The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

How Can We Become One With God?

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 15, 1972
New York, NY
To the Pioneers
Probable Translator: Won Bok Choi

To be one with God means to be one with the highest being. Naturally human beings have longed for this. Not only man but all things in the universe have longed for this. One God created all things and He created them with one purpose. If this purpose was fulfilled we wouldn't be searching for this oneness. That you think of this proves there is no oneness with God. The world is a place full of sadness. We can't be one unless we get to the root of the problem: why we are not one with God.

There are as many different ways to be one with God as there are individual faces of mankind. This comes from your ancestors. The fact that you are not one with God means that your ancestors must not have been one with God. We, are descendants of Adam and Eve and are not higher than God created them -- before the fall. When Adam faced God He maintained a father-son relationship with him. But his descendants, mankind, do not have this. Originally God was our Father, but because of the fall, Satan became our father.

Where do we begin to become one with God? We cannot begin below the state of Adam and Eve. To be one with God you should be above Adam and Eve. This is the Principle. If we can't realize this there is no way to become one with God. Let us consider this matter realistically. Jesus had to concentrate on the point referred to in order to begin his work. We too must regard that. We must start there so as to pass that point. Behind you are your parents, family, nation, and world.

First of all you must overcome the world. Secondly you have to deny yourself. The question is to what degree?

Our life began with evil. So you cannot obtain this result unless you risk your life to overcome evil. That's why Jesus said, ". . . Those who seek to gain their lives shall lose them and those who lose their lives shall gain them." To overcome the world you must go beyond the world. Your flesh is a gift from Satan -- it is inherited from your parents who belong to Satan. Since our bodies belong to Satan you have to have greater power from somewhere in order to step up to be one with God, the origin of life and love. Thus as fallen descendants you have to love God more than anything else. This is the second principle. You -- a beautiful girl such as yourself -- you may come across a handsome man and say to yourself, "Oh what a handsome man. . ." and so on. You may feel this love for a partner, a mate, But you must love God more. Last night Master talked about the five senses. You have five senses which give pleasure and which are there for you to enjoy. But you have to love God more than these,

The problem is, you can't see the existence of God. If we saw God there would be no problem. But we can't see Him. So He set up a method (a person) who can bring you to Him. Throughout the ages God set up men who could lead you to that person. That person is the Messiah. What will the Messiah bring? God's love and God's life. Even in Satan's world, this fallen world, people are longing for these.

So far we have two divisions or categories: Love of God and Life of God/Love of Satan and Life of Satan. Those who recognize this should be able to exchange these two. False life and love started after the fall -- the world began after the fall. We have to come back to true life and true love. If the Messiah came he would definitely bring these two -- God's love and God's life -- from Him. When compared with worldly love and life God's love and life are so vastly, unimaginably different. God's side is the Kingdom of Heaven and Satan's side is hell. There cannot be oneness in such separation. That's why Jesus came to teach people how to unite the two sides, the two categories. That's why he said, ". . . for I am the way, the truth, and the light, and no one comes to the Father but by me." And "You must love me more than your husband and wife and father. . . " In the Satanic world this is illogical. Biblically speaking is he not right?

Knowing Jesus said that, we realize he was not a man of the world. Then to what degree should we be like Jesus? You have to reach the point where you are one with Jesus in flesh and blood. That's why he set up the condition of the sacrament: Christians must feel they are actually eating Jesus' flesh and blood. They should actually feel Jesus' life and love for him more than anything else when eating the bread; and when drinking the wine they should really feel they are drinking his blood. Without such feeling salvation cannot begin at that moment. This was Jesus' method to bring mankind to pass from Satan's world into God's thus uniting the two: through actual, real sense experience. It means Satan is cut off and mankind is grafted to Jesus -- a consummation with him resulting in one flesh, one blood i.e. on mankind. Then man can feel this oneness. From that point on the person receives God's love and life.

Man wasn't born of one parent but of both. However, Jesus came to accomplish this before he brought mankind a mother. But because of his single status mankind needed a mother in order to be revived. Consequently the Lord of the Second Advent had to fulfill this need. Thus was prophesied the Marriage of the Lamb in Revelations. Up to this time well meaning Christians have been receiving father's love only, not mother's. They inherited father's flesh and blood only, not mother's, because Jesus alone could only be a father. But mankind's body is a combination of father's and mother's blood, isn't it?

From now on how to become one with God means how to become one with Father and Mother who will give their love. They should be the ones in the Parents' position. The desire to become one with them should be the greatest. That's the only way to oneness with God: to meet them and become one with them. If you meet True Parents will you long to love them? How much? If you know the Principle he has laid out, you will know.

Your love and life started with Satan -- you started by loving Satanic parents, brothers and sisters, country and world. Satan's side and world has experimented in loving on the world-wide level. To break from this, to transfer out of this you have to give it up completely and set up the condition that you love True Parents more than Satanic parent love. The responsibility of True Parents is to teach mankind to love more than all levels of Satanic love, to direct mankind toward heavenly love from the individual through the family, tribe, and national levels.

We must realize that Satan is mankind's servant. To come back to God you must establish the dignity and prestige of true sons and daughters by loving God more than the love Satan has for you in the fallen world. Since the love of God is higher, greater than Satan's love (servant's), you have to feel it more powerfully. The proportion of your, love for God compared to Satan's love is the key. When it becomes greater, more powerful than Satan's love then you can become one with God. Theoretically, is this not true? This is a fact! It is Biblically true. It is the immovable, unchangeable truth. If you know the truth it will free you. Ignorance cannot free you. Only perfect truth will bring perfect love.

In order to practice this how much must you love True Parents? How high, how deep? In the Past there have been many, many people who have loved their parents so much -- in varying degrees. You have to surpass them and go beyond them in your love for True Parents. Isn't this so? It's a fact! Not only should parent love in the Satanic world be surpassed but also love of brothers and sisters. And it's the same with relatives. That is the standard. It applies on (every level: tribal, national, and world).

We have to love more powerfully than, the Communists love something. Shall we be overcome by them or shall we beat them? What we are talking about is at a higher level -- the top level. Below, that is Satan. There must be a boundary. You should know by now who will go to the Kingdom of God and who will go to hell. Centering on this heavenly standard he has been fighting. This is the goal. You must, love your brothers and sisters with a love more powerful than Satan's. If you confine yourselves to "American" and soon, you are wrong. Go beyond race, nation, country. That is the standard., You know where you stand, whether, you, get a passing grade or a failing grade. There is no time to think of rest, or complain about other problems. Do you think you can go this way alone? That's why mankind needs True Parents.

I'll tell you a secret, that you may become one with True Parents: the one who accomplishes this can become one with them. To be the True Parent he has to accomplish and set up the standard of heavenly love and so you must go beyond this world to rid yourselves of your fallen natures. But the secret is this: you must really believe and have complete faith that you belong to the True Parents . . . "I am his child." With this conviction you. should be ready to give up your life, your love. That's the absolute deepest hint. If you make that decision even God cannot divide you or separate you from them. You will then be victorious over this world because you have faith in True Parents and will inherit everything from them -- all value. You can win over Satan's world. No objection to that? Then he will sign your passport and send you! This, the condition.

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