The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The Point of Rise or Fall

Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 1972
Upshur House, Washington DC
Audio file contributed by David Hill
Transcribed by Margaret Herbers

Loving spouses are same too. Love, changing love is not a love, unchanging love is love. The most valuable love for human is also unchanging love. Have you ever read in a novel or in a poem, oh, love, ever vacillating? When you compose a poem in praise of love, without exception you say, oh, love, unchanging. Oh, love that is unique. And only love has the most amazing adjectives to describe love.

When you hear those two words, eternal life and eternal love, which is more attractive? You may say unique life, eternal life, unchanging life. That does not sound quite right. But eternal love, unchanging love, unique love, that's something that is resounding in your heart.

Out of those capricious human beings, always wavering, what would there be that is most precious? Human life? Human love? Now we must decide which is more precious. What we have decided must be correct according to the standard of the past generations, the present generation and future generations, like the original standard measure. Love should be like that.

If we define love like that, suppose we ask people who have passed away what love is. When they are asked what love is, what would their answer be? Love is something eternal, unchangeable and unique. Thousands of years afterward, when you ask the same question of your teachers, the answer will be just the same. In order for us to decide what we are enjoying is like, we must find out the only true one and absolute standard of what love is, in order for us to compare ours to that.

The standard must be the same all through, from the past to the present time and the future generations. When we think we have found one like that, can we recognize that it is the one? When we find the standard one, everybody, old and young, people of the East and West must say yes to the question. That's a unified answer.

The absolute being's definition of love

If there be an absolute being dominating human society, what would his definition of love be? The same one. If there be God at all, we must define not that he has love but that he is love. Then we must be the objects of his love and he will cry to us, "You should be my love." He will say, I want you to be my love, and we ourselves must become unique, unchangeable and eternal in order to be the absolute object of his love.

We have to go back to our subject, The Point of Rise or Fall.

If God is love, and that God likes you 100 percent as the object of his love, you will rise. If it is the other way with you, you are doomed to fall. We know a diamond is unchanging; still, we don't like to have a small diamond ring but want ours to be a large one. Do you want a 1-carat one or larger one? For God it is the same. God also wants to have a lot of unchanging love from human.

If you are above the standard of what God defines love to be, you will rise. Otherwise, you will fall. If God has so many grades of diamonds like that, representing each one of you, he is glad. But if he loses one, if he may lose even one of you, he will be sad. If he loses two, three, five, ten, he is a sad God. In other words, to rise means to multiply. To fall means to be diminished.

At the point of how to define rise or fall, we must say if what we have is nearer to God and is a thing of God's approval, we are destined to rise. Otherwise we are doomed to fall, diminish. Even a puppy we are looking after in our home will be very sensitive and will immediately know whether or not his master likes him. When he is hated by his master, he knows it right away. Even a puppy would think of love all day long and would want his master to love him. He is meditating on the love of his master more than himself and he will wait and wait for the master to come, like this in meditation without doing anything else. But if he hears the voice of his master, he will leap up like this and dash toward the master.

If there is anyone who hates the puppy and who would beat him, he will run away like this, turn his back on him. Love is what makes two into one like this. They want to be close to each other. But hatred, what is not love, is something that will separate you. The master who hates the puppy, for instance, however anxiously he may call the puppy to come back, he would never come back.

It's same for human. However much you may want a person to go away from you, if you love that person, he is attached to you and would like to come near you and he would like to stay with you. We want to give things to the person we love. We want to pour out our own being to him; we think that what belongs to us is his.

God resembles us; we resemble him

From the person we hate we want to grab away even what he has. Aren't things the same with you? Then what would God think about the matter? God resembles us; we resemble him. To love God means to be one with him. When we want to give him all we have, it does not mean we are losing anything. But we are with him, we are one with him, so that's still there as ours.

The fundamental point of deciding rise or fall, the factor which makes those two different from each other, is love. Suppose there is a nation. All the people of the nation love each other on the horizontal level and the people love the president or king, who loves his people, and the juniors love their seniors, the seniors would love their juniors. Then there is great harmony in that nation and that nation is going to rise and never fall.

If there be any other nation planning to attack that nation, the people there will become one like a bullet of great power and attack back. They will never be defeated. For the people of that nation, the attacking nation will be an eternal foe. And the same can be applied to the individual. If you love a person and he is attacked, the opponent will be eternal foe of yours.

Do you think God would hate, think of the people as his enemy if they take away the home of the person God loves most? God cannot forgive such a person, such an enemy. If he ever loved or forgave that enemy, the definition of love would not apply. Love is the eternal source of ultimate happiness, so anything interfering with or invading love cannot be forgiven in God's sight.

Satan is the very enemy of God. If a couple really love each other with love centered on God, then people around them – their family, their friends, their neighbors would want to see them loving each other. They will be attached to yourself; that means they want to be near you and with you.

If the couple shouts at each other at the top of their voices, the family would hate to see them be that way. Their friends and neighbors would want to get away from them and they would lose them. All would be scattered, all would be lost. They would be left all alone. That is very true.

What makes rise or fall is love

Then we come back to see that what makes rise or fall is love. What kind of love do we have? Have there been any individual, any family, and more than that any nation whose people love each other like this, from above and below on the vertical level, and they become one like this? Can any other nation ever dream about taking this nation? How would God think of that nation? That nation can unify the whole world.

That's what we have defined love to be, and God's definition of love will be the same as ours. Then let's go in search of that kind of love, eternal love, unchanging and unique. However hard we may have struggled to find that kind of love in the fallen world – (inaudible 1-31:17) – our greatest invention and discovery to have found the world of other dimension with God in there. We have found an eternal, unchangeable and unique God as our father. This is a great discovery of ours and we are rich people.

This is a great revolution that we have found such a God as our father, and furthermore, when we find a great loving heart, and that he is love itself, it is a great, wonderful discovery. To make that God our own father is the greatest goal for human. We can conclude that there can be no happiness greater than to find God, our father, who is love itself.

What we need to do is not just listening the speech. Unification church members should boast about this. Did you live that way? Are you living that way now? Only learning the Divine Principle does not make us like that. Divine Principle should not be counted on when the providence of restoration has been accomplished. Then only love will left there – unchanging, eternal love.

Do you want to live in the world of Divine Principle or in the world of ultimate love? With that goal we are going to establish that kind of world, and we can decide that by living the Divine Principle we are able to do that. Are you sure you understand everything? Do you know and feel and experience with all your being that it is right?

Then would you have this love separate from you, go away from you or be with you? If it is true that you like that love to be with you then you must know from where the love starts. That love does not start from you, from ourselves. It is not you as an individual, the love does not start from you but starts from having the other person. It may be a Negro man, it may be a German, an Oriental man – (laughter). Do you want to have him? (?) is very difficult (laughter).

Do you want me to stop talking or go longer?

We are afraid to fall

What we are most afraid of is to fall, but what we hope to have, what we really desire to have is to rise. You nod your head like this. Everybody knows that well. But now I'm going to teach you the secret to love your opponent. To love you're the person as you would love God is the point. That's the absolute standard of making you rise forever.

You have fleshly limitations. So you cannot reach all the population of the whole world, but in your lifetime if you have loved 10 people to that standard, loved them as you would love God, you have loved the whole world. When you have anyone before you, you must think that you are going to love God through that person, by loving that person. The more people you have, the more love of God comes to you. If you receive more love of God in that way, the ideal of love centered on an individual, the ideal of love centered on the family, the ideal of love centered on your society, your nation will be yours, and your love will be God's ideal like that.

When you are not quite able to define what God's love is like, you don't feel that you are loving God by loving this person, you can think this way: am I loving the person as I would love my parents, my wife, my husband? That's the standard. Then living that way, you must be loving the people on the horizontal level, in the same way as your children, your parents or God.

The more people you love, the more broadened your horizon of life. In that case it means you have loved your family, your nation and the whole world. And that's the hope of humankind, and that's the hope we are taught to attain in religion. That's the thing God would have us do.

If we have really known that love is the only thing that can make us either rise or fall, then love is not performed by oneself alone. You are meeting the people around you, either rise or fall; you yourself are doing that. So that's why the Bible says you should not sin with your eyes. You must not allow your mouth to sin. You must not permit any of your five senses to sin.

What is sin

What is sin, then? To sin is to harm other people. Good is to benefit other people. Then good, in a word, is to benefit other people, that's why it goes with love.

We know there are parents who have their only child who they rely on so much, but they have to lose the child and are thrown into solitude __. There is a couple, for instance, who love each other dearly. Neither one of them can go without the other, but heaven may take one away, and one is left in utter loneliness.

Suppose there is a man, very good at business and he has struggled so hard all through his life, 20 or 40 years, and at last he is a successful man in the business field and he has made so much money, maybe a millionaire. But at one moment he can lose all his fortune – by fire or something like that. When we think about these things, we know too well that we are faced with things that we have not wanted very frequently.

What we do not want is always there around us and we cannot get rid of that destiny sometime. Sometimes unexpected things come up and bring us success, and sometimes, however hard we may have struggled, the outcome is a failure. And we find and we feel there is some power working behind human endeavor. Only after having solved that problem, what it is, what being is there, we can go on with security in our mind.

We know only too well that the problems of rise and fall cannot be handled by our own human hands. Can a nation handle their fall? They can't do it. (Audio gap 5:25)

… ups and downs, always changing things around us. But we cannot get hold of that or we cannot dominate.

There are revolutions and other means of changing the world, but we find that unless that is in accordance with the goal of someone else above, some power behind human scene, success cannot be brought about. You know there are great powers, the United States and other democratic nations, and there is the communist world, including Soviet Russia, Red China and all the rest. They want to have things for their benefit, both sides, but they cannot do every things how they want (Audio gap 8:00).

The United States, the democratic world, it has plans, it has goals, but on the way it must vacillate because they are stalemated at a dead end, so they have to concede. And on the other hand, the communistic nations too, from their strategy sometimes have to concede and give way to the opposite power.

When they concede, when they cross like this, at the transition point the rise or fall of both sides are decided. So we know that rise or fall starts right at a small point. Not to speak of the things on the national level, but when you think of things on the individual level too, we find things the same.

Human conscience

Every human has their conscience. Even in a very vague way one knows where to go, in what way we must move on. The conscience makes or accelerates the man to go the way in accordance with the national policy if he is a patriot. When the man has turned away of what he thinks justice in accordance with national policy, but in the end if the nation falls, he will fall with the nation he belongs to. So we cannot rely on the national policy.

Furthermore, we cannot rely on our own conscience. I don't know what your expression is, but in the Orient we say that someone's conscience is straight or crooked. When you call that your conscience is straight, does that mean your conscience is the standard? Or is there another standard that you can compare it with? – and you can say that your conscience is straight or crooked.

A straight line is drawn passing through two points. When you say that your conscience is straight, you yourself and your conscience, the two points must draw a straight line with your purpose ahead of you. In that case, if the goal is a sure one and a right one, you can say your conscience is straight; when you find that your own self is the conscience, those two points can draw a straight line headed for the goal.

Suppose there are 100 people here, but every one has his or her own goal, all different from each other. When you think of this matter, we think we can never say that human conscience, someone's conscience is straight. When you look back at your life, you find that you have been turning this way in your childhood, and you go like this in adulthood, in your old age you go still the other way, directed to different goals. By going zig-zag like this, we cannot define which is the straight way and the right one.

Humans struggle for happiness

Sometimes you are headed for the north and you call yourself straight. Humans, without exception, struggle for happiness. But why are they not happy? Any family, any nation wants to make itself a success, but they end up a failure. Why is it so? If the goal is set before us, the same ultimate goal and we all are headed for that goal on the straight line, going straight toward that goal, why and how can there be a failure?

Let's look at a sparrow. Does a sparrow learn how to chirp? They don't. They can do that. Have you ever seen them learning how to chirp? The cows moo and the lambs baaah. They do that without having to learn how, but they do that all the way through and there's no progress whatever.

When we were in New York we visited a museum of natural history. We saw the ecology of all kinds of birds. Some kind of birds, they make a nest round like this, with a small hole as an entrance, but it has a hallway, long like this, and through that tunnel-like hall they get into the inner part of their home. Different kinds of birds we saw make different types of nests. They do the same, generation after generation. Their offspring don't have to be taught. Even if the parent birds may take the young and fly away to different parts of the world, they will still make the nest in the same way. But things are different with human.

In a way birds are headed for the same goal; they go straight toward the goal. But human is headed for a different goal. We take things precious when they do not change, if they are unchangeable. (Audio gap 2-22:00 – 23:21).

A diamond has a mind

A grain of diamond has a mind. If we ask a diamond, what is your desire? it would answer right away, I don't want anything less than I am. They are confident in being the most precious one. If there is anything more precious, more shining than diamonds, the diamond would say, I want to be that. Gold, too. If there is a more yellow and glorious shining thing, immediately the gold would answer you, I want to be that.

Anything and everything does not want to be less than what it is. We can decide that anything precious is that which does not change. Like gold or diamonds, even if we put those in difficult situation like gutter but still they don't change. That's why everybody likes gold (Audio gap 2-26:35-27:32)

One may think in the morning, I will go this way, and all of a sudden even before you are halfway through you change your mind and go another way. The most vacillating thing in the whole world is human. You still think it is wonderful to be human? Do you still think that human is the most precious one?

When you think of an object, we say that it is precious because it doesn't change, but when you think of human beings, we know that it's vacillating, changing all the time, but we still think they are very precious. Can you think of yourself, when you find yourself wavering like this all the way through, can you still think of yourself as a precious being? No. You could never do that.

If gold or diamonds had a mouth to speak, they would say that they love a human who does not change, is eternally beautiful, even though their shininess may be drowned in the light of yourself. They would like to have that kind of human. If gold or diamond asked you to be unchangeable, what would be your answer? Do you want to be changeable? Do you want to stay unchangeable?

It's natural that things that are better than others, more than others, will come to dominate things less than they, worse than that. It is unnatural for human of less qualification to dominate those of higher qualification. In that case, anybody looking at some fact will think, oh, I change positions upside down like this. However, everything is good or bad, there are good things, bad things, wonderful things, less wonderful things. Would you like to take out and put forth? What kind of things are those – the best thing or less good or worse things? You want to hide the worst or bad things behind.

Which is more precious, ever-changing or unchangeable things?

Let's come back to the point again. Which do you think is more precious, the things ever-changing or unchangeable things? Even a small boy in elementary school will answer you that way. Could there be a supreme being dominating the whole world, an absolute being? And if we may ask questions to him, what would his answer be? He would also want unchangeable things. He will answer you, you must not change all through your life, through eternity. It cannot be helped. It should be that way.

You have one standard measure of meters and things like that. Will a ruler become longer and shorter, like this? It won't happen. There may be a ruler with a small difference, but that standard one in the museum should be without change, not different. You may have millions of rulers in your country having small differences from each other, but the standard ruler cannot be like that.

When you come to doubt, when you wonder if your ruler is correct or not, you have to take it to compare to the original. If we take it that anything is unchanging, we must think of the being above us who is never-changing and is eternal. Again, we must say that when we call our human conscience straight, we must be able to decide what makes it straight, in what way it is straight, or when and how is it straight. It is still vague, but we cannot help saying that if the straight line goes through eternity, keeping it straight, it's the final one, most precious.

If there is anyone who knows there is a straight line, the standard and original, never vacillating, never changing, then you can compare yours and find out whether yours is straight or not. When you have things, do you want to have things which are perfect or imperfect? But every human thinks that their standard is a correct one and absolute one, so you would demand everyone around you to be like you. That's a very serious problem, grave question.

The original standard

Everybody must find one original standard measure or ruler. Well, sometimes we may think that the president of a certain nation is the one, or the passed away saints, sacred men, could be the one. Or the measure of a man who you think is great has a correct and absolute, but it's not right. It could be wrong. That's because we know only too well that any and every human on the earth, either those passed away or still living, none has such a ruler absolute.

People in the Western hemisphere, when they find an original measure in one of the Oriental countries, you should go there to compare yours and find out whether yours is correct or not. If the Orientals think that their measures are wrong and they think that there is one which is accurate and original and absolute in one of the Occidental countries, they must go there and compare theirs with the original one.

If you find the absolute standard from past then you should follow that. If you are looking forward to having one like that in the future, you must abandon all things around you and wait for things to come.

Now let's compare people in primitive societies and the present world and the future world. Which will vacillate or change more? The primitive people who have not much to do, with uncomplicated things around them, or people living in modern civilization? Or future generations? When we think of the future world, what is it going to be like? Things are changing and progressing. In the future we can imagine that they vacillate every moment like this and you cannot sit still but have to hop around every minute to different places. But we don't like it too much. There is no doubt that you won't like that.

Evil makes others fall

Evil is to make other people fall, to harm other people. So from the very definition, we can see that evil is beginning with hatred.

When you see other people very happy, if you don't like the idea of that person being happy and if you frown at him, making bad impression on him, you have committed evil. If you are jealous of other people loving each other, and you frown at them and you stare at them, you are committing sin. That is evil because the other people feel bad and you harm the people in that way and make the people sad. But if you feel like singing in praise of the love between two, and you feel like loving them and you keep interacting with them. So it makes you and those rise.

If you find that person sitting all alone in depression, gloominess, then he is going through a dungeon of despair, and you want to solve his problem, you want to share with him, if possible take away his sadness and take his burden on your shoulders, in that case that person is uplifted, feels light and happy again, then you have benefited that person and you have performed love and your act is benefited again.

Jesus was a central figure of pure love. What kind of mankind of the past, present and future would cry out, come, those who are heavily burden. I will lift your burden onto my shoulders? That was a great utterance. I will bear it on my shoulders because I love you. Because he loved people.

It is because Christianity taught that kind of thing that Christianity never fell under persecution and so many untold difficulties and martyrdoms. If Christians of today are going through the same thing as early Christians, then Christianity will never fall. A Christian or any religion, should be able to share others' burdens for himself. Any religion teaching that to its followers will rise and never fall.

The greatest religion

If there is any religion that will teach the followers to take other peoples' burdens, not only the people living in the present world but those who are to come in the future, that religion must be defined to be the greatest one. Our Unification Church is teaching that as the very core of the thing. We are going to do this at the sacrifice of our own selves, but we are gaining the whole world in this way and we are gaining the future generations.

When we are fighting, we set our eyes not only on present victory but also on the future victory to win the future generations on our side. When you want to love a person, love him as you would God, as you would your child, love that way, but love him so much that you would even take care of and be responsible his or her offspring, loving that person that way. To such a person, the future would be his.

You want to love a person, you love that person and in doing so you are loving his ancestors and you want to love his future generations too. In other words, you are loving three generations centering on that person, like a grandfather, father and son put together. God is longing for the love of parents, love of the grandfather, all put together, two types of love together. He likes to find that kind of love.

So we need to love someone that representing the history. We need to love someone that has good ancestry. And we need to love someone good in this world. Also we need to love future generations like children too. The present generation, being the fruit of the past generation, and then in that way you are loving three generations – those belonging to the past, those belonging to the present, and those of the future. If there be God, would he not love those in the past? Would he not love the people living in the present time? Would he not love the people of the coming generations? That's the scope of God's love, the breadth of God's love, to love three generations, the past, present and future.

Our view of love

Our view of love is that we want to love the three loves – love of the past, love of the present and love of the future. And in that case it's something like we have a free pass in the spirit world, in the physical world and in the future. You are lovers of those people, and if you go to the spirit world will they dislike you, will they not welcome you? In our present world too you are welcomed everywhere, by every person.

Suppose you look at one person; you must think of that person as a symbol of the past and the future put together in that person. When you love this person, through him you find the love of his ancestors. Then if Master loves you, would your ancestors not like that? They are pleased. If you have children, would they not like the idea of their father being loved by you? By loving him, you are loving three generations because you are the fruit of your ancestry and beginning cause of the next generation.

There are many people don't think like this. So God wants him to stop quickly.

Now do you understand what I have meant by saying all these things? Without loving, we cannot reach the spirit world, we cannot reach out to the whole world, we cannot reach the coming generations. Love is such a great thing. And that great thing rises whether or not we can love the people. In that sense, it's a wonderful thing to love a person, pouring out 100 percent of love, pouring out your whole being, and then you are loving the spirit world, the past generations and the future generations. And by loving him you will have loved the whole world.

So I must say that the key to heaven does not lie in my pocket but in the pocket of the opponent. When I keep loving him that way, the key will be ours. I am sure to have the key and open the door to heaven. We are destined; we are compelled to go to heaven at all costs. Even though we may have to go through hell to reach heaven, we must do that. Anything hindering our going to heaven is evil, so we will reject evil. What is evil? We will reject hatred and resentment, and by being able to love each other we can enter the Kingdom of God.

That is why even on the cross Jesus prayed for those who crucified him, "You created evil and you wanted to hinder my way to heaven, but by loving you I have the key to the Kingdom of God." Love is one ultimate thing, and from that point is open the door to the kingdom. Jesus paved the way to the Kingdom of Heaven by going through the enemy nation of Roman Empire. It's possible with only love. And he could influence the Roman Empire to receive his ideology and he could even make the enemy nation to be one with by God.

The moment of rise or fall begins from love

So the moment of rise or fall begins from the love between you and me, between two. If those two unite with each other like this and become one, love should be uniting in such a way that nothing ever can separate those two. True love unifies those two and when they are unified in true love, nothing can separate them. When love is broad, it can be defined in our expression that we must shed tears for human, sweat for earth and blood for heaven. It works that was including the whole thing, heaven, human and the whole earth.

If Unification church failed then we will only live in the history. But on the contrary, even though my own nation of Korea has been rejecting me, I have not failed. (Audio gap)

… and many other religious sects have been opposing me but I have never failed. Many religions, many families have been against me but I have never failed and I have striven. So leave them alone and we will see that in the new future they will be gone and they will see our group rising and ever rising and they are surprised.

If there be God, what kind of good he wants to have on earth? No other people than that kind of group. Even the evil people around the globe will finally see that these people alone can save the world. You can rely on these people. Earth and all the creatures must want that kind of group to prosper and dominate over them. Then this kind of group is blessed by heaven, by the people and by the earth. It is our destiny to prosper.

It's true. It is your destiny that you joined this. Is every one of you wonderful in such a way? You are valuable, precious and amazing in the sight of God, in the sight of the people, in the sight of the earth. If you don't ___ yourself like that, it's not the way it should be. (Audio gap)

... champion representing the three generations, past, present and future. (Audio gap)

... representing heaven, men and earth. We must have great self-esteem, and you must feel as though you are a rich man. If you are miserable and hunting for people and looking for things to eat, looking for places to sleep, if you feel miserable like that, you are not qualified for that. (Audio gap)

Suppose there is an American boy, American champion. (Audio gap)

He has the highest record, two times as high as any record ever established. Everybody would think, everybody, including the president, any man, any child could think that he will win the race. (Audio gap)

...think it's only too natural for him to win the game always. What would happen if that person is too confident that he would rest for a while in the shade of the tree or bathe somewhere because he is sweating all over. Then what will people think of him? (Audio gap)

...betray their chief, betray their home. (Audio gap)

… But there is a man not quite good, that's running, he's weak and looks like he's going to collapse in exhaustion. And then he drink water and rest somewhat, then people are sympathetic with him. (Audio gap)

If you do your very best and the result is a failure, but in that case God is sympathetic with you and everyone around you will be sympathetic.

If what I have said so far true, you are, every one of you, champions in the heavenly race. (Audio gap)

Some of you have learned the Divine Principle, you have taught how to run and how to behave when you run, and all those things, and you are lazy to run, not doing your best, and then everyone will be irritate by you and must hate you. (Audio gap)

...being weak and helpless cannot run as fast as others, but doing your very best, then even though you have not won the race or have not won the first prize, you have not become that, but heaven is sympathetic with you and heaven will expect your second generation will accomplish what you have left unaccomplished. (Audio gap)

… being the champion of this path. The champion must be there at the starting point, able to swallow up the whole distance you are going to cover, and you must be confident that you will win. (Audio gap)

Love will give you strength

If any one of you, having done your best in loving your nation would die without accomplishing your goal, what will happen? That means if all will die without having accomplished their goal and you are left alone, what would you do? How can you keep going in that case? How far can you go?

Love will give you strength and everything else. If you pour out your whole being in doing that, you are loving that job, in that case you are winning sympathy from God, from the whole world, from the earth, and you are the winner, however when you love, you are the winner.

Love transcends law. Do you understand? That word is applied between God and us. If you pour out all your energy in a great love then miracles happen and healing is possible. You must have the idea of subjectivity over yourself with that great love, including the spirit world, heaven, man and earth. You can say to the men in the spirit world, whatever you want me to do, I can do, I will. You can shout at the top of your voice toward the whole of mankind, whatever you want me to do, I will do and I can. Then you can count and say that whatever the future generations would have me to do, I can do and I will.

Then three worlds will follow that person.

However great a human may be in the outside world, they can love and do things for only this world and for mankind living in this period. But we are the champions of loving and doing things for heaven, human and earth, past, present and future.

Wherever we go, victory is there

Wherever we go, victory is there, and everybody will recognize that victory to be ours, and with that confidence in your mind you can do everything. If you cannot love an individual in such a way, you cannot love the family in such a way. If you have not loved the family in such a way, you cannot love the nation in such a way. And if you have not loved your nation in such a way, you will never be able to love the whole world in such a way. And if you have not loved the whole world in such a way, you can never dream of loving the whole universe, then you can't love God.

So the starting point is an individual. Then what must the individual be like? An old man, or what? In loving an old man, you must not be loving that man in that age alone, but including his past, his childhood, his adulthood. Jesus loved people of all ages. He would love the children, love the boys and girls, love the adults, love the grown up age. If you are loving one person, you have to love that person's whole being, including childhood, adulthood and old age.

Suppose anyone loved ...young man of this age. In the worldly sense you are loving that man a day of today (Laughter). What is the Korean term? (Laughter). (end of file #3)

No one can ever love his parents and children in the future. No one has hitherto been loving that kind of love. But we must love him like that. In other way we can see that we must love his parents, love his children with him together. By doing that, we have set up the condition of having loved his past and his future. Then, by your love of him in that way, his whole family ranging three generations will be secured and in your favor. When you are welcomed by his whole family, you can rest there. That's the way Jesus loved the people. He told us not to reject the children, come to him. He would say that we must love our parents.

Real love

From that viewpoint the American people are not living the love taught by Jesus, not loving their people, not loving the children. The three types of love together that love is perfect. We are right in the middle. You must reach above you, your parents and your sons and daughters and really loving the family. Right in the center, middle of the two you can influence the past generations of your ancestry and your posterity and you can influence them in a bad way or in a good way.

According to the Bible, the second one is supposed to decide on the rise or fall, good or bad, of the whole thing. Those three must draw a straight line – your ancestry, yourself and the next generation. That is what is called in the Unified Family the foundation of four positions centering on God. So you must be able to love your parents or love your spouse and love your children. That is your common destiny. Those three kinds of love cannot be separated. They must be put together.

When you put those love together that is real love. Love can be strong. Even one separated, they must be whole. Any person who can love those three types of love put together can love all mankind. Otherwise, you cannot say you are doing this. The world is an extension of your family. In the world there are people of your parents' age, there are people of your age, and people of your children's age. And by loving those three types of love, you can say that you have loved the whole world, and you can love the whole world by practicing in the family.

How to broaden the scope of your love on all direction centering on the love of your family will decide whether or not we can bring the Kingdom of God on earth. If, centered on Jesus, he could love his parents, he could love his wife, he could love his children, and with that love and example his followers would have been attached to the family and broaden to the national scope and the universal scope, and in his lifetime the Kingdom of Heaven on earth could have been established.

Jesus could not find his bride

The reason of his not being able to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth at that time was that he could not find his bride, could not build his family. If he was not killed, could he not have founded that base? Without doubt he could have done that.

Because of his crucifixion he could not do that, and the providence was left unaccomplished. If there had been any such family carrying out what was left unaccomplished by him, based on that family or the central figure of the family, the whole providence of God would have been realized on earth. We are sure of that.

We need to become a loving family instead of Jesus. Men need to be brothers, women need to be sisters. We need to love each other as family centered on True Parents.

In creating human, in creating Adam and Eve, what God had in mind was father and children, Adam and Eve couple and then the coming generation. God had already those things in was his mind. God wanted Adam and Eve to love their children as God would love them. Would he not have done that? God would have man love him more than he did Adam and Eve. And if there be any person loving Adam and Eve more than he does God, what would God think, while Adam and Eve are his own children? Would he be pleased?

God is pleased to see a man loving his spouse

God created man and woman, created those two in order to see one loving the other more than he does himself, God. God is pleased to see a man loving his spouse more than he loves God. Do you know why this is? Do you understand what I mean? God is pleased with Adam when he sees Adam loving Eve more than he does God, but provided that Adam loves God 100 percent, and then after having experienced the love of God he is entitled to love his wife.

God is a jealous God, and if Adam did not love God 100 percent, and if he loved Eve more than he loves God, God would be jealous. Human of fall try to love each other without God there. God wants to be loved by human, and after that he wants to see people loving each other. If God is our parents, would God not be pleased with the love between his son and daughter-in-law, daughter and son-in-law? Would he not love to see them loving their children?

If God is there as a grandfather and if he is looking at the couple loving their own children more than they do the grandfather, their father, would he be pleased without loving him? (No.) Love God as grandparents, and you love each other, the couple love each other, and then in that case if you love your children more than you do your own parents, the grandparents are pleased to see that. But otherwise, if your love is not that way, he is displeased.

If you are in the position of the parents, then when you find your children loving their grandfather more than they do you, would you be jealous? Since the grandparents are your dear parents. If you have a lover, you bring that person to your parents and you would want your parents to love him more than they do. And if you find your lover loving your parents more than you do, then would you want to keep him away? If you find your lover loving your parents more than you do, then you are pleased to see him and you are proud of your friend before your parents. If there are three levels of love like this, you are loving the first level so much and you want the second level to love him more than you do and you pleased. If you are displeased with what has taken place in that case, that manner, you are not right.

There's the archangel, who's supposed to minister to Adam and Eve, but he was jealous of Adam and Eve loving each other, he was jealous of his them. He was jealous of (Audio gap)

… the archangel will bring destruction or ruin. That's the way the archangel will be pleased to see others loving each other more than they do him. If the archangel really knew that the greatest love is the love by God and he wanted to occupy the love and would like to share it with others, centering love. The love between the three levels must be able to please all those belonging to the three levels, without being jealous of each other.

Absolute family love

That's why in the Unification Church family we take the family love, an absolute one, where we can experience the three levels. In the Unified Family, above us there are God and the True Parents. Then who else are there? God, our True Parents, what else do you have? Blessed couples. (Audio gap)

(Laughter) -- family is that we have our True Parents, a thing of historical value.

Then in the Unified Family you must say with confidence, I am the child of the True Parents. (Audio gap)

...level. All through the past history there has been no one who has really understood that. There has been no such religion that taught us. If there is God there, True Parents and you as sons and daughters, would God there displeased with us when he sees us as parent loving the children more than we do God? That would not be received to see you loving your True Parents more than you do God. He wants to see you loving each other more than you do God.

More than you do the True Parents. In that case God is not settled. Our True Parents, Master, is not going to be jealous of that. You will experience that parents would like to see their children loving each other more than they do them. It must be so. God is the same. It is the same with God. In the will of God, we must know this, that it's true. If you are tearfully sympathetic with your brother when he is in misery, God is pleased to see you do that, to see you loving your brother more than he does God.

If you really feel love you can never fall away

Now we have found that wonderful thing is taking place in the Unified Family among the brothers and sisters. If you really feel the love of brothers and sisters in the Unified Family, of God's will, you can never fall away. If you really have the experience of having loved the brothers and sisters in the Unified Family more than you do your own blood brothers and sisters then you may go away for a time being but you are sure to come back. You can find no other place in the whole world to live in and be happy.

"What you are doing is to practice the love we experienced vertically on the horizontal level. We practice God's love we received, on the horizontal level, by loving our brothers and sisters. And that means we can love, or we are loving the three kinds of love…. Our ideal is to be able to love those three levels of people at the same time and on an equal basis."

What you are doing is to practice the love we experienced vertically on the horizontal level. We practice God's love we received, on the horizontal level, by loving our brothers and sisters. And that means we can love, or we are loving the three kinds of love.

The three stages of formation, growth and perfection are always a great problem. When you look at the whole world, we find things going on there which cannot go beyond the Divine Principle. There are under-developed countries, mid-level developed countries, and most developed, countries – three stages. In general we may look at things in the general sense. Most of the under-developed countries are Negro society. In the midway developed countries we find yellow people, and the most developed countries in the worldly sense are the white race. They are fighting against each other (Audio gap)

… the formation and growth stage. (Audio gap)

God is above there, loving all those people of those three stages. He wants us to love Negroes, yellow and white people equally. To become a perfected human means to resemble God and you must be loving your own white race, but also the yellow race, the Negro race and others.

Our ideal is to be able to love

Our ideal is to be able to love those three levels of people at the same time and on an equal basis. Otherwise, we cannot say we follow God or we resemble him. If there is a Worldism, an "ism" which can unite the whole world, it will not be white people's alone or yellow people's alone. It will not be Negro people's alone. It will be everybody's.

In the United States there are racial problems between white and black. They themselves cannot solve the problem. The solution is not in the hands of themselves. The yellow race must go between them in order to reconcile those two. Being right in the middle of the two, the yellow race must be able to reconcile both. He wants to understand the Negro people and the white people.

Therefore, I am now thinking of organizing a society of Asiatic people. So the Asiatic people, yellow race will go between black and white and influence the black people to love the white people and white people to love Negro people. Love that is greater than the love we are practicing now is the love between different races. So black people can love the white people; white people can love the black people. Black people love the yellow people, yellow people love the white people.

In greater love, the ideal couple should be like this. In the higher dimension, the couple should not necessarily be both white, nor black and black, yellow and yellow. If a handsome white man would marry a black girl, the most handsome white man in the whole world, he likes the idea of that man marrying the most ugly black girl. He likes the idea of making those children, and he is confident that God is pleased with that, more than he wants to see the most handsome white man and most beautiful white girl together. What is more wonderful?

God is love. What is more wonderful stage of love – love between the whites in God's sight, or other stage, children. That kind of ideal must prevails in the Unified Family. Our Negro members here, I will not tolerate any white member looking down upon Negro members. Am I right or wrong? 

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