The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The Fight Has Begun

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
January 9, 1972
San Francisco, California
Translator: Mrs. Won Bok Choi

Mr. Choi: Today I received a telephone call from Washington D C when I was giving a lecture this afternoon I was told that Our Leader was going to visit San Francisco for a special reason This is a very special time. He has a very tight schedule, but he is especially regarding our group, here. Therefore, we have to show out really deep heart, our respect and our spirit Already you know about him, so it is needless to say any more, He is the man I most respect and we most respect Also, he is the man who will accomplish the restoration of heaven and earth. Tonight our time is very limited, so he cannot speak so long. He is going to speak a little while as a greeting. Maybe tomorrow night or some other night he will say many things to us. Tonight I just want to introduce our Leader.

Our Master (Mrs. Choi translating)

Today I made a surprise visit to you. I am so glad and I feel privileged to see you. We made a visit to New York a few days ago and stayed three nights and came back. Our members there are preparing for the revival meeting we are going to give and we made a contract with the Lincoln Center. The Revival Meeting this time is going to be my first public appearance.

Born and raised in Korea, I went through such difficulty and persecution for the cause of God I am here in the United States now and I think it a very significant occasion to give a public speech this time. I believe I've laid the foundation for it. Now that we have, I think it's time to mobilize all the members in the United States for one cause and one goal. This time we are going to head for one goal. The subject of the of tonight is going to be: "The fight has begun."

Out fight is not a fight based on the visible world. We are fighting on the spiritual level for the invisible cause of God. And we are going to fight on the physical level too. What is taking place on the physical plane is not done by man alone, by things visible alone, but also the spiritual world is mobilized for the cause that is happening in the physical world. So what we must be resolved to gain or obtain is the victory on both levels.

Then the question is on which to put the stress; on the physical level or the spiritual? In order for us to obtain victory on the physical level, we must know the cause of it. The cause coming from the spiritual world is connected with the individual. It broadens to the scope of the family, the tribe, the nation and the world-wide level. One who has gained the victory on the individual level, then has to broaden his activities to the family level, and the wider levels. After gaining the family level, he is going to spread the message or the activity into the tribal level, the national level and the world-wide level. As a leader he must be the victor on all these levels. And after having gone through all these things, he will make them connect with the spiritual world. The things happening in the physical world with no connection to the spirit world have no significance.

Then the question is: What is barring the way; what is the obstacle lying on the way? It is the power of Satan. Ordinary people do not know this. It is most important to know how to prevent Satan from barring the way on the individual. tribal, national and world wide level. Satanic power is operating among us with close connection to what we are doing. Common people do not know, but around an individual there are many spiritual men working on them or through them -- including their ancestors. So, we have to be wise in order to prevent them from holding us back.

There are some practical problems involved. How to prevent Satan from going against us is the question. Evil started when one being was arrogant and put himself on a high position. The opposite of arrogance is humility. To be humble is the first question. We must take the position opposite to what Satan takes delight in or else we cannot succeed. Instead of being arrogant, we must put ourselves in the sacrificial position and do things at the cost of our lives. We must lead a life in which we are servant. That is the difference between God and man and good and evil. As an individual you will either be evil or good, on the side of God or the side of man.

We as individuals have an invisible spirit and a visible body. Our mind belongs to, the invisible spirit world, and our physical body belongs to the physical world, The our being is between both of these. We must establish our spirit to be the base on which God can work. We call this, base human conscience. Our body is the base for Satan to work upon. So, there is a war -- two sides at war with each other. Our fleshly body stimulates us to go the way of fleshly needs. Our spiritual mind is headed for the things belonging to heaven. We find that in ourselves these two powers are at war with each other and we zigzag, sometimes tending to follow the way of the flesh, sometimes tending to follow the way of our spirit mind. When we are centered on the things of the physical plane, Satan is apt to lead us along the physical way. When we are headed for spiritual things, heaven is on our side.

The teacher of religion is always thinking of how to unite these two powers. Our body and mind are always opposing each other. I don't believe that there is anyone who can say confidently that his or her mind and body are entirely one. Well, is there any one of you who is confident of that? (Response: No) You say No! Then it is true that we are on the battlefield with these two powers fighting each other. Whether our mind can win the victory over our fleshly body, or whether our fleshly body will win over our spiritual mind, is the issue.

There are only two ways for us to be able to conquer our fleshly body. One way is to cut off our fleshly demands by force and violence. Religions help us win the victory over our fleshly demands. Religion teaches us sacrifice and service at the cost of our lives. And every true religion does that. Otherwise it cannot be called a religion. Christianity is so and Buddhism is also that way and all other religions are for that. We fast and go through difficulties and hardships in order to conquer our fleshly demands. We want to weaken the fleshly side of things. We want to lead the physical side to the spiritual, but our fleshly side is not always willing to follow the way of spirit, Heaven teaches us one other way. We want to place 2 or 3 times the stress on spiritual things so that the balance of power will be on the spiritual side. In order for us to do that we must pray hard and work hard for the cause of God.

Religions of a higher dimension teach us to put stress on spiritually higher things by cutting off our physical demands. By doing that, after we reach a certain point, heaven can work and we feel a tremendous power welling up in our spiritual mind. When we don't have to put our fleshly side under difficulty or hardship, it also can follow our spiritual side by the second method. Those two methods are important. That is, (1) to cut off the physical side, and (2) to put more stress on the spiritual side. We zigzag like this, but we want to put more stress on the right side or spiritual side so that at length the goal will be on the spiritual side or right side. The religious life leads us through struggles to the right or spiritual side and is not willing to go over the boundary to the left side, or the Satanic side.

When you have made it a habit not to follow the flesh, or Satan, then you have made your life on the right or spiritual side. Then you will find yourself entirely new. No longer will you be the one who used to be this way and that, but the new you is headed for the heavenly cause. The higher you go, the nearer you will come to the goal you seek. Even though you will still have to fight, you will find yourself feeling stronger. Then both your mind and your body will be nearer to God. Even though we may not be praying too hard or struggling too hard, we will find ourselves going the way God would have us go. In that case God is working in us and abides in us. We then realize that we are living with God.

When God is glad or happy, we become happy. When God feels sorrowful, we feel the same. Without having reached that point, we cannot call ourselves sons and daughters of God. All through human history men have been groping in darkness, trying to head for the right goal, but sometimes they won the battle and sometimes they were defeated., By going the unsteady zigzag way some attained the goal on the right side and some failed to do this. You are destined to go the right way

Let us suppose that we have attained the goal. That is not enough, After we have won the battle on the individual level there is still a long way to go. Evil or Satan is still there trying to prey on our family. Our battle is to make our family on the side of God. If a man has attained that position, he wants to bring his wife to that position too. Both want to struggle to win the goal together on the family level. If a family is supposed to be victorious, they must be able to win over Satan. How long do you think this battle will take?

When a couple is blessed in divine marriage, there is battle left ahead of them. However, this time the two as one will be the warriors to fight against Satan. For a man to make his wife obey him, or for a woman to make her husband completely in accordance with her is not so easy a job. They may think that they have become one, but just loving each other and having common interests with each other is not enough. To be truly joined into one, they must continue on the way of sacrifice. Sacrifice and service. After they have won the battle on the family level, there is still a fight left -- that is, the right way centered on their children. This is a very complicated matter. Only after we have become victorious as husband, wife and children together, can we call our family the one having realized the principle of creation, the ideal of creation. First the father and mother become one and then the children must become one with them and form the perfect foundation of four positions God has not seen any one single family on earth which has obtained that position. There is no individual who has obtained victory over the satanic power -- not to speak of the family scale. The ideal the unification ideology, is not just for the individual to attain this goal but for the family to obtain it -- including their children.

These are all the battles -- battles of the spiritual world and the physical world put together. You are the warriors in this battle. And you must be resolved to become the victors. There must be two of you -- the old you and the new you -- the new you of hope. There must be your old family and the new family of hope. Your children too must become new in order to be your real sons and daughters. Without being able to do that, you cannot be a complete victor on the individual, family, tribal, national and world-wide levels.

Well, where to start the battle is the question. The battle is right in our movement, in our unification family. I want you to know the details and particulars of how to win this battle. At least on the individual level and the family level including your children. Are you confident that you will be the victors in that battle? Our Master has been going through these battles all through his life. In the battle he has had the experience of being attacked by whole multitudes of satans in the spirit world. He did not retreat. He was not conquered, but he became the victor. That is how our unification movement came about. Without his having won the battle, he could not start his mission on the earth. After he started his mission on earth, Satan came to attack him on the earth.

God has been fighting against Satan since the human fall. God is fighting against Satan both on the physical and spiritual levels. Satan is desperate in fighting us. What is our enemy in fighting that battle? This is the question. Your beloved ones, those who are so near to you, are always a concern. I think, that when you want to bring in one of the outsiders, then something happens to him to prevent him from coming. Have you had that kind of experience? That s sure to happen. I think you yourselves have the same experience. In that case you have to fight against the Satanic power which is fighting against you, and after having won the battle you can proceed on to the next thing.

In doing all things our Unification members have gone through those battles on the individual, family, group, national and world wide levels. I have gone through many unexpected difficulties in coming over to the United States. But I am now here before you. After having gone through all those difficulties, we must cross the border to strive on to the right side. Until we reach the peak or crest of the battle, we prefer to defend ourselves and not attack. But after having crossed the culmination or crest of it, we must attack the Satanic power.

The United States is the leading nation in the democratic world and I think it is very significant for us to have a public meeting in the United States. Well, I am not too willing to do that. I am going to do that because I want to be in alignment with the heavenly dispensation. In Korea, we have had many public meetings, but never once have I spoken there on those occasions. Nearly all Koreans have heard of our Master, but not many of them have seen him personally. Recently, there are many famous people -- VIPs -- wanting to see me, but I've refused. This trip (world tour) is the third one. Until the second trip it means the growth stage. Those two belong to the fall. The perfection stage must be intact from the Satanic invasion. Centered on Korea, the world situation has worsened. The third trip has great significance. If we push on this program this time, we will be faced with the battle against the Communists. Once I begin to speak I forget about time and everything. Mr. Choi asked how long I was going to be speaking. Well, I'll conclude.

The United States is retreating in the battle against Communism. The democratic ideology which recognizes the existence of God cannot be defeated by Communism which denies God. Let me explain. The providential history comes flowing down like this. Compared to a man, the heavenly dispensation first comes here -- on the heel of the head. Up to the present moment history was guided or controlled by, the person who was in the head position (the intellectuals). It was like this before World War I. Then coming down, it reaches the stage or age of the Arms. This is the age after World War I up to World War II -- under military control. Then it reaches the age of Stomach (belly). That is the economically flourishing age. In that age, people think that with economic power they can do everything. We are now in this age. Then, it goes down to the age of Legs. Then, God is far up like this (gestures) and the earth is nearer to the legs. This physical plane is nearer while God is remote from us. Then we will reach the age of Feet. That age is the new Communistic age. The lowest class must come on top. But here God is mobilizing the spirit world, God is occupying the other way. If Satanic power is driven away from that earthly point or "footism", that is the end of it. There is nowhere for them to go.

Communists deny God-which means they deny themselves when they exalt material. If they would leave the democratic world as it is, they will in time all belong to God's side. Thus, they deny God even though they have to deny themselves. Out of the people belonging to God's side there must come- a leader who can annihilate Satanic power, conquer Communism and finally set up the heavenly order in this world.

I think 1977 and 1978 will be the culmination of the fight between the two powers. We unification members will prepare for the battle there. Then, what shall we do? In what way are we going to be prepared? First, we must unify all the Christian denominations. Before reaching those years he (Master) is here now in preparation for the battle, and that is why he is going to open the public meetings this time.

Back in the year 1960, he already realized that this battle would come and began to prepare for this occasion -- for the battle against Communism. Now is the time! The time has come! Then, at that time, the Korean government was not cooperative with our movement and they are now regretful of that. Now they realize that they need us. He believes that the United States will go through the same course. People of the world will not know that God is there leading the providential course. The United States and all the other nations of the world will have to go through the same course. We must be prepared for that course before it's too late. We are not fighting for the victory of just the Unified Family. We want to save the whole world by conquering the Satanic power and becoming the victors. In five or six years you will realize that Master's speech tonight was right. Once the battle has started, we have to win. After having won the battle both on the spiritual and physical levels, we can meet God and rejoice with Him. We must be mobilized and concentrated on the same cause and we must be victors in this battle. In this battle there will be many, many casualties. If you are faced with that kind of thing, what would be your attitude? This is the question. You cannot deny this cause and turn your back on the movement.

Master knows that now is the time when we have to mobilize all the Unified Families to concentrate in the cause to fight against Communism. It is natural for the Unified Family in San Francisco to join in the battle. I must repeatedly say that we are not fighting for the growth of the Unified Family, but in order to save the United States, your nation, from the Satanic power. In a sense, we will fight this battle at the cost of our economy and our manpower and all those things, so even though we may lose those, things, we have to fight on. I want to ask you if you are resolved to fight and join in the battle. (Yes!) Well, it's not as simple as it sounds. But, once the battle is here, do you want to conclude the battle in victory at the soonest possible date, or just prolong it like this? Which would you choose? (As soon as possible!) So, you have to push and press on. I must push you hard, and then you may think, "Oh! it's the Oriental way. Yes, it's the eastern way, the Oriental way." You may say that, but the man standing here is not Oriental -- he is not of any one nation. He is applying the method of heaven.

If you are resolved to restore the United States overnight, would God scold you or tell you not to do that? He would be overjoyed! Compared to the whole population of the United States, one of our members must be responsible for how many people? 700,000? If we have 150 members here, one member must be responsible for 700,000 people. Are you confident? (Yes!) With God on our side, we can do everything. We must be confident to be able to lead 700,000 or even 7 million.

Master himself has not even once thought of being defeated by the evil power. If you are not willing to do that, I will be in the front line in any case. Once I start doing things, I will do that and I will realize the goal even though I may not be able to eat, or sleep or anything. I attempt to do nothing without confidence. Then, there is nothing that cannot be realized. I want you to be resolved to be a conqueror and a brave warrior on the battlefield. Are you confident? (Yes!) Shall you do it? (Yes!) Shall you go? (Yes!) Shall you fight? (Yes!) Then we will become victors!

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