The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The Point of Rise or Fall

Sun Myung Moon
December 10, 1972
Upshur House, Washington, D.C.

Thanks to David Hill for this talk. In 2012 David Hill realized that his 40 year old cassette-recorded speech had never been published.

If God is love, and that God likes you 100 percent as the object of his love, you will rise. If it is the other way with you, you are doomed to fall. We know a diamond is unchanging; still, we don't like to have a small diamond ring but want ours to be a large one. Do you want a 1-carat one or larger one? For God it is the same. God too wants to have many grades of diamonds, each one being unchangeable and unique.

If you are above the standard of what God defines love to be, you will rise. Otherwise, you will fall. If God has so many grades of diamonds like that, representing each one of you, he is glad. But if he loses one, if he may lose even one of you, he will be sad. If he loses two, three, five, ten, he is a sad God. In other words, to rise means to multiply. To fall means to be diminished…"

You want to love a person, you love that person and in doing that you love his ancestors and you want to love his future generations too. In other words, you love three generations centering on that person, like a grandfather, father and son put together. God is longing for the love of parents, love of grandfather; all put together, two types of love together. God likes to find that kind of love...

If you love that person that way, you can love people of the whole world – the whole mankind in the present world and the whole mankind in the future world; you want to take the responsibility.

The present generation is the fruit of the past generation, and then in that way you love three generations – those belonging to the past, those belonging to the present, and those of the future. If there is a God, would he not love those in the past? Would he not love the people living in the present time? Would he not love the people of the coming generations? That's the scope of God's love, the breadth of God's love, to love three generations, the past, present and future…"

So the moment of rise or fall begins from the love between you and me, between two. If those two unite with each other like this and become one, love should be uniting in such a way that nothing ever can separate those two. True love unifies those two and when they are unified in true love, nothing can separate them. When love is broad, it can be defined in our expression that we must shed tears for man, sweat for earth and blood for heaven… 

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