The Words of Reverend Sun Myung Moon from 1973

The Last Frontline

Sun Myung Moon
February 25, 1973
Washington, DC
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Bok Choi

This morning my subject is "The Last Frontline." Can you hear me in the rear seats? Looking at everything going on in this world, we can safely say, that this is the Close of the Age, the Latter Days. Everything sown in, the beginning will be reaped or harvested in the fall. Human history began with sadness -- so at the time of harvest, sadness will be reaped. We are not sad because we don't have shelter, food or clothing, but because we lost the value of life. In other words, we are sad because we don't have love with us, on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level or worldwide level.

If human history had begun with truth, love, beauty and true life, at the close of the Age, at the end, it would also be harvested in love and life. Human history began with struggle; so, in the process of history, too, it has been going through all those difficulties, hardships and struggles -- and it will end up in struggles. In the beginning, right after the human Fall, there began a constant struggle between good and evil. In this struggle, it was always the side of evil and not the side of good which attacked first. The side of good was in the defensive position, while the other was always in the offensive. The struggle in the true sense was the struggle between God and Satan; but man, in between, has had to fight. The evil side -- when they fought for their own sakes. The evil side, in struggling, has always been against God, and tried to defeat the side of sacrificing those people.

As the Divine Principle teaches us, the struggle between good and evil began at the time of Adam, between Cain and Abel. The struggle was for the evil to win over or defeat the good. Then the side of good, the side of God, had to use some method -- in what way could God win over Satan? (Even though in a vague way we know that at the end the good will win over the evil power.) So, God and those on the side of God will have to be always on the side of good. The opponent is always the evil power of Satan.

Then what is evil at all? We can say that the evil power is something which attacks first and has the opponent lose something or sacrifice something. The good, in a word, makes it possible for the other party to profit from what this party is doing, and to make a "plus" -- add up something there in a good way. The good has been giving profit to the other party by adding something good to it, while the contrary is to take away from the other party. In our everyday social life, also, when one harms the other, we think that one is evil. In light of all this, we can say that there is a vast difference between the strategy of good and that of evil. We can again say that the side of good cannot ever attack the other party first. It is the side of evil which attacks first. The side of good would not attack first, but be attacked -- and it would not be defeated at the end, but it will profit and make the other party compensate for the loss they caused on this side. The evil, even though they attack first, will lose in the end, and they are in the position of having to compensate for what they did to the other party. This principle, has applied throughout human history in many cases of war -- and at the end of every war, the evil side had to compensate. Whether or not you are a good individual, good family, good nation or good world will be decided by this principle. In human society, these kinds of wars, fights, have been taking place. There have been wars between individuals; and, in each case, the individual on the side of good would win in the end, and so much were the crops for the side of good. And any family on the side of God will fight against that on the side of evil. Well, so much victory was won on God's side on the level of the family; and when the fight was going on -- it was taking place on many various levels and broadening its scope -- the crops or fruit were on God's side on that broad a level.

In the Providence of God, whenever an individual sent by God would fight against the Satanic power, even though it may be on an individual level, that person was playing the role of the core for the whole world-level struggle. But, on the side of evil, they would attack first and be defeated in the end. We see that they have formed, in doing that, an individual base, family base, national base and worldwide base. But on the side of good, we cannot quite say that there is a real base formed by an individual, family, nation or by the world. From the part of God, whenever he wanted to find an individual for His side, He would have to locate him on the side of Satan, because every being is living in the Satanic world; thus, He had to restore him back to His side. But, if He would leave the person as he was in the Satanic world, He could not perform a certain mission through that person. After he has been restored, he must be in a position to play the role of the perfect object for God to work on or through. Unless he succeeds in his mission on the individual level, on God's side, to fight against the evil persons on the Satanic side, he cannot inherit or connect what he has accomplished with that on the second level. So, any individual on the side of good must have his view of life on the worldwide level. Any religion on the side of good has been struggling to plant the good and reap the good on the worldwide level. Because God is going to make this person a warrior or champion of goodness to fight against the whole world and win the whole world back into God's bosom, Satan (even though he may attack this person) would desperately fight to win over this person, because he (Satan) is going to lose the whole world if that person wins. In fighting, the one on the side of good is fighting for the sake of the whole world -- and the other, on the side of Satan, is fighting to sacrifice the whole world for the sake of himself. In other words, the one on the side of good is going to fight for the sake of the whole world, while the evil person is going to fight for the sake of himself at the sacrifice of the whole world. The evil power will start with great ambition, but will be diminished and will perish in the end -- while the power of good may have to start in a small way, but in the end will be broadened and strengthened to win the whole world.

We have seen proof that the evil power always starts With a notorious thing, but will be diminished and defeated in the end, while the side of good will appear to be defeated, but in the end it will win over the other. The evil side will attack first, but those on the side of good -- if they can keep the stronghold and not be defeated -- then the evil will be defeated in the end and will have to make compensation. On the other hand, the side of good, even though it may appear tiny and small and helpless in the beginning, will, during the course of the fight, become augmented or broadened or strengthened to win against the other power in the end. So, those on the side of good must think of the fight through a long period of time, while those on the evil side are impatient to win the victory, as soon as possible. Those on the side of evil have already laid the foundation to fight against the individual, and then if they are defeated on that base -- against those on the side of good -- they will be able to fight against those on the family level and then on the broader levels of the nation and world. In the end, the evil side will fight against the good side on the national level. But, on the side of good, they have not been able to form a national foundation as yet and they are desperate to find or make one like that. On the side of good, we make the foundation or basis to fight on as we go along; that means that if we win the fight on the level of the individual, we are going to make the basis for the next fight, which is going to be done on the family level. But, up to the present moment, throughout the history of mankind there has never been a single individual who could form that kind of foundation to fight against Satan and win over him. Jesus also said that there is no righteous man -- none.

No one who has been sent into the world with the great mission to fight against the Satanic power for the side of good has ever quite accomplished his mission on that level. Jesus, too, when he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, he prayed, "if it be possible, let this bitter cup pass from me, but not as I will, but as Thou wilt"; and that means there was a gap between God's intention and his -- or in other words, he has not quite accomplished his mission to the fullest extent. God had to prepare the chosen nation of the Israelites and He was desperate to have them receive the Messiah and make the mission a success, because on the Satanic side they had already formed the foundation for the nation. On the side of God, after having formed the foundation on the individual level and family level, they had to form the foundation on the national level -- and by doing that alone the side of good could form the foundation from which to really fight against the Satanic power, which had already formed the national level.

Jesus was in the position of the Messiah who came to inherit his mission on the national level, and had to complete that mission -- he came as the perfection of his mission on the individual level -- and after going through the level of the family, he would have inherited that of the national level. On that national level, he had to fight against the Roman Empire, which was a Satanic nation. If at that time the chosen nation of the Israelites were in cooperation with Jesus, they could have won over the Satanic nation or Empire of Rome. Then, the Roman Empire was in its prime state, and they were going to diminish from that point -- while on the side of good, the chosen nation of the Israelites was destined to rise and reach its prime state from there. On the side of evil, Satan was desperate to fight against and win over God's side on the foundation of a nation, of the Roman Empire, and finally was going to win over this side on the worldwide level. If the people of Judaism and the chosen people of the Israelites were in complete cooperation with Jesus in carrying out his mission, it would not have taken seven years at that time. In the Bible, we read that Pilate was somewhat afraid of the royalty, so we can well imagine that the national power was going to diminish from then on. If those on the side of good, or on the side of Jesus, could have won over the Roman Empire, those minor nations which were under the sovereignty of the Roman Empire would have been won over to God's side at that time. If God's side could have won the sovereignty over the Satanic side, from then on He could have performed miracles to win over the whole at that time.

At that time, centered around the person of Jesus, as the Messiah having accomplished his foundation -- having laid the foundation on the individual and family levels -- then he could have started his mission on the national level, to win over the whole world. If he had fought on the foundation of the nation, the victory could have been his right away. Right at the moment when the nation on the Satanic side would attack that on God's side, in the long run, God can make His people win over the Satanic side. In every way, the evil power will be separated from the good power -- and on the evil side there will always be division and rupture, while on God's side, as the scope will be broadened, there will be oneness and harmony and a stronghold formed. Whenever one would attack the other, in the beginning, people would not recognize which is evil or good, but as the fight goes on, they will know which party is on the evil side -- and it is the nature of the human disposition to hate evil things and to be on the side of good. So, people's minds will be one in harmony with those on the good side, and then the good side will be strengthened to be able to win over the other side.

When we look at the things happening in this world, too, at the beginning we cannot quite define which is good or which is bad, but in the long run the evil power will be separated from the good power so we can discriminate between what is good and what is evil. Up to the present, in human history, those people on the side of good, when they were sent into the world to accomplish their missions for the sake of God were not quite recognized before death. If people would come to recognize their greatness. If the chosen nation of the Israelites had been in cooperation with Jesus, Jesus -- being the central personage of God's choice -- knew what he was going to do for the sake of God. In the long run people could have recognized him as the Messiah and would have followed him. But, due to the disbelief of the chosen nation of the Israelites, Jesus was forced to fail in carrying out his mission on the national level, even though he completed his mission on the individual level. While Jesus had to start his mission on the national level, which God had prepared for him, he was compelled to fail in his mission because of the, disbelief of the people. So, the person sent in place of Jesus must go through all those things all over again, starting from the individual level of things, and having accomplished that much, going through the next level of the family and then the national level, he has to fight from then on.

Jesus had to die on the cross without having accomplished everything, both on the spiritual and the physical levels, so the one coming in his place has to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus -- that is, he is going to accomplish things on every level, both spiritual and physical. If Jesus, in his day, had succeeded in carrying out his mission, both on the spiritual and physical levels, nationally, on the national base -- then the Christians thereafter would have been able to fight against the Satanic world on that base. But, since he failed in carrying out his mission on that level, the later Christians and the Messiah coming the second time have had to carry out those things all over again. At the time of Jesus, the chosen nation of the Israelites could have started from the basis of a nation, but the Christian population of today's world doesn't have a national foundation formed. At the time of Jesus, he had twelve disciples, and later on, twelve tribes could have been formed, and 70 apostles, then 120 -- all those things were formed even on the spiritual level, but after his death, in the Christian world, those were broken down into pieces. In the Old Testament Age, around the tribe of the Levites (high priests), they had formed a sort of foundation on the tribal level. But, after Jesus' death, that too was nullified -- and in Christendom, they have had no such things at all -- they were all nullified.

As you may well know, at the Close of the Age, when the Lord of the Second Advent comes, what was left unaccomplished by the chosen people must be accomplished by the Lord of the Second Advent, so those things will take place. Christianity started with the twelve disciples of Jesus; well, that has somehow formed numerous denominations -- 300 or more. In light of this fact (that at Jesus' time he had twelve tribes or twelve disciples), we must at least try to put in order all those 300 or more denominations, to make it twelve denominations. And, later on, just as Jesus had three main disciples -- three tribes of God or twelve very successful ones -- we have to diminish the number of denominations into three and at last into one. Just as in Jesus' day, his twelve tribes or three tribes -- or even his disciples -- had to perish because of their disbelief, because of their lack of cooperation with Jesus on the spiritual level and with the Lord of the Second Advent on the physical level, they are doomed to perish and to be broken into pieces -- and we have to reform those things.

As you well know, the whole is roughly divided into two. There has come about the sphere of Communism, in which people deny God on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level and worldwide level. The God-denying ideology of Communism has already formed a worldwide foundation. But the Democratic world is not strong enough to show, to have the view of life, to recognize God on the individual, family, national and worldwide level -- not strong enough to fight against the Satanic power. Between those two ideologies there have been fights up to the present moment, and both parties are being exhausted. If one is over the other at all, people will set their eyes on Communism, thinking inwardly that Communism might be the one which will win over Democracy.

As you know, the Christian world is being corrupted and collapsed. But, strangely enough, in the face of corruption or peril, there is emerging a movement for unifying Christian denominations. As you know, Catholicism and Protestantism are both trying to become one after 450 years of rupture. But, as long as both have tried to become one, to be united into one with each other, they have tried to absorb the other party under them. As long as they do that, there is no possibility of those two becoming one. From God's part, He is desperate to unite those two into one -- not one under the other. So, unless they find some new view set before them through which they can be united into one, their unification will not be a success.

In Jesus' day, both God and Jesus were desperate to win three or twelve disciples for Jesus; and then with their cooperation with Jesus, to try to form a tribe on that side and a nation on that side and the whole world on God's side. But, since they failed in carrying out that much, their mission was nullified at that time. But, after Jesus' death, in the Christian world, too, they did not succeed in cooperating with each other, in becoming one with each other. So, that has to be done all over again. Remember: when Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, he was with his three main disciples -- but those three disciples did not join with Jesus in his desperate prayer, begging God: "if it be possible, let this cup pass from me -- not as I will but as Thou wilt." We know that fact. But, in the Christian world, if the Christian population will be integrated or united into one power, praying to God, "If possible, let all the divisions and other things pass away from us and let Your will be our goal -- and we don't want other denominations to come under us and we want to find Your will and we will set our goal in accordance with Yours," -- if they pray like that for the whole world, they could be playing the role of the sacrifice or offering to God, and the foundation to be able to save the whole world could be laid there. As long as that kind of religion is formed already, on the foundation of which the Lord of the Second Advent can work -- he can come; but, because of Jesus' situation, he will be forced to start over again from the individual level.

If, in the Garden of Gethsemane, when Jesus was so desperate in his prayer, if at least three of his main disciple; were entirely one with him -- Jesus would not have had to die -- or if he would have had to die, God could have performed a miracle to resurrect him right there [physically] not just spiritually. And he would not have to ascend into heaven, but he could have resurrected on the spiritual level. Those three main disciples of Jesus, at that time, had to be ready to sacrifice their own lives in place of Jesus -- and if they were compelled to fight at all they had to come in the vanguard of Jesus, fighting for him, without his having to fight for himself. If the three disciples of Jesus had become one with Jesus at that time, they could have carried that much, as I have said already, but they failed to do so and Jesus had to die on the cross. So, his mission was accomplished on the spiritual level only. But, if they had been in cooperation with Jesus at that time, when he was still on the earth plane, then even after his death, the spiritual success would have been solidified so that the Christian population, after his death, would not have scattered and diminished like it has, become corrupted like it has.

Since the followers of Jesus at that time disapproved of him and deserted him, at the time of his Second Coming, also, the Christian world is in the position of rejecting the Lord of the Second Advent. In this age, do you think that there are any priests, any ministers in the established churches who are really one with God and Jesus? Even the church ministers are denying God's existence. They are, in a way, in the position to scatter their sheep instead of gathering their sheep to return to God. Then, where, at what point, will God start now? There is no other way possible than for an Individual of God's choice to do that on the individual level and there should be a group of people -- a religion of that kind -- which will fight against the Satanic power at its own sacrifice. Do you think there is any such individual, any such religious group or denomination in this world? Is Catholicism in that position? Presbyterianism? Methodism? Well, we can safely say that there is no such religion existing in the whole world. Then, is there any such nation prepared for that?

Then -- the ardor of the chosen nation of the Israelites, expecting or waiting for Jesus to come -- between their ardor and the ardor of the Christians now, expecting or waiting for the Second Coming of the Lord -- between those two, which is greater? Which do you think is greater? Well, the ardor of the Christian population of the world, now waiting for the coming of the Messiah, is far less than that at the time just prior to Jesus. Before the coming of Jesus, every individual waited for the coming of the Messiah -- every family, every tribe -- the whole nation of the Israelites, including all of Judaism -- they waited for the coming of the Messiah. But, now, in Christendom, no one on the individual base is so ardently waiting for the coming of the Second Lord and there is no such family, no such tribe or nation so ardently waiting for the Second Coming of the Lord. Everything is vague and being diminished. In that kind of a world, if the Lord of the Second Advent were to come to those people. would he be received by the people, welcomed by the people at all?

Originally, God's intention in establishing the religions of the world was to have the religions work for the sake of the whole, world, but is there any individual, any group of people, any religion as such in the world? The Christian believes in God in order that his wishes be answered or accomplished and doesn't dream of saving the whole world. Right in the midst of this corruption, is there any individual in the place of the main disciple of Jesus, or at least are there any people in the place of Jesus' disciples, having cooperated with Jesus? When we look around the world and we find no such individual or group of people, we can say that it is almost impossible for God to realize His will through the people of the world as they now are. But, God is still hoping to find at least one, to carry out the mission. If God is not able to find such a one, there is no hope for this whole world to be saved. We, the Unification Church members, feel the great mission of being called and chosen by God for this very purpose. On the basis of a church movement, we want to place ourselves in the position of the three main disciples at the time of Jesus' prayer. Knowing that Jesus' three disciples failed to put themselves in the position to pray to God, then we want to put our movement, our church, in the position of the successful disciples of Jesus, putting ourselves in the position to carry out God's will, not ours-and being ready to sacrifice ourselves for the salvation of the world.

As you know, even in the Communist world, the ideal is to unite the whole world into one -- to be the happiest world for people to live in -- but fortunately enough, we have seen the fact that, in that Communist world, there is rupture being created between Soviet Russia and Red China. So, we can see that it is almost impossible for them to be united into one -- to form one world under one ideology. The reason for their having failed in uniting into one is that even though Communism, as an ideology, claims or advocates the unity of the people and making of the whole world into one -- they cannot put the ideology into practice. If they really advocate bringing the whole population of the world into oneness, they must value the view of other people -- but every party wants to have the others under them, so that is why the rupture came about. Russia dreams of the sovereignty of the Slavic people. It is their inner ambition to have the Slavic people rule over all other types. In order for them to make Communism a worldwide ideology, they must be ready to sacrifice the Slavic people for the sake of the whole world. That is what made it impossible to bring the whole world under their ideology -- and we can again say that they could not transcend the tribal level. If the Slavic people were ready to sacrifice themselves in order to make the Communist ideology a worldwide one, transcending the tribal and national levels., they would not have failed, like that. So, we can see that in Communism they could not transcend the level of the tribe or nation.

In the Democratic world, also, the United States has so far been the leading nation of the whole world, trying to equalize the conditions in other countries, trying to aid other countries. But, since she is withdrawing from other parts of the world, for fear of being weakened, countries are not quite carrying out their mission. The founding ideology of the United States was Christianity. So, if the people of the United States would put themselves in the position of Jesus, praying to God, "Well, if our nation may have to perish or be sacrificed -- let the whole world be saved" -- if they could pray that kind of prayer before God, they will continue to be a great nation. Then, this nation, even though it is faced with peril, may be resurrected -- and will be able to save the whole world. Recently, we can seethe policy-makers of the United States thinking of the benefit of this country alone and having nothing to do with the outside world -- they wouldn't even mind if other nations were to perish. So far, the United States has been the only one to stand in the vanguard of others, trying to save the other nations from corruption and peril. But, since the United States is withdrawing from that position, we can see no such nation in its place. If there be a God at all, He would look for a nation, even if it be a small one, in which the people would be ready to save the whole world at the sacrifice of themselves. If the people of a certain nation would be armed with that kind of ideology -- that nation is going to be the leading nation of the whole world, and God has got to make one out of them. But, is there any such nation existing in the world? [No!]

If not a nation, can He find any such group of people, any such religion, in which the people are ready to sacrifice themselves for the salvation of the whole world? Do we find Protestantism, Catholicism, Buddhism, Confucianism to be such? In those religions, they at best think of their own denomination or religious sect, and they have nothing to do with the rise of all of the nations in those religions, the people really pray for themselves as individuals, to be saved by God. We have gone through every test and we have found that Communism, while it claims the unity of the whole world under its ideology, has been a failure-there is no hope in the Democratic world either. And we will look around and try to find that kind of group -- we think we have found one which is for that, anyway. Well, no other group than the Unification Church is for that. We only have a handful of people like this, but our mission and our desire is to make the whole world into one -- restore the whole world back to God's bosom. We are so confident as to be able to absorb both the Communist people and the Democratic people. What they don't have is an ideology transcending national and tribal boundaries. So, these people, this group of people is going to do things on the worldwide level, transcending national boundaries.

We are the group whose view can transcend national boundaries. Our view of life, the view of the world under our ideology, is to save the whole world under the will of God. We have hitherto been trying to do things through the denial of our own selves as individuals -- the denial of our family, our clan, our nation -- for the sake of the world. We call ourselves Family members, even among those coming from nations which had once been enemies of each other. In our ideology, the young people would like to have international marriage, rather than marriage between people of the same nationality. The barriers between East and West, the boundaries between nations and between ideologies will be torn down -- and after tearing down those boundaries, our young people are ready to intermarry -- between people of any nationality -- because our ambition is so great and our desire is so great as to have the whole world in our bosom. We can look around the whole world, but we cannot find any other such group as ours.

Small maybe in number, we are still confident, and we proclaim our people to be such; to have an ideology of such dimensions as to be able to absorb the whole world. The followers of this movement are ready to follow our Master wherever he goes, even though he may be on the verge of death. Even on the verge of life or death we are ready to follow him. For our doctrine, for the will of God, which we think is our will, too, you have sacrificed your family; you would desert your parents, your brothers and sisters, your home and everything you have hitherto cherished. And you have discarded your nation, also, and some came over to this country to work for the nation, for your nation, and we see those people working here. In the Christian world, their foundation -- big enough to be conspicuous in the world -- is going to be diminished and weakened like this. And ours, even though it has sprouted out just a small bit, will come to be broadened and still broadened to be a great big movement.

If you are in the position of Jesus' twelve disciples and you are ready to die in place of Jesus, or in place of your Leader, and if you have confidence in doing that, I am sure that our group will be successful in carrying out our mission. Can I trust you? [Yes!] How much are you ready for that? Are you ready to give up your life? [Yes!] Can you sacrifice your love for the sake of the will of God? [Yes!] If you all mean it -- if you are ready to give up your love -- love of yourself, love of your family, love of your nation and love of everything else -- you are sure to win over the Satanic power, to carry out God's will. Seen from that viewpoint, we are not a miserable group, but we are a wonderful group, being able to do greater things than Jesus could. Jesus, in his day, could barely gather twelve disciples around him and the Jewish people were rejecting him. But now, around our Master, the solid foundation of unifying our Family is formed, and back in Korea almost a national base on the spiritual level has been formed, and we are now here to work for the sake of the whole world, and we are, in a way, a successful people.

On the road of religion, our road has been paved and we are at the tall gate, channeled to go over to the worldwide mission. In the Democratic world, freedom of religion is insured and we have got to make our mission a success without being killed or anything, but the evil power of Communism is left and that's more or less a threat. In the external sense, they are a sovereign power maybe, threatening to us -- but in the internal sense, on the spiritual level, our sovereignty or our strength excels theirs. If there be a God at all -- with whom or through whom is He going to work? The group of people He has found is none other than our own. Don't you think so? [Yes!] It is true and this is an historical event.

Since God has found an individual in our group, a family in our group -- the nation formed by our group will be such: able to carry out or accomplish God's will on this earth plane. We are sure that we are going to have God abiding in us, working through us and for us. The Christian world, which has gone against our movement, is being diminished or becoming powerless, and the Satanic power of Communism is being defeated by our ideology -- being overcome. And since God is in favor of us, working on our side, we are destined to rise, to augment and broaden our strength -- so we can be optimistic about that. Suppose there is a big tree and if it loses a central point, for example, if it loses its balance, it would come to one side like this and then it's doomed to collapse. The evil tree is destined to fall down, and we are in the midst of it -- in between the good and the evil powers -- but trying to win over the evil power and restore it to God's side. We are on the side Of Good, on the side of God. We alone have that mission.

We must realize the fact that the greatest standard of goodness is set on ourselves as individuals, on our family as one in the central point, on our tribe or nation as the central point, and from then on we can win the whole world. If, on the individual base, even though you may have to die for this great cause, you must know that you are going to die not for the sake of you as an individual, but for your family, tribe, nation and for the whole world. You are still in your 20's or 30's, and you want to dedicate your youth to this great cause, and you will be able to take pride in your having sacrificed yourself for the sake of the whole world -- while the other young people of the world are, at best, doing things for the sake of themselves.

We must remember that there have been many great prophets and saints sent by God -- and after having worked for the great cause, when they passed away, they could set up some mission or accomplishment on the individual, family or national level. But those people, including Jesus, have done this only on the spiritual level. And we are here, trying to accomplish that mission both on the spiritual and physical levels, and we are sure we can accomplish that much while on earth. So we can be quite proud of ourselves. When you are here, you have a sense of being called by God and chosen by God, not for yourself as an individual, but for your family, your nation and for the whole world -- and you have to solidify your sense of responsibility.

We are in the final frontline and our faith and confidence alone will decide whether or not we can win the victory. It is well testified that in the fight, the element with which you win the victory is not the weapon -- nor the numbers [of troops]. The morale of the soldiers -- whether or not they are ready to sacrifice themselves in the fight -- will determine the outcome. If the soldiers are ready to sacrifice themselves to win the victory, they would think, "Even though I may have to die, the victory will be ours" -- that kind of attitude will make you win. In the Vietnamese War, 19 years have been spent, and their population was only about 15 million, and that small nation was there. The giant nation of the United States was participating in the fight, and she had to withdraw from that nation without winning the victory -- and that is a miserable tragedy. Having retreated from the frontline -- do you think the United States has won a victory there? [No!] Spiritual power, mental strength and confidence are the only weapons to win over the enemy power. Before the giant power of Communism we are a small group of people, but in this Unification Movement we want to do things and we are doing things for the sake of the whole world at the sacrifice of our own selves -- and that is what makes us stronger than the other power. The Communist power is struggling to gain things on the external level, the physical level, and they are doing things on a temporary base, and what they are doing is on an ephemeral base. But what we are doing is for eternity and for goodness and for God, and that's what makes us stronger than the other party.

We are at the Close of the Age and we are going to erect the Kingdom of God on Earth and it is an historical fact that you have joined this movement while you are still young. We have got to make it a realization, an actuality, while still alive, and we are confident about that -- but, even though we may have to die before the realization of the Kingdom of God on Earth, your spirits will be resurrected through other people and you will see and enjoy the Kingdom of God on the other side. The point on which we are situated is the frontline between God and Satan. God has been waiting so long for this day to come -- while on the other hand, Satan has been afraid of this point or this time coming. If we win the victory in the, final frontline, the victorious, triumphant day, will come, under God's ideology. We are in the position to have to win the people of the whole world, and with the national foundation alone we cannot quite obtain that much. With the foundation of the church, we cannot quite reach that point. When we have both foundations, to work on, we are sure to have the whole world restored to God. We have brought so many brothers and sisters from the European nations and elsewhere, from the East, because by having them fight in this nation, which is the leading nation of the whole world, we are fighting in the very frontlines -- and we are fighting the final fight here because the United States is the greatest and final target of the evil power. God has blessed your nation and God has blessed the Christian population -- and what God had hitherto been blessing must be reaped and returned to God by our labor.

At the time of the Exodus, the Israelites, after coming out of the land of Egypt, tried to reach the blessed land of Canaan. But on the way, the first Israelites, the first generation, fell into disbelief and was corrupted, but the second generation was able to carry out its mission and enjoy the blessed land. Likewise, in our nation, even though the Christian people, as the first Israelites, failed in carrying out their mission, we are in the position of the second generation, and we are sure to carry out our mission and reach the blessed land of Canaan. We know too well that, at the time of Moses, if the Israelites disobeyed him, they would perish; but if they had cooperated with him and become one with him, they could have been saved.

While our Master was carrying out his mission on yet a small scale, the Christian people, though they have a worldwide basis or foundation, they went against him and persecuted him and caused him great difficulty -- and that is what made the Christian world so corrupt and what has caused it to be diminished. But in the second generation -- you young people have had to deny your family, desert and leave your family, leave your beloved ones, old friends, neighbors and everything which was so dear to you, in order to join our group. That is the way you have done things. And then we see the corruption in the world: adolescent corruption, the family breakdown, the Communist ' threat, racial war -- all those things are tragedies, but they are a challenge for us. And, after winning over and straightening out those problems, we will gain the success -- after we have solved all the universal problems. You must know that the Unification Church is the church of the second generation of Israelites. You are in the place of Joshua and Caleb after Moses, and your battle cry is here and you are dashing forth toward the goal of the blessed land. However fierce your fight may have to be, your duty is to march forward to the frontline to win over the Satanic power -- and even though you may have to die there, you must close your eyes and set yourself on the spur to be able to dash yourself to the front and fight against the Satanic power, with your youthful energy and strength.

Then where, at all, can the final blessed land of Canaan be? -- in this land -- and Master presumes that it is the United States. That is why he has brought members from many other nations to land here for the final fight. We have invested members from twelve or more nations. Leaving their own countries, they have immigrated or moved into a new land.

They are now finding in the United States that established church ministers, deacons, elders, those people are swaying this way and that -- they are vacillating. Their foundation is not solid. The senators and congressmen I found to be like that, vacillating, not stable in their views. They are at a loss as to what to do; they are such blank-looking people. The more they are that way, the more solid will become our foundation.

The founding ideology of this nation was Christianity -- but you have not been able to carry out your mission on the worldwide level from this nation, so another battalion or group of Heavenly Soldiers is landing on this continent to fight for the great cause. And since we are sure, we are confident to make our battle a success, we are going to see the Kingdom of God erected on this continent first -- and from here, spread throughout the world. In the year 1976, you will see a bicentennial festival, the anniversary of your nation's birth. It is something like Jacob's course of 20 years or more -- when he went through the drudgery in Haran, after having left his home and his elder brother, Esau. And you are back here to stay, after 200 years. What he means is that your forefathers came from the European nations, elsewhere; but when this European group comes, well, they are sort of coming back to this nation -- and you are in the position of Esau, and you have to be reconciled with them and if you receive them with welcome arms and help them fight, in cooperation with them, if you fight together with them for this great cause, then our battle here will be a success. If those people, including you, are in the position of Jacob -- and if you are both, in theory and practice, you would excel the people of the world, the people of the United States other than ourselves, and then victory will be ours. We deserve the victory, and people will praise us and God will be in favor of us.

All of you are like this: your forefathers and the present generation of the United States are in the position of Esau, while our group is in the position of Jacob. And if, as Jacob, we can inherit the birthright from the existing world leaders, then we can make our mission a success in this great nation -- the leading nation of the world. From here we will counterattack other nations and land on other continents to broaden our base. We will be able to accomplish our mission to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth. But there is one great battle left ahead of us. Just as with Jacob, when he was coming home to meet Esau, at the ford of Jabbok there was a wrestle, a fierce wrestle with an angel -- and that is one fight that we have left. That is a spiritual fight. In other words, that is an ideological battle, and we are fighting that battle against Communism. But the United States, in the position of Jacob, is on the verge of being defeated by the power in Esau's position. Without our ideology, without the Unification Ideology, there is no other way to win over that power. By the year 1978, beginning in the year 1972, during the seven-year course, we have how many years left? -- during this interval we have got to fight out the final battle to win over the Satanic power here, on the frontline. Our final victory will be won after going through the final three years: 1976, 1977, 1978. Those three years will correspond to Jacob's three days, Moses three years. The last three years up to 1978 will be most important.

There seems to be no way to prevent the Communist power from invading your country. Behind the scenes, the Communists are undermining your people through the racial fight, the struggle between the blacks and whites -- and adding up the yellow power, they are going to corrupt your country. But, what is the proportion of the white population in the whole world? What per cent of the world's population are white people? One fifth, maybe? You must know that God's having blessed the white people is not for the white people alone, but there is some other reason for that. If you were in God's position, would you desert or give up on the rest of the people, the other four fifths, for the sake of the one-fifth white population? God is going to save the whole world through this small population, the white race, and if you are not carrying out that mission of yours, you are going to be diminished; you will be deprived of the right, and the responsibility will be shifted to other nations, to other people. You have come to the prime state of progress during 400 years, but the yellow people have gained that much development of our progress during 20 years' time.

After its defeat in World War II, Japan regained its power and it has been strengthened within 27 years. Red China came to be conspicuous in the world's eye in the political sense; Japan, in the economical sense, is the most powerful in the world. If those two powers become one, into strong oneness, can the other powers go against them? The Western cultural sphere cannot cope with it. So the United States must keep doing her job until you aid the other people to be on an equal base with yourselves-- but your withdrawal from the Asiatic nations is telling of your defeat. Intrinsically, Japan would not quite go with Russia, because of the difference on the tribal base, but they can easily mingle or become one with Red China, being the yellow race, in common, in that sense. So, if those two powers become united into one, it will be really strong -- no other power can defeat it.

Democracy, or even Communism, centered around the Western European people, the white race, cannot defeat this great yellow power when they are united into one around the strong or evil power of the Communist ideology. Then the threat will be there, for the Democratic power will be defeated. The white people in the end will need our ideology, which may well be called "Moonism" -- in the long run -- and he is now here for that, to work for your country and from here to work for the whole world. If possible, what I have in mind is to bring more people from Japan and from Free China. It is because Master knows too well that in the future there will be a great fight, a fierce battle, between the yellow or colored race and the white race. So, in order for him to prevent that from happening here in the world, he is going to mobilize people from so many nations, especially from the East, to fight for that cause.

We have already paved the way, so through our channel, we can bring the Asiatic people over to this country for that cause. In order to have the Western civilization and the Eastern civilization united into one, it is easier to bring the Asiatic people over to this country for that than to bring the Europeans to the Eastern world. Our Unification Movement is for that, you must realize. God wouldn't want to see the division between East and West, between the races, and He is desperate to bring the people of the whole world into one. And, since we are for that, God is working through us and on our side -- and our battle is going to be a success or a victory.

It is our ideology, in accordance with God's will, that we are going to make all the races of the whole world mingled into one, under God's ideology -- while the United States is already the exhibitional melting pot of all the races. Some among you may think, "Why at all is Master here now, why not before, when the time was not so late," and we are almost destined to say, "Time is almost too late; why didn't he come earlier than this?" But there is a reason for that. Everything taking place in the Providence of God must be in accordance with His will -- so unless Master has set up a national foundation back in Korea on a spiritual level, on the level of Abel, he cannot open up the channel to the worldwide level of things. So, that is what delayed it. My public appearance last year, making speeches in seven major cities in the United States and two capital cities in the European nations, had a great significance. Up to that moment, the Christian world, being against our movement, was in the position of Cain and by his speaking and beating them with the sword of the tongue, if they were subjugated without any rising, rebellion or persecution against what he said -- well, he somehow could establish a triumphant base there. Everything he did had spiritual significance or providential significance. You remember -- in the year 1965 he blessed the holy grounds in 40 nations, 120 holy grounds in 40 nations; in the year 1967 he blessed 15 couples in 10 European nations; in Japan, in the year 1970 he blessed 777 couples out of 10 nationalities; and in the year 1971, last year, he made the public appearances, giving speeches in so many places. What he did in the United States has the significance of his doing that on the worldwide level. Even President Kim, even Mother, including all the members in Korea, did not dream of his doing that last year. When I first was going to give the speeches, none of you believed me -- the second time I did you still were very skeptical.

This year, we will do three kinds of work -- mobilizing the unit members, more objections should come from the outside -- if so, our mission will be a success. In many Asiatic countries, including Korea, there are many prophets predicting this fact and that was predicted last year by so many spiritually sensitive people. So, from that fact alone we can gather that things done by us are of historical significance. During his Fourth World Tour, this time, he is going to make an immigration move, bringing so many people from so many nationalities -- and this can be done only on the foundation already established. This fight here and now will define or decide on who will be the central tribe in God's sight. If our Master puts the British task force to work in a certain state of yours, and if that state should win the victory -- earlier than the others and more than the others -- then the British people will be the leading people of the world. The state that gains the victory earlier than the others will decide on who is going to be the leading people. Can you imagine what would happen if those forces brought from other nations fight a good fight and gain the victory? Well, whom is God going to bless, the victors or the defeated?

Now I have brought so many Japanese brothers, and they are desperate in making the world a better victory. And, you may think, "Well, why at all did Master bring those people to defeat us -- we are in the face of defeat?" You must realize you are being defeated by them already. Don't you know: they don't speak your language, they are as if dumb here -- they are from a different cultural background, they are from a different past experience, but they are doing so well that they excel over you in many points. Would you leave that condition as it is? [No!] If they are going to work 20 hours a day, what would you do? [Work!] If they would fight with two meals a day -- [Laughter] -- well, there is nothing to laugh at -- you must be serious. Whether or not you will be deprived of your birthright, the right as a victor, will be decided by that -- whether or not you will be defeated by them. The mobile teams composed of the British, German, French, Dutch members and others from the training session -- those people are at work now.

You people of the United States take pride in your having fought for righteousness and justice -- but what is more justified or more righteous than the battle for the cause of God? If you are defeated in that battle, what will become of you? Even the money I am using for this purpose is what I brought from elsewhere, not money raised in this country. Then, can you feel blessed if you are using manpower and money from elsewhere? Can you be relaxed and say that you are blessed? Then, what can you do? You must realize the f act that you are on the final frontlines -- as the American soldiers, American troops. You must have less sleep, less food, less luxuries -- and fight for the cause with more zeal and enthusiasm than the other people from the other countries. If you are going to do that, your nation will be restored in the soonest possible future.

As Unification Members of the United States, as members in the Headquarters, you must put yourself in the position to shoulder all the responsibility on your own, and you must realize that you are going to fight a great battle. Even if you are in the rear-line, backing them up (those fighting in the frontline), would you not be doing more things than they, and putting more zeal and energy into your job here? I want you to be the exemplary fighters. Only if what you are doing here in the National Headquarters excels what they are doing in the frontline, are you qualified to be Headquarters members -- otherwise, you cannot keep your dignity and authority as the Headquarters, which is backing up and giving commands to the mobile teams. That is why God expects much out of you, more out of you. I want the acting President of your group to exercise commanding power over you, in an utter subjective position, in the face of God and Master, himself -- and you must be obedient to him. Especially in emergency times, in time of war, the commander must be a strong person -- to order you and accelerate you to do things. Even if he may have to be harsh on you, you must obey him; otherwise, the victory cannot be won by your hands. Would you want your commander to be mild and let you relax--or, even though he may have to be harsh on you, would you want him to spur you on, to dash to the battlefield? You are in that position, Neil [Salonen], so I want you to be a really good commander and don't let them have a single moment of relaxation; get them to work day and night, and you must be studying for that. If they disobey you, you must drive them out -- even though you may have to beat them. Would you rather be defeated because of his mildness or kindness -- or would you rather win the victory because of his harshness and good commandership? This being the final fight and we being the final frontline -- we have to go through all the difficulties totalized here, and after going through the difficulties, victory will be ours, and we can relax. Are you resolved, determined to go through those hardships? [Yes!] You must realize that in order for us to accelerate or expedite the victory, we must put ourselves in the position to go through the difficulties -- as much difficulty as possible.

If you are ready to fight and win victory in the battle not only in the United States -- but also, after winning the victory here, to counterattack all other nations, reaching out to the last nation of the world -- if you are ready for that, the victory will be won at the soonest possible date. Circumstances here would demand our cooperation and our work here. If by the year 1974 we have mobilized some 2,000 mobile team members, we can turn this country upside down. We have five to six more years left until the year 1978, so if during that period of time you are determined to join in the all-out effort to fight against the Satanic power right here in your country, things will be different from what they are now, by that time. No government, no political power, no economic power, no cultural or other power has been able to do that up to the present moment -- so how can a handful of people like this do that much -- you may be skeptical. But we are sure that we will win that victory, because God is on our side -- fighting with us. God is the subjective power, the ultimate power who can make what is impossible possible -- so whether or not we are in the perfect objective position to cope with Him or to work in cooperation with Him will determine whether or not we will win the victory -- and since we are that way, victory is sure to be ours. God is pouring out a blessing to the people prepared for the mission and you must be grateful that you are born in this age and you are brought into this movement for the great cause -- and once you are determined to carry out this mission God will be on your side, working through you, and you will see the day of glory when we can praise God. Are you determined to carry out your mission as a champion of God and a warrior on God's side to make this battle a victory and decorate yourself with the deeds you are going to do -- are you resolved to do that? [Yes!] Will you please hold up your hands if you are that.

Once again, I want you to realize that you are in the final frontline -- and whether or not you will win the victory will be solely up to you or depend on you, so I want you to be a victor in the end, in this battle. I am planning to leave Washington, DC tomorrow, because in New York, some 20 Dutch members are going through a training session, and I am going to organize mobile teams out of them to send them out. And, in the future, we have to organize more mobile teams as soon as possible to cover the 50 states, so I have to raise leaders. From March 1st, three future leaders, qualified members, qualified for future leadership, will be coming to Belvedere from the European nations where we have our mission field, and from your country, from the United States, at least or if possible three from each state will participate in the training. And the training is going to be more than three months -- for 100 days. During that interval, I think I have got to stay in the United States. Even during that time, and after the training -- even during that time, whenever I find time, I will be visiting mobile teams in the frontline; sometimes by plane and if possible by car or by train. I will be visiting from corner to corner. Until today, there has not been an interstate meeting -- anything like that -- so I am going to have the State Representatives in the eastern part of the United States meet somewhere on the Eastern Coast, and the West will do the same. So, the representatives from the eastern states will be at the training session in March at Belvedere. We have to make the work in the United States even and we have to cover all the states. I am thinking of personnel shifts, too, and if I find it impossible for the State Representatives to be able to do their jobs, I will bring leaders from the European nations. I am going to reorganize or renew the system or work in this country, and the most important thing for you people to do from now on is to study the Divine Principle in depth, and then the Victory Over Communism ideology, until you have command over that -- and then Unification Thought -- you must master those three. Equipped with these three weapons, then you can be great leaders wherever you are.

We received a long and informative letter from Korea concerning the outcome of the professors' seminar or public hearing for Unification Thought; and since it was a great success and a detailed story of the outcome was there -- Master had someone translate that into English, and asked the San Francisco Family to get it printed. It will come out in booklet form, and some may already have been sent to you -- and he told the San Francisco members to mail those booklets to university presidents, deans of colleges, great scholars or eminent persons of social position -- and he is planning to have our lecturers speak to any groups which invite them. And maybe at the end of the booklet we will say, "The invitation will be welcomed," and we are going to send lecturers on Unification Thought -- something like that. On the West Coast, the University at Berkeley and at Stanford being outstanding universities -- we are thinking of giving the lecture on those two campuses. Our Unification Thought is sure to win acceptance among scholarly people of the world, so you must be prepared for that, what I did in San Francisco. I am going to be very busy during my stay in the States.

Strangely enough, during my First, Second and Third World Tours, I would write so much to the staff and members in Korea and in Japan -- but during this tour, even though I have time, I would try to write and I don't feel like doing that -- and from that I can feel that God is focusing His attention and concentrating on the work in this nation, not elsewhere. Just as our Leader puts himself in the position of a perfect "minus" or object to God, I want you to be in the position of a perfect "minus" or object to me as the subject, and with these two powers put together we can make our work a success. You must be praying hard and if you are so zealous in doing these things that you even talk in your sleep -- that you are going to win this battle, are going to take the victory -- then, if you are that zealous, that enthusiastic, God will be on your side. As it has been, too, from now on, I am thinking of not being indebted to you -- you are going to be indebted to me. As long as I am indebted to you, there will be no progress in this movement. So, you must know that the person in the position of the leader is in the most difficult position. I am ready to pour out my whole being into this work. So, I want you to be as trustworthy and deserving of all those things as my members in Korea -- I trusted and loved my members in Korea. That is my central idea, always.

That is, I want to save this nation at the cost or at the sacrifice of our members in Korea and to save the whole world even though I may have to sacrifice this nation. That is the path of goodness and once we are determined for that, we will never perish because God is for us. From now on, the more conspicuous Master becomes in the public eye, the more the FBI people and the CIA people will set eyes on him. So, it is better for you to stand in the vanguard of others, rather than for he himself to. You must be in the real line, you must be the frontline. As I see it, for at least three years ahead -- they will try to find fault with him.

So, I want you to be really good warriors. From this number, it is nothing to stir up the whole city of Washington, D. C. Suppose this is Washington, D. C., and our Headquarters is situated here and you must divide up the city into eight parts; and in each section, you must have a center in which at least ten members are working, but as the number grows, you must he able to organize one mobile team each, consisting of ten members. I have already told you, so I want you to carry that out as soon as possible. You can either choose by yourself, or have them draw lots in choosing the center leaders; and then, get them to work day and night -- and the center leaders, including you, will take your people out on the street in the morning and get them to work and come back and make a tour during the daytime and you, yourself, may have to speak on one of the corners of the street, and you would hand out bills and bring in the people for the evening lecture. If possible, by using the loudspeaker, you will visit them from corner to corner of the city, and have the people listen to what we are, at least know what we are. I was going to organize all those things, but since I have no time now, I want you to do that.

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