The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

What We Must Accomplish from Now

Sun Myung Moon
May 9, 1972
Excerpt from "What We Must Accomplish from Now" Selected Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Volume 55
Seoul, Korea
Unofficial Translation

Abel's Mission

In order to restore the position of Parents, it is necessary to set Abel's position. The history of restoration is the history of restoration through indemnity; thus, it always requires the process of making (substantial) offerings. Accordingly, if you are given responsibilities as pastor or group leader for God's will, you are carrying central responsibilities in the history of restoration.

From the Principle perspective, people who carry central responsibilities stand in Abel's position. Today, we say that the Unification church stands in the Abel position as opposed to the established churches. Within our church, we regard the blessed families as Abel. Among all the blessed families, those who have served the church longer, such as 36 blessed couples, are considered Abel. It is commonly understood that those who served longer are closer to God.

However, as you know, Abel cannot become Abel without Cain. Abel is needed to restore Parents, which means to restore the fallen Adam and Eve to the original position. In other words, Abel is born in order to restore parents. Of course, had Adam and Eve not fallen, neither Abel nor Cain is necessary. But because of the fall, parents must be restored through an Abel figure. By restoring the parents and then having Abel and Cain unite with their parents completely; all together they can be elevated to the original state before the fall.

Let us look at Abel, what should he accomplish? His responsibility is to unite with Cain in order to subjugate Satan. Then Abel stands in the position to which even Satan has to conform and obey. You should know that this is the responsibility of Abel.

Abel cannot become Abel by himself alone. The name Abel will be given when you restore Cain. In other words, Abel is responsible to look for and restore the positions of the lost three sons. Therefore, in front of Abel, there are always Cain and Satan. Do you follow?

Then, who is the Archangel? The Archangel assisted God when He created the human ancestors -- Adam and Eve. By the same token, Abel must assist God in the task of finding parents. In other word, Abel's position is the same as the Archangel's position during the creation of Adam. Abel holds this meaningful responsibility.

Therefore, in front of him, there always exists Cain and Satan. Abel must subjugate both of them. Then, Abel must restore the position of parents. He must play the central role of re-creating Adam and Eve before the fall. This is the position of Abel. Moreover, he must close the gap that exists between God and human beings. If he is successful in these tasks, Adam and Eve will be recreated and then God and the human world will be completely one centered on God's love. Abel must prepare such a road.

Abel must liberate Cain first. Then, Abel prepares all foundations necessary to restore the Parent's position. This is the mission of Abel. If Abel does not have all necessary foundations, thus allowing Satan to accuse Parents, he has not fully accomplished his mission.

Abel should not have any conditions to be accused by Satan after fulfilling his mission. Abel must take the central role for restoring parents. This is Abel's position. As you know, Adam and Eve lost the foundation of substance due to the fall. They also lost their heart. Abel must stand in the midway position while taking responsibility for the restoration process, representing them.

In other word, because of the fall, Adam and Eve came to stand in the midway position between God and Satan. So, they vacillated constantly, this way or that. Can they guide and bring Humanity back to God? Adam and Eve cannot do this. But Abel must do this. In order to accomplish this responsibility, Abel must indemnify all remaining conditions through which Satan can accuse human beings -- restoring the foundation of substance as parents and finely, the heart of parents.

Abel's Position

The responsibility for the course of historical sacrifice that requires shedding blood does not belong to Cain, Adam, or parents. Who is responsible for this course? It belongs to Abel. The position of Abel is the position of the Archangel. It is the position of the Archangel who never fell.

The Archangel, who caused the fall of man and brought down the entire heaven and earth, became Satan. In order to restore this, all indemnity conditions were set through Abel figures. Therefore, throughout history, Abel figures were the ones to shed their blood, not Cain figures. Abel has always been beaten. There have been battles between the fallen Archangel and un-fallen Archangel. You should understand that this is the restoration history up until now. Until the Lord appears, until True Parents appear on earth, all these battles must have been fought. Abel stands in this position.

First, Abel must restore Cain. Second, he must restore substantial parents and parent's heart. By committing the illicit love relationship with the Archangel, Adam and Eve violated God's embodiment and heart. In order to indemnify all these facts, Abel's body must be given to abuses and his every single hope and aspiration be violated. This is the position of Abel. He must go the reverse course.

As the archangel forced Adam and Eve to fall, he violated God's ideal substantial bodies and violated the ideal realm of love. In order to indemnify these, God set up Abel. Because of this reason, Abel figures must have shed blood physically. Throughout history, those who stood in the position of Abel all had their hopes. However, they never passed away seeing their dreams realized, but rather died shedding their blood, seeing their hopes being trampled.

The Archangel failed to accomplish his position and Adam failed and fell causing this suffering world as a result. God is looking for one central figure in this world today in order to indemnify the failures of the past. Abel holds such a position.

Abel must restore Cain, Parents, and then create the deepest bond with God. Originally, everything was started from God; so Abel must begin his work starting from God. In order to do this, Abel must stand in the position to accept God, absolutely. Otherwise, he cannot stand in the Abel's position. Once the Abel figure stands in the position to accept God, absolutely for the sake of God and His providence, he will receive God's love in the position of the Archangel.

In the creation, it was the Archangels who received God's love first. By the same token, Abel in the course of restoration must stand in the position by which he receives God's love more than anyone else. In order to do so, he must be more sacrificial than anyone else and restore the failures of the Archangel. This is his position.

Even though you reach the position to believe in God absolutely, unless you receive God's love, you are not qualified to be Abel. Abel stands in the same position as the three Archangels before the creation of Adam and Eve. The Archangels received God's love first before Adam and Eve. Even the love they received was God's love given for His angels. Like archangels who received God's love first, in the restoration history, Abel must have received God's love first. The archangels should have transferred all of their possessions and all authority to Adam. By the same token, Abel must sacrifice and give his life, centered on the Lord who is to come as his only hope in the restoration history. You must know that as God wrote the history of restoration, He required all Abel figures to focus on one point -- the Messiah who was to come as the only hope -- from the Old Testament age to the New Testament Age and up until now.

What the archangels hoped for was to assist the chosen ones to restore the relationship with True Parents, which all people who stood in the position of the archangel could not accomplish, throughout the history of restoration and re-creation. By so doing, their wishes will be fulfilled. Until now, those who took responsibility for God's will were Abel figures; and they stood in the same position as the archangels. The archangels' desire and hope is the appearance of True Parents of humankind on earth who have no relationship to the fall. This is the highest purpose.

Everything and every being exists for the completion of the relationship with True Parents; and not for its own purpose. You should know the fact that the history of all religions was to make offerings as Abel. 

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