The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1973

Change Of Blood Lineage (I)

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1973
First International Training Session
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Today is the third day. According to the Principle, you are going over a peak. That line is significant both internally and externally. Today, my subject is going to be the transition of blood lineage or "Change of Blood Lineage." Up to the present moment there have been many theologians and scholars and others who have been thinking that if there be a God, why does He leave the world as it is? It is more than a serious question to them. If there be a God, why does He do this? If there be a God and if God is omnipotent, omniscient, then why does it take so long to resurrect and to restore mankind? If God is going to restore us all, He must be anxious to restore us as soon as possible. There is something grave in the question. From God's part, too, it is a grave question. He cannot do just anything, in a way. Then, what must be that grave question that would cause God not to be able to do things at His own disposal?

When you are asked what is the greatest of all in the world, you will name your life. Your life is the greatest and most important thing. If we think again, what is greater than life itself? Your answer could be love -- nothing else. No knowledge, no authority, no position, nothing else but this -- your love. Our desire is to live through eternity -- nothing else. When you are asked what you would want to have, what you would want to live with, the answer must also be: "love." Life is in your possession already. If you live on through eternity, you can say you have attained your purpose or your desire. But there is something else you need. You don't just want to live on without love. Love is the central thing that you wish to have. We are enjoying our lives -- life is here. There must be something corresponding to love in God, because He is the subject of life. Can God enjoy His life or life element without something else -- without love? No! However omniscient and omnipotent He maybe, by Himself alone, He cannot enjoy happiness. He cannot be happy, have ideals, joy or whatever.

Suppose there is a man ... he is dancing and screaming out of joy by himself, without any object to talk to or to reflect his happiness. Then we would call him crazy. Would any one of you here think that you could be happy without anyone else around you? You say you are happy because you have your parents, or your spouse, etc. You say, "I am happy because I have you with me." Isn't that true? So, any ideal joy, happiness or anything of virtue cannot be brought about without having an object. Strictly speaking, you are not happy because there is a flower, but because you see the flower. The flower means something to you. You are not happy because there are sounds, but you are happy because you are hearing the sounds, listening to them. You are not happy because there are smells, but because you are smelling them. You are not happy just because you have someone beside you, but because you can have him, touch him, feel him and everything. You can come back to say that in the world where you do not have an object, there is no joy, no ideal, no happiness. However hard you may struggle going about looking for things by yourself, there is no happiness. If that is true with human beings, then the same applies to God.

We are told that God became grieved due to the Human Fall. Then, what element in Him causes that? What would respond to the Human Fall? If you don't have your object, you have nothing to lose there, but without your object, you cannot even say you are sad, if it is originally so. It's only after you have lost your object where he had been before you that you feel unhappiness and sadness. Isn't that true? Then, in what position were human beings in the beginning that God was made so sad at the loss of them, due to the Fall? Then, we can imagine that human beings were in the position of object to God as the subject. In what way were we as objects to God? We must think of His creation of man and in what position He put man at the time of his creation. Is a human being less than a monkey? When we look through all the creation, we cannot find anything greater -- we are the masterpiece of His creation. When we look into ourselves, we find that our body is a mystery, a palace of mysteries. The appearance of the human being has something great and mysterious in it. Then God being the greatest Lord and Absolute One, what if you were in His position, whom would you choose out of all the creation as your object? It must be man and nothing else. If God is at all, the subject of life, the object of His life must be man -- no one else. God, being eternal, would He want man to be an ephemeral being, dying away into naught? That's never possible. We can come to the conclusion that the eternal God must have wanted man to be eternal in some way. If God, the omnipotent one, had not created man eternal, He would have to make him that at all costs, in some way. Isn't that true -- isn't that logical? Then, we can define that human beings must be eternal in some way at least.

We say that God created man as His object -- object of life, of course, but more than that in what way could man be His object? The object just to look at, to walk with, what? In what way are we His objects? (Objects of His love!) Yes, nothing less, nothing more, nothing other than love. After the Creation, God must have looked around the whole Creation seeing that all the creatures were beautiful and good. Especially when He saw all the beautiful flowers blooming in the field, it must have brought joy to Him ... chirping birds, flying butterflies -- all those things made Him happy. He could say that He was happy, all was good. It is because He loved those things. Anything you look at -- the flowers or anything else, when you say it's cute, lovely, then you are loving them already. You have pet animals and you love them. In the U. S., I have often witnessed women walking with pet animals and they even felt like kissing them. If you can love flowers, birds, animals -- how much more would you love human beings? If you smile at the puppy, does he smile back? If you talk to a bird and tell him to sing with you, would he do that, could he understand? However beautiful the flowers may be, if you want them to dance with you, would they do it? But with another human being, if you want them to do something with you, they would respond to you. Because you say let's dance, let's sing and the moment you begin to sing he would do the same with you.

If God, in the subjective position is angry, the object must be like that. He is putting God in the subjective position. Wherever God may go, man in the objective position will want to follow Him. When we reach that point, we can safely define that man is the only object with whom God is pleased. Then, we know that man is the only one of virtue and value to God and God cannot but love man. You can be so confident as to say that without me God cannot be happy at all. Is it true? (Yes) Man in the beginning had been in such a relationship with God, but what made God sad? What took man away from the bosom of God? What made God sad? If there had been any enemy before God, would He have wanted to take away what was most dear to God or what was a little less valuable to Him? (Valuable!) Are you sure? Satan is more clever than you. It must have been the same with him, isn't is true? (Yes.) Satan set his eye on what God would treasure -- would think highly of. He wanted to take away God's object to be his. What did you say there was in God? Life and love itself. Life is in you; he could not take it away. But love is something vacillating and he could take it away from you. He could not take away your life because you are life itself and you will fight against him. Something he can take away from you is that which is in the objective position to you. Love is the only thing that had the possibility of being taken away. Suppose that Martin [Porter] is in the subjective position and your object is there and there is a possibility of your object being taken away by somebody else. There are two ways that an opponent can take something away. Either by force or with more love than Martin has towards her. Isn't that true?

What or who at all could take Adam and Eve -- who were in the objective position to God -- away from God? The Fall -- the taking away of man -- must have been done centered on love. When Satan wanted to take man away he worked on the female first. The theologians say that in the beginning, Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that caused them to fall. But how on earth could they eat of that fruit if it was forbidden of them to eat by God? There were so many other delicious fruit. There is no logic in that. There are so many Christians who believe in such an unbelievable thing. With that kind of belief, how can all Christians save themselves? They can at best save something corresponding to the value of that kind of food -- the value of the fruit maybe. Do you want me to talk in details or just by leaps and bounds? (Details!) It will take me hours, is that all right?

I said Eve was tempted or taken away by Satan. That could happen either by force or by more love than her spouse would have been able to give her. Then, at that time, was Eve in perfect love with her spouse? If that is true then nothing could have taken her away from complete love. First love is something that is strongest, greatest. Until your death, you will never forget about your first love. If Eve was in complete perfect love with Adam at that time, the first love being the strongest one, nothing could have taken that love away from them. Nothing could take it away if the love had reached maturity. Love was the only thing. In other words, life was there in the perfected form of the creation, but love was not quite at that standard. Love stayed in the position where it was not perfected or created at all. Something which was perfected at this creation can play the role of perfect object to him, while if it is not quite in that situation stage, he cannot play the role of subject to that object as perfection. Because love was something that had to be perfected between Adam and Eve, He had to wait until that love was perfected by them, and only then could He commence His providence of restoration of man. We must put things in order from there.

Our conclusion is that God can resurrect life lost, but not love. Love is something that must be perfected between male and female and He had to wait until that time. With that conclusion in mind, we have to compare ours to what we find in the Bible. God is the God of principle, God of logic, and He will apply the same principle of creating man when He has to recreate and restore man to the original position. Because He created man first, male being, in the course of restoration of re-creation, too, He must locate one male being. God's providence of restoration all throughout human history has been to locate a male being having nothing to do with sin through whom God would develop the providence of restoration. The male being must have nothing to do with Satan, and be not in Satan's claim; so through that man, centered on that man, he is in place of God in a sense, he is the agent of God's operation, God is going to work through him to resurrect or restore mankind. That is the Messiah.

Do you need a Messiah? This is something requisite for man. Adam and Eve both fell before they reached the stage of maturity where they did not enjoy their life to the fullest and where they did not know what love was at all in perfection. But, Jesus Christ came to the earth as the Messiah, to restore all these things and by putting himself in the objective position of full life and love to God as the subject, he was commencing his work of restoration of the whole of mankind, with God working through him. Adam was in the position to dominate over or control Eve. And at the time of temptation of Eve by Satan, Adam should have influenced her or stopped her from being tempted. But, being immature at that time, he could not carry out that much. So, in the course of restoration, there must be a male, being first found by God, erected by God. That male person must be able to locate his spouse.

Then, what must be the first purpose of the Messiah's coming to the earth? To find Eve and raise her and make her his bride. But could Jesus do that? No, and that's why he had to die on the cross. There is still some task left unaccomplished by Jesus and that must be accomplished in order to realize the ideal at the time of the Second Coming. That's why Jesus talked about his Second Coming when he found that he had to pass away on the cross. When the Second Coming of the Lord is here, he is going to locate his bride and by becoming one with her, he is going to satisfy God and God will work through them because they are the realization of God's life and love put together -- one as subject and one as object -- thus, together, they are the perfect object to God as the subject. Without the Messiah and his bride put together as subject and object and forming the perfect object to God, there is no providence of restoration possible. God wanted to see the day of the Marriage of the Lamb, which means the Messiah marrying his bride to make a family base -- matrimonial base -- with which alone they could face God as the perfect subject. With this done alone -- with Adam and Eve or the Messiah and his bride put together alone -- they will form the perfect object to God as the subject in whom the male and female qualities are already inherent and then God can operate through them as the perfect object and that's what makes it possible for Him to realize His restoration project. The sixty-six books of the Bible will reach the conclusion at this point.

It is only natural that, since God had lost in the beginning a male and female being in the course of restoration, He must first of all find a male and female being, who have nothing to do with Satan or sin and from then on He can commence His work of restoration. If that had been done even in Adam's time or in Jesus' day, or in other words, the perfect male and female in maturity put together resembling God's form with two elements of Himself, then He could operate through that couple and in that He will have direction of life and love and nothing could sever the love between them. The love being eternal, unchangeable and unique -- there could be eternal happiness and all ideals. If you are happy at all, happiness will be eternal. Is it clear to you? Once God had started loving men, He could not have stopped loving them and His happiness couldn't have turned into sadness. So, what He commenced could have gone eternally. Only the thought of it makes us happy.

Then, how happy must we be if we are entitled to live in that Kingdom? Our eyeballs would go back like this and every cell and hair would be dancing. Isn't it natural and logical? Then our conclusion is going to be to ask, when is God's providence going to end? It is the day when God's Creation is perfected in the form that He would want to have it. In that day, God will rejoice -- to say nothing of man. Any man here can protest to God, saying: "I am in a way better than you because without me you have no significance, no meaning, but with me and my spouse put together alone you can operate, bring man back to life, recreate man. So, I am better than you." You can even claim your love as being your and not God's. He cannot but nod to you. Then you can participate in God's work of restoring man -- recreating man and you can have confidence in the way I said. Did I make myself understood? One hour has passed, but since I have had to use my interpreter, I have used 30 minutes. This is the most valuable thought or ideology, which no theologians or scholars have been able to give you. This is the core of the Divine Principle. You don't find what I am saying in the book of the Divine Principle. So, I have finished the introduction part. We have to reach there (pointing to blackboard) -- the transition of blood lineage.

The Human Fall was caused by someone else staining the blood or the blood lineage of man through the fallen act. So, unless we can restore or shift the blood lineage into the original status, we cannot work the providence of restoration through man. God had to wait so long, through more than 6,000 years of sinful human history because He wanted to commence His providence of restoration by finding one man having nothing to do with stained blood.

Here is a man, Reiner [Vincenz]. Let's suppose that he has stained blood running through all his veins. So, you take him to the river and wash and wash him, all through 6,000 years trying to bleach him, doing everything you can to purify him. Can you accomplish that? Can you drain out all his stained blood? That's possible? That's impossible. If you die away, then both God and Satan will lose someone on whom to work. So, both God and Satan had to work through human history, with a condition in between, whether or not man would have a position on this or that side. There must be some law to apply there. But, one thing you must know is that God, being a God of principle, He cannot just take away anything unlawfully. So, anything which will suit the Law and the Principle will come to His position -- that's natural, very logical. Satan, on the other hand, being non-Principled, can claim anything without law and he can well claim non-Principled things. According to the Principle, things resembling God are God's. Man, too, if he doesn't resemble God, cannot be claimed by God.

God created man and man was in the lineage of God. So, if your blood is stained, He cannot claim you as His. Due to the Human Fall, you know too well that you are from Satanic blood lineage. Then, whose blood is it which is running in you? Satan's. Your body, whom does it belong to? You hate to say it, but it belongs to Satan. Your eyes, your mouth, your ears -- everything you have belongs to Satan. Can you ever desire to belong to God, if you are going to leave those as they are? Therefore, in religions of high dimension, they teach us not to use our eyes, nose, mouth or ears in such a way that they will please Satan. You must go the opposite way. So, religious teaching will want you to deny what you have and what you are and it starts from denial -- not from approval or affirmation. The higher the religion is, the more strict the teaching is for that. Then are you ready to deny your eyes? Your ears? Your nose, mouth? You must deny your life -- that's what justifies the teaching of the Bible. It says that those who want to lose their lives will gain them and those who want to gain their lives will lose them. Then, do you want to kill yourselves? Are you ready to do that? I am pleased with the affirmative answer from you. I am glad that I have made you answer in the affirmative after 10 hours of talk. God created man with His Word the Bible says, and in the course of re-creation, too, the Word will affect you. It is well said that the Word will either kill you or bring you into life again. What I am saying is not from me, it is the Word of Truth from God. If you obey me you have obeyed God and you will be resurrected or re-created through the Word. With the Truth -- true words of God -- the dead, corrupted world can come into life again. Can you believe that? Then, we must be confident enough to be able to establish the Kingdom of God on Earth, because we know in what way we can do that.

Then, where do you belong? Are you going to go back to France, Germany, Italy or wherever you came from -- or to the Fatherland of your desire? (Fatherland!) There is no boundary among us. There is no Frenchman, German, Italian, British, Dutch or Austrian here. But for the Human Fall, do you think there would have come about so many languages? Language barriers were caused by the Fall. The languages of the birds are the same all over the world. The language of the sheep, cows, cats, dogs is the same all over the world. With man alone there is a language barrier. Without that I wouldn't have to use my interpreter. If men loved each other, they would not have wanted to be separated from each other; they would have wanted to come closer and cuddle together and talk together, and wherever they went they would want to associate and go back and forth and they could not have forgotten their own language. But, if disharmony exists, if you quarrel, you don't want to be with the opponent; you want to go this way if he wants to go that way and you would never want to eat whatever was made by your opponent. Disharmony was caused by the Fall.

But for the Human Fall, could mankind have used language other than the language of the first human ancestors? If it had not been for the Human Fall, all thought would have been concentrated on one thought: God. That would have been Adamism. Adamism in other words is True Parentism. Since they have common parents, the way they talk, the way they do things, the way they think would have been the same. Is there anything else we can desire except Godism, True Parentism, True Brotherism, True Femalism or True Maleism? Was there any such thing as Communism there? Those isms and ideologies have been canes to lean on for fallen man. But, ultimately, originally, God is and will be left there. We have to recollect with a saddened heart that we have become Satanic children -- enemy to God.

Then, are you ready to put your flesh into trial or not? Are you ready for difficulties and hardships? Do you want me to drive you out into the field of death? Would you want to die on the level of the individual or for the sake of the family? (Family!) Are you ready to die for the level of the family or on the level of the nation? (Nation!) Would you want me to drive you to the place of death on the level of the nation or on the level of the world? (World!) There have been fights and wars taking place in the world -- fights on the levels of and families and nations -- but for what are we going to fight? We are to fight for the sake of the whole world on the side of God.

God is fighting against the Satanic force. Has there been any time in human history that all mankind has been mobilized in an all-out effort to fight for the cause of God against the evil power of Satan? Has there been such a time? (No!) Then, would you desire to have such a time? When would you have it happen? (Now!) Where? (Here!) You are now mobilized for that purpose -- to fight against Satan in an all-out effort. We must be armed with weapons so strong as to win over Satan. The biblical passage saying that those who want to lose their lives will find them and those who want to gain their lives will lose them can apply to the individual and family levels, but not quite on the national or world-wide level. Then, who at all can carry out the mission to fight against the Satanic force on the national and world-wide level by gathering all the people of the world, transcendent of race, creed, color and anything else? In human history so far, men alone fought. So far it has been this way because God's providence was that to locate a male being, it is true. But from now on, since in this time we have to locate the bride in the biblical sense, we have to mobilize female folks, too, into the frontline.

Then, in fighting against Satan, God would want the female folks to win over the male. The female troops on God's side must win over even the male soldiers on the Satanic side. Female folks on God's side must be able to win over the Satanic power of Communism. Are you ready for that? (Yes!) What you are doing here is done on the temporary basis. You are going to be sent out to the frontline. What do you expect in the future? To be well-fed, well-clad, to enjoy your lives here? (No!) If you vacillate like this and you look this way and that, then you are liable to be killed. In the battlefield, in the rain of the bullets, if you go straight ahead without minding whether you will be killed or not, then you will survive, but if you vacillate and try to dodge your way you are apt to be killed. Especially I warn the male folks against their being distracted. The female folks may think "there are streams of luxurious cars, skyscrapers, well-to-do people and I like American men better than the stingy Dutch men and the stiff Germans and the proud British and the narrow-minded French. I would like to marry an American man -- they look so generous and abundant in the way they think, say things and act out things." But without being distracted or tempted by those things, you must be headed for one goal, staring at the target. In this way alone will we win the war. Are you going to be courageous or cowardly? (Courageous!) If you are ready to do that, if you are confident to do that, will you please hold up your hands?

I'll leave this subject until tomorrow. You must know that in detail so that you will have a clear picture of how there has been the removal of stained blood all throughout human history -- God's work through all the limited personages in the Bible. I can even give you all those things in a contracted form and since I am an expert in that line I can maybe give you all those things in ten minutes and in that case I am going to talk as a waterfall, so I am going to leave it until tomorrow. Now that you have been resolved by holding up your hands, you are resolved to go ahead and fight against the Satanic power in the battlefield, at the cost of your life. I am pleased with that, I trust you and I watch you.

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