The Words of Rev Sun Myung Moon from 1972

The Significance Of God's Day

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Master Speaks
January 1, 1972
Washington, D. C

This is the fifth God's Day, and although you may have read about the significance of God's Day before, you haven't heard it directly from Master. So he is now going to speak on the significance and how it came into being.

Originally God's Day should have been the same day as Parent's Day and Children's Day. But because of the fall, mankind had to restore these separately, according to the providence of restoration. Man is the center of the universe, and he was the first to fall. After man, the lesser one, or the one not in the center also fell. In other words, man is heavier in his relationship with God, and he fell first, after which all the other creation also fell down. So if we look at this from God's standpoint, man is the farthest away from God, and the creation stands in a nearer position to God. For man to come closer to God he has to go through the creation, which stands between him and God. So the creation becomes a bridge for man to cross. Parents, then, are in the lowest place. And above them is the place of servant, and above that is the place of creation. Above the creation is the place of the adopted children. Then comes the place of children in the true sense, and above them is the position of the true parents. At the time of Jesus man had passed through the position of servant and had reached the position of adopted children. Jesus came on that foundation. And on the victorious foundation of Jesus true parents were to come.

But this is the fallen world, so we cannot make a bridge to God without a condition. God and creation and man are one. So God has wanted to take one special part from the creation and through that become one with the creation, and make man and creation one. And when God makes such a situation where His mind and man's mind are one, and the creation's mind is one, then the three can be united. Within this scope of sacrifice God has been uniting the providential history. God has always pursued man from the age of servant to the age of adopted children to the age of true children through sacrifices.

Inheriting this providence of sacrifice, Jesus came. Up to the time of Jesus men and many things in creation had been offered as sacrifices. To be offered as a sacrifice each thing was cut into two and let bleed. For the providence of restoration many servants also were sacrificed. And many adopted children were put in the position of a sacrifice. On the value of all those sacrifices, true children could come. The people who came to this stage, who fought through these sacrifices, were the people of Israel. And if they had united with Jesus, the situation for restoring a nation could have been realized. That is, when Jesus, representing this nation, became one with God, then a nation of God's sovereignty could have been restored.

Because the people of the Israel nation couldn't unite with Jesus the nation was not established. But to restore this was Jesus' responsibility, so Jesus made a great sacrifice to restore his people, the nation, and God's sovereignty. With Jesus the Old Testament Age of going to God through sacrifices ended, and a new age where Jesus himself became the sacrifice started. Christians long to become one with Jesus and God, which means God, Jesus and man are united. That is the purpose of Christianity.

Then what was Jesus' goal? His goal was to establish the position of true parents and the position of true family. So for Jesus to restore his family, he had to restore the nation, the people and the sovereignty which had been lost by the fall, and which were lost again by his death. But by the crucifixion Jesus also lost his physical body. So the purpose of Christianity is also to restore that lost physical body of Jesus. But Christianity cannot realize this goal without restoring the land, the people and the sovereignty. So Christians have to stand in the position where they can fulfill the providence of sacrifice which took place in the Old Testament days. In other words, Christians have to resolve to offer themselves as sacrifices, the same situation which existed before Jesus, before the Lord. At that time the people stood as the adopted children, so that is the position of the Christians all over the world. That means that all the Christians must be ready to offer themselves before the Lord when he comes again. If such a foundation to be established by the Christians is not laid, then there will be no foundation to receive the Lord, and to restore his crucified body, and the lost land, people and sovereignty.

By fulfilling this, the Christians (adopted children) and Jesus form a relationship of Cain and Abel. All the children stand in the position of Cain and Jesus stands in the position of Abel. As Cain, those Christians must be perfectly obedient to the Lord, and be completely united with him. Without understanding this you cannot understand the rest of this speech.

So the Lord who is to come stands in the position where he has no physical body, as if he had no body. (The Christian Church is his body.) At the time of Jesus, Jesus was to inherit all the prepared children, nation and sovereignty from John the Baptist, but he couldn't. So the Lord of the Second Advent must restore all the people, the nation and the sovereignty through the Christians. He has to restore everything through the Christians. Also by the rejection of the Jewish people Jesus lost his physical body and his heart. So to indemnify this the Lord of the Second Advent must restore his physical body and his heart from the present day Christians. That means the Christians have the responsibility to become his physical foundation -- his physical body and his heart, by becoming the foundation for his work. To correct this heart he had to change the direction of heart. After that he had to establish the direction of substantial entity. Without going through this process the Lord cannot act as the center of God's providence on this earth. And those foundations had to be laid before 1960.

By the rejection of Christians, those foundations were made by our members, the members of the Unification Church, and not the Christians. Because of this, all the missions of the present day Christians have been inherited by our members, members of the Unification Church. Therefore Christians cannot go farther than adopted children. That means they have to stay in the growth stage, they cannot go into the Completed Testament Age because of their failure. If it is hard for you to understand this when it is explained to you, then imagine how difficult it is to solve such problems.

At the time Master was doing these things even the staff members in Korea didn't know this course. But after it was accomplished, years later, they could understand. And the blessed families have been blessed on this foundation. Actually that means all the blessed families must go through this process. But because Master went through this process he has passed on those things to us.

And when the central figure fulfills all the mission, then a new history can be opened. And the central figure will be the one who completes the providence of all the years of the Old Testament Age. That is the condition where the providence attained through,the sacrifices of the adopted children and servants is realized. At that place the crucified Jesus can be revived, as a physical man. That is what Master accomplished. It is the same place as if Jesus and all the Jewish people had united. From that base he went on to unite all the people with this same point. It was from there that he could start the work to unite the nation. And it was from that that the history of the Unification Church began.

But by himself he could not fulfill these things. He had to find his spouse, his bride, and make a family. That was the wedding in 1960. And that day becomes Parent's Day, the wedding day in 1960. But that Parent's Day could not have been established if there had been any condition which could have been invaded by Satan. So it had to be established on the condition where no Satan could accuse or invade the true parents. He can still invade other people, but not the True Parents. That took place in 1960.

The purpose of God's creation, the ideal of God's creation was to establish the four position base without the fall. So for the three years after 1960 he blessed many couples and started to restore all the lost children. The true parents also worked for true children. With the true children and the restored children, he could restore from the family to the tribe. From the standpoint of the True Parents, the true children stand in the Abel position and the blessed couples stand in the position of Cain. (These Cain-Abel relationships will last until the providence of restoration is realized, until the world comes to an end.) Parent's Day could come by the wedding of the True Parents. But not Children's Day. It could come only when Abel, the true children, and Cain, the blessed families, were united properly. When this base was formed then Children's Day could be established.

Through the blessed couples Master had to restore all the lost generations which had come during the providence of restoration. So all the horizontal birthright conditions had to be separated from Satan so that Satan could no longer accuse them. Without this base Children's Day couldn't be formed. Through the True Parent's first son, the true children and the blessed families were united. So that is how Children's Day was established.

When Children's Day and Parent's Day are established on earth, then World Day is the next one to be established. Man originally had the dominating power over the creation, so by restoring men, World Day could come. But these days all took place in Korea, on a national level. So Master has to enlarge these days to a world-wide level. That is the reason for his world tour in 1965. To restore the center, the True Parents, the providence had to go through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. That establishes the center. But when he enlarges these things to a world-wide level, the external one must come first. That means the restoration of the creation comes first, then comes the restoration of man, then comes the restoration of parents. It is like a link. The Old Testament can be linked with the external, the restoration of the creation. The New Testament Age comes to the restoration of man, and the Completed Testament Age comes to the restoration of parents. Here the restoration of parents means restoration of blessed parents, not fallen parents.

By the blessing of the holy grounds all over the world, we could come to God without offering actual sacrifices, without making ourselves sacrifices. By becoming one with the holy ground, all the people can come to God. They come to receive the merits of the restoration providence. That is why you go to the holy ground and pray there. And if you become one with the holy ground, your spirit can grow. He blessed 120 holy grounds all over the world. If there are many people who pray on the holy grounds, and who dedicate themselves to the holy ground, and if the number of people increases, then the restoration of the people can increase in proportion.

In the 1965 world tour, Master was accompanied by Mrs. Choi, Miss Kim and Mr. Sang Ik Choi. The reason he took these people was that Master stood in Adam's position and Mrs. Choi stood in Eve's position. Mr. Choi was a representative of Japan, and Miss Kim was a representative of the United States, the archangel country. By bringing these people together he could form a four position base. The representation of Eve's country, Japan, was done by a man, and the United States, the archangel, a male position, was represented by Miss Kim, a woman. Master and Mrs. Choi represented the internal Adam and Eve. Miss Kim and Mr. Choi represented the external Adam and Eve. But they didn't know this significance at that time. At that time the two Adam and Eve's had to become completely united. Master knew the significance, so he was very serious when he spoke. You have to understand how significant the first world tour was. When you go to spirit world, you may have the chance to feel the Master's heart, to feel what he felt during the first world tour.

Whenever he visited a new country, he first visited the capitol building of that nation and their historical museum. That was meant to connect the present sovereignty of that nation with the nation's history. After that he selected the site of the holy ground and blessed it. When he left Korea he brought with him earth and stones, and whenever he blessed a holy ground he placed the stone and earth from Korea in that place. Then he took from that ground stone and earth, and carried them back to Korea. By taking the stones and earth from Korea he represented all the things which he had restored in that period in Korea, and by taking it with him, he was to pass on those fruits to that nation. By bringing earth and stones from that nation back to Korea he could make the circuit of give and take action from that nation. From that time on the fortune of the earth could be turned to our side. It has been seven years since his first world tour. He started his third world tour in the sixth year, and now it has gone over into the seventh year, 1972. So there is great significance in this third world tour.

In other countries he blessed only one holy ground, but in America he blessed. 52. So he wanted to come to America first because there were so many holy grounds. Also he placed so much importance on America. From here he wants to make the foundation on which he can restore people. Last year he concentrated his efforts to make a big country (Japan) and Korea one. From now on he has to make the way for European countries and American countries to cooperate with the work in Korea and the work in Asia, among Korea, Japan and Free China, These things must be fulfilled in three years, from 1972 to 1974. 1974 is the ending year of the second seven year course.

The reason Master wants to hold revival meetings in America is to connect a portion of America and the American people and the American Christians with Master. He brought with him this time a man from Japan. So when he goes back to Korea, via Japan, he will link all the things which he acquired here with Japan and Korea.

And even though we had established Parent's Day, Children's Day, and World Day, they were not settled until after going through the perfection stage. They were established under the perfection stage, upon the culmination of the growth stage. (i.e. after the perfection of the growth stage and before the beginning of the perfection stage.) To pass through this perfection stage, we must bring parents, children and creation with us. He had to take all these things, parents, children and creation, and go through the perfection stage. That was the first seven year course. He could not pass through the first seven year course by himself. The perfection stage is the place where Adam and Eve go together, not individually. So to go through that stage took seven years, 1960 through 1967, fighting for these various stages. During this period even Mother was trained, going through a re-creation period to become one with him. Because there was such a process, Mother couldn't be more than 20 years old when she was married. When the second seven year course ends, Mother will be 34, rather she will have passed the age of 33. In 1974 Mother will be 33 years old. After the third seven year course Mother will be 40 years old. In 1960 Master was 40 years old. By the end of the third seven year course we should have a world-wide foundation for the restoration course. Can we make such a foundation without working hard? (NO!) Then he will drive you out to work.

We have to live determined to take greater responsibility than anyone. That is the main goal in his daily prayers.

The first God's Day was set up on the first day of 1968. There was a complicated process he had to go through to set up this day. To bring this day on earth he had to go through many ceremonies which you don't understand. The celebration of God's Day cannot be done by fallen man. Are you above fallen man? If you find yourself incompetent, or you are not qualified to celebrate such a day, then you have to humble yourself, and be serious about this day, and celebrate it with all your heart and all your mind. When you think about this from the view of the Divine Principles, is it right or not? (RIGHT!) And one thing you should bear in mind, we are different from ordinary people. We should make that clear. If man had not fallen, he could have gone through the formation stage, growth stage and perfection stage at the time of the fall. But even fallen men, if they believe in the True Parents, and they call the True Parents their own parents and become one with them, then fallen men, can come out of the dominion of Satan. You have to believe in this absolutely, have absolute faith in this. And if you are confident, so that no Satan can separate you from the True Parents, then you have the qualifications to attend this ceremony. You have to be confident. Even if you realize it but cannot perceive or determine this with your mind, then you have the qualifications to attend this ceremony.

Originally those who would be qualified to attend such a ceremony were the kings, or presidents of nations, and those in the spirit world, as well as those who did great works for the providence of God. Only those people could attend such a ceremony. But now, without knowing such significance, you attend that ceremony.

When we celebrate God's Day we celebrate it in three days, from the first day to the third day of the year. So now he has explained the history and significance of God's day, briefly. Do you think you can understand it?

Do you have any questions on what Master said?

How did he celebrate God's Day?

You have to think who is God, and what will please Him most. You have to think of that, reflect on that. In the family we are living as blessed parents, restored children and new children. So we have three generations. And during those three generations if you celebrate any memorial day, you have to celebrate God's Day more than any other day which you celebrate, three times as much because it is three times as fruitful.

Do you want to assist Master in his work? (YES!) Now you are aware of the necessity in Korea. After his departure you should deposit money in Master's account. By the end of 1974, after 1975, he will need more than 3 million dollars for the work in America. If he brings money from Asia and other countries then you will lose even what you have been blessed with. Can Master forget that money matter? He thinks he alone can do that, but you have so many people here to help he thinks he should be able to share the burden. But if you cannot do it he will do it for you. So from now on he will come to America often to inspect how far you have gone. If he believed that you could do it, but you didn't (raise 3 million dollars) then he will be in great trouble. And if you have many people, and much money, that is the time when Master can work. So after the second seven year course, he will put all his efforts here in America. Is that a good plan?

This time he has spoken so many things. You have come to understand better about the providence. He called some of you people to come from the West to make the East and West one. If they go back without seeing this, there might be such a one praying for Master because they see so much the matter with him without seeing the direction of the results, and if they go back they will complain. But he cannot leave here. He has to leave after January 3. He would like to explain the reason. You cannot leave this place, even if something happens in your center, even with your children. So you leave on the afternoon of the 4th. Don't leave before. If you see Master superficially you cannot understand him. After the test the understanding will come.

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