The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Change Of Blood Lineage (II)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 19, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

This morning I am going to continue my talk from yesterday. We are all born out of Satanic lineage. Our final problem is how to cleanse our blood. All through history God has been working for that. From the Old Testament Age, through the New Testament Age and up to the Completed Testament Age, God's problem has been to cleanse or purify the blood of the people, stained by Satan, and to restore it into the original position. Due to the Human Fall, not only mankind but all of creation came to groan in travail. In order to purify the stained blood of mankind, God wanted man to give an offering in order to reach Him. In the Old Testament Age, when they made an offering, they had to cut in two the cow, sheep, lamb or whatever they had, on the altar. Without your knowledge of the Human Fall, you might think God is a cruel God because He seems to like bloodshed. The significance of making the offering is to cut the parts in two, so that one is under God's claim and the other under Satan's claim. In that case both the offering and the man who offered the sacrifice must become entirely one. The man who offers the sacrifice is in the subjective position, while the offering is in the objective position! Without these two united into one, the purpose of the offering cannot be attained. The offering being in the objective position to man as the subject, it can represent the person's flesh-body. The thing being offered (i.e., the animal) has to shed blood in place of sinful man. In other words, the offering is in place of man -- representing man.

Originally, the person who is making the offering must feel the ache and torture that the offering has to go through when it is killed and separated and cut in two. The person must not be willing to kill the animal as an animal, but when cutting it in two he must be aware of cutting out the stained part of that being. The person must feel as though the animal is he, himself, both externally and internally. He must feel as though he is killing himself. He must be able to hate what is evil or Satanic -- and love God. When he feels sympathetic to the animal being killed, he must also feel the Heart of God, who has to have us do that.

The person's purpose is to be saved by giving the offering, and God's purpose is to restore man by having him make the offering. Since man is born out of Satanic blood lineage, in order to be reborn, we must kill ourselves and then we can be given rebirth. Only after dying can we be given rebirth. We read many such instances in which people gave offering of lambs. The lamb signifies purity and sometimes when they are being offered they represent hard labor. The pigeon represents obedience. As an offering we must be pure and in utter obedience to God, and we must labor hard. By doing that we want to offer ourselves unreservedly to God, giving our whole being to Him. We want to offer ourselves on the altar. After being killed there is nothing left to be accomplished by man, so we use animals as an offering instead of ourselves, and by sacrificing those things we are in the position of being saved or being sacrificed.

All through human history those kinds of offerings have been seen behind the Providence of God. In the Old Testament Age they made the offering of animals, but in the New Testament Age, Jesus Christ himself was in the place of the offering. Jesus was the "substantial offering," who labored hard in utter obedience to God and sacrificed himself. So, in that situation, all mankind had to be united into one with Jesus and by placing themselves in the position of Jesus, they had to go through the offering. If, in his career in God's Providence, he had succeeded in saving all mankind both spiritually and physically, then we could have been saved on both levels too -- but since he left salvation on the physical level unaccomplished by himself, being resurrected, he accomplished salvation on the spiritual level. Since we are with him, it means we have accomplished salvation only on the spiritual level. When Jesus sacrificed himself, he did that in the position of the Son of God. Then, upon entering the Completed Testament Age, things became different. In the Old Testament Age we had the age of sacrificing animals; in the New Testament Age, the sacrifice of the man, Jesus. In the Completed Testament Age, we have the sacrifice of the True Parents in order to save all mankind. Then, in what way is God going to sacrifice the True Parents? Not to kill them, of course, but He is going to sacrifice the relationship between the True Parents and children in the worldly sense. You have to sever the relationship between husband and wife and between parents and children in your homes. By separating those things you must use yourself as a sacrifice on the altar. We are doing this in the Unified Family. Our True Parent had to go through the same sacrifice in his own family. He had to be able to love you before loving his own.

In your physical homes, when you are cutting off or separating your spouse, your children, your parents from you when you want to join our group, if they are opposed to you, for a certain time they are separated. But if they want to back you up or cooperate with you, then those two together may be taken by God as the good offering. But that being very difficult, Jesus said that he came to earth not to bring peace but to bring the sword. God's intention is to take back from the Satanic world the parents, children and all created things. The order is in the reverse way. He has to take away the creation, the son and the parents. By having them offer sacrifices, God wants to put them in the position in which they kill themselves, and at the sacrifice of those things, they can be saved. When God wanted to have him sacrifice something, He wanted man to sacrifice Satan. Jesus died because of Satan. The reason for our Master having gone through difficulties and persecution was also because of Satan. Then why is it so? It is because in the course of the Human Fall the same thing took place. We are going to restore it by reversing the order. (Drawing on the board) On the vertical line we have three stages: the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age. On the horizontal line we have formation stage, growth stage and completion, (or perfection) stage -- respectively corresponding to the above. God had to go through those stages in order to restore man. In the Old Testament Age it was in the stage of formation. In the New Testament Age it was in the stage of growth. The Completed Testament Age corresponds to the perfection stage. It is because when God created the universe, He created things first, then man and then the True Parents in the restoration course -- with love at the core of it. He is going the reverse way. At the creation of the universe He created man, and with love at the core of the True Parents, He wanted to save mankind. But for the Human Fall in Adam's family, all those three could have been realized there. With the creation, with Adam and Eve there, and with them playing the role of the True Parents, with love at the core, He could have established the world having nothing to do with sin. God is up there with male essentiality and female essentiality inherent in one, and here are Adam and Eve, and with those two united into one they form the perfect objective position for God to operate through them and this family base on both the vertical and horizontal lines, to multiply humankind from there. If these two perform a perfect action of give and take between them, they become closer and closer, and united into one, those two put together resemble God, and then each can become one with God in the subjective position. On the separate base too, they perform the harmonious action of give and take; plus Adam can perform the harmonious action of give and take with God, and Eve too can perform the perfect harmonious action of give and take with God and these two put together can perform the perfection harmonious action of give and take with God. Then, either these two together have to go up there or they have to take God down to abide with them. The point of unification of God and man is the point of trinity in harmony. Do you understand? Oneness of the three is trinity. With this done God's love is perfected here and human love is perfected here. Namely, Adam's love and Eve's love are perfected here. And this is the core of love.

Before God's creation of man, He was alone, but He had male and female essentialities inherent in Him. So that was something like having Adam and Eve with Him on the spiritual level. With the creation of man, Adam and Eve became the incarnation of His physical body. So, he had the objective side on the physical position and by becoming one with them He had oneness both on the physical and spiritual levels. Therefore, this point is where God abides -- God's love abides both on the spiritual and physical levels -- the perfect point of love. With God operating here between the two or in the two, the multiplication of God's creation of man can come about. (Pointing to blackboard) Here, God's love was in the inherent form, but here God's love was incarnated in the flesh. So, by His working here, He made multiplication possible. When they come together, more and more multiplication was made possible. God's lineage could flow down through the true beings, male and female playing the role of the parents in love.

Due to the Human Fall, Adam and Eve, in the parent's position, stained the pure blood lineage. That's why God, without restoring the parents, cannot commence His providence of restoration. When you closely observe that God ordered man to make offerings, first with things, next with man, and finally with love of parents or parents with love in the core, we can well recognize how God has been anxious to have man restored.

At the time of creation, God first created the archangels, and those angelic beings were in the position to advise Him, praise Him and cooperate with Him in creating the universe. After the Fall of man, not just man, but the whole creation came to be in travail -- completely separated from God, in the position of enemy to God. They did not remain still but went against God when He wanted to recreate the whole universe. So, it was God's agony to have them around.

Then, how can God's lineage be started? It can be brought about only from God's love -- nothing else. Since it is going to start from God's love, Satan has no claim to it. If they are born out of God's lineage, Satan has nothing to do with that and no one else can take them away. They abide in God's love intact from Satanic invasion. But, due to the Human Fall, everyone has Satanic blood running in his veins. It is appalling to think of that. If you find that you were born from the lineage of a murderer, would you be pleased? Satan is more than that -- he's not only the murderer, but he is the adulterer, he is a thief and everything evil. We came from his lineage. He is the king of the murderers. He has committed that sin not just once, but he has been continuing to do that. We are his descendants. We are out of the Satanic lineage and we must know that we have all those events -- all those things -- inherent in us. If we really realize how horrible a thing it is that we are born out of the stained blood of Satan, we would feel like chopping our flesh into pieces, shedding all the blood out of our body, smite ourselves and scatter ourselves as prey to vultures.

We are liable to judgment and if we are dragged to court before God, what kind of judgment are we going to receive? You are the offspring of Satan who took away man of God's creation. Then, what, if you were in God's position, would you do with Satanic mankind? If you were in that position, you could not think of any such thing as forgiveness. From your part you cannot pray to God to be merciful, to save you; you are not in the position to ask for that. Are you? Can you ask for forgiveness from God? Are you entitled to it? But, when you are in court, if you find yourself forgiven, then how would you feel? Overjoyed. When you had expected capital punishment, you were allowed one eye plucked out and you were forgiven -- would you not be thankful? If God would allow you to be forgiven by cutting one of your arms or one of your legs, would you not be thankful? Furthermore, when you realize that your human ancestors have been murderers, then would you not be willing to kill yourself to save your past ancestry and your future descendants? Would you not be willing to give your life? You cannot but answer affirmatively.

If you are in the position to follow God, follow our Master as God's agent, can you complain on the way? [NO!] Can you say: "I am exhausted, I cannot go any further." [NO!] Never. With all this knowledge, you must be determined to face what you will come to! One more thing, you must know that you have only one life and one chance for that. You may question why God, being omnipotent, could not save mankind sometime far back in the Old Testament Age. That is because man, in the course of re-creation or restoration, could not obey God and would deny God again; there was no way for God to recreate or save mankind. If He gave out all His orders and was replied to with disobedience, all could have been nullified, so He wanted to give small orders, within their reach, and for that reason it took Him so many long years. Would you say you are thankful to God that He has prolonged the restoration history for so long a time? [YES!]

In the Divine Principle movement, too, at times you are impatient to see the realization of our goal and you say, "Why doesn't God help us make it a reality?" But He is doing the same with us. Aren't you grateful for that? He has to wait by giving us small orders at a time so that we can carry them out. How many more years are you resolved to toil and be faced with difficulties? All through your life!

Jesus said he would come again at the time when people on every corner of the earth would know the gospel of Christianity. Then, what is our goal? When will our goal be attained? Unless our message will have been spread to every corner of the world, we cannot attain our goal realistically. We are lucky to live in this age of modern facilities. Once our movement arouses the interest of the people in a nation, through mass media it will spread all throughout the world. It may happen in the matter of 30 minutes or even less. So, we are going to focus our attention on one nation from where to reach the world. For that purpose I chose the U. S., because this nation is in a position from which we can easily reach the whole world. Do you understand so far? Is everything clear to you?

So, are you going to complain? [NO!] If you don't complain when you are ordered the things you like to do, is there any value in it? How about if you are ordered to do things you don't like to do? Are you going to complain? [NO!] Can you promise me? [YES!] Suppose I command you to walk upside down instead of right side up, would you obey me? [YES!] If you are that obedient, the day will soon come when you can walk up straight. This is not just talking, but it is true.

God has enemies all around. Satan is in the position of enemy to me, to God; and I am in the position of Satan, in a way; and Satan is in the position of all mankind. We have enemies all around. We are the descendants of Satan and sometimes in most cases we don't realize that we are enemies to Satan but we are, in the original sense, because we were princes and princesses of God, the King. Someone in the olden days stole us away and adopted us. However, we are not his at all; we belong to God. So, that is what puts us in the position of enemy to Satan -- without even being conscious of that. That's why man has a general attitude of always complaining and sometimes wants to kill himself, feeling unhappy with all and everything. We somehow want to escape from the present society -- the Satanic sovereignty. We want to be better and righteous; and then Satan gets hold of us, dragging us back.

We are born from the Satanic lineage, but since we know this fact, are we willing to stay in the present situation? We want to escape. We want to get rid of it. If you are to die, would you want to die in that situation? Would you want to remain under the Satanic sovereignty, fighting for the cause of Satan, living and dying there, or would you rather live and die for the cause of God's providence, even though you may have to shed blood and everything? In the world under God, even though you may have to go through untold difficulties and bloodshed, if you live and die for God's cause, you are honored and your future generations will be honored as well. You must know clearly that those who are near to God's throne in the spirit world are the martyrs, saints, religious leaders who wanted to and did sacrifice themselves for the great cause of God's providence of restoring man. The more they suffered difficulties and hardships on the earth plane, the more glorious their position is in the spirit world. Jesus, with the truth and the knowledge of this, said that those who are ready to lose their lives will gain it and those who are willing to gain their lives will lose it. Know the truth and the truth will liberate you. We must not just know the truth but we must carry it out and put it into practice.

So, are you ready to work this way, to walk this way? [YES!] When will you be ready to die for this cause? At the last moment of your physical life when you are old and stooped and ready to die? Or would you rather sacrifice yourself when you are in the prime of your life? I think most of you understand me. Perhaps you want to marry, to have your children, to have a happy home, and after enjoying all those things, then perhaps you will be ready for that. Are you like that or are you ready to sacrifice yourself before marriage? There is no question about that! You know that Adam and Eve fell while they were in their teens, so you want to sacrifice yourselves while you are still in your teens, fighting and working against Satan in order to restore yourselves and all mankind to the position of Adam and Eve before the Fall. That way you will dissolve God's resentment for having lost His children to the hands of Satan. Are you going to do better than Adam and Eve? [YES!] Indeed? [YES!] The Fall of Adam and Eve turned the world upside down in a moment. Now, what are we going to do? Are you confident and ready to turn the world upside down in an instant? [YES!] All right, go out and do it! Are you confident about that? [YES!]

This is a fallen world with evil forces all around you, opposing you, so what you are going to do? When you came here you were caught in the customs office, and now your leaders will be called back and forth to the immigration office. How can you say you will turn the world upside down in a moment? Still do you say you can do it? [YES!] Then, I am a happy man! From tomorrow, I can relax because you will turn the world upside down today. That's what makes me agonized, that we cannot do that in a moment. Without the appearance of someone far excelling Adam and Eve, God cannot start the work of restoration. Are you unwilling to be defeated, to be beaten by Adam and Eve? [YES!] How can you win over them? You must receive more of God's love than they did. That way you will be better than Adam and Eve. But, by yourself alone you are not entitled or qualified to receive love from God. When does God's love start? Where there is a purified blood lineage. There God's love operates. However, if your blood lineage is reversed from the original position, do you belong to God? That's why God has been anxious to develop His providence of restoration; and through the three stages of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age, and Completed Testament Age, God wanted man to reach Him through the offering of sacrifice, of man and family through the love of God, through the True Parents now. Now you are here in the love of the True Parents, but up to the present moment, there have been many lambs, cows, pigeons, etc., sacrificed as offering; many men, including Jesus himself, sacrificed to bring us to this position. You must know that. All this has been done in order to save each one of you. You must think of this fact. This is not just talking; it is the truth.

With the sacrifices of those animals, those human beings, we are brought here under God, under the True Parents. You are someone so valuable that you will not take anything else in exchange for yourselves. You must be well aware of that fact. You must know how valuable you are. All the female folks here, when you are being tempted, you must tell yourselves with dignity, "God, my Father, has been sacrificing all those animals and human beings, for the sake of my salvation. I am going to be stained again in dirty blood." When you are at the verge of committing sin, you must always carry a sword, a knife, a dagger with you. You must pluck out your eyes if your eyes are liable to commit sin. If, after knowing all these facts, after studying the Divine Principle, you commit a dirty sin again, you have no way to be forgiven of that sin. Especially the blessed couples. You must keep yourselves pure. If you may have to be stained in some way or another, it is better for you to kill yourselves than to remain alive. It is a grave matter.

I don't want to have just watchers, those who wait for others to carry out the mission. You must carry out your own mission of restoring yourselves and restoring the whole world. I am a grave man, a serious man. I am still at war with Satan, every minute of my life. You must be as brave as I am and fight on with me working with you -- through you. You men folks too, I warn you, if you are tempted by beautiful girls and you are being dragged and dragged by those girls, you are not entitled to be God's son. I hate the idea of your being liable to that. You must realize the value of yourselves in that moment. You would not take even the whole world in exchange for yourselves. Enough of that. Now, I will speak on another matter.

Maybe there is a limited choice here, but we will marry within our members. However ugly your spouse may be, according to the worldly standard, he or she is of higher value than any other beautiful or handsome man or woman in the world. Do you understand? We are going to set up a new tradition, a new custom, a new way of life under our Master as our Parents, Would you want to continue or to leave the rest for tomorrow? [CONTINUE!] You must study the Divine Principle. Unless we can restore what was lost on the vertical level, unless we restore this on the horizontal level, we cannot expect the Kingdom of God here. Only doing that can we reach the Kingdom of Heaven. (Pointing to the blackboard) The Old Testament Age, corresponding to the generation [formation] stage with this much accomplished -- it comes down to here. After this much is accomplished, it will come to here, etc., and we will go up and up until we establish the Kingdom of God. That is the resurrection, through which we can shift the earthly hell to the earthly Kingdom of God. Due to the Human Fall, God is down here and Satan is up there, with the whole world under Satanic sovereignty. By going through the course of restoration we can reach or build the Kingdom of God and annihilate the earthly hell. Then, the position will be reversed. What was up there will come down. Satan will come down and God will go up. The whole world will be under God's sovereignty. From here we go up there by ministering to the True Parents or by serving them or by living with them.

If it wasn't for the Human Fall, with whom could mankind have reached the Kingdom of Heaven? With Adam and Eve as the True Parents -- without sin. But, instead, they reached hell, with whom? With Satan as their parents. In order for us to reach the Kingdom of God on Earth, we must accompany or follow our True Parents. The fact that we have our True Parents with us is the gospel of gospels. After all, you, yourselves, individually, are always the problem. For whom have the True Parents come? [FOR ME!] That's what comes later, for me as an individual. Then, for whom has God been working all through history? [FOR ME!] For whom did Jesus die? [FOR ME!] The Jewish people were scattered all over the world; some were killed by Hitler; why and for whom? [FOR ME AND FOR YOU.] Until now you may have thought that those things had nothing to do with you, but all those things were done for you and for me. The whole world is in such a chaos and turmoil, with people killing one another. Why and for whom is all this happening? For me. All the good things and evil things are taking place either to corrupt or to save me. The whole world is either for me or against me. All that is taking place is either for me or against me. Reversely speaking, if I do good things, the whole world will become good; or if I do evil things, the whole world will become evil. So, you must be determined always to do good things in order to restore the world. This point in the center, if we draw a circle, it goes like this (showing a diagram). There is me in the center. This much belongs to the generation stage, next to growth and next to perfection stage. What I do in the center is very important. One motion of mine will stir up all those things. If you go ahead with big strides, your scope of salvation will be broadened. The scope of salvation of others together. My value corresponds to all this put together. It is the contracted form of what is on the vertical line and what is on the horizontal line put together in totality. Every male being is in the position of Adam while every female is in the position of Eve. Adam without sin and Eve without sin. So, every male being is in the position of true father and every female being in the position of true mother. As in the beginning, Adam and Eve should have loved each other without the aggression of Satan, you must become one between husband and wife. From then on you will broaden your scope on the family level to the next level.

Then, to whom do we belong? Out of what were you created? You were created out of love of your parents. Who is the master of that love? [GOD!] First of all you must belong to God, you must be able to receive God's love. Next, you must be able to receive whose love? Whose love would you want to receive next? Love between husband and wife is the next stage. (Pointing to diagram) This is children's love -- with those two put together, God will work through them; and in the love of God, they can multiply and the children will come about. This is the point where the three lines meet. Isn't that true? You must know then that God, the male and the female as a couple, and the children -- all those four put together are the ideal form of humanity. From here we want to return love -- children's love to their parents. The father and mother together will elevate the children's love to reach God. The parents together with children are headed for the goal of God's love. In other words, the father and mother together will attract children's love and pull it up towards the center. The three put together will attract God's love towards the center so that the four points will become one at the center, in perfect love. Is everything clear to you? So, the parents must be an example of love for the children to follow and grow. In the first stage you must be such parents that your children will be very proud of you, thinking of you as the best parents in the world. Better than any king, any person in the world. They must feel that you are the highest, the best and the most exemplary people in the whole world. Those three will be together and will meet at this point. God wants the children to resemble the parents, and by attracting and elevating their love, they come together in oneness.

You must know that as the parents you are in the position of God. Your love towards your children must be that of God towards all mankind. Do you have to love your children that much? Do your children have to love you to that extent? Is that true? In the western world, it doesn't happen that way. People think highly of love between husband and wife -- it's something like Adam and Eve being attracted to each by Satanic power. For whom was Adam created? He was created first for God; next, for his spouse. Eve was created first for God's joy, next for her spouse. For whom does God exist? First, God is for Himself, and then He is for man. God, as the subject, is first, for Himself; secondly, for the being in the objective position, man. The ultimate subject is always better than the object. So, God is the eternal plus, the absolute plus. Every being, though male or female, is in the objective position to God. If I go into detail it would take time. Let's conclude that this is the point where God can come down to man [male and female], and the children can come up to the parents. This is the nuclear point of all.

Man and woman put together is the core of the whole world. If we divide man and woman, one would be the plus world and the other, the minus world. When they are together, there is the action of give and take, harmony, life and love. Why do you marry? For whom? Don't forget this. First of all, for God, second, for your spouse. third for yourself and fourth, for your children. In your position, you only have one fourth of the whole thing. Then, can you feel free to do whatever you want with yourself? Can you freely divorce your wife or husband? Is there anyone here who is going to marry just for experience? Can divorce just to have another experience be your way? Your thought must come in accord with the Divine Principle.

Suppose either your father or mother would pass away. Would you like to have your mother remarry someone else? [NO!] Suppose your mother gave birth to you at the age of 21 and your father passed away shortly after your birth. Would you want your mother to remarry? No, from the bottom of your heart you wouldn't like your mother to marry another man. But when you are widowed you are lonely and besides, in the Divine Principle world we want to give birth to as many children as possible under the purified lineage. So, Master has set up a conditional custom to solve that problem. When a spouse of a blessed couple is about to die, leaving a spouse still young, that spouse may leave a will allowing the young husband or wife to be free to remarry and have many children. He or she would marry not a single person but another widowed spouse from a blessed marriage. The children on both sides would live together in the same home. The husband and wife of the second marriage would play the role of true father and true mother to the children of the first marriage. This is quite a story but it is something that must be done in the long run.

With the woman in the core, there are three circles around her, broadening its area. She wants to have children as well as material wealth to support them. The material wealth corresponds to the Old Testament Age; the childrens correspond to the New Testament Age; and she, in the core, represents the Completed Testament Age. She is the most important one. She is in the position of the true parent and things are in the position of the created things. With the Human Fall, this is what would have taken place in Adam's family, in the Garden of Eden. Due to the Human Fall, all these things were lost. In order to restore them, we must go the reverse way, restoring the things first, next the children and finally the True Parents. That will form the true family. That is the course of restoration or re-creation. In the course of restoration in another sense, we are going to sacrifice things of lower level for the things of higher level. So, we are going to sacrifice things for the sake of children and children for the sake of the True Parents.

To go back, we can say that this person is born or created by God for the sake of God first. In order to resemble God, she must take her spouse, and in that case she must think of her spouse as being in the position of God -- belonging to God. Her husband, before being hers, is God's. She, also, before belonging to her husband, belongs to God. In that way they must be united into one, as husband and wife. In order for us to make what belongs to God as ours, you must be perfectly united into one with your spouse, and then, by resembling God, He will abide in you and you in Him and what is God's is yours and what is yours is God's. With those three put together, God's love is yours and your love is God's and you can claim your love as yours. Only by enjoying that perfect love can you claim love as yours. Do you know what I mean? You cannot claim even yourself as yours unless you go through or possess the love between husband and wife. That love must resemble God's. When those three are together, in oneness, God's love as yours and your love as God's, then you can claim God's love as yours. (Pointing to someone in the audience) Martin [Porter] is here as your husband and he can claim you saying: "Dawn [Porter] is mine". Would you want to be called his? Are you hurt when he says that you are his? Without perfect Godly love there, you cannot claim him and he cannot claim you. We must know that clearly. In Democracy there is individual ownership, while in Communism there is totalitarian ownership by the state. We know, however, that ultimately everything belongs to us -- everything is for the sake of each man. However, when you want to claim yourself and your love, everything must be centered on God or else you can never claim that.

Dawn has a boy and when she says, "He is my boy," she can only say that in Godly love towards him. The boy can claim his mother only with God-centered love. Everybody is attracted by love; greater love will attract you. Everything wants to belong to a master who would love more. Whose is the greatest love? God's love is the greatest love. Everybody, consciously or not, would want to belong to God's love. If those four love each other in complete oneness -- that love is God-centered and no one can sever that relationship. In love you find God's love, parent's love, matrimonial love and children's love. Every kind of love is there. Then, with Dawn in the center or at the top, next there will be her children and down below all the things. If you were in the position of the things, wouldn't you want to belong to the master that would love you most? The same way, even the small puppy would like to belong to the master that would love him most. We can conclude that whoever has the most love will attract more people and more of everything else. You can claim them as yours, but remember, first they belong to God, and they belong to themselves, too.

Suppose you want to love this person. God's love is there on the vertical level. If you want to make your love towards her strictly horizontal, your love and God's love will not meet, in 90 degrees. Unless you are able to do that -- to have those two points meet, leaving 90 degrees on both sides -- your love cannot meet God's that way and you cannot claim her. You must put yourself in the position to meet God's love, in order for your to claim her. Then she will belong to you. In other words you must love her as God loves her. You must love her as you love God.

Suppose you have a daughter who is about to be married. Wouldn't you want her future husband to love her as much as you do? Then, you, as the parents, would be willing to have her belong to him. You would willingly say: "Mine is yours." Without love, you cannot own anything or shift the ownership to others. We must view everything -- every human being -- from this viewpoint. In the Divine Principle family, with the parents in the center, we have the children and things in the outer range. Those three must be united in complete oneness in harmony. With Master in center, the children and the things must be put together into harmonious oneness. His love will flow down to you and it will be returned; it will go back and forth to form a circle.

I must teach you to love God more than you love me. Then you can love me; and you will be mine and I will be yours. Without receiving God's love, you cannot really become one with Master, whom God loves. Master would have you love your spouse as you love him. In that love, your children would be multiplied. You can claim them when you love them as God Himself loves them. You must love them as you love your spouse. After that, you may love your children more than your spouse. It's not a sin, or against the law. Since the blood lineage is the most important consideration, in Korea there is a proverb, "Even though you may discard your spouse, you can never discard your children. Your children are what are dearest to you." In the western world this is also true. So, without doubt, in the future, oriental philosophy will be the leading one. Why? Because it is in accordance with the Divine Principle. God demands that! Our conclusion is that those who love man and woman as God loves them can possess and claim those things as theirs.

Do you know why you are attracted to me? Wherever I go, our members want to follow me. They are pleased to see me, to do things for me, to tell me things. Why? The reason is because I am transcendent of family boundaries, national boundaries and everything else in the Satanic world. I am trying to restore every level of things back into the bosom of God, where God's love is exercised and realized in you and around you so that we can restore everything. Your conscience tells you to obey your True Parents, and you are attracted to them. The Principle tells you that first you must love God, next, the True Parents and then you can love yourself. Where does the love of yourself come? Last. You must love the True Parents above the love of your spouse and the love of yourself.

When you have a harmonious life, all of a sudden the True Parents may call your husband Martin, leaving you alone. Perhaps he must go for a special purpose. You must be willing to let him leave you. Back in Korea the blessed families are obedient to such an extent that when I sent all the blessed women out to the frontline, the husbands did not object or complain, and took care of their children. Those things can happen because they know the Principle and they know that what they are doing is for the sake of the whole world. In the Satanic nation, too, when the government would recruit and demand the service of men in the army, can their wives object? If they could, there would be no peace in that country. What is taking place in our movement is coming in light of the Divine Principle.

We must solidify our conclusion. Those who cannot love anybody or anything in the love of God are not entitled to those things. In ultimate love, in perfect love, dictatorship is possible; you would not object to it. You want to be bossed by the one you love. Whom does this suit belong to, ultimately? To God first. Next to the True Parents. Even though you may have bought that, you must think it's given by God through our True Parents. Conversely, your True Parents will return them to you with God's love added. According to the Divine Principle, giving and possessing start from the True Parents. God remains on the spiritual level. My mind, where God abides, my flesh and my belongings must be returned to God. Centered in myself, my clothes and everything in my possession are in the generation stage; my flesh symbolizes the growth stage and my mind symbolizes perfection stage. My mind is the core. There we can meet God's love and make oneness with Him. Therefore, my whole being and everything I have belongs to God and must be willingly returned to Him. God, in return, will return everything back to us. After that, we can claim them as ours. At that point we will be in the position of Adam and Eve without the Fall. When you girls are in the position of Eve in perfection and men in the position of Adam in perfection, only then alone will you be qualified to come together in matrimony which you will claim as yours. When you are married to your spouse in God's love, everything will be in terms of "ours," no longer "mine" or "yours," but "ours." Centered on the matrimonial love, you'll come together through your minds, where God's love abides. Your mind is in the position where God operates. Your body represents your children, your children correspond to your body, and all things correspond to your belongings, to your wealth and possessions.

Then you must go back to think that everything, every man belongs to God. It is safe to think that each and everything in your ownership belongs to God. You must know that. Without this principle exercised among us, we cannot make the whole world into one, having parents and things in common. In a nation you have the ruler, the people and the land. In that case too, the land is like your belongings and the people are like the children representing your body and the ruler is like your parent. But the ultimate being of sovereignty will be God. If there be any ideal ruler, he must realize that he, himself, as well as the people, the land and all their possessions belong to God. Ultimately the whole universe must realize that it belongs to God. In return, if you are one with God in love, what is God's will be yours. He will be willing to put those things back in your possession. Since God is invisible, you want to love the ones whom God loves most. God loves all mankind, so you want to love all mankind. By loving those whom God loves, you can meet and love God. You must never forget that all the things of three levels are one. They have been put in that kind of order and reach back to the original point by reversing the order. Centering on yourself, if you are going to restore the corrupted world, they will come to the position to put themselves on the horizontal level so that you can see them, have them on the horizontal base. We are going to broaden the horizontal base, parallel to each other. After going through the love of indemnity we have to pay indemnity to make ourselves accustomed to that kind of love or win and enjoy that kind of love. We will have the original love and will be able to enjoy it. In the course of restoration through indemnity we want to love the people of the world. So, we want to shed our tears, our sweat and our blood in love for the people. After having won the victory in the battle, we will be enjoying love, not in sweat, or tears or bloodshed, but in the sweat of joy, in tears of joy. That day, when we look into our past, we will glorify God and will find ourselves in the Kingdom of God. We will think that all our dreams were realized and will be proud of ourselves for doing it.

Today I have told you that we can reach God only through offerings. By that I mean that we must sacrifice ourselves. Offerings are in the position of ourselves being sacrificed. We want to feel like sacrificing ourselves for the greater cause -- for the love of God. Since God is loving all mankind, we will sacrifice ourselves for all mankind. By sacrificing us, the ones He loves, God will restore mankind. So much for today, and tomorrow I will speak on the transition of blood lineage centered in man's restoration. I want you to remember that at all costs you must know how to love God -- how to love our True Parents, and that what you must leave behind you is love. If you do that, love will be given to you in return. I want you to put that in practice. Can I trust you? [YES!]

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