The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The Purpose of Creation of Man

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 1972
God's Will and the World
Why We Have to Go Through Hardships

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han April 22, 2011

Why did God create man? The first purpose was to have a being with whom He could relate as His object. The second purpose was that God Himself had to have a form through which to communicate with all things in the invisible world and the substantial world.

From this viewpoint, what kind of being is Adam? The invisible God manifested Himself in the substantial form of Adam, in order to stand as the subject in the substantial world. God's third purpose for creating man was in order to fulfill His ideal of love. In that ideal, the subject and the object were to become one. God wanted the ideal world of love to remain forever. God created man centered upon these three purposes.

In His act of creation, God had to pour out His power. Power is given from God, who is the subject, to man, the object. God's power has to be given until the object becomes perfect. God's ideal is accomplished only when the subject and the object become one in this way.

In order to go up to the perfection level, as the Principle teaches us, we must pass through three stages. This process is the period of growth and at the same time it is the period in which God pours out His energy. When His power is given totally, and when we stand as His objects, God's power can be returned to him. Viewed from the ideal of creation, God's love is born on the level of perfection. The power of God's love cannot return to Him unless the object's ability to reciprocate is perfected. Without love, the energy which God has poured out cannot return to Him.

To create the objective being, then, is the work of God Himself. In order to make those beings exist, some power must be sacrificed. This is the original reality of creation.

Accordingly, as human beings who have to go along the way of recreation and restoration, we must go through the path of sacrifice. We cannot recreate ourselves by ourselves; we must go with God's help along the path of pouring out energy for the realization of the ideal self. We are standing in the position in which God must pour out His power again, so there must be sacrifice. Since this is the original standard of the Principle, a religion which seeks the ideal world or the perfection of human beings must go the way of hardship. We must sacrifice our self-centeredness; in proportion to the degree of that sacrifice, our original nature from God is restored. As the result of the fall, we must go this way of recreation; accordingly, religious people must go through the way of hardships. This is the fundamental point of recreation.

In the development of His creation, God created the angelic world prior to the physical substantial world. The angelic world is not the place in which God could fulfill His ideal of substantial objective beings. The creation of the angelic sphere was part of the process to the final purpose. Then God, together with the angels, created the substantial objective sphere, the physical world of all things.

God, together with the angels, created man. God's objects on the spiritual level were the angels. Man as a substantial being is in a different position from angels. God made angels to stand in the position of objects, admirers, and consultants. In that way He could receive stimulation from the intermediary angelic world in the process of the creation of man. In each stage of the creation of man, angels as God's objects gave gratitude and stimulation to God, so that God received joy in the process of creating man.

God was expending all of His energy in the process of creating man. But He was able to receive joy because the archangel gave Him praise and comfort. Since God created man with the angels, man must accomplish the value and purpose of angels as well as the unique human purpose. Therefore, man has dual values. God aims for man's perfection, while the archangel has hope for man and assists him. In other words, Adam must become the perfected being of the ideal of the archangel, and he must also become the perfected being of God's ideal. 

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