The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

You Must Deny Yourself Completely

Sun Myung Moon
September 11, 1972
God's Will and the World
Why We Have to Go Through Hardships
Unofficial Translation

As a believer, you are not permitted to complain. Once you begin a life of faith, you must deny the consciousness of self. When you completely deny yourself centering upon God, as a result, you can be in the position to receive judgment. This will result in complete liquidation, which will result in complete indemnity; complete indemnity opens the way to recreation.

This is where the essence of religion lies. Religious scriptures were written from this perspective; thus, they cannot be clearly understood unless you know this essence. Without this, it is really hard to follow a religious way. This is because you do not understand it in an organized manner.

If you make a tragic and sorrowful sacrifice for the sake of God, with the passage of time, you will be placed in a position higher than your suffering. God himself will bow His head before this offering. Through such an indemnity condition, both God and Satan will come to bow their heads. Perfect recreation becomes possible through perfect denial. Therefore, don't complain in the life of faith.

You may say, "I can't give anymore." But, you should conclude whether or not you can give more only after you have done your very best unto death. To complain is essentially to accuse God. As you will have to repay God, you, human beings must, absolutely, not complain or say such things to God.

My life up until now has been like that. I could never become a man to complain, even though I was put in prison and tortured to the point of vomiting blood. Even if the entire world opposes you, you can be grateful if you think that your relationship with the satanic realm is being cut. It is natural that you receive opposition as long as the realm of resentment exists.

Don't complain. Be grateful. You must go your way without a word.

No matter how painful it may be, suffering lasts only for your life time. At most it would be about one hundred years. It is only a joke that you cannot triumph over such a short time period. No matter how hard you work, you should feel inadequate to God. There is no study or research that justifies that you can be proud of yourself. Such is the way of faith for us, fallen people. 

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