The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

I am the needle and you are the thread

Sun Myung Moon
December 5, 1971
God's Will and the World
Victory or Defeat and the Present Time

Sun Myung Moon, 1976

The present situation of our country is very urgent. Christianity already predicted the coming of this situation 2,000 years ago. Then who will be responsible for this nation? The brave members of the Unification Church will be responsible.

Suppose that we have to stitch and mend together the ripped cloth that is this country. Then I am the needle and you are the thread. Unless the thread is attached to the needle, the cloth cannot be stitched together. The needle alone cannot work. Although the needle is important, the thread is as important as the needle. You have to clearly understand this. You and I should have the relationship of the thread and needle; and together you and I must mend the torn cloth that is our nation or this world.

If this nation perishes, there will be no place for the Unification Church to go. In this sense as well, we have to stand firm for this nation. We must not fear communism. We must courageously carry out what we have already been determined to do. We have nothing; we are bare-naked. However, we can defeat communism. When the Unification members carry out tasks that even the nation cannot do, Heaven will protect us. Here lies the key to victory. You must become brave soldiers who can stare at victory as if it is at hand.

We must not become losers who will taste bitterness and the sorrow of defeat. From this angle we have to analyze and examine ourselves critically. Therefore, it is time that we must resolve to conquer any difficulties in order to win the victory. When you always agonize over the nation, you cannot help but become sorrowful people. If you agonize over the nation and world from the bottom of your heart, then you must love the Republic of Korea and the world more than you love me. Once you reach this point, you will never perish.

You must not be the one who cannot accomplish his own responsibility. Therefore, in order to accomplish our portion of responsibility, you must redouble your efforts.

You and I must not perish. We cannot perish. We must overcome any obstacles, hardships and difficulties, now. We must save today's world by giving everything for this purpose. Of course, money must be necessary. There is to come a time when other materials may be required. We may be challenged for our judgment.

Nevertheless, we have to march forward, courageously. Wherever I may go, I will pray for you all. Therefore, please prevail over the difficulties of the present moment. 

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