The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972


Reverend Sun Myung Moon
December 9, 1972
Opening Of The First International Training Session
Washington, D. C.
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Ten days before yesterday is one year since I visited you last. You have been working on the mobile team buses for about nine months now. I really appreciate what you have done so far as mobile team members working for your nation and for the whole world, while in the outside world there are many young people who go astray and are corrupted, and do as they please, against God's law.

The person who put you into that kind of difficulty is myself. So I apologize to you for having led you into hardships like that. I imagine during those nine months you have thought of many things-all different things according to individuals. You must have thought about our True Parents, the Divine Principle, our movement, and about what it is going to be, and about Oriental people. You have meditated on all sorts of things like that, I am sure.

Amid difficulties and hardships, if you find yourself progressing towards a higher dimension or a very meaningful goal, it is wonderful and it is profitable. But if you are sinking down in the midst of difficulties and are defeated by the difficulties, you are losing. I think all of you have experienced the former. You have all gained, you have all progressed by going through the difficulties. So I thank God, and am happy for you.

Is there anyone here who is seeing me for the first time? How many are there? Can someone count? [Twenty two] You must have been wondering what I would look like. You must have heard about me from your friends, from the newsletters, and things like that. But here I am before you; you can look at me. My subject this morning is going to be: the way the "tong-il" members should go. "Tong-il" means unification.

Our unification members are not going the path of life for ourselves alone. First of all, we are going this way under God's will-the great cause God would have us accomplish. God's will is to establish an ideal world, ideal kingdom on earth. The world must be composed of an ideal society, ideal families, ideal individuals.

When we view things from the standpoint of idealism or the ideal world, we must question if there is really an ideal individual in this world, an ideal family, an ideal society, an ideal nation, and if this world is an ideal place. There is God, all ideal and absolute Himself. But is there any single individual in this world who is the accomplished pattern of God's intention, God's ideal? I should say is there none. So God is working His providence of restoration, to restore man into the original form. In order for God to make this world ideal and make it into His kingdom, there must be an agency, a group of people representing His ideal, and that is only to be done through religion.

The reason why God set up religions is to make this world ideal, and the people under religions are supposed to do the work for God. And through those individuals, through those people of religion, restored personalities and ideal individuals can be created, or reproduced, I should say, and this world can turn into the kingdom of God. Among the people must be a central figure, and that ideal person alone can play the role of making the world ideal; and through that person, God works. That person, that individual, is called the Messiah, the Savior. The Messiah is the only person with whom God can love and consult about the matters He is going to do for the world. He wants to live with that person, centered around that person with other people; He wants to live in great love.

The person who was responsible for all these things was the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Before sending the Messiah to the nation of Israel, God had prepared for so long a time, so the nation of Israel might be-as it had to be-cooperative with Jesus, and become one with him in good harmony. The Israelite people should have known that God was pleased with Jesus Christ, and when they saw God loving this person, they would have loved him too. They should have. God loved him, God lived with him in love and harmony. And the nation of Israel, the people of Israel should have done the same with him-loved and lived with him.

The Israelite people and the people of Judaism at that time were in the position to beg God to let them know how much God loved him, and in what manner they should love him, and in what manner they should live with him and work with him to make this world an ideal one. They were in the position to want God to show them in what manner they should be in accordance with God's will. They saw that God loved him, and they had to understand how much and in what manner God loved him. And they knew that God lived with him and they had to understand in what manner He did. And from then on, they had to learn to do everything in the same manner as Jesus did. Through those things alone, the people of Israel could understand God's will and carry out God's will.

Furthermore, the Israelite people and the people of Judaism should have worked in accordance with Jesus' project, and looked into the manner of how he loved his people, loved the nation, and loved the whole world. And if the people had done the same, they could have established the Kingdom at that time. But there was no one, practically no one, who really understood that God loved Jesus, who really saw God loving him, and who really understood Jesus' loving the people. And they didn't understand in what manner they themselves had to love the people. Jesus' three years of public ministry were not years of living with the people in love, but restoring the people by paying indemnity, restoring them back into the bosom of God. So his course during those three years was one of struggle, difficulty, and hardships, and untold misery too.

He chose his disciples and took them around to teach them and to show them how to love people. But people around them, outsiders, did not understand what he was going to do, and under whose will he was carrying these things out. He was in great agony to have to win over Satan and bring the people back to God's bosom. He alone tasted the bitterness of his struggle. Nobody else understood. We must recall that after those three years of bitter struggle, all his disciples rejected him, denied him, and he was deserted. He was all alone, put on the cross, and he passed away in resentment. So we as Christians inherited the bitterness, the struggle he left undone in this world; and we did not inherit the love, harmony, and all those beautiful things.

We are not allowed to taste the glory and love of God, because Jesus himself was deserted without experiencing those things. That is because Jesus himself could not have love from God to the fullest extent, because of the world which did not receive him. So we are not qualified for that. He was not loved as an individual, he was not loved as a family, or by family members around him-he had no such experience. The nation, the whole world were there, left unfulfilled under God's will. That is to say, there were no love and harmony created and realized on the national base and the worldwide base. This leaves the ideal of the Second Coming of Christ, because Jesus Christ left things undone, unaccomplished.

So we Christians must start from the point of having to go through difficulties and hardships in order to restore and indemnify God's original world. And we must have this as our goal. Until we obtain the goal, we must struggle hard under God's will.

Then the question is, in what situation are we Christians in order for us to carry out God's will? We are in the position right in the middle of the battle, but we must be resolved to go through all obstacles and fight through until we gain the goal. And in accomplishing those things, we must be anticipating what is to come-the love, harmony, and all the beautiful things which are ahead of us, which are to be ours after we have gained the goal. That's why in the Bible, Jesus said, "Blessed are those who fight through to the last moment."

And in another place, the Bible says, "You must love God with all your sincerity, heart, mind, soul," pouring out your soul in sincerity and love. You must love God alone. That is because the Jewish people rejected Jesus, who brought God's love, who was the incarnation of God's love, and he was rejected and went through bitterness. So we must start right from that point we must go through the bitterness and struggle in order to obtain the happiness and love. In order for us to do that-to love God-we must deny ourselves. And there goes the Bible verse: "Those who want to die will gain their lives, and those who want to live will lose their lives." It means we can attain the goal, we can receive the Lord of the Second Coming who will bring God's love, and we can love him, live with him, and work with him and accomplish what he is going to accomplish only when we practice these things.

So we must be ready to give away, give out our lives, lose our lives, deny ourselves, in order to obtain God's love. And through that love, and through that person whom God sent, we can accomplish the mission. We must be ready to lose our lives for God and for God's will. You must bear those two things in mind: you must be able to love God, and to love God's will. In God's will, there are many levels of things-to recreate or save individuals, to save the family, to save the nation, to save the whole world, to save the macrocosm, including the spirit world. And only after having done this, having accomplished this much, are we really qualified to enjoy God's love.

The Messiah is the person representing God's will as an individual, as the core of the family, and as the central figure of the nation, the world, and the whole macrocosm. Because the Messiah is such a person, he is supposed to teach us on the individual level how to love God, and he teaches us how to love God representing the family. And representing the nation, the world, and the whole universe, he teaches us how to love God and God's will. Because this person, the Messiah, lives completely in accordance with God's will, in loving individuals, in loving families, in loving the nations and the world and the whole universe, he is with God and in conformity with God. So he is an example to be followed by us.

And have we learned how to love God on the individual level, according to the Messiah's standard? Has there been a single person out of all the Christians who has done that? There has been no such person as that. And there has been no such family, no such society, no such nation, no such world, and no such universe. So we must start right from the beginning.

From the viewpoint of God, He is discouraged. He has not been able to see any such individual, any such family, any such nation or world up to the present moment. God cannot abide in a world which is against His intention or His will. In this dark world which opposes God's will, God is really looking for one person who can be responsible for God's will, and such a family, such a nation, and such a world. He longs for that kind of world.

If there are no such people in the whole world, suppose God found a group of people who are willing to deny themselves and lose their lives for the great cause of God, and who are eager to establish the Kingdom of God under God's will. God is compelled to love this group. Even if He has to desert the other groups of people, He will be with those people and abide among those people. We members are supposed to carry out that kind of mission. And we are confident that we are in that position. We are the people who are going to carry out God's will on this earth in our lifetimes. We Unified Family members must be different from other Christians, who deserted God and disappointed Him. And we must be different from the democratic world, which, though God prepared it to accomplish the mission under God's will, could not carry out the mission. We must be different from those societies.

We must be resolved to work hard while other Christians, other people in the democratic world are at ease without working for the cause of God. We must go the other way if the people outside go a different way, and we must struggle hard without sleeping, without eating, forgetting about every worldly worry and going ahead with our goal and our vision. The way we have to go through is the way or path of restoration. The way of restoration is one in which we must go the reverse way. And we must just not walk the way but go the way restoring ourselves through indemnity.

When we go through the course of indemnity, we do not do that without a purpose in mind. We cannot just go blindly, but we must according to God's principle of indemnity; restoration through indemnity. That is the way of recreation. When we are being recreated, we must know that we are in the position of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, before the Fall. With Adam and Eve, God's intention of having created man was not accomplished, so we must accomplish that through ourselves. We must remember that in the Garden of Eden there was no Satan. In order for the word "recreation" to mean anything, we must start from the point that there is no such thing as Satan. However, there is Satan around us, so we must win that position by struggling to defeat Satan on the individual level, family level, national level, and worldwide level. So, after we have gained that much, from then on, we have to go through the course of recreation, and there cannot be anything like indemnity. This is only after we have won over Satan. Is there any one of us placed in that position? No, not yet.

QUESTION: What about Master?

ANSWER: He may have won the position, but his mission is to take you along the way, so he has not quite won the national level of things. So far, he has gone through the way of indemnity and could restore himself and could restore his family by going through the course of indemnity, but not yet the nation or the world. There is still a certain course of indemnity left for those things. Although he has so far restored himself to the original position, there are individuals-so many-around him; although he has restored his family, there are many Satanic families all around his family and the nation and world do not recognize God's sovereignty as yet. His mission is to win the whole world so that Satan has nothing to do with the world. There is a long way to go yet.

He must be able to restore other families at the cost of his family, other nations at the cost of the chosen nation of Korea, the whole world at the cost of every nation of the world and the whole universe at the cost of the world. He has his own family, but he is not in the position to love his family with all other families being pleased with it, and he is not in the position to love his family with the whole world being pleased with it. There are many blessed couples around his family, but they too are not quite entitled to live with his family and in the love of God. They don't know yet how to minister to his family. In other words, it is only after he has gained the nation and the whole world without anything to do with Satan, that he can really enjoy the blessing of God and the joy of God's love.

His mission is to carry out the providence of recreation, so what he is going to do is to do what God did at the time of creating man. When God created heaven and earth and everything therein, He could not create anything without pouring out His energy, His power. To pour out His energy and power means to have His energy and power consumed, to have put a part of Himself into the creation. Again, that means to put into the created a part of Himself. And when God created man and everything else, He created those for the sake of those created things, not for His own sake. Without his pouring all of Himself out into the created thing, He could not create on the perfect level He had to pour out Himself. He poured out His love, His life, His ideal and everything else into the created thing.

The Principle says that God created man in order to get joy out of him, this is what the Principle of Creation says. But when we think in what manner we get joy, can we get joy all by ourselves? No. Joy is not produced when you are alone or by yourself. That is because joy does not come out from you, but is returned from the object. You must know this clearly.

When I think of the word love, it is a reciprocal thing; you cannot love by yourself. Happiness is the same thing; you cannot be happy when you are all alone. Suppose you have a lot of money, and you are full of dreams, full of ideas. But are you happy if you are all by yourself, in solitude? When God created things, the creatures, He created them not for Himself, in the first place, but for the created. God created men for the sake of men themselves, but after that he was going to get joy from them.

The question is: For whom are the created? For men, on the side of men, where men alone cannot play the role of subject. We must know that men are created for the sake of God, when we speak of things on the side of men. Then God exists for the sake of men and men exist for the sake of God. Love does not come out from one's self, but comes from the other, which means the object. In God's creating man, we can say that God did that in order to have joy from him. Although there may be love in God Himself, He may be full of love, if He does not give, if He doesn't have any object to give the love to, the love has no life. The love is not love; the love is dead. When He finds the person as an object, love is animated. And when the love abiding in God's heart comes out and is given to the object, we see the fruit of His love. When Adam and Eve, man and wife, can form a couple and can reproduce and multiply, we see that love. With those three things separated, we cannot think of any love. When God loves men, men love one another, between man and wife-there we really experience God's love.

QUESTION: Do you have love in your mind, in your heart?

QUESTION: (From Master) - Do you feel that when you are alone?

ANSWER: (From audience) - No.

Master: When you find a beautiful girl, an ideal one whom you think is for you, what happens? You experience love! However perfect God's love may be and however great God's love may be, if there is no object to receive God's love, the love does not act, cannot act, cannot appear. [In English] - Do you understand clearly?

Our life, with which we are born-where does it begin? When God created the first man, He was thinking of making one who could really receive His love and return it to him. In the course of recreation we are going to fulfill that. Then the question is, which is first, love or life? Which is first? God, being, the source of life-life is more important to Him. But, man is born out of love, out of the act of love, so love is first and more important to human beings. God had life and then required or wanted love to exist, but man has been born out of love and we pursue life. Man's life is erected on the basis of love. Then life, as such, must be fruitful in love.

Because man is built on the basis of love, he has life, and that life God can love; and man can return love or joy to God. God cannot but love man, because man is created in such a way. From God's standpoint, man should be born out of love and live joyfully in love, and die in love. That's what God would have men do. You are not born out of the life of your parents, but out of the love of your parents. Do you understand?

Since you are born out of the love of your parents, your parents are all ready to love you at the moment of your birth, from the moment of your birth. Since you are born out of love, you must live in love and must die in love; and by doing that you will have joy. Even in the United States, where individualistic ideas are growing, is there anyone who does not want to be loved by his or her parents, does not want to be loved by his family, by the people around him, by the whole world? Are there any such people? Why is it so? That is because we are born out of love, we are supposed to live in love, to get joy in love and die in the love. That is the natural law. So, that is why we desire such love around us. We think it is a bitter thing to know that there is such a high rate of divorce.

The more money you have, the more friends you have, the happier you are. But the more parents you have-are you happier? You don't want to have thousands of parents, but just one pair-the smallest unit. That is the proof that the path of love, the path of happiness begins at one point. You must know this clearly.

What is the most valuable thing in the whole world? If you were asked that, what would your answer be? Before marriage your parents. There is nothing more valuable to you than your parents' love. It is not because they have life, but they have love, that they are so dear to you. The next most important thing is married love, marital love. The third precious thing is love of children, your own children, who are born out of your love. Those three are the most precious things in the whole world: parental love, marital love and love of children. The reason why, we, under the Divine Principle, take those three loves to be so precious is because those three loves represent God's love. With those put together we feel, know and understand God's love. Without experiencing all those three loves, we cannot experience God's love fully. We cannot really know the existence of God without experiencing all those things.

Is there a single person who does not like the idea of being loved by his parents, by his spouse, by his children? How does love operate? First there is God, full of love, but just by Himself His love does not move. If He has an object, His love flows and is returned in the form of joy. If you feel you exist for your husband, for your parents, for your children, the stronger your love becomes. So whether you love God or another person, you must love with all your heart and with all your might and with everything you have; and then it will be returned in the form of joy, to the full extent, perfect joy. On the part of God, when He created man, He poured out all of His energy, all of His life, His everything-so from that point of view we can say that He was consumed in creating.

Suppose you are a businessman and you are going to invest a million dollars. When you do that you are ready to lose it? If you have it in mind that you are going to gain by investing that amount of money, you are joyful, you are glad, you are happy to invest it. We are happy to give it up for investment. When you invest your money it is gone from your pocket; but if that investment of yours, at the amount of a million dollars, will return to you with another 100,000 added to it, it will bring you more joy. If the amount is doubled, tripled, or four times more coming back to you, you will be so glad that you will dance around the place.

With God, it is the same way. When He created man, He knew that if He created man in the perfect form, after perfection, the joy that man would return to Him would be a thousand fold or more. He had that in mind when He created man. What He looked forward to, was that Adam and Eve after being perfected would bring back so much more love to Him. When He poured out His life and love and everything else into man, He was not sorry that He was losing those things, because He knew very well that all would be returned a thousand fold, with added joy and happiness. The more He poured out His whole being without reservation, the more He knew that perfect love and joy would be returned to Him. This is the law of creation, or Principle of Creation, centered on human love.

Without love, man could not have been created. So in the course of recreation, too, without love we cannot recreate the people of the world or recreate the world. For us fallen men, we have to recreate our own selves, because our first human ancestors fell and we are responsible for that, so we have to recreate our own selves in the place of God.

After having recreated ourselves, our object to recreate is our spouse, our family, our tribe, our nation, the whole world. This is why religions teach us sacrifice. When they demand sacrifice, they want us to pour out our whole selves, to give of our life, give of our love, money and everything else. If we pour out those things completely, what will be returned to us? For example, you pour out all your being, all you have into one person, and finally that person himself will be yours, including the love and the heart of that person. If you desire love, the secret of gaining it is to pour out yourself, your life, your love, and your everything. This is the law of recreation-simply to win the heart of people. Do you understand?

Suppose you had ten friends and you tried to define who was the best friend. You immediately think of one, and that person is the person who has given out all that he has to you-love, life and everything. Whoever did that most for you is your best friend. Isn't this true? Out of the whole history of the United States who do you think is the greatest patriot? The person who has fought, struggled and has given up everything he has for the sake of the country. Then all the citizens of the United States will be willing to give out all that they have to that person, with their love added, their heart. That is the formula which can be applied to any nation without difference of background; to people of any culture, people of any custom, people of any tradition.

When we come to think of that, we think of God as a wonderful God. Seen from the viewpoint of who gave out the most, who gave out everything he has, then it is God. If the people of the world really knew that God was like that, and that God is still pouring out all He has-His life, His love and everything-to us, they could not but love Him and return joy to Him. They would want to live for Him, die for Him, and belong to Him. God knew that and knows that still. If you know that you are loved by a person, for the first time, 100 percent without reservedness, you would want to return it not 99 percent or less, but more than 100 percent. Isn't that true? That is a wonderful thing, a great thing.

If there exists any person who receives God's love to the full extent and knows really how to return it to Him, then we must be learning from him how to love God. If there are any such people who can follow this person and try to love God through him, those people too will be loved by God. The more you try to love this person, the more you are loved by God, and by loving this person you are loving God. If you do that, the next person will love you and be attracted and something more is added to your love when it is returned to you. When love is multiplied, what is returned?-more than 100 percent. But you must remember the wonderful fact, that love starts only from sacrifice, giving of yourself, investing yourself, your life and everything. So, a person resembling God fully 100 percent is the person who is prepared to give of himself completely. That person we can call an ideal person.

Between man and man, the same may be applied. When we are born, when we are created, we are not created for ourselves. We are created for our spouse. Do you understand? Is a woman born for the sake of women? No. A man is born for the sake of a woman. You men folk, don't get too proud of yourselves-here you are born a man, but you are nothing if you don't have a wife. Right from the time of our birth, from the start, we are born for the sake of others, not for ourselves; we must remember this. So we reach the conclusion that if there is any good man, ideal man, happy man, respected man-the best man is ready to sacrifice himself for the sake of others. Isn't that true? There is nothing erroneous in that.

Then, let's come back to American individualism: "I am born for myself, I must do as I please." Is that right? Is that a good thing? It is destined to lead us into destruction. I want to cry out to American youth, "You must remember that if you go on like that you are doomed." With our Divine Principle formula in mind, when I look at the country of the United States, I am sad. This country is doomed to destruction, ruined. Don't you think so?

Then who is going to save this country? We are only a handful of people, but we are ready to save this nation, at the cost of our own lives. We must be confident that we are those who can save this nation. In our eyes, there are no President, Senators, Congressmen if they are against this heavenly law, this divine law, by which alone we can save the nation. In the United States, I find that many young people enjoy love for their own sake, just the fleshly side of love. They misuse the most precious thing, the divine love; and I am most unhappy to see this. Without God's love, without the precious side of love, there is no life, no anything. There must be eternal love, eternal give and take of love and then there will be an ideally happy society, created by us.

What is the most precious in this whole world of live, and when we find that love, experience that love and are ready to multiply that love, the ideal world cannot but come. This precious love is obtained only through the person in the object position, so when you love, you must respect that person, treasure that person and cherish what he has. That must be your attitude. Only by living that way can we realize the ideal and find our ideal happiness.

No one in the world likes dictatorship. Yet love is the greatest dictator. If you want to be dominated by love, you must be occupied by love, you must be dictated over, bossed over. You are ready to, as you say, be bossed by the greatest love. In that case you like that dictatorship. Is there anyone here who wouldn't like that? When you are embraced you want to be hugged until your bones are crushed. Even though your whole body would be crushed and out of joint, you would be intoxicated in love and joy. Love is the greatest thing and love is the greatest dictator, and in this dictatorship we find joy.

When you make love with your spouse, do you let any others interfere there? Is that democracy? Well, there is no democracy there. Democracy will be gone; we will have dictatorship under God's love. Then whose love do you want to receive in that manner? Even though he may be boss over you, under strongest dictatorship, you are ready to receive it and only too glad and happy to receive it. Whose love is like that? God's love.

When we come down to the level of men, a boy would like to have the most perfect woman-most beautiful, externally and internally, a perfect creature, a perfect girl for your wife. A woman wants a perfect man for her husband. You want your love to be more perfect, more perfect and more perfect until you reach God's love. You want God's love, and then you want your own love centered on God's Love. But alas, there is only one God. What should we do? Shall we fight against each other to win God? If we know that anything and everything is the object of God's love and God's love is infinite-the question is solved.

I have a handkerchief here. It is like any other handkerchief, but if you people really want to be loved by me and I am the only one you respect and love, then my handkerchief is more than other handkerchiefs. Mine has a sentimental value. You want to have this more than anything else. You want to be given anything by the person whom you love. When you find God, and find that God is loving you, God is perfect and absolute, full of love, the original love. If you find that you are loved by Him, you wouldn't desire anything more. The Divine Principle teaches that we become one in the love of God; that's a wonderful expression.

Suppose you have just one thread of hair of your loved one. That has infinite value. As a child, you love your doll and if you have a thread of her hair, it belongs to her, it is a part of that doll, and it represents-when you have that thread in your hand, you can feel as though you have that doll in your bosom and that means everything, that means that that doll itself is there. For us fallen men, the most important thing is to love God. That is why the Bible says, "You must love God with all your heart, with all your might and with all your being." In that case, by loving God, you are not losing anything, but it is returned, doubled, tripled and more than that.

I think we have understood the method of the ideal way of restoring ourselves, recreating ourselves-the Principle of recreating ourselves into ideal men. Love is reciprocal, and only through love we can recreate ourselves. That means that we must have an object in order to recreate ourselves. In order to find an individual to be our object, we must pour out love. And in order to find a family, nation, and whole world, we must give out our love and everything we have. That is the way to recreate an individual, family, and the whole world.

Have you ever done anything to recreate such a family, such a society, such a nation and such a world? Have you? Adam and Eve fell and caused God's will to be nullified; so in order to recreate ourselves, we must find our original selves on the individual level and then we must restore our families and do the same on the national level and the worldwide level, and then the universal level-which means the level including the spiritual world.

In what manner and how much have you participated in recreating the world? Do we have our own nation? Do we have our own world? No. That means there is no world which God can love, and no nation whatever. In order to recreate or restore yourself, you must pour out all you have for that purpose; in order to recreate or restore the family, you must pour out all you have, your life and your love and everything there. And in order to restore or recreate the nation, you must pour out yourself, family included, for that purpose. In order to restore the world, you must give everything, including family and individuals into this. Without your doing that much, you can never dream of restoring the whole world.

When you do things, do you want them to be done perfectly or imperfectly? [In English] Perfectly-everyone wants to do things perfectly. If you want things to be done perfectly you must be ready to pour yourself, your whole being into your actions, perfectly, 100 percent. You want yourselves to be perfect, but have you been doing whatever you can for that? If not, you cannot think of your being restored. That is the Principle, that is the formula. Some of you here may be very proud of what you have accomplished-1 have done this, I have done that." But have you really put your whole being into that business, into that thing?

Have you loved each other and harmonized with each other? And in oneness did you pour out your energy for this great cause? If you have done that, even if you did not win many members, this whole nations of yours will be touched and moved and stirred up by that and it will return to you. Have you done that? Please answer me. [NO!] Did you try to? You didn't even try to.

Before God, you must always be humble and think, even after having done what you could, "I have not done quite what I could, I want to do more." And, you must apologize before God for what you have not done, that you should have done and be ready to do more for the future. That must be your attitude. After a day of hard work, you are tired and exhausted and you sink into bed. When you are praying, before God you must be like this, with this attitude in praying to God: "Oh, I have not done all I should have done. Oh God, I apologize before you. Please help me do more tomorrow. You wanted me to do this much and that, and I could not quite accomplish it. Please give me more strength to do that tomorrow." And there comes God's sympathy. God's heart is touched and moved and then His energy is poured out to you and you are strengthened for the days to come.

Have you ever loved anyone with your whole heart? If you have never experienced that, if you have never loved a person with all your heart, how can you love God? When you have not loved man with all your heart, you cannot say you love God. Then Jesus said that he came not to be served, but to serve the people. His love was not that which would be poured out just to those persons who loved him, but he was ready to love the enemy.

Have you ever been so serious, that you think that a person's life or death is in your hands? So when you want to speak to that person, you are really serious and you almost tremble before God to think that there is the possibility to fail this person. Then you will be doing right. At that moment you must pray to God, "Help this person from your part, but use me as an instrument to love this person. Save the life of this person. All is in your hands, all in your hands. So, please use me to do your job." When you are that serious, God will be working with you. Even in the work of recreation, God must work with you, you alone cannot do any. thing.

Have you ever loved any person in your family, in your neighborhood, people on the street in that seriousness? You have learned the law of restoration through indemnity based on the Principle of the relationship between Cain and Abel. Recreation is more difficult than creation. Creation is like sprinkling water and molding the clay. It will work when the clay is obedient. But, recreation is something like pouring oil mixed with water on the clay, and it scatters and will not be molded according to your will. You must try to get rid of the oil. And when you have removed that oil, you can use water to mold the clay to form. It is something like getting rid of the Satanic element from man. Between Cain and Abel, we must have Cain obedient to Abel. By doing that alone we can mold people back into the original form. That is something resembling God's work; fighting against Satan. He tried to get rid of Satan, remove Satan, who comes attacking God. By loving His people and even by touching the heart of Satan, everybody becomes like clay in His hands, obedient, utterly devoted, and then he can mold the clay into other forms he would want it to be. The course of recreation is like that.

Then, how much have you done for one person? How many visits have you made, how many telephone calls have you made, how much have you done? What you have done, under God's will, if you pour out your whole being into that person, that is never nullified. Even if that person might not have been fruitful, even if you were not able to bring that person into the movement, your effort will be harvested in other places, be fruitful in other persons. You have not done this in vain. Who is the person we must miss and love so much in the course of restoration? That is the question. Who is it we miss, we love and whose example we would follow? God is not dead, either.

The course of restoration goes the reverse way, so we must start from loving the servant, the person in the position of the adopted son; then after having loved the son, by grafting yourself to that son of God, you can be loved by God, and you can meet your True Parents. There are terms like "the foundation of faith" and "the foundation of substance." Without Cain and Abel becoming one like this, they cannot meet the True Parents. That is the Principle. Even if they are here, they don't belong to Him. I am here, but I don't want you to come directly, but to go out and bring some Cains with you to meet me. In order for you to do that, you must love and even serve your servant and love the adopted son and those in the position of the adopted son and those in the position of the son and then you can come to me.

Jesus was the Son of God, but he came to bring the whole nation to Him. If Israel had cooperated with Jesus, he could have established or carried out his mission, but they could not do that. He could not set up the True Parentship. Only on the foundation of Jesus and Judaism in harmony with one another, in oneness, there could have come True Parents. The people, by becoming one with the True Parents alone, could have come to God. The human fall caused Cain and Abel to be corrupted, and they were separated and lost their parents. Cain and Abel were separated from God by the fall and lost their parenthood, and their children are scattered. There is disharmony created between Cain and Abel type of persons, so in order for us to recreate men, we must go the reverse way. One Cain and one Abel must be brought together in good harmony, in order to meet their Parents. So the person whom you must be missing and loving the most is who? Cain!

Then, from the part of our Leader, who is the person whom he should be missing and loving? You people, representing the whole nation. Jesus failed to do that, so Father must be able to accomplish what was left unaccomplished by Jesus. After winning those people in the Cain position, by bringing them along, he can really reach God. Everything is the same with him. He loves you so much, more than he is loved by God. He is confident that you miss him, you love him and you want to return to him, more things added, more than 100 percent. Am I right in thinking like that? [YES!] If you put yourself in the position to find yourself like that, you can meet Father with open eyes. That means that you can see visions of him, even if he is away from you; you can see him, you can be with him. Is there anyone who has had such visions here? If you reach that point, you will see me in dreams and visions. You must foster that sensation to 100 percent level. Then you will see and know what he is doing back in Korea, what he is thinking, what he would want you to do, everything like that.

We call ourselves the members of the Unified Family, Family members; it means we are brothers and sisters under common Parents. And, when we are really brothers and sisters in one family, would you not be sad when your parents are sad, would you not be angry when they are angry, would you not be missing someone when they miss him, when the Parents miss him? The way for the members to go-what the members should do is to solve the agony or ease the heart of the True Parents. Then you must study what our True Parents have in mind, what their agonies are. The True Parents' request to you is to become the restored individual, for you to have a restored family, for you to win a restored nation, world and universe. We have Unified Family members all over the world. We are a special tribe living on earth, destined to carry out God's will. We have a different tradition from others. The law of our living is different. Our goal, our purpose is different from others. Everything we have is different from what others have. We desire things of a higher dimension, greater, more beautiful, more perfect.

If you can sacrifice yourself on a small level, God will request that you sacrifice yourself for greater things, bigger things, things of a higher dimension. And would you like to sacrifice just for yourself, for your family, for the whole nation or for the world? That is the question. For that purpose, our Master has been fighting in Korea. He has done what he should for the nation of Korea and now is ready to work for the whole world. But he hadn't been doing things by leaps, just overnight. He has had to lay the foundation after a bitter struggle and hardships; lay the foundation on the individual level, the family level and the national level, and the way ahead of him is the same.

In the Divine Principle, you are taught that we are going to restore, through indemnity, what we have on the vertical level, through the history being played out on the horizontal level. That means we must be able to restore 2,000 years of Christian history on the horizontal level in 20 years of our Unified Family history, the history of our movement. That history started in the year 1960. We are entering the thirteenth year. The Satanic power is doomed to decline and by the year 1980, we are sure to see that the Satanic sovereignty will have fallen. Now, he is treading the way, all by himself, without any people knowing or understanding his heart. He still has no one to consult with. That is because he is in the position of Adam and Eve before the fall. At that time there was only the Archangel with them and no other created beings. So, they are all alone without having anyone to consult. From this standpoint, you must understand, that people all over the world, especially the Unified Family members, must be ready to follow our Master wherever he goes, even though you may not understand what he is really doing. What he has gone through during those twenty years, you must be able to restore through indemnity within seven years. For fallen men, they are destined to go through a seven-year course at least.

According to the law of indemnity, he has been able to indemnify, restore through indemnity, the 2,000 years of Christian history in the course of twenty years. And now here you are, having to be able to indemnify the course of what he has gone through during the interval of twenty years, in the time space of seven years. It is narrowed down like this. In order for our Master to reach this point, he has gone through the position of servanthood. Then, he has had to go through the period of adopted sonship. He won the sonship, and then was blessed by God in the year 1960. In the year 1960, after he had been blessed, he had to create a family and from then on his purpose and his intention was to bring you up to the position of sonship, by blessing you. That is to be done after you have gone through the seven-year course which corresponds to God's creation of the things and man. He created, during the six days and during the seventh day he had Sabbath.

You have things different from other people-that is, the descendants of Adam and Eve did not have True Parents, but you have them. The relationship between Christians and the Savior was that between the son and the servant, but now the relationship between the Unified Family members and our True Parents is that between parents and sons and daughters. Up to the present, in the past, the son and servants were related on the horizontal level. But now we are on the vertical level, the Parents there and you, as His children. So you must concentrate on the idea of your having God and True Parents, God and True Parents. And you must put your whole effort into creating or establishing the kingdom of God, centered on God and the True Parents, the Kingdom of God on earth. This kingdom must be won, welcomed and received by the whole of mankind. It is not to be rejected; it must not be rejected. In order for us to be able to establish that kind of kingdom on earth, you must become one, perfectly one with our True Parents. And they and us together can realize the goal. We are now living in such an important age. We have never had such a age and we will never have one in the future. This is the only chance.

Where are on earth must we erect that kingdom? You may say Korea, but Korea includes the United States. Would you like to bring Korea to the United States? [YES!] We do not want to talk of the matter in a geographical sense, but under God's will, Korea is in the position of Adam and Japan is in the position of Eve. And across the Pacific Ocean, there is the vast land of the United States, in the position of the Archangel. These three are most important. Maybe you are hurt that you are in the position of the Archangel? The United States has a larger population of Christians than any other nation.

In the course of restoration, God has had to restore reversely, so the nation in the position of the Archangel had to be restored first. God's will was working behind what happened after World War 11. The United States, in the position of the Archangel had to help Japan, which was in the position of Eve, even though that nation was defeated in the war. And up to the present, the United States has been helping Japan to grow, to recover and grow. There had been no such instance in the past history. And the United States has been helping Korea too. You are in the position of the Archangel, and now we are entering the age of restoration and you have to return every material blessing you have to Korea, to some extent at least, so you have been helping Korea. In the United States, women are highly esteemed and you men folk, have to help the women when they want to get out of a car, like servants. The human fall was that the Archangel trampled upon Eve, the daughter of God; but we see reversely this time, the Archangel must go the reverse way with a respect for those who are in the position of Eve. In the future, the American men will be in the position of disliking women. What he means is that you do not treasure your families.

So we often see many bachelors here, who don't like the idea of marrying girls. Those people are increasing in number, isn't that right? But on the other hand, they also want to have premarital sex, and we often see boys and girls making love under the trees in the park. Well if you go on like that, you are apt to lose your family relationship, your nation even, and finally you will lose the whole world.

In your eyes, there are no fortune, no science, no anything; but you want to enjoy freedom. It is because nothing belong to the position of the Archangel. The Archangel has no right to possess anything, originally. You are the citizens of the United States, but there are not many real patriots of the nation, or individuals really loving this nation, his family or himself, in a sense. Seen from the standpoint of Eve, she-being tempted of course, but by receiving the temptation, by welcoming Archangel's proposal-corrupted both the Archangel and Adam. Japan is in the position of Eve. Japan must play the role of uniting the United States and Korea, reconciling or putting them in harmony with each other. But, in case Japan fails to do that, it means Japan will not have carried out the mission assigned to her.

For most people, they think that western culture is declining, has come to a dead end. They come to long for what is Asian, what is Oriental. The United States must be in the vanguard, and play the role of the restored Archangel and help bring about peace on earth, but if the Archangel, the United States, would lose Japan-if Japan became Communist-God's will would be difficult to be carried out. Master has been trying to influence the government figures of Japan, through the political party of the Liberal Democratic Party, in order not to put the United States and Japan into a position of rupture. If there comes to be a split between the United States and Korea, and even the United States will be failing into the pits of Communism. It is even now beginning to fall prey to Communism. This is the condition we have now.

But Master says, nevertheless, there is another history being created, being woven. If, under the Divine Principle, the United States, Korea and Japan are united into one and carry out their divine missions, however hard the Communists might attack us God would be on our side. We are sure to win over them, and the victory will be ours. Human history will be from then on under God's will. Even if Japan had to fall under Communism, if the United States and Korea would become one in democracy and win the freedom-loving nations of the world, with those two put together in a fight against Communism, we are not destined to fail.

We are on the edge of great danger; that is why Master wanted to come over to the United States. He is here to fight against the evil force. From now on, he is going to bring more people from Japan and Korea-not just any members, but staff members, important people who are holding important positions. After having brought them to the United States, he is going to have them work with the staffs in the Unified Family of the United States. I think you have heard of the Japanese members who have come to the New York center to work with the New York members. Do you know the reason why Master did that? Japan, being in the position of Eve, must go through more difficulties, twice as severe as others may. Because of the fall of Eve, all mankind lost their nation and their people, so the nation in the position of Eve must work hard to restore those things. The nation represents Eve, so they must be able to restore a nation and the restoration must be in their hands.

In the first place, the Japanese brothers here must be able to restore financially. Financial restoration is their mission. If the Japanese brothers work hard, twice as much as the American brothers do, heaven will be on their side and they will be blessed with fortune. The only difficulty is their language problem, that they cannot speak English well. But I am telling them, "You cannot speak the language, but you can work hard-twice as hard as the American members-and you are sure to win the goal." It is the responsibility of the people in the position of Eve to learn to earn money, to learn to use the money and learn to play the role of custodian of the money. It is because they are in the position of the mother, Eve. Eve, the mother, is in the position of running the home financially, though she has more to do. She will teach you how to live, how to minister to your Father, how to love your Father, how to live under His dominion. That is why I have brought so many Japanese members over here. I have so far brought twelve, but by June next year, there will be some 120.

Then you American members, do you like the idea of being defeated by the Japanese brothers? [NO!] But the Japanese members, even though they don't speak the language, will never be defeated by you. They have been here only less than a year, but I have read their record and it showed me, surprisingly, their profitable work. The average money they brought in was more than what the American members did. I told them, I ordered them, to make $1,000 each per month from now on, and they feel challenged. They will carry it out, I am sure. If they don't do that, I will either chase them away or bring no more Japanese members here. My goal is not just to have them make money, $1,000 each month, per person. Even though I would leave them in Japan, they would do that and more than that.

In the history of restoration, the fact is that Korea, the nation in the position of Adam, and the nation in the position of Eve must be helping the nation in the position of the Archangel. That is why I brought members from Korea and from Japan, to develop the work here. You must be working harder than ever, while you are being helped by the Japanese brothers. If we are really brothers and sisters in the Unified Family, you must be willing to live a humble life, humbler maybe than the Korean members and Japanese members. You must be willing to do that. Now I must reveal my plan for the coming two years. By 1974, we must at all costs be able to open big centers in all the states. We have only two years ahead of us. That means, according to my estimation, I have to spend some $40,000 for each state in buying or in paying the down-payment for the centers. So, a total of 2 million dollars is needed.

In the United States, there are many Christians. They are in the position of Cain and we, the Unified Family, are the Christians in the position of Abel; and we are going to bring the Unified Family members from all over the world to put into this country. That means that those in the position of Abel are going to win those in the position of Cain and then, alone, we can restore the whole world. America is the stage for that.

So, from now on, I command that your hair be cut short. Not only that. You must be different from those in the Cain position. We hate to follow that way they do; let them follow us. Let's be the examples. I must make you into clean-cut young men, hair cut neatly, shaved well, with your suits on tidily and all that. You must love your family, your nation more than anyone else outside of our Family. When I talk to you, I want to make you go through struggles and hardships for the sake of your nation. Do you think this is the way leading to destruction and ruin or to prosperity? If we are going to prosper at all, or rise from corruption, we are eager to do it now, in the shortest possible time.

By the end of 1974, 1 am planning on sending out some 2,000 mobile team members, throughout the country. The number of the members must be something like 8,000, in order for us to send out 2,000 members on the mobile team vans. We have only two years left. Are you confident to do that? [YES!] That will be no easy job. But if we cannot carry this out and make it a success, the providence of restoration will be a failure. What you are doing here in the United States will influence the whole world. If you leave your country like this, do you think it will prosper or get destroyed and ruined? We cannot sit still looking at things, but we must be able to stop it from being ruined.

In Belvedere Estate, surrounded by the natural beauty, I prayed to God, "Father, I am here, I am ready to fight. I am ready to save this nation. Please be with us and work through our members and we will show you how we can save this nation, under Your will." But in my heart there is one thing which I was worried over and that is whether the people of the United States hate to go through difficulties. In that case, what would happen? What must ~ do? In that case, if you are unwilling to go through these difficulties to attain the goal, I must bring people from the Eastern world and from the European nations to help this nation and from here on to save the whole world.

Don't you remember-have you forgotten that your forefathers fought for the great cause of God and they sent out missionaries to other countries, underdeveloped, savage countries, and fought in order to spread the gospel? And you have that tradition. If you forget all those things and are unwilling to take up the job, your nation is doomed to be destroyed. So, I warn you to fight for the great cause, inheriting what your forefathers left to you. We must become new Puritans. Your Puritan fathers established this land and fought for that great cause. Let's become new Puritans of the New Age. In the way of the Puritans, there must be obstacles, there must be persecution, there must be many bitter difficulties and hardships; but if we are ready to fight those things as a challenge, then God will be on our side and our battle will finally be a victorious one. We are born into the age of being blessed with a goal. After having won the battle, we will be the victors, and we must be grateful to Father that we are born in this age and that we are the warriors to fight for the cause of God.

We are here, meeting with each other in one place like this, and it is no coincidence. Behind the scenes, there has been a long history of tears, sweat and blood. And in order for us not to nullify those bloody battles fought by our forefathers, we must at all costs make our battle a success, in order not to make the future generations suffer the same things. If we are reluctant in doing this, and if we fail in doing that, our descendants will have to go through more bloody battles with more tears and with more sweat. We hate to leave the mission to our offspring. So, let us fight through this battle and make it a victory.

That is why we are here for the training this time. You people of the United States have hitherto been proud of your country. Your country has been a leading nation of the whole world, wealthy, blessed in every way. To this great nation is added, people from Japan, people from Korea, people from the European countries. If you are not willing to fight through the battle until you make it a victory, God will not leave you alone. So I warn you to be resolved to fight and make this a success. Otherwise, your descendants will accuse you of having made the greatest mistake in the history of mankind, and their bitter pride will be resounding in your ears in the spirit world. You must never be a failure. So, I want you to be resolved, at this moment, right here, that you are going to fight the good fight, to make yourselves victors and your descendants, the citizens of the kingdom of God.

What do you think? Must we be more diligent and enthusiastic in fighting for the cause, more than the Japanese brothers, the Korean brothers and the European brothers? [YES!] Then can you promise that, before me? [YES!] Before all, I am going to bring some thousand members from Japan. I will set the example in your eyes of their working hard, by going through untold bitterness. In that case, it is natural for me to drive you out in the same way. Is this good or bad? [GOOD!] Good for whom? [US!] Good for the United States, your country.

I am a Korean, by nationality. Why am I here driving you out, getting you on the spur to fight for this nation? It is because your nation is blessed by God and your mission is to save the whole world being used as the instrument of God. You don't realize what a difficult situation a man is in when he doesn't speak the language. The language barrier is something really difficult. The brothers from the Eastern world and from the European nations will gather to fight here even though they don't know the language. You must understand their hearts, and you must love them and encourage them and fight more than they do. Don't you see the Japanese brothers working here, selling candies-they do not know the language, but they are eager and enthusiastic to sell the candies, for the sake of our movement, your nation. And then you can imagine what difficulty they are going through. When I met Japanese brothers here, I felt that I was guilty of having put them into such a difficulty. They have well-to-do families, loving parents and brothers and sisters; and in the Unified Family too they have loving brothers and sisters, working together, so dear to them. But, they are over here working for a greater cause, of course, for this nation and for you. They are going through such difficulties I could not stand looking at them.

I took their agony, their difficulty as mine, just as God took my burden as His. And I want you to be cooperative and encouraging to the Japanese members. On the other hand. I am the person who has driven you American members, who have not had the experience of going through difficulties, to the front fields to fight on the Mobile teams. If you had not met me, you would not have done that. You are going through difficulty and I sympathize with you. In my heart, I want to soothe your hearts, console you, make you happy and relaxed, but I am here again and have to say the same things or more severe things to drive you out to the battlefield. That makes me agonized. With my aching heart, I have to do this, because there is God's will still unaccomplished, and we can fulfill it.

I can look around, but there is no one else except you people who are really concerned about the nation, who really love this nation and love the will of God and will do the job. That is why I have to call upon you to do the job. I look up at God, my Father, and pray for you-for Him to give you the strength to carry this nation. And when I look at you, I very frequently do so with tearful eyes and aching heart. But, I have to do that for you, while you are doing this for the nation and the whole world. I want you to realize that.

One thing I promise to you, even if I am in the United States: I don't want to be a debtor, I don't want to be indebted to you. I want you to remember when you go through these hardships, that there is God, there is Heaven-God, our Father, who has gone through more difficulties, more bitterness, more hardship than you are going to go through. When you are faced with untold difficulty and you are frustrated-well almost collapsed without being able to stand up again-well, you must gather yourself together remembering God, who has gone through more difficulty than that and who is ready to give you strength if only you are deserving and you are ready to receive His love. You are in the position to reject and turn away and fall away and turn your back on me, but I am not in the same position. I have to go ahead. God also cannot turn the other way around. He must go until He wins the goal. Even though you may have to die on the battlefield, you must not forget that. You are going to be the victor, as are others. If you are so resolved and go out to the battle field again with a high and uplifted pride, our battle will be a victorious one. You can believe this. If you are resolved to do that, the United States will be a nation of hope, a new nation. By our doing this, the whole world will become a world of victory, a world that belongs to God. We are fighting the final battle, and you cannot be discouraged or frustrated. Joshua and Caleb inherited what Moses left in their hands: they had to fight on, and God gave them strength and encouraged them to be strong and courageous. Then what shall we do? Can you really promise me that you are going to fight through and be the victors in the battle. [YES!] Thank you.

Let's go to the conclusion. We must be the symbol and the subject of recreation. We must be proud to be the soldiers fighting for God's cause, for the Great Cause, on the individual level, family level, national level, on the level of the whole world and the universal level. Don't you feel that by our pouring out the whole of our being into this cause, the whole world is being changed, being re-shaped, being renewed? And although I am a small being, like a grain of sand in the ocean, as I worked through my course, I always experienced that God was there, helping me, sometimes going ahead of me and doing things for me. Let's believe in God and trust in Him-the God whom our forefathers, our first ancestors Adam and Eve deserted and did not believe in. We must be prepared to minister to God, whom Adam and Eve failed to serve. Let us love God, the sad God whom Adam and Eve failed to love. Let us be ready to lose our lives for the sake of God and His will, while Adam and Eve failed to do that.

If our Family is to prosper at all, the descendants, the children must be greater than the parents. What I want you to do is to love God more than I have-love God whom I have loved, but more than I did. I want you to serve God and love God, more than I served and loved Him. From the start, I was resolved to throw away my life, to lose my life, to deny myself for God; but here I am, still living. And I am sometimes shameful of that. But you have youth; you are in your twenties and thirties. You have a long life ahead of you-why can't you fight for the cause?

By your doing that your ancestors will be benefited in the spirit world; your family, your neighbors, your friends and your nation will be saved by you, by your doing this. Like a parent looking at his children and wanting them to do greater things than he has done, I expect, I want you to do the same. I want you to do greater things than I do.

I imagine often that I am in my deathbed, and in writing my will, I thought I would say this: I imagine there are many of you-all of you, in fact-who will cry over my death. What I want you to do is to shout out before God, "Let me love You, more than my Father did, more than my Master did. He said he could not love You enough. Let us be able to love You, more than anyone else in the world."

If you really love me, I want you to love God in place of me, more than I do Him. If you really love God, you must be loving your brothers and sisters whom God loves. When I bring more brothers and sisters from Japan and Korea and elsewhere, please love them more than I love God and more than you love any other member of the American Family. If you can do this, even if you may not have seen or found the kingdom of God or established the kingdom of God while on earth, you will enjoy the kingdom of God in the spirit world.

With a new resolution, I want you to go through the training course this time, so that with renewed strength you can go out to the battlefield in order to make the battle a victorious one-and, at the soonest possible date. Let us join in the pledge that we will fight through our way with a new resolution like that. We pledge that we will win this battle.

[Master's Prayer]

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