The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Desire

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 23, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Because of the Human Fall, we have not seen God in the truest sense. We have not had the true God, in a way. And we have not been living with the true God. If we, as mankind, could have been one with God, with the true God as our Father, abiding with Him, living with Him in the greatest love, how happy we would have been! And from God's part, how happy He would have been to live with His true children. He, being the highest in every sense, could have been overjoyed with untold happiness! He would have lived with us in the greatest love. Have you ever stopped to imagine how hilariously He would have danced and smiled and been overjoyed to see us and to live with us? In what way would He have danced with us? It is our great remorse not to have been able to live with such a Father, from whom every joy starts, every happiness, every dancing, everything good and happy starts. Everything good would have started from God. But we have never seen, never experienced such a sensation to the fullest degree.

We see and experience the love of parents over us. Our parents kiss us on the cheek, embrace us and console us in times of sadness. We have experienced all these but not to the full extent and not in the truest sense, because every sensation can come only from God to the fullest degree. What we have experienced is not from God, but from Satan. Have you ever stopped to think who was it that made the first smile in the whole world, the first laughter in the whole world? Of course, there were Adam and Eve, who could have been joyful if it weren't for the Fall, but who was the first one to be overjoyed at the time of the Human Fall? Satan. Not God. The smile of Satan, the laughter of Satan was a horrible one -- when he gained the sovereignty of man, discarding God. And he was overjoyed after taking the sovereignty from God with all mankind being under him, with smiles, laughter, joy and dancing about. Satan was happy! Something appalling. Something irresistibly hateful. You must remember that. After we fell, what we have been acting in accordance with Satan. Our forefathers worked, did things in such a way that they would please Satan more than they would God. Our heritage, which you have taken lightly, has also been made for Satan, to please Satan.

If you really felt that, if you seriously considered that horrible thing, you would have been choked by it and you would have wanted to get rid of this world, to fly to another world, like the moon. Do we have an inch of land that we can claim as ours, where we can really be hilarious, joyful and happy? And to think of that. We don't have such a land. We even fell almost choked in the darkness, under Satan. We would want to migrate to somewhere else from this earth plane, but we have to restore it to its original position. If we leave the world as it is, we might as well hope that God will not come and abide in this world with us. You would feel like stopping Him from coming to this dark world. If you were really the children of God, you would have felt that, because everything was the other way around.

God, on His part, wanted to come and abide with us, helping us, saving us, but these dirty men, these appalling men of sin, these children of disobedience, did not want God to come and help us, to come and love us and live with us. How sad God's heart was! If there was a single man, who in the place of all mankind, would sacrifice himself to save the world, to erase the sin of those people, desiring to be victimized for the sake of God, would God be pleased with him or not? In that case, would He have put him out or said to him, "You are one of them, you are a stained, sinful man, I don't like to see you, I don't want you to help me in any way?" Would He have said a thing like that? As lofty and absolutely pure as God may be, He needs someone to help Him in His restoring the world, so God would be overjoyed at having found that kind of man and He would have asked that man to do things for Him in restoring the world. But this has been very difficult. What do you think about that?

If that man would say to God, "I've sacrificed myself for your cause, you must recognize me," insisting that God would recognize him, how would God feel? Man is so greedy; we want to have things more than we paid for. We want to be repaid more than what we have paid. Would you want less than what you paid for? But if that person of central mission was thinking that way, saying those things to God, if I were God, I would tell him, "Oh, how you have proven that you are also of the Satanic tribe. Well, you are disgusting. I don't want to use you. I don't want to have you." God must have felt that way toward such people. At the beginning of his mission, Jesus too, was this way and that, wavering. You must know that. But at last, he was on God's side. Don't you remember, when he prayed: "If it be possible, if it be possible, let this bitter cup pass from me; but not as I will but as Thou Will." If Jesus had not included in his prayer: "not as I will but as Thou will," he would have been kicked away by God. God would have thrown him away. That is the secret of being God's son. It is to be utterly obedient to God's will. Only in this way can you make God happy.

In the world of sin, there is only one road for God to go -- that's the road of sacrifice, made by the man of sin, getting rid of whatever he has in order to receive God. How do you feel after hearing that? Sad, serious? You are here ready to receive God, but God wants you to sacrifice yourself even before being told to by God. That's what God would want you to do because He wants you to be better than the Satanic children; because of that His heart is sad. Unless you are ready to sacrifice yourself before you are told to do it, God cannot come to you. If you do it, God will be proud of you and will say to Satan: "Look at my children. Yours are not willing to do things before being told, but my children are ready to do anything before they are told to." He could be proud of His own children. Unless we do that, there is no other way for us to restore God's authority and dignity since we are His children.

You must say a hopeful prayer, saying to God: "Oh, Father, I don't want to be a foolish child, to be unwise. I want to be wise enough to know your heart. I'm here ready to sacrifice myself, even before you tell me to do it, so why don't you come? Abide with me, and help me." In that prayer, God will be pleased and be proud of you before Satan. And you can even say this: "I will be responsible to restore this world of sin and I can do it, believe me, you don't have to come and help me. I don't want you to come to this dirty world to help me. You stay there and watch me." You can even console God's heart in that kind of prayer. Then, how would God feel? He would tell you: "I'm coming. I have to come and help you. Even if you would stop me from coming, I must be with you. I want to be with you, right in the midst of darkness." He would say that to you. Then, when you want to go a certain way, ready to fight your way through, you will suddenly find that God is already there, ahead of you, having prepared everything and paved the way for you. Since God is the God of love, of parental love, if you were God, wouldn't you do the same? Wouldn't you pave the way ahead of your children? When you do that, you become the greatest of His sons, since you moved your Parent's heart, mobilized Him to help you while you didn't even want Him to come. You would be a son of His, a great son of the absolute God. You would have restored His dignity and God would be proud of you. He would tell Satan in a loud voice, "Have you ever had such a great son of yours? Has any one of your sons ever done things in advance for you, even before being told to do them?" From that point God will be happy, with broad daylight smiles, while Satan will be shrinking back, not daring to lift his face up to God, and with tearful eyes he will surrender.

I have thought and thought, and finally found out that this is the only way for the sons of filial piety to please God. You will be grateful for doing that, for having God come to earth because of you, for making Him happy, proud of you, warm, and more proud than Satan over his Satanic children. You will be proud of each other and be satisfied with yourselves.

God, in the beginning, had lost His children with whom He could perform the action of give and take in hilarious joy. Satan got hold of His children and what the people did after that only increased Satan's joy and happiness. Everything was done in Satanic terms. Now, to have at least one of his sons restored in a way to please God for the first time, with restored lineage, how joyful, how proud God would be with him! In the beginning, God wanted Adam to please Him, to return joy to Him. He set every hope in His son, Adam, but He lost His son. Now, He has been trying to locate the Second Adam. If He finds him in this world, that one single man in that position, how pleased would He be? He would want to embrace that man and even bow down before that man because He is overjoyed. That person would be of even greater value than the First Adam, because after the loss of the First Adam, God's heart had been so grievous, and now after so many years of man's sinful history, He has located this person. You can well imagine that finding His lost child would bring Him tremendous joy, and the child he found would be even more precious than the First Adam whom He created in the beginning. He would be proud of the son He gained or found again. He would walk around with pride, shutting out Satan.

Due to the Human Fall, the history of happiness would start from that very person, not from the original Adam. God would say to Satan: "Satan, even though man fell long, ago, I have now found this child of mine and I'm overjoyed with this son of mine." He would be more proud and more joyous than He would have been with the First Adam. God would have forgiven him, thankful that He let the man come to Him, In that case, if that man would want God to forgive Satan and save the last man in the Satanic world, it would be easy to say yes. Wouldn't that be true? Therefore, we Unification Church members can ask God to forgive the last one in the Satanic world. By our doing this, we can ask God to do that too. Then, what must be our desire? To become that kind of man. Whom would you like to follow? Whom would you like to resemble?

He always has the attitude not to wait for God's command. He always feels busy, always impatient to do things, always with tense nerves. If you have that attitude, you don't have to pray to God. What you are thinking and doing is more than prayer and you are in a position to have realized the prayer. Is that possible or impossible in the world of heart? You must even think what to do after death. You must have all those plans before you. After you have finished here, when you go to the next world, if you tell God that you would not go to Heaven but would stay in Hell, well, God would bring Heaven down to you for you to live in, wouldn't he? Then, if you would insist on His letting you live in the lowest society, He would smilingly say to you: "Son, you are a most smart boy." In that case, even though you had not been obedient to God, He would still be proud of you and you are going to be an example of utter goodness. God will leave you alone without telling you what to do! He will tell one of you: "You don't have to go out to society. When did I tell you to go out and witness to the people, why don't you stay here?" And if you would object to Him, fight against Him and win over Him and go out to society, would He punish you? The same is true for God. God, in trying to save the whole of mankind, would want to have you with this attitude, would want you to desire to be this type of Christian.

Then, what must our desire be? Our desire is to become the children of God, doing things in His place, before His order. Our desire is to become historical children or children which the sinful history of mankind has never seen before. Would God want you to laugh and be happy before He made you happy or the other way around? If you have the experience of having raised children, you know this well. Suppose Father and Mother quarrel with each other, never laughing or smiling, in a terrible mood, and your children, innocent ones, would come before you, smile, laugh and dance about trying to make you laugh, wouldn't you laugh? You may want to stay in a bad mood, angry, but when you glance at your children, trying to make you laugh, you will burst into laughter. Which is better? To have your children angry when you are trying to soothe their hearts, or when you are with burden? In agony, when you are sad, would you like to have your children make you laugh? Would you like to have children like that? Our desire is to become that sort of child. In order to be that way, first you must be doing things before you are ordered to. Second, you must be so aggressive that you want to do things by yourself without the help of your Father. You will tell Father: "Please stay there, don't interfere with me, I will be responsible. I will do my part. Wait until I can return this to you. I'm doing this for your sake and for the sake of my brothers and sisters whom you love dearly." The third thing is, as I just said: you must desire to do things for the sake of your brothers and sisters. Yes, want to do things for the sake of the brothers and sisters all over the world because they are equally loved by God. In that case, you are restored children of His and God loves you more than He does the other children. And He would praise you. He would like to give you anything and He would be proud of you. And in that case, when you are given praise and everything good from Him, then there's a conversation going on between God and you. You would affirm it: "Father, now that you have given all this happiness and these good blessings to me, they are mine, aren't they?" He would tell you, "of course they are yours." "Then, I can do anything with what you've given me, can't I?" You can do anything with them and you would want to give it all to other brothers and sisters without having even a particle of it. Would God be displeased with you? Sometimes when you give something to someone more than to others, you wouldn't like that person to give all those precious things away to others without having even a small particle of it, but God would be pleased.

How would God feel? Many people are greedy and not giving; many have received and enjoyed their position -- while the understanding, giving and loving person, after giving out all he has, becomes empty-handed. How would God feel toward such a person? God, finding that you have given out all those things, with empty hands, will be satisfied with you, surprised with you. He will say to you: "You are greater than God Himself. I would never have believed it." Then this omnipotent God would create more things for you, He would have more things in store and He would give more and more. So, there's nothing greater than to give out all things to others. You will possess what they have themselves as well and this is the thing which will make you greater than other people. You will be the victor, not only over those men but over everyone and over God, winning His heart.

God, being invisible, cannot quite carry out things as He would want to, in a sense. He is always ready to give out all things to the people, but they are not ready to receive those things from God. In that case, you are being used as the instrument. Through you He is giving out things to mankind; through you He is working to make the world good; without you, He cannot do anything, so you are in a way a mediator between God and man, and without you we don't know people at all and God cannot be interrelated with people. So you are greater than those too, in a way. Has there been any man in the whole world who was kicked out while doing something for the sake of other people, at the cost of sacrifice on his part? So, that is the next objective, that is, how to do things in order to be loved by man, loved by God. I have thought and thought and finally found out that this is the clue and this must be our desire. This is the mainstream of unified thought. In the world, they won't think highly of our ideology. But on the side of God we are recognized by Him. With this kind of attitude, with the desire to do things for the sake of mankind, would God be pleased with us or not?

So, our conclusion is that our desire must be, first, to become God's child whom God has never seen before. To become that kind of a son or daughter, you must want to do things in advance, without being told. In doing righteous things, you must be doing those in advance. You must do better things than God, because God cannot work without you: "Let everything I have received belong to my brothers!" You must give out the things that you have received from God. If you do this, you will be sons and daughters of filial piety to God and while He lost His love, lost His happiness, lost His peace and everything because of the Human Fall, you want to return the absolute happiness, love, ideal, everything back to God. You want to give it back to God. Through being such children, with God working on earth, having made this world an ideal one, and the other world too, we can establish the true Garden of Eden. Our desire is to become such children of God. If we are that kind of people, we can draw all the people of the whole world to us. We can even draw God down to this level, to live with us. We will do greater things than any other human being has done on this earth. That is our desire. So, we are not lying when we say we are resolved to establish the Kingdom of God on this very earth. That is our desire!

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