The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Excerpts From Notes Taken At The Training Session

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Washington, D.C.
Master Speaks
December 1972
Several translators, including David S. C. Kim and Won Bok Choi

On Bringing Spiritual Children

Pray with tears for him (your spiritual child) to come. He'll hear and come. Miss him as a lost son. Plus and minus are attracted. Every object is drawn to a subject in the perfect action of give and take. You are the problem or starting point. You must become a perfect plus in order to find the perfect minus . . . Don't feel: "You are you and I am I." Be always missing him. Want to see and be with him all the time. Don't allow a barrier. We must try hard to do this. Pray hard. Miss those people and it will be as though an electric current passes from you to them.

On Raising Ourselves

Roughly divided there are three stages of our lives; childhood, adulthood and old age. Where is the peak or summit of each stage of your life? What height have you gained? There are ups and downs, but you must lift the peaks to get the truth of your life. If not, you will go down and get lost. You are born on the point your ancestors made, (high or low), the product of your ancestry. Every day is new. If you follow your own intention, you are apt to go down. To lift up, you must go in the reverse direction. What is the ultimate, highest standard? God is the highest point of our standard. The original mind longs to reach that point, so much effort must be made to lift ourselves up. Never dream of going the easy way. To go down hill is very easy. The way of faith and struggle -- of persecution and difficulty -- bring growth. We are responsible for the individual, the family, the nation and world, and we are faced with persecution and difficulty. There must come a great religion to indemnify the whole thing at one place. Be prepared. Master says we must be.

Three Seven Year Courses

Up until 1967 the dispensation was centered on Master and his family (1960-1967). The second seven year course is family member's course. So blessed families were separated and sent out to the front line. In 1980, twenty years will have passed since 1960. Those years represent the 2000 years of Christian history, By 1980 we are sure to see that the Satanic sovereignty will fall. We must follow him (Master) even when we don't understand.. By 1974 there must be six Centers in all states; 2000 members on mobile teams; and 6000 members in stable Centers.

On Overcoming

Believe the following:

1. Do not complain. Think of God existing in you. Think of Master. When you think of them, you cannot complain. Complaining and dissatisfaction caused the human fall.

2. There is nothing you cannot believe. Believe in God and in Master, because they are in the position of parents. Your parents will not fail to love you. Have trust.

3. Act in accordance with the will of God. Be ready to go the way of indemnity however hard it may be.

4. Find the way of love. How can you really meet God and your True Parents? You have been longing to meet them. Long to see each other and long to see God and our Master.

Can you do this? (Yes.) Then I am going to place you in the position where you have to complain; fall into disbelief, fail to over come; hate each other. Then, if you win (still believe, love, over come), you are going to be the victors. These are the gifts I am ready to give you. Overcome at the earliest possible date.

On Re-creation Through Love

The path of happiness begins from one point, one pair of parents. Before marriage, parents are most valuable, most important -- their love, Not because they gave you life, but because they gave love, they are so dear. Next, most important are our mates and our own children. These are the three most important, precious things in the world.

Without love we cannot re-create the world. We have to re-create our own selves as we lost the original self created by God. If you desire love, you must pour out everything. This is the law of re-creation. Love starts only from sacrifice. investing yourself, life, and everything.

We are not created for ourselves, but for our spouse. Men, don't be too proud of yourself, saying "I am born a man." You are born for the sake of others. You are nothing without a wife. Sacrifice for others to win happiness, love, the ideal world.

Who is going to save this nation? In America, many young people misuse love. Love is the greatest dictator. You must be bossed by the greatest love. The world must be re-created perfectly, so we must pour out everything. We must restore ourselves. Have you been doing everything possible for that? You must pray humbly to God for more strength.

Love and serve God more than I did. I imagine often that I am on my death bed. I imagine many will cry over me. What I want you to do is shout out to God, "I want to love you more than my Master did." If you really love me, I want you to love God more than I love him. Love your brothers and sisters. Love the Japanese, Korean and European members more than I love God -- more than you love other American members.

Let's become new Puritans of the new age. I sympathize with the Japanese members and with you. In my heart I want to sooth you, mak you comfortable and relaxed. My heart is aching. But I have to look to you to do the job. I look up to Father and pray for you. Remember, there is God -- there is Heaven -- who have gone through more difficulties. God cannot retreat. Remember that, even if you have to die, on the battlefield. If you resolved, the United States will be one nation under God, a new nation. Do not feel frustrated. Can you do it? Thank you. Let's go to the future.

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