The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The True Path Of Restoration

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
January 11, 1972
San Francisco, California
Probable Translator: Won Bok Choi

After having eaten rich food, having sung and having had music, I don't think you want to have a serious talk from me. But would you want me to idle away the time or talk about serious things? (Serious Things!) One cannot say serious things without his being serious himself. All the people want to live in harmony. They want to laugh and make merry and be happy, but would you still want me to talk about serious things? (Yes!) Those who see me for the first time, please raise your hands -- so many! From now on let me talk about serious things.

My subject will be the "true path of restoration". It is very true that the world in which you live is not a good and right one. On the contrary, this world is an evil one. We know that the world in which we are now living is the world of result. This world being an evil one, we can imagine the cause was also an evil one. So, mankind has been searching for evil rather than searching for goodness. We cannot but recognize that it is the result of the human fall. Our first human ancestors did not want to have the fall. We can know that because even evil parents wouldn't want to remain evil. From that we can gather that the first human ancestors of mankind did not want to be evil. If there be any God of goodness, He would not have wanted evil. But up to the present moment and all through human history man did not know what God intended to have and what He would have wanted man to be and what our human ancestors wanted to be.

Then, what is the "would be" world? What is the place or situation where true God would want to go and true human ancestors would have wanted to go and what all of mankind would have wanted to go and meet God? As we know, God is almighty. On the other hand, we sometimes have to think that God is not almighty because we see that He has to leave this world as it is. All mankind are in pursuit of the truth, and we want to reach the highest point. But we don't know what the true and highest place is. Where to meet God? Where can we meet God is the question. If man was true and God were like that, the place where the two could meet was the true and happy place. Then, we would not have needed the life of faith or prayer for us to meet God. We would not have needed to pursue goodness -- not to pursue the truth, We cannot but recognize that there is a vast distance between God and man now.

According to the Divine Principle, man fell to a position without value and without happiness in the non-principle world. Then, God cannot abide in this world without value, without principle. Then, we must strive on to shorten or narrow the gap. That is the way or path of restoration. We cannot restore ourselves without knowing the factors involved. We must know the cause of the fall and by reversing the way of this, we can restore the original position. Then, what is the cause that made man fall and become evil?

If mankind had followed God and His command as his absolute subject, man could not have fallen. Man was not obedient to God and went against Him. We know that Adam and Eve and the Archangel did not act centered on God, but acted centered on themselves and that caused the fall. They started not at the point of loving God and being obedient to God, but they started from the point in going against and being disobedient to God centered on themselves. This is the question and problem. The true God would have meant to reverse the way and go backward in search of the lost value of man. So, God does not want men to love with each other centered on themselves. They ought to love God first and then the love between men is possible. We must first exalt God and then we can love ourselves.

If I should repeat, the human fall was caused by man's loving himself and exalting himself. But in order to restore ourselves to the original position, we must be loving God first and exalting God first. That's why in the Bible we read that we should love God "with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind." And then next you must love the will of God. What is God's will? God's will is to have men to go to the point where God and man can meet in divine love. When we are told to love God, with all our might, our sincerity and everything, we are apt to feel that God is a dictator. But we must recognize that love is reciprocal, so when he tells us to do that, it means that he will love us on the base that we love him. He is in the subjective position, so in that case he will love us more than we do him. Would you be happy to receive such love from God? (Yes!) How happy you must be. That's the place of ultimate happiness which fallen men cannot even imagine. Would you like to have that kind of love? (Yes!) Would you want to go to meet God? (Yes!) Would you like to live with that kind of God? (Yes!) If there is anyone who would answer negatively, he must die.

In this fallen world, we feel lonely without love from our parents even though they are fallen. We feel lonely if we don't have any brothers and sisters. We are lonely without friends. So, human happiness cannot be brought about without love. Love must not be ephemeral or temporary. We want it to be a lasting one. As I understand, in the United States there is much false, ephemeral and short-term love. It's not intrinsic love. What do you think? People of the world are in pursuit of love which God would not have us pursue. God created love with a value more than anything else; and when God sees people in love with each other and fallen not knowing the value of love, how sad His heart is. We can conclude that God is a sorrowful and grievous God. We must go back to saying that we should first of all know God' s love and love God more than anything else. The next thing we should be doing is to love the will of God and by doing that it will be connected on the horizontal level to spread the will of God.

We must expand. and magnify God's love on the individual level, family level, tribal level, national level and world-wide level. God's Will will not cease to go on until He brings back all the world into His bosom. That's why God told us to love our neighbors like ourselves and there is no greater love than this.

To love God was the first commandment and the second was to love our neighbors as ourselves. Those two are the problem. Adam and Eve refused God's love when the Archangel seduced Eve and caused the fall. After that, Eve tempted Adam and took him into the fall (death). Now we must reverse the way back: we must love God and then we must love our neighbors.

I, being one with God, when I love someone else, all three can become one. According to the principle of creation, God would have first loved man in the love of the parents and sons and daughters. By the human fall, the order was reversed. Man fell into the position of having nothing to do with God. In the Garden of Eden there were God, Adam and Eve and the Archangel, but they were driven out of that category.

Man is in the position where even servitude is not entitled to us. We are not qualified enough to even be servants. Then, God would have man go up step-by-step. We must start from the position of being servant of servants. When we call ourselves servants of servants, our Master is still a servant. We are a servant of a servant, our Master. Then, what could be the true servant? The servant must be true and faithful to the Master. This servant, too, must love God with all his might and with all his sincerity. But in this case, he cannot directly love God; he is not qualified to do that. So, with his Master in between, he can love God by loving his Master. Those who are in the position of the servant of servants is not entitled to going straight up (directly) to God. They can go to God by serving their master who is still a servant and he alone can pave the way for this man. The way can be saved by love alone. It is because without love, any two cannot be one. The truest servant God is going to choose -- of all the servants. The one who can be chosen by God is the man who loves God with all his might and with all his sincerity and who can spread God's love and love men as does God, The one who is chosen by God as the central figure must love all men on the same level -- with the same ardor. He cannot set up the conditions or qualification of his being the chosen one without loving his neighbors with all his heart, all his soul -- at the cost of his own life, his material wealth, his happiness. He cannot be chosen if he would deal with his life. The position can be won only by giving out of his own life. In this case, he must die or sacrifice himself in loving God and in loving the will of God. With this central personage as an example in the core, all the others must be united like this. By becoming one with him, those servants of servant can be elevated to be the servant of God.

The next step is to be the chosen one out of the servants. In this case God will choose one out of them to be responsible for the adopted sonship. Then those servants can go to God only through the adopted son to God and by his having paved the way for them. To be chosen like that one must be loving God and God's will and be loving their neighbors. In loving God with all your might, all your sincerity and all your soul, you must be loving him at the cost of your lives,, at the sacrifice of your lives. For example, suppose you have ten friends. All of them have striven to love God with all their might and all their soul. In loving Him at the sacrifice of themselves, there would be one who died while eating food but still loving God at that moment. There could be others who died while acting for the will of God. There could be people who died in fighting for the cause of God and by going through persecution in doing that. There could be those who were shot to death by doing this. Some were hanged in loving God. There are many ways to sacrifice yourselves. Some can die in loving God by being cut -- his nose, his ears, his members -- in persecution. If it were you, out of those types of deaths, out of those who have died those types of deaths, which one would you choose to be the highest or first? The one who died the easier death or the most miserable death? The most miserable death! Is it true? (Answer me, is it true?) (Yes!) The more miserable the death one has, the more love comes to him. God would choose that man. For example, in the United States, why do the people praise Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy more than other presidents? I see no difference between those two and others. What makes you do that? Because they died in loving the nation. They sacrificed themselves; that is very true. Then God, when loving the adopted son, will choose the one who died the most miserable death for the cause of God's love. Then, if the servants around him would love the adopted son to God with all their might, by following his tradition by loving the way of living and everything else, by becoming one with him, they can become one with God. By widening the scope of adopted sonship from the individual level, tribal level and national level, the Israelites became the chosen nation.

You must know this clearly. When you have become an adopted son, you are qualified to inherit the wealth of the family. Isn't that true in the United States? (Yes!) In this case he is in the place of the son, but not the true son. It was God's promise to many thousands of years to send his true son among the Israelite nation which is within the scope of adopted sonship. And here, the adopted sons should have become one with the true son of God, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Then, could the true son of God die for the adopted sons? Should he? By going through the reverse way from the servant of servants, servanthood and adopted sonhood, it came through the vertical line. But right here in loving Jesus, the true Son of God, they should have formed the horizontal base. This includes the representative of the adopted sons, the Israelites, and the representative for those people which were the high priests. Next, the kings of the Jewish people should have become that. The kings at that time were not kings of the Israelites, but kings of the Roman Empire. From here problems arose.

When you are in the adopted son's place, whom for you to love is the question. You must go down and pave the road for other s to go up. But in another way, you cannot do that. From that point you cannot go down and love the people down here, but love Jesus Christ on the horizontal level as your brothers. That is the point where divine history changes. Jesus does not have to go down and pave the way for other adopted sons to go up. The adopted sons are also sons, so they can become one right away on the horizontal level. If those adopted sons, the chosen Israelites had loved Jesus on the horizontal level, Jesus would not have died. It was not necessary for Jesus to die. If they were doing this, Jesus would have taught them the way to live in God's love and everything else -- their way of living, thinking and acting. Then those adopted sons around him could have inherited the way of living and the way of ministering to God and the other heritages directly from him. In that case it means they have become entirely one with Jesus, having cut off themselves like branches engrafted to the main trunk of the tree. Up to that point sacrifice meant to have died and served for others, but from this point on, the sacrifice would have meant to have done things for themselves under such a purpose. That's the difference between the two. If the Israelites had become entirely one with Jesus in utter harmony with him, the Kingdom of Heaven could have been established at that time.

Jesus came as the true Son of God who loved God absolutely. He came to love his neighbors, not as Just neighbors but as brothers and sisters. Then, in that case, Jesus and the people were in the position of Abel and Cain. Without those two, Jesus and the people, coming together like this, they could not be qualified to love God. Cain and Abel, after the fall, being the sons of the fall, were fighting with each other and finally Cain killed Abel. That is the turning point of the destiny of those who are going the reverse way of restoration. There were Jesus and John the Baptist, John was the representative of the whole nation and the priests at that time and born before Jesus.

He was in Cain's position and in order for them to restore the position of Cain and Abel, without fighting, John should have loved Jesus. If John the Baptist had done that, Jesus would not have died. If these two had become one, what should have been done? We know that the human fall was caused by the mother and the child. Then they must locate a woman in the position of mother. Jesus, after having obtained the qualification of the true son, must go to the position of Father -- to become a true parent. Then, if Jesus as the Son of God became Fattier to mankind, then the position of son is vacant. Only by finding mother there and by going through Jesus, one can be saved. Jesus must, in that case, become a father and the position of the son is vacant. In this case, John the Baptist, who is in the position of Cain must have cooperated with Jesus who was in the position of Abel. With the cooperation of these two, they must locate the mother -- the bride of Jesus. Then Jesus is father and the bride is mother and with these two wedded in the divine love, they should have given birth to children and they are Jesus' sons. Then John should have ministered to Jesus' children and had the people of Israel minister to the sons and daughters of Jesus and his bride. In doing that the people could go to them only through John the Baptist. If John had served the role, Jesus could not have died -- his mission could have succeeded.

If Jesus and John had become one, even if they had become one, then they are in the position of Cain and Abel in harmony with each other after they reach adulthood. They are in the position of the Archangel and Adam, respectively. In that case, without the fall, the Archangel was supposed to minister to Adam, God's son. But Jesus and John became one only after reaching adulthood. There is still something left for John the Baptist to do. The Archangel was supposed to minister to -- Adam right from his birth, so even if Jesus and the Archangel (John the Baptist) had become one, they would have done that after adulthood. So, the mission of John to love Jesus from birth was left unaccomplished. God's will is for the people in Cain's position to love the people in Abel' s position from the very womb of the child's mother. (This is a very important part.) Is it clear to you? There are many who look as though they don't understand. Without knowing this, you cannot know how to be transmitted to the blessed circle. Do you want me to explain it again? (Explain!)

The history of restoration is the history of recreation. Before the fall, the three archangels were supposed to minister to the child, Adam, right from birth (even before the birth in his mother's womb) -- this is God's will. Then they were supposed to love Adam from the formation stage by going through the growth stage and then perfection (adulthood) stage. But Jesus and John the Baptist met on the last stage of the growth period. So, that means that these two stages from formation stage to the growth stage is left undone. While John the Baptist should have been one with Jesus right from his birth, he could not do that. Still another stage is left. Jesus was supposed to find his bride in cooperation with John who was in the position of Cain. Cain and Abel can look for and find his bride. The father and bride can become Parents by giving birth to the children, the vacancy of the early stages can be filled. The last stage of the perfection period is the place where father and mother can be one. If John the Baptist had succeeded in carrying out his mission in ministering to Jesus, the last stage could not have been invaded by Satan and Jesus could have been safe there as a father. And by becoming one with the mother they could carry out their mission from then on.

But John could not go up there because he had not accomplished his mission of having had to serve Jesus from birth. How then could John have carried out his mission from there? He should have ministered to Jesus' children right from the time where he would have been in the mother's womb and to the formation and growth stage and by leading him to perfection and safety. John should have ministered to Jesus' son up to adulthood to the time where he could have been blessed by divine love, divine marriage. That was the mission of the archangel. John the Baptist could not go over the last stage to be with Jesus. For this to happen he would have to help or minister to the child from birth up through the growth stage to be blessed in divine love; then he could go up in the same position as Jesus. Without knowing this, you cannot understand the restoration providence.

For you, it means that without bringing in or giving birth to spiritual children and without raising them up to the point of getting them blessed -- you cannot have carried out your mission. Three spiritual sons; the archangels failed to be one with Adam. They failed to do so and we must reverse or restore it -- those three. If you have brought in and have raised three spiritual sons and get them married in the divine love, it means to have restored Adam's family -- three sons and three wives. Then with Adam and Eve there, 8 members will go up from the fallen position to the original restored position. They cannot go through that process easily.

In that case those will be your Abels. You are in the position of the Archangel. You can go up there only by ministering to their children. We know that at the time of Jesus' birth, there were three wise men from the east coming to worship them. They signify the three archangels ministering the child. Then, Joseph, Mary and Jesus Christ should have become one. But they all failed to carry out their missions in perfection. When God created the world, he created the archangels first. Then, he created Adam. That's why you must find three spiritual sons of yours who are in the position of the archangel. first. By ministering to their children, even, you can go up to the same position. By having done that alone, you are qualified to be blessed. Without being able to do that, you cannot love your own children even though you are blessed. Jesus took his three disciples even to the time of his death. They were in the position of three archangels. Those three disciples of Jesus could not have reached the point where Jesus was

without their ministering to Jesus' son -- without helping Jesus to have his bride and give birth to his children. By ministering to them alone, could they have reached the same position as Jesus. (I see that it is very difficult for you to understand his explanation -- but how much more it was difficult for him to find the truth and to solve the problem by going the indemnity course?)

Jesus and his disciples and all the rest failed to carry out their missions. Jesus was supposed to carry out his mission both on the physical and spiritual levels and by going through and paying the indemnity course, he should have reached the position where he has accomplished his mission fully. But he failed to do that and died on the cross. And the foundation of God's providence were all broken like this -- nullified. Then, the chosen nation of Israel, was broken. Judaism was also broken. They lost their place on the physical level, but they could not lose it on the spiritual level, Jesus had to cling to that position on the spiritual level. That's why he chose to die on the cross.

After the resurrection, even though he had lost himself on the physical level, he could resurrect on the spiritual level to save mankind. Even on the spiritual level, he had to go through a certain course of indemnity in order to save mankind. After the resurrection, Jesus was placed in the position of father and in the position of Abel. There was no one in the position of Cain and that's why he looked for Peter, James and John. By their becoming entirely one with Jesus on the spiritual level, at the cost of their lives and at the cost of everything else, the road could be saved on the spiritual level -- the road of salvation. They were supposed to sacrifice themselves -- their lives -- for the cause of Jesus from then on. With that foundation established they could have their mother -- the holy ghost, the holy spirit.

At the time of Pentecost that is what happened. It was the tenth day after the 40 days' course and it's the 50th day after the resurrection of Jesus. The extra 10 days means the number of perfection after going through the 40 days' indemnity course. Then, the number 10 means the three stages of each period and one more which means perfection. By going through these three stages of perfection it means going through ten more days. The holy spirit could not have come without the base on which the three disciples of Jesus were prepared to give out their lives. Jesus died on the cross, sacrificed himself, so his disciples were supposed to sacrifice themselves all the more. Man symbolizes heaven and woman symbolizes earth. Jesus was in the spirit world then and the holy spirit came down to cleanse the spirit on earth in that manner men are given rebirth. Jesus and the holy spirit working in us, and then by the power of love working in us are given new birth. This is how people were converted or cleansed of sins on the spiritual level.

By going through these stages the spiritual Israelites were broadened in number. Those people, in order to win the love of Jesus should have sacrificed themselves. Those converted Christians would have gone through the path of the first Israelites -- the chosen nation. By their going through the course of the first Israelites and by widening the scope into Christendom, finally the democratic world could be in the position of the

second Israelites. This is only on the spiritual level. There is no base on the physical level for God to work upon.

God must choose a certain nation to develop his providence. In that chosen nation we must see the Cain and Abel fighting with each other, We must find Cain and Abel on the individual, family, tribal, national levels. That nation must be cut into two. And the nation must find out the nation in Cain's position. There are two types of nations -- the nation in the position of Abel and the nation in the position of Cain. The nation in the position of Abel must restore the nation in the position of Cain and by doing that it must restore the Cain nation which was left unaccomplished at the time of Jesus because he died on the cross and could do this only on the spiritual level. This time it must be on the physical level.

This means to have restored the first Israelite scope on the physical level and the second one on the physical level. That kind of thing could have been decided right after World War II. World War II was the war between good and evil on the level of the last stage of the growth period in the pattern of Jesus' day. The world situation at that time was placed in the position before Jesus' death in the situation of the Roman Empire. In Jesus' days the Roman Empire was in the position of the enemy to God's will while Jewish people were in the position of Abel. But the nation in the position of Cain, got control of the Abel nation. But this time the democratic world, Abel position must conquer and triumph over the opposite.

At the time of Jesus, the Roman Empire controlled the Israelites or the Jewish people in the position of Abel. But at this time God would choose a nation out of the democratic world and the democratic world will protect the nation instead of control or persecute the nation. And by that the nation can win independence.

The, second coming -- the country of the Second Advent, could start right in the nation which can be protected by the free world. In this case, contrary to the situation in the Roman Empire, that nation must win independence backed up by the free nations. That is Korea. Right after her liberation there was no real nation. Even after the liberation from the military regime, there was not a stable government established yet. She was in the position of not having sovereignty. In Jesus' days, he was put to death on the cross because Judaism was not cooperative with him -- which caused his failure on the physical level. So, in this nation the Lord of the Second Advent must be backed up by Christianity in that nation. If the Christian people in that nation could cooperate with him, his mission could be successful, Right after the liberation, the Korean government was a military government under the U.S. At that time, if the Christian world could become one with the Lord of the Second Advent, we could have restored God's sovereignty in the nation. This was the beginning of the Unification Church. Then, in what manner was the Lord of the Second Advent prepared?

Please listen to me with attentive ears. Without knowing this you never will understand our Master's role and your role in God's will. You must, first of all, be able to inherit all the heritages prepared by Jesus as your spiritual parent. In other words you must obtain spiritual sovereignty. Centering on the Lord of the Second Advent there, the heritage which has been prepared on the spiritual level were inherited and on that base God was going to prepare those things on the physical level. So, even when Korea was under the persecution of the Japanese regime, God was preparing for the independence of Korea.

There arose, like mushrooms after the rain, many spiritual groups some representing the mission for the Old Testament age, the New Testament age and some others representing the mission for the Completed Testament age. On the physical level, the Old Testament age and the New Testament age were nullified in lust. We have to recover all those and connect those with the Second Advent ministry. The Lord of the Second Advent must be able to connect all those things representing the Old and New Testament age and carry out his mission representing the Complete Testament age. In that nation the spiritual group representing the Old Testament age predicted the coming of the Messiah in Korea. Those representing the New Testament age also witnessed to the Second Coming of Jesus. And also those representing the Completed Testament age witnessed the coming of Jesus. Here in the Completed Testament age the Lord and the bride must meet and carry out the mission as the True Parents.

Every group wanted the Messiah to come to their group instead of thinking of their going to join the Messiah of the Second Coming. They did not try to look for the man and join him, but they just waited for him to come to their own group. The Lord was coming in the position of the parent. He was not supposed to go in search of the group. It was for them to come to join him.

So, the Lord of the Second Advent had to send a person to their group. To those representing the Old Testament age, the Lord of the Second Advent had to go through the way of sacrifice and service in order to win them back. During that period he strove to connect the groups which represented the Old Testament age and special personages representing those groups. Then he sent people to those groups, to let them know of the coming of the Messiah and to have them connect with the central figure. Even though that was done, since they didn't come and follow him, he had to withdraw the grace from them. The grace established on the foundation of the group had to be withdrawn and possessed by the new group. If that group had not been able to recognize the Lord of the Second Advent and did things as they pleased, they could be nullified.

The Lord of the Second Advent had done that for three years. From every group of that type, two or several of them came to him guided by the spiritual world. The rest of the people while they had to follow that person, rejected him and persecuted them.

Then those opposing against our group (the central group) came into one and opposed or persecuted us. Even under the persecution of those people, Master tried to clasp hands with the people representing the Korean government under the Liberation Party. At that time there was no real government. At that time we opened up the channel to clasp hands with Dr. Rhee. He was among the first ones to establish the Liberation Party. Then the established church ministers came to oppose us. Then Dr. Rhee, who was also a Christian was greatly influenced by the power of the Christian ministers, finally came to reject us. God's will at that time was to have the highest person in the political world unite with the highest person on the spiritual level. But it failed. After having been rejected on the highest level, there was no other place for us to go. Centering on Dr. Rhee's group, all the cabinet members consisted of Christians. By the support of the United States there was going to be formed a base of freedom to work upon. But because of the opposition of the Christian people, the foundation collapsed.

Then the Lord of the Second Advent had to go through the path of Jesus Christ when he was opposed. Then, just as Jesus had to leave his home and leave his people and leave the established foundation when they opposed him, our Master had to go to the Satanic world -- North Korea to look for people there. If the chosen nation of Korea had cooperated with him on the individual, family, tribal, national and the world wide level, the achievement of true sovereignty could have been realized in a short interval. Then, the power of Communism would not have risen like it did. With the failure there, Korea was doomed to be cut into two -- north and south.

Under the condition of being persecuted and opposed, he had to go up to North Korea. He had to work all over again by locating the smallest level of people. Then, by restoring a handful of people representing the Old Testament and New Testament age, he had to go down to the South -- because he had lost all those prepared people. After he had come down to the South, he started his mission right from the bottom. He was left all alone without friends, without s disciples -- without anyone helping him. He had to restore his mission on the physical level centering on the individual, family, nation tribe. And this is how he has trodden his way to accomplish his mission.

We are now situated at the point where all those who rejected him can now cooperate with us. The regime of President Rhee and all the others fell after having rejected our Master. Gradually they have recovered their situation and have come back to the restored position.

Dr. Rhee's regime was in the position of Adam while Chung' s regime was in the position of Abel. At that time the head of the political party was a woman. The revolutionary army was in the position of the archangel. By having the military force in the position of the archangel restore those regimes in the position of Adam and Eve. The military regime began to help our movement. By going through all these stages we came to the point where even the government is now in favor of us and are cooperative with us. On the other hand, there came into existence the Communistic North Korean regime. This is not supposed to be.

Master has to restore Cain on the individual level -- that was the late President Eu. He also had to recover and restore the families in the position of Cain. Those were the first three couples blessed and also the 36 couples, 72 couples and 120 couples. In the year 1960 Master had his bride. Through their divine love, those two could have stood in the position of parents, gave birth to their children and they would have had those blessed family minister to their own children right from the time when they were still in their mother's womb. In that manner he had to accomplish that which his predecessors had failed to do. The failure in Adam's family where archangel should have ministered to the children of Adam and Eve before the fall was restored. The archangels should have ministered to them right from the time they were in the mother's womb. All those things should have been recovered centering in his family. By doing that the foundation of four position was established on the earth. Centering on the children and on his family, those 36 blessed couples, 12 representing Adam's family of the Old Testament age, 12 more representing the New Testament age and the rest representing the Complete Testament age would circle them all.

They were in the position of the 12 disciples of Jesus. This was done not on the spiritual level but on the physical level -- actually done by the people in person. Foundation of four positions corresponding to the Old Testament -- was represented by those 12 in an outmost circle. After his having done this, he could recover the groups representing the Old Testament age and the spiritual groups representing the Old Testament age. The New Testament and Completed Testament groups could connect with this group. Actually, those things were supposed to be done with the Christians cooperating with him, but they failed to cooperate with him, so he had to recover other persons and bring in other persons himself and constructed those families around his.

Those representing the Old Testament age among the 36 couples were the ones already married in the world of their own accord and will. The middle circle represented the New Testament age. Those were ones who stood in the situation as Jesus only longed for his wife on the spiritual level, but could not accomplish marriage on the physical level -- those represented that type of person -- those who longed to marry but who could not. The in most circle of people are pure virgins. It is the principle that he can actually bless only those who have kept virginity. Is it not reasonable in the Garden of Eden where there was no fall, Adam and Eve stayed intact with their virginity? In this way he opened up all the channels so that all types of people in the world could be saved by going this way. The 36 families signify restored human ancestors. The 12 families represent the 10 generations from Adam to Noah with Adam and Eve added (Cain and Abel added) to 12. The next group represents the 10 generations from Noah to Abraham (with Isaac and Jacob) to come to 12. Another 12 generations are the 12 sons of Jacob surrounding Jacob and his wife, Those are the types of people who have been restored representing all those things.

There is still one problem left. Centering on one family you must know that only after having restored the Cain type of person, and only by having Cain become one with Abel, can you go to the position of parenthood. Without having located these two types of family -- Cain type and Abel type -- we cannot say that God's will has been completely accomplished. In order to do that he had again to bless the 72 couples. Centered on Jesus, they correspond to his 70 Apostles. By his having blessed those people (72 couples) the situation where the Cain and Abel type of family with the other 12 each, has been accomplished. Both vertical restoration and horizontal restoration of the family came about. Those 36 couples are in the position of the ancestors and they are on the vertical level, but those 72 are in the position of Cain and Abel and they are on the horizontal level. Abel is like Father and Cain is like son.

Ancestors are in the position of father and mother and those who are in the position of Cain and Abel are in the position of sons. Those sons are on the family level this time. By doing that, the families God wanted to restore through the 6, 000 years of history had been realized. Those 36 blessed couples are in the position of the ancestors and the ancestors must carry out their missions. Those first ones are in the position of Jacob's 12 tribes and 72 are in the position of 70 Apostles of Jesus coming into one with Jesus. The next group of 120 couples are in the position of the 120 Apostles representing 120 nations of the world. He blessed those three types of families, 36, 72 and 120 within the interval of three years. The period represents Jesus' three year course during which he was supposed to do that.

Our Master had to actualize and restore all those families by blessing them. Having done these things, the heavenly fortune has been on our side. After having won the people on this level, then he has to restore the material -- all things. In order to establish the condition of indemnity for that base to be one, he had to set up the holy ground in 120 holy grounds in 40 nations, in the year 1965 when he made his first world tour. From that time on, the world fortune, or the divine fortune on the world level came to a circle with him in the center as the axis.

Since then the world political situation is concentrated on the Eastern world. The U.S. , Soviet Russia, Red China, Japan -- all those great powers are concentrated in the East. (May I Continue?)

Then, it can be made clear what is the destiny of the United States and all the rest of the world. The listeners must be more serious than the talker, and he finds that you are not that way so he may not talk. The speaker has more difficulty than the listeners, so can you be more patient to listen to him? The condition of indemnity cannot be realized on the easy base. When you become drowsy like this, the most important point will be mentioned. So, keep your eyes wide open. He is going to sing, not because he is happy and jolly but because he is sad and unhappy to see you lax like this. (I am glad I don't have to interpret his song)

(Singing Tora-Ji)

Let's begin again.

Mr. Choi (Sang Ik Choi): If you respect somebody, what is the best way to show respect? By listening well However you say, "yes, Leader you are great," if you sleep while he is speaking that is not true respect. When I teach school if you respect me, I just expect just one thing -- listen to my words by your eyes and not just your ears. You can listen to words with just your ears by a radio. But listening to words from a man is done by the eyes.

In that manner he has blessed 120 couples and then he blessed the holy grounds. The 120 couples representing the 120 nations were blessed in Korea and not on the world wide base, Even in the nation, Korea, we could not bless the people from the outside world, but only those within our Unified Family. Then, the next group of 430 was blessed. The history of Korea is 4,300 years. The Korean history of 4,300 years corresponds to the Israelites' 430 years of suffering in Egypt. That was the year in which we blessed 430 couples. 430 or 43 is 12 (4 x 3) or seven (4 + 3). The number can either signify the world wide level and 43 on the national level put in the scope of Korea. The number 12 signifies the number on the world wide level. Number seven signifies on the national level. By his blessing the 430 couples it signifies he can include those from the Korean nation and those from many nations of the world. But in actuality the people outside Korea from other nations were not included at that time. During his second world tour, he blessed 43 families through ten nations in order to connect them with the blessed families in Korea. The 430 couples blessed in Korea correspond to 43 couples blessed through 10 nations. Then centering on the nation of Korea, those ten nations are connected on the horizontal level.

According to the Divine Principle the number 10 corresponds to the 12. Then the world fortune came to the point from which to circle around like this centered on Korea. In the year 1970 he had to bless 777 couples. That signifies the perfection number including the growth, formation and perfection stages. That was his seventh blessing and at that time, he blessed 777 couples. And it was in the year 1970. By doing that he set up the condition to unite both the spiritual and physical worlds and not only Korea but the nations of the world. That is how even Jesus on the spiritual plane could be blessed by him. Have you ever heard of that? That kind of thing cannot be done at random.

By accomplishing this the Christian and established churches in Korea came into contact with us. Therefore, in the year 1970 the established church ministers came to go through training under the Divine Principle -- more than 1,000 people. It was an historical event. In Jesus' time 1,000 priests came to listen to him. Since that time for 2,000 years the Jewish and Christian people have been enemies with each other. This great event could bridge that gap. With the Christian world connected to our group as Abel, we are in the position to meet each other on the last stage of the growth period. Now he is in the subjective position to the Christian world in Korea and he can now address those people.

On this foundation, he is now here in the Western world and from here he is going to develop a great providence. We are now in the position to start right from the last stage of the growth period after having gone through the rest down here. During the period from the formation and growth stage he could not appear before the multitude by himself. It is because he has not been so far able to restore all the things left unaccomplished by Jesus through the growth stage. But he is now in the period when he has accomplished all those things so that' s what make s it possible to stand before the multitudes and speak out. In the land of the U.S. a historical event is going to occur. I don't think you can really understand the value of it. Starting from here, he will go through many nations and go back to Korea. In the U.S. he has chosen seven great cities. Do you know what it signifies.? Because number seven is the basis of perfection. In each city he is going to open a revival meeting for three days. Then three multiplied by seven will be 21. Before long in four years' time, the history of the U.S. will have become 200 years. That' s the turning point of the U.S.

Centering on that point the seven years before and after will be very significant. From the year 1972 through and up to the year 1977 and 1978 are the most important years in the history of the U.S. He is preparing to carry out some great mission during that period. During this period you are faced with the problem of Communism and Democracy and the colored people and the white. In the case the U.S. cannot prevent or solve those problems, you are faced with a miserable destiny. There is no one, as he sees, in the whole of U.S. to understand that situation. No one except our Master! Satan is alert and he is going to take away the blessing you have enjoyed all through the history of the U.S. -- the blessing of God. Since you are in the position of the archangel, you are going to be saved by Master who is in the position of Adam. The person who is in the position of Adam must save your nation.

He must work through you. You are just a handful of people -- just a small number -- How many are you? About 170 or more. You have the population of 200 million and you must know that each one of you must be responsible for 1,200,000. You must play the role of the locomotive who will drag the people and who will guide the people of that number. Can you do that Just sitting like this with folded hands? Or would you have our Master to spur you on and drive you out? Are you confident to carry out the mission? (Yes!) It is easy to answer, it is difficult even to count one million and two hundred thousand. It will take days to count them. Just words or an answer will not do anything. We must perform a new miracle. There is the almighty God working with us. Whoever struggled to save your country all through the history of 200 years is with us on our side. God is in favor of us so we must be begging him to save this country through ourselves. You must be confident to turn your nation upside down. You cannot vacillate or waiver. Never cock your head to the side and be doubtful of our movement or the Divine Principle. You cannot do that. You are in the position to dash on the fields or the track, but you have not yet established the track to dash on. You must be laying the track and dashing on it at the same time. You have no time to lose, no time to sleep. You have no time to put lipstick, power and rouge on your face.

Are these people of the U.S. whom Master can really believe in and trust? (Yes!) Then, let's go on doing the job. He is going to mobilize a certain number of people to make a tour all around the U.S. He has not much time left to stay in the U.S., but even after he has gone back to Korea, he is planning to come back again before long -- to drive you young people out in rescue of the nation. Do you want him to do that? (Yes!) At that time he won't leave you alone. He will spur you on and drive you onto the battlefield -- the fiercest one history has ever known. Do you want to become the warriors there in the battlefield? (Yes!) In doing that a plump woman like Marie [Marie Ang] here can become slim -- by working too hard. Do you choose to be think instead of seeing the U.S. doomed to peril or destruction? Which would you choose? Even though you have to become skinny, you know you have to become mobilized to do the job? I will not let you sleep, let you eat -- I will drive you all the time into the battlefield.

With the blessed families there will be no excuse -- you all belong to me. Where is Edwin [Ang] and Marie [Ang]? I will drive both of you out. Will that be all right? (Yes!) In Korea too I am doing the same thing with the blessed family. All the blessed women are in the front line, fighting the fight for the cause of God and leaving their husband and children and such miserable things are happening. We must try to save the whole world even at the cost our own selves and of our own families.

The fierce battle of that kind is being fought in Korea. It will end by the end of this year. It will start from this year in the U.S. Are you resolved to do that? (Yes!) Is it "yes" or "YES"?) (Yes!) We must be resolved like that. Up to the present moment Master has been fighting in obscurity. He hasn't been enjoying the liberty under the broad sun and he could not cry out at the top of his voice. He has been fighting in obscurity. There has been rumors about him, but not many people could really see him. Even though there have been many important VIPs who wanted to see him, he has refused to see them.

To start these things in the U.S. he first had to set up the condition to have loved your nation more than any other nation. Up to the present, he had loved Korea alone. It has been done under divine will. The foundation he has laid in Korea will be inherited to you. God has blessed the U.S. with material abundance, but this has not been for only you people. It was for the sons and daughters of God. Do you know why the U.S. has been giving aid to Korea? That's what made the U.S. continue to be -- to exist. You must realize that the U.S. began to decline from the time she began to reduce the aid from Korea. It was the period when John F. Kennedy was President and Hammarskjold played the role of Secretary General of the United Nations. You wouldn't know the significance of John F. Kennedy's being assassinated and Hammarskjold's being killed by the plane accident. The Nixon administration has prolonged the withdrawal from Korea -- that is God's will and that is keeping your nation safe for awhile longer.

I guess you have more and more unemployment. And through poverty and unemployment problems, the channel for the Communists to undermine your country will be opened. When I call you nation, the U.S. to be in the position of the archangel, are you hurt? Some of you must think that it is because Master is a Korean and that's why he speaks like that. I am not a Korean. I am the one who has gone through persecution in that nation, Korea. I have no citizenship whatsoever to any nation. I have no nation. I am a citizen only of the citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. We, all of us, are without a nation in that sense, What is your nation? (The Heavenly Kingdom!) Is there any God's Kingdom established on earth? (No!) When you have no nation, you are apt to be sacrificed or to become a victim to other powers.

The kingdom of heaven is what is most feared by the Satanic power -- Communism. Communism should have perished long ago. But it is still left here. The democratic world and the Christian world have to become one and fight for the cause of God. But they rejected the Second Advent Ministry and they are now in the position to be beaten by the opposite Satanic power -- Communism. That is why the U.S. was put to shame by having Red China win membership in the UN Soviet Russia is planning to swallow up all Asiatic nations by occupying India first. We know that India has already allocated the base of armed forces of Soviet Russia. If Red China and Soviet Russia become one, a great threat will come into the whole world. But with God working there, they are being split. I was going to explain the Asiatic political situation, centered on God's providence. But I find we don't have much time left.

Before long, within perhaps five years, there will come the time when the U.S. must be headed for the oriental or Asiatic nations. If you do not do that, another Vietnam will begin right in Mexico and it will spread. The same thing will happen in Mexico as what happened in Vietnam. Those two nations resemble each other in the sense that they are both tropical countries. Centering on Cuba, the Communistic power is undermining all the South American Countries. The Communists are not just relaxing and doing nothing. They will invade again and again. As I understand, through those channels, Communists are having people import narcotics (drugs) in order to destroy the youth of the nation and the intellectuals. You are involved in that problem. You are being swallowed up by them in their tactics. They are the people who don't take into consideration the individual, the family, the tribe the nation and the world. They think of only their "ism" their ideology. In doing that, they will be faced with destruction -- with ruin. But on the other hand, if the people of the U.S. go on like this, you are doomed to peril. What is your opinion? Families are split. The morals of the young people have gone to pieces. History proves that that kind of nation is faced with destruction -- with ruin. Well, it remains in our hands to save this country those who are armed with the ideology of the Divine Principle.

In the degree you have resolution and order, God will be working through us by mobilizing the whole spirit world and victory will be ours. If you are resolved as our Master is, you can save the country from ruin. In order for him to carry out his mission. he has gone through persecution and difficulties by three regimes in Korea. He was persecuted by the Japanese, the Communists and by the democratic world too. In fact, they are my enemy, but he is in the position of saving those people too. Three Korean regimes under several presidents have persecuted him. But because of his love for his nation, he has had to endure and be patient to save his nation. And likewise, he is ready to save your nation. There is one secret: In the course of the restoration providence, if you are resolved to be one under the Divine ideology to fight against the evil power in your country, then your country can be saved. If you see or if you go through what he has done up to the present moment, you will know all those things in precision.

Centered on Korea, we are now on the point of culmination this year. In North Korea, the highest person representing the nation is Kim Il Sung. In the sense of the stages, Soviet Russia represents the formation stage while Red China represents the growth stage. Finally, North Korea represents the perfection stage of evil power. It is very interesting that Kim Il Sung in North Korea is calling himself "father" to the nation. In South Korea, centering in our movement, guided by God, we are calling our Master, "father". There are two father appearing with a borderline in between. With those two fathers, a family, tribe and a nation each have been established. In the Satanic world a nation was established. But in the South, under God's providence in the spiritual sense, our nation has not been formed yet. No sovereignty -- The satanic power is superior to ours -- prevailing.

It is the historical event -- the last event which has not ever been in human history. History started by the son in Cain's position killing the son in Abel's position, and now the son in Cain's position is going to attack the son in Abel's position. And now we are in the last stage. There will be no such period in the future history. April of this year is the month of question. In that month Kim Il Sung is going to celebrate his 60th birthday. April 15th is his 60th birthday which is thought to be a very special birthday in Korea and he proclaims that he is going to have his birthday celebrated in Seoul. That cannot be done and we have to prevent him from doing that at all costs. The danger is that they will attack us if the rivers are frozen. They are setting their eyes on that. But you can see that this winter is so mild and warm and we hear that Korean Rivers are not frozen -- while they used to freeze. He has been praying that Korean rivers might not be frozen. Even in the U.S. we are having unusually mild weather.

For Satan the number six is the number of perfection. North Korea is in the position of Adam and the Satanic world, and Red China is in the position of Eve. Soviet Russia is in the position of the archangel. If the democratic world had cooperated with our movement, England could have been in the position of Eve and the U.S. in the position of the archangel and Korea in the position of Adam. If the democratic world did not fail to cooperate with our movement, and Christian people in our country, too, then those positions could have been realized. But since they failed to do that, England lost the position of Eve and we had to locate the nation in the position of Eve in the Satanic world in the opposite power. Japan came into that position because even though it had been the invader to Korea and in Asia, Free China is in the position of the archangel.

The archangel is not supposed to have a nation. That is why Free China lost its nation (to have been driven out from the UN means to have lost nation). In order to win in the UN to be in that position, Master had the Japanese members of the Divine Principles movement fast for Free China and then here in the U.S. he had the Unification members fast for Free China in front of the building of the UN. Now Free China is in the position to rely on our movement alone for the victory of Communism.

He has been trying to save Japan from being swallowed by Communists, because there are many Pro-Communists arising in Japan. He has been trying to include Free China to become one with Korea -- those three nations. Those three nations did not become one on the national level, but the core of those nations (the Unified Family in Korea, Japan and China) are becoming one. Also we are striving to influence the government of the three nations. We are influencing Premier Sato of Japan and Chiang Kai Shek of Free China from behind the curtain. It is very interesting to know that in Free China we find three nations type in the family of Chiang Kai Shek. He is Chinese while his second son was born of a Japanese woman. His first son has a Russian wife. They represent three archangels.

Japan being the nation in Eve's position there. Cain and Abel must become one and it is interesting to find that present Premier Sato is the brother to President Kishi, the ex-President. With these two becoming one it is like the two sons becoming one under the mother, Eve, the national government.

In Korea, the President Park's regime government and our movement are in the position of Cain and Abel. We have won the fame and position in the sense of ideology -- Victory Over Communism ideology. We are responsible for the education under the VOC ideology and the high government officials. North Korea is becoming one with the other two Communistic nations on the spiritual level. So, in Korea the government and all the people of Korea and our movement must be one under the same ideology. That is the only way to save the country.

It is interesting to find that because we are in the stage of perfection under God's Will, South Korea has two-thirds of the state's population while North Korea has one-third. In the past the situation was the contrary. We had only one-third of the population while North Korea had two-thirds. We had only one-third of the perfection stage while the other were occupied by the Satanic power. But the situation was reversed. In South Korea if those three governments and our people become one, it is easy for us to triumph over the northern regime. In another sense in Korea our movement is in Abel's position and the established churches are in Cain's position. If those two become one, then things will become easier. Then if these two become one like this, then the whole national government and the rest of Korea, will play the role of Cain and it will be much easier to win those. And with these two becoming one, then the whole of Korea can play the role of Abel's nation. And with this done here, we can conquer the nation in Cain's position -- North Korea. And only after having conquered or won in the North can Korea really become Adam's nation. Before doing this, we have to struggle to win or restore an individual and family and we must have Abel win over Cain on the individual, family, tribal and national level. Only after having done this by conquering North Korea as Cain, then can we play the role of Adam and on the horizontal level we can have Eve's nation, the nation in position of Eve and the other nation in the position of the archangel.

You must know that when you go over the borderline of each stage there must come an indemnity course when you go over the stage of the individual into the next stage of the family level. There must be indemnity. When you go through the borderline of the upper one to the next level, another indemnity has to be paid. At that moment you must go down and restore the things unaccomplished and then go over to the next stage. You must repeat those stages as though a servant of a servant. Then you go from the position of adopted sonship and to true sonship. Before doing that, you must go down to go through all those stages. It is only after you have found the nation and on that foundation that you can go on the horizontal level.

Around World War II England was in the position of Eve and the U.S. was in the position of Adam in the sense of the restored world. In that case, Eve was supposed to long for Adam. You were in the position of restored Adam. Adam must be restored through Eve after the fall. Your nation came into being derived from England and from other European countries. That's why you are using English as your language. But through the opposition by the Christian churches the message was not brought to those countries yet. They failed to become one under the divine will and the mission was shifted and another island country in place of Britain came to be chosen as the nation of Eve -- that is Japan. In Asia, Japan, Korea, and Free China are in the position of Adam, Eve and the Archangel. In the Western world you, the people of the U.S. must help the people of those countries to become one. You must remember that at the time of the fall, Eve caused the death or fall of two male beings: Adam and the Archangel. In order for those things to be restored on the national level, Japan who is in the position of Eve must help restoring Free China and Korea -- who are two males (the Archangel and Adam). That's just -- that it is. Seen from the viewpoint of God's providence, Adam should not be controlled by Eve. Conversely, Adam is to control over Eve and that's what our leader has been doing with Japan.

There is a great significance for the United States to help Japan economically, because the economy of the U.S. should be helping Korea through Japan who is in the position of Eve. The economy of the U.S. in the future will face the peril of being swallowed up by Japan. We find that there are so many Japanese products in the American market. In the divine sense, the U.S. must not prevent the Japanese products from coming into the country, but must offer to import them and that will allow the U.S. to be saved under God's Will. The Nixon administration is going against this. If you lose Japan, the U.S. has nowhere to go. The U.S. has hitherto been helping both Japan and Germany and that has been very significant in God's providence. We have been helping those nations in order to realize and carry out God's providence. We have been helping those nations in order to realize and carry out God's providence in the future.

What our Master is praying for is for those three nations in Asia to become one and then America and Germany. If those five nations become one, then the Communist world is doomed to decline. In doing that, the U.S. will have to play the central role. Our Master's starting the mission this year right in the U.S. by raising the banner on the heavenly will has a great significance and he wants you to join in the event. When the divided two become one like this, there must be a center in the core. The center of the base is the true parenthood. When you put all those divided things together like this, the core of it is the True Parents -- they alone. Father is on the right side while mother is on the left side. With them in the core, they have to unite the Communist World and the Democratic World. he Democratic world is headed for a certain goal and the Communist World is headed for another goal. They should come together -- all of a sudden on that point -- even though it must be difficult. Divine Principle is the theory or truth to unite the democratic world. first with us. Then with the Victory over Communism ideology in between we can win the Communists over to our ideology -- and these things are now taking place. In Tokyo University the professors and students who are researchers on Communism have turned to our side -- many of them. You must not only study the Divine Principle and know it to the full length, but also the Victory Over Communism ideology.

The Victory Over Communism ideology of ours is not just to attack Communism or to have the people hate Communism. First we are teaching Communism to the people and let them know what Communism really is and point out the contradictions there are and we give them an alternative. We have experimented and have succeeded in doing that on college campuses and that's what makes the Communist people in the North fearful of us. The same thing he will do in America and first of all you must win the people of the established churches. To do this we are obliged, we are responsible for witnessing to and bringing in many people of the Christian churches. After having laid that foundation, you are to attack Communism with the forces established. Now, we are going to start the mission. When you turn your eyes to Asia, Korea, Japan and Free China and in Abel's position and North Korea, Red China and Russia are in Cain's position, what's taking place there will determine the fate of the future world. The fate of the U.S. also lies there. You must know those three nations in the Satanic world are neighbors in the national boundaries -- right next to each other. They are all attached to North Korea. Centering on South Korea, the national boundaries are not right next to one another -- with the seas in between we are at a disadvantage.

By Red China's becoming a member nation of the U.N. an interesting thing is happening. There is occurring disharmony between Russia and Red China. The U.S. and Red China seemingly are in good harmony with each other. Around February 21st, he is expecting an unusual thing to happen. Those two powers, the U.S. and Red China cannot become one because they are intrinsically of different origins. The U.S. is the archangel nation on God's side and Red China is on Satanic, evil side. Red China is in the position of Eve in the Satanic side. The Communistic people do not choose measures -- they do anything. They are in the situation as though the fallen Eve is going to seduce the restored Adam. The restored Adam is being tempted by Fallen Eve. So, the U.S. must be very careful -- must be alert.

If I were Mao Tse Tung, I would counter-attack Nixon. If Nixon would come back without succeeding in his mission, there would be no good material for Red China to propagate to the whole world. Red China, by coping with or counter acting the U.S. in the U.N. , can win the minority nations. Russia and the U.S. are two great powers and in this case Red China will have accused them of having exploited and invaded the minority nations. The more close they become because they are satanic powers, they will finally be broken into pieces. By the U.N. becoming closer with Red China there comes about a split between Red China and Russia. By those two coming closer, there comes about a split between Red China and North Korea. They have different opinions on when to attack South Korea. Red China is with the opinion to have North Korea attack South Korea after the Council of the U.N. while North Korea is very anxious to invade the South as soon as possible. But North Korea cannot invade South Korea all by itself.

In the meanwhile, Korea must fight right in the U.N. with our movement's support. Resolutions have been made there to help Korea have a general election of North and South. The UN should pass the resolution for Korea to have general elections between North and South Korea together. That will prolong the invasion of North Korea into the South. The longer the invasion is prolonged, the better the situation can be. But the Northern regime with Kim Il Sung in the center, is not willing to do that. They are impatient to occupy South Korea.

On the other hand, U.S. will be doing the same thing with these and three nations of South Korea, Japan and Red China. And by their doing this, there will be disharmony between the U.S. and Japan, the U.S. and Free China and the U.S. and Korea. . All this happened and will happen because of Red China's winning the membership in the U.N. Instead of coming into harmony and becoming one, they have broken to pieces and that is very significant in God's providence. In the turmoil of the situation, the only powers which can unite together is the victory over Communism ideology on the Divine Principle and with that in the center, Korea, Japan and Free China can be united. The heavenly power will thus be united and become stronger while the satanic power will split into pieces and be weakened.

The U.N. branded Red China to be an invader and the aggressor in the year 1951 and within 20 years or less, this same UN is receiving the nation which it once branded as the invader to become one of the member nations.

It's very ironic. In 20 years' time it happened. Now the U.N. is doomed to decline with Red China, Russia and the United States. On the contrary the people on the Divine Principle ideology will tread upon the powers in 20 years' time. The Communistic ideology that rose up from one of the Asiatic nations has succeeded in swallowing up one-third of the world's population in 20 years' time. Likewise, the Divine Principle ideology has risen from Korea. It will and must win that much power in 20 years or so. That'll be done under God's will. Do you think it's possible? If Satan, being evil, could do this much, cannot the children of God do this under Divine Will? Are you confident? (Yes!) You must be more faithful and more loyal to the divine ideology or the core nation with the ideology than the people of Red China are faithful to Mao or the people of Russia are faithful to Kosygin or the people of North Korea are faithful to Kim Il Sung. You must do more than that. Are you prepared for them? (Yes!) I don't see that you are already prepared.

The Communist people will be mobilized and act at one command by the center nation. They do that because of the threat and fear coming from the center force. But we must be doing that not by threat and not by violence, but by our own will and own accord to win over and conquer the satanic power. And only after having established that base can we call ourselves victors and sons and daughters of God to have established the kingdom of God on earth. We must know clearly that we cannot carry out the mission of restoration under God's providence if we are not to love God with all our heart, with all our soul and all our might and we are to love our neighbors with all our soul and heart and might at the sacrifice of our own lives and only by doing this can we carry out our mission as the sons and daughters of God. In this the kingdom of heaven is sure to be established on earth. The people of the U.S. must go this way for the sake of your own nation. As our Master teaches you, you must teach the people.

You should never forget Korea as the center nation. Without God's being able to find a nation of his choice, he cannot have other nations to become one, to make the whole world under God's will. In the satanic world they are doing the same. Most of the indemnity course has been trodden in Korea by Korean brothers and sisters. That's because Korea is the core nation chosen by God to go through the thorny path of indemnity for the sake of the whole world. If things should be contrary and the United States has to go through the indemnity course and realize God's will, would that be easier? If you may be able to restore the whole nation of the U.S. and if you try to establish the Kingdom of Heaven right among yourselves, do you think it is possible? His answer is (No!) The be must be one central figure to have won the battle between Cain and Abel on the individual, family and national levels. That nation must be split into two and become one again under God's providence. There is no such condition in the U.S. is there? It's never possible here. You are lucky to just ride on the conditions that have been made in Korea and fly back to the original.

This being God's providence God is having all other nations mobilized for the cause and God would want to have you help the nation of God's choice. Do you see that, understand that? Then, in praying, you must not pray for the U.S. first, but for the nation of God's choice. By the nation of God's choice I do not mean Korea but the nation to be found by God under God's providence. We have not found the nation yet. After that you can pray for your own nation. He is going to work in the U.S. because by doing this he thinks he can have the U.S. influence the Korean government -- which will make it easier for us to win the whole nation under our ideology. You have not been able to do that on the national level, so I am here to do the work with all the members. He has brought what he has done, what he has gone through in Korea up to the present moment, By joining with you and making it another power and counter influence, it will be easier to restore the nation as a whole. If we succeed in carrying out this mission, you the U.S. as the restored Adam (this means to help the Adam in origin) will be able to restore Korea, the chosen nation as a whole and from then on to be able to be able to establish the kingdom of God on earth.

It is your turn to go through suffering and difficulty while the Korean members have already gone through those things. Are you able to and resolved to do the job. (Yes!) You have to bear that in mind always. He set as this years' motto: "The Security of the Unified Front Line. " We first must secure and protect the nation of God's choice. The Korean government is not willing to protect us as yet, so you as the Unified Family on the world level must be helping our movement in Korea. The members all over the world must hold hands and come to the aid of Korea -- the chosen people of Korea (not the government or nation in the worldly sense). Hand in hand you must protect the chosen nation. If the Unified Family in the U.S. and all other countries will be stronger and more zealous in carrying out God's mission (even more ardent than the Korean members in carrying out theirs) he might even bring his own family over here and carry out his mission here in the U.S. Then he can realize the will of God even in the U.S.

If the people of the U.S. and especially all the Unified Family members in the U.S. are resolved to do the job, we are never to fail. You must not be lower than Korea, in ardor and loyalty. He has tried to have the Japanese family stronger than the Korean family and to have the U.S. family stronger than both of them, in order to have those nations influence Korea for our movement. Do you understand? There is a great significance in his trying to have you stand in the vanguard of others and be mobilized for the revival meeting this time. This is the greatest chance to unite the Korean family, the Japanese family and the European family for the cause of God's providence. Do you know what I mean? (Yes!) That's what God meant when he told you to love him with all your heart, all your might and with all your souls and to love your neighbors with all those things and after your having done that you will have cooperated with establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth. By your doing that, you country can be saved from the coming peril and ruin. Now let us have the conclusion:

The human fall came about by man exalting himself first without loving God. So this time conversely we must be loving God and exalting God at the sacrifice of our own selves. In order for us to love God and exalt God's will it cannot be done without having ourselves sacrificed for the cause. In the vanguard there stands our Master. I want you to love God more than I do, even more than I do. . . . I want you to love the whole world even more than I do. But I find there are not many people who could do that. In order for you to be able to do that, you must not be reluctant to face suffering and hardships. You must be willing to go through suffering even more than your brothers and sisters have done in Korea. That will determine whether you will be praised or loved by God. The true path of restoration will be realized only on this basis. Shall we pray.

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