The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Human Beings Cannot Fully Receive God's Perfect Love Because of the Fall

Sun Myung Moon
May 21, 1972
Complete Restoration
Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 57
Unofficial Translation

If God loved Adam and Eve, at what position would they want to receive His love? Both Adam and Eve desired to be loved as a true son and daughter of God. The love that they would have received was perfect love. As son and daughter of God, they were to receive this perfect love.

The fact that they fell means that Adam could not reach the position where, as His son, he would receive God's perfect love in his lifetime. If they did not fall, Adam and Eve would have attended an absolute God as their parent and received His perfect and overwhelming love as His children all through their life on earth. Had they received the perfect love, they would have initiated the perfect beginning of the history of true love centering on God. Our first human ancestors were to begin such a history; however, they could not reach such a position. This is the essence of the Fall of Man.

Even though God, who is the subject of the perfect love, created humanity in order to bestow His perfect love, He could not love them as He had planned. Thus, because of the Fall of Man, God had no choice but to stand in the position of having to suffer and anguish over man.

Since God is absolute, His plan would have been absolute. Yet, because man fell, He could not see His plan fulfilled. The human history should have started centering on the absolute love of God, however such history never started due to the Fall. Therefore, unless God fulfills His plan as He purposed, He cannot maintain His authority and position as the absolute God.

We can conclude that in order to reestablish such a standard, God must have persevered to overcome all obstacles throughout history. Thus, the Fall of Man is that Adam, as a son of God, could not start the perfect human history centering on God's love.

Then, what should you do if you receive the perfect love of God as His son? You must receive His love together as the perfect husband and wife. Adam was born as man and Eve was born as woman. Had they not fallen and grown together while receiving the perfect love -- growing up together in the love of God and reaching maturity in the realm of a mature and complete love of God -- they would have started their lives in the realm of the perfect love as the husband and wife whom God could have rejoiced. This would have been the case without question.

If they had became such couple, would they have been unhappy? Absolutely not! This couple would have stood in the position where the absolute God would have rejoiced over them. Thus, they would have become one as husband and wife together with the love of God. Adam and Eve, who could stand as subject and object centering on the absolute love, would have been truly happy.

In this state, everything that God owns becomes theirs as they stood as the object partners to Him. Also, the joy that God feels is not just for Him but for the joy of His object partners; thus, God's joy becomes the joy of Adam and Eve. In other words, God's joy is Adam's joy; God's joy becomes Eve's joy; Adam's joy is Eve's joy; Eve's joy becomes Adam's joy; and the joy of Adam and Eve is the joy of God. They all experience truly a unified joy at the same time. Thus, when God and man reach the position to mutually reciprocate love in every aspect of life, experiencing love that lacks nothing, is equitable, and overflowing, this is where the perfect couple would receive God's love as husband and wife.

However, Adam and Even could never begin such a life. This is the result of the Fall.

Moreover, Adam and Eve failed to receive the perfect love as the father and mother in the next step. As a further result, although the parents give birth to a child, they are unable to give perfect love to their child. However, had the first parents experienced and embodied the perfect love as parents, they could give perfect love to their child. If the parents do not embody the perfect love and give birth to a child, the love that they are able to give is less than what they have experienced and embodied, even if they try to give a higher love than they received.

Thinking about this, we reach the conclusion that God could not love His children as the original True Parent.

Today, many people talk about the love of their parents on this earth. Even in the fallen world, parents love their children risking and giving their lives, willingly.

You still see parents who sacrifice their lives in order to love their children, even if their connection to their children is tainted with fallen love. Then, imagine how great this loving heart toward their children could have been, had they not been fallen parents -- grown up as perfected children, to a perfected couple, and to a perfect father and mother while receiving the perfect love of God -- giving birth to their children. Such love! When it can reach the standard of perfection, the bonds of such love are supreme and strong.

Even God cannot live without this love. He would cry with tears and experience acute pain if He loses such love. With this love you can dominate the absolute being, God. 

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