The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Determination To Win

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
First Directors' Conference
March 1, 1973
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Good morning. Here we have members from the European nations and from America. This must be the first conference of this kind. We originally planned to have this meeting throughout several months but as time goes by we will decide on the duration. I think there are Mobile Team Commanders from the eastern part of the country and the State Representatives. It is a rare opportunity and a wonderful opportunity to get them together. The official letter to you must have said that we would have a conference among State Representatives and Mobile Team Commanders exclusively. I am planning to have that three days after this. President Kim will be responsible for lectures. In the future, you must be well armed with the Divine Principle and with witnessing to other people. If you are well armed and well equipped with the ideology it will make it much easier for you to win more people. We have tested it and it proved true.

I think some of you may remember late President Eu. Well, he had the experience of giving lectures ten hours a day for three years and eight months. That he did with such a great zeal that he would speak at the top of his voice -- even if there was only one person to hear him. Master would listen to him, and if his voice was low and the spirit was lessening, he would dash down to the place and warn him against it. He would perspire all over throughout the time when he was giving the lecture. So it was more than heavy labor. He would finish one cycle of the lectures in three days. So, to late President Eu this was the most difficult period in his history. Crippled man that he was, if he would lay himself down in the bed before it was time, Master wouldn't permit that. We are the history makers, he would say to him. You are in the vanguard of other people. You are explaining God-made theories to the people and we have no time to lose. How can you lay yourself down like this, he would scream.

Mr. Eu was not a whole man like you; he was a crippled man, as some of you may remember. If he were in another man's position, a crippled man like him must have one or two hours rest out of every three hours. Oftentimes Master himself would think it was too much for him and he would think, "I am doing too harsh a thing to him." But since he realized that it is a battlefield, and that so many people are dying away waiting for us to reach out to them, then he could not help but do that to him. Only after three years and eight months, Master would move everything in his hands and he was sort of free to plan things and do things. You must remember that in the early days of our movement your seniors, like him, had gone through such difficulty. It may be difficult for Western people to imagine that, but if we are going through the course of indemnity to make our ideal a realization, we have got to do that. On the mobile teams you will be faced with the demand to give one cycle of the lectures during three days' time, or prolonging that into a precise lecture to be held during 3-4 weeks. So after three days of intensive study and lecture, we are going to give you -- the State Representative and Mobile Team Commanders in the eastern part of America -- give you an examination on that and re-evaluate what you have gone through. We have this meeting in the eastern part on March 1, today, and next month, I am going to visit the West Coast, and there I will hold a meeting including Mobile Team Commanders and State Representatives from the Western states. New directions will be given and some guidelines will be set up. We must purge your old concepts of the American Movement under the Divine Principle. You must eradicate habitual things in everyday life under Democracy. Democracy not being the final goal under the providence of God, we must set up a new tradition transcendent of Democracy or any "ism" or ideology, and ours will be of higher dimension than any other ideologies existing in the world.

Will the representatives from the European nations please hold up your hands?

[Mr. David Kim] Those who are from the old State Representatives please hold up your hand.

[Leader] In the beginning of this long-term training for the Mobile Team Commanders and State Representatives you are going to go through only three days' training, short-term training, and it is something for you. President Kim will be the lecturer on the Divine Principle. (Applause) There are two missionaries from Korea, Mr. Kim and Miss Kim. (Applause) Neil Salonen is the Acting President of the National Headquarters of America. (Applause) You know Master himself. (Applause) Mother you know of course. (Applause)

This morning my subject is, "Our Determination To Win." [Characters written on board] Those characters or letters must be strange-looking. While you write from left to right, we do it from right to left, completely the other way around. We start from the right until we cover to the extreme left. In Oriental countries, people never sleep on their stomachs. But I find you Western people, when you sleep, lie on your belly -- abdomen -- stomach. Oriental people write with their right hand, and I find quite a few Westerners left-handed in writing. There is some difference at least between East and West. While East is synthetical, you are more or less analytic. Eastern culture or civilization is based on mental or spiritual things rather than material things, as Western culture is. Eastern people are more or less mediators -- meditative and synthetical -- while you people are analytical and positive. This being the time to unify those two sides of human nature, that is why we need unification -- the Unification Church -- a unification group at this time in history. Both must come closer like this until they unite into one, and from there we must go up like this to reach higher dimensions. Up to the present moment, every kind of human endeavor was for men to come closer to making a joint effort in carrying out what we believe is the human mission -- but now, at the point where we meet, we must reach up to a higher dimension of things, that is, to God.

Both people of the East and people of the West have set differences -- talk in diverse ways and act out things in a way which pleases them -- but now is the time when they must be united in thought, utterance, and behavior. We are at the terminal point, after having tested every possible way, and we know that this is our final goal -- for us to meet together. We know we have experienced that man-made things are ephemeral things and we no longer delight in such things. We know that if there be a God at all, and we are made in His image, we can know this: man can think, say things and act out things, so God must be able to do the same. So why have we of humankind failed in thinking and saying and carrying out things; then we must rely on God to do that for us. By having God working through us we can attain the goal. And we, the unification group, are such that we will have God work through us -- and since we know that, our attempt has been a failure. Then if we work in accordance with God's will we are sure to make our goal a success. So we are the group of people trying to carry out our mission in accordance with God's will and we are sure we are going to make it a success. We are a different type of people from what people have been in the past. And our determination, our resolution, must be different from what other people have gone through.

Then what must be our determination? Our determination is not something we set up by ourselves, but the standard is somewhere else. Any resolution or determination made by any single man or woman in history will not be like ours. Ours is different from what any president or premier of any nation has hitherto set up with its people. You know there are roughly two major ideologies, Democracy and Communism, but our resolution or our determination will be different from what they, under either Communism or Democracy, have had. Our resolution, our determination, will be different from what any children under the guidance of their parents would have made or any loyal subject to the kings and queens could have made. Our determination is different from and higher than the determinations made by any group of people -- between teachers and students, between followers and religious founders. We believe in God being our Father. Not only our Creator, but our Father, and we know that God was going to send a true male and female as the True Parents. To the later mankind, after the Fall, and in accordance with God and the True Parents, we are going to set up a new tradition of higher dimension; and the followers in our movement are going to exemplify and put into practice our theory, our doctrine, for later generations. Centered on God's Heart, we are going to set up a new dimensional goal for mankind, all through history. Centered on God's Heart, centered on the Parent's Heart, and by adding the children's heart, our goal is to set up the standard of living on the family level, national level and worldwide level. What we have being false, we must put things on the true family level, true tribal level, true national level and true world level. The truest thing cannot be two but one. Can there be any two in the truest? After the perfection of one, then it can be multiplied into twos, threes and more, but not in the beginning. Seen from that standpoint or viewpoint, there must be one sent by God, and he must be the central figure for the whole of human society, setting up the new tradition on the family level, on the social level, on the religious level and on the worldwide level. He must be the central figure of God's and man's desire in the Latter Days. God would want to have that kind of person in human society -- and that is what we call the Messiah, the Lord of the Second Coming. God will be united into one with that man, and with God and that central figure put together, the Heart of Divine Love will be there -- and we as mankind, or followers of Him, must inherit His Heart of Love first of all. Then we have to replant it into the family unit, making a True Family; arid into the tribal unit, making a True Tribe; and into the soil of a nation, making that nation a True Nation; and plant it in the soil of the whole world, replanting or remaking the whole world. The people in the outside world wouldn't be conscious of this taking place, but we know too well that this kind of movement has already begun and we have that mission. We have here many members from many nations, but to look into ourselves, are we really with the heart of love inherited from our True Parents, who are one with God? It is doubtful.

We have God above and our True Parents and True Father, and with God and True Father as one, if you are going to inherit their heart of love, you must be able to stand on the vertical line, to be able to give out your love and shine out your love to other people. Until you have a solid bearing on the vertical line, inheriting what God and our True Father have set up, you can never dream of having your foundation on the horizontal level. Only after having laid the foundation on the vertical level, inheriting what is a virtue from God and our True Parents alone can you have the horizontal base or foundation; but unless you have that on the vertical level, you can never have that on the horizontal level. Out of all the Creation, we human beings stand up straight like this, and this symbolizes that we must have our bearing on the vertical level. We, in describing human conscience, say that man has a "straight" conscience [audience participates by saying we use the word "clear"] . When you say it is clear or straight, it is described as centered on the origin or source of the thing. When I say I have a clear conscience, can my standard be the ultimate one? No. The standard must be set on the absolute one. Suppose there is a cross, and the nuclear point or central point is here -- but we know that the central point must be on the vertical line. Then what is the original source of the thing we have to reach out for in the end or in the beginning, for mankind to be headed for? Some say goodness, beauty and justice, but no. That must be love, that can be inherited on the vertical level, and without our inheriting that kind of love on the vertical level, we cannot have a solid foundation on the horizontal level. That is something like tradition, and a nation of good tradition will never perish. Then, the people of that nation, when they have patriotism, they love the tradition set up by their forefathers, and they love their cultural background, and they love their people within that tradition.

In this sinful world, have there been any good traditions set up by God and by the True Parents? If we really examine It in the truest sense we must say no. Due to the human Fall, all through human history up to the present moment, there have been bloody battles, and the whole of human history has been woven with all sorts of misery: wars, poverty, diseases and all sorts of things like that. But there has never been a single tradition set up under God's love. If we have the original mind to desire what is ideal, what is happy and hopeful, then we must be able to hope it in God's love. We are sinful men, we are diseased, we are fallen, we have left our original position, and we all know the fact that the desire of fallen man is to go back to the original position before becoming ill, before falling down, before what we now are. We cannot deny that this has been the hope of all mankind: to be able to go back to the original position before the Fall. This was the hope of the religious founders, the past prophets and sages -- all those people wanted to go back to the original position.

In order for you to be able to inherit that on the vertical level, where are you headed for? In order to find out the thing lost we have to go back to the original place where we lost the thing. Who lost that heart of love in the beginning? Our first human ancestors, by committing a sin, by some reason or other, became False Parents. In doing that, we don't need the False Parents of sin and falsehood, but we have to have True Parents among us and we have to have restored parents. Our having met them is of such a value that it cannot be compared to what the people of the world have as their leaders of any kind. Even though we may be able to resurrect all the past saints and all the people of the world, all those things put together we cannot compare to the value of our True Parents. Can you compare or exchange them? Will you exchange your True Parents with the Democratic World? [NO!]

Suppose you become a refugee in war time. You will turn upside down all the possessions you have and you will take the most precious thing in your possession by becoming a refugee -- discarding all the rest. If you really know the value of our True Parents, and it is a war in the spiritual sense, and you are in the battlefield -- if you are going to flee, are you going to flee with your True Parents, or with your physical parents, brothers and sisters, wives and children? It is easy for you to say so, because you have learned from me.

Have you been like this -- frankly speaking -- before coming to this place? You have been complaining inwardly: "Well, this is too much to do, and why do I have to go through such difficulties when I have a well-to-do home and a good position?" Well, have you not been complaining like that? Do you think the True Parents must think of you as the most precious people-or should you think of the True Parents as the most precious persons? I don't believe you. I don't trust you in saying that. Do you really mean that? I think you have been so greedy to have them work with you, have them comfort you, have them soothe your heart and encourage you. And you sometimes complain that our True Parents are unfair. "Here, they must love us on an equal basis ... but they don't seem to do that." But in reaching out to the people, he must start with one person and reach to two or more, reaching out to the outer extreme. If he has five precious things, only five, well then it cannot be helped that he give it out to five persons and to no one else. So, here also we must have the order of things. We have front and rear, up and down, right and left. You are situated to his left -- and in giving out things, he will give one thing to the person on his right. Can you complain, because you situated yourself at the left side of Master? And whether or not he will give the thing to that person will be decided by God. But, you must realize that the personage in the central point will turn like the axis does, and sometimes his right side will follow around. You can never tell who is on his right side. You must wait for your turn to come. You must really truly realize yourself, what you are and who you are, before making the determination.

Here is God, the True Parents, and you -- and a vertical line going through all these elements must be a straight line, leaving a 90-degree angle on both sides of the horizontal level, mustn't it? Should it go like this, leaving 95 degrees here? [NO!] A tiny bit of difference in direction ... and in the long run, you will have such a vast distance from the original mainstream. But if you go through the central point, you are safe to the straight line down and from here you can have the horizontal foundation.

The central figure is a male being in the place of the bridegroom. His bride, too, must be in this vertical line, in oneness with him, and she will lay the foundation on t he horizontal level, too, leaving another 90 degrees there. This what is said in the Bible -- Bride and Bridegroom -- that is the conclusion of the whole Bible.

Then what will bring these two into one? Just love, human love of a male and female being? No. This male being is with love and this female being is with love, and they come closer until they meet at one point here -- but will the female become one with the male under the male, or the male under the female?

Well, suppose there is a couple, in your family, and they have some differences and a distance between them. Would it be all right for a woman to stand here, calling to her husband, "Come to me and you can become one with me," while the husband insists on his wife coming closer to him, to be united with him, and he is just standing there in his own place? Would that do? No. When you keep the subjectivity in your own love, selfish love, then true oneness in Divine Love can never come about. Then what is True Love at all? This one would not want to come to this one to become one; neither would this one want to come to this side to become one with him -- but both, when they come closer and closer to meet at one point in the middle, this can be True Love. In other words, only by both of them denying themselves can they really become one with each other. That is the standard of True Love. That's what it is, you must remember that. That's what we call the central love with two together. If and when you are put together like this, the love will have a circular motion and in the circular motion there is nothing like "yours" and "mine" -- just a perfect oneness, like a propeller whirling, just one harmonious wholeness will be there.

You saw the scenes on the television when the P. 0. W.'s came home from Vietnam. Then you saw the scenes of their meeting their beloved ones. Would they just come close like this -- or would they embrace each other and whirl around? That symbolizes that love alone can make things round, harmonious, circular or spherical. Then, in True Love, no one can invade and no one can interfere. Both must be obedient to each other, both must be willing to be united with each other, and in utter oneness they will enjoy harmony and beauty. You may say, "Oh no, I hate the word 'obedience'. Why do I have to obey my husband, obey my wife? I want to be freed from that bondage then, and I want to be a free person." But in True Love -- obedience, loyalty and surrender -- everything is possible and you are not humiliated by it. You want to be controlled, and dictatorship is possible only in that love. Wouldn't you want to have your husband a dictator -- to love you alone and no other people? Would you want to have him so fair and even and equal as to love so many girls? And your wife, vice-versa? No.

In the truest love, the truest dictatorship can be applied, and you want to keep it all through eternity. That is the intrinsic nature of love. Don't you like that law? Talk over everything, let go of everything. This is glorious love, and in that love the male being cannot do anything singly and the female cannot do anything singly, but those two put together alone-that means something and there is a significance. Then what is the origin of that love -- from whom is the love derived? Well, that love isn't something from that male being or that female being. No, love is fact, truth, results in everything good and virtuous. But where does it come from? It comes from no one else but God, the absolute being of Love, the highest dimension, the source of love, origin of love. Isn't that logical? The absolute subject of love is God -- no one else. Who is God and what is God like? In a word, God is the origin of the love I am enjoying, the subject of love. But this love does not come directly to you from God, but from your parents, because you are the product of the love of your parents.

Our first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, should have been in the position of the True Parents to us. But because of their failure in the Fall, we must have our True Parents as the mediators of God's love pouring down on us and giving us real life. And there must be a time for them to come. It is at the Close of the Age or the Latter Days that they will save us, restore us to the original position; and they are playing the role of the True Parents giving new life to us. And there must be a single point where those two will meet and that will be the central point. That point will be the ancestor of the horizontal line and the vertical line. We have to have True Ancestors -- by ancestral, he means the starting point. We have two ideal lines.

Here is the male being (on board) and here is the female being, and in the male being himself there is also a central point making the cross line possible -- the vertical line and horizontal line meeting together. You as an individual -- wouldn't you love yourself? Then, where is the central point, what is the love of yourself like -- centered on what? Your love of yourself is centered on what? Centered on God, through the True Parents, of course. Even vaguely, your love of yourself, your love of anything must be centered on God -- and through yourself you find your mind and body, and only by those two put together can you meet God's love there, and you can lay the foundation of four positions in yourself. With God above, when your mind and body are together, when you focus on your goal, whatever things you are going to do, then that would already make the foundation of four positions, a God-centered foundation. From the tiny square, this is the point where God abides -- your mind, your body, and your goal or purpose. Through your brain comes an idea; then by putting your mind and body into one, you put them in motion to attain your goal or purpose. If the square foundation of four positions were round , it would form a circle, which symbolizes perfection. (Diagram on board) Two of that kind of individual, one male and one female, when they unite in one with God-centered love: God is above, male and female, then their children. Four elements will form the foundation of four positions. In perfect give and take, in the whole action of oneness and love, God will come down to the central point; the male being, the female being and the children will come to one point in utter and absolute harmony. After becoming one, only by truly becoming one, does multiplication come about. If and when the male and female are put into one, then multiplication is possible, and they give birth to their children. There are sons and daughters ... in the first human family, of course, there were [to be several] sons and daughters, and the male and female were [to become] one in matrimony and give birth to more children, and their children; the male would be married to the female, to multiply their children. So, the base of four positions will be also multiplied. The point of absolute unification is love, and the point of division is also love, and multiplication comes from the love. In the love, right and left, up and down, front and rear all become united into one. The central point, being the representative point of Divine Love -- that can play the role of the central point or axis, rotating all the others around. If the central point is destroyed, all the rest will be scattered. Don't you see: in the family unit, while the husband and wife love each other dearly, their children are happy, their parents are happy, their friends, relatives, all around them are happy. But once there is disharmony and rupture between the two, if they divorce each other, then the children will be scattered into pieces, and every element in the family will be faced with misery and dissension. That's what love really is, love is the central point. Love is where harmony starts, life starts, and everything of virtue starts from there; and it is only too natural for God to have men love each other and build a family in Divine Love, tribe, nation and the whole world in Divine Love, all centered on His love. He is going to recreate or restore the world. Your love must be centered on God, but in the family unit centered on your parents; so if you are confident that you are really loved by your parents, you can hold up your head like this -- wherever you may be, toward whatever direction you may face, you are so confident, and you are upright like this -- but if you should lose your parental love (your parents don't love you anymore), you are so sad, disgusted, and you cannot raise your head. Facing any direction you feel obstacles, walls before you. If this is true of your love in the family, well, how much more would it be true when you enjoy God's love.

When you are loved by God you are so confident you can rise your head up high like this and you can go in every direction without reservation, without obstacles. In the family unit, when the husband and wife are brought together in Divine Love, God-centered love, with God abiding in that family -- that family, after giving birth to children, will be a perfect foundation of four positions. That kind of family and other such families will become one like this; then, there is a broader foundation of four positions. There is the foundation of four positions on the family level, tribal level; and if that kind of clan or tribe or such is put together in harmony and love, with this in the subject position (on diagram) and others in the object position, then the whole nation will have formed the foundation of four positions centered on God, and in that way the scope will be broadened. Centered on God's love, that is how and in what way we broaden its scope to reach out to the whole world under God's love. Is everything clear to you? [YES!]

In your own self, you must get your body to surrender to or to obey your mind, and become one -- and such a person in the subjective position and another in the objective position, when they meet each other and become one in God's love, there is a family-unit love, love on the family level. And then that family, when it wants to become one with other families in the objective position must deny itself or sacrifice itself, be ready to sacrifice itself and then it can absorb or subjugate or bring other families into one with itself; in that way only can we broaden the scope of love centered upon God. To deny yourself, to sacrifice yourself, is to subjugate other people, absorb other people. So if you as an individual should do that, then other individuals will be absorbed by you. And if your family can deny itself and sacrifice itself for the sake of other families, other families can be absorbed into and united with yours -- thus broadening its scope. If your clan is ready to sacrifice itself and deny itself for the sake of other clans, it can absorb or subjugate others, or have the others come to it to become one and broaden the scope to the national level of things. If one nation in the subjective position is ready to sacrifice itself or deny itself for the sake of other nations, that nation in the subjective position can absorb other nations into oneness with itself. And when we know this theory, we know that God is working behind the human scene, and in this way God would have us go through the course of indemnity until we gain, regain or restore the whole of mankind back to His bosom. However broad the scope may be, the central point is just one. That's the basis of heart -- heart of Love. God-centered, the love starts in the relationship of father and son. Is there any change or alternative in the love between father and son? It has been the same throughout human history.

This being a fallen world, there can be disharmony in the love between father and son, but the most precious love or truest love is to be found in the father-son relationship. This is the core of human love, it was to be found in Adam's family. In the family unit, if you sacrifice yourself this much, you will be vertically higher this much. When you deny yourself this much and sacrifice yourself this much, and this will be like this and it will add to the height -- here you are closer to God. If you deny this much more and deny yourself utterly you will become one with God and reach up. If you deny yourself 100% you will place yourself on the central point, the central point on the vertical level. Do you understand? So, to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the public is the main point and is the shortcut to reach out to God; then you can place yourself on the central point. Do you really understand?

Will anyone who has found real love be willing or ready to throw away all the rest? Your attention is focused on the love, on your love, and then your head will be like this -- not like that. You wouldn't like to turn away from the loved one. God is always on the vertical line and He is the origin and source of love. A man is the only being in the whole Creation to be able to place himself on that vertical line, being the central point, by denying himself. When you have done that, you will be on the vertical line, which is a lasting line, going through eternity. It must be clear enough, theoretically, too. Without True Love we cannot have the ideal world. Without that True Love being in the central point, we cannot have the whole world under that love, and this central point is God's love, and when we attach ourselves to that point, we can enjoy that love. To put it another way: when you sacrifice yourself to be able to put yourself at the central point, that means you stand at the height to reach up to God; but in another sense, God is coming to you, to meet you, to abide in you. So with God coming down this way your base will be broader. So, it is very true when the Bible says, "You are the temple of God." In that case, God will abide in us. If, from the side way, you become one with each other and whirl around as fast as you can, then your height will reach to God; and the other way around, God will try to reach you -- and with God abiding in you, your bases on the horizontal level will be broader. The stronger the action of give and take between the two, the more the love of God will be there, and the stronger you are bound in God's love. This kind of love, when realized in your family -- when it goes to the tribal or clan level, national level and worldwide level, is going to be the restored world of the ideal. In other words: the Kingdom of God on Earth. So, without God-centered love realized throughout the whole world, we cannot establish the Kingdom of God.

The world in which we are now living is without that central point of Godly love; but we are now, as our mission, to set up the standard or central point of love and place ourselves there to enjoy God's love and share God's love until we reach out to the whole world. Then, before you join with God in Divine Love, can you ever dream of loving anyone of the opposite sex? That is why, up to the present moment, in Christianity, they advocate celibacy, or an ascetic life. Then what must be our determination? You must be awakened to the fact that you are going to be the True Ancestors to your future generations. You are going to be the central point of God's love emitted from you, and you are going to be the starting point of the purging of the world. Since we are such, our determination to realize Divine Love in human society will be a unique, unchanging and eternal one -- it must be. You must, first of all, be an unchangeable being in the love of God, in the love of True Parents; and starting from you, you must be able to share that kind of love with your children and later generations. God, being eternal, has been there before Adam and Eve fell, and God has been with us throughout human history up to the present moment, and God is going to be with us in human society. We have been resolved or determined to become True Children of God. True Children of the True Parents, and True Parents to our future descendants, but have you been able to carry out your mission? We must be redetermined for that, and in doing that we must believe in God. But we must be the people whom God can trust. And whom the True Parents can trust and our True Brothers and Sisters can trust.

You know too well that there have been numerous followers in many religious sects, including the Christians, who have tried to follow that standard under God's love, and they have been thinking that they have done so much. But God, from His part, has been deceived, betrayed, and He would try to trust the people who believed in Him, but they would fail Him. So are we in a position to be trusted by God -- the most important thing? Suppose we have here two very devout followers in our movement -- but if I were in God's position, would I not still have to doubt you, recollecting the days I was betrayed by Adam and Eve? The days of Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jacob, Jesus, and Jesus' three disciples -- only if I could find in you something better than those people -- then alone could I really trust you. Wouldn't that be true? There is no doubt to that. You must know how miserable and how unhappy God is and how grieved God is after having been betrayed by so many people right at the start of human history; and He is desperate to find true persons -- and how unhappy and grieved God's heart must be. Have you ever imagined that? Then, in the light of all those things, are you really confident to be the truest children of God, whom God can really trust. [YES!]

Well, even though you may think you are that kind, there is a long history of God having been deceived by the people, betrayed by the people -- with much sadness and grief in His heart. You say that you are believable and trustworthy. Compared to the accumulated grief of God and the joy you are returning to Him, are you confident to have God trust you? Can your degree of loyalty or love of God eradicate all of man's history of betrayal? No knowledge, no position, no wealth, no anything, nothing can please Father except for your heart of love for God alone, which will make Him cry -- that alone can touch His heart. If you are ready to do anything at all for Him in order to ease His heart -- if you can deny yourself, sacrifice yourself, and be ready to comfort His heart, His grieving heart -- then only, with tearful eyes, will God trust you and love you. If you are ready to die ' if you cry out to God, "Whatever place you have for us to die, I will go to that place, and I am ready to deny myself, I am ready to die in the place of other people for the sake of Your cause," and if you really dash to that point, ready to sacrifice yourself, then God may be able to trust you. In that case, you are in a position similar to that of Jesus, praying in the Garden of Gethsemane: "Let this cup pass from me; that is not as I will, but as Thou will." And if you are utterly going to do things for the sake of God's will, then alone will He believe you. Even though He has been betrayed by so many people, when Jesus prayed before God, saying: "You may do anything You please, and I will follow You," then he could cry out to Jesus: "You resemble me; You restored yourself in the image and likeness of Myself." In that case alone, God can trust the person.

Even though God may have to lose the whole world, the whole nation, whole tribe, whole clan, whole family -- if He has one person left with that kind of attitude, that devotedness to the Love of God, and in oneness with God, forming the foundation of four positions in God's love, God will be pleased with that person; and starting right from that person, He can broaden the scope of His love and loving sphere, reaching out to the whole world again. This being the core of the Divine Principle, and this being the crux of the thing, even Satan cannot deny this -- and they will surrender to the person of God's love and world of God's love. In other words, we must resemble God to the fullest extent. If we analyze God or dissolve God there will be one thing left: that is love, God's love; we must be ready to sacrifice ourselves for this great cause. Even if we may have to die on the sea, die on the mountainside, die in the deep valley of darkness, wherever we may have to die; or if we are killed by other persons for this great cause, we must be ready to do that, and that is going to be our determination. That is why in the Bible we read, "'Whoever wants to gain his life will lose it and whoever is ready to lose his life, will gain it." That is the core of the Divine Teaching. So, if you are really determined to go ahead in advancing the path of restoration until we reach the goal, sacrificing yourself on the family level, sacrificing yourself on the clan level, tribal level, national level and for the sake of the whole world -- if you are ready to sacrifice yourself in utter denial of your own self, your determination will make our goal a success. And the goal will be the ideal, the victory; the success will be waiting for us. I want you not to forget all this and to be determined in carrying out your mission in that light.

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