The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Master Holds Itinerary Meetings

Sun Myung Moon
November 5 -- 7, 1971

Master is preaching at the meeting in Sootaek-Ri

Our Leader who is to be abroad for his 3rd world itinerancy in the last of this month, had itinerancy to Taegu, Kwangju and Sootaekni for three days from November 5th to November 7th, to encourage Korean families and to instruct them their activities and direction towards a new dimension of the Providence in Korea during his world tour period of about 4 months.

Families of south-eastern part of the country including Pusan, Kyungsangbukdo Province and Kyungsangnamdo Province gathered at Taegu Church on November 5th and families of southwestern section at Kwangju on November 6th. On the seventh of November, over 1,600 families who are from the central section of the country gathered at the auditorium of the Central Training Center which is located in the suburbs of Seoul.

Master returns to Seoul after itinerancy to Kwangju

All the partisans to the meeting were deeply encouraged by Master's address titled "The focal point of historical Providence and fatherland". In spite of overwork he had delivered addresses for four hours twice in the night of November 7th and early morning of the following day. 

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