The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Our Attitude

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 22, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

From these days of talks you now know how important it is to have a transition of blood lineage. Before God sent the Messiah to earth, He had prepared for 4,000 years a nation to work with. We know that, through his death on the Cross, Jesus paved the way to Paradise only. Heaven was left empty. (Heaven is the place where man, after having lived a life in the true love of God, can go after physical death -- after having lived in a wholesome position under the number "four," under the True Parents, as children centered on God.) Because of the human Fall there had been no one who had really entered the Kingdom of God. Jesus' desire was to restore men to be entitled to that. Then, what was Jesus' mission -- the most important part of his mission? It was to locate his bride.

God's purpose was to find a man, Adam -- and the Messiah's purpose was to find his bride. It is according to the Principle of Creation that Eve was created out of Adam. Adam was created by God. So, God's purpose was to locate Adam, and Adam's purpose was to locate Eve. When you think of God, Adam and Eve -- or God, Messiah and bride -- the Messiah is in the middle, the second position. In any period in the providence of God, the second one is always the most important. Without the second one being entirely one with God, nothing can be realized. The second one cannot do anything without the third being one with him. In Adam's family there was Abel, but without Abel's being able to become one with Cain, he cannot do anything. So, number "two" must restore or [re-] create number "three." By going through this formula, the Providence of Restoration is being developed. The spiritual world is in Cain's position, while the earthly world is in Abel's position.

Centered on God's Kingdom, Democracy is in the position of Abel, while Communism is in the position of Cain. The Democratic peoples have the responsibility of recreating or restoring the Communist world, uniting it with Democracy. In order for that to be completed, the Messiah must come into the Democratic world and work out his projects in such a way that he will have the Democratic world absorb the Communist world -- centered on himself. In view of this providence of God, the Democratic world now is not quite carrying out its mission, so you must realize that our mission is very important -- because we represent the Democratic world. Centered on any nation, we have the ruler. Centered on the ruler there are two parties: the ruling party and the opposition. The ruling party is in the position of Abel, while the other is in the position of Cain. Those two must not fight for the sake of fighting, but must agree with each other -- the ruling party being able to absorb the other. In that case, in order for the ruling party to be in Abel's position, it must be so qualified as to give good policies to the people and to do things for the sake of the people and not for the sake of its own authority. The ruling party, without being entirely sacrificial and influential toward people, cannot absorb the opposing party. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of the opposition party, unless it finds something better and something forceful and persuasive in the ruling party's policy, it cannot agree with it. This means the ruling party must exercise a re-creative influence on the opposition party. It is true with any community or group. In school, you have your teacher and you respect him, depending upon how much he is giving to you and how influential he is over you. In other words, whether or not he is respected depends upon how much he is influencing you toward the good. Between friends, too, the same applies. When you respect or love your friend, that means that friend is influencing you for your own good. Then, you want to think highly of him. The one who is respected by you is in the second position, between God and yourself. The man in that position, though it may be vague, has something as a norm above him, either God or his ideology. Then, by being united into one with that alone, he can now give good influence to other people and absorb other people.

Do you understand that much? In other words, unless the norm or the law on the vertical line is set or fixed, the norm on the horizontal level cannot be decided. On the vertical line, God, man and the whole Creation must be one with one another. On the vertical line, by going through those three points you have three stages, set there. However lofty or high God may be, without His connecting man and the whole universe in oneness, He cannot exercise His power.

Man is different from animals, which crawl. We stand upright, with three parts to our body: head, abdomen and legs. In your head, too, there are three sections. The important organs within our body are the lungs, heart and stomach. Your arm is also divided into three parts. Your hand, too, has three parts; your leg, your finger, everything. Your flesh, too -- you have skin, flesh and skeleton (bone). Your eyeball has three sections. Your nose, and two nostrils make one whole; two lips and tongue make one. All those have something to do with the number three. We have eyes, and since they are located above anything else, they signify God. Your nose signifies Adam and Eve: man. Your mouth signifies things of Creation. Your nose is most protruding. When you stand upright it is ahead of you. So, in the created world, man is always ahead of others. When a baby is formed in the mother's womb, its eyes come first. Motion starts there with your eyeballs rolling. You find your neck moving in many directions, but what makes that possible? Your eyes. The action has something to do with the movement of your eyes. It means that the whole world is moving or rolling because of the command of God. All parts put together make yourself, but all look entirely different. Your ears signify four directions. The number seven is the number of completion or perfection. In your head you find the number seven (openings or holes). Seven apertures must meet at one point. If you do this -- trying to breathe to the full, you feel your breath coming to every aperture. There is unity there. Seemingly, they have no connection with each other, but in fact, they do. That's what makes our head the most important. That's why we call man the contracted form of the universe or microcosm.

God has the first quality in mind inherently. Man is a plus being and a minus being. Creations other than man also are plus beings and minus beings. I said your eyes symbolize God; your nose symbolizes man; and your mouth symbolizes all things. Those two, God and man, join here and come down here, but your mouth is a straight, horizontal line. That means it is the basic, fundamental thing. Centering on man, the vertical line comes onto the horizontal line. When your mouth is tightly shut, it makes a horizontal line; if you draw a vertical line downward, they make a cross. When you speak, your words come through your mouth; it means that anything significant or anything that has sense must go through the cross. You have two eyes, signifying the two essentialities of God; two nostrils signifying the opposite sexes of man; two lips to your mouth signifying plus and minus on the horizontal line. You have three stages, but centering on God, if you divide these two (plus and minus, male and female) they will form a foundation of four positions. This is square, but if put sideways it will combine to stand on the horizontal line. If you pull up and down, narrowing this part, it will draw a vertical line. All will come either on vertical line or horizontal line depending on what you do. This signifies that a pulling power and pushing power are controlling the world. If that's constantly done at full speed, it will circle around, revolve around, causing harmony in the world. Between male and female is the action of give and take; and if that is done in a harmonious way, there is no you and I but the whole thing will come about in beautiful harmony. Everything taking place in the whole universe acts like that or revolves in such a form that there will be beautiful harmony. It is from the give and take being done in a wholesome way. So, we can reach the conclusion that nothing can exist without going through that stage -- going through the action of give and take. Isn't that true?

The whole universe is the place where that kind of action takes place everywhere and those small units of things will do the same among each other. There is motion everywhere. You want to hold your hands still and extended like this, but after awhile you will find they are shivering like this. All living things have motion. Motion is always circular, in a circular form. When the wind blows you will find it does not do so in a straight line but with a waving motion. Science says that if there is high atmospheric pressure and low pressure, it will dash to this place, not in a straight line but in a wavy line. Then, why does it do that, if it makes the distance longer? The wind is sometimes strong and does not come in this way, straight; but there is a rhythm too. When you run, too, you want to run straight forward, but there is some circular action there. You bound forward and create circular movement.

We have the foundation of four positions, but it doesn't remain square. When they have give and take between each other there always comes a circular motion between every element. As I have said before, there is God above us, man in between, and things below us. So man, the being in the second position, is the most important. Man puts both in action. On our head we find the nose protruding as a point. And by seeing the nose you can see if a man is handsome or not. The nose is the first thing to define your beauty. When you look at the landscape, beauty is decided by its mountains, which draw curving lines. The whole world is a mystery, indeed, if you closely examine it, you will find many such interesting things. In the Divine Principle, is contained the source of science, too. What must be the force that can pull it sideways so that God can come down to this point.

What must be the power of horizontal give and take? What causes horizontal give and take? If you pull on the vertical level, everything goes to the vertical line. What force causes that? Love, as a magnet. Love is something that, even though you may pull it on and on, it will not be cut or severed. Say there are two lovers. One is in the extreme east and one in the far west. But is the bond of love cut with distance in between? No. When true lovers embrace each other, would they want to be pushed by forces to come closer and closer into one? Would they want to have that done? Love is something which is pleased either when they are pulled apart, or when they are pushed closer. Love is the subjective power -- power in the plus -- the most important power, the strongest power. In Christianity we advocate God's love in human society.

Suppose there is a spinning top -- in the form of the foundation of four positions. The force comes to the center but how does it look? Does it look narrower or wider? It spins very rapidly. Some say it is narrow this way and some that way. Which is right? So, the more rapidly it spins, the higher it becomes. When it slows down, it becomes like this. The more rapidly it spins, does it stand upright or tend to fall down? It becomes straight up and higher and higher. When it slows down, it becomes wide sideways and vacillates and waivers, and is about to collapse. God created the theory. Would God have wanted man to spin as fast as possible centered on love or not? What is the power causing them to spin around so rapidly? What is the force there? Love. Nothing but love can make that. If you love another person, would you like to hold him like this, or to spin around? If those two are put together, they want to spin very rapidly, they must stick to each other as close as possible. Unless you do that, both of you cannot be set in motion very rapidly. In love, the action of love, the revolving action of love will grow taller and higher to reach God. Everything we do in actuality has some symbolism. When the two revolve around unwillingly, the motion will come into a disharmonious form and is apt to collapse, but when they are really in love with each other and hold each other tightly and revolve around, then no force can make them collapse. In everything, in doing anything -- in your work, too -- would you have it done quickly or slowly? If you do it rapidly, trying to reach the goal, it is something to grow fast and reach the goal. That principle applies to everything. With the object and the cause, every pair of things forms four positions, too: the object of your sight, the two eyes, and the nerve controlling the eyes in back -- God. With your object there and the cause in the back, every part of you, every member, forms four positions. When you want to hold a thing, do you find it stronger if your hold it with two hands or with one hand? When you walk, too, four elements are in motion. So, love is something that causes that motion and has the four positions spinning around so fast that they reach God. Would you like to have love among you, would you like to love each other or not? If you love each other, you will grow taller, higher, to reach God sooner; and if you are near God, the blessing from Him is apt to be there. Without love among you, you will be scattered with distance and gaps between you. The motion will slow down and you are apt to collapse. Are you ready to love each other? [YES!] If you love each other, both will prosper, but if you hate each other you will not only be separated, but you will be ruined -- collapse. With a line omitted here, can it be a sound, solid form of four positions? It would collapse -- not like a line. The essential thing we need in order to form the foundation of four positions is God, father, mother and children.

As I said before, there is a plus element and minus element in God. With children, here too, you have male and female children. Parents -- one is male while the other is female. From the fact that children have plus and minus elements in themselves, we have male and female children; and parents are male and female. From this together and from God being the cause, then there must be plus and minus elements in Him. To draw a square, there must be three stages. When you put it this way on the vertical line 1, 2, 3, or when you put it this way 1, 2, 3. With all those put together on the axis, you will find the nuclear point. When this one is placed here and this one there, power comes to the central point on the axis both in circular motion and spherical motion; power comes to the nuclear point. Three points, either the number three or the number four, when they spin around, form either circular or a spherical form. When they count every element, there is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Including the central point, the number seven will make everything perfect -- in perfect motion. So, the number seven is the number of perfection. There are three stages: world of children, world of parents and world of God. The first one being the generation [formation], second one the growth, and perfection stage third. In between, we find three stages; but the levels, when you count, come to four, and all together seven. Those four divided into three (subdivided into three), will make 12. Every number appearing in the Bible comes from that foundation of four positions -- three stages. This being the basic thing of the whole universe, you must remember that the foundation of four positions is most important.

Suppose there is a very loving couple and one partner dies, why is the other so sad? Because he or she lost the object of love. In other words, since the perfection of creation is the perfection of the foundation of four positions ... in that case she has lost the foundation of four positions by losing one element. With one of those four omitted, can the rest of the three form the four positions? Suppose there is a couple and they don't have children, why are they sad? Since they love each other, why are they sad? They are sad because without having their children, they cannot form the foundation of four positions. When you are married to one another, would you want to have boys or girls in your family? Which? If a couple has boys alone and another couple has girls alone, then the boys and girls can marry each other. What makes you sad? Would you still want to have both boys and girls in your home? Why? It is in order to perfect your foundation of four positions. Every element of the fall must have plus and minus quality in itself. Without your boy here at least, the line there will be missing. It will collapse. Without one of the lines of the square it will be incomplete. If the man here is still single, he can still play around because he has hope of having a wife and children in the future. In that case he has hope; but once he is married and loses his wife, then he is sad. There had been the foundation of four positions formed and it collapsed because of loss.

God is always alone, so when you are alone and single and have hope at the start -- you want to become one with God. Because when you are single, you want to have someone to give back and forth to. So, God is alone. If you form the foundation of four positions, you are stable and you are sound, so the whole universe protects you. You feel pain in your heart when you lose your spouse. Because when you have a foundation of four positions formed, all the universe around you comes into cooperate with you, to protect you; but if you lose one element out of those four, you are being dispersed or severed, so all the power around you will join to pull you apart. You will not pass the law of four positions. You are expelled and dispersed in that case. You must always be thinking of how to form the four positions. When you sleep, you close your eyes, but you open your mouth -- you are more inclined to open your mouth. If you open you mouth, that resembles the form of four positions. When you are in a deep, sound sleep, your mouth is open. In deep sleep you want to be protected by God and God is always there protecting you. You must be thinking of how to form the foundation of four positions day and night. If you form four positions with anything -- that is good. Not only in the family, but there is a foundation of four positions everywhere. If you are married and as a couple center on your work, you have a foothold in the world by making your career a success. If that is God-centered, another foundation of four positions is made. A single man, when he works with co-workers, also forms a foundation of four positions. When you have your family and children then you want to raise them in the foundation of four positions by making your worldly career a success. Your first desire, therefore, is, concretely speaking, centered upon yourself. What is your first desire? It is to marry. Second? To have children. Then, with God above you on the vertical line, you have three points already. On the horizontal line, centered on yourself or your marriage, you want to broaden your horizontal base by making your career a success, by winning many people to cooperate with you, or be under you. So, with you always in the center you want to make many kinds of foundations of four positions. When husband and wife are entirely one, you have a vertical line -- but still the couple would want to have a broader base in their careers. Before that, they would want to have the restoration of relatives and tribe -- which comes on the horizontal line. In this way you want to have your whole nation, your government and your people. Centered on you, or you as a couple, you want to multiply your children to make the foundation of four positions on the family level. But if you broaden your family on the horizontal level, you then want to make restoration of clan and relatives on the vertical line. All the people of the world -- people of governments and heads of nations, will bring the restoration of the nation. So, centered on you, you want to restore yourself, your family, your clan or tribal level, and in this way in the rear and front you will have your people and your government -- you must have all those things in mind. To enumerate those things from the broader scale and narrowing it down, in terms of the restoration, you think of the whole nation and in it is included your clan, your family, your spouse and yourself. God is there, you and I and children; and when it broadens, there is your clan on the horizontal level and your nation in another direction. So, that is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, with your family in the core. It will consist of eight points. So, number eight will be the restarting point after you have broadened the scope of having gone beyond the level of family and having made your career. The formation is something like this (drawing on board). Then, what should be our attitude? Our attitude in a word should be to make the ideal of creation a reality. In doing that, we must start from the point of laying the foundation of four positions. And the core of that is man. Man, in making the foundation, must perform the action of give and take between mates and then multiplication comes about; and all those things must be centered on God. When we put all those elements on the vertical line, here is myself, my family, my clan, my nation -- three stages or number lines. So, your attitude and your concept must always be that you have not only yourself in the core, but you, your family, your clan and nation. You must be able to set up at least that much of a foundation for yourself.

Then, what must have been Jesus' attitude? He wanted to form the foundation of four positions on every level. Centered on the individual to God above, mind and body, and what you are going to do (your purpose), you will form four positions; and so you want to form your family, clan and nation. Reversely, when God had prepared the nation of the Israelites for Himself and it collapsed, He had to prepare other people of Judaism, loving them and his nation together; and after that He had to form His clan stronger and tighter to Himself, and then with His family as the core and He, Himself, as the axis, could He have set all those things in motion centered on Himself? Vertically, on the historical level, Jacob was a victor on the individual level and then, later, forming his family and his tribe under him. Going down to Abraham, God wanted Moses to lay the foundation on the national level. Then going down, at the time of John the Baptist, He would have had Moses' foundation on the national level. But John had to lay the national level foundation himself. If Jesus could have started his mission with those bases made, he would have been welcomed by his family, his tribe, his nation, and he could have succeeded in carrying out his mission.

Up to the present moment, every nation of the world has wanted to make itself the leading nation of the world. One of the nations at least had to do that in such a way that it put God above, people in the rear, and the government on the horizontal level; and it must have the purpose of working for the salvation of the whole world. That would form the big foundation of four positions centered on God. But if it does not have God in the center, God above, it will have to face destruction and ruin. Then, what must be our attitude again? On the individual level we must always try to have God above us and have our mind and body united, and our acts will proceed from our mind and body. That is the person of perfected individuality. Then, that perfected individual must have his or her spouse. Then, the couple, put together in harmonious oneness, must have God above it. What man and woman must do is to grow in scope and make their family and tribe a harmonious one. They should want to influence them that much. Then, centered on themselves, they have their children, and more than that their clans and their neighbors' clans and nation around them. The purpose of an individual is to form a family where there is the foundation of four positions. Then, the subjective male person and the objective female and their children form number three, and with God added, the number four -- the foundation of four positions. The purpose of any individual is to increase by having a spouse and children to form the foundation of four positions. Then, what is the purpose of the family of people? They must want to have their relatives multiplied under the same ideology. And broadening the scope, they must want to influence and restore their whole nation with God above. Like multiplication -- that's the purpose of any family. What is the purpose of the tribe or clan? Its purpose is to restore the nation and then to restore the whole world. Do you understand? What is the purpose of the nation then? The purpose of the restored nation is to restore the whole world and the spirit world too, to return them to God.

You want always to connect the three levels of things. The purpose of any individual is to perfect himself and perfect his mind and body together; perfect himself and have his family. The purpose of the family is to restore the nation and the world. We want to connect three levels of things. The purpose of the individual is to restore himself and to restore his spouse with his spouse as object and to restore the family. The family purpose is to have its clan restored and with the clan as the object, to restore the nation. The purpose of the nation is to win or restore the world and the whole universe -- including the spirit world. The purpose of the individual is to make his mind and body into one, with his body in the objective position. Then the purpose is fulfilled if that forms a square; then they have formed the four positions. That's the perfection of the individual, family, the nation and the world. The perfection of the family comes in this way: the purpose of the individual is to restore the male and female. The purpose of the family is to have the husband and wife become one with each other and, with the multiplication of children, form the foundation of four positions at the family level. The purpose of the nation is to have the family and clan in the objective position put together to restore the nation. The purpose of the world is to have the restored nation and the world become one together with the world in the objective position, to restore the whole universe. Is that clear?

The foundation of four positions comes from all the above. In other words, the purpose of the individual is to form the family, the purpose of the family is to form the nation, the purpose of the nation is to restore the world and the purpose of the world is to restore the whole universe. This way we have a vertical relationship. You must know clearly that on every level the foundation of four positions is so important. You must have such an attitude as to try to form the foundation of four positions on each and every level. If you have formed that, the whole world, including God, will come to protect you.

On the individual level, when your mind and body are not in oneness with each other, the disharmony causes you pain. This way your flesh causes you pain. Where there is not harmony between the subject and object on any level, that means that there is disunity there, and that causes pain. If you cannot become one with your spouse, there is pain or agony on the family level. If you are not in perfect love with each other, the children cannot be perfect and then the foundation of four positions is not stable. Then you grieve. Family ethics starts right from here. A world of harmony starts from a harmonious family. Even though you may have a harmonious family, if it is not in good harmony with relatives, there is another level of pain on a wider level. If your clan is not in harmony with your nation, you are in agony on a wider level. If your nation is not in harmony with other nations, your agony is greater. Well, only after having won all levels of things will you be protected on all levels and you will have real peace and real happiness within you. There are seven or eight stages on which you must have perfection: individual, family, clan, tribe, national, world, cosmic and then God.

As in Korea, and other divided nations, the nation is divided into two tribes. By the two powers -- one in Eve's position and the other in Cain's position -- put together then we can reach the next level, the tribal level. So, without your being able to go through all those stages making every level a success for perfection, you cannot safely say that you have God. But because of the disharmony of our ancestors in Jesus' days, because of the Fall of the first human ancestors, all those things were nullified. Our mission is to restore those things by going through the reverse way. Do you know what I mean? Since it took even God 6,000 years to do this, He has not quite done that much, then how can you dream of carrying out that mission in your lifetime? You cannot start it all over again. God, by using all spiritual leaders and saints, has made a level of success.

And we are now in the stage of the worldwide level with Master here. And what successors were doing was to inherit what was laid by the predecessors and in that way come to Master. You are going to inherit what Master has already accomplished. First of all, you must become one with the central figure who has inherited all those things and accomplished his portion. By becoming one with him and with his family, with the hope of having him and his family do the work ahead of them, and by putting yourself into one with them, you are in the same position. You will inherit what they are doing and it will be your plus, too. It's something like this: if an insect gets hold of a fast-moving train, it will reach the goal at the same speed. In that case the insect would want to cling to the train, and in that case he is in the position of the perfect object to the train. In that case if both become one, the one in the objective position can acquire what the one in the subjective position has. If you, in your position, cling to Master and his family accomplish it. you will never accomplish it by yourself, but he will do it. On Master's part, he will cling to God and become one with Him and do everything in the way that God would want him to do, so in that way he will establish his family. So, if you cling to him and his family, you are doing the same thing as his family -- forming the foundation of four positions on the individual level. But in doing that you must become one with the person who has accomplished that much -- who has a perfected individuality. You want to become the perfect object to him; by becoming one with him, you will have perfected your individuality. By having your family become one with his family, your family will have been perfected and you must want to do the same on broader levels. In Jesus' time he wanted to do things on that level, but he could only carry that much out on the spiritual level. So, we are going to do what was left unaccomplished by Jesus. Suppose Master will command you to do certain things. You must receive his command as if you are not only receiving just a command from him, but from his family, his clan, his tribe and his restored nation -- you must take it as the command from his nation and the whole world and of God to you. You must have the attitude of putting that much value on what you are doing. You will possess the whole universe. When I order you to do a certain thing I'm not doing that from the individual level or for my sake as a man, but I am doing this for the sake of the clan, tribe, nation and world and in place of God. So, when you don't obey me, you will not have obeyed God; obeyed the demand of the world, the demand of the nation, the demand of the tribe, clan or family.

Heaven is the place where you go after having accomplished so many levels of things. So, even though you are at the threshold of Heaven, if you have not accomplished the foundation of four positions at those levels, you are not qualified for Heaven. Master has laid the foundation of four positions. When you try to resemble him or try to do what he has done, you will have to lay the foundation of four positions on the family level, tribal level, national level, cosmic level, and then you can reach God. If you do that on the horizontal level, the straight line will come connecting all those things to reach the goal. Is everything clear to you? If you join Master on this level and devote yourself entirely to him, you will have accomplished as much as he has done and if you are here, then you are covering this (looking at the board).

Now that you have the clear picture of what he has done and what he is going to do, you can even go ahead of him and go into the Communist world and restore it and wait for him there. You will, in that case, excel those persons who have fought on other levels. What makes the missionaries great? If a missionary is responsible for the restoration of a nation, he is in the subjective position to the whole population of the country; and then by his being the perfectly accomplished successful object, with Master as the subject, you will have everything. On the spiritual level and in the future on the physical level, too, those who could restore the nation will be more than the king to the nation -- but only after having restored the whole nation. At some point in the future when he will have restored the whole nation, he will be something like a king there -- both on the spiritual and physical levels. Our attitude in thinking, in saying things, and in acting out things must be that we must try at all costs to lay the foundation of four positions on each of those levels. If you make any of those a failure, when you have learned and clearly understood that that is your mission, then you will not be forgiven. That is because the law of the foundation of four positions is something like the law of the constitution. If you cannot carry out your mission, then you have violated the law. You have no standard of law. You must, by heart, understand and remember that the perfection of foundation of four positions is our goal on every level. That is the perfection of the ideal of creation. Up to the present, you have only a vague idea of the foundation of four positions. You must know clearly that without love, no laying of the foundation of four positions is possible. Then what is the means of realizing or laying the foundation of four positions? It is love. You must know that. What we must have is the God of love. If we think of those as two, God is the subject and love is the object -- God is the cause and love is the result. Do you understand?

With Godly love as the core, when you form the foundation of four positions, even though you look at the four directions, everywhere there will be love. In every day's direction you will find love and harmony and beauty and everything virtuous and good. My conclusion is that you must be thinking of how to lay the foundation of four positions. The foundation of four positions with Godly love in the core -- this is what you must remember. Even when you eat you must be thinking of how to form the foundation of four positions. I need my object in the love of God in order to perfect love. When you find the object of your desire and become one with that person, you can form the four positions. If I lay the foundation of four positions, I am qualified for Godly love from all directions. You will either have to have yourself as subject or yourself as object. So, when you are single, you look at Master as the subject and with you as the object there will be a foundation of four positions laid. In any formation of oneness between subject and object, if you want to revolve around at full speed, the higher and taller you grow, the sooner you can reach God. When you reach God, that means that you are in God and God is in you. God wants to come down to you. Love is the only way that will enable you to do this -- in the core of the foundation of four positions that must be our attitude. You are entitled to the Heavenly Kingdom. Then, there will be nothing for you to fear or nothing for you to be ashamed of! You will be proud people!

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