The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Our Road To Go

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
January 9, 1972 (5:00 a.m.)
Washington, D. C.
Probable Translator: David S. C. Kim

Are there any questions, please? (No response) Has anyone arrived from the local churches? Are there any newcomers from the local churches? Four, five, seven.

I would like to speak on the topic of: "Our Road to Go." Even ordinary people in the secular world are going their own road according to their plans and goals. At any moment, a person is either coming forward, or else they are just really stuck on the road. Two categories of people who are going their roads are: one person going forward, having a clear goal, while the other category is people who have no goal to achieve; they are stuck somewhere.

He (Master) thinks that among these three categories of people going their roads, we are one of the third one. Thus we know our road to go. The road we are taking forward is entirely different from other persons in this world who are going forward. Also, our Heavenly Father must have been going His road somewhere. His purpose, or goal of going forward, is to save the whole world. Compared with 33 billion people on earth, our members who are going this special road are very minor. Since the world population is going forward on the left side, and our road goes forward on the right side, then where is our God going forward?

When we think of this situation, three roads, one along which the secular world is going, the other one has a certain goal, but not clear, and the third goal -- our goal, then from God's point of view, which side is He going to help, or which side is He going to take? Of course, our road, which God takes, naturally we'll be different from the secular world, who go in their direction. We'll have our own position, naturally. But when God wants to go on this predestined course, He cannot go forward with a small number of this third category of people. We have to think from the position of God -- which way He shall take. God must think of this category of people. Some, they want to go for their own selfish reasons, having a clear goal and purpose of their own. God cannot go forward having just a few members of the Unification Church Family. God's position is to go with one of the three groups on their road -- there is no other choice, even for Him.

We know God has been working with the group up to now, the group with the goal God wanted to achieve. The future fate of the course is clear. He will go with the group, the religious group wants to go with this concept all the way. They must have a clear goal and purpose, then naturally will take the side of this group. The religious persons in this world don't know God wants to go our group. Also, they don't know we are going with God, the Father. The question arises here, can we go? God cannot take this group (the world's religious people) if this group is going to run away. If this group is going to escape, God cannot take them along with Him. There is the question of what kind of method will He use to take this group along with Him? The problem is how we to take them with us, take that group with us. What kind of method will we use to take these people with us?

We cannot use the compulsory method. One way we can use is to find out if they will accept our role. Persuade them that there is no other way for them to follow, except to go along this road with us. How are we going to persuade them that we are on their side? In other words, we have to let them recognize that we are on their side, their friends, when they are under sorrow, pain, turmoil, and so forth. The person will move and come to us when we persuade them that we will share their sorrows, pains, tortures, and problems. There is no other way to let them move toward our side, than to persuade them that we are suffering for them, we have sorrow on their part, we are sharing their problems and tears, and sorrows. Have you ever thought about what other road, what other method we can use to bring the people to our side than the one method he is suggesting right now? This is the same position God, our Father, must take in order to save mankind, taking this road, taking us along this road with Him. God has to show the beneficial condition or position to mankind. This is the connecting element of this method by God from the individual level, to the family, tribe, nation, and worldwide levels.

It is no longer sufficient if, in the past, an individual was a devout religious person, even if he did wonderful accomplishments, he cannot be accepted at this stage. The individual level is not enough. Even if he reached the final destination of the road, God cannot let him stand there, cannot accept him as he is, because he is on the individual level of accomplishment. Even if the individual is acceptable, God will take him back to the original place from which he started, and let him bring other persons along with him, to let him come back with others. Even if this person comes back with a different mission, comes back to persuade other people, the people will not easily accept this endeavor to try to persuade them in this situation that to go upon this road is to go upon the road of great goal and purpose. They will not take it easily. He must use the method, the approach through which he serves these people, and sacrifices himself to help them-this is the only way left. Even if, for himself, he has reached a certain stage of growth, it is not enough. There is no other way for him. He has to look for the person who wants to go on this heavenly road, and he has to find out, he has to persuade him, following this special rule Master must explained, to come along with him. This is the Heart of God, also the heart of leading religious persons, to lead the people from the individual level to the family, to the tribe, and so forth. This is the real position of the Heart of God.

Ordinarily the religious person's tendency is to develop himself individually making a direct connection between God and himself. He wants to stay over there. With that kind of connection, directly on the individual level to God, world salvation is not possible. If a religious person maintains this direct connection on the individual level with God, then what shall God do with this person, this kind of religious person, who on the individual level wants to be directly connected to Him? God cannot be in the position the individual religious person wants. He cannot take that position. God, ignoring this individual person who is contacting Him, will come down looking for another category of people he (Master) was talking about. Let's look at the Unification Church Family according to this statement.

We must not think, as individuals of the Unification Church Family, that God must come down only with us, with me as an individual- that's not right. This is also true on the church family level. As an individual and as the Unification Church, we each would like to have God only within us, and within our group. That's not right. Even if God wants this kind of relationship with our Unification Church Family, our position cannot stay at this level, we have to go forward. His desire, His hope, and His heart is to have you go out into the world. When you are with Him, He will let you come down, come back, instead of staying with God, go back to this world, and bring home more members. Then He wants you to come back again and multiply these members. In the dispensational course, He cannot use the compulsory method. He or she has to come along this road with willingness, in order to bring success, as I have mentioned, we have to serve, we have to serve the person more than anything. We have to sacrifice, we have to share their tears, and their burdens.

There is no other way, even if you study hard, and do research on it. We cannot use the exploitation method, taking advantage of this person. It would be wonderful if it worked, but it won't work. Let us imagine you are the teacher of an elementary school. It is not easy to educate those youngsters, who want their own way all the time. We cannot train or educate a little youngster who is willing only to go his own way. As a teacher, you have to move him, tolerate him, endure him, observe him, and try to help this young child. It's not easy. The teacher should establish the concept with even one child, who will think, "I am not losing anything from this teaching, I am gaining something, because the teacher is serving me, not exploiting, not taking advantage of me." If the child feels he loves the teacher more than brother, sister, parents, and so forth, the teacher is a really qualified one, an excellent individual. From this illustration of elementary school children, the same thing applies to the work we are going to do to educate souls -- the eternal, immortal essence, educational training we are doing.

How much more we have to equip ourselves to bring the souls to be trained and to educate them. Without our service, sacrifice, and devotion to the souls, we cannot accomplish this historical task. There is no other way. Prominent religious leaders have no other way to lead the world, or souls, except this method of service, sacrifice, which he (Master) is talking about. This is the position of our Unification Church Family. We have to clearly understand our position in relation to God. We sometimes want to go this way, but God wants us to go back and take a different road than the road we wanted. We have to clearly understand this position. We are the loneliest group in the world, because God actually wants to be with us, but He can't; He cannot be with us all the time. That's why we will be the ones who are the loneliest group in the world. Why is this? Because we find some of the secular people have somebody for them, but we don't have somebody to take our side. We are in the position of solitude and loneliness. Then don't we have any way to bring ourselves comfort? Is there any way of comfort for us? This will be the question. That is the only way: marching forward. Only from this position will we have somebody to take along with us. That's the only way we have the position of comfort. If you take one person along with you, that is one person on your side, you have him. By the time you have brought one person, so much God takes your side. If you bring two persons, so much amount He will take your side, and so forth. This is our genuine position.

Suppose if we not only bring individuals to our road to go, but if we take over, bring the whole established church members, how much the pleasure or joy of heaven will be multiplied. If you try to utilize or exploit all the members of one established church who came to you, then they will go back, they will not go along with you on that road. They will go back, escape from you, if you are going to use or take advantage of them, and try to exploit them. So we have to establish the circumstances, the environment where even if those people, the entire population of one established church come, let them settle down where the environment is suitable for them, comfortable, enjoyable.... That environment should be created by us. Otherwise, they will go back, Then making the better environmental circumstances, we have to take them along our road to go together. They don't like the less precious thing that you have; now, you have to give the more precious, more valuable thing, you have to give them more than you take. And this means in order to go along our road with them, we have to sacrifice ourselves more by doing so. By developing this from individual, family, and tribe, the development of our foundation will be larger and more expanded. There is no other road, no other method except this, in bringing people to become one with us -- there is no other way. This is our road to go.

Also, God the Father wants us to go this road. What will happen when we reach the destiny of this road, the end of the road? Then all things God has created, all people, will be coming to us. Even God will come to us at the end of this glorious road we will pass along. When we reach the destination, we will receive all things which He created for us. To receive this total creation, we have to go in reverse, giving up all things, following this rule, up to the end of this road. That's the law of restoring the world. If we are taking the opposite road, and expect people to come along with us, it won't work. But instead, we give everything to them, and serve them with everything, and so forth. That's why we will reach the end of that glorious destination that God wants us to have. This is the road we have to go along. When we reach over there, Satan will retreat as soon as we reach that point.

Any questions, please? Do you have the confidence to do this kind of mission? (YES) Sometimes it is very easy to speak, but very hard to put in practice. When you take this kind of road, you will feel the deep closeness of our God beside you. How precious and noble if you live along this road to go that he explained this morning. That road, destination, will explain those famous words: "He who loses his life for my sake will have eternal life."

Jesus Christ walked this road. After the crucifixion, that wasn't enough. He had to come back and take the people to go along with him. That's why he had to come back and set up this religion, Christianity. He had to come back and take the people along with him. That's why he has to come back again-, because this kind of law is involved.

Many people have been following this road: "If I believe in Jesus, I will go to paradise " -- but that doesn't work. Every day of your life of faith, you have to follow this spiritual formula, which he explained. When you do this, practice this formula, at that time only, happiness, joy, and the closeness of God come. No other methods will bring this result. This is the daily life of faith, repeating the same formula daily, until you die. With this, you will have multiplication of family members, but in no other way. It shall work. The problem is old timers of our church. That will be the problem, because they don't follow this formula. Is this clear? Now, the leader's position, responsible leaders' positions in our movement, if they don't do this practice, while other individuals are doing this way, gradually individuals who are practicing this formula will overtake the person who is not doing this formula, even though he is in a position of responsibility. The same spiritual formula applies to our True Parents, too. There are no exceptions. His formula applies on a larger scale than yours, but it is the same spiritual law. Crystal has many comers, doesn't it? It is the same as that. When you remember this formula, you will not get tired of a life of faith. When you came to the Unification Church, you got excited. It felt wonderful. Sooner or later, though, everybody got depressed, and felt there is no way to go forward, and no advancement. Such a person becomes stuck somewhere. Why? Because you suddenly become the individual, you become the Unification Church member centering on yourself. You have to think of God and all people outside you, the population, the many people of the world who are lost.

Our hope and happiness is to bring these people along with us to come on our road to go. If you are interested in this kind of business, you will very quickly progress, and you will be the luckiest person in the world. You will not perish. Rather, you will flourish in spirit. All the blessed couples, the old timers. . . . will be in trouble on this road, on this course. Blessed couples thought, or think, that after the blessing, everything is completed, everything is over. That is not so. Around that point you have to achieve the practical culmination of this life of faith. This life of faith will begin from that point, instead of ending. The blessed couples should know that the important thing is not the problem of how we love one another, how much, how deep-- that's not the main problem -- rather how are we going to work together, work for God. That should be the point to be concerned with. That is the ideal pattern of the family. If some blessed couples do not work this way, they must be strained out.

All throughout the world, establishing this kind of a goal, not only the individual nation, we have to work worldwide, as a big program, one big program. We must not stop at the individual country. This is a great enterprise, a great adventure, your being here. Not an adventure for me (the individual), but for the whole world. Your concept, your scale of value, must be different, to be a genuine Unification Church member. Our heavenly job, all the time bringing over more people, and we take them this route, we have to take them forward. This is the life cycle we are repeating. We have to repeat it. On this road, you cannot take all the people at once. So you have to take care of some of them here, and some of them far ahead, some of them far away. You have to supervise all of this course whenever you bring the people, to locate the proper place for them.

It looks like a pyramid from the individual level, the individual, family, tribe, and so forth. It is this way in the Korean Church, too. Then from the individual, we are embracing the established church right now. This is just in the planning. When we complete this kind of embracing, covering the entire established church, it will come under our planning. Then we can cover it all, or cover the people of the world who are almost ready to perish, or else have no way to go and are stuck somewhere. We can bring them over to this road. Just as the three stages of orderly development, this kind of a big scale will be classified.

This is the world which will be under God, which will be in the rest of the dispensational circle. And all the time on the top of it, one individual is alone there. Master is looking for, may be looking for, somebody who he wants to put in the first comer, the first starting point on the individual level in America Whenever this high peak is approaching, the more people come under this track, the more restored people will join this road Following this pattern with the American Family, the same pattern shall follow to expand this kind of territory.

That's why he blessed couples, that's why he performed the sacred marriage, for the eternal couples. This is from the individual position, Noah's family, 36 family, 430, and so forth, and the last one 777. This is the way the foundation is expanded, starting from him and his family. There is no time to rest. Can you understand how centering on this individual and his family, this structure of restoration can expand? Following this pattern of individual restoration, family restoration, tribe, and so forth, when we reach the world level of restoration, then all nations, all the world, will be embraced, and covered under that consummation of restoration. So you have to follow this pattern. Then in that sense, you are representing the True Parents, you are representing Master and you are representing God when you do this kind of thing, perform this way along this system, Then not only are you the representative of Master and the True Parents, and of God, but also you are the representation of the ideal couple, the ideal world.

In the past, many saints and religious founders had a road to go similar to this one he set up Without that accomplishment, they could not become saints, saviors, or founders of a good faith This is the road we have to go as our formula. Are there any questions so far in relation to this? Does anybody have a different opinion, that it cannot be that way? You seem to know everything he said. You will be liberated, the Bible says the truth will liberate you.

The position of our Unification Church is front and rear, and also right and left -- the four comers and the center. Up and down, front and rear, right and left, If we emphasize too much, cling to the upper only, that's not right. We have to hold the down, too -- up and down. It is not enough to cling only to the left side You have to have a right side, too, You have to cling together, have give and take. Then it makes a circulation. Same with up and down. You have to form a circulation, and have give and take, Same for the front and rear, one comer, one part. . . . Then this circulation will be moving forward towards the goal, for that purpose. Please keep in mind that this is a spiritual principle, formula and goal. This is for trying to set up the center. Why do we do this? To try to set up the location of the center, The center is for both sides, not only one side. It exists for both sides. The person of the center already had to pay the sacrifice. It looks strange, but that is the theory, or law. Any questions, please?

Translator: How many people here never even speak out? Sleeping, or what? I'm sorry, he gives you a chance to speak out, and you never say anything.

Question: Will the revival meetings be presented in the context of serving the churches?

Yes, this is solely for the established churches, and will greatly serve them. It's not for us. That's why you have to bring people. You cannot go to a hundred or a thousand people at one time; unless we are entering the mass media. Yes, we are greatly serving the established church members. The meetings will be for them, not for us. Does that answer your question?

Not completely . . . . etc.

Translator's question: Is he from this local church, or what? Is he a member of this church?

Farley Jones: He is a new member.

Translator: that can be easily answered by other people.

The established churches are looking for something, aren't they? At the moment, their members are looking for something Who do you think is more miserable, and who is happier? They are the ones who are unhappy. The happy ones should serve the miserable modern Christian people. They don't know where to go. Isn't that simple?

Translator: You can help, some of you old timers.

Question: There are many people in America who might be called "Left Wing," or liberal, and would look down upon the revivalism as being of a Right Wing spirit. So how could we serve them and bring them to our side?

We cannot convert everybody at one time, on a continual basis. The defeat or victory will be decided by how much activity you are involved in to save them. The degree of our involvement, the gradual plan will eventually bring them over, but not all at one time. If we show our constant sacrifice to the laborers, or the labor classes, with whom the Communists are working -- if we show more love, more concern than the Communists do, we will win them. This is just a start, just a beginning This is a campaign or battle of who loves America most -- Communists, or the Unification Church members. Through this test, the decision for either one of them will be made. This is just the beginning. If we do more than the Communists do, show more love, more sacrifice, than the Communists do to your country, then we shall win the battle. He figures out, estimates that we will have to expect some kind of sacrifice. Somebody will be sacrificed, in an actual, physical way. We must make up our mind that somebody will be the victims. That is why Master is standing in the frontline right now. And if you follow the instructions he gives you, you shall have no problems, you just do that, follow, his instructions. Are there any more questions?

This is the second week of the New Year, the second week of January, isn't that right? This is a very important message for you to keep in mind on this second Sunday of January, of the year 1972. This has been his secret during his entire life. He has revealed it to you. We shall never perish by following this formula. If you think that you will perish by doing so, you had better not do it. We cannot perish. Always think of this all the way, all the time Always whenever you go out or come in, think of it, live, stay living within this concept, within this formula, always. Carry this concept, this idea of how to serve the people, following this formula. If you have listened today, and don't practice this, if you know the theory, the spiritual law, and if you don't practice it, your conscience, your spirit will be barred. You have to shoulder your burdens, following this formula. Even if you get tired physically, whenever you have to go out, you will be forced to go out.

Special responsibility or position holders in this work will also come up to the key leader's part in this organization. Always those in the leader's position should think in terms of 24 hours, in what way I am spending them, in what way have I spent them for others, or for myself -- for this work, or for other reasons? It is entirely wrong if the leader's position holders think that "I will get the benefit or blessing at the present in my position." Instead of trying to get the blessing, you work on it and bring the people, work for others, then the people will help you who are in the leader's position. Naturally, they must help you. The leader's position holder should direct the existing established members forward to higher levels of advancement, trying, instead of clinging to that same position, to let them move forward, to elevate them to a higher level. Then they will be glad, clearly. Then you will receive the appreciation of those people who are elevated by you. You accept their appreciation. If you look at it this way, there will be no criticism toward leaders. Do You understand? If you do things this way, there will be no criticism toward the leaders.

You have to feel as husband and wife as a leader You must feel this with everyone You must feel that you are indebted, you have a debt to God. That kind of feeling. You have to feel that you owe your members, that you owe something to the regular members. Also at the same time, you owe something to the people of the world, who have not come to this yet. How will you repay this debt -- that should be the rule of your reasoning and thinking every day. The same thing the Leader is doing Whenever he goes to the mountain, he feels the same feeling the Heavenly Father has, as a leader, He thinks how we are going to save these people, how we are going to aid disadvantaged people -- the same situation applies to you If somebody opposes such a leader, who is doing this practice, if they criticize him, the critic shall be in trouble and perish, because innocent leaders are being criticized. Leaders should have this status or condition of the mind more than anything else. If you, the rest of the family, have such leaders in your church, do you think it is bad or good? [Good] Excellent! Then with this formula, the church will develop, it will flourish with this give and take There is no other way but advancement and expansion and flourishing.

If newcomers come to this place, you have to have the status of mind that you would like to cling to them, even if they go out of the door, sharing everything, you want to keep them, You have to show that kind of feeling. If there are newcomers coming to the leader's place, if somebody from a local church, all the time comes to the headquarters, you should have the state of mind that you are so happy to have them come, you hug one another, really even sharing their tears of joy, that kind of spirit you must have.

There must not be criticism in the national headquarters. Instead of criticizing, we have to encourage, Only positive reinforcement must exist. If somebody drops in at headquarters, expressing "Oh, I shall never come back to that messy place," then we are in trouble. If he or she says, "because of the leader -- I do not like him -- I will not come back to headquarters," then we will be in more trouble. You regular members, before you initiate criticism, as a critic, you have to pray for your leaders first. For the leaders or directors, before you transfer such a person to other places, you have to seriously pray with a sincere desire. You have to really pray. There are many categories of people in our group. Somebody is doing all right, somebody is doing wrong, some will not be acceptable, some will be acceptable. A variety of different personalities must exist in our movement. When you deal with such a decision for the matter or cause of the transference, you have to really seriously consider the matter with prayer, in order to not have any unexpected error or mistakes.

If from the remote states of the West coast, the person wants to come here to headquarters, and they desire and long to come to this place, then our Church will be advancing and our movement will flourish. Also, a Principle member who is wavering, and is hesitant before making the final decision might plan to come over to our national headquarters. Before trying to decide upon a final decision, they may want to first come to the national headquarters. Then they might think that later they will make a decision, whether he or she will quit the Principle or not. If these spiritual circumstances (of prayer and vitality at headquarters) be set up, even in the neighborhood, people can sense whether a certain house is flourishing, or giving trouble, or doing fine, etc. So this applies to the same thing -- some individuals are anxious to come to certain houses. If that kind of individual house is established, peaceful, joyful, and radiating positiveness, then even dogs will want to have a bowel movement in that house, because of this kind of a good house in the neighborhood. But not only dogs will come to that house, gathering over there for their excrement, but even birds will come to the garden of that house, if that house is a good house with good spiritual reinforcement.

Further comments upon the analogies given above were made by the translator: In other words, that kind of a house in the neighborhood attracts people, even attracts dogs -- why do dogs come all the time to that house? You see, that's why I am explaining it to you. Even dogs are coming. Even at headquarters lots of people, unexpected people, always birds, and not dogs -- coming around the headquarters. As he was trying to explain that it was spiritual attracting something: "where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together." Why do dogs come to that neighborhood? There is a good, lively something there, that even dogs come to have their bowel movement there, I don't mean to say that this headquarters will have a lot of dogs.

But lots of things will be happening in headquarters. Another thing I will tell you: if any beggars, anybody comes to headquarters, they should be given food. If anybody comes to headquarters, they should have a treat, even beggars. In Korea there are a lot of beggars, but even if this same person comes, we provide for him. Until 1970, we were wide open for any beggars to come to headquarters. They would have a feast. I am not saying a big feast, but heavenly, spiritual food means a feast, doesn't it? After 1970 we changed the serving policy, from giving everything to every comer, including beggars We changed the policy after 1970. Up to 1970, from 1954, the headquarters began to practice this. Not only beggars, but all the regular members are fed, too, At that time they didn't realize how lucky they were, or they didn't show any appreciation for the free meals from headquarters. And not only beggars, but we fed any person who would come around headquarters At that time they never realized, they never even felt their appreciation for that. Very soon he will enforce the same thing, keeping headquarters wide open for every comer to be treated in that way,

We have a very good custom and tradition in Korea. Whenever we build a new house, we invite all the neighbors to come and . . .

Translator: I'm sorry, I misunderstood.

We have a "saram bang" that means a guest room which we prepared. I don't say the living room, this is a different concept. We put aside one room, remote from the main center of the living room. We set aside one other room for the guest room, so that we can entertain them. This kind of custom we have. Then whenever the visitors, or unexpected guests come, even if the master or owner of the house has no food, we have a custom of having to feed them well. That's the obligation, that's the custom This is a very good custom we have. Then how wonderful it would be if all our restored kingdom villages are ready to serve all the peasants,

all the travelers, all the visitors -- give them a free meal, entertain them, feed them. And all different neighbors will compete along this line. How wonderful it will be. This is the ideal, the very place where we are going to build the ideal world.

Then followed an introduction of the members of the Kansas City center.

The Master will learn from the responsible directors and leaders, not directly from the grassroots members. That is a clear word for your country. Is that clear, now? He is giving you the system-- how it works. He will listen to the responsible leaders and directors of local or national centers. He has to listen to them, and not directly to the grassroots regular members. Even in case the director or local leader made some mistake, since the responsible person is set up, headquarters of Master has to listen to what the persons have to say on specific issues. This is the system and order. For anybody who criticizes their bosses or their supervisors, their directors, it's very hard for him to distinguish himself later as long as they follow this practice. Rather, before making a criticism, just like he said, pray and try to accomplish more. That's the way you should do things. If, however, someone follows this kind of pattern, of criticism of leaders, then he or she will become lonely, will become a person of solitude, isolation. Since you came to the Kansas City center, do not cause any trouble or conflict with the Kansas City director. That's what he emphasizes. Do you follow me? Don't feel bad when Master says these things -- it is for your benefit, for your advancement. The last time he visited he heard about you and your very, very genuine certain quality. That's why he said these things to you.

To another person: Is this the first time you have seen our Master and True Parents?

He is very sorry he was unable to make a trip to Kansas City. There are certain pressured programs he has to face. He remembers Kansas City in his heart. The time shall come when, if each center, each church has a certain number of people, then he will visit there -- throughout the 50 states. But remember that if he once visits each of 50 states, staying seven days in each, that's 350 days to visit each church, local church, only once, staying for seven days. Approximately one year it will take for him to visit. Then you have to do something about it. If there are 10 local churches in the state, he has no time to visit all of them. Then he would have to stay here for 10 years, From now on, you will have a hard time to even look at him, meet him, see him. Now we have 120 mission fields in foreign countries, then it would take him 17 years to make even one visit to each country. Even if he is visiting three months, it will take that much. If he does, by that time he will be getting old, using his cane. Because he put so much energy and priority on you people, later he may not so much use his energy, visiting, spending time with you people, because he poured out so much already to you. In that case he will not be able to see you personally, because he will be keeping very busy with nation and church restoration.

In later years when his children, princes and princesses, are grown up, then all representative nations, all of the cities, will try to get his prince and princess to study in their country, because they cannot see our Master. Then if they cannot get his immediate children, prince or princess, then they will look for even blessed couples to come to their country to visit. Can you imagine, have you ever thought that Master will have a long life on earth? At that time some of the blessed couples will be existing. Don't you think so? Then after he has passed away from this earth to go to the Heavenly Kingdom, how precious the blessed couples will be! Then the whole world will look at those couples remaining, representative of the last couple remaining while he was on earth. It doesn't matter even if they have a deformed personality, physical defects, whatever. It doesn't matter. It will be so precious a couple remaining on earth, after Master goes to Heaven.

Thinking along this line, you blessed couples have to reevaluate or reconsider your value, and appreciate your position as blessed couples. Now, at this moment, you don't realize this. Later in the future, you will come to. Suppose he passed away right now, then the American blessed couples remaining in this United States would be more valuable ancestors. Wherever you stay, monuments of you blessed couples in America will be remembered. Don't you think this will happen? The founder of this nation will be far less respected than you blessed couples remaining if he passed away right now.

Mrs. Choi: It makes us sad to hear him say "when I pass away."

If he is not here on earth, "if," right? Always blessed couples should remember this. In other words, he is emphasizing the blessing of the blessed couples, the extraordinary universal value which is so much higher than ordinary secular world value. You couples have to make some family history. Then you have to turn over the history to your descendants. When you have arguments between you, and when you have a nice time, and so on, you should record them in this diary and transfer this to your descendants.

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