -- you must know that if you are going to be given real life. Then, in what way and where can you subjugate Cain? Well, in relaxation in your own home, sleeping and eating as usual, can you do that? You must be able to restore Cain on the individual level, but in the end you must be able to subjugate Cains on the worldwide level -- and which would you prefer to do? [WORLDWIDE LEVEL!] The Messiah is the person who is here to subjugate Cains in the past, in the present and in the future. That is because he is the central figure of the whole history of mankind. If all the people of the world knew that the Messiah is such a person, would they believe in him or not?

So, theoretically and in Principle, all the people of the world are going to be united into one, and it will prove true. This is the secret, and this has been the secret between God and Satan -- and with this interwoven in human history, all entangled things came about, and we must solve or resolve or dissolve those things according to the formula. If the Christian people had understood that the offering has been so important, and that, in returning to God, we must be able to subjugate or get the cooperation of Cain, they could not have been corrupted like this. This is why we witness to the people; do you know all this clearly? Without this done, how can you restore the whole world? This is the only way, the only path for us to reach God. By restoring all the rest of the people, we will go back to God. Otherwise, we will remain in a position near Satan.

You have your clothing on, but you must always think that things are always in the position of the offering, including your flesh. In other words, your fleshly side is in the position of Cain to your mind as Abel. So, your fleshly side has something to do with Satan, connected with him. You must realize this fact. Isn't that true? But, there is the tape or channel going back and forth from your mind to God, from God to your mind. Well, only by your mind subjugating your fleshly side and becoming one with that is your clothing yours. Clothing, in that case, is not the mind or the body, but yours as a whole being. Then, your clothing has nothing to do with Satan, and will be wholly yours; and with that wholesome you, put together with Cain, by your subjugating Cain and getting cooperation from Cain, you can really be qualified to reach God.

Your table, radio, bed, television and everything else you have in your possession are the offerings. Everything in the position of Cain has something to do with your fleshly side. Well, in the worldly sense, your own physical parents, your brothers and sisters, your children, relatives, neighbors and friends -- those are all in Cain's position. But with your mind is associated your passed-away ancestors, or even your physical parents, friends, relatives, if they are on the side of good. Whenever you look at a thing in your possession, you must re-evaluate that: "Have I got this by deceiving other people, by some evil means?" If that is true, this is Satan and the Satanic invasion is already there. So, you must be horrified enough to throw it away; but otherwise, if you have obtained this thing through good means, righteous means, you may enjoy that as yours. If you know this, with this idea in mind, can you rob things from others? In that case you must know that you have robbed an explosive bomb from people and it will explode in you. Well, with that in mind, how can you enjoy that thing?

Any material things, any group of people, or any individuals -- when you are faced with them, you must be able to help them be united with you; otherwise they are always in the position of enemy, in the position of Cain or Satan. You, in the position of Adam or Abel, must be able to do that. You are not going to be dragged by them, but you are going to absorb them to your side. Well, until you have done this, you cannot, in the real sense, have your spouse. You are in need of your spouse, but only after you have perfected yourself like this. So, up to the present moment, in all religions, they have advocated celibacy, remaining single.

If, at all, there should be matrimony, it should have started right from Adam and Eve without the Fall. Is that true? Then, they could have become the True Parents. So, in this fallen world, too, until the True Parents should appear and get married in holy matrimony, no other marriages are recognized in God's sight. Of all the religions, we are the first group in the whole world in which the people have know this formula, known this theory, and the Master which wedded so many couples in accordance with that formula. We are the only group as such. Here there are some blessed couples, but I don't think they really understand what their blessing truly means.

You must know that you have been blessed on a "would be perfected" condition. So, in order for you to reach this condition, even though you may be separated from each other, you have to fulfill that which you have not been able to. That is Master's love for you: to separate you and send you out to the front-line. Without your having done this, if you would go about from place to place with couples like this, it's a thing of shame, not glory or blessing. It will not be wholesome in God's sight and even Satan will be scornful at you, will boo at you.

I have heard the I. W.'s (Itinerant Workers), the blessed women folks, complain about Master's having to prolong the term -- and they would say, "Well, Master promised us or told us to go out and work as an I. W. for one year, and one year has already passed and he won't let us live as husband and wife." But, have you kept the promise and have you fulfilled what you should have fulfilled, in one year? Have you? Have you? Then, what must I do with you? But, in the future, when you really understand this, you will reversely complain about Master's not having sent you out again. So I am teaching you clearly this Principle formula now. Do you understand clearly?

It is because Master knows all this that he is still going through the difficulty. Without that, would he choose to go through the difficulty until now, in order for him to shorten the period and in order for him to accomplish his mission and our mission for the restoration of the world? He is so busy-minded, agonized and impatient in everything.

With your mind and body put together and as a whole man, with you being able to subjugate Satan-Cain and absorb him to be united into one -- only with that done can you meet the Messiah and become one with him; and it is after all has been done that you can really be blessed in the holy matrimony. After the blessing, you must not think that all is finished or all is done. Well, after the blessing you are really one with the Messiah and if you are in the position of our Master would you not want to take care of the rest of the people, would you not want to restore the whole world back to God's bosom? On the shoulders of the blessed couples the restoration project is made. But your way is easier than his because he has paved the way, and he is still paving the way in your vanguard and you are just to follow him, you have just to follow his way or else. If he had not done this, without his having paved the way, you as individuals should have done that much, but now you have just to follow him as an example.

Master, as for him, he has had to obtain this much all by himself (diagram) without the cooperation of other people. He has had to restore himself on the individual level, on the family level (he has had to restore his family), and he has had to restore things on the clan level, tribal level, national level, worldwide level, and the macrocosmic level, including the spirit world. In every stage there was a battle, and after having won the battle he could obtain this height (individually). After having won the battle and making it a success on the family level, he could obtain this height; after having done that much on the next level, he obtained and gained this height, and so forth. God being infinite, if he could enjoy the infinite height, he could enjoy the magnitude of this power -- he is one with God here. And so, on the first stage, he was obtaining this height; on the second stage, this height; and so on, on all levels up to the macrocosmic level. He has obtained this height, you must know that. You must know that the person of the Messiah has had to go through untold difficulties, all by himself, separating himself from Satanic power. He had to fight against and win over the myriads of Satan -- and by his having done this, he attained the individual level of spiritual height, and then going to the next level and still next, he has done that with his own power. There has been no one around him to cooperate with him. Can you imagine that? Externally speaking, he may seem to be no more than you, no better than you may be -- but since he has done this much and he is recognized by God as having done this much, that's what makes you humbled before him and well, you don't know why, but you are sort of drawn to him and you want to bow down before him and you feel indebted to him. He is just like any ordinary man, externally, but there is something in him that is worth the whole world. That is why Satan is afraid of him.

The path of the Messiah is always the path of a pioneer. In restoring himself, too, he could not have restored himself by just putting his mind and body into one like this, but he would have to subjugate or absorb the individual in this position, at least three. And then he could obtain this much -- and going through the next level of things, he had to absorb or subjugate Cain, and that was more than what it was with this level, and then only could he make the next level of things possible, and be successful. Only by becoming one with Cain on a family level could he obtain this much -- and with this done, he could attain this height by becoming one with God; and starting at this point, he has had to subjugate those in Cain's position on the next level, and only by putting this together could he go up like this and please God and become one with God. After having done this much, he could start the next level, of course; and in doing that he could not go straight like this -- but only by subjugating Cain's position could he go up and become one with God and be recognized by God for his having done this much. By going up and up, the Cain level will be more difficult and become larger and larger like this. Do you understand? [YES!]

Then, without Cain, can you go up like that? [NO!] Only by your becoming one with Cain on this level, and after you have been recognized that you have done well with God, can you go up and become one with God and have His approval -- and then you may start the next level.

This point (diagram) is the point where God's purpose and Cain's purpose meet. Here we will meet God and be approved by God, and here the purposes of Abel and Cain meet -- and by God's approval here, the person in Abel's position can start the next level. This is a sort of offering to God, to be accepted by Him, approved by Him.

When you are blessed you are no more two, but you are two put together to be the offering before God and you must be a wholesome offering. If you are in the position of the offering, do you have your own will as such? If you insist on your having your own will or own interests, you cannot reach God, only having done this much. There are so many blessed couples in the Divine Principle movement. Put together it is sort of a tribe, Unification Tribe -- and if in that tribe, all the couples are separated like that, scattered like this, can they be a wholesome offering to God, can they reach God? No. So, in order for your to really be able to become one with the Messiah, one with our Master, you cannot have a will different from his. So you must be utterly obedient to him. By this Unification Tribe, this Unification Group, we are able to unite the whole world with our movement and become one. Well, first of all, the Democratic world -- we must get them to be united into one with us, and then the Communist world in the Cain position to be united with that, and then only with those put together can we really make a good offering, a wholesome offering to God.

Having known all this, can you still say, "We are Westerners," or "People of the western hemisphere don't have much in common with Oriental people"? "Master is an Oriental man -- it is his way and not ours." Can you say that? If you keep thinking that way, you are destined to ruin and you are not going to be saved, or going to be accomplished. Isn't that true? [YES!] Then, it is an immovable formula.

Many of you are situated here (diagram) and in the course of subjugating Satan-Cain, you become lax and think you are not going to lose what you gained here, but you are going to be in despair and become utterly powerless, and you will be too helpless to do anything. Then, not only are you nullifying this level, but what you have previously accomplished will be nullified. If you stop doing things from here and fall down to the bottom like this without remaining here; if you fall down below this level, not only what you have done at this level is nullified, but the whole thing which you have previously accomplished will be nullified. If you fall from here down to here, all the levels of things you have previously accomplished will be nullified.

On the individual level, if you subjugate Cain and become one with and are accepted or approved by God, then you in a way have separated from Satan, and Satan is temporarily, but not entirely, separated from you. He will lay in ambush here, on the next level, not here or down here. So, until you subjugate Cain and are accepted by God and become one with God, Satan will not be separated from you. After having been separated from you on the family level, he will go to the next level and wait for you, to defeat you. So, if you win this much, he will be waiting here, somewhere, so he will go to the next level and the next level. But, if you win over him, win over Cain, and when you and Cain together go and reach this level, then Satan will be really subjugated and nullified or diminished or ruined, like this. It is not until you have reached this point, that Satan will be really separated from you.

So, you blessed couples must not be relaxed like that, because you are blessed. If you really know the disposition and nature of Satan -- will he not be angry that he is defeated on the family level, and be ready to take vengeance against you and lay in ambush somewhere on your road to the next level -- so you must be more resolved and stronger and more zealous to fight against him and win over him. We must not be settled in one place like the Israelites or roaming about from place to place like gypsies. We must lead a life in tents, not in a house. We must not be housed and relaxed until we gain the goal. Even Master, when the 36 couples donated money, raised money to buy his house, he refused that, just living in the back of the church.

Until we have gained or laid the foundation on the national level, he is not going to do that; because if he does that before that time, it belongs to Satan, he knows. So, he himself is not settled yet. He is still a wanderer; he would leave his home to come to the United States for this fight, and he will visit from place to place to do this, with your aid, with your cooperation. Can you imagine: how difficult it would be for Master-, without being able to speak your language and being here to direct you, when he sees you are more or less reluctant in this or that -- and sometimes he will be faced with failure if you are not really cooperating with him, and he has to do it over and over again until the day he has gained here.

But we have accomplished more than Jesus accomplished in his day. The United States can be compared to the Roman Empire in Jesus' day -- Korea being in the position of Israel. But, in this age, the United States -- in the position of the Roman Empire -- is giving aid to Korea -- in the position of Israel -- and it is a great thing happening here. That is why the United States is in the position to benefit spiritually from the chosen nation.

On the worldwide level, the United States is the only nation which can really influence the Communist world. By 1974, we have got to carry out our responsibility -- and if by doing that, we can go beyond 1975, then our road will be really laid out. If you, in Abel's position, are not able to carry out your responsibility, then those who are in Cain's position will have the right to attack and defeat you -- that is possible. History proves that. When the chosen nation of the Israelites could not carry out their mission, God used the Gentile people to attack and defeat their nation, didn't He?

We are in the fight now, and in order to prevent that from happening, among us, and in order for us to do that, we must be mobilized in all our efforts to fight against the Satanic power on still broader and broader levels. We must invest our selves, our minds, our bodies and all our possessions to be used to subjugate Cain. This is something like investment -- and we will gain more out of the investment. Well, out of this investment we will gain the restoration of the people, win the people to our side. We are only a handful of people, and if we invest all the people focused on one thing, the profit will be great, I know; but since the time is due, and I know that I must cover the whole country of the United States in a certain period of time, that is why I am scattering al I of you to cover al I the states. The fight we are fighting here in the United States is the fight on the worldwide level, so we are really serious. If the Northern army is weakened, we must mobilize the Southern army to be used there, and if the Western army is weakened, then the Eastern one, the Eastern army must be mobilized to go and help the Western. We must have a good balance of power everywhere, so we are going to mobilize more members to organize more mobile teams; that is why we are going through the training course now. This is the final war, final fight here. You must be grateful that you joined in the battle on the worldwide level. You are situated here, for the Great Cause of mankind.

But, one thing is there, inherent in you. You are entitled to be, well not fully, but entitled to be the children of the True Parents; that is what makes it hard for Satan to grab you away in an instant. So, he will be hesitant to take you away. If you cling to the True Parents, you are still his children. What Master, what your True Parents have gained is yours; you are estimated by that, so that is why Satan cannot take you away at random. So, you must be grateful to your True Parents for that, too. Do you understand? [YES!]

In order for you to be able to inherit all that is already accomplished by Master, you must first of all become one with him -- and to what degree are you one with him? The more I rely on you, the more I expect out of you; I will put you through more difficult front-lines. In that case, are you grateful to him? [YES!] or reluctant? If you, right there, will win the war, you can enjoy all the spoils and all the gains, successes. Since I can trust-well, since President Kim is the most trusted person in Korea, I brought him here to you, to work for you, but sometimes he feels burdened or difficult. I know he doesn't say that outwardly, but he knows that inwardly he would say to himself, "I thought it would be a little easier here, but he is making it more difficult." But, if we know all this, well, as we reach God, nearer and nearer, our responsibility and our burden will be heavier. Isn't that natural?

In the United States, those old timers and especially those blessed members would think to themselves, "Oh, I have done this much already -- and without me, even Master cannot do anything," and those proud people, he has driven out to the battlefield, to the front-line. He would drive out Mr. Kim and Miss Kim to the front-line to travel on the mobile teams -- and if they failed to do that, he will have failed in his test. If you do that in reluctance you will have failed. To complain is of a Satanic nature. You must expect a battle more fierce and serious in the future. The more worthwhile the battle is, the more difficulty you must go through, and you must be grateful and proud of your being a warrior in this fight.

Do you know the reason for Master's having brought future leaders from the European nations, three from each nation? In the future, Master's plan is to drive out all the present leaders of those nations to the front-line, on the worldwide level. That is sort of a promotion -- to put them in a more difficult position. If they complain and say, "Well, I have done so much, well, why shouldn't I have a vacation; there is no leisure, nothing like that," and if they are reluctant to go out in the front-line on the wider level of things, they will have failed in the test. I hate the idea of their having to complain before me, who am a victor, after having gone through so much difficulty and am still fighting. Because, I know what it is, because I have had the same experience -- and you are going an easier way, after I have paved the way. So, from now on, at the conference or at a meeting, I will watch you, how you respond.

You may say, "'Well, we have to apply the Democratic method, this is a Democratic world." But Satan is wise enough to know how to apply the Democratic form in corrupting the people. Since there is Satan all around us, if I am to announce my strategy before the world, will Satan let it alone? That is why, in the Bible, God would not reveal all that He has in mind. Those who are entitled to know that, He let know.

You can complain only when you are more than Master, when you know what he has in mind, and you can do what he can do; but otherwise, you keep quiet, keep silent and just obey me. That is the only way left for you. If you are in a position such that I must consult with you over any matter, why wouldn't I do that? I long to have such a person -- I would sit up the whole night talking with him; but since you are not in this position quite yet, I will just give you orders. I have tested, I have tried to listen to your advice or proposals, but I have failed to find them more than mine or more than God's. So sometimes I have to ignore those things.

We have to go beyond the obstacles, by leaps and bounds; but whenever you are faced with war before you or an obstacle, you would complain and you would become discouraged. Then, how can I be sympathetic with you on the individual basis, in this final fight?

The human Fall came about through envy and complaints, so we must go beyond complaint. Do you really understand what is Abel's path, the path of Abel? If and when you as Abel complain, can you make Cain one with you? No. Then our conclusion is that unless you, in Abel's position, should play the role of the offering or sacrifice, you cannot save or absorb those in Cain's position. The offerings on the altar have no complaints; and that is to be divided into two, and you are the living sacrifice before God; and as in the case of Isaac, if Isaac at that time were disobedient and had objected to his father and said, "Oh, father," and had condemned his father and not let him cut him in two, would he or could he have become a wholesome offering to God? The lamb is the gentlest animal. If the Master were to pierce a sword into his neck, he would just baa and die. That is the gentlest animal, knowing no objection, no resistance. Time is nearing, but I must say this to you ...

Master, I, who am over 50, am here to fight for the whole world against Satan. But, you are fighting for your own nation for the time being. In this case, can you complain in your battlefield? [NO!] Those brothers and sisters of yours from the European nations are here, too -- from England, from Germany, from France, from Austria, from Italy and elsewhere. Then you, too, when you came from your nation, wanted to fight here because your nation will be endangered if the fight against Satan and the Communist power here is lost. But Master is here from an Asiatic nation; what have I to do with you in the worldly sense? But, I am so very eager and enthusiastic to fight this battle and make this battle a victory, because I know all these things. While we are here, the people of the United States, the members of the United States are in the position of Abel; so you must not be defeated by the European brothers, and with you and the European brothers together you must not be defeated by the Asiatic brothers. You will never be, or you don't want to be defeated by the Japanese brothers. In other words, Japan -- in light of the Providence centered on the United States -- is in the position of the formation stage, representing the formation stage; you from the nations of Europe are in the position of the growth stage; and you (U.S.) are in the position of the perfection stage -- and you can not be defeated by those two. Then, the European brothers should not be defeated by the Japanese brothers, and the brothers and sisters in the United States should not be defeated by the Europeans or by the Japanese. You are the host, in a word, and they are the guests; and in going through fasts, too, you must do more than they do; in going through difficulties, you must choose to go through more difficulties than they do. Am I right in saying that? [YES!]

That means, I am going to put you American members into more difficulty. Are you ready for this? [YES!] I am sure some will say, "Oh, back in Korea, I understand all the blessed women came back to their homes -- and why not for us?" What would you do? Blessed women, they have been out in the front-line for three years and they are now back.

[I would like to stay out]

You, you, too?

[I would like to stay out, too, but (something about her child) ... I

I have my own children, too. Now I am in the battlefield, and I miss my children; they are in difficulty. They are at times sick and troubled, and all those things are happening. During my ... well, up until my second visit to the United States, and [my second] World Tour, I had written them as often as once a week, but then this time, I am not writing them at all. They would write him many letters, but Master wouldn't answer their letters. There is a reason for his not doing that and for his being that way -- he means to be more faithful to the Great Cause. A little longer, and you can live with your own child; but, as time goes by with Master, can you imagine ... if he is going to visit so many nations where he has his missionaries, even if he can, he may spend one month in each place; he can never spend a good portion of time with his children. He has to travel from place to place, visiting you. [Master] I am so fond of children, and I know, more than anyone else, I must love and embrace late President Eu's children, but I have never done that. There is a reason for that. Well, when I travel, I miss them, and when I go back I will buy gifts for them, but in Korea, I seldom do that. You don't know the reason for that. I am doing things in accordance with the Divine Principle and the way God would have me do them. As for late President Eu's children, I will leave them in the hands of the members -- and only after the members love those children as they would their own children, can I love them and express my love toward them. Everything is done in a more-or-less reverse way. You don't know how you can go through the path of restoration, so it is wise for you to obey me. You must know that in Korea, too, even the blessed members would either complain or would not quite be willing to obey Master -- and they have their own opinions, and they think, "Well, it is too early for Master to do that, or it is too much for Master to have us do that." But, after a while, it -- his plan -- proved true, and they were humbled and they have no face to lift before him. Do you understand that, what I mean? [YES!]

Unless I have gone through all those difficulties, I cannot tell you to do this. I have experienced that, I have done my part, and I am still doing that. That is why I can tell you to do this; and for me, I have always thought that to complain to God, who is the most agonized, is somehow to betray Him. So, I have thought that to complain ... instead of complaining before Him, I would rather choose to die. Because, by complaining, I am betraying Him -- I am bloating the agonized heart. He would talk to himself and tell himself, "If you are going to complain against God, you must kill yourself." It is because, by complaining, by being envious, man fell in the beginning; and I hate the idea of even having a shade of complaint or envy. If I'm in that position, wouldn't you do the same?

Since you are blind to the fact, and you don't understand God's heart, God would have me tell you, teach you, until you know and understand God's heart. Those in the front-line, while they are in the battlefield, how can they complain? If they complain, the fight will be a defeat. Those who complain are apt to multiply that complaint; but if that person keeps on complaining, he will be isolated from the rest of the movement and be abandoned by God. You must be afraid of that. Diane, I understand your heart. I know what motherly love is; I know what parental love toward children is, more than you do. But, do you understand God's heart, who is missing His lost children? Your child is not lost -- he is sane and wholesome, in your own home. You can see him at least from time to time, but God has lost His children and they are destined to Hell, and a great number of people are groaning in hell, in darkness, and even though He would cry out to save the lost children, agonized in Hell, He cannot reach out to the people, except through you. Do you understand? By your going through this experience, yourself, alone, you can understand God's heart all the more; and if with that mood, that kind of readiness in your mind, if you would shout to the people while you miss your child, all the more will you miss those people who are being destroyed. Then, you will be a forceful, convincing speaker, and you will bring peace to the hearts of the people.

In time of difficulty, I did not beg God to help me, but I comforted God's heart, because I knew that God was already there, agonized and worrying about me. So, I would comfort God and tell Him not to worry about me -- and in the face of betrayal by one whom I had trusted for so long, then I would immediately think of God's heart, after the betrayal of the archangel and His own child, Adam. And, I can comfort myself and I can even comfort God's heart, and I am revitalized and recruit my strength to go ahead. In that case, with more love than I have, God is more agonized [than I am] over the fact; so I am not even in a position to be consoled or comforted by Him, but I am in a position to have to comfort His heart. Since I knew that God was already in more agony than myself, and He was more worried about things than myself, 1, even in imprisonment, would console God and comfort Him and tell Him not to worry about me. I did not dream of getting comfort from Him. I know this is not a problem with just one person here, but is everyone's question and problem. When I send out members to the frontline, putting them in charge of branch churches or over any village, then some would send letters to comfort him whenever he is faced with difficulty there. Because, by the same experience, he knows Master's heart, he knows God's heart, so he would think, "If I am agonized with this much difficulty, how much more agonized must Master's heart be at this moment, to take charge of the whole world." And that is their attitude. And, with some other people, on the contrary, they are making His heart more agonized and He has to worry about them. For one who is grateful in the face of difficulty would feel like comforting Master's heart, even in the difficulty, because he knows that Master is going through more difficulties if he is agonized with that small amount of difficulty. And then, if he is in that difficulty, God is already there, preparing and providing him with more means, paving the way and fighting for him and with him. If-, on the contrary, you are sinking down and down into darkness...but for those people, you know, even the spirit world will be helping them; and in advance, the spirit world will reach out to the people and prepare those people for you to work with. And, when you visit the people, they will have seen you in a dream and have been told in a vision that you are coming. So, you can easily reach out to the people. Well, even in the world, Satanic world, if you are sacrificial and if you wouldn't care much about your own children and take care of all those children, would they not try to help your own children and love your children all the more? And, your children are going to be loved by more people, including yourself. So, on the path of Abel, there is no such thing as complaint, nor dissatisfaction, nor discontent. Because you are rewarded with more. There is only gratitude left, glorification. Are you that way? [YES!]

What I am telling you is the truth, you must know that -- and I have gone through the experience and my talk is based on my own experience. I love you dearly. Since I love you dearly, I don't want to put you in difficulty. But I am doing this, I am putting you in difficulty, because I want you to inherit the whole world. I want you to inherit the whole spirit world, Without your having set up even a small condition, you cannot inherit the future world. Even in the Satanic world, the veterans who fought in World War II are respected and taken care of by the government and the people. Even if a person, a soldier on the way to the battlefield, were aboard a ship and were killed right there...well, if he did not look backward, thinking of his own home, but were headed for the battlefield, ready to fight, then he, even though he may have to die on the ship, going to the battlefield, would already be a victor. He is respected and cared for by the people. Do you understand that?

I don't expect you to do things in the best way, or to do the amount of work I have done -- but I want your zeal, enthusiasm and loyalty to this cause. Would you reject that? [NO!] So, what you are to do is to be grateful to God. Your way is already paved by Master and you have only a short way to go, and after having gone through all those things, you will inherit what I have accomplished.

People blind to all this truth will be scornful of us, calling us foolish, because all the people in the world have not been able to realize the brotherhood of mankind and the establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven -- [and we are] but a handful of people. But, knowing what God's formula is and what God's cause is, in knowing that God is working through us and with us; we set out in search of the lost Kingdom, and we are going to build or erect the Kingdom of God, Heaven on earth. You don't know in what way I am praying before God at Belvedere. I am not going to be indebted to you in any way. God knows you are becoming indebted to me. If I am going to be indebted to you, I cannot make this movement a success. This movement will be diminished, will become meager, if I do that. You don't really know what kind of person I am. I am a furiously impatient person in a way. In my boyhood, I could not bear the idea of being called names by anyone else. If I were beaten, I would not stay still. I would never be defeated by anyone else. There are many extreme dispositions in me and I am quite versatile. I am capable in many ways: in the athletic field, in the scientific field, in every walk of life. I could have become a success. I am not of dull brain. But, in the fight against Satan, can you imagine how many times I have been faced with such difficulty that I could not bear any more? During torture by Satan, in the scorn before him, how could I bear up in the face of those things? But I could persevere, because God is more agonized in the face of those difficulties, before me. I knew God is a jealous god in a way; God is a god of wrath. He cannot tolerate al I the injustice and unrighteousness; but if He were to exercise His wrath and Justice, there would not be one single person left on earth. But He is anxious to restore the whole world; and He has had to persevere for such a long period of human history.

When I was so angry, so furious that I would want to take revenge against someone, I would bite my tongue until it bled, and think back in my mind of what God has gone through in the face of such difficulties. So, I would feel like forgiving the person. And, after going through so much difficulty at one time, when the next difficulty would come, which was more than the previous one, I would say to myself, "I cannot stain what I have already accomplished; when I persevere and go beyond this obstacle, this difficulty, I will have won the victory for God -- and I can persevere, I can bear this difficulty." I would do this for the Great Cause; and since I have done this much myself, you are respecting me, you are ready to follow me, you want to be given orders by me and you will be obedient to me. And, what else, other than me, could make you do that?

I have so many regrets, resentment, stored away in my innermost self, and there will come the time when God will tell me to take vengeance, to burst out my wrath and everything I have stored up within myself. I don't want to hasten the day, I don't want to have the day hastened, but I persevere more and more, and want to have it prolonged until the end. The more I become like that, the more God will be on my side, already taking vengeance for me. My vengeance will be taken out in such a way: to love the people and absorb the people, defeat the people in that way -- and if there be any God, I think that He has got to love me. If God does not love me, then there is no God -- that is my thought. This is my path and this is the path of Abel. Well, from the start, you must not have the attitude of going the road or doing things for your own sake, but for the sake of those in Cain's position, for the sake of the whole world, for the sake of God. And then, at the goal, when you have reached it, you will enjoy everything you have accomplished.

One thing more, I must add: if anyone is entitled to complain, I am the first one. I came to the world to carry out my mission, to be the True Parent to mankind. I came for that mission, but I had to accomplish all left unaccomplished by my predecessor -- so I am still going through the path of Abel, in order to show you how to go this path. When you think of that, you must feel indebted to me and you cannot lift your face before me. You must be really humbled. You must be ashamed before him, saying to yourself, "Oh, Master, you should enjoy your rights; you have gone through too much difficulty for us and how and what on earth can make you go through more difficulties?" And you must pray to God, not to let him go through the difficulty any more. I am going through this difficult path in silence, without complaining. I am not liable for that. I don't have to do that; still, I do this as an example to you. I am going this road in silence; but in the end, at the Judgment Seat, God will say something against you if you don't obey me. If you have not done your responsibility ... at that time, before God, you will be ashamed. So, in order for me to keep you from shame, I am driving you out this hard. And I want you to know clearly what the path of Abel is, and I want you to dash forward on that road without hesitancy, and of your own accord, so that you will be praised by God, and you will be able to glorify Him in the end -- and I want you to be a victor in the end.

The Lord of the Second Advent, the Messiah, is the completion of Adam, the Second Adam or the resurrection of Adam-and he is the resurrection and also the totalization of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jacob and Jesus. He is the resurrection and totalization of those. He is the completion or success of those put together. He is going to restore their failure himself. If you really know that and understand that, you must be wise enough to cling to him and become one with him, and his will be yours and you will inherit all the things accomplished by him. Do you really understand that? [YES!]

I am the Abel to you and you are the Abel to the United States and the United States is the Abel to the Democratic world and the whole Democratic world put together will be in the position of Abel to the Communist world. And with the whole world restored, the earth plane is in the position of Abel and the spirit world is in the position of Cain -- and we can subjugate the world of Cain. And, with those tools put together, God will be liberated, regain His dominatorship. So, those who are in Abel's position are God's sons and daughters of filial piety, loyal subjects to God, sages who are saviors to the whole world. And that is the path of Abel and that is what Abel is.

[Master's Prayer] 

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