The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Talk to Trainees, 1/3/72

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
January 3, 1972
Washington, D. C

(From a brief talk Master gave during the Training Program led by President Kim)

Judge your position by seeing four directions -- know which is north, and south and so on. The restoration course is such that you cannot lose your mind for even a minute. Master had to restore all the things which failed in Adam's family, Abraham's family, everything. When you listen to the lecture don't think these things came out of someone's head. He could only find them out by fighting. And he actually performed and experienced these things. By such victorious experiences this knowledge came out. He did not think up these things, but he entered the place. He became Adam in Adam's family. If you don't enter the situation, you can't understand what the situation really is. The reason Master knows about Jesus' family is because he actually went to that place. This is on the individual level. When he goes over into the family level, he must fight. And if he cannot get it quickly in that fight, then he cannot go over this boundary. He has to fight from the individual to the family, from the family to the tribe. By winning he can cross the boundary.

These are the circumstances of fighting. It must be done in two ways: first in the spiritual world, and then on the earth, or physical world. When we hear that Jacob subdued Esau, we know he first had to subdue the angel. Without a spiritual victory there cannot be a physical victory. So before he (Master) started his work on earth he worked in the spirit world. He fought and won the victory there. Because of such conditions, he could establish a victorious kingdom on the earth. The spirit world is in the position of the angel, and this world is in the position of Adam. After he subdued the angelic world, the spirit world, with that authority he could work on earth. On the foundation of overcoming the angels, spirit world must cooperate with him. If Christianity and a nation had received him, there wouldn't be a fight like this. He could have established his mission without it. But because they rejected him, he is making indemnity conditions again by fighting all of these things. During World War II, Satan's countries were Japan, Germany and Italy. If the Christians had received our Master after World War II, there would never emerge three such countries again. But now we have Soviet Russia, North Korea, and China. Because of the Christians' persecution of Master, God had to allow Satan to have control. The 20 year period after World War II is the, period for Satan.

How many Communist countries are there now on earth? If the number goes over 12, they will come to decline. And the Communist countries cannot go beyond eight generations. The first three are Marx, Lenin and Stalin. Stalin is the third one, so he is the Lord of the Second Advent on Satan's side. Also, Russia is in the 53rd year of the Communist regime. It cannot go beyond 64 years. It was started three years before Master was born, so it has had a head start. In 1980, Master will be 60 years old.

For 1975 he is going to work his mission on that basis. This year he has to make the outline of the foundation for that time. In the seven years after 1975 we have to break through. So you have to resolve to do your work adventurously. Now he's suspicious that you value the unrealistic ideology of individualism. So if he finds it is impossible to do his work in America, he will go to Germany. Germans were trained in "totalism," so it will be easier to work on his mission there. He has a plan, but he isn't going to explain the details. That will be decided by the individuals, how strongly they can be one with Master. Master feels sorry he came to America. The time has come for work, but he can't find anyone who is prepared for it.

If the Korean missionaries are to talk about the Divine Principle, they have to become one. If they had become one they would have formed the base of four positions, and the work would have progressed much faster. Now, in America, he can't find any tradition. So to use America there must be a base, so that if one goes out to fight, and gets tired, he comes back and is revitalized. They must be supplied with energy. But there is no such system. Also America does not have a link with the Korean base. It is separate, it seems. So you are in an urgent situation; you must make a heavenly tradition in America. Master thinks he must put his hands into planning that. Also in the future we have to write the history of our movement in America' How can we write it? It is zigzag. When we write history, we have to write it exactly as it is. And heaven will see that this is not the situation where the heavenly tradition is inherited. Do you think so, or not? So those who take responsibility must make that tradition.

And in the worst case, if the American members cannot do that, he is thinking of bringing Japanese and Korean members here and letting them do the work. We have about 500 members here. Would you like to be replaced? So when the history is recorded, if you want to explain the cooperation you gave our movement, you have to associate yourself at this time. You have to become one with Master, and link the many traditions. He does not like the separate groups. Some talk of Mr. Kim's group, or Miss Kim's group, or Mr. Choi's group. He does not like that. As the Principle teaches, Abel's mission is to restore Cain. If Cain and Abel fight, there is no purpose. So Master is now thinking of various plans. He has a first plan, and if it cannot be executed, then he has a second plan, and a third plan. Sometimes he thinks if there were no members, it would be better, because of the separate groups. But he has the responsibility to make them one, and set up the eternal tradition.

In the Communist world, Soviet Russia is the firm base. Even if the Communists outside of Russia fight and die, they believe that Soviet Russia is still there, and the work will be continued from there, so they can win the last victory, and they can die without worry. But we don't have such a base. Without such a base, if you go out to fight, and become exhausted, you might come to blame our movement, or our Master. You might think "I was deceived." Now he is thinking of making the traditional nation. Which nation should be chosen for that? God wants us to have a substantial traditional base, so that when we fight, we can come back and get revitalized, and depart again for the attack. We don't have such a place. The most important thing is to make this substantial base,.

For you to become one with the Master is the most serious and most important problem. So you have to work with the work that is being done. We have to advance the work, resolve to do our part in that responsibility. We have to be ready to take anything. We must go up to a certain level. This world is nothing compared to spirit world. It is much more complicated. Because Master knows spirit world, he can go through the difficulties in this world without being disturbed. We don't know the way of the third seven year course. The change in history cannot be made without any course. That course is made while we are not aware.

This visit to America is of historical significance, but you do not know it. Do you think you know? And if your first step is slightly off the path, the second step will be more so, and the third even more. So that means in making a tradition, the start is the most important. Now I think you can understand your position.

After receiving the blessing from his father, Jacob went to Haran for 21 years. During that time he thought of nothing else but the blessing. Compared with Jacob, Esau stayed in the same place. But after 21 years Jacob went to solve that. Because of that Jacob came to be the father of the chosen people. When the Master came before, you were in the same place as you are now, while he has gone on. It is hard to understand that. From this year, for three years, he is going to work to link the tradition he has already made in Korea with the Western countries. He has already done this in Japan. In the restoration providence, America is the archangel country, therefore you must work harder than Korea or Japan, because they are the Adam and Eve countries. He has explained this from the Principle. Adam and Eve are the children of God, and the archangel is the servant. Americans are mixed people. There are many nations living together. Because the providential history is coming to an end, this country was blessed. But this blessing will not last longer than 22 years more. So it will be without providence.

During that period God gave blessings over all of America. Heaven has placed the greatest importance on lineage. But now America is just a mixed nation, therefore, it is a nation of the archangel. The archangel was not satisfied, because God loved Adam and Eve more. To indemnify that, God gave this country a blessing. He blessed this country before he blessed the Adam and Eve countries. That way He can make the condition of loving the Angelic country more than the Adam and Eve country. America is the angelic country, so she must assist Korea. She aided Japan and Germany, and made these two countries prosper. Japan and Germany were, on Satan's side, the Adam and Eve countries. So they were blessed. The angelic country, Eve country and Adam country all three were blessed, so they must help Korea. Satan's side Adam cannot be restored until the world is restored. So now Germany is divided into two, just as Korea is divided.

Because America is an angelic country, the angel must fight Satan. Your country is in the position of the unfallen angel. Therefore this country must fight Satan, the fallen angel's position, Soviet Russia. The angelic country's families cannot be the ideal ones, because the ideal must first appear in the Adam country. All the families here are splitting, just like that, breaking down. And in America it is hard to find virgin girls. When they get to be 15 or 16, they have a relationship just like Adam and Eve did. That is the situation of the fall, in the Garden of Eden. For America to stand in the position of the unfallen angel, we must stop all the immoral things in the families, and among the young people. That must be done by our members, by our movement.

So now think of your country. Do you think it is as Master said? Now Master is working in Korea and Japan. America is next. In Asia, America must protect Korea, Japan, and Free China. Because the United States couldn't fulfill that mission, the Master ordered fasting by our members in Japan. The President who began to cut down the foreign aid to Korea was Kennedy. Also, Dag Hammerski old was the Secretary General of the United Nations at that time. That is the reason they couldn't live their lives out. Now Nixon is pulling out. So heaven must come to America and work. There is no other way. Master has offered to save America, through the Unification Church. The reason he decided to have revival meetings here is to receive persecutions, then heaven will help, and there won't be so much suffering.

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