The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Who is a True Filial Child?

Sun Myung Moon
December 5, 1971
God's Will and the World
Victory or Defeat and the Present Time
Unofficial Translation

Sun Myung Moon and Kook Jin Moon, May 23, 2011

You have a lot of nerve. Some of you are too busy blowing your own horn and bent on self-promotion. You give me a headache. A child of real filial piety would not say any such things. Even though he takes his own portion of responsibility without a word, he still has the attitude that he cannot raise his face in front of his parents for he is not enough. Without such an attitude, you cannot be a child of filial piety. Of course, you are not qualified to be a loyal subject unless you can be a filial child first.

In the Unification Church we are trying to be this way. The world regards us as heretical now, but the day will come when people won't be able to say anything critical of our church. On that day the Unification Church will be raised up. Knowing this, you have to be serious of the way you live even one day. You have to regard your daily life as precious. You should be earnest, and you should walk proudly, step by step.

In the process of becoming a child of filial piety, you should not be afraid of being injured or crippled. Such a man will shine like the sun with the fullness of time. He will become a focal point like a bright star in the dark night. In order to gain such glory, you must walk forth without a word of excuse.

You must not be justifying and excusing yourself. When you are told to climb, you should climb. When you are told to go down, you should go down. We, Unification Church members must not make excuses. If your standard is very clear, then you don't have to make any excuse. When you all become like that, then the Unification Church will absolutely not perish. 

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