The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Life with the Physical Body is Very Short

Sun Myung Moon
Circa 1972
The True Path of the Cross
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon April 2011

Without shedding true tears, you cannot bring many others to true tears. Without shedding tears, you cannot really repent. You guys, think about this. If you really think about this, you don't need to complain saying, "I am tired, my feet hurt," because God knows about your situation better than yourself. However, there remains a deep reason why God has had to rely on those who are tired and exhausted and still had to give them His order. As you think of God's situation, you would feel sorry for Him. Enduring your fatigue and exhaustion, then you feel God's order deep inside you, you carry it out faithfully throughout night. Upon completing your task this way, when you lay down to rest, God will come to embrace you. This is real. In such time, you will experience this wonderful connection with God.

From this point of view, hardship itself isn't a bad thing. The cross you carry isn't bad. The true path of the cross will lead you to the true path of love. Parents walk willingly the path of the cross for they love their children. Isn't this right? So, the true path of the cross will lead you to the true path of love.

How many people can you truly love in your life with your physical body's life being so very short? That becomes your wealth. It becomes your worth! With this heart, how many people have you loved? If you obtain a heart to love every person regardless of their relative high position or low position in the world, you then can be qualified to stand before God. Without reaching such a heart, when you stand before God, He would ask you, "Why do you stand before Me?" For the one moment you stand before God, you must invest your entire life time to be qualified for the moment; you must move on for the moment. This is true. I questioned myself with what kind of qualification would I stand before God? Would I stand before Him with shame? Or would I stand with all the people rejoicing and praising, while God tells me, "Well done, thank you my son," with His happiest smile looking upon me?

So do you guys. Soon or later, you will go to the spirit world, right? You must end up there and you must be registered there. While you are living here, you are going through the procedure for the registration. You must do this throughout your entire lifetime. Especially, it is the case for all fallen people, right? You must complete your procedure to stand before God. If the content of your report is accepted, God will say to you, "It is good." Then you will pass. Therefore, in this period when your registration procedures are not completed, you have no time to relax. No matter how much commotion surrounding you while people are opposing your path, you should say proudly, you are too busy pursuing your life course. You must reach your destination before Sundown. 

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