The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 1971

Sacrifice is the Shortest Way to Heaven

Sun Myung Moon
November 1, 1971
The Holy Ground at Namsan Mountain, Seoul, Korea
1971 Translation

On this November 1st, I call to mind our motto for this year, "Insure the foundation for Unification." We know how difficult it is to unite -- the unification of mind and body, spirit and flesh, etc.

It is obvious that the primary purpose of the Providential History for Restoration is to recover the individual's and family's horizontal relation with God.

We must find an ideal and Godly family in order to create an ideal and Godly influence over our relatives and tribe. We need to find the perfect center for our tribe. No individual can determine the conditions that create the perfect center. At its core, it must be a universal decision. Then what is the center of tribe? It is nothing other than the family.

Heaven has provided what every being needs to establish a vertical connection to the perfect center, the core. But everyone's circumstance is different. It is hard for us to make a vertical object into the core. Additionally, it seems impossible to find an eternal and unchangeable standard and center, in the world. Neither in Democratic bloc nor in Communist world has such a center.

That is why it is inevitable for the world to go through a whirlpool of undulation and collapse. No central country has yet appeared in the process of history. But there is now a group seeking for one world, one center, one core. It has been sought though our vague and long history. Until now Christianity, men of religion, and all religions, have been taking the lead.

Can we expect current Christianity to change the confused world and show a decisive, absolute direction? No. It is impossible for the Christians to do it because they have been divided and have faded in the latter part of 20th century. This is the reason why a religious revolution is urgently needed. Therefore we have disclosed the Divine Principle.

As you know, the Principle is not vague, but it has vertical direction centering on Heaven. The Principle has the foundation for heart. The foundation of heart between father and son stands beyond history and as time goes by it is deepened. The foundation of heart between father and son is the relation between God and man.

From the Principal viewpoint, Korea is the center and core of the whole universe. If the center declines, it causes the world to shake and collapse.

If someone writes with sincerity and heart, the reader comes to see it with streaming eyes. Since the subject leads the object, we at the center of the Dispensation are devoted to being led by God and to lead the world.

For the restoration of all levels, from the individual level to the world level, unification is indispensable. We must for unification. Sacrifice centering on God for unification between individuals. For that purpose, we should get rid of any hindrance to unification between us; even if that means the sacrifice of our bodies in the spiritual position of Cain.

To subjugate Cain a sacrifice should be prepared. A sacrifice means finding a victim. He who leads history for God is the victim, the sacrifice to subjugate Cain. This has been unchangeable formula in the historical course of restoration. Restoration is re-creation.

When 120 countries appear, who live centering on God, making sacrifices to bring Cain to his knees, our paradise on earth will appear. In our heavenly pilgrimage, we must offer our spirits to God by offering ourselves to subjugate Cain. 

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