The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

Tradition Centered On God

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 1972
Washington, D. C.
Master Speaks
Translated by Mrs. Won Pok Choi

Today he is going to speak on the subject of tradition, centered on God. The ideal of the creator, God, and the ideal of man, cannot be realized unless it is centered on God. There must be a point where God's ideal of love and man's ideal of love meet. The problem is, where do God and man meet, centering on God.

Man hopes and wishes to be at the highest point of love. God wants man to be at that highest point, to be able to love Him at that point. From this point of view, this place is not the point of man's being, the self. Neither is it the point where man is in darkest solitude. If there is a person you want to be close to, you don't want to be a servant, nor an adopted son to him. You want to be his true son or daughter. This is the highest point of love you could wish to have. From God's standpoint too, it is the highest point of His love for another being. From this we can tell that Jesus, too, taught the ideal of love. That's why he spoke of the only Son of God. And in that case, he could say that God also wanted that, and He hoped for such a son, for the highest point where God and man can meet, centered on love.

And when two meet at this point, their relationship is that between father and son. That's always the highest point, and remains vertically up and down. But the son's desire is to be on the highest point, and even higher than the highest point. The Son of God's love would wish, after having acquired the Father's love, to be higher than that point, if it is possible, if there is any point higher. Father, God, could not but permit that, even though it may sound greedy. God is in the position to allow man to love from the position of a servant. In that case their relationship is vertical. But He also wants man to be side by side, on the horizontal line with Him. God cannot but allow man to be on that horizontal position, and love God horizontally, because He loves man wholeheartedly. On this premise I want to re-evaluate the relationship between God and man.

God cannot but permit man to love God horizontally as well vertically; to have a relationship not only of father and son, but to be one, not two separate beings. I can conclude that the vertical relationship of father and son is up and down, whereas on the horizontal level, they are not only side by side, but also completely one. What will decide that point?

You are not willing to put your most precious relationship where people can see or touch it. You want to conceal it, hide it somewhere. You want to hide it deep enough so that no one can rob it or take it. If it is the most precious thing to you, the only thing for you, and the best thing to you, you will want to conceal it in a place where no one else can take it away. Suppose you have such a thing. Do you want to keep it where no one else can see it, or not? If you have a person or being who is precious to you and valuable to you, where would you want him to be? You would like to have him in the place were you alone could meet, which you alone know, where you alone could associate. Having hidden him in such a place, you don't want to be robbed of him. You want to find a place where you can hide him. It must be a place where you can hide him. It must be a place where you alone can go, where you alone can see him, which you alone can find. Where is that place? Can you answer? The human heart, the human conscience. Right in the depth of your heart, at the bottom of your heart you want to hide him, or confide in him. That's the only place you alone can go to meet him.

There are many different dispositions, many different ways of feeling, so your heart is the only place where you alone can meet God. On God's part too, He does not like to meet you in an open place. He wants a place where He can meet you as an individual with a different disposition from others, who has an entirely different way of thinking, and a different way of feeling. That's why God made our human conscience invisible. We can see our invisible body with our spiritual sight. But there is the core of the spiritual body, the part which corresponds to the human mind. That's where God and you can meet, with satisfaction and without other people knowing what you have been doing there. If both of you love each other in that kind of place, there is no one else who can grab that love away from you. That point is the result of vertical love, and the starting point of horizontal love.

Centered on love that kind of love is only at one point, nowhere else. And we come to that place in our heart. For yourself, in the position of son or daughter you desire love on the vertical level. That can also be said to be the love between master and servant. If you spiritually draw to the same level, you will desire love on the horizontal level, side by side. You are in the place of sorrow on the vertical level, because you want to be one with Him, entirely one with Him. That's where God wanted Adam to be, and if Adam had acquired that position, God would have abided in him, been entirely one with him. In other words, the Father and son would have become one. From the Principle we can say that God, in this case, is the inner Adam, while Adam is God in flesh, the outer Adam. We say that there are three kinds of love -parental love, marital love, and children's love. If that point had been realized in Adam, parental love and children's love would have met at that same point. Conjugal love alone would have been left, the ideal of marital love alone would have been unaccomplished.

If Adam and Eve had been perfected to maturity, they could have become one in conjugal love. They were to love each other, not only on the physical level, but also on the spiritual level. Adam, in his place, could have been one with his Father-God -vertically, and Eve could have acquired the position of Father and daughter, and become one. In that case, the point where Adam and Eve would have desired to be was the point of oneness. God and Adam, being one, would have desired Eve. And God and Eve being one, would have desired Adam. On the horizontal level, there are four-God and Adam, and God and Eve. Those four desire to be entirely one. Then where are they to meet-up here or down here? No! They would come together horizontally and become one. If Adam and Eve had become one on that level, what would have become of them? They would have had entire oneness. Nothing could separate them.

From that point you want to have a relationship with the whole world. There is no one, there is not a point which you do not want to know. Everyone there wants to associate with any other being in the whole world. If you are in the stadium watching the game, you want to be the top champion. You always think of things that way. Through the period of adolescence God wants you to look for the highest place. He wants you to associate with the whole world. That's when you want to meet your spouse, and lead the love to the ideal point. In a flower that is the time it makes a fragrance. If you stand by the flower awhile, the fragrance will come to rest on you. That's the way you spread your fragrance in adolescence. It extends wider and wider. Butterflies and bees are attracted by the fragrance. So what do the youth, the young men and women want in that period? They want to become the top champion, the top student, the top everything.

Only after acquiring this comes the desire for the position of love. For both men and women this is the only way and the only goal. It is the highest point because it is the only point where God and Adam and God and Eve would like to be together. If God and Adam could not be one, and God and Eve could not be one, they could not acquire that position. And from then on, there is less give and take between Adam and Eve centered on God. If God and Adam become one, and God and Eve become one, and they meet at that point, there is no other power that can split them.

The point where those two meet is, in another sense, the point where four meet together, God and the creation. That's the point where the creator and created meet. With those two united, a new creation comes from that. Through this kind of love children are born. That's the work of re-creation. From that we gather that God creates not only on the vertical level but also on the horizontal level. This is the ideal of creation centered on Adam and Eve -- God's ideal.

If Adam is one with God, and Eve is one with God, they cannot say I am higher than you. There is no higher or lower, but only complete oneness. But for some reason or other, the relationship between God and Eve, and between God and Adam became separated. Now the love between man and woman is mostly on the physical level. In the last days you will find that this problem among adolescents is chronic.

Man is entitled to become one with God on the vertical level, and not only that, but also to be one with his spouse on the horizontal level. We can acquire the position of oneness with Him on the same level. We can also say you are in the inner and outer position with God. You are side by side. We human beings don't like the position of the Creator up there. You want to be in His place, and as the son and daughter of God, you want to create a being, just like the Creator, giving birth to children. In that case you are a creator. God gave us that ability, and man lost the privilege in the fall. We must restore this privilege at any cost, in any way. We must know that man was created to be entirely one with God, the Creator, with the same value and creative power. So we must value ourselves. Being of that highest of qualities and value, can you just abandon yourself in the fallen world? It can't be. In that position alone, the position he (Master) has described, you can acquire ultimate happiness.

The Unification Church members are all mobilized to best reach that goal. We cannot go in a zigzag way, waveringly. Would you like the path of love to be like that? Is there any one of you who wouldn't like to go the straight path of love? Raise your hands if there is anyone. When you begin to be loved by God, and to know God's love, that is the starting point of human love. At that point you find yourself for the first time. And when you have children you can be boastful and proud of them. Then you can experience God's love towards you. Being in the place where you love your own children you can say "I am already a man. I am already a woman." And when God sees His son and daughter matured like that, one with each other, and with their own children, He would be satisfied with Himself, seeing you in a position like Himself. When God created Adam and Eve His purpose was the same. And when He sees you, the created, becoming one, and in His position giving birth to children as God has done with you, He is satisfied. Then the love between God and you is realized on both the vertical and horizontal lines. Yours will be His, and His will be yours. This is the cubic love and the horizontal love. You must know and try to acquire that position. Later you will go to spirit world and find the value of that kind of love. If you cannot obtain that love while on the physical plane, you will be ashamed of yourself for not having been able to do that.

For the Unification Church members, if any one of you would be so greedy as to say to yourself, "I will become one with the Master on a higher level than with God, the Father" the Father will not be angry. He will be overjoyed to see you in a happy family. The children born in that kind of love will be indescribably wonderful. That's the highest point of love, where God and man can love, and where man and man can love. It cannot come into being just from the knowledge of it. You must feel it in your hearts, and put it into practice. This is a very important and very precious thing. So remember what he has taught you. Don't you think that would be the highest point of love, the ideal love? Man is for that, and woman is for that too. With that in mind, can you look for another woman besides your wife, or another man besides your husband? When you feel "I will love my husband, I will love my wife," then God will be there and feel the same. This is the key point entitling you to the Heavenly Kingdom of God -- to be able to love your spouse whole heartedly in the ideal and perfection of love. Those who are single must be resolved not to be stained. Keep your virginity pure. Can you make love without God's permission, knowing all these things? Everything must be motivated by God. That is how God created man, centered on love. If you have that in mind you will realize how precious love is. And we must be loving in that way.

The other night you spoke about a union church. Can you explain that?

We have created a new denomination. It started in Japan, and there are twenty or thirty churches now. It will be the mediator between the established church and our church.

You said if man would want to become like God with his mate, then God would be overjoyed. Did I understand that right?

Yes. In that case, you are not supposed to be separated from God. But with God between you, you can love more than the love that exists between you and God. And He will not be angry with you.

In what way does the political and economic structure of the New Age resemble the Family?

Right now we have two economic blocs -- the have nations and the have not nations, or advanced and underdeveloped countries. The underdeveloped countries have to follow the direction of the advanced countries. For instance, after World War II America was the top country technologically. Now underdeveloped countries are following the cycle -- Germany and Japan.

When all the countries are developed, and all have the same economic system, the problem won't be one of development. The problem then will be one of distribution and sales. This should start with some nation, creating a new pattern in the economic system. This system should eventually prevail so overwhelmingly, that even in Japan and Germany, the people will not buy products from their own country, but will buy according to centralized instructions. What kind of system of thought or economy can function to give these centralized instructions? Religion is the only system that can do that. So in the future, this system of thought or system of economy will have a close relationship with religious organizations. Our Master is going to prepare for this system of economy.

In the future don't buy American products if Master says to buy from somewhere else. If you believe in what he says, and practice it, you will become the wealthiest people and the wealthiest nations, but not necessarily on earth. Buy from the company he designates in the future. It doesn't matter if it is a small or large item. Soon that product will be the one manufactured by us. We have to buy that one. Then the world or universal economy will come to us.

Up to now people have been producing products for their own profit.

This time the economy will come to us. A system of assistance will prevail rather than that of competition between the two economic blocs. For instance, several European nations created the Common Market for their own benefit. But this narrow minded system of economics will pass, and the time will come for other nations. But even in that time, the problem of distribution and sales will still be there.

The future trend is towards the Communist economic system. We have to take steps to make God's economy. The Communist system is for the state, and democracy is for the individual. This gap has to be filled to reach a compromise point. The nation which develops that compromise will be the ideal kingdom, it will have the ideal system economy.

Do you mean that Communism will take over the world?

According to my knowledge about one third of the people on earth are under the control of Communism. Do you think anyone guessed that in fifty years Communism would conquer one third of the globe? And that one billion people would be in their hands? How much our Divine Principle Movement will grow in fifty years! Far faster than Communism. Did you ever think about that? In spirit world, it is entirely mobilized right now. So your work will be distinguished from Satan's. The reason Soviet Russia and her satellite countries are extended so far is because they have one solid center state. Centering on that state, all kinds of duty is performed, and all kinds of subversive strategy is planned. Even if one small satellite in Latin America or anywhere fails, they believe that the master state of Communism (Soviet Russia) and their ideology will still flourish. We have to have a similar foundation -- one nation -- to compete with that big giant. We are going to set up a similarly strong system -- a center state and a center organization. It is absolutely necessary to proceed with this kind of growth. The center of tradition in this movement will be set up. Even if the people change, the tradition will not be changed.

Would Master comment on President Nixon's trip to Red China?

From Mao Tse Tung's point of view, nothing will be lost by allowing Nixon's visit. If Nixon goes in February, he will be confronting unexpected questions. Red China will be very strong in insisting on presenting their political programs. Mao Tse Tung plans to persuade Nixon so that no ground is gained. He wants to show the world that America and Nixon came to China for the game that Mao Tse Tung set up. It will be excellent propaganda. Then America will lose her prestige with all the minor nations throughout the world. Then Red China's position in the UN will be that of the defender of the minority countries.

Nixon should understand that this is their motive for giving him permission to enter Red China. Nixon's plan was to arouse public opinion to benefit the election in 1972. But, contrary to his expectations, he might not get so much out of this kind of visit, both from Red China and Soviet Russia. The time will come because of this visit that many Christians will become anti-government. A new movement, a new political-religious organization should emerge to meet this kind of situation. The Christian Political Union can function in this way. It will unite the forces from the democratic and republican sides. Then the parties together can sort out the antigovernment faction within the parties, and unite centering on our organization. He is planning this kind of strategy. It is urgent to form the leading forces to influence the entire American society.

White and black are confronting one another right now. Internally this is a problem, externally you have the problem of Communism. Communism is more serious. But the time will come when they unite, the Communists will unite with the blacks in this country. If that happens how can the government of Korea deal with the situation? At that time our ideology of Victory over Communism will be an answer. We right now have to prepare, and plan right now. If we don't, when the time comes, it will be too late. So the key workers, and the key directors in Victory over Communism should be working in different parts of the U.S. to meet this crisis.

In the future the blacks and Labor may draw together. Then the bourgeoisie of black people and white people will have to be united with a new ideology to combat that situation. Our role is to train them, educate them so that they can be united and fight when the time comes. Then through an ideological way we can obtain a victory over Communism. In that case there will be no problem with a new direction. We have to train them for what is coming, and propose a new program. That's why he is planning to purchase an educational institution, such as a seminary. Can you cooperate? You earn the money, and he will do the work. The United States is a capitalist country, so without capital we cannot move ahead. If we have one million members we would have no problem. Can you imagine when we have one million dedicated people like you? What would the result be? But before attacking Communism, we have to work with the Christians, and succeed in our mission of unification through belief in God.

By 1975, the beginning of the third seven year course, we have to be prepared. He thinks your burden will be heavier then than now. You have to bear this responsibility on your shoulders. So you have to work hard.

What plans does Master have for the unification

That is a long subject, so he cannot answer that.

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