The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

You Must Indemnify Everything

Sun Myung Moon
May 7, 1972
God's Will and the World
True Parents and Ourselves
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon, family, and friends, May 15, 2011

The blessed families in the Unification movement have to indemnify everything and start anew. You can be the proud ancestor in the eyes of your descendants because you are pioneering the way of indemnity earlier than anyone else in the course of restoration. You are shouldering the indemnity for the racial and national levels.

If one true nation is established for the first time in history, then real peace on the earth and eternal peace in spirit world will be created. At that time, we will be the target of attention of the whole world. All of you have to cleanse all the sins of the past, as well as the present, not for just your own sake but for the sake of your descendants.

The best way to cleanse the sins from the past is to fight against and win over Satan. That is the first condition. Unless you become the one who can fight and win over Satan, no matter how hard you work to resolve and liquidate historical conditions, Satan will continue trying to invade you. Thus, you must first fundamentally make Satan surrender to you. How to make Satan surrender is what the Principle teaches us.

The Principle teaches what kind criminal acts Satan committed. Centering on this understanding, you must make a condition that is subjugating Satan in the satanic world. This condition is set by taking three people in the Cain position in the satanic world and raising them up to be restored Archangels who protect and dedicate themselves to serve Jesus, un-fallen Adam, even risking their lives. The archangel was supposed to risk his life to protect Adam before the fall. Also, the disciples were supposed to protect Jesus to the same extent. The position of the true victorious Cain is not achieved when he runs away at the time of hardship, as did the disciples when Jesus was to be crucified.

The true spiritual children cannot be the kind of people who run away from the situation when it gets rough. They have to shield you at the risk of their lives. The spiritual children are the people who must stand up for you, even at the time of crucifixion. They are the three archangels who gain the victory. You must raise up such people. Doing that is actually three or seven times more difficult than raising your own children. 

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